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DateSubject (Personal Name or Topic)Column or SectionTopic or Title
1978 December 14 Middle Income Bill Front page Bill to ease aid requrement 
1978 December 14 Dr. Donald G. Bloesch Front page Bloesch to discuss future of Evangelicals 
1978 December 14 Scholarship funds Front page Donor's gift to honor Armerdings, Hokes 
1978 December 14 Summer studies Front page Program to open in Ecuador 
1978 December 14 Community Front page Ministers advocate new policy 
1978 December 14 Kim Nelson News Senior works in pure research 
1978 December 14 Retreat News Grad. school, college meet at weekend retreat 
1978 December 14 Debate team News College debaters gather more tourney trophies 
1978 December 14 Winter activities News Wheaton-in-winter can be full of fun 
1978 December 14 Christmas Opinion Lights of Christmas 
1978 December 14 Student life Opinion The Ride Home 
1978 December 14 Realism Opinion Only in a dream 
1978 December 14 Investment Opinion Wheaton's investments in South Africa 
1978 December 14 Nuclear arms race Letters On the neutron bomb 
1978 December 14 Disarmament Letters The next step 
1978 December 14 Sports column Letters Pulling up his sox 
1978 December 14 World news Letters Narrow news 
1978 December 14 Music review Arts Robb, Fee plan concert 
1978 December 14 Movie review Arts London star's rebirth on World Wide screen 
1978 December 14 Ivan Albright Arts 81-yr.-old paints despair 
1978 December 14 Book review Arts Novel imagines holocaust 
1978 December 14 Gymnastics Sports Gymnasts jump into Best of NCAA 
1978 December 14 Basketball Sports Coach confident in young team 
1978 December 14 Wrestling Sports Wrestling aims for nat'l winners 
1978 December 14 Swimming and Basketball Sports Sports Highlights 
1978 December 8 Education Front page State conducts inspection of teacher ed. program 
1978 December 8 Dr. Robert Webber Front page Webber co-edits book 
1978 December 8 Nuclear issues Front page Panel discusses nuclear issues 
1978 December 8 Dr. William Phemister News Asian music tour ends 
1978 December 8 Campus Crusade News Campus Crusade plans city conference 
1978 December 8 Children News Kids: Living reminders of hope 
1978 December 8 Neutron bomb Editorial The explosive ad 
1978 December 8 Church Opinion And Bedside Baptist... 
1978 December 8 Student government Opinion Wanted: counsel 
1978 December 8 Student life Opinion Resolution blues 
1978 December 8 Christianity Opinion Swallowing a lie 
1978 December 8 Thanks Letters Thanks to you 
1978 December 8 Campus life Letters A long way to go 
1978 December 8 Representing Christ Guest Column In the boat 
1978 December 8 Article response Letter Misleading headline 
1978 December 8 Book review Arts Book authors prove thesis 
1978 December 8 Book review Arts 'Images' clarifies Lewis symbols 
1978 December 8 Christmas festival Arts Christmas fest features choirs, readings, carols 
1978 December 8 Movie review Arts 'Horseman' promises trails of hope 
1978 December 8 Dan Henderson Sports Henderson runs the good race 
1978 December 8 Basketball Sports Aggressive Crusaders stress defense, speed 
1978 December 8 Scott Hall Sports Hall chosen for All-American team 
1978 December 8 Basketball Sports Sophomore sparks victory over Calvin 
1978 December 8 Wrestling, Swimming and Basketball Sports Sports Briefs 
1978 December 8 Hockey Sports Trinity, Wheton renew icy revalry 
1978 November 10 Danford Scholarship Front page Danford candidates named 
1978 November 10 Rev. Henry Soles Front page Soles seeks changes in minority enrollment 
1978 November 10 Pre-med Front page Wheaton pre-meds place high nationally 
1978 November 10 Payments Front page Pay bill now, no long lines to register 
1978 November 10 Dr. Ronald Youngblood News Translator/editor fills assoc. dean position 
1978 November 10 Conference News Profs discuss biblical inerrancy 
1978 November 10 Washington, D.C. News A tale of two cities 
1978 November 10 Juan Martinez-Isais News Isais evangelizes Latin Chicago 
1978 November 10 LaSalle Street Church outreach News 15 years of tutoring: mixed progress report 
1978 November 10 Chaplain Patterson News Chaplain Pat on chapel: together in unity 
1978 November 10 Student travel News Interns learn from other cultures 
1978 November 10 Nursing program News West Sub degree changes 
1978 November 10 Cheryl Smith News Smith lands 3 trophies in forensics 
1978 November 10 President Carter News NAE calls on Carter to denounce terrorism 
1978 November 10 Sunday evening courses News Holmes, Ryken speak in lecture series 
1978 November 10 The Record Editorial Parting thoughts 
1978 November 10 Student life Opinion A joke or what? 
1978 November 10 Faculty Opinion Faculty evaluation 
1978 November 10 Congress Opinion Near-sighted energy 
1978 November 10 Campus life Letter Heckling babble 
1978 November 10 Campus life Letters A call for tact 
1978 November 10 Marc Armstrong Letters How good we have it 
1978 November 10 Campus life Letters Mature criticism 
1978 November 10 Letter Letters Though love 
1978 November 10 Wheaton Letters Christian graces 
1978 November 10 Christianity Letters Falling in love 
1978 November 10 Campus life Letters Unresolved issues 
1978 November 10 Campus life Letters Marvelous intolerance 
1978 November 10 Student life Letters Forum hang-up 
1978 November 10 Movie review Arts Multi-million movie limps down the road 
1978 November 10 Claire Knapp Arts Knapp opts for watercolor medium 
1978 November 10 Book review Arts Travolta epic hits new low 
1978 November 10 Nathan Milstein Arts Artist Series solo violinist to play Bach 
1978 November 10 Ken Medema Arts Medema to sing in Edman 
1978 November 10 Tours Arts Glee club, orchestra take vacation tour 
1978 November 10 Cross country Sports Henderson leads way in win over Carthage 
1978 November 10 Soccer Sports Conference champs! 
1978 November 10 Soccer Sports 'Superb soccer': now back to earth 
1978 November 10 Women's Field Hockey and Volleyball Sports Sports Briefs 
1978 November 3 Parents' Day play Front page Programs committee cancels Parents' Day play 
1978 November 3 Tenure Front page Prof. tenure policy revised 
1978 November 3 Archaeology conference Front page Arch. conference digs up evidence 
1978 November 3 Jill Briscoe News Briscoe speaks of women 
1978 November 3 Color copier News Color copier impresses students and faculty 
1978 November 3 Serve the People News Students work in cities thru Serve the People 
1978 November 3 Play cancellation News Play-by-play review: who saw what, when 
1978 November 3 Play cancellation Opinion Editorial 
1978 November 3 Forum board Opinion Forum board ferocity 
1978 November 3 International student financial aid Opinion Blurry financial policies 
1978 November 3 Forum Opinion Forum clean-up 
1978 November 3 Administration Letters What we look like: a bastion of emptiness 
1978 November 3 Student life Letters Honest cynicism 
1978 November 3 Wheaton policies Letters Double standards 
1978 November 3 Play cancellation Letters Supportive trust 
1978 November 3 Play cancellation Letters Our image 
1978 November 3 Fear and faith Letters Fear vs. faith 
1978 November 3 Play cancellation Letters A great injustice 
1978 November 3 Love for God Letters Inner attitudes 
1978 November 3 Missions Letters Grad. school missions 
1978 November 3 Chapel Letters Face to face 
1978 November 3 Sports Letters Sports rebound 
1978 November 3 Play cancellation Letters Unanswered questions 
1978 November 3 Maria Lagios Arts Maria Lagios to perform in Pierce 
1978 November 3 Book review Arts Peace's 'Boy' lacks vitality 
1978 November 3 Glee Club and Concert Band Arts Parents' Day concert features two groups 
1978 November 3 John Melson Arts '63 grad leads symphony 
1978 November 3 Running Sports Runners to roam Rock Island 
1978 October 27 Student missions Front page Missions work plummets 
1978 October 27 Dr. Ward Kriegbaum Front page Kriegbaum advises counselling changes 
1978 October 27 Dr. Clyde S. Kilby Front page Clyde Kilby to give Wade lecture 
1978 October 27 William Pollard Front page Pollard joins Board of Trustees 
1978 October 27 Wheaton Honor Society News 35 seniors elected to Wheaton Honor Society 
1978 October 27 Nuclear energy News Physicists to debate nuke power 
1978 October 27 Ministry News Reality harsh on Skid Row 
1978 October 27 Debate News Dynamic duo captures 2nd in invitational 
1978 October 27 Parking News More parking space: expect heavy ticketing 
1978 October 27 Jill Briscoe News Briscoe's visit includes chapel, dialogue 
1978 October 27 P.E. Department Opinion Good sports 
1978 October 27 Social justice Opinion A chance for social action 
1978 October 27 Materialism and Christianity Opinion Christians & money: setting priorities 
1978 October 27 Greek letter societies Opinion Social retardation at Wheaton? 
1978 October 27 The Code Letters Broken commitments 
1978 October 27 Honoring women Letters Poor taste 
1978 October 27 Applause Letters To applaud or not to applaud 
1978 October 27 Theater review Arts Fall play in and about a delapidated theater 
1978 October 27 Book review Arts Reading with the mind: slow down, Sire says 
1978 October 27 Radio "Kaleidoscope" Arts WETN presents classics 
1978 October 27 Joel Sheesley Arts Sheesley sculpts using junkyard scraps 
1978 October 27 Movie review Arts Pick a peck of Peck's Hitlers 
1978 October 27 Soccer Sports Kickers rebound from injuries 
1978 October 27 Football Sports Homecoming victory ties Crusaders for 1st 
1978 October 20 Discipline Front page Educators to discuss discipline 
1978 October 20 Dr. Robert Schuller Front page Schuller slams Door's slam 
1978 October 20 Faculty committees Front page New faculty committees bring out old conflicts 
1978 October 20 Tiffany Lecture Series News Profs seek Tiffany prospects in D.C. 
1978 October 20 Soviet Jews News The plight of Soviet Jews 
1978 October 20 Dan Darling News Dan Darling: He doesn't ask, 'why me?' 
1978 October 20 Forensics team News Forensics team has great start 
1978 October 20 Harold "Red" Grange News Red Grange in Edman October 28 
1978 October 20 Chapel Opinion An open letter 
1978 October 20 Chapel Opinion Chapel: charisma or content? 
1978 October 20 Dr. Schuller Letters A mile in Schuller's shoes 
1978 October 20 International student Letters No world vision 
1978 October 20 Christian rock in chapel Letters Rock in Edman? 
1978 October 20 Defense spending Opinion Defense spending 
1978 October 20 Book review Arts Spy tale needles reader 
1978 October 20 Marge Gieser Arts Art prof. tour Spain, praises art 
1978 October 20 Movie review Arts Low-budget film depicts real life 
1978 October 20 Bob Dylan Arts Dylan rocks folks at Stadium concert 
1978 October 20 Campus tradition Sports After 11 yrs., nothing stops the 100 Runs 
1978 October 20 Hockey Sports Hockey team to play after field dedication 
1978 October 20 Women's tennis Sports Women's tennis takes 2nd in state 
1978 October 20 Volleyball Sports Volleyball team works to 'put it all together' 
1978 October 20 Dr. Arthur Holmes Wheaton welcomes alumni back to campus Holmes honored as alumnus of the year 
1978 October 20 Homecoming Wheaton welcomes alumni back to campus Homecoming unites old and new 
1978 October 13 New committees Front page Committees begin long-range planning 
1978 October 13 Forum series Front page Forum trains CSC volunteers 
1978 October 13 International student enrollment Front page Financial aid to internationals 
1978 October 13 Dr. Larry Funck Front page Chem. prof. given grant 
1978 October 13 Student life News Bird revives controversy 
1978 October 13 Soviet Union News KGB and the dissidents 
1978 October 13 New major News Plans begun for a major in business 
1978 October 13 Beth Cunningham News Senior communes on $23/month 
1978 October 13 Dr. Herbert Klem Letters A positive contribution 
1978 October 13 Campus life Opinion Take it to the top 
1978 October 13 Howard Whitaker Arts Whitaker bands with struggling composers 
1978 October 13 Concert band Arts Concert band records 5-volume album series 
1978 October 13 B.J. Thomas Arts B.J. and band to play in Edman 
1978 October 13 Movie review Arts 'Nile' flows sluggishly 
1978 October 13 Allan Lewis Arts Art Department founder donates Lewis collection 
1978 October 13 Book review Arts 'Queens' reigns as entertaining history 
1978 October 13 George Sayer Arts Lewis pupil looks at manuscripts 
1978 October 13 Music review Arts Aslyn makes progress behind the scenes 
1978 October 13 Running Sports College runners enjoy great day at the races 
1978 October 13 Volleyball Sports U.S. vs. Japan: Tonight's the night 
1978 September 29 Campus being made accessible to handicapped Front page Relief for handicapped: structural changes begin 
1978 September 29 New physics course Front page Interest energizes new non-lab physics course 
1978 September 29 Intercollegiate debates Front page '78 marks debate centennial 
1978 September 29 Dr. Larry Richards Front page Graduate school prof. commutes 1,800 miles 
1978 September 29 Dr. Stephen Evans News Interest in great Dane leads Evans overseas 
1978 September 29 Middle East peace accord News Israel: no 'divine right' to land 
1978 September 29 Parent's Advisory Council News New council seeks parent awareness 
1978 September 29 Congress News The last plantation 
1978 September 29 Socialism Editorial Creeping socialism 
1978 September 29 Criticism Editorial Critics, not cynics 
1978 September 29 Diversity Opinion Special effort 
1978 September 29 Campus life Guest column Lemonade blues 
1978 September 29 Socialization Letters Separate, but equal 
1978 September 29 Communication Letters Wanted: honest answers 
1978 September 29 Quotes Letters Misquoted 
1978 September 29 Campus life Letters Tender wistfulness 
1978 September 29 Book review Arts 'Lampoon' satires college buffoonery 
1978 September 29 Garrick Ohlsson Arts Ohlsson opens Artist Series 
1978 September 29 Movie review Arts 'Interiors' examines inner sorrow, despair 
1978 September 29 Dr. William Phemister Arts Phemister conducts Eastern tour 
1978 September 29 Football Sports Offense explodes; gridders win 40-6 
1978 September 29 Hockey Sports Hockey breaks in new field 
1978 September 29 Rose Price Sports New coach respects team sportsmanship 
1978 September 29 Cross country Sports Cross country shines; invitational tomorrow 
1978 October 6 New computer Front page Data Processing to buy new computer 
1978 October 6 Micro-computers Front page Computers donated to the college 
1978 October 6 Dr. Arthur Homes Front page Philosophy: speaking of God... 
1978 October 6 Biblical exposition Front page Gift establishes new series 
1978 October 6 Diakonoi Front page Soph. 'Deeks' serve admissions, visitors 
1978 October 6 Radio missions News Evangelism-on-the-air: only Christians tune it 
1978 October 6 Recruitment News Wheaton '78 greets prospective students 
1978 October 6 Dating News Computer fixes date(mate?) 
1978 October 6 Campus safety News Common sense prevents crimes, lessens dangers 
1978 October 6 Job Search Workshop News Daly stresss enrollment in workshop 
1978 October 6 Student life Editorial Sweat it not 
1978 October 6 Living Guest column Space to be 
1978 October 6 Campus Letters Light years behind 
1978 October 6 Homosexuality Letters Genuine thinking? 
1978 October 6 Israel Letters Israel's divine right 
1978 October 6 Gender equality Letters Run-on rhetoric 
1978 October 6 Gender issues Letters Mere verbiage 
1978 October 6 Community Letters Little respect 
1978 October 6 Boys Choir Arts Vienna Choir Boys to salute Schubert 
1978 October 6 Women and Finances Opinion Women inept with money, power? 
1978 October 6 Movie review Arts Tears are appropriate at movie 'A Wedding' 
1978 October 6 Tom Key Arts Key unlocks Lewis' world 
1978 October 6 Theater review Arts 'Cave dwellers' to beg in Loop 
1978 October 6 Cross country Sports Henderson sets record at North Central Invite 
1978 October 6 Football Sports Crusaders stop Pioneer attack 
1978 October 6 Volleyball Sports Olympic contenders to clash in Centennial 
1978 September 22 Energy conservation Front page Graham center plans heat-saving system 
1978 September 22 Madeleine L'Engle Front page L'Engle address opens conference 
1978 September 22 Campus safety Front page Supervisor Ellis cautions students 
1978 September 22 Minority issues Front page Leaders consider minority issues 
1978 September 22 Lifetime Fitness Center News LFC assessment may be scrapped 
1978 September 22 Dr. Alfred Hoerth News Hoerth searches for biblical Pithom 
1978 September 22 Christian Communications Educators Conference News Engel, Griffin question ethics of evangelism 
1978 September 22 Slavic Gospel Association News Slavic Gospel faces censure, denies charge 
1978 September 22 Screwtape letters Opinion Screwtape on cynicism 
1978 September 22 Student Leadership Workshop Opinion Cultural issues 
1978 September 22 Gender issues Opinion Separate, not equal 
1978 September 22 Music review Arts Death of drummer Keith Moon won't kill 'Who' 
1978 September 22 Book review Arts 'Aria bludgeons literature, opera 
1978 September 22 Movie review Arts 'Big Wednesday' dies in midst of weak plot 
1978 September 22 Stan Thompson Sports Thompson's gymnastic career ends abuptly 
1978 September 22 Soccer Sports Crusaders whomp Principia 
1978 September 15 Campus life Front page Long lines won't happen anymore, says Johnston 
1978 September 15 Ethnomusicology and linguistics major Front page New major to mix music and culture 
1978 September 15 Security system in library Front page Library security deals with student complaints 
1978 September 15 Dr. David Burnham Front page Alumnus Burnham to speak on maturity 
1978 September 15 New Faculty News New names added to faculty roster 
1978 September 15 ROTC News Senior ROTC cadets pass with 'flying' colors 
1978 September 15 Mark-Peter-Mark News Big name talent coming to Wheaton 
1978 September 15 Student life Editorial Big dreams 
1978 September 15 Student life Opinion An open letter 
1978 September 15 Student government Opinion Goals of SG 
1978 September 15 Society Opinion On making ripples 
1978 September 15 Douglas Gilbert Arts Doug Gilbert displays photos in Chicago Art Institute exhibit 
1978 September 15 Movie review Arts Animal House lampoons college life 
1978 September 15 Football Sports Contest with Elmhurst starts pigskin season 
1978 September 15 Soccer Sports Soccer coach says, 'this is the year' 
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