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DateSubject (Personal Name or Topic)Column or SectionTopic or Title
1978 May 12 International student costs Front page Financial aid cutback could threaten foreign student's future 
1978 May 12 Housing News Apartment rent increases for coming year 
1978 May 12 Faculty News Faculty endeavors result in writing, editing of book 
1978 May 12 Urban Congress News Wheaties participate in first Urban Congress 
1978 May 12 Honey Rock News Affaire de coeur 
1978 May 12 Dr. Donald Lake News Wheaton professor is his tenants' keeper 
1978 May 12 Emmanual Ahia Editorial A matter of priority 
1978 May 12 The Real World Opinion The Real World 
1978 May 12 Graduation Opinion The end 
1978 May 12 Kodon Letters Uninformed criticism 
1978 May 12 Christianity Ministry STP shortage 
1978 May 12 Wheaton Letters No 'Christian' college 
1978 May 12 Linda Kerr News Linda Kerr leaves to teach theology 
1978 May 12 Ray Hill News Black student fights for Christ now 
1978 May 12 Concert choir News Concert features Bernstein's 'Psalms' 
1978 May 12 Student life News Undergrads gulp goldfish, aim for earthworm record 
1978 May 12 'Dizzy' Gillespie Arts 'Dizzy' Gillespie speaks the language of jazz: 'Mm-BAPP' 
1978 May 12 Movie review Arts 'Coming Home:' a Vietnam soap opera 
1978 May 12 Yael Pat Hutchens Arts Hutchens' art expresses worldview in biblical frame 
1978 May 12 Artist Series Arts Next year's Artist Series: 'greatness' for the 25th year 
1978 May 12 John Ortberg and Norm Peterson Sports Ortberg, Peterson head to NCAA Championships 
1978 May 12 Track Sports Henderson, Carlson star in CCIW meet 
1978 May 12 Baseball Sports Silent bats signal defeat for Crusaders 
1978 May 5 Alfred E. Hoerth Front page Hoerth to head dig at Egyptian site 
1978 May 5 Butch Maltby Front page Maltby's forensics bear sound Christian witness 
1978 May 5 Ellen Anderson News Ellen Anderson fights to lead normal life again 
1978 May 5 Environmental seminar News WSER sponsors seminar on environmental issues 
1978 May 5 Immigrants News West Chicago Mexicans: immigrants face uncertain future 
1978 May 5 Summer missions News Summer mission institute helps meet church needs 
1978 May 5 Joe News They also serve 
1978 May 5 Graduation Opinion Dreams for tomorrow 
1978 May 5 Taylor Opinion Weekend at Taylor 
1978 May 5 Kodon Opinion Kodon kritique 
1978 May 5 Holy wars Letters On 'holy' wars 
1978 May 5 Rules Letters Necessary rules 
1978 May 5 ROTC Letters Comments on conscience 
1978 May 5 ROTC Letters Uninformed bias 
1978 May 5 ROTC Letters Reasonable ROTC 
1978 May 5 Prejudice Letters No place for prejudice 
1978 May 5 Restaurant review Arts Chinatown restaurant boasts authentic cuisine 
1978 May 5 John Frigo Arts John Frigo reintroduces jazz violin 
1978 May 5 Dr. Harold Best Arts Best tunes up classics, Studebakers sparkle 
1978 May 5 Senior art show Arts Eyes of the soul 
1978 May 5 Softball Sports Softball team argues for slow-pitch 
1978 May 5 Track Sports Track team running to NCAA Championships 
1978 May 5 Softball Sports Women's softball faces St. Francis 
1978 May 5 Tennis, Softball and Baseball Sports Sports briefs 
1978 April 28 Lori Rowe Front page Rowe in 'good spirits,' recovering from wound 
1978 April 28 Fair Front page 'Day at the Fair' hits campus Thurs. 
1978 April 28 Biology Front page Bio. major recognized for work in immunology 
1978 April 28 Faculty Front page Eight faculty members leaving next fall 
1978 April 28 Alumni Front page Liberal arts lead alumni in suprising directions 
1978 April 28 Steve Sugarbaker News Senior researches tumor growth 
1978 April 28 Creation News Wheaton to sponser panel on creation 
1978 April 28 Dr. Dean Arnold News Arnold orients Chicagoans to Peru's golden treasure 
1978 April 28 Tim Labadie News Tim Labadie presents unique alternative to refuse recycling 
1978 April 28 Radio News WETN's eternal headache: a problem of direction 
1978 April 28 TV News Sex, violence & the public: the TV debate 
1978 April 28 Wheaton's retirees News Other men's shoes 
1978 April 28 ROTC Editorial For conscience' sake 
1978 April 28 Kodon Opinion Kodon defense 
1978 April 28 Gladys Dicklemen Opinion Schmucks and Schmos 
1978 April 28 Christianity Opinion Perpetual discovery 
1978 April 28 Christianity Letters Christian liberty 
1978 April 28 Planning Letters Long range goals 
1978 April 28 Pledge Letters A step further 
1978 April 28 Phil Keaggy Arts Phil Keaggy: things are different from the Glass Harp days 
1978 April 28 Kodon Arts Kodon then and now: time for another change 
1978 April 28 Glee club Arts Men's Glee Club promises variety in spring concert 
1978 April 28 Diane Arbus Arts Arbus' art reveals grotesque truth 
1978 April 28 Movie review Arts Clayburgh film portrays suppressed emotions 
1978 April 28 Running Sports Wheaton women tackle, finish Bonne Bell race 
1978 April 28 Baseball Sports Crusaders meet defeat in doubleheader at Wesleyan 
1978 April 28 Track Sports Track for the rusty: just a 'carnival' 
1978 April 28 Tennis Sports Winning season brings more tennis victories 
1978 April 28 Track Sports Track team to split for weekend meets 
1978 April 28 Golf Sports Golfers drive for success at CCIW meet this week 
1978 April 21 Goals Front page 'Wheaton by '85': a look at our goals 
1978 April 21 Dr. Samuel A. Shellhammer Front page Shellhammer to assume Associate Dean post 
1978 April 21 Church celebration Front page Musicians celebrate church centennial 
1978 April 21 Pierce Chapel Front page Pierce remembers days of early College Church 
1978 April 21 James Burr News Burr unearths facts of freedom fight 
1978 April 21 Dr. John E. Miles News French Department adjusts to professor's departure 
1978 April 21 Radio News WETN: extra-curricular radio 
1978 April 21 Edman chapel News Edman concert policy finally in print 
1978 April 21 Robert S. Wood News Tiffany Lecture Series examines foreign policy 
1978 April 21 Nursing News Neglected nurses 
1978 April 21 Things unknown Editorial Forbidden knowledge 
1978 April 21 The Pledge Opinion The pledge: an ongoing debate 
1978 April 21 Planning Opinion Long range plans 
1978 April 21 Affirmative action Opinion Affirmative action 
1978 April 21 Faith Opinion Childlike faith 
1978 April 21 Jesus Letters A friendly smile 
1978 April 21 Theater Arts Christians and the theater: the problem of bridge-building 
1978 April 21 Kodon Arts Spring Kodon develops the child motif 
1978 April 21 Senior art show Arts Senior art show climaxes years of artists' endeavors 
1978 April 21 Artists Arts by Miriam Hunter 
1978 April 21 Tennis Sports Two duel matches challenge tennis team 
1978 April 21 Track Sports Undeafeated Wheaties look forward to Track Classic 
1978 April 21 Softball Sports Women's softball meets Judson next Thursday 
1978 April 21 Baseball Sports Double-header split leaves Crusaders with 1-2 record 
1978 April 14 Dorothy L. Sayers Front page Wheaton celebrates Sayers' art 
1978 April 14 J. Robertson McQuilkin Front page Columbia Bible president to speak at commencement 
1978 April 14 Dr. Norman J. Ewert Front page Ewert investigates new health insurance policy 
1978 April 14 Job-hunting Front page How to sell yourself to dog-eat-dog job market 
1978 April 14 Larry L. McGregor News Management forum opens with bank president's tips 
1978 April 14 Jobs News Student Employment Office offers more part-time jobs 
1978 April 14 Wheaton college News First impressions 
1978 April 14 Mail News New postal regulation to impose size limitations 
1978 April 14 Campus issues Editorial A modest proposal 
1978 April 14 Ethics Opinion Just two small towns 
1978 April 14 Graduation Opinion Parting thoughts 
1978 April 14 Student government Opinion Passing the gavel 
1978 April 14 Edman chapel music policy Opinion Dangerous changes 
1978 April 14 Fitness Center Opinion Mixed priorities 
1978 April 14 Correction Opinion Setting the record straight 
1978 April 14 Tao Opinion Suprised by Tao 
1978 April 14 Dorthy Sayers Arts 'The Zeal of Thy House' highlights Sayers Festival evenings 
1978 April 14 Spring concert Arts Wheaton symphony gives spring concert tomorrow 
1978 April 14 Movie review Arts New movie, 'The Fury,' plies telekinetic power 
1978 April 14 Genesis Arts Genesis: a story of quality evolution 
1978 April 14 Sue Sandstrom Sports Snadstrom to run Boston marathon 
1978 April 14 Stan Thompson Sports Pain, fatigue buck Stan Thompson 
1978 April 14 Running Sports Wheaton women anticipate upcoming Bonne Bell race 
1978 April 14 Track Sports Track team shines despite wind, rain 
1978 April 7 Ministries Front page YHM, SMP fulfil pledges at MAP 
1978 April 7 Dr. Nicholas Wolterstorff Front page Wolterstorff argues societal responsibility 
1978 April 7 Employment Front page Facing the world that works: an alumnus talks to job hunters 
1978 April 7 Orientation News Orientation 1978 already under way 
1978 April 7 German house News German language house opens doors fall quarter 
1978 April 7 Counseling News John F. Clark 
1978 April 7 Pathfinders News Spring fever invigorates Pathfinders 
1978 April 7 Elitist groups Editorial 'In crowds' 
1978 April 7 Cloning Opinion Clone morality 
1978 April 7 Speech Opinion Awesome exclamations 
1978 April 7 Fitness Center Letters LFC assessment 
1978 April 7 Chapel Letters Out of step 
1978 April 7 Rock music Letters Crack the sky 
1978 April 7 Scott Tjaden Letter Tjaden response 
1978 April 7 Music review Arts Aslyn proclaims vision for its own brand of art 
1978 April 7 Symphony Arts Bavarian Symphony to play Thursday 
1978 April 7 Faculty art Arts Faculty exhibits art in MSC lounge 
1978 April 7 Glee club Arts Women's Glee will offer spring 'bouquet' of music 
1978 April 7 Concert Choir Arts Concert Choir to sing at national conference 
1978 April 7 Stan Thompson Sports Stan Thompson shines in California 
1978 April 7 Admissions Sports The Admissions game--aid for the athletes? 
1978 April 7 Danny Henderson Sports Soph. Danny Henderson sets pace for track team 
1978 April 1 Humor Front page Skyscraper to house dazzling art facilities 
1978 April 1 Humor Front page Another voluntary tuition increase bails out WSC 
1978 April 1 Humor Front page A wet sniffle after Women's Society 
1978 April 1 Humor Front page Front page Costs force seniors to invite atheist 
1978 April 1 Humor News Board of Directors proposes implementing Dating Policy 
1978 April 1 Humor News Leftist-fascist candidate backs dictatorial regime 
1978 April 1 Humor News Bulging jacket betrays book bandit 
1978 April 1 Humor Arts 'Quack' finally hits Wheaton charts 
1978 April 1 Humor Arts Television viewed as art and valid source of truth 
1978 April 1 Humor Editorial Any way you look at it 
1978 April 1 Humor Opinion Shoot 'em 
1978 April 1 Humor Sports New varsity team debuts; ready, willing to play dirty 
1978 April 1 Humor Sports Mastadons trample on Benediction 
1978 March 31 Billy Graham Center Front page BGC Phase II unsure: 'learning the hard way' 
1978 March 31 John Koehler Front page Koehler CSC President for '78-'79 
1978 March 31 Theology conference Front page Graduate school to host first theology conference 
1978 March 31 Advisors Front page Student lack of faith in academic advisors prompts re-evaluation 
1978 March 31 Religion News Evangelicals, Jews stand together 
1978 March 31 Homosexuality News Homosexuality at Wheaton: facing the dilemma 
1978 March 31 Personal life News Blodge 
1978 March 31 Graduate study News Grad school to offer extension courses 
1978 March 31 Forensics News Wheaton forensics takes eleven firsts 
1978 March 31 Homosexuality Editorial Gay series explanation 
1978 March 31 Housing Opinion Co-ed living 
1978 March 31 Society Opinion Confused values 
1978 March 31 Fitness Center Opinion Referendum facts 
1978 March 31 Fitness Center Guest Column False representation 
1978 March 31 Homosexuality Letters Helpful series 
1978 March 31 SAGA  Letters SAGA restatement 
1978 March 31 Christianity Letters A proposition 
1978 March 31 Chamber artists Arts Chamber Artists trio finishes recital series 
1978 March 31 Music review Arts New album leads rock music trend 
1978 March 31 Godspell Arts 'Godspell' overpowers: soaring levels of energy 
1978 March 31 Marriage Arts Marriage 'handbook' offers practical advice 
1978 March 31 Volleyball Sports Volleyball squad seeks to attain varsity status 
1978 March 31 Tim Paul Sports Tim Paul: Wheaton's singular runner 
1978 March 31 Tennis Sports Men's tennis has work cut out as season opens 
1978 March 23 Fitness Center Front page Students raise tuition to fund Fitness Center 
1978 March 23 Student government Front page S.G. candidates propose changes 
1978 March 23 Faculty grants Front page Alumni Association board awards 7 faculty grants 
1978 March 23 Douglas Beers Front page Beers' political debut ends in defeat 
1978 March 23 Sunday activities Front page LFC spurs discussion over Sunday recreational policy 
1978 March 23 Homosexuality News Gay church a result of intolerance 
1978 March 23 C.S. Lewis News Patron saint 
1978 March 23 International students News Students from France to study U.S. culture here 
1978 March 23 Student government News A look at Student Government and College Union candidates 
1978 March 23 Student government Editorial Froth from the soapbox 
1978 March 23 Christianity Opinion Never right 
1978 March 23 Christianity Opinion Meaning in tradition 
1978 March 23 Student travel Opinion California streamin' 
1978 March 23 Clarification Letters Clearing the air 
1978 March 23 AWS Letters A quiet death 
1978 March 23 Student government Letters What it takes 
1978 March 23 College Union Letters Leadership experience 
1978 March 23 Douglas Gilbert Arts Douglas Gilbert: 'an artistic approach to image-making' 
1978 March 23 Movie review Arts 'Julia': real people in real friendships 
1978 March 23 Religious art Arts The magnificent obsession 
1978 March 23 Music review Arts Kayak paddles onto U.S. charts 
1978 March 23 Swimming Sports Crusader swim team lands NCAA honors 
1978 March 23 Running Sports Wheaton runners take team title 
1978 March 23 Basketball Sports B-ballers seize intramural all-star finals 
1978 March 17 Donald Hoke Front page Donald Hoke resigns from Graham Center 
1978 March 17 Dr. Donald Mitchell Front page Mitchell attends federal aid forum 
1978 March 17 Manna Front page Manna, Wheaton discuss minority integration plans 
1978 March 17 James Johnson Front page James Johnson scheduled for open heart surgery 
1978 March 17 Homosexuality Front page Homosexuals increase in number and visibility 
1978 March 17 Billy Graham Center Front page Cutbacks announced at Graham Center 
1978 March 17 Russian human rights News Grant probes Russian human rights 
1978 March 17 Books published News Wheaton profs publish books in Philosophy, Lit. 
1978 March 17 Rev. Earl Palmer News Palmer speaks during special services week 
1978 March 17 The Pledge News Wheaton College enforcement of pledge: legal or not? 
1978 March 17 John Clark Opinion Pen Pals 
1978 March 17 Billy Preston Editorial A clouded question 
1978 March 17 Fitness Center Opinion Vote "yes" 
1978 March 17 Fitness Center Opinion Vote "no" 
1978 March 17 Column Opinion How to read me 
1978 March 17 Christianity Letters Spiritual creativity 
1978 March 17 Record Letters Shoddy journalism 
1978 March 17 SAGA Letters Behind the lines 
1978 March 17 Nuclear weapons Letters No arms is nonsense 
1978 March 17 Wheaton Letters Reflections on returning to Wheaton 
1978 March 17 God's will Letters Two years for a yes 
1978 March 17 Suzuki program Arts Suzuki program turns kids into 'nightingales' 
1978 March 17 Billy Preston Arts Billy Preston energizes Edman during first solo concert 
1978 March 17 Rod Burke Arts Commercial artist exhibits striking creative approach 
1978 March 17 Baptism Arts Unity in dividing waters of baptism 
1978 March 17 John Zimmerman Arts Zimmerman to perform in Faculty Recital Series 
1978 March 17 Stan Thompson Sports Thompson to compete in NCAA Nationals 
1978 March 17 Swimming Sports Swimming Crusaders take 4th CCIW championship 
1978 March 17 Baseball Sports Baseball team warms up in Florida 
1978 March 17 Track Sports Church, Gorsuch forsee success 
1978 February 17 Don Bonker Front page Congressional representative Bonker will address students 
1978 February 17 Student government Front page SG forum airs students' questions 
1978 February 17 Jean Kline Front page Mental Health Association honors Wheaton professor 
1978 February 17 Pre-med News Pre-meds prepare for the future 
1978 February 17 Speech News Smith, Maltby spark team at Southern Colorado meet 
1978 February 17 Dr. Beatrice Batson News Dr. Batson leaves for two quarters 
1978 February 17 Co-ops News Local co-ops fight the food rip-off 
1978 February 17 Doctoral degrees News Numerous Wheaton grads earn doctoral degrees 
1978 February 17 Humanity Opinion To err is human... 
1978 February 17 Diversity Opinion Minority recruitment 
1978 February 17 Jazz Letters Jazz: a history of promises 
1978 February 17 Nuclear weapons Letters Nuclear weapons: loving our enemies 
1978 February 17 Policies Letters Incompetence costs thousands 
1978 February 17 Arts Letters Art department: response to record 
1978 February 17 Beth Baker The Arts Baker's costumes accurate, detailed 
1978 February 17 Maynard Ferguson The Arts Jazzman Ferguson traces today's talent to schooling 
1978 February 17 Stephen Cushman The Arts Cushman backs versatile education 
1978 February 17 Nancy B. Barcus  The Arts Barcus calls for openness toward 20th century ideas 
1978 February 17 Swimming Sports Swimmers downed in dual; seek to defend CCIW title 
1978 February 17 Gymnastics Sports Gymnasts qualify for national meet 
1978 February 17 Basketball Sports Crusader basketball team closes out home season 
1978 February 17 Wrestling Sports Wrestlers second in Knox tourney 
1978 February 17 Basketball Sports Women edge North Park; challenge Northern Illinois 
1978 February 10 Graduate school Front page Trustees decide to increase tuition and expand grad school 
1978 February 10 Missions Front page Serve the People grows this year 
1978 February 10 Missions Front page Summer ministries plan for overseas programs 
1978 February 10 Jesse Jackson News Jesse Jackson pushes work ethic 
1978 February 10 Speech News Students place at Auburn; present Toccoa program 
1978 February 10 Pre-med News Wheaton pre-meds hold their own 
1978 February 10 International study program News New location for ISP; able to house seventy 
1978 February 10 Women's roles News Anti-ERA women talk; different roles to stay 
1978 February 10 Generations Opinion Generation gap 
1978 February 10 Weather Letters Sweepers awake! 
1978 February 10 Nuclear weapons Opinion Nuclear weapons 
1978 February 10 Arts Letters What will it take to get a fine arts center? Well... 
1978 February 10 Student life Opinion Workaholics 
1978 February 10 Arts The arts Is Wheaton suspicious of artists? 
1978 February 10 Chorale The Arts Artists Series features chorale Sat. 
1978 February 10 Steely Dan The Arts Steely Dan is 'together': grows in musicianship 
1978 February 10 Basketball Sports Women seek third victory in home game Thursday 
1978 February 10 Basketball Sports Wheaton bows in last half to first ranked North Park 
1978 February 10 Swimming Sports Swimmers capture Rockford title 
1978 February 10 Gymnastics Sports Gymnastics team to host UW-Platteville 
1978 February 10 Wrestling Sports Matmen take triple dual; Knox tourney tomorrow 
1978 February 3 Alumni Front page Survey of class of '77 shows placemnent in jobs, education 
1978 February 3 Student forum Front page Student Gov't. to sponsor forum 
1978 February 3 SOUL festival Front page SOUL Festival to focus on serving 
1978 February 3 Dining hall Front page New dining hall needed? Nelson to discuss plans 
1978 February 3 Housing News Co-ed housing receive complaint 
1978 February 3 George Cramer News Cramer serves 9 years; will retire this summer 
1978 February 3 Arts News Art department facilities 'primitive 
1978 February 3 Seminar News Christians in government: students attend seminar 
1978 February 3 Dr. James Rogers News Possible cure for schizophrenia? 
1978 February 3 Those in need Opinion Response to need 
1978 February 3 John Clark Opinion The children of mammon 
1978 February 3 Student government Opinion Don't take no for an answer 
1978 February 3 Missions Letters Out of focus mission 
1978 February 3 Jazz Letters Jazz: waiting for an answer 
1978 February 3 Tjaden Letters Evengelical zionism: response to tjaden 
1978 February 3 Student life Letters A matter of definitions 
1978 February 3 Tjaden Letters Panama: response to Tjaden 
1978 February 3 SOUL festival The Arts SOUL sponsors MSC photo exhibit 
1978 February 3 Movie review The Arts 'Turning Point' portrays conflict 
1978 February 3 Donna Szepessy The Arts Szepessy violin concert continues faculty series 
1978 February 3 Theatre review The Arts 'A Doll House' opens in Nystrom tonight 
1978 February 3 Dancing The Arts Dance: valid in many contexts 
1978 February 3 Ralph Vaughan Williams The Arts Composer sets Whitman to music 
1978 February 3 Basketball Sports Crusaders to challenge North Park 
1978 January 27 Tuition Front page Inflation will bring higher tuition costs next year 
1978 January 27 Planning Front page Long range planning goals evaluated 
1978 January 27 Dr. Frank E. Young Front page DNA authority to visit campus 
1978 January 27 Chapel News Small group chapels offer worship variety during Feb. 
1978 January 27 Twirp weekend News Women take initiative this weekend 
1978 January 27 Prison outreach News PACE tutors learn from Cook County Jail 
1978 January 27 Diversity News Wheaton Minorities: an in-depth look 
1978 January 27 John Clark Opinion Reflections 
1978 January 27 The poor Opinion American poverty 
1978 January 27 Campus life Letters Melodious trash 
1978 January 27 The Record Opinion Editorial 
1978 January 27 Chapel Opinion Music in Edman 
1978 January 27 Publications Letters Kodon and Record 
1978 January 27 The Record Letters Record controversy 
1978 January 27 Washington Banquet Arts Banquet to be held in Palmer House 
1978 January 27 Lester C. Thurow Arts Thurow speaks next week on economic problems 
1978 January 27 Florence Avery Arts Avery directs a comedy in opera 
1978 January 27 Norman Anderson Arts New book by Anderson deals with sactity of life 
1978 January 27 Arts Guest column What is art? 
1978 January 27 Steve McRoberts Sports McRoberts holds unbeaten record 
1978 January 27 Swimming Sports Swimmers take meet against Valpo 
1978 January 27 Dr. Kennith Cooper Sports How important is fitness? Cooper to speak Tuesday 
1978 January 27 Gymnastics Sports Gymnasts just miss NCAA marks 
1978 January 20 Marriage Front page Sociology conference probes mystery of good marriage 
1978 January 20 Student financial needs Front page Financial aid to meet student needs 
1978 January 20 Voting Front page 600 Wheaton students put on inactive voter list 
1978 January 20 Dr. Luis Palau Front page Palau testifies to power of gospel 
1978 January 20 Diversity News Students aid in minority recruitment 
1978 January 20 Diversity News Wheaton minorities: an in-depth look 
1978 January 20 John Ericksen News Sophomore killed crossing train tracks 
1978 January 20 Dr. Em Griffin News Em Griffin receives book award 
1978 January 20 ROTC News ROTC students learn parachuting at camp 
1978 January 20 Fitness Center News Plans for Fitness Center advace 
1978 January 20 Missions News Traffic collision in Thailand kills OMF missionaries 
1978 January 20 Wheaton Opinion There's a wideness... 
1978 January 20 Values Letters Losing sight of values 
1978 January 20 Wheaton Opinion Words to Wheaton.. 
1978 January 20 Panama Opinion Panama canal 
1978 January 20 Kathleen Kastner Arts Mallet artist Kastner gives recital 
1978 January 20 Music Arts Stookey records Sydney concert 
1978 January 20 Speech Arts Two students return with sixteen speech awards 
1978 January 20 Camerata Arts Edman hosts orchestra; Camerata's first U.S. tour 
1978 January 20 Senior art show Arts Seniors show abstract art in MSC 
1978 January 20 Dr. Anthony Florio Arts Florio's book offers guide for more fulfilling marriage 
1978 January 20 Movie review Arts CU movie recalls adventure genre 
1978 January 20 Basketball Sports Basketball team challenges Millikin in Decatur game 
1978 January 20 Swimming Sports Swimmers meet Valparaiso 
1978 January 20 Gymnastics Sports Men's Gymnastics hosts first dual meet of season 
1978 January 13 Transportation Front page RTA bus route connects campus with surrounding suburbs 
1978 January 13 Archaeology Front page Basement transformed into archaeology center 
1978 January 13 Frank Chivalette Front page Chivalettes recuperate from losses 
1978 January 13 SAGA  Front page SAGA ends continental breakfast 
1978 January 13 Campus life News Executive committee unites campus groups 
1978 January 13 Gary Rundquist News Sorbonne grants Runquist Ph.D. 
1978 January 13 Rob Whittington News Sophomore saws out eerie tunes 
1978 January 13 Wheaton in France News France program includes Quebec 
1978 January 13 Tim Geoffrion News Student plays guinea pig for psych. 
1978 January 13 Outreach News CSC opens up ministry in urban halfway house 
1978 January 13 Honey Rock News Wilderness seminars help develop character 
1978 January 13 Extremism Editorial Evangelical Zionism 
1978 January 13 Amsterdam Letters Amsterdam: satan's health spa 
1978 January 13 John Clark Opinion nothing to do with Spanish 
1978 January 13 Campus life Letters How many poles does it take to hold up a BGC? 
1978 January 13 Art Arts Art Collection aquires directors 
1978 January 13 Movie review Arts Simon's "Goodbye Girl" takes grand prize 
1978 January 13 Onas Scandrette Arts Scandrette takes winning photos 
1978 January 13 Music review Arts Trower surfaces from earth below 
1978 January 13 Talent show Arts 1st Annual Talent Show returns for 5th showing 
1978 January 13 Swimming Sports Crusader swimmers battle North Central 
1978 January 13 Racquetball Sports Racquetball craze reaches campus 
1978 January 13 Gymnastics Sports Wheaton Gymnasts make NCAA nationals 
1978 January 13 Basketball Sports Dribblers take first of seven, tomorrow to meet Elmhurst 
1978 May 5 Church Front page Wurdack Chapel houses New Testament Black church 
1978 April 14 Debate team News Debaters Maltby, Smith romp through Nationals 
1978 February 17 Spock's daycare Opinion Butch Maltby 
1978 January 27 Joyce grant Front page Joyce grant renewed; We must raise $100,000 
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