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DateSubject (Personal Name or Topic)Column or SectionTopic or Title
1977 December 15 Toccoa Falls Front page Wheaton crew helps at Taccoa Falls 
1977 December 15 Fitness Center Front page MSC makes room for Fitness Center office 
1977 December 15 Dr. Ward Kriegbaum Front page Kriegbaum fills new Blanchard job 
1977 December 15 Dr. Luis Palau News Dr. Luis Palau to speak during Missions week 
1977 December 15 John Wells News Postmaster admits stamp addiction 
1977 December 15 Doug Beers News Alumnus Beers runs for state rep. 
1977 December 15 Running News  Wheaton runners compete in Texas 
1977 December 15 Dr. Edwin Hollatz News Hollatz practices what he preaches 
1977 December 15 Energy News Students help rate energy efficiency 
1977 December 15 Phillip Craige News Bible scholar Phillip Craige to deliver January lectures 
1977 December 15 God's truth Opinion Column 
1977 December 15 Fitness Center Opinion Letter to the editor 
1977 December 15 Giesers Arts Gieser family grows by traveling 
1977 December 15 Movie review Arts "Oh, God!" lacks punch; achieves mediocrity 
1977 December 15 Kodon Arts Artists collaborate on new Kodon 
1977 December 15 Concert Band Arts Band hosts trumpeter; plans week-long tour 
1977 December 15 Book review Arts "Merlyn" mixes a political potion 
1977 December 15 Basketball Sports Dribblers have up-and-down season 
1977 December 15 Hockey Sports Hockey players maintain good spirits 
1977 November 11 Radio Front page WETN heads relief radiothon for Toccoa Falls Bible College 
1977 November 11 Evaluations Front page School adopts new prof. evaluations 
1977 November 11 Policy Front page Movie policy provokes continuing controversy 
1977 November 11 Stacy's tavern Front page Bible department supports tavern 
1977 November 11 Education News Student sacrifices for education 
1977 November 11 Dr. Jim Rogers News Rogers granted $50,000 for statistics research 
1977 November 11 Housing News Student pressure cited as couse of $10 refund 
1977 November 11 Forensics News Forensic squad wins high honors 
1977 November 11 Josh News Canine friend Josh leaves campus 
1977 November 11 Taccoa Opinion Toccoa disaster 
1977 November 11 Tenure Letters Tenure policy 
1977 November 11 Community Letters Community 
1977 November 11 Finals Opinion The Record takes a look at Wheaton finals week 
1977 November 11 John Ellis Opinion Boredom keeps officer company late at night 
1977 November 11 Theater Arts Lack of facilities plagues theater 
1977 November 11 Running Arts Many lost in cold and dark 100 runs 
1977 November 11 Running Sports Runners finish fourth in conference 
1977 November 11 Soccer Sports Soccer faces arch rival in NCAA 
1977 November 11 Volleyball Sports Women's volleyball team closes season with 8-7 
1977 November 11 Football Sports Crusaders hope for 2nd in CCIW 
1977 November 4 Potsherds Front page Old Testament treasure "buried" in Wheaton's Alumni Gym 
1977 November 4 Archeology Front page Archeology conference breaks biblical ground 
1977 November 4 Tenure Front page Tenure policy undergoes scrutiny 
1977 November 4 Student life News Students jump off cliffs, claim they do it for fun 
1977 November 4 Archaeology museum News Archaeology museum to open soon 
1977 November 4 Parents' day News Full program for Parents' day 
1977 November 4 Snow camp News Snow Camp is bargain over break 
1977 November 4 Bob Kerns News Computer whiz brainstorms ahead 
1977 November 4 Art Editorial Committment to art 
1977 November 4 Theatre Opinion Editorial 
1977 November 4 Student government Opinion Letters 
1977 November 4 Films Letters Film Guidelines 
1977 November 4 Theater Arts Theater confronts actors, audience 
1977 November 4 Ellen Thompson Arts Thompson follows varied hobbies 
1977 November 4 Music  Arts Choir and symphony prepare for Requiem 
1977 November 4 Modern art Arts L'Atelier 
1977 November 4 Nigel Goodwin Arts Nigel Goodwin expects quality from Christians 
1977 November 4 People Enterprises Arts New project employs delinquents 
1977 November 4 Tennis Sports Women's tennis team ends unbeaten season 
1977 November 4 Football Sports Gridders battle tough Augustana 
1977 October 28 Danforth Fellowship Front page Seniors up for Danforth fellowship 
1977 October 28 Fitness Center Front page Trustees endorse plans for life fitness center 
1977 October 28 Student work Front page Government rule allows low wages 
1977 October 28 Dr. Joe McClatchy Front page Scripture songs yield rich worship 
1977 October 28 Peace Corps Front page Past Peace Corps director named Consortium president 
1977 October 28 Student government News SG receives $5,000 budget increase 
1977 October 28 Enrollment News Sign for deferred enrollment now 
1977 October 28 Outreach News CSC starts four new ministries 
1977 October 28 Blanchard society News Blanchard Society stresses reform 
1977 October 28 ROTC News Wheaton ROTC grows; attracts women cadets 
1977 October 28 Professors News Conference evaluates teacher's strengths 
1977 October 28 Committees News Students join faculty committees 
1977 October 28 Kingdom of God Opinion Editorial 
1977 October 28 Priorities Opinion Balancing our priorities 
1977 October 28 Billy Graham Center Letters Graham Center 
1977 October 28 Chapel Letters Chapel attendance 
1977 October 28 Arts Arts L'Atelier 
1977 October 28 Drama Arts Wheaton drama not show business 
1977 October 28 Book sale Arts Book sale stars Nov. 2 
1977 October 28 Owen Barfield to speak about early C.S. Lewis Arts Owen Barfield to speak about early C.S. Lewis 
1977 October 28 Bach Aria Group Arts Bach Aria soloists perform Friday 
1977 October 28 String trio Arts Conserv. students play in string trio 
1977 October 28 Faculty concert Arts Faculty concert series now formal program 
1977 October 28 Soccer Sports Soccer hosts tourney; aims for national 
1977 October 28 Football Sports Football team eyes North Central 
1977 October 28 Volleyball Sports Co-ed volleyball today; Scribner expects to win 
1977 October 28 Volleyball Sports Cuba outclasses US in volleyball 
1977 October 28 Cross country Sports Harriers finish season; tune up for conference 
1977 October 14 Parking Front page Expanded parking facilities will soon ease shortage 
1977 October 14 Gender roles Front page Sex roles seminar planned for next week 
1977 October 14 Senior bench Front page Seniors panic over stolen bench 
1977 October 14 Butch Maltby Front page Maltby captures three firsts in forensics tournament 
1977 October 14 Women in church News Ordination of women raises protests 
1977 October 14 Clarence Blocker News Alumnus christens iris; hybrid honors L'Engle 
1977 October 14 Homecoming News Wheaton welcomes her grads home 
1977 October 14 Microfiche News College library acquires catalogs on microfiche 
1977 October 14 Title IX News Women's sports gain from Title IX 
1977 October 14 Pat Gundry News Gundry objects to dogmatic sexism 
1977 October 14 Student travel News HNGR students intern overseas 
1977 October 14 Student government Opinion Editorial 
1977 October 14 Marilyn Grover Opinion Pres. Marilyn Grover discusses AWS issues 
1977 October 14 Billy Graham Opinion Letter 
1977 October 14 Artists Arts L'Atelier 
1977 October 14 Movie review Arts Political thriller rates four stars 
1977 October 14 Larry Norman Arts Song writer Larry Norman comes to Edman Saturday 
1977 October 14 Theatre Arts Fetive "Carnival" comes to Nystrom 
1977 October 14 Sherrill Milnes Arts Opera sensation to sing in Edman 
1977 October 14 Volleyball Sports Cuba invades Wheaton, U.S. spikers pressed 
1977 October 14 Football Sports Wheaton tops Titans; Carthage next 
1977 October 14 Soccer Sports Soccer team enters tourney today 
1977 October 14 Cross Country Sports Cudney hails rivalry; harriers to race Taylor 
1977 October 14 Tennis Sports Women's tennis team misses first 
1977 October 14 Field hockey Sports Principia threatens field hockey coeds 
1977 October 14 Volleyball Sports St. Francis to face net coeds tomorrow 
1977 October 7 Billy Graham Center Front page Graham Center: is heating with solar energy an option? 
1977 October 7 Graduate school Front page Graduate School offers several new programs 
1977 October 7 Administration Front page Administration expands top ranks 
1977 October 7 Donald J. Wilkerson Front page Recent Wheaton grad killed on train tracks 
1977 October 7 Debate team News Freshman place high in debate tournament 
1977 October 7 Pre-Law internships News Internships benifit pre-law students 
1977 October 7 Judson Rung-Sung News BGC grant supports church leader 
1977 October 7 Marilyn Scribner News Scribner helps create new look for Alumni Gym 
1977 October 7 Tuition News Students may get tuition tax credit 
1977 October 7 Handicapped accessibility News Campus adjusts for handicapped 
1977 October 7 Philosophy conference News Philosophy conference to focus on art 
1977 October 7 Russia Opinion Reflections on Russia 
1977 October 7 Germany Opinion Summer in Germany 
1977 October 7 Unity Opinion Editorial 
1977 October 7 God's humor Opinion Editorial 
1977 October 7 Billy Graham Opinion Letter 
1977 October 7 Music review Arts Yes: a classical group or a spaced out Whitman 
1977 October 7 James Buswell Arts Buswell opens Artist Series tonight 
1977 October 7 Bilhenry Walker Arts Artist displays work on campus 
1977 October 7 Contemporary art Arts Museum of art reviews work of last decade 
1977 October 7 Dr. William Phemister Arts Phemister to visit schools in Far East 
1977 October 7 James Buswell Arts Buswell's brilliant record grows 
1977 October 7 Football Sports King hopes for win over Illinois Weslyan 
1977 October 7 Cross Country Sports Henderson takes 1st at Invitational 
1977 October 7 Soccer Sports Crusaders lose chance to nab title 
1977 October 7 Tennis Sports Millikin tourney tough; Cook out in quarter finals 
1977 October 7 Volleyball Sports Volleyball season starts; coeds to face Rockford 
1977 September 30 House Front page Bargain house cross NW tracks 
1977 September 30 Calendar Front page Final calendar decision announced 
1977 September 30 Alfred E. Hoerth Front page Hoerth to dig at Pithon; may set dates of exodus 
1977 September 30 Dr. Donald Hoke Front page Hoke attacks Daily News charges 
1977 September 30 Chicago Marathon News Marathon draws Wheaton runners 
1977 September 30 Wheaton '77 News High schoolers flood campus tomorrow 
1977 September 30 Housing News Fewer students next fall due to housing shortage 
1977 September 30 Fitness Center News College studies $3.5 M fitness center 
1977 September 30 Ministries News Hostel team returns from L. America 
1977 September 30 Dr. Stephen C. Evans News Evans wins $500 in contest; book relates need to belief 
1977 September 30 Lord Peter Wimsey Opinion Lord Peter and the grim saga of the unearthed blueprints 
1977 September 30 Student life Opinion Letter 
1977 September 30 Revival Opinion Editorial 
1977 September 30 Student life Opinion Editorial 
1977 September 30 Dr. Hein Arts Dahlias delight English professor 
1977 September 30 Arts  Arts L'Atelier 
1977 September 30 Dr. Vida Chenowith Arts Break music barrier, linguist urges 
1977 September 30 Theatre Arts Nystrom productions fight lions, lambs 
1977 September 30 Lord Peter Arts Wimsey forte: untarnishable grace 
1977 September 30 Movie review Arts 'THX'--a journey into the mind 
1977 September 30 Steve Long Sports Crusader wins Olympic position 
1977 September 30 Football Sports Explosive Hope squad to challenge Wheaton 
1977 September 30 Cross Country Sports Runners to compete at N. Central 
1977 September 30 Field Hockey Sports Field hockey victory in sight today 
1977 September 30 Soccer Sports Soccer team faces crucial game 
1977 September 23 Billy Graham Center Front page Ground breaking marks start of Graham Center construction 
1977 September 23 Trust fund Front page $12MM left to Wheaton from Leonard Fry estate 
1977 September 23 Dorothy L. Sayers Front page Conference explores Sayer's art 
1977 September 23 New computer News LaFrance installs micro-computers 
1977 September 23 Education News Teacher education program pays off 
1977 September 23 Student government News SG sponsors blood drive next week 
1977 September 23 Nadine G. Smith News Smith fills minority advisor post 
1977 September 23 Faculty News Instructors take time off for academic pursuits 
1977 September 23 Student Pastoral Association News Studetn group forms for pastoral training 
1977 September 23 Football Sports Battling Crusaders to face Pioneers 
1977 September 23 Soccer Sports Soccer men need unity to last out crucial week 
1977 September 16 Housing Front page College faces housing shortage 
1977 September 16 Physical plant Front page Physical plant relocates 
1977 September 16 SAGA Front page SAGA changes include salad bar 
1977 September 16 C.William Pollard Front page Pollard resigns: takes new position 
1977 September 16 New fields News New athletic fields to be finished next fall 
1977 September 16 Butch Maltby News Maltby appoints investigative committee 
1977 September 16 Student life Opinion Editorial 
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