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DateSubject (Personal Name or Topic)Column or SectionTopic or Title
March 12, 1976 Mark Christensen Column Proposed System To Balance Profs' Loads 
March 12, 1976 English Composition Test News SAT Scores Lowest In 20 Years 
March 12, 1976 LaSalle Street Church News  Ministries of Inner City Topic of SMF in March 
March 12, 1976 Tom Fesmire Column Bach and Beethoven Can Teach Us New Ways To Worship 
March 12, 1976 Rob Hromas Column Students Defy Apathy Through Campaign Participation 
March 12, 1976 Record Editorial Redistributing Your Burden 
March 12, 1976 Mark Niemczyk Column Inaccurate Reporting 
March 12, 1976 Verne Becker Column Editor Makes Closing Remarks 
March 12, 1976 Kevin D. Van Elswyk Column Alumnus Reacts 
March 12, 1976 Lucy Blocher Column Record Reprimanded 
March 12, 1976 Lenore Marema Column Ford Sure Got A Lot Done 
March 12, 1976 United Press International News News Briefs 
March 12, 1976 Neal Williams Column Cuba and Russia on 'Good' Terms 
March 12, 1976 Pete Welander Column Police and FBI Conning the Cons 
March 12, 1976 Talent Show Information College Union Presents Annual Talent Show Tonight 
March 12, 1976 Lyn Edwards Column College Dining 
March 12, 1976 Hortegas Column Chicago Dining 
March 12, 1976 Brad Nelson Column Ambience 
March 12, 1976 Cindy Schwarz Column Debbie Patterson Swims In Regional Finals 
March 12, 1976 Volleyball Sports Indiana Fails to Out-Finesse Crusaders 
March 12, 1976 Wrestling Sports Wrestlers Reach NCAA Semi-Finals and Capture First Championship 
March 12, 1976 Hockey Sports Hockey Season Closes on Winning Note 
March 12, 1976 Stephen Smith Column Order in the Courts? 
March 12, 1976 President Gerald R. Ford News Ford Arrives With Pomp; Lauds Private Higher Education 
April 9, 1976 Joy Marvin Column Book Shipment En Route For Evangelistic Library 
April 9, 1976 Josephine Halvorsen News In Memoriam; Josephine Halvorsen 
April 9, 1976 Linda Havener Column Bragg Appointed HNGR Coordinator 
April 9, 1976 Presidential Election Information Straw Polls Shows Lack of Political Excitement 
April 9, 1976 Nancy Nelson Column Serv-a-Thon Collects $ 2500 For Guatemala Quake Victims 
April 9, 1976 Mavis Rice Column Danforth Honors Batson, Neilson 
April 9, 1976 Sue Woodcock Column Dr. Kilby, Luci Shaw Autograph Books 
April 9, 1976 Project Concern Information Club Sponsors Benefit Walk To Support Project Concern 
April 9, 1976 Forensics Tournament News Debaters Place At Tournament in Rockford 
April 9, 1976 Illinois Department of Labor News State Sponsors 'Tempoready' Job Service 
April 9, 1976 Jan Blomberg Column The Cost of Bonhoeffer's Discipleship: Death 
April 9, 1976 Record Editorial Pick up the Rusty Scissors 
April 9, 1976 English Department Column Righting Students' Writing 
April 9, 1976 Randy Petersen Column Great Things in Small Packages 
April 9, 1976 Bill Chickering Column S.G. Should Join Secular Organization 
April 9, 1976 United Press International News News Briefs 
April 9, 1976 Phil Wik Column Morris Udall: Refined ideology 
April 9, 1976 Kim Robertson Column 'Dining' Suggestions 
April 9, 1976 Ray Brand Column Disillusioned Son 
April 9, 1976 Nancy Nelson Column Greedy Patriots 
April 9, 1976 Gary C. Rundquist Column Languages Help 
April 9, 1976 Arthur Katterjohn Column M.S or U.M.? 
April 9, 1976 Doyle Carte News Around Town 
April 9, 1976 Dave Cassels Column Super CFL Goes to Muzak 
April 9, 1976 Anne Henderson Column Wertmuller Needs Balance 
April 9, 1976 Neal Williams Column They Laughed When I started My Monologue 
April 9, 1976 Anne Henderson Column Students Escape To Soap Operas 
April 9, 1976 Tennis  Sports Tennis Team Starts Year With Win Against Olivet 
April 9, 1976 Volleyball Sports Goliath Wallops David in Three Straight Games 
April 9, 1976 Chuck Mackenzie Column Baseball Brings Home 3-5 Record 
April 9, 1976 Basketball Sports Intramural B-ball Stars Take Invitational Tourney 
April 16, 1976 Linda Havener Column Bean Plans Changes in Recruitment 
April 16, 1976 Marion E. Wade Collection Information Wade Collection Resettles, Displays Sayers' Papers 
April 16, 1976 Mavis Rice Column Department Lacks Funds To Secure Separation 
April 16, 1976 History and Political Science Department News Internship Programs Developed 
April 16, 1976 Butch Maltby News Maltby Banks $ 1000 for Speech, Will Travel To Philly for Finals 
April 16, 1976 Janelle Conaway Column Jensen To Speak on Revolution 
April 16, 1976 Melody Anderson Column WSER Film: Nuclear Power 
April 16, 1976 Student Government Information Fasting Day Set for Wednesday 
April 16, 1976 Millikin Baseball Players News Millikin Latest Victim of Sports Theft 
April 16, 1976 Bill Chickerimg column Grads Hope for Strong Voter Turnout 
April 16, 1976 Student Government and College Union Information Elections Slated For Next Week 
April 16, 1976 HNGR Information HNGR Sponsors Exhibit, Panel 
April 16, 1976 Star Knight Column In the Garden: Easter on Location 
April 16, 1976 Primary Elections Column Student Government: Where Do We Go From Here? 
April 16, 1976 Record Editorial Who Cares About Apathy? 
April 16, 1976 The Race Goes to the Swift Column The Race Goes to The Swift 
April 16, 1976 Linda Andrisan Column Reading, 'Riting, and Appliction 
April 16, 1976 Andy McQuitty Column Church Feuds Stifle Witness 
April 16, 1976 Peter Welander Column Stikes could Stunt Recovery 
April 16, 1976 Neal Williams Column Busy Humphrey 'Not' Running 
April 16, 1976 United Press International News news Briefs 
April 16, 1976 Phil Wik Column New Wallace: Economy Version 
April 16, 1976 Janelle Conaway Column WETN Fills the Night Air 
April 16, 1976 Dave Cassel Column Around Town 
April 16, 1976 Phil Foxwell Information Prestidigitator to Dazzle Students 
April 16, 1976 Neal Williams Column If We Needed Money Bad Enough? 
April 16, 1976 Anne Henderson Column Movie Review: "Next Stop greenwich Village" 
April 16, 1976 Annual Baseball Prognostications Column Smith's Al Prophecies 
April 16, 1976 Chuck Mackenzie Column Cindermen Take On CCIW Champ 
April 16, 1976 Tennis Sports Men Vanquish U. of C. Netters 
April 16, 1976 Debbie Buechner Column Women's Tennis Opens Against Morton College 
April 23, 1976 Education Policies Committee News Faculty Approves Credit for Science Lab Hours 
April 23, 1976 Graham Center News B.G.C. To Utilize Original Budget Plan 
April 23, 1976 Academic Affairs Information Faculty Changes Alter September Staff Roster 
April 23, 1976 Charles Colson Information Ex-Nixon Aide Colson to Address Convocation 
April 23, 1976 Summer STP  Information SOUL Sponsors STP, Puts Faith Into Action 
April 23, 1976 Linda Havener Column Grads Lose Counselor But Gain Assistant Dean 
April 23, 1976 Bonnie Ward Column MacDonald Lectures: 'Timely Advice' 
April 23, 1976 Melody Anderson Column English Department To Sponsor Lockerbie Lectures On Art 
April 23, 1976 Barb Dill Column Staying Afloat in a 'Sinking' Business 
April 23, 1976 Record Editorial Cracks in the 'Little Bell' 
April 23, 1976 Students' Elections Column Campus Campaign Comedy 
April 23, 1976 Andy McQuitty Column Hughes' billions not Enough 
April 23, 1976 Peter Welander Column Our Biggest World Problem 
April 23, 1976 Neal Williams Column Metrics Conquering Nation 
April 23, 1976 Phil Wik Column Jackson: Up and coming 
April 23, 1976 Ruth A. Mclatchie Column 'Mudslinging' 
April 23, 1976 Paul M. Bechtel Column Writing Elaborated 
April 23, 1976 "The Caucasian Chalk Circle" Information Brecht's "Chalk Circle" Produced In Nystrom 
April 23, 1976 Steve Henderson Column The New Yorker, An American Tradition 
April 23, 1976 Dave Cassel Column Around Town 
April 23, 1976 Larry Shackley Column Movie Review: Hitchcock's "Family Plot" 
April 23, 1976 National League Column Smith's N.L. Prophecies 
April 23, 1976 Jack Schwartz News Coach's Decision Pays Off In Recent Tennis Victories 
April 23, 1976 Baseball Sports Baseball Team Edges Out North Park 
April 23, 1976 Chuck Mackensie Column Crusader's Flair Scorches Track 
April 30, 1976 Lenore Marema Column Colson Reflects On Pride, Prison Life 
April 30, 1976 Joy Marvin Column 60,000 volumes to Arrive, Center To Choose Best Half 
April 30, 1976 Mavis Rice Column New Leaders Discuss S.G.'s Future 
April 30, 1976 Butch Maltby News Maltby Takes Second in Nationals 
April 30, 1976 Barbara Daly  Information Daly To Direct Career Center 
April 30, 1976 Reinhold Radke Information Radtke to Address WCF 
April 30, 1976 Student Government Information Students To Help Senior citizens 
April 30, 1976 Election Finals News Student Election Results 
April 30, 1976 Linda Havener Column Gosling's Fund-Raising Drive Begins 
April 30, 1976 Norman Anderson Information Kamm Lecture to Feature Sir Norman Anderson 
April 30, 1976 Bill Chickering Column Grads Study British Broadcasting 
April 30, 1976 Tom Fesmire Column Ethnomusicology Puts Musicians in Missions 
April 30, 1976 Cindy Schwarz Column Marion Park Sparks Civic Support 
April 30, 1976 Record Editorial Power and Christian Politics 
April 30, 1976 Bonnie Brooks Column Record's 'Sprinkler System' 
April 30, 1976 Linda Andrison Column U.S. Misled By Soviet Strategy 
April 30, 1976 United Press international News News Briefs 
April 30, 1976 Doug Shut Column Sitz's Revival 
April 30, 1976 Bob Saxton Column Kodon Editorial Blasted 
April 30, 1976 Phil Wik  Column Reagan Stars in Primary Trek 
April 30, 1976 Pete Welander Column Movie Prices as Crowd Controls? 
April 30, 1976 Dave Cassel Column Around Town 
April 30, 1976 Bill Chickering Column Movie Review: All the President's Men 
April 30, 1976 Ken Pobo Column Consortium Prize Winning Poetry 
April 30, 1976 Neal Williams  Column All-American Bicentennial Trivia Quiz 
April 30, 1976 Anne Henderson Column Karin Elder Samples the Fashion Industry 
April 30, 1976 Stephen Smith Column Ballparks Get A Facelift 
April 30, 1976 Debbie Buechner Column Women's Tennis To Face Concordia 
April 30, 1976 Tennis Sports Men Battle Augustana on Saturday 
April 30, 1976 Golfers Sports Crusader Golfers to Host CCIW Conference Match 
May 7, 1976 Linda Havener Column Trustees Delay Plans For New B & G 
May 7, 1976 Jim Zitzman Column Saga Asks for Management of Stupe 
May 7, 1976 Nancy Nelson Column Proposed Art Center Lacks A Donor 
May 7, 1976 Verne Becker Column Repeated Purse Thefts hamper Security Efforts 
May 7, 1976 W. Stanford Reid Information Reid To Receive Degree, Will Speak At Graduation 
May 7, 1976 David M. Howard Information Howard To Preview Urbana '76 
May 7, 1976 Nancy Nelson Column New CSC Staff Sets Goals; Plans Focus For Next Year 
May 7, 1976 Bill Chickering Column Grad Leaders Propose Wider Role For Council 
May 7, 1976 Melody Anderson Column Young Speaks on Campus, Discusses Genetic Controls 
May 7, 1976 Susan M. Woodcock Column Clyde Kilby: Friend and Curator of the Oxford Christians 
May 7, 1976 Debbie Buechner Column Nancy Reflects on Skating Triumphs 
May 7, 1976 Record  Editorial The Kingdom and the Power 
May 7, 1976 Campus Security Column Like a Thief in the Day 
May 7, 1976 Andy McQuitty Column Christians Success Oriented 
May 7, 1976 Neal Williams Column Rhodesia: On the Blacklist 
May 7, 1976 Phil Wik Column Jimmy Carter: Cheshire Charm 
May 7, 1976 James Baker Column Pro-Kodon Contentions 
May 7, 1976 Randy Cotton Column 'Misled' Misleads 
May 7, 1976 James Buswell II Column Is Shut for Real? 
May 7, 1976 Myrna Grant Column Record BBCed 
May 7, 1976 The Beach Boys Column Around Town 
May 7, 1976 Steve Hortegas Column Andrae Crouch: "I Know What I want to Say." 
May 7, 1976 Spring Concert Information Choir Sings All For Love 
May 7, 1976 Neal Williams Column Hughes Leaves the College $ 1.2 Billion in Will 
May 7, 1976 Steve Henderson Column Cinema and Christians Make and Odd Couple 
May 7, 1976 Hockey Sports 7th Place Finish Cools Crusader Golfers 
May 7, 1976 Chuck Mackensie Column Track Team Places 8th in State meet 
May 7, 1976 Tennis Sports Co-ed Crusaders Notch 3rd Victory 
May 7, 1976 Tennis Sports Tennis Team Sweeps Into Final CCIW Meet 
May 7, 1976 College Sports News Steve Haugen Elected To Academic Honor-Squad 
May 7, 1976 Baseball Sports Baseball Team Close, But Not Close Enough 
May 14, 1976 Bonnie Ward Column Summer Jobs: The Work is Where You Find It 
May 14, 1976 Janet Blomberg Column S.G. Submits Revisions In Disciplinary Process 
May 14, 1976 Clarence Wyngarden Information Wyngarden Ends Campus Practice 
May 14, 1976 Blood Drive News Student Govt. To Sponsor 2nd Blood Drive in May 
May 14, 1976 Buffy Wade Column Kulick Replaces Kennedy As Food Service Director 
May 14, 1976 Fund-Raising Campaign News Senior Class To Donate 3-Part Gift 
May 14, 1976 "A Global Perspective in Our Bicentennial Year" News Lectures To Examine World Affairs 
May 14, 1976 Cindy Schwarz Column SMP 9 Thousand Short, Plans Project for Support 
May 14, 1976 Joy Marvin Column BGC Hosts Evangelism Seminar 
May 14, 1976 Cindy Schwarz Column "Mom" Geoffrion - MSC Manager 
May 14, 1976 Record Editorial Moving Beyond Mediocrity 
May 14, 1976 Tennis Conference Championship Sports Courtly Love 
May 14, 1976 Randy Petersen Column Zeal for Trivia 
May 14, 1976 John S. Spencer Column Merely Imagined? 
May 14, 1976 John Edwards Column Political Inconsistencies 
May 14, 1976 Neal Williams Column Goodylooks and the Three Bores 
May 14, 1976 Phil Wik Column Gerald Ford: Guns of Incumbency 
May 14, 1976 David Caes Column Conlan Chapel? 
May 14, 1976 Roger L. Lewis Column PR or New? 
May 14, 1976 Steve Troxel Column Record Meters Out 
May 14, 1976 Dave Cassel  Column Around Town 
May 14, 1976 Steve Hortegas Column Phemister Balances Piano With Life 
May 14, 1976 Anne Henderson Column Tim Settimi Makes People Happy 
May 14, 1976 Beth Robinson Column I-80 Nebraska 
May 14, 1976 Patricia Davison Column Christmas Break 
May 14, 1976 Steve Henderson Column Donna Oerth Brings A Touch of Craziness 
May 14, 1976 Tennis Sports Weatherly Leads Tennis Team To Title 
May 14, 1976 Debbie Buechner Column Girls' Teams Share Cup, Now Battle in Dual Meet 
May 14, 1976 Chuck Mackenzie Column N. Central Jogs To Conference Prize 
May 14, 1976 Baseball Sports 'Dead' Bats Add Baseball Worries 
May 21, 1976 Linda Havener Column Fewer Applicants Seek Admission for Next Year 
May 21, 1976 Jim Helfers Column Willis, Friends Rescued After McKinley Ordeal 
May 21, 1976 Mavis Rice Column Unit Calls Overcharged 
May 21, 1976 Verne Becker Column Police Nab Crook, But Thefts Go On 
May 21, 1976 Jane Blomberg Column SPB Elects Daskalakis as '76-77 Tower Editor 
May 21, 1976 "Tower" News Tower Sets Sept. Date For Yearbook Delivery 
May 21, 1976 Linda Havener Column Fall Break To Offer Vacation Options 
May 21, 1976 Nancy Nelson Column Finances Plague Mission Outreach 
May 21, 1976 Foreign Language Department News Language Dept. to Offer Russian Studies Program 
May 21, 1976 Bonnie Ward Column Job-Hunting and Collge Students: How To Avoid 'Snipe Hunt' 
May 21, 1976 Graham Center News BGC Plans Evangelistic Seminar 
May 21, 1976 Record Editorial Off The Assembly Line 
May 21, 1976 Bill Chickering Column Conlan's Milk and Cookies 
May 21, 1976 Linda Andrisan Column Pain and the Power of Compassion 
May 21, 1976 Andy McQuitty Column Panamanian Deadlock 
May 21, 1976 Phil Wik  Column Michael Howlett: Executive Competency 
May 21, 1976 Pete Welander Column Sticky Problem 
May 21, 1976 News Briefs News News Briefs 
May 21, 1976 Neal Williams Column Everything About Ford 
May 21, 1976 Anonymous Writer Column Vox Populi 
May 21, 1976 Jean Harmeling Column Behind the Scenes at "Barefoot in the Partk" 
May 21, 1976 Anne Henderson Column How to Be a Well Dressed Slob 
May 21, 1976 Dave Cassel Column Around Town 
May 21, 1976 Rob Hromas Column Pulitzer Prize Poet Eberhart To Give Reading 
May 21, 1976 Jim Hill  Column Carter a Landslide Winner In Faculty Survey 
May 21, 1976 Institute of International Education News Overseas Fellowships Available For Graduates 
May 21, 1976 Verne Becker Column New Book Highlights Hermeneutics 
May 21, 1976 Don Vidger Column Scientist Clarifies Genetic Ethics 
May 28, 1976 Don Vidger Column Class of '76 Sends 20 to Med School 
May 28, 1976 Linda Havener Column Newscast Covers 'Did,' Spotlights Stuedent Effort 
May 28, 1976 Joy Marvin Column Apathy Halts Marchers' Cadence 
May 28, 1976 "Police Nab Crook, But Thefts Continue" News Error Confuses Felon's Identity 
May 28, 1976 Don Vidger News Lab Credit Policy Alters Upper Division Courses 
May 28, 1976 Mavis Rice Column SG Rejects Saga Meal Ticket Option 
May 28, 1976 Linda Andrisan Column Profs Plan Latin American Program 
May 28, 1976 Janet Blomberg Column Economics Dept. Hosts Sudan Official 
May 28, 1976 Star Knight Column Teachers Differ as to Value of Comprehensive Examinations 
May 28, 1976 Bonnie Ward Column ... and if you think they're confused! 
May 28, 1976 Record Editorial Avoiding the Media's Grinder 
May 28, 1976 Senior Art Show Information Art for Education's Sake 
May 28, 1976 Randy Petersen Column Extreme Reactions No Laughing Matter 
May 28, 1976 Bill Chickering Column Forum Board Licensed Libel 
May 28, 1976 Phil Wik Column Jim Thompson: Fighting To Survive 
May 28, 1976 News Briefs News News Briefs 
May 28, 1976 Ron Campbell Column Alarming Pranks 
May 28, 1976 Neal Williams Column Presidential Race Deobscurated 
May 28, 1976 Pete Welander Column Thank you, Freeloaders 
May 28, 1976 Bill Chickering Column On Film: 'The Missouri Breaks' 
May 28, 1976 Larry Shackley Column P.D.Q. Bach, 'Pimple on the Face of Music' 
May 28, 1976 Around Town Column Around Town 
May 28, 1976 Rob Hromas Column Robert Siegel To Leave U. of Wisconsin 
May 28, 1976 Steve Smith Column Redefining Poverty 
May 28, 1976 Football Sports Baffa's .377 Tops Crusader Batsmen 
May 28, 1976 Debbie Buechner Column Ladies Close Out 4-2 
May 28, 1976 Tennis Sports Men Place 6th in Division III Finals 
June 4, 1976 Verne Becker Column Exhibitionist Turns Faces, Confuses Police, Swartz 
June 4, 1976 Wheaton's 117th Commencement Information Final Days for Seniors End in Walk Down Aisle 
June 4, 1976 Janet Blomberg Column Pranksters Plague Campus, Foil B & G 
June 4, 1976 Don Vidger Column Biology Senior Speck Probes 'Diver's Relex' 
June 4, 1976 Mavis Rice Column Pub Board Selects Chairman, Editors 
June 4, 1976 Linda Havener Column College Needs New Income Sources 
June 4, 1976 Melody Anderson Column Germany Summer Studies Planned 
June 4, 1976 Joy Marvin Column Collge Playing Cards Draw Mixed Reactions 
June 4, 1976 Don Vidger Column Committee Announces Freshman Moms and Pops 
June 4, 1976 Record Editorial Do They Really Mean That? 
June 4, 1976 Wheaton Athletics Sports A View From the Bleachers 
June 4, 1976 Pete Welander Column Don't Wallow in Self-Pity 
June 4, 1976 Linda Andrisan Column Spiritual Boxes Limit Freedom 
June 4, 1976 Lenore Marema Column Muddlement in Evangeland 
June 4, 1976 Neal Williams Column 200-year Thud 
June 4, 1976 Doug Carlson Column Holi-days 
June 4, 1976 Phil Wik Column Henry Kissinger: The Shadow of Gloom 
June 4, 1976 Andy McQuitty Column Christian Happiness: Just Getting By? 
June 4, 1976 Star Knight Column India's People: Photographer Jon Warren's Different View 
June 4, 1976 Dave Cassel Column Around Town 
June 4, 1976 Rob Quiring Column 'Barefoot' Exhibits Freshness and Vitality 
June 4, 1976 Steve Henderson Column Singing Stars as Actors 
June 4, 1976 Joel Sheesley Column Christians Require New Artistic Vision 
June 4, 1976 Barb Dill Column Reference Librarian: A Mine of Miscellaneous Information 
June 4, 1976 Nancy Nelson Column CSC Goals Challenge New Director 
June 4, 1976 Debbie Buechner Column P.E. Programs Near Sexual Equity 
June 4, 1976 Chuck Mckenzie Column Gorsuch Enters Record Book Again 
June 4, 1976 Rifle Team Sports Rifle Team Closes Year With League Open Upset 
June 4, 1976  How to Apply Your Iron-On Column How To Apply Your Iron-On 
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