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DateSubject (Personal Name or Topic)Column or SectionTopic or Title
1977 May 13 Senior class gift News Sr. class gift goes to HNGR program 
1977 May 13 Dignity News HNGR seminar adresses dignity 
1977 May 13 Ministry News The ins and outs, ups and downs, of Youth Hostel Ministry 
1977 May 13 Billy Graham Center News What's inside the Graham Center? 
1977 May 13 Editor Opinion Off the Record 
1977 May 13 Graduation Opinion Them and us 
1977 May 13 Swimming Opinion Swimming 
1977 May 13 Richard Daley Opinion Richard Daley: Christian politician 
1977 May 13 Cynic Opinion Beyond cynicism 
1977 May 13 Thanks Opinion Vox Populi 
1977 May 13 Student life Opinion My last letter to Wheaton 
1977 May 13 Student life Opinion Continuing the pilgrimage 
1977 May 13 Kodon Arts History of controversy in Kodon 
1977 May 13 Piano conference Arts Conference offers study of contemporary piano music 
1977 May 13 Jerry Bilik Arts Bilik is featured at band concert tomorrow 
1977 May 13 Journalism Arts He'll tell you what you want to know 
1977 May 13 Concert Choir Arts Concert Choir and Dr. Best participate in hymn festival 
1977 May 13 Journalism Arts Quest for the hidden news tip 
1977 May 13 Track and Field Sports Skip's Scoops 
1977 May 13 Track Sports Wheaton to sponsor track games 
1977 May 13 Softball Sports Women's softball team moves ahead 
1977 May 13 Baseball Sports Double-header split against Augie 
1977 May 13 Tennis and Rifles Sports Sports Briefs 
1977 May 6 Sen. Mark Hatfield Front page Hatfield speaks in chapel Monday 
1977 May 6 Madeleine L'Engle Front page L'Engle is commencement speaker 
1977 May 6 Archaeology Front page Digging up treasures from King Tut's tomb 
1977 May 6 Wheaton in Israel Front page Holy land studies 'peak' this year 
1977 May 6 Credit News Who gets credit: when, why, how 
1977 May 6 Marriage News Marriage seminar here tomorrow 
1977 May 6 Employment News College degree doesn't assure jobs 
1977 May 6 Biology News Three students awarded for biological studies paper 
1977 May 6 Helen McLendon Ewert News In Memoriam: Helen McLendon Ewert 
1977 May 6 War Opinion Equivalent of war 
1977 May 6 Student life Opinion Justifying heresy 
1977 May 6 Struggles Opinion Walking through a storm 
1977 May 6 Chapel Opinion Chapel praise 
1977 May 6 Osner Fevry World Fevry revisited 
1977 May 6 Fidel Castro World A lesson from Castro 
1977 May 6 Concert choir Arts Concert choir performs spring concert tomorrow 
1977 May 6 Theatre Arts That's for more than entertainment 
1977 May 6 Heritage Arts Dayton rediscovers social and evangelical heritage 
1977 May 6 Marty O'Donnell Arts O'Donnell gives composition recital 
1977 May 6 Nancy Swider Sports Skip's Scoops 
1977 May 6 Tennis Sports Tennis players edge out Chicago 
1977 May 6 Chess Sports Two students receive diploma from chess master 
1977 May 6 Track Sports Track participates in Drake marathon 
1977 May 6 Baseball and Track Sports Sports Briefs... 
1977 April 29 Science building Front page Architectural plans involve several 'checks and balances' 
1977 April 29 Employment Front page Wheaton students find jobs after graduation 
1977 April 29 Judge Marshall Front page Judge Marshall will speak May 2 
1977 April 29 Student travel Front page Two students intern with HNGR 
1977 April 29 David L. Roberts Front page Roberts becomes assistant 
1977 April 29 Billy Graham Center News Graham Center to begin construction by this fall 
1977 April 29 Book sale News Rare book sale offers good bargains 
1977 April 29 Swimming News Does need for pool justify cost? 
1977 April 29 Swimming Opinion Wasted swimming 
1977 April 29 Chapel Opinion SG 
1977 April 29 World resources Opinion The scandal of the century 
1977 April 29 Appearances Opinion Manifestations of the heart 
1977 April 29 Television Opinion Television influence 
1977 April 29 World news News Briefs United Press International 
1977 April 29 Friendship Opinion Friendship ministry 
1977 April 29 Artist Series Arts New Artist Series program decided 
1977 April 29 Men's Glee Club Arts Men's Glee Club to sing tomorrow 
1977 April 29 Opera Arts Opera to be sung in Pierce 
1977 April 29 Movie review Arts Tonight's film attracts with unusual simplicity 
1977 April 29 Butch Maltby Arts Maltby wins speech championship 
1977 April 29 Professional sports Sports Skip's Scoops 
1977 April 29 Basketball Sports Titans whip Crusaders in b-ball loss 
1977 April 29 Softball and Volleyball Sports Sports Briefs 
1977 April 29 Tennis Sports Tennis crusaders bounce to victory 
1977 April 22 Missions Front page YHM and SMP seek new fund raising ideas 
1977 April 22 Faculty Front page Alumni grants support faculty study 
1977 April 22 Campus issues Front page Illegal residents ousted from crawl space home 
1977 April 22 Conference Front page HNGR conference attracts experts 
1977 April 22 Math News Math conference explores basics 
1977 April 22 Honorary degrees News Two will receive honorary degrees at commencement 
1977 April 22 GRE News GRE to include analytical section 
1977 April 22 Wheaton in Germany News Wheaton-in-Germany plans changed by low intrest 
1977 April 22 Campus News Brick by brick: A brief history of Wheaton's architecture 
1977 April 22 Conference News Mexican pastors come to Wheaton for conference 
1977 April 22 Glenn Gunderson  News Gunderson to be CSC's president 
1977 April 22 International relations News Tiffany lecture series to tackle international relations 
1977 April 22 Jazz Opinion Understanding jazz 
1977 April 22 Teaching Opinion Teaching fellowship 
1977 April 22 Criticism Opinion Concern 
1977 April 22 Pride Opinion Power of pride 
1977 April 22 History Opinion Lingering in the past 
1977 April 22 Ministry Opinion Commitment 
1977 April 22 Thanks Opinion Broadcasting thanks 
1977 April 22 Carter World A Carter doctrine is born 
1977 April 22 TV Arts Evangelicals respond to TV's Jesus of Nazareth 
1977 April 22 Jazz Arts Jazz: Under discussion 
1977 April 22 Karl Steele Arts Steele's last art show: 'Retrospective' 
1977 April 22 Sports program Sports Skip's Scoops 
1977 April 22 Baseball Sports Crusaders tie with Northpark team 
1977 April 22 Track and Tennis Sports Sports Briefs... 
1977 April 22 Volleyball Sports Crusading spikers nailed in robin 
1977 April 1 Humor Front page Telescope, spectrophotometer add to scientific paraphernalia 
1977 April 1 Humor Front page College student groups sponsor ecology talks 
1977 April 1 Humor Front page Noah and other scattered pranksters credited with fool's day 
1977 April 1 Humor News Inspectors condemn Willston, Traber 
1977 April 1 Humor News All-nighters share owlish wisdom with bleary-eyed Wheaties 
1977 April 1 Humor News Berrigan, Erlenborn, Ford appointed to faculty 
1977 April 1 Humor News Speech team wins for third consecutive year 
1977 April 1 Humor Irks 'Kraion' stashes pedantic burlesque 
1977 April 1 Humor Irks How to waste time in the practice room 
1977 April 1 Humor Opinion Pox Vopuli 
1977 April 1 Humor Opinion Notes from Persia 
1977 April 1 Humor Spurts Crusaders spear Marquette, 15-9 
1977 April 1 Humor Spurts 'Bam bam' Bamford disarms Pat 
1977 April 1 Humor Spurts Supply chests, rumors, and the Great Plan: A tale of one castle 
1977 April 1 Humor Editorial Pricing hike 
1977 March 28 Ministry Front page Chrisitan Service Council to undergo major reorganization 
1977 March 28 Nyra Wise Front page Illinois state legislature votes down assistance 
1977 March 28 Used books Front page S.G. reports high book co-op sales 
1977 March 28 Calendar Front page Calendar dispute still simmers 
1977 March 28 Graduate studies News Graduate students to see BBC programming system 
1977 March 28 Student travel News YHM to send team to South America 
1977 March 28 Dr. C. Stephen Evans News Evans to investigate Kierkegaard's major work in Denmark 
1977 March 28 Radio News WETN exhibits change and growth 
1977 March 28 Housing News Deadlines approaching for next year's housing choices 
1977 March 28 Housing Opinion The dorm racket 
1977 March 28 Apology Opinion Sorry 
1977 March 28 Theatre Opinion Out of the cave 
1977 March 28 Student government Opinion SG 
1977 March 28 President Carter Opinion Executive morality 
1977 March 28 Conflict Opinion Selective morality 
1977 March 28 Political issues World Politics and Christianity 
1977 March 28 James McNeill Whistler Arts Art department adds to collection 
1977 March 28 Randy Matthews Arts Matthews in concert to be broadcast Tuesday 
1977 March 28 Kodon Arts 'Dreams and Realities': inspiring 
1977 March 28 Vocalists Arts 'His People' to present Slavic benefit concert 
1977 March 28 Marimba ensemble Arts Jungle music to fill Pierce 
1977 March 28 Oscars Arts Keefe predicts 1977 Oscar honors 
1977 March 28 Ron Case and Phil Butin Arts Case, Butin to play folk 
1977 March 28 Gymnastics Sports NCAA gymnast champions invade Wheaton 
1977 March 28 Track Sports Track starts on good track by winning Chase Relays 
1977 March 28 Swimming Sports Swimmers take eleventh in nation 
1977 March 28 Volleyball and chess Sports Sports briefs 
1977 March 18 Tuition Front page Tuition to rise---again 
1977 March 18 John Bowden Connally Front page Connally will adress March 25 convocation 
1977 March 18 Student government Front page S.G. election campaigns coming soon 
1977 March 18 Housing Front page More students are attempting access to off-campus housing 
1977 March 18 Speed reading News Speed reading course offered to help students 
1977 March 18 Ministry News Students picked for European work 
1977 March 18 Dr. Barbara Reynolds News Scholar Reynolds to teach Dante, drama next fall 
1977 March 18 Internship News Interns apply to training abroad 
1977 March 18 Dr. Samuel J. Schultz News Shultz's book translated into Spanish 
1977 March 18 Alex Haley News Author of 'Roots' to speak at Waukegan high school 
1977 March 18 Dr. Em Griffin News Speech prof. Griffin publishes his new book 
1977 March 18 Ellen Anderson News Over $3,000 collected for accident fund 
1977 March 18 Butch Maltby News Maltby wins speech finals for third consecutive year 
1977 March 18 Housing Feature Complete guide to college housing: Let the buyer beware! 
1977 March 18 Record Opinion Coming: In-depth reports 
1977 March 18 Record Opinion Columns 
1977 March 18 Housing Opinion Housing response 
1977 March 18 Housing Opinion Defined priorities 
1977 March 18 Servanthood Opinion Service for God 
1977 March 18 Panama Opinion Debating Panama 
1977 March 18 Politics World Politics and Christianity 
1977 March 18 Glee club Arts Glee to offer musical diversity 
1977 March 18 Linda Gerig Arts Linda Gerig to present piano recital Saturday 
1977 March 18 Basketball Sports Basketball season ends with win 
1977 March 18 Malcolm Miller News Miller to present lecture on Chartres Cathedral's architecture 
1977 March 18 Theatre Arts Spring is the season of the witch 
1977 March 18 Feast News Medival feast is set for April 
1977 March 18 Dr. G. Henry Waterman News In Memorium: Dr. G. Henry Waterman 
1977 March 18 Basketball Sports North Central captures intramural b-ball title 
1977 March 18 Baseball Sports Baseball team 3-4 in Florida outing 
1977 March 18 Wrestling Sports Wrestlers take top prize in CCIW 
1977 March 18 Swimming and Chess Sports Sports Briefs 
1977 February 18 Education Front page Preparing for the ultimate crisis 
1977 February 18 Evangelicals Front page National Association of Evangelicals to meet 
1977 February 18 Ellen Anderson Front page Anderson Love Offering drive starts 
1977 February 18 Student travel Front page Student Missionary Project places Wheaton students abroad 
1977 February 18 Medival festival News Renaissance inspires Medievalism 
1977 February 18 SAGA News Saga to stir nutritional interest 
1977 February 18 Writing News Writing workshop to stress criticism 
1977 February 18 Missions News 'Intercristo' matches students with missions 
1977 February 18 ROTC News Advanced ROTC course requirements outlined 
1977 February 18 Mrs. M. Loving News View from Checker I: 'Loving' the lonely hearts at Wheaton 
1977 February 18 Forensics News Forensic squad continues winning trend at Northern 
1977 February 18 Karen Stahler News Karen Stahler: The well-balanced life 
1977 February 18 Missions Opinion Missionary amputation 
1977 February 18 Health insurance Opinion Health refinements 
1977 February 18 DuPage Opinion DuPage in perspective 
1977 February 18 United Press International World News Briefs 
1977 February 18 Senior art exhibit Arts Seniors to exhibit art work in Traber 
1977 February 18 Bill Stuckey and Paul Willis News Willis, Stuckey win WDAI Akai quadrophonic sound systems 
1977 February 18 Roy Buchanan Arts Roy Buchanan: Crisp control and rhythm without despair 
1977 February 18 Book review Arts Vonnegut tampers with compassion 
1977 February 18 Arthur Katterjohn Arts Katterjohn to discuss 'The Tribulation People' 
1977 February 18 Wrestling Sports Wrestlers to host annual tournament 
1977 February 18 Basketball Sports Millikin whips cagers in CCIW game 
1977 February 18 Walt Arbo Sports Third gymnast qualified for NCAA 
1977 February 18 Gymnastics, Ice Hockey and Swimming Sports Sports Briefs 
1977 February 11 Energy crisis Front page Energy conservation: serious business for all concerned 
1977 February 11 Morality Front page Moral education courses to come 
1977 February 11 Blanchard offices Front page Blanchard offices get a two floor face lifting 
1977 February 11 Health services News 'This is Your Life' plans free health services 
1977 February 11 Moral choices News Trib. runs series on moral choices 
1977 February 11 Community News Election judge opportunities at Wheaton City Hall 
1977 February 11 Self defense News The women just seem to 'throw' him 
1977 February 11 Ray Groves News The heating plant: A home away from home for Ray Groves 
1977 February 11 Energy Opinion Energy strategy 
1977 February 11 Campus life Opinion Dreams incarnate 
1977 February 11 America Opinion The American paranoia 
1977 February 11 Campus survey Opinion Social survey 
1977 February 11 Radio Opinion Radioland redlining 
1977 February 11 Love World Loving people to Jesus 
1977 February 11 Phil Keaggy Opinion Requests for Keaggy 
1977 February 11 Phil Keaggy Arts Keaggy: dazzle and good vibrations 
1977 February 11 Opera Arts Ninth opera season comes to Edman stage 
1977 February 11 Kodon Arts Kodon: Questions and answers 
1977 February 11 Track Sports Track team has great expectations 
1977 February 11 Wrestling Sports Winning matmen face Valparaso 
1977 February 11 Hockey, Swimming and Basketball Sports Sports briefs 
1977 February 11 Basektball Sports Crusaders battle Millikin Saturday 
1977 February 4 Winter term Front page Short term study--or finding an alternative to the rat race 
1977 February 4 Exams Front page Make the most of pre-exam hours 
1977 February 4 SOUL festival Front page SOUL festival theme, 'No Man is an Island' 
1977 February 4 Summer jobs Front page Summer fun and profit: jobs seminar 
1977 February 4 Dr. Earl Cairns News Cairns to reitre after this quarter 
1977 February 4 Publication News Christianity Today to leave Washington this summer 
1977 February 4 Morality News Moral education course to be offered this summer 
1977 February 4 Honey Rock News Snow sports abound at Honey Rock 
1977 February 4 Workshop News Evangelical workshop tackles racism 
1977 February 4 ROTC  News ROTC continues with a postive spirit as it goes voluntary 
1977 February 4 Tax News Proposed IRS tuition tax hits university employees 
1977 February 4 Wheaton in China News Students to tour Asian rice paddies 
1977 February 4 Russia trip News Kay, Webber to lead Russian tour 
1977 February 4 Student life Opinion Let Us Know 
1977 February 4 Bob Opinion Saxton response 
1977 February 4 Student issues Opinion Student government 
1977 February 4 Conservatory Opinion Conservatory blues 
1977 February 4 John Erlenborn World Questions and answers 
1977 February 4 Student life Opinion Vox Populi 
1977 February 4 Christians and music Arts Christian musicians's fellowship convenes 
1977 February 4 Percussion performance Arts Percussion dept presents music from Handel to Cage 
1977 February 4 Radio Arts Chicago Radio Guide: finding your own 'home' station 
1977 February 4 Basketball Sports Crusaders slip to IW but take Elmhurst 91-77 
1977 February 4 Hockey and Basketball Sports Sports Briefs 
1977 January 28 Ethics Front page Lecture to examine energy ethics 
1977 January 28 Ricardo Fallo Front page Brazilian freeze raises prices for coffee lovers 
1977 January 28 Studying Front page Good study habits can ease worries 
1977 January 28 Chapel Front page Small group chapels provide a change from the ordinary 
1977 January 28 Athletics News Wheaton athletes selected for ISID All-State teams 
1977 January 28 Mail News Speeding up CPO intra-campus service 
1977 January 28 Seminar News Students to attend fedral seminar in Washington, D.C. 
1977 January 28 Skiing News A beginner's guide to ski equiptment 
1977 January 28 Butch Maltby Feature Maltby takes top prize in forensics contest 
1977 January 28 Semesters Opinion Unpressured semesters 
1977 January 28 Calendar Opinion Calendar competency 
1977 January 28 Jesus Opinion Jesus is Lord 
1977 January 28 Student life Opinion Vox Populi 
1977 January 28 Campus life World Open letter 
1977 January 28 Phil Keaggy Arts Keaggy brings his talents to Edman 
1977 January 28 TV Arts Review: Boredom-killing 'Network' 
1977 January 28 Glee club Arts Glee prepares for European tour 
1977 January 28 New press Arts Art department acquires new lithographic press 
1977 January 28 Art contest Arts Announcing: The Styroform Cup Art Contest 
1977 January 28 Movie review Arts Record movie reivew: witty 'Adam's Rib' 
1977 January 28 Swimming Sports Wheaton swimmers drown Valparaiso, face Millikin 
1977 January 28 Basketball Sports Crusaders maintain winning streak 
1977 January 28 Wrestling, Hockey, Gymnastics and Swimming Sports Sports Briefs 
1977 January 28 Volleyball Sports Men spike Grand Rapids YMCA 
1977 January 28 Basketball Sports Women's B-ball in winning form 
1977 January 21 Faculty Front page Professors learn to teach (better) 
1977 January 21 Forum Front page Sociology Department sponsors Family Forum 
1977 January 21 Movies Front page Local movie theater closed down 
1977 January 21 Wheaton in Washington Front page The Washington Program: an exercise in faith and learning 
1977 January 21 Student travel News Wheaton students to visit literary Great Britain 
1977 January 21 Student life News College ecology at Seattle Pacific 
1977 January 21 Reclaimation drive News Student Government to start reclaimation drive 
1977 January 21 Student government News S.G. to sponsor a majors seminar 
1977 January 21 Employment News Job market prospects brighten in '77 
1977 January 21 Student life News New food store brings bargains 
1977 January 21 Debate team Feature Wheaton college debaters capture eight awards 
1977 January 21 Skiing Feature Cross country skiing: a way to whip the winter doldrums 
1977 January 21 Employment News Bureaucrats to offer job opportunities 
1977 January 21 Mail Opinion Junkmail 
1977 January 21 Calendar Opinion Calendar question 
1977 January 21 Blindness Opinion Consuming blindness at Wheaton 
1977 January 21 Culture Opinion Relating culture to Christ 
1977 January 21 United Press International World News Briefs 
1977 January 21 Mercy World The quality of mercy 
1977 January 21 Gerald Ford World  A man for the times 
1977 January 21 Movie review Arts 'Casablanca': some glossy and bittersweet melodrama 
1977 January 21 Translation Arts The difficult life of the translator 
1977 January 21 Ed Syrek Arts Syrek to show watercolors, acrylics 
1977 January 21 Recital Arts Szepessys and Phemister in faculty recital Monday 
1977 January 21 Theatre Arts Chalk Garden preserves the glitter 
1977 January 21 Volleyball Sports Volleyball Club in big invitational 
1977 January 21 Wrestling Sports McRoberts best, but Wheaton finishes fourth 
1977 January 21 Basketball Sports Wheaton destroys Augustana 74-63 
1977 January 21 Swimming Sports Swim team strokes rough water 
1977 January 21 Hockey, Gymnastics, Swimming and Chess Sports Sports Briefs 
1977 January 14 Ellen Anderson Front page The girl you ran over won't die 
1977 January 14 Verne Becker Front page Becker, past Record editor, accepts HIS assistantship 
1977 January 14 Education Front page Education Department reduces load 
1977 January 14 Eldridge Cleaver Front page Eldgridge Cleaver gives students his testimony, raises money 
1977 January 14 Missions News Wheaton takes part in TV ministry 
1977 January 14 Ellen Anderson News You can help--contribute to the Ellen Anderson fund 
1977 January 14 Theatre Arts Bagnold's thriller boasts mystery, precosity, pyromania 
1977 January 14 Marge Gieser Arts Gieser inspires Enigma Variations exhibit 
1977 January 14 Book review Arts 'Harvest' wins recognition on evangelical magazine list 
1977 January 14 Missions Opinion Missionaries on balance 
1977 January 14 Evangelicals Opinion Newsweek on evangelicals 
1977 January 14 Student life Opinion Vox Populi 
1977 January 14 Student government Opinion Student government 
1977 January 14 United Press International Opinion News Briefs 
1977 January 14 Labels Opinion Label's don't excuse mediocrity 
1977 January 14 Dennis James Arts Theatre organist to visit campus 
1977 January 14 Banquet Arts Washington Banquet promises mush 
1977 January 14 Orchestra Arts Wheaton orchestra to broadcast on WNIB 
1977 January 14 Missions News International Harvesters gather 
1977 January 14 Missions News Wheaton HNGR program tackles Third World social issues 
1977 January 14 Urbana News Urbana spawns mission Bible study 
1977 January 14 Hockey Sports Hockey team toughens up against Morraine Valley 
1977 January 14 Wrestling Sports Wrestler's take 4 way clean sweep 
1977 January 14 Swimming Sports Swimmer's personal bests offset defeat by Bradley 
1977 January 14 Basketball Sports Yet another .500 week for B-ball 
1977 January 14 Gymnastics Sports US Gymnastic champs shown here 
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