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DateSubject (Personal Name or Topic)Column or SectionTopic or Title
1976 December 17 Dr. Richard Kriegbaum Front page Kriegbaum appointed computer head 
1976 December 17 Debate team Front page Wheaton debating team captures record trophies 
1976 December 17 Library Front page Denmark contributes $1,500 worth of books to college library 
1976 December 17 Dr. Bruce Manning News N.T. scholar will lecture on scriptural translation 
1976 December 17 Community News Courses open for college neighbors 
1976 December 17 Mailing list News Mailing list expands with gift offer 
1976 December 17 Language study News Wheaton in France, Germany studies language on location 
1976 December 17 Dr. James Hutchens News Meesianic Jew Hutchens thwarted 
1976 December 17 Diversity News Minorities' watchword is 'activism' 
1976 December 17 Record Opinion Falibility 
1976 December 17 Student life Opinion Vox Populi 
1976 December 17 Jesus Opinion Jesus Christ is Lord 
1976 December 17 International news News News Briefs 
d1976 December 17 Christmas Opinion Happy Birthday Jesus 
1976 December 17 Morality Opinion Morality and human intent 
1976 December 17 Gellert Modos Arts Modos talents seasoned with class 
1976 December 17 Movies Arts 'Comedy Night' to feature film classics 
1976 December 17 Honeytree Arts Honeytree comes to campus, Jan. 5 
1976 December 17 Kodon Arts Winter Kodon inspiration, "Dreams and Realities" 
1976 December 17 Gymnastics Sports Gymnasts vie for national ranking 
1976 December 17 Volleyball Sports V-ball team succumbs to Davenport 
1976 December 17 Swimming Sports Swim teams take second and third 
1976 December 17 Basketball Sports Basketball: another .500 week 
1976 December 10 Winter sports Front page Skills Seminar offers a variety of winter sports 
1976 December 10 Medical exam Front page Med. school exam will be restyled 
1976 December 10 Diversity Front page Minority students seek understanding of cultural barriers 
1976 December 10 Outreach News Kids talk turkey at Cabrini-Green 
1976 December 10 Survey News Know the password? Then stay our! 
1976 December 10 Faith and learning News "Faith and Learning" still a puzzle 
1976 December 10 Development News MAP workshop deals with third world development 
1976 December 10 School Opinion Just getting by is not enough 
1976 December 10 Library Opinion Carrels or bookshelves? 
1976 December 10 Student life Opinion Vox Populi 
1976 December 10 Death penalty News Save the bullets 
1976 December 10 International news News News Briefs 
1976 December 10 Movement of people News The South takes the cake 
1976 December 10 Chess News Crusader chessmen win against Fermilab team 
1976 December 10 Debate team News Debaters receive honors in prestigious tournaments 
1976 December 10 Music review Arts Black Sabbath review, musicians, not demons 
1976 December 10 Christmas festival Arts Christmas festival features play, music in Edman Chapel 
1976 December 10 Hockey, Swimming, Basketball and Wrestling Sports Winter sports 
1976 November 5 Medical students Front page Med scores rate far above norm 
1976 November 5 Joyce Foundation Front page Foundation grant aids 1977 operations budget 
1976 November 5 Suzuki program Front page 'Suzuki:' assisting mini-musicians 
1976 November 5 Wheaton in Germany Front page German studies program begins tour next summer 
1976 November 5 Dr. Ralph E. Hone News Wade lecture scheduled for Monday evening 
1976 November 5 Poetry society News Illinois society defrauds writers 
1976 November 5 Persecution News 'Suffering for the Lord' is no cliche 
1976 November 5 Hunger News Culture class attacks hunger needs 
1976 November 5 100 runs News 'Class of '79 laughs way to easy 100 runs victory 
1976 November 5 Jimmy Carter Opinion Casting aside a caricature 
1976 November 5 Religion Opinion The love of God in exile 
1976 November 5 Christianity Opinion Culture shock Christianity 
1976 November 5 Chapel Opinion After chapel chatterings 
1976 November 5 Christianity Opinion The Doctrine of Loopholes 
1976 November 5 International news World News Briefs 
1976 November 5 Student life Opinion Why Wheaties can't write 
1976 November 5 Music review Arts A Record Cover Review: 'Kansas' 
1976 November 5 Art Arts What is art? An ode to a bale of shredded, glossy paper 
1976 November 5 Dr. Karl Steele Arts Art prof Steele to market new paint 
1976 November 5 Scott Hall Sports Hall guides victory over N. Central 
1976 November 5 Soccer  Sports Soccer team bows to MacMurray 
1976 November 5 Cross country Sports Cross country looks for a strong CCIW showing 
1976 October 29 Mr. William Pollard Front page Pollard clarifies goals for fund allocations 
1976 October 29 Jimmy Carter Front page Stevenson campaigns for Jimmy 
1976 October 29 Politics on campus Front page Mock election reveals Republican stronghold on campus 
1976 October 29 Colorado News Colorado land annuity up for grabs 
1976 October 29 Haunted house News Expect the unexpected at YFC Scream in the Dark 
1976 October 29 Lieutenant General William K. Harrison, Jr. News Lt. Harrison philosophizes country's need for war 
1976 October 29 Philosophy conference News Ideas fly at philosophy conference 
1976 October 29 Poetry News Poets' talents thrive on workshop 
1976 October 29 Education News Ed. conference to center on ethics 
1976 October 29 Athletics Opinion Jocks for Jesus 
1976 October 29 Gerald R. Ford Opinion Quietly getting the job done 
1976 October 29 Failure Opinion Failure isn't fatal 
1976 October 29 Wheaton Opinion Growth legislation 
1976 October 29 James Earl Carter Opinion A leader for a change 
1976 October 29 Abortion World Fetal semantics 
1976 October 29 Student life Opinion Vox Populi 
1976 October 29 Movie reivew Arts King Kong comes to Edman, Weds. 
1976 October 29 Movie review Arts 'War of the Worlds' proves hit 
1976 October 29 100 runs Arts The Hundred Runs: a chance for fame, fortune, and glory 
1976 October 29 Art Arts Art students win awards in festival 
1976 October 29 Student recitals Arts The 'agony and ecstsy' of the graded student recital 
1976 October 29 Voice competition Arts Eight place in Conservatory finals 
1976 October 29 Soccer Sports Soccer team takes 2nd to Indiana 
1976 October 29 Cross country Sports Cross country to host CCIW meet 
1976 October 29 Volleyball Sports Women's volleyball team beats Olivet varsity squad 
1976 October 29 Football Sports Campbell, Ellison, Crusaders outlast Millikin, 47-36 
1976 October 22 Dr. Delbert H. Nelson Front page Trustees pick chairman to succeed Dr. Gieser 
1976 October 22 Fellowship Front page Two students compete for Danforth Fellowship 
1976 October 22 TV Front page College Union to revive TV classics 
1976 October 22 Mock election Front page Mock election to evaluate Presidential preferences 
1976 October 22 Butch Maltby News Maltby's speech takes 1st place in extemp. on peace 
1976 October 22 Eugene McCarthy News McCarthy disdains 'spoiler' role 
1976 October 22 Chess Sports Chessmen win two games out of three in home match 
1976 October 22 Soccer Sports Soccer team blanks 'tough' Wabash 
1976 October 22 Cross country Sports Key man sets new record in past cross country meet 
1976 October 22 Football Sports Crusaders stomp hapless Carthage 
1976 October 15 Philosophy conference Front pgae Philosophy Conference convenes for 23rd year 
1976 October 15 Jimmy Carter Front page Students visit Carter's S. School 
1976 October 15 Athletics News Crusader Club's banquet inagurates Hall of Honor 
1976 October 15 Blanchard's house News Blanchard house still up for grabs 
1976 October 15 Dr. James F. Engle News Engle attends Asia media seminar 
1976 October 15 Employment News Convention aids employment center 
1976 October 15 Blood drive News S.G. blood drive scheduled for Fischer on Oct. 20-21 
1976 October 15 Senior Bench News Bench 'hides' from juniors, but must show face sometime 
1976 October 15 Election Opinion Two evils? 
1976 October 15 Ford Opinion Ford loses ethnic stability 
1976 October 15 Bible Opinion Bible offers practical ideals 
1976 October 15 The pledge Opinion Slide to dishonesty 
1976 October 15 Student life Opinion Vox Populi 
1976 October 15 News World News Briefs 
1976 October 15 Performance Arts 'Found Free' in spotlights for Homecoming '76 finale 
1976 October 15 Vanguards Arts Illusionary Vanguards made real 
1976 October 15 Homecoming Arts Take time to tune in to Tangle talent 
1976 October 15 Audition Arts Conserv. majors prepare in voice for NATS audition 
1976 October 15 Soccer Sports Soccer win over Wabash could give team first place 
1976 October 15 Baseball Sports Let pitchers add a thrill 
1976 October 15 Football Sports Wesleyan downs Crusaders 21-7 
1976 October 15 Field Hockey Sports Field hockey at home against alumni 
1976 October 15 Soccer Sports Third World International Soccer Team exposed 
1976 October 8 Archaeology Front page Excavation site in Northern Syria yields 15,000 clay tablets 
1976 October 8 Swine flu Front page Swine flu vaccinations offered to select group 
1976 October 8 Dating Front page Dating survey rates desired dates 
1976 October 8 Voting Front page Voter registration sparks student interest in politics 
1976 October 8 Fire department News Fire dept. uses legal arson to increase training skills 
1976 October 8 Psychology department News Psychology dept adds biofeedback 
1976 October 8 Graduate studies News Grad school stiffens requirements 
1976 October 8 Dr. Alan Johnson News Johnson co-edits a survey of four modern theologies 
1976 October 8 Christianity and politics News Can Christianity work in politics? 
1976 October 8 Bible News Christian writers respond to public school intrest in Bible 
1976 October 8 Voting Opinion Care to vote 
1976 October 8 Jimmy Carter Opinion Carters populist theology 
1976 October 8 Grades Opinion Too many cheap A's 
1976 October 8 Christians in government Opinion A model without merit 
1976 October 8 News World News Briefs 
1976 October 8 Voting World Nobody wins 
1976 October 8 Student life Opinion Vox Populi 
1976 October 8 Forensics Arts Forensic teams competing in out of state tournaments 
1976 October 8 Theatre Arts Dramatists train for upcoming play 
1976 October 8 Art Exhibit Arts Fischer displays pottery, paintings 
1976 October 8 Photos Arts Shoot yourself for Tower candids this homecoming 
1976 October 8 Music review Arts Flyers to make one more final bow 
1976 October 8 Education News Balanced training seen as key to teacher job opportunities 
1976 October 8 Volleyball Sports Unbeaten, Volleyball to play Principia 
1976 October 8 Football Sports Washington U. falls 33-7 in non-conference battle 
1976 October 8 Soccer Sports Overtime goal thwarts Crusaders 
1976 October 8 Cross Country Sports Henderson leads CC at invitational 
1976 October 8 Tennis Sports Women's tennis enters tournament 
1976 October 8 Field hockey Sports F. hockey licks Rockford; faces Principia Saturday 
1976 October 1 Writer's Conference Front page Siegel, L'Engle to highlight 21st annual Writer's Conference 
1976 October 1 James E. Jennings Front page Jennings slightly injured in collision with bus 
1976 October 1 Housing Front page Overflow causes housing shortage 
1976 October 1 The Blanchard House Front page College Church delays razing of Jonathan Blanchard house 
1976 October 1 ROTC News Top three ROTC students receive military awards 
1976 October 1 Gregorio Landero News William Carey Fellowship sponsors Spanish pastor 
1976 October 1 John B. Anderson News Anderson to address S.G. chapel 
1976 October 1 Film society News Triangle seasoned with classics 
1976 October 1 Dr. Rolland Hein News Dr. Hein edits work of Wade Collection author 
1976 October 1 Newsboys News News 'biz' booms for newsboys 
1976 October 1 Christian Service Council News Christian Service Council sweeps through time in broadening strides 
1976 October 1 Opinion board Opinion Opinion or graffiti? 
1976 October 1 Jimmy Carter Opinion Don't judge the wrapping 
1976 October 1 Election Opinion Voter's time to choose 
1976 October 1 Homosexuality Opinion Gay Liberation: a Christian concern 
1976 October 1 Apartheid Opinion Aprtheid love? 
1976 October 1 Rhodesia Opinion Rhodesia: A racial powder keg 
1976 October 1 News World News Briefs 
1976 October 1 Student life Opinion Vox Populi 
1976 October 1 Mike Warnke Arts Mike Warnke: testimony in Pierce 
1976 October 1 Noel Stookey Arts Stookey's last stand in Chicagoland 
1976 October 1 Radio Arts Structural changes vitalize WETN 
1976 October 1 Mike Johnson Arts Record jacket review: Mike Johnson 
1976 October 1 Soccer Sports Soccer team rebounds by shutting out DePauw 
1976 October 1 Football Sports Errors prove costly in Carroll loss 
1976 October 1 Chess team Sports The 'Knights' of Wheaton open first chess season 
1976 September 24 Discipline Front page Deans clarify college discipline policy 
1976 September 24 Dr. Leighton Ford Front page Dr. Ford speaks candidly of his personal commitment 
1976 September 24 Medical Assistance Programs Front page New tax reform bill aids in donations for MAP 
1976 September 24 Student government News Student leadership veiws college's future 
1976 September 24 Student travel News Tire blowout in Turkey injures pair of students 
1976 September 24 Performance announcement News Jazz and jokes make Christian fare 
1976 September 24 Pottery News Pottery in active exhibition 
1976 September 24 Student government News S.G. drives to register students 
1976 September 24 Jimmy Carter Opinion Handed-down Carter 
1976 September 24 Debates Opinion Debates: show biz 
1976 September 24 Applause Opinion Vox Populi 
1976 September 24 Student government Opinion Student government 
1976 September 24 News World News Briefs 
1976 September 24 Election World Mediocracy plagues election 
1976 September 24 Jimmy Carter Opinion Carter exploits image 
1976 September 24 Honesty and politics Opinion Honesty equals mumbo-jumbo 
1976 September 24 AFC Sports Mac's Picks 
1976 September 24 Cross country Sports CC shows prowess in Massachusetts 
1976 September 24 Women's sports Sports Fall quarter features women's sports 
1976 September 24 Football Sports Crusaders mop up season opener 
1976 September 24 Soccer Sports Soccer team splits on eastern trip 
1976 September 17 Billy Graham Front page Graham 'redeems the time' in first ever chapel address 
1976 September 17 Dr. Leighton Ford Front page Evangelist Ford to lead special chapel service 
1976 September 17 Morton Arboretum Front page Rally may have saved Arboretum 
1976 September 17 Library Front page Foundation grants funds for library-computer linkup 
1976 September 17 Remodeling News Blanchard offices relocate, shift media shop to Pierce 
1976 September 17 Employment News Employment center offers new jobs 
1976 September 17 Bookstore News Bookstore announces Saturday hours 
1976 September 17 Tom Netherton News Lawrence Welk singer performs for foundation 
1976 September 17 Dr. Roy Rakestraw News Applied math professor counts position privilege 
1976 September 17 Book Co-op News Book Co-op flourishes in best quarter for sales 
1976 September 17 Joe Bean News Bean attends CCC seminar on recruiting 
1976 September 17 Wheaton community Opinion Active traditions 
1976 September 17 Tower Opinion The 'Tower' in review 
1976 September 17 Mao Opinion Mao: Death of a warlord 
1976 September 17 Student life Opinion Goals that mislead 
1976 September 17 Dining hall Opinion Vox Populi 
1976 September 17 C.S. Lewis Opinion C.S. Lewis 
1976 September 17 Honesty and dignity Opinion The proof is in the peach 
1976 September 17 News World News Briefs 
1976 September 17 Ellen Thompson Arts Music professor authors new book 
1976 September 17 Movie review Arts 'Silent Movie': Better not heard or seen 
1976 September 17 Soccer Sports Soccer men prepare for Gordan 
1976 September 17 NFC Sports Mac's Picks 
1976 September 17 Cross country Sports Cross country runners test strength 
1976 September 17 Football Sports Ready crusaders test north park 
1976 September 17 Field hockey Sports Confidence boosts field hockey 
1976 October 8 Diakonoi News New campus 'deeks' group designed to meet visitor needs 
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