Index to the Record, 1975 (September)-1976 (March)

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DateSubject (Personal Name or Topic)Column or SectionTopic or Title
September 26, 1975 Lenore Marema Column Library Asks Students to B.Y.O.C. Party 
September 26, 1975 Donald E. Hoke News Graham Center Site Given 
September 26, 1975 Revised College Calendar News Flash: New Quarterly Schedule 
September 26, 1975 Mike Sparkman News Announce Financial Aid Director 
September 26, 1975 Gordon Fee Information Dr. Fee to Conduct Fall Special Services 
September 26, 1975 James Angleton News News Briefs 
September 26, 1975 John Boebinger Column U.S. Position Allows CIA to Reorganize 
September 26, 1975 Randy Fritz Column Change Our Judicial System 
September 26, 1975 Philip Wik Column News From the Town of Wheaton 
September 26, 1975 Football Sports Crusaders Sail Past Dutch 
September 26, 1975 Gene Campbell News King Praises Campbell's Sprints 
September 26, 1975 Soccer Sports Soccer Team To Defend 4-0 Record Tomorrow 
September 26, 1975 Athletics Sports Thompson Paces Harriers 
September 26, 1975 John O'Gieblyn Column Write Relevant Editorials 
September 26, 1975 From Editor Column Initiative Required for Growth 
September 26, 1975 Paul Mahady Column Selective C.O. Defined 
September 26, 1975 Todd Gray Column Gov't Requests Support 
September 26, 1975 Doug Yeo Column Series Needs Full House 
September 26, 1975 Bob Patterson Column Grads Are People Too 
September 26, 1975 Paul Willis Column Lights of World Dim at Wheaton? 
September 26, 1975 Mary Storck column Lifestyle: Active Apologia 
September 26, 1975 Jack W. Lyon Column Vox Populi 
September 26, 1975 Tom Bowers Column City Police Offer Bike Registration 
September 26, 1975 Barb Dill Column Kodon Editor Speaks of Dilemma 
September 26, 1975 Brad Nelson Column 'Tonight's the Night' Shows True Young 
October 3, 1975 Thomas Howard  Information Tom Howard To Lead '75 Writers' Conference 
October 3, 1975 Faculty Additions News 19 New Teachers Join Faculty 
October 3, 1975 Bonus To Faculty News Faculty to Receive Bonus Due To Budget Surplus 
October 3, 1975 James Twonsend Column Trust Fund Will Pay For new B&G 
October 3, 1975 Randy Fritz Column Ford Fights congress on Oil Price Controls 
October 3, 1975 Neal Williams Column Daley's Duhliteful Duhpartment 
October 3, 1975 Phil Wik Column Death Penalty Abolished In Ill. 
October 3, 1975 Lenore Marema Column Title IX May Effect Changes 
October 3, 1975 Danforth Foundation Fellowships News Students Named For Danforth 
October 3, 1975 Lisa Avis Column Wheaton women's club supports College Activities 
October 3, 1975 Rob Hromas Column Economy Blamed For Crowded Housing 
October 3, 1975 David McDonald Column Jesus Doesn't Care a Bit About Hoods 
October 3, 1975 Shirley Struck column Record News Editor Receives EPA 
October 3, 1975 Todd Gray Column Analyze Calendar Decision 
October 3, 1975 Rich Foster Column Freak's Life is Too Costly 
October 3, 1975 Lucy Blocher Column Feelings No Basis For Faith 
October 3, 1975 Paul Willis Column Self-Reliance Follows Trust 
October 3, 1975 Paul Mahady Column Criticism Can Be Positive 
October 3, 1975 Tim Bartel Column Does Jesus Deserve Good Music? 
October 3, 1975 Mary Storck Column Stereotypes Not Scriptural 
October 3, 1975 Linda Kelsey Column Vox Populi 
October 3, 1975 Music Conservatory News Conservatory Awarded $ 500 In National Contest 
October 3, 1975 Greg Taylor Column Ambience 
October 3, 1975 Scholarship Benefit Series Information Benefit Series Aids Students 
October 3, 1975 Larry Shackley Column Monty Python and the Holy Grail: Typical Trash 
October 3, 1975 Music Appreciation Course Information New Non-Credit Course Stresses Cultural Music 
October 3, 1975 American Guild of Organists Information Dr. Gary Zwicky of EIU to Perform Bach, Ducosse 
October 3, 1975 Hockey Sports Returning Letterwomen Spark Field Hockey Team 
October 3, 1975 Soccer Sports High-Ranked Lewis Team Threatens Soccer Hopes 
October 3, 1975 Football Sports Gridders to Host Ill. Wesleyan 
October 3, 1975 Athletics Sports Harriers Prepare for NCI Challenge 
October 10, 1975 Jim Zitzman Column Archbishop Ramsey Joins Episcopalian Celebration 
October 10, 1975 Permanent Record Cards Information Senior Comp Scores Removed From GPA 
October 10, 1975 Bob Patterson Column African Evangelist Talks To Grads 
October 10, 1975 Federal Aid Distribution News Faculty Discusses Title IX 
October 10, 1975 Ron Behm Information BRIDGE Sponsors Talk On Book By Ron Behm 
October 10, 1975 National Audubon Wildlife Films News Union, Audubon Society Sponsor Wildlife Films 
October 10, 1975 Dave Sumida Column Groups View Music as Ministry 
October 10, 1975 Army ROTC Scholarships News Students Receive ROTC Scholarships 
October 10, 1975 Rob Hromas Column Dr. Fee Reminsces About 'Home' 
October 10, 1975 Local and Sectional Debate Contests News Debates Offer $ 6000 Prize 
October 10, 1975 Record Editorial Editor Explains Policies 
October 10, 1975 John Torjesen Column Rules too Pragmatic? 
October 10, 1975 Bob Saxton Column Vox Populi 
October 10, 1975 Doug Beers Column Gov't Poll Lists Priorities 
October 10, 1975 Brad Condie Column What is Key To Worship? 
October 10, 1975 Neal Williams Column Every Body Has Problems 
October 10, 1975 Dr. A. E. Patrick Duffy News Parliament Member Visits Campus 
October 10, 1975 Susan Woodcock Column Two Teens Killed In Crash 
October 10, 1975 Philip Wik Column Filling Gas Tank Will Cost More and More 
October 10, 1975 Randy Fritz Column Hand-Stretching Could Enliven Becentennial 
October 10, 1975 Montrose Partk Competition Information Cross Country Enters Coast Guard Invitational 
October 10, 1975 Football Sports Carthage Hopes For Revenge 
October 10, 1975 Soccer Sports Soccer Squad Faces MacMurray 
October 10, 1975 Debbie Buechner Column Hockey Girls Try for 3-0 
October 10, 1975 David Cook Column What is Cooking? 
October 10, 1975 Baseball Sports Taylor Follows Pfund as Baseball Coach 
October 10, 1975 Larry Shackley Column TV Reruns Gain Popularity 
October 10, 1975 "The Hague Philharmonic" Information Artist Series Opens 
October 10, 1975 Mark Hollingswoth Column Ambience 
October 17, 1975 Wheaton College Trustees News Graham, Howard New Trustees 
October 17, 1975 David L. Roberts News Roberts is Alumnus of Year 
October 17, 1975 New Library Information Dedicate Library Tomorrow 
October 17, 1975 Washington News News Briefs 
October 17, 1975 Philip Wik Column Radiation Discovered in Some NE Illinois Water 
October 17, 1975 Randy Fritz Column Land of Plenty Wastes Too Much 
October 17, 1975 Neal Williams Column 'Watchdogs' Pester Clark 
October 17, 1975 Thomas Swanston Column Public Prayer Important 
October 17, 1975 Record Editorial Befriend Professors 
October 17, 1975 Rich Foster Column Beware of the Put Down 
October 17, 1975 Paul Willis Column Is Vanguards Sexist? 
October 17, 1975 Mary Storck Column Pride Causes Problems 
October 17, 1975 Paul A. Holmes Column Vox Populi 
October 17, 1975 Lucy Blocher Column Pearls From SWINE 
October 17, 1975 Todd Gray Column Show Love - Give Blood 
October 17, 1975 Rebecca Nelson Column Remember Revival in 1950? 
October 17, 1975 Arthur Michael Ramsey News Archbishop Brings Praise 
October 17, 1975 Roberta Roney Column Tragedy Triggers Deep Thinking 
October 17, 1975 Steven P. Smith Column Union-Sponsored Dance Draws Computed Crowds 
October 17, 1975 Chicago Symphony Orchestra Information Chicago Symphony Offers Student Series 
October 17, 1975 Poetry Competitions Information Three Competitions Available For Poets 
October 17, 1975 Larry Shackley Column Simon & Co. Release Albums 
October 17, 1975 Scholarship Benefit Concert Series Information Music Cause For Moneyment 
October 17, 1975 Steve Hortegas Column A Taste Of Class 
October 17, 1975 King Olave V of Norway News Profs Welcome Norwegian King 
October 17, 1975 Blood Raising Information Jaycees, Gov't Want Blood 
October 17, 1975 Graham Headquarters Information Committee Considers Graham Center Design 
October 17, 1975 America's Bicentennial Philosophy Conference Information Philosophy Conf. To Hear Yale Prof 
October 17, 1975 Thomas Howard News Howard Attacks Fake Sponteneity 
October 17, 1975 David Cook Column What's Cooking? 
October 17, 1975 Athletics Sports Harriers CCVIW Contenders 
October 17, 1975 Athletics Sports Thompson Ministers With Hot-Foot Running 
October 17, 1975 Football Sports Wheaton Tests Rivalry Balance 
October 17, 1975 Football Sports Chaplain's Teammates Cankered 
October 17, 1975 Football Sports Crusaders Take On Big Blue 
October 17, 1975 Sue Woodcock Column Can Alums Keep Up? 
October 31, 1975 Electrical Fire News Damage Tally $ 3000 in McCully Blaze 
October 31, 1975 Aurora Blood Bank News Blood Drive Successful in Setting New Record 
October 31, 1975 Jim Townsend and Jim Zitzman Column Crime Raqte On Campus Increasing This Fall 
October 31, 1975 Howard Street Residents Information Residents Fight B&G Plan 
October 31, 1975 Wheaton Football Scores Information Scores In N.Y. Times Bring $ 5877 Gift 
October 31, 1975 Neal Williams Column Ford Offers Solution to New York Crisis 
October 31, 1975 Randy Fritz Column Government Must Rescue TV 
October 31, 1975 Phiip Wik Column Special Attorney Investigates Clark 
October 31, 1975 Susan Woodcock Column Vietnam Church in Wheaton 
October 31, 1975 Bonnie Ward Column Katterjohn Publishes Posttrib Bible Study 
October 31, 1975 Christian Responsibility Forum Information Forum Asks Can We Ignore Public Schools? 
October 31, 1975 National Forensic Association Tournament News Wheaton Outdoes 21 Debate Teams 
October 31, 1975 Henry W. Nelson News Taylor Names Nelson 'Distinguished Alumnus' 
October 31, 1975 Electron Microscope News Biology Dept. Buys Microscope 
October 31, 1975 Record Editorial Examine College Testimony 
October 31, 1975 John Torjesen Column Cynicism Misunderstood 
October 31, 1975 Mary Stork Column Pursuing God's Interest 
October 31, 1975 Lucy Blocher Column Building the Body 
October 31, 1975 Todd Gray Column Fund Allotment Under Fire 
October 31, 1975 Rich Foster Column Who Defines Life? 
October 31, 1975 Bruce A. Jones Column Student Forum Cut 
October 31, 1975 Ron Boydston Column The Needle's Eye 
October 31, 1975 Pete Welander Column Unions Hurt Jobless 
October 31, 1975 Educational Amendment Act, 1972 Column Official Title IX Statement 
October 31, 1975 Steven R. Hein Column Girls Appreciated 
October 31, 1975 Soccer Sports Washington U. to Face Tough Soccer Team 
October 31, 1975 Volleyball Sports Women's Volleyball Team Girds For State Tourney 
October 31, 1975 Hockey Sports Field Hockey Girls Play Final Home Game 
October 31, 1975 Wheaton College Usurpers News 100 Runs: A Class Struggle 
October 31, 1975 King Hill Honors Sports Crusaders, Vikings Vie For First 
October 31, 1975 Football Sports Homecoming 1975: The Agony and the Ecstasy 
October 31, 1975 WETN News Matrix Gives Focus Nightly on WETN 
October 31, 1975 Mark Hollingsworth Column Ambience 
October 31, 1975 Larry Shackley Column Hollywood's 'Hearts of the West' Pitter Patters 
October 31, 1975 Wheaton College Artist Series Information Swedish Radio Choir to Perform Tonight 
October 31, 1975 International Study Program Information International Study Program Summer 1976 
October 31, 1975 Graham Center Building News Graham Records Come To Archives 
October 31, 1975 Bob Patterson Column TM: Upsettling the Trojan Horse 
November 7, 1975 Lenore Marema Column J97-a6 Reports On Williston Revolt 
November 7, 1975 Jim Townsend and Neal Williams Column Security Guards Stress Service, Not Power 
November 7, 1975 James Jennings News Ancient Indian Site Found Near Campus 
November 7, 1975 Prudential College Rules News Amerding Reports Trustee Rule Policy 
November 7, 1975 Wayne Wray Information Mrs. Wray Talks To 'Record' 
November 7, 1975 Harry Hoffner Information Hoffner Speaks On Hittites 
November 7, 1975 Alfred Hoerth Information 'Christianity Today' Sends Hoerth to Israel 
November 7, 1975 Clyde Kilby News Kliby Helps England Honor Dorothy Sayers 
November 7, 1975 Economic Situation in New York City News Profs Analyze NYC Crisis 
November 7, 1975 Trustees' Statement on College Rules Editorial Clarify Trustees Statement 
November 7, 1975 Rich Foster Column Prof Fights Status Quo 
November 7, 1975 Paul Mahady Column Wait Until Tomorrow 
November 7, 1975 Todd Gray News Policies Under Review 
November 7, 1975 Randy Fritz Column Ford: New York on its Own 
November 7, 1975 Stephen R. Smith Column City Crime Rate Drops 14.6% Over Last Year 
November 7, 1975 Philip Wik Column city to Receive Grant For Sewer System 
November 7, 1975 John N. Erlenborn Information Erlenborn: UN Should Repudiate Anti-Zionism 
November 7, 1975 Philip Wik Column Jewish Leaders Blast Sadat's Anti-Zionism 
November 7, 1975 Neal Williams Column Ronny Hopes To Take Lead Role 
November 7, 1975 Brad Nelson Column Ambience 
November 7, 1975 Larry Shackley Column Swedish Choir Charms Listeners 
November 7, 1975 Speech Department Information Murder in the Cathedral Staged At St Barnabas' 
November 7, 1975 Steve Hortegas Column Chicago Dining 
November 7, 1975 Soccer Sports Wabash Key To NCAA Bid? 
November 7, 1975 Hockey Sports Girls Score Winning Hockey 
November 7, 1975 Volleyball Sports Women's Volleyball Squad Seeks Quaterfinal Slot 
November 7, 1975 Stephen R. Smith Column Crusaders Conquer Augustana, 37-35 
November 7, 1975 Cross Country Season Sports CC Season Ends With Bitter Loss 
November 14, 1975 Jonathan Blanchard Society Information Third World Crying to be Fed 
November 14, 1975 Jim Townsend and Neal Williams Column Students Hold Key To Check Rising Tide of Crime 
November 14, 1975 Standards for Student Conduct News SG Proposal Protests Trustee Rules Policy 
November 14, 1975 James Engel Information Engel to Analyze Future of Marketing 
November 14, 1975 Zondra Lindblade Information Executive Presents IH Study 
November 14, 1975 Council for Financial Aid to Education News Alumni Fund Ranks 4th In Annual Contributions 
November 14, 1975 Eternity Magazine News Piersma Makes Gospel Organic 
November 14, 1975 Clarence Hilliard Information Hilliard To Discuss Role in World 
November 14, 1975 Marion E. Wade Collection Series Information Wade Lecture Series Begins Saturday 
November 14, 1975 Neighbors Evaluate College Column In the Shadow of Blanchard 
November 14, 1975 Leadership Awards Column Who Gets Leadership Awards? 
November 14, 1975 Judi Turek Column Title IX Separate-But-Equal 
November 14, 1975 John O'Gieblyn Column Learning to Accept Failures 
November 14, 1975 Mary Storck Column How to React To Harrassment 
November 14, 1975 Lucy Blocher Column Women's Lib: Cost of Liberty 
November 14, 1975 Dave Caes '76 Column Disillusioned 
November 14, 1975 D.A. Hagner Column Laud Trustees 
November 14, 1975 Randy Fritz Column WVI Airs Hunger Special 
November 14, 1975 Wesley Vincent Column U.N. Attacks Israeli 'Racism' 
November 14, 1975 Washington News News Briefs 
November 14, 1975 Hortegas Column Chicago Dining 
November 14, 1975 Mark Hollingsworth Column Ambience 
November 14, 1975 David Sumida Column HNGR To Answer World Crisis 
November 14, 1975 Larry Shackley Column Book Review 
November 14, 1975 Soccer Sports Soccer Takes Playoff Spot 
November 14, 1975 Annual Honey Rock Round-Up Information Honey Rock Campers Gather For Round-Up 
November 14, 1975 Football Sports Elmhurst Spoils Bid For Title 
November 14, 1975 Soccer Sports Frosh Steve Burke Sparks Soccer 
November 21, 1975 Christian Education Information CE Seminar Emphasizes Aspects of Moral Values 
November 21, 1975 Bonnie Ward and Susan Woodcock Column Why are Students So Tired? 
November 21, 1975 ROTC Information Voluntary ROTC Approved 
November 21, 1975 Linda Havener Column WCF Hosts Founder of OM Mission 
November 21, 1975 Dale Hanson Column Consortium Discusses Issues 
November 21, 1975 Chuck Dickson News African Summer Proves Valuable Experience 
November 21, 1975 Wheaton Artists News Artists' Work Being Sent To sister City In Sweden 
November 21, 1975 Virgin Islands Information Marine Biology Class To Visit Virgin Islands 
November 21, 1975 Interdisciplinary Option News Philosophy Dept. Offers New Option 
November 21, 1975 Dupage County Youth Home Information ROTC Cadets Display Skill 
November 21, 1975 College Neighborhood News Neighbours React To college Students 
November 21, 1975 Rob Hromas Column Do you Ever Lie Awake Plagued By Worries? 
November 21, 1975 Lucy Blocher Column Good Writing Demands Discipline 
November 21, 1975 Paul Mahady Column Break Shackles of Dogmatism 
November 21, 1975 Bill Chickering  Column Inconsistent 
November 21, 1975 Sue Woodcock Column Clarify Awards 
November 21, 1975 Neal Williams Column Cop Capers Under Question 
November 21, 1975 Randy Fritz Column If Abortion Then Euthenasia 
November 21, 1975 William Colby News News Briefs 
November 21, 1975 Daniel Walker News Gov. Walker Aids Ineligible Welfare People 
November 21, 1975 Wik News Illinois News 
November 21, 1975 National Association of Teachers of Singing News 5 Students Advance To Regional Competition 
November 21, 1975 "Murder in the Cathedral" Information On Campus 
November 21, 1975 Chicago Bulls Basketball Information Off Campus 
November 21, 1975 Wheaton Bicentennial Commission Information Film Salutes Bicentennial  
November 21, 1975 Larry Shackley Column 'Murder' Draws Sellout Crowds 
November 21, 1975 Hortegas Column Chicago Dining 
November 21, 1975 Dean Sanders Information U. of I. Prof Sanders to Present Piano Recital 
November 21, 1975 Football Sports Crusaders End Season At 5-4 
November 21, 1975 Soccer Sports Soccer Team Fails In Playoffs 
November 21, 1975 Collegiate Soccer Conference Sports Soccer Players Named To All-Conference Team 
November 21, 1975 Basketball Sports Basketball Marks Debut Against Rose-Hulman 
November 21, 1975 Football Sports All-Stars Reaching For Personal Goals 
November 21, 1975 Barb Caine News Caine Gathers Mermaids to Form Women's Swim Club 
November 26, 1975 Perry Mastodon News Will the Real Perry Please Stand Up? 
November 26, 1975 Linda Havener Column No College Deficit With Budget Cuts 
November 26, 1975 Student Government News Rethink Budget, Students' Rights 
November 26, 1975 Bonnie Ward and Susan Woodcock Column Attack Your Problems Before They Wear You Out 
November 26, 1975 Snow Camp Information Snow Camp Melts Away Next Year 
November 26, 1975 Bicentennial Youth Debates News Six Win Bicentennial Debates 
November 26, 1975 ROTC Information Leadership Lab Offers Electives 
November 26, 1975 Mary Storck Column Fashion in Waste Pattern 
November 26, 1975 Poem Column 'I Shall Not Pass This Way Again' 
November 26, 1975 Stanley Obitts Column No Adverse Effects? 
November 26, 1975 Gilbert Bilezikian Column Trustees Sacrifice 
November 26, 1975 Jim Zitzman News Printer Donates Table 
November 26, 1975 Larry Shackley Column NBC Airs American Style of Popular 'Monty Python' 
November 26, 1975 Wrestling Sports Seven Lettermen Return 'Much Better' Wrestlers 
November 26, 1975 Basketball Sports Rose-Hulman Opens Cage Season 
November 26, 1975 Gymnastics Sports Gymnastics Squad Brings Needed Depth 
January 16, 1976 Joe Bean  News Bean Appointed Admissions Director 
January 16, 1976 Nancy Swider Information Swider Skates Her Way To Olympics 
January 16, 1976 B&G Service Center Information Relocating B&G Center Provides More Flexibility 
January 16, 1976 East Gibru News MIF Aims to Shatter Stereotyped Missions 
January 16, 1976 Military Science News ROTC Enrollment Falls, Wallis Anticipates Rise 
January 16, 1976 Billy Graham Offices News Equipment Stolen From Graham Offices 
January 16, 1976 Outbreak of Illnesses News Thanksgiving Illness Not Tied To Food 
January 16, 1976 Fischer News Fischer R.D. Sleeps While Car Burns 
January 16, 1976 Bee Lan Wang News World Hunger Pains Shared By Students In New Course 
January 16, 1976 Lenore Marema Column Dating Guide Exposes 40's Lifestyle 
January 16, 1976 Sue Woodcock and Rob Hromas Column Pre-Med: Wheaton's Alternative To the Dog-Eat-Dog Mentality 
January 16, 1976 For Whom The Bells Toll Column For Whom The Bells Toll 
January 16, 1976 Madalyn Murray Column God Knows She's and Atheist 
January 16, 1976 Todd Gray Column Student Input Taking Effect 
January 16, 1976 Harold Lindsell Column Lindsell Criticises 
January 16, 1976 Roberta Roney Column Roney Praises 
January 16, 1976 Randy Fritz Column America: 200 Years Wise? 
January 16, 1976 Neal Williams Column What Hath Reagan Wrought? 
January 16, 1976 The Military News News Briefs From Associated Press 
January 16, 1976 Gamma Rays Information Nystrom Arena Produces Paul Zindel's Gamma Rays 
January 16, 1976 Hortegas Column Deli Makes Dining and Exotic Affair 
January 16, 1976 Vaughn Shoemaker News Shoemaker Donates Cartoon Display 
January 16, 1976 Music World Column Ambience 
January 16, 1976 Larry Shackley Column BBC Progams Brighten Local Screens 
January 16, 1976 Symphony Orchestra Concert Information Orchestra Tour Culminates In Winter Concert Tonight 
January 16, 1976 Basketball Sports Haugen Shoots A Storm I Inconsistent Season 
January 16, 1976 Hockey Sports Stickmen Hope For First Win 
January 16, 1976 Swimming Sports Swimmers To Meet Millikin After Defeat by Bradley 
January 16, 1976 Basketball Sports Carthage Dunks Netmen, Season Record Falls to 4-5 
January 16, 1976 Gymnastics Sports Wheaton Gymnasts Host Top Teams 
January 16, 1976 Stephen Smith Column Super Bowl, Super Bore 
January 23, 1976 Charles Colson Information Former Nixon Assistant Will Visit Campus in April 
January 23, 1976 Mavis Rice Column Library Renovation Nears Completion 
January 23, 1976 President Amerding News Tuition Will Increase $ 40 Per Quarter 
January 23, 1976 Statement of Responsibilities News Trustees Clarify Statement Due To Misunderstanding 
January 23, 1976 "Shape Up and Be Loved" News Augsburger Describes Basics of Love 
January 23, 1976 Wheaton College Poetry Workshop News Siegel Sponsors Group, Encourages Future Poets 
January 23, 1976 Wheaton's Bills Column Contributions Pay Wheaton's Bills 
January 23, 1976 Academic Computer Center News Economics Dept. Plugs Into Computer 
January 23, 1976 William Carey Fellowship News William Carey Fellowship Continues Missions Emphasis 
January 23, 1976 Al Karnstadt Column Grounds Require Tender Loving Care 
January 23, 1976 Rob Hromas  Column Life Insurance: If You Live, You Lose 
January 23, 1976 Barb Dill Column 1100 Dining Hall Donuts Rise Before the Sun 
January 23, 1976 College Neighborhood Issues Column The sounds of silence 
January 23, 1976 College Rules Stament Column Thank You 
January 23, 1976 Mary Stork Column Christians Live To Bear Fruit 
January 23, 1976 Daniel Mullin Column Renew Awareness 
January 23, 1976 Greg Taylor Column Coping With Winter Blues 
January 23, 1976 United Press International News News Briefs 
January 23, 1976 Randy Fritz Column Illiteracy Plagues School 
January 23, 1976 Neal Williams Columns Founding Fathers Lost In History 
January 23, 1976 Stephen Henderson Column Ambience 
January 23, 1976 Hortegas Column  Chicago Dining 
January 23, 1976 Scripture Column An Old Book Can Bring New Insights 
January 23, 1976 Wheaton Artist Series Information String Quartet Performs Chamber Music Jan. 30 
January 23, 1976 "Barry Lyndon" News Kubrick Directs "Barry Lyndon" 
January 23, 1976 Gymnastics Sports Wheaton Hosts Stout St. At Gymnastic Meet Tonight 
January 23, 1976 Girls Basketball Sports Girls Basketball Shoots For 2-0 Record 
January 23, 1976 Wrestling Sports Wrestlers Grapple Concordia In Dual Meet Saturday 
January 23, 1976 Swimming Sports Swim Team Risks Record Vs Archival 
January 23, 1976 Olympics Sports Swider In Preparation for Austrian Lympics 
January 23, 1976 Basketball  Sports Baskeball Team Hits Last place in CCIW 
January 23, 1976 Stephen Smith Column Lucky Charm Buys White Sox 
January 30, 1976 Harvey Chrouser News Chrouser Submits Athletic Field Plan 
January 30, 1976 Wheaton's Special Collections News Library Receives L'Engle Papers 
January 30, 1976 Wheaton's Psychology Department News Budget Allots $ 10,000 for Psych. Equipment 
January 30, 1976 Student Government News Government Examines Jazz Policy 
January 30, 1976 Record Interviews Column Graham Center Site: Why Wheaton? 
January 30, 1976 Mavis Rice Column Fischer Students Raise $ 225 Toward Bowers' New Car 
January 30, 1976 Forensic Tournaments News Debaters Take Fifth Place At Midwest Tournaments 
January 30, 1976 Music Conservatory News Requirements Added For Music Major 
January 30, 1976 Campus Air Conditioning Information Kroeshell Co. Hired To Cool Campus 
January 30, 1976 Judi Turek Column Babies Reform Father's Study Habits 
January 30, 1976 West Sub Nurses Column Nurses Refute 'West Sub Image' 
January 30, 1976 Barb Dill Column Wheaton Chimes Ring Out, But What Goes On Inside? 
January 30, 1976 Record Editorial Grand Old Flag Needs Mending 
January 30, 1976 Billy Graham Center Column Clarify Graham Center Aims 
January 30, 1976 Primary Elections Column Elections Teach Lesson 
January 30, 1976 Record Editing Information Wanted: One Record Editor 
January 30, 1976 Rich Foster Column Innocence Simplifies Life 
January 30, 1976 Ron Boydston Column Vox Populi 
January 30, 1976 United Press International  News News Briefs 
January 30, 1976 Randy Fritz Column Ford's Budget Chops Benefits 
January 30, 1976 Neal Williams Column It Only Hurts When You Pay 
January 30, 1976 Mark Hollingsworth Column Ambience 
January 30, 1976 Art Show Information Student-Initiated Art Show Decorates Dining Hall Walls 
January 30, 1976 Chicago Dining Column Chicago Dining 
January 30, 1976 Stephen Henderson Column Bionic Woman: A Nice Date, But ...  
January 30, 1976 Gymnastics Sports Girls Defeat All But Northwestern 
January 30, 1976 International Speed Skating Competition News Swider Breaks Own Mark, Races Despite Bronchitis 
January 30, 1976 Dave Ridder Column Illinois Wesleyan Sneaks By, 75-71 
January 30, 1976 Peter J. Welander Column Crusaders Face Xavier After Disappointing Loss 
January 30, 1976 Stephen Smith Column Pro Sports Grow Fatter 
January 30, 1976 Cindy Schwarz Column Swim Competition Begins For Girls 
January 30, 1976 Rob Hromas Column Men's Volleyball Team Heads For Midwestern Tournament 
January 30, 1976 Kathy Willson Column Wrestlers To Face Eighteen Schools At Millikin Invitational Tournament 
February 6, 1976 HNGR Information Four Experts On World Needs Will Highlight Hunger Week 
February 6, 1976 Black Arts Festival Information Black Arts: 'Essence of the World' 
February 6, 1976 George Mavrodes Information Mavrodes to Lecture on Philosophy 
February 6, 1976 Lenore Marema Column Martin Luther Examines Wheaton Jazz Policy 
February 6, 1976 Natural Foods Co-Op News Eating the Right Foods Aim of Natural Foods Co-op 
February 6, 1976 Wheaton's Scholastic Honor Society News Wheaton Dreams of Solzhenitsyn 
February 6, 1976 Nyra Wise Column Funds Cut For Illinois Scholarships: Wheaton Makes Loans Available 
February 6, 1976 Linda Andrisan Column City Develops New Bike-Way System 
February 6, 1976 Rob Hromas Column Barnstormer Scott Frizen: 'Fly Me' 
February 6, 1976 Record Editorial Liberty, and All That Jazz 
February 6, 1976 National Observer News To the Saints in Tacky City 
February 6, 1976 Pete Welander Column Economics Finds Slow CPO Cure 
February 6, 1976 Tarry Sandquist Column Innocent Reply 
February 6, 1976 Bruce Jones Column Talk is Cheap 
February 6, 1976 Dora Warren Column Clarify West Sub 
February 6, 1976 C.J. Emerich, Ken Moberg, Bill Seitz and Mark Dodrill Column 'Jennings Fit the Battle of Jericho;' on Wheaon-in-Israel Trip 
February 6, 1976 Linda Penner Column ISP Combines Study, Travel, and Cross-Cultural Experiences 
February 6, 1976 Don Cook Column Wheton-in-France: Learn the Language By Buying a Pastry 
February 6, 1976 Lucy Blocher Column England: Warm, Friendly People Who Do Things Backwards 
February 6, 1976 Shirley DeVore Column Weber Performs 'Honky-Tonk Woman' On East Asia Trip 
February 6, 1976 Art Study in Europe Information Art Dept. Offers Europe Tour 
February 6, 1976 Claudia Ball, Jim Fosse, Harold Harper, and Bud Williams Column Honey Rock's Wilderness Setting Inspires Personal Growth 
February 6, 1976 Bonnie Ward Column Black Hills Mixes Practice With Theory in God's Laboratory 
February 6, 1976 Neal Williams Column ERA Opponents Argue Nonsense 
February 6, 1976 Dan Webster Column Ford's Budget 
February 6, 1976 D.A. Hagner Column Boydston Citicized 
February 6, 1976 Lane Kasen Column Glen Ellyn College? 
February 6, 1976 Richard A. Shenk Column Service-aThon 
February 6, 1976 Brad Nelson Column Ambience 
February 6, 1976 Hortegas Column Chicago Dining 
February 6, 1976 Anne Henderson Column 'Simple Man': Bitter-Sweet Comedy 
February 6, 1976 Larry Shackley Column Christian Filmmaking: A New Era? 
February 6, 1976 February Art Exhibit News Prints Featured in Wheaton Art Show 
February 6, 1976 College Union Information Washigton Banquet Has New Twist This Year 
February 6, 1976 Hockey Sports Re-Assembled Hockey Team Takes On Trinity Christian 
February 6, 1976 Stephen R. Smith Column Crusaders Still Lack conference Win 
February 6, 1976 Basketball Sports Women Host Quick Nazarene Squad 
February 6, 1976 Stephen Smith Column Boxing's Fate Rests On Ali 
February 13, 1976 Careers and Placement Center Information Career Library Will Aid Job Seekers 
February 13, 1976 Christian Service Council News Full Time CSC Director Hired After Long Vacancy 
February 13, 1976 Lenore Marema Column Christians Attach Stigma To Psychological Counselling 
February 13, 1976 Roberta Roney Column Guatemala City Shaken; MAP Responds To Need 
February 13, 1976 William Tanner Information Geology Professor Presents Shore Feature Slide Show 
February 13, 1976 James Gustafson Information Gustafson Will Lecture On Medical Ethics 
February 13, 1976 Record Editorial Hunger Happens Here, Too 
February 13, 1976 Accept People As They Are Column Accept People As They Are 
February 13, 1976 Kep James Column Take Political Stance 
February 13, 1976 Jackie Criswell Column Sports Editor Questioned 
February 13, 1976 K. Alan Pool Column Constructive Criticism 
February 13, 1976 Pete Welander Column Affluence Can'g Bring Happiness 
February 13, 1976 Neal Williams Column Modern Olympics Lost In Confusion 
February 13, 1976 Nyra Wise Column Vox Populi 
February 13, 1976 United Press International News News Briefs 
February 13, 1976 Edward Van Poolen News Victim File Suit Against Wittler 
February 13, 1976 Steve Hortegas Column Chicago Dining 
February 13, 1976 Larry Shackley Column New Game Emerges For Master Minds 
February 13, 1976 Jean Harmeling Column Stevenson Adds Touch of Broadway To Nystrom Arena 
February 13, 1976 Stephen Henderson Column Ambience 
February 13, 1976 Solo Concert Information Acclaimed Violist Nubolo Imai Will Perform In Edman Feb. 21 
February 13, 1976 Stephen Smith Column Nancy, Still Our Favorite 
February 13, 1976 Wrestling Sports Wrestlers Take On Valparaiso 
February 13, 1976 Volleyball Sports Volleyball Squad Seeking Revenge 
February 13, 1976 Basketball Sports Team Finally Wins First CCIW Victory 
February 13, 1976 Swimming Sports Swimmers Break Two Records; Take 4th In Rockford Relays 
February 27, 1976 $ 21 Million National Fund Raising News Graham Center Initiates National Fund-Raising Drive 
February 27, 1976 Lenore Marema Column Emotional Conflicts Resolvable Through Levels of Counselling 
February 27, 1976 Kurt Deming and Ron Campbell News Two Students Rescue Boy Form Drowning 
February 27, 1976 Daniel Walker News Walker Visits Campus; Discusses 1976 Campaign 
February 27, 1976 Educational Policies and Curriculum Committee News Lab Credit Proposal Faces Committee Vote 
February 27, 1976 Mark Christensen Column Average SAT Scores Drop Nationwide 
February 27, 1976 Mark Christensen Column Committee Revises Honorary Procedure 
February 27, 1976 Stephen Henderson Column Seminar To Help Meds Save Wasted Time 
February 27, 1976 Little Sib Weekend Information Brothers Join Sisters For Little Sib Weekeend 
February 27, 1976 Pete Welander Column Graham Pledges Royalties From Best Seller To Center 
February 27, 1976 Star Knight Column Lose Unwanted lbs. Through Health Center's Diet Program 
February 27, 1976 Phil Wik Column Custodian Marcy Celebrates 85 Years 
February 27, 1976 American Studies Program News Consortium Offers Gov't Studies 
February 27, 1976 Backyard Social Work Information Relating To Domestic Human Need Focus of Sociology Symposium 
February 27, 1976 Academic Affairs News Faculty Development Grants Subsidize Special Projects 
February 27, 1976 Illinois State Scholarship commission News Walker Supports New Scholarship Grant 
February 27, 1976 Campaigning Politicians Information Election-Year Political Manoevers May Restore Student Scholarships 
February 27, 1976 Reader's Theater Group News Reader's Theater competes In Florida 
February 27, 1976 Valentine's Day Tournament News Forensics Team Sweeps ISU Tourney 
February 27, 1976 Record Editorial Sword Stabs at 'Modernism' 
February 27, 1976 World Affairs Column Token Participation Ain't Enuff 
February 27, 1976 Andy Anderson Column Pen in Hand Aids Starving 
February 27, 1976 Dan Henderson Column 14-Meal Option Chewed Over 
February 27, 1976 United Press International News News Briefs 
February 27, 1976 Ron Boydston Column Boydston Clarifies 
February 27, 1976 James Lower Column Summer On-Campus? 
February 27, 1976 Janet Fesler Column Appalling Inconsistencies 
February 27, 1976 Harold Fiess Column Grade Pressures? 
February 27, 1976 Pete Welander Column Farmers Find hard Simple Life 
February 27, 1976 Neal Williams Column 'Happy Talk' is Bad News 
February 27, 1976 Larry Shackley Column United States History: A Christian Perspective 
February 27, 1976 Steve Hortegas Column Chicago Dining 
February 27, 1976 Brad Nelson Column Ambience 
February 27, 1976 Theatre Performances Information opera-Theatre Presents Short Works March 5 & 6 
February 27, 1976 "Our Town" Information 'Our Town' To Open In Nystrom Arena 
February 27, 1976 Swimming Sports Swimmers Take 3rd Place; Gear Up For Championships 
February 27, 1976 Linda Andrisan Column Intramural Sports Keep Watkins Busy 
February 27, 1976 Star Knight Column Women Host Kaleidoscope of Basketball Teams 
February 27, 1976 Gymnastics Sports Rebuilding Gymnastic Team Prepares To Meet Chicago Circle 
February 27, 1976 Record Editorial Serv-a-Thon's Dual Purpose: Helping At Home and Abroad 
February 27, 1976 Skating Championship Sports Swider Places in World Meets; Continues to Improve Times 
February 27, 1976 Hockey Sports Hockey Team Shoots For .500 Season 
February 27, 1976 Wrestling Sports New Wrestler Wins Two Matches 
February 27, 1976 Chuck McKenzie Column Four Wins Revive Crusader B-ball 
February 27, 1976 Stephen Smith Column Baseball's Silent Spring 
March 5, 1976 Lenore Marema Column Counselling Program's Advantages Outwegh Difficulties 
March 5, 1976 Faculty Salaries Information College Grants Faculty Ten Percent Salary Hike 
March 5, 1976 President Ford Information Student Gov't Hopes For Ford Visit 
March 5, 1976 Kim Robertson Column Dante Scholar Will Return To Lecture On Poets In July 
March 5, 1976 Helen Roseveare Information Former Zaire Missionary Counts Cost of Discipleship 
March 5, 1976 Ron Case Column Collges To Fight State Aid Cutbacks 
March 5, 1976 Adlai Stevenson Information Sen. Stevenson May Visit; But then Again, He May Not 
March 5, 1976 Graduate School Enrollment News Grad Enrollment Doubles Since '70 
March 5, 1976 Star Knight Column Dr. and Mrs. Leedy Close Book On 78 Years of Service 
March 5, 1976 Dilaram Houses' Ministry News Dilaram Ministry Reaches Transients 
March 5, 1976 Rob Hromas Column Wrestler McRoberts: 'Awfully, Awfully Quick' 
March 5, 1976 Record  Editorial Commend Counselling Program 
March 5, 1976 Write Your Congressman Column Write Your Congressman 
March 5, 1976 Douglas Yeo Column 'Something Different' 
March 5, 1976 Karen Frederich Column Chapel Messages 
March 5, 1976 Arthur F. Holmes Column Clarification 
March 5, 1976 Hortegas Column Chicago Dining 
March 5, 1976 Dramatic Entertainment Information Lindbergh's Historic Flight Highlights Opera Selections 
March 5, 1976 Larry Shackley Column WBEZ Stops Boredom With Comedy and Jazz 
March 5, 1976 Stephen Henderson Column Adele H. Falls Short of Perfection 
March 5, 1976 Wrestling Sports Wrestlers Take Crown, Head To NCAA Nationals 
March 5, 1976 Basketball Sports Basketball Season Ends With Fizzle 
March 5, 1976 Volleyball Sports Volleyball Team Tests Tough Indiana 
March 5, 1976 Stephen Smith Column Wait 'till Next Year 
March 5, 1976 Doug Carlson Column Millikin Outpaces Swimmers' Effort 
March 12, 1976 Spring Tuition Information Scholarship Funds Lacking Until Legislators Pass Bills 
March 12, 1976 Educational Testing Service News Survey Asks 160 Question; Probes College Atmosphere 
March 12, 1976 North Avenue Estate Information College Dreams of Acquiring Estate 
March 12, 1976 "Marriage and the Home" New Special Services to Focus on Family Living April 5-9 
March 12, 1976 Associated Women Students New Christian Couple To Share Views On Varied Aspects of marriage 
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