Index to the Record, 1974 (November)-1975 (April)

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DateSubject (Personal Name or Topic)Column or SectionTopic or Title
November 15,1974  Rob Hromas  News  Tower Prepares Memorable Issue  
November 15, 1974  Greg Taylor  Article  Taylor Wants You to Get Involved  
November 15, 1974  Chaplian Patterson  Column Ex Cathredra  
November 15, 1974  Greg Taylor  Column Ambience 
November 15, 1974  Youth Hostel  Letter  Youth Hostel Hears From Amsterdam  
November 15, 1974  Wim Butte Article  Dutch Treat  
November 15, 1974  Douglas Yeo  Column The Critic  
November 15, 1974  Cadmus Hicks  Column Cum Grano Salis  
November 15, 1974  Lucy Blocher  Article  License When They Cry Liberty  
November 15, 1974  Dale Thompson  Sports  Harrier Thompson Makes All- American  
November 15, 1974  Volleyball  Sports  Volleyball Bounces For 300 Spirited Wheaties  
November 15, 1974 Tom Wilson Sports  Fowl Play  
November 15, 1974 John A. O' Gieblyn  Sports  P.E Dept. Offers More Fun in the Snow  
November 15, 1974 Soccer and Football Sports  Dual Wins Cup Parents' Day  
November 15, 1974 Snow Camp  Sports  Coming of Christmas Signals Snow Camp  
November 15, 1974 Hockey  Sports  Hocky Coach Sees Promising Season  
November 15, 1974 ROTC Rifle League  Sports  ROTC Downs Loyola and Chicago Circle  
November 15, 1974 Ski Colorado Sports  Ski Club Sponsors Breckenridge Trip  
November 15, 1974 LAMB Tour  Information Lamb Tour Begins At Wheaton  
November 15, 1974  Oral Interpretation Information Wheaties Compete in Interp Finals  
November 22, 1974 Going Home Article  When All The Thrills Are Gone. . . You Can Always Go Home  
November 22, 1974 Doug Birdsall News  MEW to Emphasize Call to Servanthood  
November 22, 1974 Christmas Festival  Information Music, Speech Give Christmas Festival  
November 22, 1974 LAMB Concert  Information Lamb Concert To Have Unique Hebraic Flavor  
November 22, 1974 Handel's "Messiah" Information Oratorio Presents 'Messiah' 
November 22, 1974 Authur Kopit  Information 'Chamber Music' In Coffeehouse Theatre  
November 22, 1974 Dave Masterson News  Class Presidents Plan Ahead  
November 22, 1974 Jim Young  News  Hamlet Runs for Its Final Weekend  
November 22, 1974 Dr. Edwin Hollatz  News  News Briefs 
November 22, 1974 John Boebinger News  Boebinger Named New Record Editor 
November 22, 1974 Art Auction  Information Bidding for Art-Auction Begins December 2 
November 22, 1974 Dr. Arthur Rupprecht  News  Topic for Conference Mediterranean World 
November 22, 1974 Joy Elasku  Information  Anatomy Determines Destiny 
November 22, 1974 Robert Woodward News  Reporter Cautions Against Skepticism 
November 22, 1974 Jane Johnson News  Winter Wilderness Set for Snow Camp 
November 22, 1974 Sarah Hanney News Mexican Church Adjusts to U.S. 
November 22, 1974 Dave Wilder Information  SMP Option is Open for Next Summer 
November 22, 1974 Mr. Karl Steele News  Art Professor Enjoys Life of Successfulness 
November 22, 1974 Matthew Huff  Article  Cloud Cover on Moon's Crusade  
November 22, 1974 James A. Booker  Information  Language Program Approved 
November 22, 1974 Dr. Clyde Kilby  News  Books Published by Wheaton Profs 
November 22, 1974 Gail Morrison Information  Faculty Fax: English Department  
November 22, 1974 John O'Gieblyn  Letter  Pledge Decision: Funds or Ideals? 
November 22, 1974 Doug Meye Article  Musings From the Student President 
November 22, 1974 Meagan Stuart Article  Female Follies  
November 22, 1974 Anson Isaacson  News  Beyond Blanchard  
November 22, 1974 Paul Willis Letter  Ten Commandments; A Re-interpretation  
November 22, 1974 Tom Dahlberg  Article  Radio-Free Evangelia  
November 22, 1974 Ivan Mark  Letter  A Student's Exhortation and Thanks  
November 22, 1974 Chaplain Patterson  Article  Ex Cathedra  
November 22, 1974 Greg Taylor  Article  Ambience  
November 22, 1974 Kevin Johnson  Article  Fall Tragedy- Classic Play, New Setting  
November 22, 1974 Maurice Andre  Article  The Critic  
November 22, 1974 Ava Gardner  Article  Reflections  
November 22, 1974 Wim Butte  Article  Dutch Treat 
November 22, 1974 Elizabeth Cox  Infformation  Expansion of Horizons is Mandate of Education  
November 22, 1974 Richard C. Yeskoo News  Recent Events Spur Growing Cynicism  
November 22, 1974 The New Future of Christianity Article  Moon-Just Another Evangelist 
November 22, 1974 John Torjesen  Information  Ensnare the Weak, but Do Not Fear Them  
November 22, 1974 Lois Lorentzen  Article  Exploitation of Earth Is Issue of Survival  
November 22, 1974 Equal Right Amendment  Information  Women's Perspective- Era Seems Conciliatory 
November 22, 1974 Richard J. Kraft  Letter  Contribution to Amorality? 
November 22, 1974 Sue Dunlap  Information  Discriminatory Justice- Promotes Criminality  
November 22, 1974 Steve Milbourne  Information  Suggestions Given for Efficient Economy  
November 22, 1974 Tom Dahlberg Article  Indocrinating Effect Inevitable in Schools  
November 22, 1974 Greg Taylor  Article  Unwinding What We Are  
November 22, 1974 Dale Hanson Information  Students Face a Cold Cruel World 
November 22, 1974 Jeffery Marlow  Information  Students Begin Unionization  
November 22, 1974 Beyond Centennial  Sports  Beyond Centennial  
November 22, 1974 Don Chambers  Sports  Bolding Presents Winter '75 
November 22, 1974 Carl Dufendach  Sports  The Season is Over the Clock Runs Out 
November 22, 1974 Thomas Keith Wilson  Sports  Fowl Play  
November 22, 1974 Randy Ellison  Sports  Crusaders Still Wait for a Winning Season  
November 22, 1974 The Thrill of Victory  Sports  Stickmen Are Strange Breed 
November 22, 1974 Carl Dufeudach  Sports  Macmurray Crushes Wheaton's NCAA Hopes  
November 22, 1974 Chris Ellerman  Article  The Life of Love 
January 10, 1975 John Boebinger  News  'Record' Takes New Look With This Issue  
January 10, 1975 Jim Helfers  News  Pipe Dreams Provide Hot Showers  
January 10, 1975 Dr. Hudson T. Armerding  News  Chapel Heralds Tenth Anniversary 
January 10, 1975 Students Permitted Access to Records  News  Students Permitted Access to Records  
January 10, 1975 Dr. Henry Nelson  News  Comments Affect Exhibit 
January 10, 1975 Florian Eberle  News  News Briefs 
January 10, 1975 Gen. Lyman Lemnizer News  Panel Investigates CIA 
January 10, 1975 Richard Fulton  News  Fords Seeks Possible Answers for Recession  
January 10, 1975 Henry Kissinger News  Soviet Cool Towards Egyptians  
January 10, 1975 Dr.Gilbert Bilezikian Information Male and female created He them 
January 10, 1975 Lois McCloskey Information Active faith shows in Marion park 
January 10, 1975 American leadership  Article  Moral leadership needed  
January 10, 1975 Chaplain Patterson Article Excatredra 
January 10, 1975 Thomas Keith Wilson Article Polemic Placebo 
January 10, 1975 Brad Condie Article Limited experience must not limit God 
January 10, 1975 John O' Geiblyn Information Do Wheaton vacation encourage matrimony 
January 10, 1975 Jessepi Lin Gueeni '74 Column Live it up Saturday,says "BEACON" 
January 10, 1975 Paul Wilson  Article As it were 
January 10, 1975 Gec Taylor Article  Ambience 
January 10, 1975 Music and Art Information The Art And Entertainment 
January 10, 1975 Bill Harbeck Sports Cagers look for improvement 
January 10, 1975 Gymnasium Sports Record goals set for gymnasts 
January 10, 1975 Hockey team Sports Hockey pucks practice 
January 10, 1975 Athletics Sports Women athletes face stiff schedule 
January 10, 1975 String Quartet  Information String quartet benefits continue 
January 10, 1975 Brad Condie Information Book Review: Book provides atmosphere 
January 17, 1975 Beth Bennett Article  Front page: Wheaton's founder faced opposition 
January 17, 1975 Roland Bainton News Bainton to lecture on reformation 
January 17, 1975 Science symposium News Symposium meets for Founder's Day 
January 17, 1975 Donald Hobday Information M.E.W to spotlight diversity 
January 17, 1975 Dr.Armerding  News President discusses economy, enrollment 
January 17, 1975 The Nation and the World News News Briefs 
January 17, 1975 The Nation and the World News Ford plans recession battle 
January 17, 1975 The nation and the world News U.S. policy attacked by Syria 
January 17, 1975 The nation and the world News U. of Chi president nominated by Ford 
January 17, 1975 The nation and the world News Russia Rejects U.S. trade bill 
January 17, 1975 Dave McDonald Information Bilezikian charges church oppression 
January 17, 1975 Herb Flinton Information Body life fulfills special series 
January 17, 1975 Dr. Clyde S. Kilby News Wheaton's founder faced opposition 
January 17, 1975 The Art and Entertainment  Information Confusion is 'Godfather II' 
January 17, 1975 Grec Taylor Column Ambiance 
January 17, 1975 Arts and Entertainment Information Stein documentary begins film series 
January 17, 1975 Colonel Charles Walis News Scholarship given by ROTC 
January 17, 1975 Kathleen Buswell Information French contribute to American life 
January 17, 1975 Crusaders Cagers Sports Crusaders defense loses momentum 
January 17, 1975 Gymnasium Sports Illinois Gymnast meet at Wheaton 
January 17, 1975 Volley Ball Sports Schedule change, but Co-Rec volleyball goes on 
January 17, 1975 Atheletics Sports Confession of a female jock 
January 24, 1975 Barb Dill Information Front page- juicer tells how to pour it on  
January 24, 1975 Dr.Henry Nelson News  Trustees approve revised pledge 
January 24, 1975 Dr.Donald Mitchell News Majors, Courses to be droppped 
January 24, 1975 Dr.V.Gilbert Beers News  Trustees elect Dr.Beers 
January 24, 1975 The Nation and the World News China has new constitution 
January 24, 1975 The Nation and the World News Costs rise above wage increase 
January 24, 1975 The Nation and the World News Ford rejects gas rationing  
January 24, 1975 Standards of Conduct Information Text of old and new pledges 
January 24, 1975 Student Government News CPC asked to clarify policy 
January 24, 1975 Student Government News Student project increases funds 
January 24, 1975 Student Government News Club provides investment oppurtunities 
January 24, 1975 Student Government  News Student Government Sponsors blood drive 
January 24, 1975 Dr. Hawthorne Information Missionaries learn about servanthood 
January 24, 1975 Economics seminar Information Seminar on insurance to be held 
January 24, 1975 Marilyn McBride News USDA increases food stamp prices 
January 24, 1975 YMCA Information Youth hostel prepares for summer 
January 24, 1975 Nancy Kupka Information French Connection- French actress had long career 
January 24, 1975 Tom kennedy Information SAGA calls for less waste 
January 24, 1975 New standards of conduct News Pledge creates problems 
January 24, 1975 Gerg Taylor  Column Praise the Lord and raze the darkroom 
January 24, 1975 John Lorimer Column Surprise! Your belt has been tightened  
January 24, 1975 Meagan Stuart Column What is Wheaton's kind of student? 
January 24, 1975 Tom Dahlberg Column Does God lead us around by the nose? 
January 24, 1975 Bob Purdy Article  Something's wrong - but resolution's lost 
January 24, 1975 Chaplain Patterson Column Ex Catredra 
January 24, 1975 Paul Willis Article Will it happen here? 
January 24, 1975 Tom Wilson Article How to play the game and lose 
January 24, 1975 Vox Populi- John Torjesen Column Sermons are for salvation, theology is for Dahlberg 
January 24, 1975 Richard Lewis Column Ignorance reigns supreme  
January 24, 1975 Rick Wagner Column Ex Catharsis: a reply to Ex Cathedra 
January 24, 1975 Chruch Directory Information CSC Church Directory 
January 24, 1975 Youth Hotel Ministry Information YHM has carnations for everyone  
January 24, 1975 Debate Competition News Wheaton Debators place in competition 
January 24, 1975 Spring Thing Column Spring Thing promises happy times for all 
January 24, 1975  The Art and Entertainment Information 'Wing and prayer' to give concert 
January 24, 1975 Grec Taylor Column Ambience 
January 24, 1975 Arts And Entertainment Information A wheatonite looks at Roland Bainton 
January 24, 1975 Campus news News Campus Briefs 
January 24, 1975 Arts and Music Information Off campus 
January 24, 1975 Gymnasium Sports  Gymnasts drop close meet 
January 24, 1975 Basket ball Sports New Intramurals for Wheaton women 
January 24, 1975 Gymnasium Sports Crusaders face a tough schedule 
January 24, 1975 Wrestling Sports Wheaton Wrestlers improve 
January 24, 1975 Hockey sports Crusaders cut down Morain Valley 
January 24, 1975 Baseball Sports Cagers lose height, and edge 
January 31, 1975 Front page  Information 'Automobile Explosion' predicted 
January 31, 1975 Dr.Donald Mitchell News Stutdents question vice-presidents 
January 31, 1975 James L. Hayes News Hayes to lecture on management 
January 31, 1975 Dale Hanson News CCC promotes cooperation 
January 31, 1975 Student Government Information Servanthood requires action as a community 
January 31, 1975 Meagan Stuart Column Liberation means freedom for all 
January 31, 1975 Chaplain Patterson Column Excatredra 
January 31, 1975 Tom Dahlberg Column Dahlberg reacts to Torjesen attack 
January 31, 1975 Bob Purdy Article  Secrets are for Kids  
January 31, 1975 Wim Butte Column Cultural polish on The pledge 
January 31, 1975 VOX POPULI  Column Love it or leave 
January 31, 1975 John Torjesen Column Is it community? 
January 31, 1975 Steve Rorke'76 Column Not yet Satisfied 
January 31, 1975 VOX POPULI  Column Wagner gets answer 
January 31, 1975 The Art and Entertainment Information Ambience 
January 31, 1975 The Nation and the World News Energy conflicts increases 
January 31, 1975 The Nation and the World News U.S. called to aid south Vietnam again 
January 31, 1975 The Nation and the World News Nixon may return to politics 
January 31, 1975 The Nation and the World News Bad economy due to improve 
January 31, 1975 The Nation and the World News News Briefs 
January 31, 1975 Rev.Pamela Cole News Rev. Cole cites language problem 
January 31, 1975 Jane Childers Information Corinthian Co-op practices sharing 
January 31, 1975 Dave Mc Donald Column Purple Tunnel seeks action 
January 31, 1975 SOUL Information Black Arts Festival scheduled next week 
January 31, 1975 Wheaton's Debate team News Debaters take first in tourney 
January 31, 1975 The Arts and Entertainment Information P.F. Flyers and sneaks arouse 
January 31, 1975 The Art and Entertainment Information 'Airport 1975' called escapist 
January 31, 1975 Elizabeth Cox Column 'Underground' book hard to place 
January 31, 1975 WETN Information WETN announces changes 
January 31, 1975 Events Information On Campus 
January 31, 1975 Swim team Sports Swimmers defeats Valparaiso 
January 31, 1975 Volleyball Sports Crusaders volleyball opens with victory 
January 31, 1975 Basket ball Sports Opener dropped to Illinios Central 
January 31, 1975 Hockey Sports Victory boosts hockey record 
February 7, 1975 Matt Parker Column SOUL to reach campus and community 
February 7, 1975 WISE System News Wheaton developes WISE 
February 7, 1975 James L. Hayes News Hayes predicts more scandals 
February 7, 1975 Will of God Article " Will of God" made easy 
February 7, 1975 The Nation and the World News Ford presents new budget 
February 7, 1975 The Nation and the World News Committees investigates CIA activity 
February 7, 1975 The Nation and the World News Jesuits fathers disregard Pope  
February 7, 1975 The Nation and the World News God declared Autonomous 
February 7, 1975 Harvard Dean Henry Rosovsky News Harvard looks at educational goals 
February 7, 1975 Dr.Dean E. Arnold News Dr. Arnold studies ancient ceramics 
February 7, 1975 Dave Wilder Information SMP participants selected 
February 7, 1975 Henry Soles News Choir highlights Black Arts week 
February 7, 1975 Dr.John Scanzoni Information Scanzoni speaks on love, personhood 
February 7, 1975 French connection Information American chain letters in France 
February 7, 1975 John Lorimer Information Wheaton Allegorized 
February 7, 1975 Tom Wilson Article  Comments on history and logic 
February 7, 1975 Tom Dahlberg Column Post - paranoia no- knowledge 
February 7, 1975 Meagan Stuart Article  Women's Sports emerging 
February 7, 1975 Chip Nylander '75 Column VOX POPULI - Boydston answered 
February 7, 1975 Douglas Foster Column VOX POPULI - Eliminate waste 
February 7, 1975 Jon LaBreche Column VOX POPULI- Dislikes fast 
February 7, 1975 E.Harold Harper Column VOX POPULI- Chapel disrupted 
February 7, 1975 Nance Wabshaw Column VOX POPULI - Women's liberation 
February 7, 1975 Tom Dahlbarg Column VOXPOPULI - Misunderstanding 
February 7, 1975 David Caes Column VOX POPULI - Social welfare cuts 
February 7, 1975 Pat Manfredi '76 Column New standards 
February 7, 1975 Bojendra Nath Banerjee Column Black Theology 
February 7, 1975 Ruth Flesvig Gibson '59 Column Appreciates blood 
February 7, 1975 The Arts & Entertainment Information Opera students to perform 
February 7, 1975 The Arts & Entertainment Information Byron Janis lacks excitement. 
February 7, 1975 Book Review Article Watchmen Nee called to suffering 
February 7, 1975 Beatle Buff's  Information Gwendolyn spreads the jam 
February 7, 1975 Samuel Beckett Information God to be presented as 'spiritual signpost' 
February 7, 1975 Black Arts Festival Information Concert to culminate Black Arts Festival 
February 7, 1975 Phil Pearson Sports Gymnasts to wrap up season 
February 7, 1975 Dave Lantz Sports Second place earns Rockford meet trophy 
February 7, 1975 Sue Bowen Sports Women score for three victories 
February 7, 1975 Scott Ramsland Sports Crusaders hold winning streak 
February 7, 1975 Jon Whitman Sports Wheaton breaks losing streak 
February 14, 1975 Anita Moreland News Christians, Valentines, and kisses 
February 14, 1975 Free Will Baptists News Dayton reveals feminist history 
February 14, 1975 Mr. Pollard News Pollard explains new fees 
February 14, 1975 President Ford News Kissinger in delicate situation 
February 14, 1975 Rorger C. B. Morton News Ford White House replaces Nixon men 
February 14, 1975 Social Security Advisory Council News Social Security changes due 
February 14, 1975 Mr. Gilbert News Photographer lost to economics 
February 14, 1975 Janiece Hackett News Students, faculty 'save the children' 
February 14, 1975 Tom Dahlberg News Growing up out of suffering 
February 14, 1975 Brojendra Nath Banerjee News Scripture from an Indian perspective 
February 14, 1975 Ken Hogland News College students find registration difficult 
February 14, 1975 Cadmus Hicks News Community concern breeds discussion 
February 14, 1975 Chaplain Patterson News Chaplain Pat dreams of Arts Week 
February 14, 1975 Wim Bitte News Dutchman discovers valentines 
February 14, 1975 VOX POPULI News Wheatonomics 
February 14, 1975 Talent show to cure Doldrums News The Arts and Entertainment 
February 14, 1975 Baritone Theodor Uppman  News Artists Serise presents Theodor Uppman 
February 14, 1975 Kenneth H. Cox New Cox recital to be in Pierce 
February 14, 1975 Don Lemon News Waiting for Godot shows hopelessness 
February 14, 1975 Marx Bros News Marx Brothers in Edman 
February 14, 1975 Dean Ekberg Sports Swimmers defeat Loyola 
February 14, 1975 Coach Carol McEwing's Sports Wheaton to host women's tournament 
February 14, 1975 Merrill Maynard Sports Women play in CCIW tounament 
February 14, 1975 Steve Haugen News Cagers boast three game winning streak 
February 14, 1975 Kathy Wilson Sports Intramural playoffs scheduled 
February 21, 1975 Mike Morgan  News ROTC cadet looks at program 
February 21, 1975 Mr. William Pollard News State charges ROTC discriminates aginst men 
February 21, 1975 Doug Meye News S.G. examines allocations 
February 21, 1975 President Armeding News Administration lunches with students 
February 21, 1975 Merrill Lynch News Arabs use financial pressure 
February 21, 1975 Abner Mikva News Ford and Congress in economic stalemate 
February 21, 1975 Rauf Dendtas News Turkish proposla prompts Greek riots 
February 21, 1975 General Mordezai Gur News Israel to return Sinai oil fields 
February 21, 1975 Mrs. Vi Lowe News Lowe wants new gold course 
February 21, 1975 Mayor Ralph Barter News Barter says experience counts 
February 21, 1975 Jack Scheaffer News Schaeffer plans for future 
February 21, 1975 Dale Hanson News Blue sequins reveal true state of affairs 
February 21, 1975 Cadumus Hicks News Childhood grows up to superficiality 
February 21, 1975 Meagan Stuart News Women athletes are on the move 
February 21, 1975 Chip Nylander News ROTC stumbling block causes community unrest 
February 21, 1975 John O' Gieblyn News 'Cristo et Regno Ejus' requires responsiblity  
February 21, 1975 Tom Dahlberg News Feminine vision isn't inherently narrow 
February 21, 1975 Ken Hoglund News Wheaton city politics may perturb isolation 
February 21, 1975 Ron Boydston  News VOX POPULI 
February 21, 1975 Gregory Taylor News The Arts and Entertainment 
February 21, 1975 Douglas Yeo  News Uppman delivers superb expression 
February 21, 1975 John O Gieblyn  News The Captain America Complex exposed 
February 21, 1975 Dave Goesch  Sports Wheaton wrestlers place eighth 
February 21, 1975 George Williams  Sports Geroge Williams downs coed b-ball 
February 21, 1975 Morton College Sports Hockey pucks split two 
February 21, 1975 Augustana College Sports Augustana ends cager win streak 
February 21, 1975 Karate Club Sports Karate class teaches Kung Fu fighting 
February 28, 1975  Dr.Albert pH Unibus Information Wheaton Ph.D. reports on squirrels 
February 28, 1975 Dr. Douglas Gilbert News College reverse decision on Gilbert dismissal 
February 28, 1975 ROTC requirement News ROTC poll results significant 
February 28, 1975 Dr. David Willis Information Willis to lecture on 'God's Creation' 
February 28, 1975 The Nation and the World News News briefs 
February 28, 1975 The Nation and the World News Cambodia declared 'critical' 
February 28, 1975 The Nation and the World News Richard J. Daley wins nomination 
February 28, 1975 The Nation and the World  News Conviction revives abortion debate 
February 28, 1975 The Nation and the World  News U.S. begins to adopt metric system 
February 28, 1975 Nancy Hardesty Information Friendship, love fulfill singleness 
February 28, 1975 Lois Lorentzen Information Single doesn't mean abnormal 
February 28, 1975 SOUL Information  Students for community 
February 28, 1975 Matt Parker Information All- Star benefit for serve the people 
February 28, 1975 Chaplain Pat Column Unashamed plug for gala basketball benefit 
February 28, 1975 Tom Wilson Information Expectation of rubber tree reality 
February 28, 1975 Doug Meye Information Fasting requires sensitivitu to issues 
February 28, 1975 Ken Hoglund Information Accomplishments within city government 
February 28, 1975 Cadmus Hicks Column Real community can deepen relationship 
February 28, 1975 VOXPOPULI Information ROTC on defense 
February 28, 1975 VOX POPULI Information ROTC impotence 
February 28, 1975 VOX POPULI Information Puzzled at 'Godot' 
February 28, 1975 VOX POPULI lnformation Please pay up 
February 28, 1975 The arts and entertainment Information  AMBIANCE - Grecory Taylor 
February 28, 1975 The arts and entertainment Information Religification of patriotism-book review 
February 28, 1975 The arts and entertainment Information Comedy, tragedy to be presented 
February 28, 1975 The arts and entertainment  Information Soaks up a true success story 
February 28, 1975 John O'Gieblyn News Vassar Clements fiddles away  
February 28, 1975 Eugene Atget  News Atget to display photographic work  
February 28, 1975 Basketball Sports Women's b-ball drops state 
February 28, 1975 Basketball Sports Crusader cagers drop two games 
February 28, 1975 Gymnasium  Sports Gymnasts take sixth place in meet 
February 28, 1975 Swimming Sports Swimmers primed for conference 
February 28, 1975 Nancy Swider  Sports Swider skates in European tour 
March 7, 1975 Dave MacDonald Column Front page - Wheaton seen from a kid's - eye view 
March 7, 1975 Harvey Chrouser News P.E. department to get cutbacks 
March 7, 1975 Laurie Wing News Government votes against ROTC 
March 7, 1975 Dr. Donald Mitchell News Faculty receives salary increases 
March 7, 1975 Norman Ewert News Ewert promoted for next year 
March 7, 1975 The nation and the world News FRB blamed for inflation 
March 7, 1975 The nation and the world News Iran, U.S. make trade agreement 
March 7, 1975 The Nation and the World News Lower consumption creates oil surplus 
March 7, 1975 The Nation and the World News News Briefs 
March 7, 1975 The Nation and the World News Delayed decision draws criticism 
March 7, 1975 Floyd McClung  News McClung to speak on Dilaram Ministries 
March 7, 1975 Dr. Horne  News Walking before God in light 
March 7, 1975 Mr. Ralph Swanson News 'Record' Hot line 
March 7, 1975 Butch Maltby and Matt Brown Information Debaters qualify for spring tournament 
March 7, 1975 Dr. Jack Scheaffer News Voter registration rally here  
March 7, 1975 Dr. E. Harold Harper  Information Dr. Harper to present metric program 
March 7, 1975 Cadmus Hicks Column  Equality as identity isn't the best answer 
March 7, 1975 Verne Becker Column Examine reasons for criticism 
March 7, 1975 Wim Butte Column Know your beautiful fatherland 
March 7, 1975 Chaplain Pat Information One must practice love with discipline 
March 7, 1975 Meagan Stuart Article Date for enjoyment nir lifetime romance 
March 7, 1975 VOX POPULI Column Subtantive response 
March 7, 1975 VOX POPULI  Column Knuckle-rapper 
March 7, 1975 VOX POPULI Column  Freedom is dead  
March 7, 1975 VOX POPULI Column  Apology to king 
March 7, 1975 VOX POPULI Column Third World literacy 
March 7, 1975 The Arts and Entertainment Information Moview review - Seriousness isn't the 'Orient Express' 
March 7, 1975 The Arts and Entertainment Information Talent show is for the dogs 
March 7, 1975 Kathaleen Kastner  Information Kastner to give recital 
March 7, 1975 Aerial Bender Article Help for dating on a shoestring 
March 7, 1975 Grecory Taylor Column  AMBIENCE 
March 7, 1975 Swim team Sports Swimmers bring home CCIW trophy 
March 7, 1975 Gymnasium Sports Top gymnasts to compete Saturday 
March 7, 1975 Baseball Sports Cagers edge Central in season finale 
March 14, 1975 Calender timeline News 1975-76 calender shows no major changes 
March 14, 1975 Paul Mason Information Front page- Senior shares last-week reflection 
March 14, 1975 Todd Gray Information Committee plans fund-raising projects 
March 14, 1975 Laurie Wing  Information Students Gov't reviews rationale 
March 14, 1975 Chuck Morgan News Speakers win three in NIU tourney 
March 14, 1975 The Nation and the World News Changes occur in Combodia 
March 14, 1975 The nation and the world News Portuguese rightists fail in coup attempt 
March 14, 1975 The nation and the world News  Hope shattered by Rhodesian arrest 
March 14, 1975  The nation and the world News Ford and Congresss comproise  
March 14, 1975 News News News Briefs 
March 14, 1975 Rick Foster Information Retreat prepares hostel teams 
March 14, 1975 Lois Lorentzen Information Wheaton ROTC faces men, women, people 
March 14, 1975 Dr. Hudson T . Armerding News  Promotions announced 
March 14, 1975 Summer institute of Missions News Wheaton offers Missions Institute 
March 14, 1975 Nancy Miller Information Family agency needs help 
March 14, 1975 Pastor S.F. Akinleye News  Thanks from Nigeria for library donations 
March 14, 1975 Tom Dahlberg Column Charismatics may be too rationalistic 
March 14, 1975 Paul Amerding Column Honesty, soberity at Wheaton 
March 14, 1975 Chaplian Pat Column Majority opinion doesn't decide truth 
March 14, 1975 Tom Wilson Column Editorial criteria humbly suggested 
March 14, 1975 Dan Musick Column  Bird - dogging seen as a lifetime fallacy 
March 14, 1975 VOX POPULI Information Saga donation 
March 14, 1975 VOX POPULI Information WETN programming 
March 14, 1975 VOXPOPULI Column Fast is tokenism 
March 14, 1975 VOX POPULI Column Moral obedience 
March 14, 1975 The Arts and Entertainment Information Strasbourg Philharmonic performs 
March 14, 1975  The Arts and Entertainment Information Tribulation of a novice reviewer 
March 14, 1975 Movie review Information 'Steppenwolf' misses the mark 
March 14, 1975 Talent Show Information Talent Show's audience is most promising 
March 14, 1975 Gymnasium Sports Gymnasts place 3rd in league 
March 14, 1975 Track team  Sports Indoor track team clinches final meet 
March 14, 1975 B-ball team Sports Women's B-ball team splits final games 
March 14, 1975 Basketball Sports Intramural finals to be held tonight 
April 1, 1942 THE BROKEN RECORD News Last page - April 1st prank spoiled  
April 1, 1942 Dr. Boardman and Dr. DeVries News Geo profs indicted in Mastadon fraud 
April 1, 1942  Dr. Donald Mitchell News Colllege offers new courses 
April 1, 1942 Bohn Joebinger News 'Record' editor missing 
April 1, 1942 Groovin' Around the Globe News Nixon turns to drugs and finds religion 
April 1, 1942 Groovin' Around the Globe News Senate passes strong camera control bill  
April 1, 1942 Ngiyen Van Thieu  News Thieu turns commie and sees Red 
April 1, 1942 The warts and Entertainment  Information 'Record' Hot Line 
April 1, 1942 Record Information 'Record' recognizes rights as rightfull 
April 1, 1942 Ima Introuble Column Ask Agnes 
April 1, 1942 Dahlberg Information Dullberg interviews Spiderman 
April 1, 1942 POX VOPULI Column Dignity lost 
April 1, 1942 POX VOPULI Column Ike replies 
April 1, 1942 POX VOPULI Column Sinners beware 
April 1, 1942 POX VOPULI Column 666 must go 
April 1, 1942 POX VOPULI Column hate mail hated 
April 1, 1942 POX VOPULI Column Hidden hider 
April 1, 1942 John Wooden Spotts UCLA coach to assist Pfund 
April 1, 1942 Sword drill team Spotts Sword team plunges on at Wheaton 
April 1, 1942 Tim Hull Information Handy-Dandy Wheaton Dating Guide 
April 4, 1975 Faculty changes constitution News Dr. Arthur F. Holmes 
April 4, 1975 Williams B.Eerdmans  News Holmes publishes book on education 
April 4, 1975 Student Government News S.G. reps attend NSA conference 
April 4, 1975 Dr. Morton A. Kaplan Information Tiffany lecs conclude with Kaplan address 
April 4, 1975 The nation and the world News Vietnam nears collapse 
April 4, 1975 The nation and the world News News Breifs 
April 4, 1975 The nation and the world News Ford appproves tax rebate bill 
April 4, 1975 The nation and the World  News Daley wins greatest victory 
April 4, 1975 The nation and the world News Vietnam a tragic error 
April 4, 1975 The Nation and the World Information Ken Hoglund - Mayoral candidates suffer hostilities 
April 4, 1975 The Arts and Entertainment Information Jesus music review- Crouch releases album 
April 4, 1975 Swim team Sports Swimmers finish twelfth 
April 4, 1975 Volley ball Sports  Volleyball plays tonight in Centennial 
April 4, 1975 Gymnasium Sports Gymnasts place fourteenth in meet 
April 11, 1975 Nancv Hofstra News Front page -Students enjoy Spring thing interlude 
April 11, 1975 Marianne Meye  Information Marianne Meye awarded fellowship 
April 11, 1975 Rev. Stuart Briscoe  Information Stuart Briscoe to be speaker 
April 11, 1975 Paul Sutcliffe  News Award to be given to frosh student  
April 11, 1975 Forensic team  News  Forensic team wins tournament 
April 11, 1975 The Nation and the World News News Briefs 
April 11, 1975 The Nation and the World  News Nixon made secret pacts 
April 11, 1975 The nation and the World News Ford asks Congress for Vietnam aid 
April 11, 1975 The nation and the world  News Inflation plagues local governments 
April 11, 1975 The nation and the world News Pilot bombs Thieu's palace 
April 11, 1975 Steve Hein News Steve Hein elected 'Tower' editor 
April 11, 1975 Election candidates  News Wheaton candidates described 
April 11, 1975 Minority perspective News The times,are they a-changin' 
April 11, 1975 Alumni Association Information Profs get grant from Alumni Assoc. 
April 11, 1975 Dr. H. Wilbert Norton Information  Grad School to have pastors school  
April 11, 1975 Dr. Charles Hummel  News Dr. Hummel appointed to Inter - Varsity 
April 11, 1975 Election candidate News 'Record' endorses city candidates 
April 11, 1975 Record Column Here's your chance 
April 11, 1975 Tom Dahlberg Column Christians living in religious vacuum 
April 11, 1975 Cadmus Hicks Column Of Wheaton, Emperors, and art professors. 
April 11, 1975 VOX POPULI Column Political interest 
April 11, 1975 VOX POPULI Column  Vietnam opinion 
April 11, 1975 VOX POPULI Column 'True morality' 
April 11, 1975 VOX POPULI Column SAGA defended 
April 11, 1975 Chaplain Pat  Column Slow down and enjoy life 
April 11, 1975 The Arts and Entertainment Information Russian films to be shown  
April 11, 1975 Gregory Taylor Column Ambience 
April 11, 1975 Women's Glee Information Women's Glee 'Movin On' 
April 11, 1975 Mark Hollingsworth  Article  Rock of Ages 
April 11, 1975 Rich Harm Information Geo students examine Southwest 
April 11, 1975  Movie review Information Hoffman gives 'Lenny' needed lift 
April 11, 1975 Dr. Bernard Nelson News Chem Dept. receives DuPont grant 
April 11, 1975 Travel Bureau Information Travel Bureau expands operations 
April 11, 1975 Intramural sports  Sports Intramural sports conclude season 
April 11, 1975 Track men Sports Track season looks promising 
April 11, 1975 Volley ball  Sports  Crusaders nab volleyball match 
April 18, 1975 Front page Information Road show lives on in Wheaton 
April 18, 1975 Mayor Ralph Barger  News Barger wins close election 
April 18, 1975 Evangelicals National Conference News AAES reorganizes 
April 18, 1975 Student Government News Student Government stages elections 
April 18, 1975 The nation and the world News Phnom Pehn surrenders 
April 18, 1975 The nation and the world News Connally trial results in acquittal 
April 18, 1975 The nation and the world  News Oil summit seen as doubtful 
April 18, 1975 The nation and the world  News Portugese leftists solidify control 
April 18, 1975 Jim Alexander Article 'Run for yout Life' sprints on 
April 18, 1975 Medical Assitance Programs News MAP aids embattled Indochinese 
April 18, 1975 Michael Morgan  News ROTC drill sessions replaced 
April 18, 1975 Dr. John R.Sheaffer Information Wheaton to host Science Academy 
April 18, 1975 Wheaton's debate team  News Debaters place 2nd in Louisville 
April 18, 1975 Alva Steffler Information Art dept. initiates summer study tour 
April 18, 1975 Dr. Stuart Briscoe Information Another look at Stuart Briscoe 
April 18, 1975 Dr. Jack Sheaffer  Column We defeated Sheaffer 
April 18, 1975 Women's Glee club Information Glee is great 
April 18, 1975 RECORD Column Keep ROTC from courts 
April 18, 1975 Tom Wilson Column Faceless fellowship fails frailities 
April 18, 1975 Wim Butte  Column   Phony phone man gives Wim a ring 
April 18, 1975 Tom Dahlberg  Column Gain understanding of Vietnam problem 
April 18, 1975 Meagam Stuart  Column The Wheaton Student: Ten Years After 
April 18, 1975 Gale Shuler Article VOX POPULI 
April 18, 1975 VOX POPULI Column Dahlberg errs 
April 18, 1975 VOX POPULI Column Dating Guide 
April 18, 1975 VOX POPULI Column  Enraged 'engaged'l 
April 18, 1975 VOX POPULI Column Playing at Xty 
April 18, 1975 VOX POPULI Column 'Retread' responds 
April 18, 1975 VOX POPULI  Column  Lost is found 
April 18, 1975 Eric Stedfeld Article Rock - a- my - soul for SMP 
April 18, 1975 Moshien Rosen  Column Rosen speaks on'Jews for Jesus' 
April 18, 1975 Alan Ferguson Column Revival by -passes minorities 
April 18, 1975 AWS prayer News V.P. wives to share at AWS breakfast 
April 18, 1975 The Arts and Entertainment Information Book review - Bruce Olson tells of determined quest 
April 18, 1975 The Arts and Entertainment Information Beaux Arts Trio returns  
April 18, 1975 Mark Hollingsworth  Article ROCK of AGES 
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