Index to the Record, 1973 (April)-1974 (February)

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DateSubject (Personal Name or Topic)Column or SectionTopic or Title
April 13, 1973 Joy Daily  News Robert Martin is people's Choice 
April 13, 1973 Apologetic News THE LOST ALTERNATIVE 
April 13, 1973 An isolated fragment Editor VOX POPULI 
April 13, 1973 An opportunity for communication  Editor  Answer to the $1250 question 
April 13, 1973 Rich Aram's Comment Editor Five Quarters of course, are not always needed 
April 13, 1973 Don Schabler Editor Everyone else does it. 
April 13, 1973 South Korean consititution News Mourning Constitutional 
April 13, 1973 Joh Dahl  News Film Clips 
April 13, 1973 Ned Whittington News Student Government 
April 13, 1973 Ray Brand Editor A Tidy Thanks 
April 13, 1973 Harold M. Best  Editor Dis-organ-ization eschewed 
April 13, 1973 Sports Scene  Sports Crusaders drop first two 
April 13, 1973 George Rogers Sports Tennis team scores two shutouts 
April 13, 1973 Crusader hockey Sports Netminder awarded conference trophy 
April 13, 1973 Coach Lee Pfund Sports Batmen seek victory from North Park 
April 13, 1973 Dave Moorhead Sports Lady sportscaster adds unique view to baseball games 
April 13, 1973 Greg Gorsuch  News Crusaders trample competitors at meet 
April 13, 1973 Golf Club  Sports Linksmen aim for CCIW competition after season delay 
April 20, 1973 Lawrence Dorr News  Hungarian Author to Speak as English Department Guest 
April 20, 1973 Mike Anderson News  Housing Procedures Revamped 
April 20, 1973 Men's Glee Club News  European Tour Promises Much Music Many Lands  
April 20, 1973 Wilbur Rouson  News  Black Emphasis Week Sponsored by SOUL 
April 20, 1973 Ray Gorrell News  Junior Elected as CSC President in Close Voting  
April 20, 1973 Dr. Jack Sparks  News  Californian to Present His Youth Work 
April 20, 1973 Jan Van Der Waart Music  Netherlands' Male Choir to Give " Oranjeconcert" 
April 20, 1973 Edward Kocker  Information  Faculty Member Join with Local Talent for Ensemble Recital  
April 20, 1973 Tom Frazier  News  Freeman Project Expanded to Include Community Service  
April 20, 1973 Dr. Arthur Volle  News  Grading Categories Redefined  
April 20, 1973 For Lee or Not for Lee  Article  Ware-Union 
April 20, 1973 What is God's Will? Article  Jesus, Which way do I Run? 
April 20, 1973 Kevin Van Elswyk  News  Pot Shots at Disc Critic 
April 20, 1973 Kevin Dwight Van Elswyk Article  Don't Shoot Me I'm Only A Record Reviewer 
April 20, 1973 Edward Dayton Article  Is the Holy Spirit the Ultimate Controller in Christian Evangelism? 
April 20, 1973 Kathy Harrell  Letter  The Rationale Behind Fischer  
April 20, 1973 Marilyn Grimes  News  Women, Take Notes  
April 20, 1973 Dennis Smith  News  Spiritual Growth and Intellectual Stagnation 
April 20, 1973 Carl Westberge  Sports  Sports Scene  
April 20, 1973 Steve Butler  Sports  WETN Newsman in Midst of News  
April 20, 1973 Jeff Hagg Sports Volleyballers Surprise All at Invitational  
April 20, 1973 Jimn Soderberg Sports  Local Police Gunned Down by Wheaties 
April 20, 1973 Mike Sedjo Sports  Batmen Split With N. Park, 5-3, 5-4 
April 20, 1973 Jim Boutwell  Sports  Trackmen Run to Second in 8-way Meet 
April 20, 1973 Carlie Ziesemer Sports  Crusader Nine Fall to Titans in Twin Bill  
April 20, 1973 Denny Smith  Sports  Nation's Best Gymnasts Meet for Championship 
April 20, 1973 Bob Holmes  Sports  Golfers Look Towards Future for Victories  
April 20, 1973 Emily Nixon  Information  Grossing a Million 
April 27, 1973 Sammy Tippit  News Evangelist to appear with Nashville West 
April 27, 1973 Befus and Meye News Befus,Meye gain top in controversial vote 
April 27, 1973 Jim freeman News Students and merchants give to Freeman fund 
April 27, 1973 Charlie Brown News Union to present Schult's Peanuts in spring musical 
April 27, 1973 Scott Ross News WETN programming introduces Wheaton to Scott Ross Show 
April 27, 1973 Rex. D. Hicks News Variety mark concert choir's spring program 
April 27, 1973 Nancy Hofstra News AWS conventioneers share varied ideas 
April 27, 1973 Bill Henderson News Junior elected as pub. Board 73'-74' chairman 
April 27, 1973 Women's club Information Women's club honors wives of retirees 
April 27, 1973 SPRE-E '73 Article Evangelism across the Atlantic 
April 27, 1973 Kathy Tuttle Article SMPers to rock around the clock 
April 27, 1973 Dr. Morris .A. Inch Information Bible chairman publihes book on God-man relationship 
April 27, 1973 James and Marti Hefley Information New Book- A review of Christian action in Bangladesh 
April 27, 1973 Artist Series Information Upcoming Artist Series concert season dates and events annouced  
April 27, 1973 Women's Recreation Association Information WRA women to paddle up the Des Plaines river 
April 27, 1973 Gas Day News Mobil 'Gas Day' to raise funds for hostel work 
April 27, 1973 Julia Malloy` News  AWS officers elected for upcoming year 
April 27, 1973 Ned Whittington Column Lame Duck 
April 27, 1973 Alstreeter Column The grad bag 
April 27, 1973 Gene Coleman Column campus comment- Is my doctrine extreme? A memo on fellowship 
April 27, 1973 Glen Sparks Information Election day chaos 
April 27, 1973 M.J. Medhurst-Campus Comment Column More voter dissatisfaction 
April 27, 1973 Sam playfair Column campus comment - Paper pope is not the last word 
April 27, 1973  C.Dennis Hill '74 Column VOX POPULI - Men, take note 
April 27, 1973 Cadmus Hicks Column Cum Grano Salis 
April 27, 1973 Tennis team Sports Tennis Victories 
April 27, 1973 Gymnastic team Sports Gymnastics' best meet in semi-finals 
April 27, 1973 Women's Tennisteam Sports Women's tennis defeats circle in 1st home match 
April 27, 1973 Trackmen Sports Mud can't stop trackmen; two more in rain 
April 27, 1973 Paul Springer Information Beyond Blanchard 
April 27, 1973 Roger Johnson Column Sports Scene 
April 27, 1973 Golfteam Sports Putting Woes strike golfers with losses 
April 27, 1973  Baseball team Sports Batmen take two from Wesleyan 
April 27, 1973 John Lindsell Column Fiddler's covention,1973 Union Grove, North Carolina 
May 4, 1973 Mike Anderson Information Musical presentation to celebrate creativity 
May 4, 1973 Creative writing contest News Wheaties walk away with 19 awards in writing contest 
May 4, 1973 Dr. Chad Walsh News Poet to relate religion and aesthetics 
May 4, 1973 Jim Freeman News Freeman work days continue tomorrow 
May 4, 1973 Johannes Brahms News Brahm's birthday commemorated by Phemister recital 
May 4, 1973 Film Festival News Award winning films to be presented through week 
May 4, 1973 Creative art week News Concert band conclides creative arts week with musical creations 
May 4, 1973 Dr. JohnTaylor News Challenge gift boosts faculty retirement fund to $163,000 
May 4, 1973 John Lindsell Information KODON plans for upcoming year with newly elected editor 
May 4, 1973 SMP rockers  Information They keep getting richer but they can't get their picture..... 
May 4, 1973 Dr.Harold Harper News Improving reading teaching to be focus of conference 
May 4, 1973 Paul Matthews Column Reflecting commitment seen as purpose for RECORD by new editor 
May 4, 1973 Kathleen Kastner Information Percussion ensemble to be presented as a part of arts festival 
May 4, 1973 Mike McCormic  News  Student Union to Sponsor Bus to Paul Simon Concert  
May 4, 1973 Nance Wabshaw News  Lambda Iota Tau Book Sale to be Held Next Week in MSC 
May 4, 1973 Paul Springer News  Beyond Blanchard  
May 4, 1973 Ned Wittington  Article  Lame Duck  
May 4, 1973 Tom Sninner  Article  Come Out, Come Out Wherever You are  
May 4, 1973 Cadmus Hicks Article Reviving a Dated Custom  
May 4, 1973  Ralph Slater  Information  Pastiche 
May 4, 1973  Sam Playfair  Information  And the World Goes On 
May 4, 1973  Beth Bennett  Letter  Black Problem Comes to Light  
May 4, 1973  Tom Beach  Article  Infallible not Inerrant  
May 4, 1973  Dr. Ozzie Edwards  Article  Black Light  
May 4, 1973  Paul Sauer Sports  Getting in the Swing  
May 4, 1973  George Olson  Sports  Sportsters Eye Championships 
May 4, 1973  Roger Johnson  Sports  Sports Scene  
May 4, 1973  John Henderson  Sports  Crusaders Split Two With Millikin  
May 4, 1973  Jim Cosand  Sports  Tracksters Finish Fourth at Carthage  
May 11, 1973  Mr. Alva Steffler  News  Bargain Prices to Greet Art Enthusiasts at Auction  
May 11, 1973  Stu Hachett News  It's a Country How-Down; Come Stomp, Yell, Sing  
May 11, 1973  Marilyn Davis  News  Internationally Renowned Artists Exhibit Works in Freshman Dorm  
May 11, 1973  The Shhoting Gallery  News  Art Festival Features Film and Musical Programs for Children  
May 11, 1973  Arthur Katterjohn  News  Arts Festival Culminates with Varied Band Concert  
May 11, 1973  Mark Kruse  News  Opportunities ti be Present for Helping Vietnam Victims  
May 11, 1973  Cadmus Hicks  News  Faculty Evalustes Gov't. Policy  
May 11, 1973  Dr. William Kornfield  News Staff Turnover for Fall in Soc-anthro Department 
May 11, 1973  Robert Purdy  Information  Bangladesh Impressions Shared 
May 11, 1973  Johnny Zit  Information  SMP Benefit Brings Big Name Group For Campus Entertainment  
May 11, 1973  Stephen Farrar Article  At The Crossroads  
May 11, 1973  Ned Whittington  Article  Lame Duck  
May 11, 1973  Daniel Varisco  Article  One That Got Away 
May 11, 1973  Al Streeter  Article  Grad Bag 
May 11, 1973  Phil Haugen  Information  Lame Brain  
May 11, 1973  Jon Dahl  Article  Brother Sun, Sister Moon  
May 11, 1973  W. Clement Stone  Information  Just for the Record  
May 11, 1973  Mrs Ruth Bamford  Sports  Colleg Women Club Install Officers at Spring Banquet 
May 11, 1973  Cadmus Hicks  News  Oral Interpretation Skill Demonstrated in Nationals  
May 11, 1973  Dr. Donald E, Carline  News  Reading Workshop Plans for Improved Instruction  
May 11, 1973  Roger Johnson  Sports  Sports Scene 
May 11, 1973  Jim Galvin  Sports  Backeteers Emerge to Share Second in CCIW  
May 11, 1973  Dave Pierucki  Sports  Gridder Signs with Pros  
May 11, 1973  Bill Borgeson  Sports  Crusaders Batmen Continue Streak of Splitting Twin Bill  
May 18, 1973  David J. Banfield  News  ROTC Achievement Rewarded  
May 18, 1973  Roy Larsen  Information  Clark Gas Project Pumps in Dollars for Mision's Goal  
May 18, 1973  Joseph Bean  News  Faculty Elects Senate Members for New Term  
May 18, 1973  Gellert Modos  Music  Hungarian Pianist Presents Second Faculty Recital  
May 18, 1973  Clayton Halvorsen  News  Men's Glee Club Serenades Their Hometown Friends  
May 18, 1973  Betsy Ross  News  Winners Announced in Creative Arts Fest  
May 18, 1973  Dr. Harold Best  News  Scholarship Concert Aids Depleted Funds  
May 18, 1973 Dr. Carl Armeding  News  Central American Mission Honors Professor emt. 
May 18, 1973 Dr. Neal Brace  News  Research Grant to Finance Summer Study of Fluorines 
May 18, 1973 Edmund B. Wright  Music  Activities  
May 18, 1973 Dr. Erwin Rudolph  News  Library Receives Card Catalogue for Reference Room  
May 18, 1973 Is There a Meaningful Faculty Student Interactions?  News  President's Retreat Asesses Present State of the College  
May 18, 1973 Connie Kraftson  News  CSC Youth Hostel Ministry Anticipates Summer in Europe  
May 18, 1973 Paul Springer  Information  Beyond Blanchard  
May 18, 1973 Ned Whittington  Article  Lame Duck  
May 18, 1973 Tim Walvoord  Information  A Muddy Consistency  
May 18, 1973 Cadmus Hicks  Article  Cum Grano Salis  
May 18, 1973 John M. Lorimer Information Beyond the crossroads  
May 18, 1973 Roger Johnson Sports Sports Scene 
May 18, 1973 Kalamazoo Tennis Tournament Sports Wheaton Girls' tennis team scheduled for kalamazoo 
May 18, 1973 Roger Johnson Sports Big League Players discuss college ball 
May 18, 1973 Wheaton Volleyball Club Sports Volleyballers finish second in tournament 
September 28, 1973  Dr. Howard Hendrick Information Special Services Consider James  
September 28, 1973  Sixteen Full-Time Appointments  News  New Faculty Members Named  
September 28, 1973  Dr. Donald R. Mitchell News Mitchell Sees Triple Role  
September 28, 1973  National Audobon Society Infromation Conservation Films Entertain, Inform 
September 28, 1973  Nelda Mahady Article  J.R. R. 
September 28, 1973  SAGA Food Service  News  Board Costs Remain Same Despite Food Price Increase 
September 28, 1973  Larry Henry Article  S. Richey Kamm 1903-1973  
September 28, 1973  Plumb Studio  News  Faculty Leaves Plumb Speechless  
September 28, 1973  Mark Sandquist  Article  Christ Is The Rock For Hostelers  
September 28, 1973  Susan Crichton  Short Story  Student Missionaries Recall Adventures  
September 28, 1973  Wyoming Seminar  Article  Slopes Rappel Mountaineers  
September 28, 1973  Orientation Information Mamas And Papas Act 'In Loco Parentis'  
September 28, 1973  Richard Shields  News  Honey Rock . . . 
September 28, 1973  Linda Askren  Article  On Campus  
September 28, 1973  Matt Huff  Article  The Hague . . . 
September 28, 1973  Marji Wallem  Article  Black Hills . . . 
September 28, 1973  Beth Hultmann Article  Paris, France . . . 
September 28, 1973  Marcha Robinson  Article  Jerusalem, Isreal . . . 
September 28, 1973  Ralph Slater  Article  "No" Liberates Soul 
September 28, 1973  " A Grain Of Wheat" Reaped  Column Campus Comment  
September 28, 1973  Cadmus Hicks  Article  Isolation Policy Fosters Comfort  
September 28, 1973  Don Beaver  Sports  Crusaders Capitalize On Titan Mistakes  
September 28, 1973  Bob Prudy  Sports  To Be or Not To Be  
September 28, 1973  Don Beaver  Sports  Leave It To Beaver  
September 28, 1973  Cross- Country Team  Sports  Tinclads Lokk Forward To Promising Season  
September 28, 1973  Soccer Team  Sports  Bean's Booters Are Beaten  
October 5, 1973  Proposed Calender  Information Adminstration Proposes Calendar Revisions  
October 5, 1973  Raye Pankratz  Information Benefits Recitalists Aid Scholarship Fund  
October 5, 1973  " Christianity and The Occult " Article  Wheaton Graduate Discusses Occult  
October 5, 1973  Annual Conference On Writing And Literature  Information Writers Stimulate Creativity  
October 5, 1973  Dr. Beatrice Batson  News  Humanitires Gains New Chairwoman 
October 5, 1973  " Barabbas  Information Union Sponsors Gladiators  
October 5, 1973  Linda Granberg  Article  Absurdity At WETN 
October 5, 1973  Men's Glee Club Tour To Europe 1973  Article  Glee recalls Europe  
October 5, 1973  Cadmus Hicks  Article  Workshop Aids Leadership  
October 5, 1973  " A Smile Is Still A Smile" Article  Smile! It's Homecoming ! 
October 5, 1973  Motorized Micro-Film Reader  News  Microprinter Acquired  
October 5, 1973  Dr. Howard Hendricks  Article  Dr. Hendricks' Reflections  
October 5, 1973  Steve Sorenson  Short Story  Afghanistan Revisited  
October 5, 1973  Bill Beasley  Short Story  Vanguard Tales  
October 5, 1973  Donna Summerfiled  Short Story  Decisions . . . Decisions  
October 5, 1973  Kevin Johnson  Article  What, a rip-off? At Wheaton?  
October 5, 1973  Grad School Has A New Image  News  Innovations For Grads  
October 5, 1973  P. Paul Snezak  Article  Seminar Training Leads To New Post  
October 5, 1973  Karen L. Johnson  Letter  Transfer Turmoil  
October 5, 1973  A. A. Peterson 74' Letter  Football And Life  
October 5, 1973  Jim Munn, '74 Letter  Let's Have Fun  
October 5, 1973  Gene Frost '75  Letter  The Final Word  
October 5, 1973  David Shold '72  Letter  A Bid For Truth  
October 5, 1973  Jan Neumann '76  Column Vox Populi 
October 5, 1973  John Luginbuhl '74  Column Vox Populi  
October 5, 1973  Greg Taylor  Article  Ambience  
October 5, 1973  Cadmus Hicks  News  Supreme Court Decisions Face Wheaton  
October 5, 1973  Who's A Christian? Column Campus Comment  
October 5, 1973  Is There Reason?  Column Campus Comment  
October 5, 1973  Don Beaver  Sports  Leave It To Beaver  
October 5, 1973  Mark Bender  Sports  Intramurals Look Forward  
October 5, 1973  Soccer Team  Sports  Enthusiastic Soccer Team 
October 5, 1973  Football Sports  Crusaders Fall To Carthage  
October 5, 1973  Harriers  Sports  Runners Saved At Grace  
October 12, 1973  Dave Befus News  The revised Calendar Rejected  
October 12, 1973  Dave Cook  News  Campus Clean-up Curbs Cobwebs  
October 12, 1973  Bill Henderson  News  Danforth Scholars Begin Competition  
October 12, 1973  Walter Goldschmidt Music  Strauss Symphony Serenades 
October 12, 1973  Golden Anniversary of Home Coming  News  Golden Homecoming Summons Nostalgia  
October 12, 1973  Nelda Mahady News  Sullivan Shocks Students  
October 12, 1973  Larry Henry  News  Stormin Norman Chats On 
October 12, 1973  Scott Smith  News  Forensics Take Top in Energy Debate  
October 12, 1973  Nadine G. Smith  News  Soul Gains Advisor  
October 12, 1973  Kristi Wheeler  News  Theatrical Finger Painting  
October 12, 1973  Marji Wallens  Information  Island Classroom Introduced  
October 12, 1973  Cadmus Hicks  Article  Cum Grano Salis  
October 12, 1973  James Melough Letter  Illegal Procedure?  
October 12, 1973  Tour at Folsom Prision  Letter  Ra Dispute  
October 12, 1973  Sue Dunlap  Information  I am a Prisoner- Please Write to Me 
October 12, 1973  Duane Allman  Information  Allman Brothers- Another Peach  
October 12, 1973  Mac and Don  Letter  That is absured we are (Censored) 
October 12, 1973  Jon Lederhouse  Article  Praise Where Prays is Due  
October 12, 1973  Glenn Spark  Letter  Did I say That? 
October 12, 1973  Mike Swider  Sports  Crusaders Sing The Blues  
October 12, 1973  Don Beaver  Sports  Leave it To Beaver  
October 12, 1973  Dave Pierucki  Sports  Beyond Mccully  
October 12, 1973  John Abisamra  Sports  Intramurals Expand 
October 12, 1973  Jim Vander  Sports  Runners Polish Up; Hope For Hardware  
October 12, 1973  Paula James  Sports  Stickwomen Aim/ To Hold Up Title  
October 12, 1973  Tom Kraakevik  Sports  Lake Forest Down, Principia to Go 
October 12, 1973  Col. Charles Willis  News  Ex Air force Pilot Comes Down to Earth 
October 12, 1973  Karen Keener News  Girls Come to Attention  
October 12, 1973  Mark Sandquist  Sports  Riflemen Divide and Conguer 
October 12, 1973  Where the Saints Go Marching On  News  Where The Saints Go Marching On -Rise and Shine  
October 19, 1973  Robert Bartel News  Lewis Lore Received  
October 19, 1973  Douglas Gilbert  News  Biography Released  
October 19, 1973  Miss Miriam Hunter  Music  Artist Saluted by World 
October 19, 1973  Brian Parker  News  Wheaton Debaters Down Northwestern  
October 19, 1973  Mr. Clarence Young  News  Fun and Games in MSC Lounge 
October 19, 1973  Lois McClosky  News  Wheaties Renovate San Francisco 
October 19, 1973  John A. Huffman  News  News Briefs 
October 19, 1973  Dr. M. James Young News  Dramatic Artists Gain New Director  
October 19, 1973  Dr. Kenneth M. Sayre News  Philosophical Conference Scheduled 
October 19, 1973  Mrs Jo Anne Grinder  News  English: A Foreign Language  
October 19, 1973  Claudia Jones  News  Koinonia Worship: Praise and Fellowship  
October 19, 1973  Scott Westrem  News The Back Seat of a Fiord 
October 19, 1973  Ruth Purvis  News  Navigators Guide Spiritual Course  
October 19, 1973  Jane Johnson  Information  Senior Bench ; Long Lost Tradition  
October 19, 1973  Dick Shields  Information  100 Runs: A Pace Odyssey  
October 19, 1973  Linda Granberg Information  Enlightened Women Pass The Candle  
October 19, 1973  S. Richey Kamm  Article  Dr. S. Richey Kamm: A Tribute  
October 19, 1973  Harold Bratt Article  Dr. S. Richey Kamm: A Tribute  
October 19, 1973  Robert Frederich  Information  Poverty or Power Struggle 
October 19, 1973  Susan Crichton  News  Dance Offers Praise in Creative Liturgy 
October 19, 1973  Donna Pruett  Article  Who is This Man and is He Still Saying These Things?  
October 19, 1973  Greg Taylor  Article  Ambience  
October 19, 1973  Dennis Hill  Article  A Token Memorial Service  
October 19, 1973  Joan Wilson  Sports  Field Hockey: Goalies Eye View  
October 19, 1973  Mike Swider  Sports  Crusaders Crush Cardinals 
October 19, 1973  Gill Waterman  Sports  Wheaties Take Third in Soggy Contest 
October 19, 1973  Kevin Johnson  News  Fishing Skill Class Hooks Students  
October 19, 1973  Mark Ross  Sports  Principia Boosters Hold Out for Tie  
October 19, 1973  Ron Johnson  Sports  Intramurals Touchdown  
November 2, 1973 Katie Stahlings  News  Mamas And Papas Invade Campus  
November 2, 1973 1974-75 Calendar Information Revised . . .Revised. . .And Revised  
November 2, 1973 Dr. W. Stanford Reid  Information Historian Intrgrates Heritage With Faith  
November 2, 1973 New Briefs  Column News Briefs  
November 2, 1973 Dr. James Kraakevik  News  Sudan Seeks Aid From Wheatonites  
November 2, 1973 Faculty Fall Workshop  News  Students Play School For Ed Class  
November 2, 1973 Student Bills News  Telephone Ring Up $4,000 Bill  
November 2, 1973 Sandra Dorland Article  Priest Confesses Insolation Of faith  
November 2, 1973 Dick Shields  Information Brave Soles Trod 100 Mile Course  
November 2, 1973 Larry Henry  Article  Arabian Knight Becomes Exile  
November 2, 1973 Who is this man. . .And Why Is He Still Saying These Things? Article  Who is this man. . .And Why Is He Still Saying These Things? 
November 2, 1973  Student Government  News  Govermnent Introduces Ideology  
November 2, 1973  Greg Taylor  Column Ambience  
November 2, 1973  Cadmus Hicks Column Cum Grano Salis  
November 2, 1973  Stephen Farra  Article  Our False Certainity  
November 2, 1973  Wallace King, '74  Column Campus Comment  
November 2, 1973  Mariam Hunter  Vox Populi  Passing The Praise On 
November 2, 1973  John Taylor  Column Vox Populi  
November 2, 1973  John M. Lorimer Article  Fish Cheer Echoes As Game Plays On  
November 2, 1973  P.E. Department  Sports  Physical Fitness Can Be Fun!  
November 2, 1973  Football Sports  Merchants Honor Griddlers  
November 2, 1973  Tom Bleed  Sports  Merchants Honor Gridders  
November 2, 1973  Gymnastics  Sports  Gymnasts Hopeful For Coming Season  
November 2, 1973  Harriers  Sports  Bluejays Fly Over Crusaders  
November 2, 1973  Cross- Country  Sports  Thinclads Trimmed In Bradley Meet  
November 2, 1973  Soccer Team Sports  Crusaders Paw Depauw Booters  
November 9, 1973  Scott Jones Article  Backstage Thoughts: People Without Props  
November 2, 1973  Detroit Symphony Orchestra  Information Michgan Musicans Symphonize Tonight  
November 9, 1973  Nelda Mahady  Information Curtain Rises On Fall Day  
November 9, 1973  Annual Archeology Conference  Information Speakers Unearth Buried Treasures  
November 9, 1973  Just What The Doctor Ordered. . . Article  Just What The Doctor Orderd. . . 
November 9, 1973  Nelda Mahady  Article  Morality Of War Or Don't Cross This Line  
November 9, 1973  News Brief  Column News Brief  
November 9, 1973  David Miller  News  R.A Selection Scheduled  
November 9, 1973  Steve Sorenson  Article  Periphery Of A Vision 
November 9, 1973  Larry Ross  Article  Sophs Triumphant In 100 runs  
November 9, 1973  Carol Littlejohn Article  Outreach Permeates Intellectual French  
November 9, 1973  Dr. Billy Graham  News  Graham Focus For Grad School 
November 9, 1973  Gary Dreibelbis  Article  Scott Ross Show -New Twist To Radio 
November 9, 1973  Jim Bergwill Article  Simplicity Dilemma For religious Artists  
November 9, 1973  Jane Johnson '75  Article  Communication Gap Evident  
November 9, 1973  "Summer Revolution" Article  Invading Culture In Multi Program  
November 9, 1973  Dale Hanson  Article  " Of God And Men" A Picture Book Tract  
November 9, 1973  Bob Purdy Article  Advertising For Eternity  
November 9, 1973  Larry Henry  Article  Channelling T.V. For Christiainity  
November 9, 1973  Busyness Column Campus Comment 
November 9, 1973  Chris Rohner, '75  Column S.G. Chapel Response  
November 9, 1973  John M. Lorimer  Column Coming Up To Reality  
November 9, 1973  Who Is This Man. . .And Why Is He Still Saying These Things  Column Who Is This Man. . . And Why Is He Still Saying These Things? 
November 9, 1973  Volleyball Sports  Women's Volleyball Spikes For Victory  
November 9, 1973  Paula James  Sports  Hockey Girls Lick  
November 9, 1973  Randy Lutz  Sports  Crusaders Tie Fourth Time  
November 9, 1973  Swim Team Sports  Swimmers will Splash For California Cash  
November 9, 1973  Cross- Country  Sports  Wheaties Flourish In Cross Country  
November 9, 1973  NFL  Sports  Beyond Mc Cully  
November 9, 1973  John Abismara  Sports  Ask Abi  
November 9, 1973  Baseball Sports  Griddlers Rip North Park 28-7 
November 16, 1973  Bonne Hemminger  Article  Artist Show Off In Profs' Exhibit  
November 16, 1973  Nelda Mahady  News  Kilby Named Author Of Year  
November 16, 1973  Food For The Hungry  News  Student Funds Aid Starving Children  
November 16, 1973  Wheaton's Dramatic History  Information Return Performance 
November 16, 1973  Edithe Alesse Article  Literary Society Strives For Excellence  
November 16, 1973  Jane Johnson  Article  Christian Views Watergate  
November 16, 1973  Sanda Dorland  Article  History Considered In Christian Context  
November 16, 1973  Sally Ahlbrecht  Article  Oral Interpretation Opens Opportunities  
November 16, 1973  Marianne Meye News  Student Authoress Edits Concordance  
November 16, 1973  Tom Wilson  Article  Swinging Your Partner  
November 16, 1973  Steve Farra Article  Fall Play Review  
November 16, 1973  Neal Williams '76 Column Vox Populi  
November 16, 1973  William Berry '67 Column Vox Populi  
November 16, 1973  Cadmus Hicks  Column Cum Grano Salis  
November 16, 1973  Jane Johnson  Column Campus Comment  
November 16, 1973  Greg Taylor Column Ambience  
November 16, 1973  Lane Evensen '75  Column Campus Comment  
November 16, 1973  Chaplain Patterson  Article  Ex Cathedra  
November 16, 1973  Dave Demeter  Sports  Canceled With Hopes Of Revision  
November 16, 1973  John Abisamra  Sports  Ask Abi  
November 16, 1973  Russell Rowe  Sports  Sports World  
November 16, 1973  Cross-Country  Sports  Over Hill, Over Dale C. C On The Trail  
November 16, 1973  John Abisamra  Sports  A Conversion Experience  
November 16, 1973  John Abisamra  Sports  A Challenging Week Kept Booters Busy  
November 16, 1973  Gellert Modos  Information Musician's Album Is Released  
November 16, 1973  Kevin Johnson Article  Snow Camp Offers Unique Opportunity  
November 16, 1973  Wheaton College Heating Plant  Column News Brief  
November 16, 1973  Jack L. Swartz  News  Is There A Doc On The Field? 
November 30, 1973  Dr. Donald Mitchell  Article  That Long And Winding Road . . . . . .As We Go Trucking Home  
November 30, 1973  The College Symphony Orchestra  Column News Brief s 
November 30, 1973  Bonne Hemminger  Article  Gettin' In The Spirit Of Things Handel-ly 
November 30, 1973  Christmas Candle Festival  Article  Pages Recalled From A Child's Christmas  
November 30, 1973  Urbana '73  News  Urbana '73 Attracts Students  
November 30, 1973  Steve Danish  Article  The Orient: In Touch Today  
November 30, 1973  Lilly Foundation News  A Welcome Mat For Woodrow Wilson  
November 30, 1973  Nelda Mahady Article One Library Shelf Not Collecting Dust  
November 30, 1973  Dacca, Bangladesh  News  Books For Bangladesh  
November 30, 1973  Wheaton College Students  Article  Wheaties Recruit Wheaties  
November 30, 1973  Interchristo International Christian Organization News  Christian Computer Places lost Souls  
November 30, 1973  Paul H. Virts  Article  Meeting The Text; A Final Author(ity) 
November 30, 1973  Debate To Win  News  Resolved : Debate Is Unbeatable  
November 30, 1973  Judy Fulop  Article  They Shall Be Doers As They Go  
November 30, 1973  Larry Ross  Article  A Rockinghouse Can Either Win or Lose  
November 30, 1973  The Computer  News  Life At The Touch Of A Button  
November 30, 1973  David McDonald  Article  Community Life Apartment Style  
November 30, 1973  David McDonald  Article  A Wise Man Built His House  
November 30, 1973  David McDonald  Article  Outside Houses Are Our Kind Of Places  
November 30, 1973  Ruth Frey  Article  The Synthesis Of One Mind in The Majority  
November 30, 1973  Jane Johnson  Article  A Question Of Int'l Survival  
November 30, 1973  Katie Stallings  Article  WC Asian Invasion Suffers Birthpangs  
November 30, 1973  Sanda Dorland  Article  Diversity: A Word With A N.J. Accent  
November 30, 1973  Larry Ross And Neal Williams  Column Exit Cathedra  
November 30, 1973  Ralph Slater  Article  Truth, Let It Stand  
November 30, 1973  Neil Neilson '76  Column Vox Populi  
November 30, 1973  Richard Carlson '75  Column Vox Populi  
November 30, 1973  Camus Hicks  Column Cum Grano Salis  
November 30, 1973  Leonard Gales  Letter  "Don't cage Me In"  
November 30, 1973  Ka Tong Gaw  Column Campus Comment 
November 30, 1973  Gene Coleman '76  Article  Open Mine Eyes That I Meet See  
November 30, 1973  Chaplain patterson  Column Ex Cathedra  
November 30, 1973  Tennis  Sports  After The Nets Are Dropped  
November 30, 1973  John Abismra  Sports  Ask Abi  
November 30, 1973  In Search of A Mate  Article  Problem Of Mate Checked  
November 30, 1973  Cross- Country  Sports  Trackmen Truck Into Full Gear  
November 30, 1973  Bobby Lenord  Sports  Sports World  
November 30, 1973  Liberal Arts College Tournment  Sports  Tournment Brings Defeat  
November 30, 1973  Ski Club Sports  Snowing Campus In With Flakey Details  
November 30, 1973  Hockey  Sports  Women Giftwrap Hockey Season  
November 30, 1973  Soccer  Sports  Soccer Spirit High Despite Setbacks  
November 30, 1973  Cross- Country  Sports  Seen From The Fifty Yard Line  
November 30, 1973  Cross Country  Sports  Thinclads Propose One Option For Life  
November 30, 1973  Swimming  Sports  Swimmers Brush Up For '74 Season  
November 30, 1973  Wrestling  Sports  Matmen Arise From Depth  
November 30, 1973  Skaters  Sports  Rink Action Closer To Home  
November 30, 1973  John Paul Benton  Sports  Third Year May be Charm For BB Title  
January 11, 1974 Jeff Beaumont News Campus Radio Station gains new manager 
January 11, 1974 Bonne Hemminger News Wanted : Wheaton-brand sundance kids 
January 11, 1974 John Lindsell News Wanted: Hidden Talent for Publication 
January 11, 1974 David Miller News Mission emphasis hits home 
January 11, 1974 Ed Meyer News Founder's Day honours historian post mortem 
January 11, 1974 Jane Johnson News Snow camp-the white way to go 
January 11, 1974 Dave Miller News leaving Urbana behind; meeting the world ahead 
January 11, 1974 Linda Granberg News Hawaii says aloha to women's glee 
January 11, 1974 Mrs. Sarah Eggerichs News Educational Graffitti writes on 
January 11, 1974 Linda White News Wheaties Campaign in respect for resources 
January 11, 1974 R. H. Brand News Environmental Science: fundamental conservation 
January 11, 1974 Dr. Brand News Lincoln marsh goes under 
January 11, 1974 Ken Hoglund News A drop in the bucket is worth two in the river 
January 11, 1974 Tom Dahlberg News "the exorcist"-a power struggle 
January 11, 1974 Sarah Brooks News Building the wheaton body 
January 11, 1974 Cadmus Hicks Information Cum Grano Salia 
January 11, 1974 Ralph Slater Information Wheaton ideals fog clear vision 
January 11, 1974 Dale Hanson Information Growing up to reality 
January 11, 1974 John M. Lorimer Information Muckracker 
January 11, 1974 Editor Column Vox Populi 
January 11, 1974 Duke Nielsen Sports hockey team freezes in new year's effort 
January 11, 1974 John Swider Sports Crusader wrestlers returning to action 
January 11, 1974 Sports Team Sports Wheaton jocks never rest 
January 11, 1974 Freshman Swimmer Sports California dreamin' becomes a reality 
January 11, 1974 Game of Life Information Rules of play 
January 11, 1974 Steve Clum Sports Tough competition for travelling Crusaders 
January 11, 1974 Intramural Table Tennis Sports Pool sharks cued in by intramural dept 
January 11, 1974 Rick Clark News BB leagues set to compete 
January 11, 1974 Russel Rowe Sports Sports World 
January 11, 1974 Wheatonn Swim Team Sports Prospects look bright for Wheaton aquamen 
January 11, 1974 John Abisamra News Rare gifts of spirit in holiday sports 
January 18, 1974 Dr. Henry Nelson News  Wheaton Loses Dean ; Gains Vice President  
January 18, 1974  " Florida Cypress Sanctuary: Fisheating Creek" Information Getting Back To Nature A- Cinematic Adventure  
January 18, 1974  Blood Drive  Information Blood Bank Interest Saves Lives  
January 18, 1974  Bonne Hemminger  Information Missionary Programs Present Total Picture  
January 18, 1974  News Briefs News  News Briefs  
January 18, 1974  Art Department  Article  Water Coloring Aids Ceramic Expression 
January 18, 1974  Georgianna Kousnetz  Article  Getting Business Practically  
January 18, 1974  Sue Dunlap Article  Johnathan Blanchard Society Toppling Those Ivory Towers  
January 18, 1974  Chaplian Patterson Column Ex Cathedra  
January 18, 1974  Jan Neumann '76  Article  World watches While We Play The Name Game  
January 18, 1974  Rich Yeskoo, '75 Column Vox Populi 
January 18, 1974  Steve Posegate, '76  Letter  A Matter Of Individual Discretion, Again  
January 18, 1974  Cindy Kurrasch '74  Letter  Exorxist- threatening Our Complacent Ideals  
January 18, 1974  Coach Nielsen  Sports  Crusaders Skate Over Trinity Xian  
January 18, 1974  Gymnastics  Sports Gymnasts Improve By Leaps And Bounds  
January 18, 1974  Basketball  Sports  Wheaties Recuperate To Crush Carthage  
January 18, 1974  Dick Roskam  Sports  Record Performances  
January 18, 1974  Swimming  Sports  Swimmers Capture Third Place Slot  
January 25, 1974  Dr. Henry Nelson Article  Faculty And Students Share High Cost Of Living  
January 25, 1974  News Briefs  News  News Briefs  
January 25, 1974  Dr. James F. Engel  Article  Engel Says Church Should Relieve Itch  
January 25, 1974  Wheaton Concert Band  Information Symphony Features Wild Winds  
January 25, 1974  Glenn Wallis And The Fuzi-Wall Folk Band  Information Student Union Hosts Fuzi-Wall Folk Band  
January 25, 1974  Mr. Leo Cyr  Article  Diplomacy Topic For First Wilson Lecture  
January 25, 1974  Associated Women's Society Information Little Siblings Join campus This Weekend  
January 25, 1974  Debate Squad  News  Wheaton Debating Squad  
January 25, 1974  The Washington Banquet Information Washington Invites You To His Party  
January 25, 1974  Billy Graham  Arrticle  Billy Graham On Richard Nixon And Watergate  
January 25, 1974  David John McQuilkin, '75  Article  'All That We Love Deeply...' 
January 25, 1974  Tim W. Bartel, '77 Article  Noble Student Criticizes Blood Money  
January 25, 1974  C. Hicks  Article  Racism : Enlightening Archaic Views  
January 25, 1974  Ralph Slater  Article  American Rip-Off (Or) Citizens Fight Back!  
January 25, 1974  Chaplian Patterson  Column Ex Cathedra  
January 25, 1974  Janice Goddard, '74  Letter  Forsaking Dissent-- Where Do We Go Now?  
January 25, 1974  Don Lemon, '75 Article  Meaningful relations Thrive In Well Done Atmosphere  
January 25, 1974  Jim Munn, '74  Article  A Warm Moment Reflects Communal Love Of Cross  
January 25, 1974  A Sin Is A Sin Is A Sin. . . Article  A Sin Is A Sin Is A Sin. . . 
January 25, 1974  Scott Jones Information Henry (666) kissenger- playing number games 
January 25, 1974  The Denizens of Traber 74-76 Information Panty Raid Retaliation Revisited 
January 25, 1974  Editor Column VOX POPULI 
January 25, 1974  Greg Taylor Information Ambience 
January 25, 1974  Robb Parmelee Information Wheaton rapists exposed 
January 25, 1974  Coach Nielsen Sports Duke praises solid icemen 
January 25, 1974  Wheaton hockey crusaders Sports Skaters freeze cliff-hanger vanquishing joilet i.c 3-2 
January 25, 1974  Wheaton swimmers Sports Swimmers drown millikin and bradley 
January 25, 1974  Dick Roskam  Sports Record -setting meet skies gymnasts away 
January 25, 1974  John Abisamra Information Ask Abi 
January 25, 1974  Basketball Team Sports Exciting week of play finds bb men on bottom 
January 25, 1974  Wheaton Women Volleyball Sports Victorious volleyer recalls 5-0 season 
January 25, 1974  Wheaton College Wrestlers Sports Wheaton matmen wrestle in macmurray tournament 
February 1, 1974  Wheaton Washington Banquet News History Highlights George's Banquet 
February 1, 1974  Arthur Katterjoin News Orchestra performs after whirlwind tour 
February 1, 1974  Water Conservation News Williston girls prove to be driest bunch on campus 
February 1, 1974  Student Missionary Project News Far away places greet smp 
February 1, 1974  Creative Arts Week News Entries solicited for creative arts week 
February 1, 1974  Dr. Douglas Stewart Information Monday's speaker provokes thought 
February 1, 1974  Joy Elasky News Fall quarter in California 
February 1, 1974  Dr. Lindsell News Evangelicalism meets world affairs head on 
February 1, 1974  John Lorimer Information A case where the end does not justify the means 
February 1, 1974  Editor Column VOX POPULI 
February 1, 1974  Steven Hein Information Seek out loners and misfits 
February 1, 1974  David McQuilkin News Students rally for the cause water becomes scapegoat  
February 1, 1974  Chaplian Patterson Information EX CATHEDRA 
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