Index to the Record, 1972 (October)-1973 (April)

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DateSubject (Personal Name or Topic)Column or SectionTopic or Title
October 6, 1972  Annual Conference Of Faith and History  Information Faith and History Conference To Be Held At Wheatom This Year  
October 6, 1972  Homecoming  Information Homecoming Games And Concerts Cater To Students And Alumni  
October 6, 1972  Senator George McGovern Information George McGovern To Address Student Government Convocation  
October 6, 1972  Dr. Edmund Clowney  Information Dr. Edmund Clowney Featured In This Week's Special Services  
October 6, 1972  Caroline E. Walz  Information Art Exhibition Being Displayed In MSC  
October 6, 1972  Orientation News  My Fair Wheatie Orients freshmen To Wheaton Drama  
October 6, 1972  American Alumni Council News  Voluntary Giving By Wheaton Alumni Earns High Honors  
October 6, 1972  Overenrollment  Article  Overenrollment Forces Innovation In Housing  
October 6, 1972  Reverend Leroy Patterson  News  Rev. Patterson Assumes Role As New Chaplain  
October 6, 1972  Robert Baptista  News  Baptista Announces Twelve Full-Time Faculty Appointments For 1972-1973  
October 6, 1972  SAGA Service  News  New Equipment Provides Improved Dining Hall Service  
October 6, 1972  Homecoming  Information Traber Hall To Be Dedicated During Homecoming Activities  
October 6, 1972  Albert J. Smith  News  Smith Recieves Ph.D. in Biology From U. Of Chicago  
October 6, 1972  Ralph Slater  Column facing Off  
October 6, 1972  Steve Farra Column Music From The Ground  
October 6, 1972  Kevin Johnson  Article All The News That's Fit To Print  
October 6, 1972  Bill Hyer  Article  Living Water  
October 6, 1972  RECORD Music Critic  Column The Critic  
October 6, 1972  Ned Whittington  Column Studetn Government  
October 6, 1972  Soccer  Sport Soccer Victory Over Aurora Mirror Last Season  
October 6, 1972  Cross- Country  Sports  Two Freshmen Start Strong In CC Opener  
October 6, 1972  Chicago's NBA Bulls Sports  Veteran Bulls vs. Buffalo Braves In final Exhibition Game Tomorrow  
October 6, 1972  Baseball Sports  Wheaton Passing To Take On Millikin Rushing  
October 6, 1972  Football Sports  Wheaton Gridders Suffers Under Wesleyan Passing Onslaught  
October 6, 1972  Soccer  Sports  Well-Played Soccer Match Ends In Over-Time Defeat  
October 6, 1972  Paul Springer Column Beyound Blanchard  
October 13, 1972  Rev. John Stott Information Rev. Stott To Lecture Here As CCC Guest  
October 13, 1972  William Rust  Article  Wheaton Draws Graduates Back  
October 13, 1972  Homecoming Information Glee Clubs Concert Band Together Sat. 
October 13, 1972  Homecoming Information Fiddler Excerpts, Music Form Homecoming Program  
October 13, 1972  Patti Throw  News  Dollar Deposit - Fun Return On Root Beer Band Tunes  
October 13, 1972  Kevin Dwight Van Elswyk  Article  Christian Party Eschewed As Impossible  
October 13, 1972  Relly Storer  Column OPINES. . . 
October 13, 1972  Rich Yeskoo '75  Column Campus Comment  
October 13, 1972  Senator George McGovern  Article  Inconsistency Seen In Student Responses  
October 13, 1972  Senator George McGovern  Article  McGovern: Edman Chapel October 11, 1972  
October 13, 1972  Gary Sloan  Article  In Parables He Spoke  
October 13, 1972  Steve Farra  Article  Transperancy Of Talk Felt  
October 13, 1972  Jon Dahl Article  Film Clips  
October 13, 1972  Dr. Robert Baptista  Article  Adminstrative Tasks Are Shared By Faculty  
October 13, 1972  Dr. Clyde Kilby  News  C.S Lewis Collection Given $3,500  
October 13, 1972  OFF THE RECORD  Information Sacred Music Concert  
October 13, 1972  Margret Ann Mihalko  Information Mihalko To Give Senior Rectial  
October 13, 1972  Bill Newbrander  News  Young Intern Program Expands To New School  
October 13, 1972  Crusader Harriers  Sports  Former Runner Is New CC Coach  
October 13, 1972  Distinguished Military Students  News  ROTC Cadets Given Honors For Excellence  
October 13, 1972  SMP Project  News  Hostel Youth Evangelized  
October 13, 1972  David Bellinger  News  Wheaton Grad To Show Painting In MSC Exhibit  
October 13, 1972  Matt Huff News  International Opportunities Opened To Students By CCC 
October 13, 1972  Paul Avila  News  Soccer Star Succumbs To Cancer  
October 13, 1972  Soccer Team  Sports  St. Louis U. Dominates Soccer, 5-0 
October 13, 1972  Cross- Country  Sports  CC Runners Are Seventh At N.Central  
October 13, 1972  Bill Hyer  News  Wayne's Miracle For Others  
October 20, 1972 Dr. Lorentzen News Christian Lit. subject of conference 
October 20, 1972 James E. Johnson News Navy secretary to give message in SG chapel 
October 20, 1972 Dr. Stuart Hackett News Big Stu to stir students to clap, sing, and stomp 
October 20, 1972 Ruth Slenczynska News Music teachers sponsor recital by famous pianist 
October 20, 1972 Edward A.Cording  News Conservatory's past director gets award 
October 20, 1972 Paul Bradshaw News Army ROTC cadets attend convention in Washington DC 
October 20, 1972 Bob Dye News Riflers outshot by DePauw U in first match 
October 20, 1972 Scott Frizen News Chute club members to jump again Sunday 
October 20, 1972 Tom Fowler News Pen sale hoped to draw funds 
October 20, 1972 Politics News Party differences key to voting 
October 20, 1972 David L. Parker News Bookview 
October 20, 1972 Heavenly Father Article Fruit of the Vine 
October 20, 1972 Mr. Tom Meloy News VOX POPULI 
October 20, 1972 Melding needed News The Lost Prespective 
October 20, 1972 George McGovern News Emphasis shift to civil crises needed 
October 20, 1972 Dr. Clarence B. Hale News Nixon: re-election choice 
October 20, 1972 Dennis Hill News McGovern sensitive to fellow man 
October 20, 1972 Tom Paulsen News McGovern policies not seen as isolationist 
October 20, 1972 Lyle Schrag News Leadership needed 
October 20, 1972 Wesley M. Jacobsen News Nixon has clearcut superiority 
October 20, 1972 Professor Don Lake News Wheaton Vanguards 
October 20, 1972 Larry Sherman  Sports Crusader soccer routs DePauw, 5-0 
October 20, 1972 Joe Ranney Sports CC harriers sweep by two in double dual 
October 20, 1972 Ed Thompson Sports Turfmen trounce North Central 
October 27, 1972 Irene Kremidas News Intenationals elect officers for new year 
October 27, 1972 Mr. Steffler News American artists are new collection theme 
October 27, 1972 James Bergwall News "Directory" highlights Reading Hour 
October 27, 1972 Stu Hackett News Country band to give free concert in Pierce 
October 27, 1972 Dr. Smart News Philosophy scholar to head conference 
October 27, 1972 Northern Illinois University News Woven hangings scheduled for professor exhibit 
October 27, 1972 George Krem News Faculty music recital to feature trombonist Monday 
October 27, 1972 Responsbile Leadership News Responsibility is workshop topic 
October 27, 1972 Sister Elizabeth News Sisters show love of God through charity 
October 27, 1972 Dr. John R. Stott News Guest lecturer stresses "mind" 
October 27, 1972 Drs. Lois News CE Departement has rainy retreat gets it together 
October 27, 1972 Paul Mahady News Debate team strong, has young members 
October 27, 1972 Professor Schulte Nordholt News Dutch economist is expert on Americans 
October 27, 1972 Burt Bacharach News Opportunities offered to amateur composers 
October 27, 1972 Tom Dahlberg News On the Tradition behind Liberty 
October 27, 1972 Campbell McConnell News Conservatism Christianity 
October 27, 1972 Dr. JohnStott News VOX POPULI 
October 27, 1972 Carl F. H. Henry News In Parables He Spoke By Gary Sloan 
October 27, 1972 B. F. Skinner Article Can Faith, Learning always mix ? 
October 27, 1972 Wheaton's Bomber football Sports Women's field hockey sees undefeated season ahead 
October 27, 1972 Bob Martin Sports Crusaders stopped cold 
October 27, 1972 Larry Swanson Sports Harriers held back by hazardous weather 
October 27, 1972 Jimmy Lane  Sports Trinity stomped by strong soccer 
November 3, 1972 David Lawrenz News Variety of activity planned for parents 
November 3, 1972 William J. Kornfield News Three Wheaton speakers to dig ancient conference  
November 3, 1972 Jim Bergwall News Witchcraft to be subject of fall drama 
November 3, 1972 Gary Dreibelbis News Proceeds from marathon to help Wary 
November 3, 1972 Alexander Hamilton News Truth concerning secret societies revealed at last  
November 3, 1972 Dr. Fee News Dr. Fee is people person 
November 3, 1972 Hal C. Wingo News Writer's delight 
November 3, 1972 Mrs L'Engle News Story by Bob Tomchik 
November 3, 1972 Dale Thompson News Thompson finds running ad beats running CC 
November 3, 1972 Steve Farra News Morning has broken 
November 3, 1972 Sam Playfair Article The Lost Perspective 
November 3, 1972 Dr. Lower News OPINES 
November 3, 1972 John 16:13 Article The Water Brooks 
November 3, 1972 Steve Farra News VOX POPULI 
November 3, 1972 Karl Johnson News Wabash Gaints hand Crusaders big upset 
November 3, 1972 Dave Knipel News A Love Story 
November 3, 1972 Roger Johnson News Sports Scene 
November 3, 1972 Joe Ranney News Freshmen run to strong second 
November 3, 1972 Elmhurst  Sports Rushing Bluejays beat passing Crusaders 
November 3, 1972 John Crosby News Augie Bombers pass to 17-8 victory Monday 
November 10, 1972 November eleventh News Parents' Day 
November 10, 1972 Philita Bush News Faculty pushing for lounge privileges 
November 10, 1972 C.S. Lewis  News Pictures, plays and folktales make up Kodon 
November 10, 1972 Van Elswyk  News Final floor of Tower installed 
November 10, 1972 Jonathan Livingston Article A Love Story 
November 10, 1972 Advaita Vedanta Hinduism News Philosophers compare religions 
November 10, 1972 Tom Lehe News Students may serve community teenagers 
November 10, 1972 Pam MacDonald News AWS probes roles of sexes at Wheaton 
November 10, 1972 Harvey Chrouser News Winter retreat offers good fun and PE credit 
November 10, 1972 Rev. Gaudly News This is Grad Bag 
November 10, 1972 Don Vito Corleone Article Film Clips 
November 10, 1972 Christ Centered Life News The Water Brooks 
November 10, 1972 Mike Linton News The Critic 
November 10, 1972 Jonathan Blanchards News In Parables He Spoke By Gary Sloan 
November 10, 1972 Dick Larsen Sports When Janie comes march home 
November 10, 1972 Luz Alvino News SOUL bake sale aids Peurto Rican schools 
November 10, 1972 Anita Bryant News Players present musical-drama Wed. 
November 10, 1972 Dr. Webber News Dr. Webber makes his students think 
November 10, 1972 Laurence McEwen News Beyond Blanchard 
November 10, 1972 Bob Fabrizio Sports Ironmen Tempered By North Park 30-27 
November 10, 1972 Mike Butler Sports Outsiders Left Out In Championship Bid 
November 10, 1972 Paul Smith Sports Harried Thinclads Run To Fifth-Place 
November 10, 1972 Cindy Wiese Sports Enthusiastic girsls add final jewel to Hockey Crown 
November 10, 1972 Gil Dodds Sports Sports Scene 
November 10, 1972 Dave Kampa Sports Wheaton to host 550 NCAA's best runners 
November 17, 1972  Wheaton Oratorio Society  Information Oratorio Society Sings Messiah  
November 17, 1972  Matt Huff Article  The Association Concert To Benefit All Students  
November 17, 1972  Abortion  Article  Abortion For Some , For All , For None? 
November 17, 1972  Alumnus Program  News  General Electric Employees Give Over $18,000 To Wheaotn  
November 17, 1972  Martin Medhurst Article  Of The People By The People  
November 17, 1972  Jim Duncan  News  "Beef Board" Posted To Aid Food Service  
November 17, 1972  Paul Springer  Column Beyond Blanchard  
November 17, 1972  Rich Aram  News  SAGA Pushes Mixed Jellies Over Counters 
November 17, 1972  Bill Hyer  Column Living Water  
November 17, 1972  Fruit Of The Vine  Column Fruit Of The Vine  
November 17, 1972  Ralph Slater  Article  Majority Makes Morality  
November 17, 1972  Roger Johnson  Sports  Sports Scene  
November 17, 1972  Victory Of Principia  Sports  Principia Humbled 6-2  
November 17, 1972  Baseball Sports  Crusaders Come So Close, And Yet . . . 
November 17, 1972  Basketball  Sports  BB Season Begins With Exhibition 
November 17, 1972  Hocky  Sports  Hocky Team Swept Off Ice By NIC, 13-1  
December 1, 1972  Christmas Candlelight Festival  Information Musical Festival To Celebrate Christ's Birth  
December 1, 1972  Senior Art  Information Senior Artist To Exhibit Work In Various Art Forms  
December 1, 1972  Wheaton Oratorio Society  Information Professional Soloists Join In Handel's Messiah  
December 1, 1972  Dennis Smith  Information Wheaton Touring Drama Troupe To Make Debut  
December 1, 1972  Karl Steele  News  Tour Studies Masterpieces First-Hand In Europe  
December 1, 1972  Bob Shuster  Information Learn French Painlessly, Enjoyably  
December 1, 1972  Wheaton college Concert Choir  Information Concert Choir To Present Bach's Magnificant  
December 1, 1972  Reverend Sydney Brown  News  Freytag Speaks To Hungry Students About Suggestions  
December 1, 1972  Arch Riam News  Record task Force (RTF) 
December 1, 1972  Rico Vaselino  Column Campus Comment  
December 1, 1972  Paul Springer  Column Beyond Blanchard  
December 1, 1972  Ralph Slater  Article  Christ-mas Is Coming  
December 1, 1972  Mike Knapp '73 Column Vox Populi  
December 1, 1972  Bill Henderson  Column Student Government  
December 1, 1972  Jim Soderberg '74  Column Vox Populi  
December 1, 1972  M. I. Forsberg  Letter  Continuing The "Secret Societies" Saga  
December 1, 1972  Marjorie Fruehe  Column Bookview  
December 1, 1972  Stephen Farra  Article  Dying Before We Die  
December 1, 1972  Tim Kraakevik  Short Story (Untitled) 
December 1, 1972  John Woolmington  Short Story  The Ancient City  
December 1, 1972  Tom Hagen Short Story  Joy And Anguish  
December 1, 1972  Pam MacDonald  Column Campus Comment 
December 1, 1972  Karen Batty '74  Column Vox Populi 
December 1, 1972  Fruit Of The Vine  Column Fruit Of The Vine  
December 1, 1972  Trial By Fire  Article Trial By Fire  
December 1, 1972  Dr. Herbert Wolf  Column Vox Populi 
December 1, 1972  Gymnastics Sports  Gymastics Season Begins Ind.U 
December 1, 1972  Rand Pfund  Sports  Crusaders Cage Tigers In Opener  
December 1, 1972  Roger Johnson  Sports  Sports Scene  
December 1, 1972  Rifle Team  Sports  Rifle Team Almost Wins IIT Shoot Out  
December 1, 1972  Baseball Sports  Valparaiso Wins Shield In 4th Quarter  
December 1, 1972  Mike Sedjo  Sports  CCIW Chooses Sedjo All-Conference MLB  
December 1, 1972  CCIW Championship Sports  Redmen Takes 4th Straight Championship  
January 12, 1973  Missions Emphasis Week  Information " How Beautiful Are The Feet" 
January 12, 1973  New York Pro Musica  Information New York Pro Musica Brings Medieval Talents  
January 12, 1973  Wheaton College Grad School Information Happy Birthday Wheaton Grad School  
January 12, 1973  College Union Information Paul Newman IN UNION FLICK Tomorrow Night  
January 12, 1973  AWS Seminar  Information AWS Seminar Concerned With Relationship, Roles  
January 12, 1973  Marjorie Freuhe  Article  Holiday Tour Of European Art  
January 12, 1973  Richard Gerig  News  PR Director Publishes Collection 
January 12, 1973  June Weitting  News  Librarian Rates In Who's Who  
January 12, 1973  RECORD Task Force  Article  RTF 
January 12, 1973  David R. Fay Column Campus Comment  
January 12, 1973  Nance Wabshaw  Vox Populi A Piece Of Her Mind  
January 12, 1973  Deborah Bright  Column Vox Populi 
January 12, 1973  Ka Tong Gaw  Column Bookview  
January 12, 1973  Jon Dahl Article  Film Clips 
January 12, 1973  Lucy Blocher '75 Column OPINES. . . 
January 12, 1973  Kevin Dwight Van Elswyk  Column In The Groove  
January 12, 1973  President Nixon News  Nixon's Cool Move  
January 12, 1973  Douglus Felch '73  Column Vox Populi  
January 12, 1973  Tom Dahlberg Article  An Astronomical Farce  
January 12, 1973  Basketball Sports  Heartbreakers For Cagers  
January 12, 1973  Roger Johnson  Sports  Sports Scene  
January 12, 1973  Jim Caldarella  Sports  Tough Match Faces Winning Grapplers  
January 12, 1973  CCIW Sports  Illinois wesleyan Deals Wheaton 3rd League Loss  
January 12, 1973  Gary Custis  Sports  Intramural BB 
January 19, 1973  Library Fund  News  Library fund One- Third Of The Way Toward Goal  
January 19, 1973  AWS Information AWS Seminar No.1 Women's position; Are They Changing  
January 19, 1973  Symphony Orchestra  Information  Symphony Orchestra To Perform Next Friday  
January 19, 1973  New York Pro Musica  Information World- Renowed Group To Play Early Insturments  
January 19, 1973  Dr. Raymond Brand  News  Biology Professor to Head Department In Immediate Change  
January 19, 1973  An Exhibit Of African Sculpture  Information Potography Anf Sculpture Shown In MSC Art Room 
January 19, 1973  Wheaton History Project News  Recapturing Wheaton's Past  
January 19, 1973  "The Matchmaker" Information "Matchmaker" Visits Campus This Spring  
January 19, 1973  Penny Watts  Information Little Sisters Visit This Weekend  
January 19, 1973  Glenna Askins  News  Wheaton Welcomes Two New Professors 
January 19, 1973  Two New Opportuinties For Service  News  Show Concern For Area Youths At County Home  
January 19, 1973  Debate Team  News  Debate Team Takes 1st Again  
January 19, 1973  Steve Farra Article  Speaking The Truth In Love  
January 19, 1973  W. Slater  Article  Inverted Priorities Are Rationale For Summer School 
January 19, 1973  Death Of A Muckraker Column Campus Comment  
January 19, 1973  Student Government  Column Student Government  
January 19, 1973  A Red-Nosed Apology  Column Vox Populi  
January 19, 1973  Fruit Of The Vine  Article  Fruit Of The Vine  
January 19, 1973  Rich Yeskoo Column Campus Comment 
January 19, 1973  Males, Females Must Attain True Identity  Column OPINES. . . 
January 19, 1973  George Stebbins  Lettter  No Nudes Is Good News  
January 19, 1973  Desecration Of Natural Resources  Article  RTF: Neglected Resources  
January 19, 1973  Gary Sloan  Column Parables He Spoke  
January 19, 1973  Basketball  Sports  Cagers Coming On Strong  
January 19, 1973  Paul Springer  Column Beyond Blanchard  
January 19, 1973  Basketball Sports  Bomber Squad's First Season Loss Carthage 89-86  
January 19, 1973  Volleyball  Sports   A Winning Season For Girl's Sports  
January 19, 1973  Gymnastics  Sports  Gymnastics Meet To See Tough Teams  
January 19, 1973  Jim Caldarella  Sports  Matmen Punish Opponents  
January 19, 1973  Swim Team  Sports  Swim team Puts Down All Comers  
January 19, 1973  Hockey  Sports  Hockey team Skates To 3-2 Loss To joliet JC  
January 26, 1973  Diane Johnson News Tuition is hiking ahead 
January 26, 1973  Arthur Katterjohn News The best of Tschaikowsky Mendelssohn and Copland 
January 26, 1973  International Students Association News International open house opens world to students 
January 26, 1973  Dr. Paul Gast News Symposium investigates evolution of the "Cheese" 
January 26, 1973  United Cerebral Palsy Telethon News TV telethon in MSC aids Cerebral Palsy Fund 
January 26, 1973  WETN News Wheaton Radio to Serenade student body 
January 26, 1973  Paul Stringer News An Inauguration Report 
January 26, 1973  Condutor Arthur katterjohn News Recent orchestra tour unites and encourages  
January 26, 1973  Lawrence A. Buhrow News A Lament of the oppressed  
January 26, 1973  Dr. Mickelsen Information AWS Session Investigates Relationship 
January 26, 1973  Wheaton Concert Choir News Concert choir group to give video concert 
January 26, 1973  Raye Pankratz News Famed violinist brutally attacked by pitiless artist 
January 26, 1973  Anne M. Mosier News Questions raised for future exploration 
January 26, 1973  Doug Shantz Information Bookview 
January 26, 1973  Cathy Douglas News Student Government  
January 26, 1973  Editor Editorial VOX POPULI 
January 26, 1973  Bill Hyer Information Living water  
January 26, 1973  Record Task Force News RTF 
January 26, 1973  David R. Fay News Stage is set for Christian Drama 
January 26, 1973  Mike Linton News The Critic 
January 26, 1973  Jon Dahi News Film Clips  
January 26, 1973  Stephen Farra Information A time to heal  
January 26, 1973  Paul Springer Column Beyond Blanchard 
January 26, 1973  Sue Dunlap Sports Women Gymnasts; not just routine 
January 26, 1973  Dick Roskam Sports E. Michigan wins ; Crusaders 4th 
January 26, 1973  Gordon Comstock Sports Crusader B-Ball 
January 26, 1973  Intramural Basketball Sports Intramural B-ball American division sees tough races 
January 26, 1973  CCIW  Sports  Swimmers take second in double dual 
January 26, 1973  Brian Oxley Sports Crusader matmen capture top honors 
January 26, 1973  Bomber Basketball Sports Bomber BB edged 73-67 by Elmhurst  
January 26, 1973  Roger Johnson Sports Swim coach wants wins; old bows out 
January 26, 1973  Sport Statistics Sports Sports Scene  
February 2, 1973  Dr.Volle News Revamped Grading may be more equitable 
February 2, 1973  Author Letha Scanzoni News Seminar to study mystique and machismo 
February 2, 1973  Simon Estes Information Celebrated singer brings opera to Edman 
February 2, 1973  Evangelical higher education News Professors publish helps for educators 
February 2, 1973  Peskuski and Spiroff News Commission's goal is drug rehabilitation 
February 2, 1973  Kent T.Fewell News 'Fantasy' art duspalyed by Kent Fewell this month 
February 2, 1973  Dr.Morris A.Inch Information A book for guiding church of the 70's 
February 2, 1973  Vern Amundson and Mrs. Geoffrion News Two staff members rewarded for service 
February 2, 1973  Dr. Norton  News SMP sends students to spread and serve  
February 2, 1973  Indian Joe's Information Indian Joe's provide dad's for area boys 
February 2, 1973  Dr. Benjamin W. Van Riper Information Union reinstates Wash. Banquet 
February 2, 1973  Doug Jacobson Column Applying Gods word to present -day roles 
February 2, 1973  Dr.Mickelsen Column Monday seminar emphasizes Bible 
February 2, 1973  Dr.Alan F.Johnson News Decalogue reconsidered in new book 
February 2, 1973  Paul Springer  Column Beyound Blanchard 
February 2, 1973  Ralph Slater Column Pastiche  
February 2, 1973  Manrice Burnside Column Cheering Practices set down in black and white 
February 2, 1973  Campus comment Column An Apocalyptic Vision 
February 2, 1973  Steve Farra Column Behold the Liberator! 
February 2, 1973  Paul Springer  Column Beyond Blanchard 
February 2, 1973  Editor Column Veteran chapel cutter shares trade secrets 
February 2, 1973  Sinclair Hollberg Column Our own good 
February 2, 1973  Arden R.Ballinger Column VOX POPULI- Counting the cost of peace 
February 2, 1973  Douglas Webster Column Fruit of the Vine 
February 2, 1973  Dan Musick Article CAMPUS COMMENT- Self Image is of God 
February 2, 1973  Michael Fritsch Column 'The Critic' is criticized 
February 2, 1973  Roger Johnson  Sports Sports Scene 
February 2, 1973  Soccer team Sports Crusaders to cage Bluejays and cards 
February 2, 1973  Hockey team Sports Icemen rally late to tie trinity 2-2 
February 2, 1973  Rifle team Sports ROTC rifles blast Depaul; league mark 
February 2, 1973  Gymnasim  Sports Tough gymnasts face Wis. badgers tonight at home 
February 2, 1973  Swiming  Sports Swim success shows strength  
February 2, 1973  Coach Jack BEnzenhafer Sports Bomber BB courts loss to Depaul U. 
February 2, 1973  Crusaders gymnasts Sports Gymnasts' 136 wins invite to nationals 
February 2, 1973  Wrestling Team Sports Grappling powerhouse bows to Notre Dame 
February 2, 1973  Baseball team Sports Cagers beaten in final minutes by Ill. Wesleyan 
February 9, 1973  Mike Anderson News Goverment to alter financial aid funding 
February 9, 1973  Arthur Katterjohn News Concert Band to present contemporary music 
February 9, 1973  Simon Estes News Artist series to present opera tonight 
February 9, 1973  Marji Wallem Information Biblicallyb defined marriage to be discussed at seminar 
February 9, 1973  Diane Johnson Information We are all expected to fulfil an image 
February 9, 1973  Ray Adkins News Financial Aid funds redistributed 
February 9, 1973  Glenna Askins News Study Economics and Art in Holland this summer 
February 9, 1973  Robert Frederich News People Republic of China discussed in weekend forum 
February 9, 1973  Miss Gladys Wright News Duplicating service loses long-time leader through retirement 
February 9, 1973  Jon Dahl News Film Clips 
February 9, 1973  Arch Riam Column RTF 
February 9, 1973  Douglas Webster Information Fruit of the vine 
February 9, 1973  Editor Column Vox Populi 
February 9, 1973  Sally Ahlbrecht Information The Challenge: Reflecting Truth to the glory of God 
February 9, 1973  Ned Wittington News Student Government 
February 9, 1973  Kevin Dwight Van Elswyk Column In the Grove 
February 9, 1973  Sam Playfair Information Three in One 
February 9, 1973  Deanna Marie Lawrence News Meaning in Equality 
February 9, 1973  Roger Johnson Sports Sports Scene 
February 9, 1973  Dick Roskam Sports Gymnanst Record all time high 140 
February 9, 1973  Wheaton Crusaders Sports Wrestlers place third of thirteen at NC tournament 
February 9, 1973  Crusader Roundballers Sports Crusaders take two on the road 
February 9, 1973  Tim Smick Sports Champion form at Rockford Relays 
February 9, 1973  Henry Emilo Sports Indoor trackmenn score five firsts 
February 9, 1973  Wheaton Cagers Sports Campus cagers in tight races at mid season  
February 9, 1973  CCIW Victory Sports Redmen and Vikings lay siege to Centennial Saturday and Tuesday 
February 9, 1973  DeWayne King Sports Football coaching change to attract Rose Bowl vet 
February 16, 1973 Dr. Robert Baptista News Dr. Baptista resigns for golden opportunity at Sterling College 
February 16, 1973 Rook Game News Card sharks flock to Rook Tournament 
February 16, 1973 Mrs. Mumaw's  News Singles and couples can discover identitites 
February 16, 1973 Mr. Alumni News Alumni surpass own giving mark by $70,000 
February 16, 1973 David Freytag News Ice Cream parlor opens for business Monday night 
February 16, 1973 Mr. Arthur Katterjohn News Winter concert to be given by Wheaton concert band 
February 16, 1973 Becky Fittz News Suzuki produces virtuosos 
February 16, 1973 Mr. Ka Tong Gaw  News Meetings relate Faith, Social work 
February 16, 1973 Tong Gaw News Marriage views discussed 
February 16, 1973 C.S.Lewis News Is Marriage obsolete ? 
February 16, 1973 Chris Larson News In Parables He Spoke By Gary Sloan 
February 16, 1973 Where the Wasteland Ends Column Bookview 
February 16, 1973 The Fruit of the Spirit Article Fruit of the Vine 
February 16, 1973 Dr. George Kraft Article  Winning isn't everthing (It's not the only thing, either) 
February 16, 1973 Mike Linton News The Critic 
February 16, 1973 Deliverance has meaning News VOX POPULI 
February 16, 1973 Dale Hanson News Student Government 
February 16, 1973 Crusader Coach Pete Willson Sports Wrestlers eye annual invitational 
February 16, 1973 Robin Cook Sports Cagers' victory streak 
February 16, 1973 Leon Gobczynski Sports Crusaders Strive for fitfth straight win 
February 16, 1973 Bob Holmes Sports Bombers lose by one; beat North Park 
February 16, 1973 Len Philips Sports Swimmers fall to undefeated Valpo 
February 16, 1973 Glen Englram Sports Sports Scene 
February 16, 1973 Debbie Rosser Sports Female hoopsters boast 3 game streak 
February 16, 1973 Lewis Rich Sports Lewis Flyer put Crusaders on ice in 7-1 
February 16, 1973 Harvery Chrouser Sports NCAA Committee for reorganization chooses Chrouser 
February 23, 1973 Mr. James Jennings News Faculty professor produces TV series 
February 23, 1973 The Match Maker news Another matchmaker makes dramatic visit to Edman next week 
February 23, 1973 George B. Opheim News Augie's concert band comes to town next month 
February 23, 1973 Ka Tong Gaw News Black Studies introduced by weekend in Chicago 
February 23, 1973 Aime Dietz News Food service initiates quality cookery course 
February 23, 1973 Archeologists  News 90 to tour Isreal in summer study 
February 23, 1973 Mrs Evelyn King Mumaw  News Fulfillment from Christ, not mate 
February 23, 1973 Paul Nicolette news 'Prespective ' Captures mood 
February 23, 1973 Jill Bolinder News The Company begins its touring witness 
February 23, 1973 Bill Channon News Climb and camp in Wyoming mtns. 
February 23, 1973 Professor Arne Howard News A medieval sport in 1972 
February 23, 1973 C.S.Lewis Article "Puritanism' should be an ethic of freedom 
February 23, 1973 My Fair lady News VOX POPULI 
February 23, 1973 Sinclair Holberg News China: on the right track with the wrong ideas 
February 23, 1973 Cries and Whispers Article Film Clips 
February 23, 1973 Father, Son, and Holy Spirit Article CAMPUS COMMENT 
February 23, 1973 Steve Clum News Cagers' fifth straight; now 7-7 in CCIW play 
February 23, 1973 Dale Waterman Sports Gymnasts Fall To NAIA Champ 
February 23, 1973 Pete Willson Sports Grapplers favored in CCIW finals 
February 23, 1973 Mark Beining Sports Marquette triumphs; Wheaton takes 2nd 
February 23, 1973 Crusader Cagers Sports Soprts Scene 
February 23, 1973 Coach Bean Sports Hoc-Soc continues into rounnd 2 with two tight races 
February 23, 1973 Len Philips Sports Swimmers to face Big Blue in finals 
February 23, 1973 DePaul Sports Bombers smashed by DePaul frosh by thirty points 
March 2, 1973 Pat Nye News The Matchmaker play to be given this weekend 
March 2, 1973 K.B. Tiffany Scholarships News Banker gives $40,000 Tiffany Scholarship 
March 2, 1973 Dr. Vernon C. Grounds News Staley Foundation Lecture series to feature Baptist seminary president 
March 2, 1973 Mozarteum Orchestra  News Mozart Orchestra and Van Cliburn entertain on campus this month 
March 2, 1973 Dr. Peter Cotterell News Linguistics expert to speak and consult 
March 2, 1973 Mr. Ka Tong Gaw News Symposium to shaw African heritage 
March 2, 1973 Robert H. Buker  News R. Buker awarded DMS designation by ROTC Colonel 
March 2, 1973 Dr. McNutt News Sociable squirrel chats with student 
March 2, 1973 Mystique and Machismo News Where do we go from here ? 
March 2, 1973 Williston Manor News RTF 
March 2, 1973 Concern for Laws Editor VOX POPULI 
March 2, 1973 Christianity is Rules  News Campus Comment 
March 2, 1973 Kriti Wheeler Article Play Review; A Taste of Honey 
March 2, 1973 George Liset Sports Sports Scene 
March 2, 1973 Dave Walker Sports Tankers take on Millikin 
March 2, 1973 Dan Pierce Sports Rifle team shows late season surge in 4 straight wins 
March 2, 1973 Centennial Gym News Cagers drop final game to North Central, 91-74 
March 2, 1973 Keith Fuerst News Gymnasts aim for first league trophy 
March 2, 1973 Bob Holmes News Bombers cripple Chiropractors 108-79 
March 2, 1973 Morraine Valley Sports Hockey team frozen twice in ice 5-1, 8-1 
March 2, 1973 Mary Ellen Bennett News Girl cagers shoot for home victories 
March 2, 1973 Doug Pound News Grapplers place third in CCIW championships 
March 23, 1973 Norgan Burns  News  Johnson Machine Shake Up 
March 23, 1973 Jason Snoots News  Identity Mixup Costs Life  
March 23, 1973 Jack Benzenhafer  News  Editor Murdured Despite RTF and Police Efforts  
March 23, 1973 Chir Mara  News  Business Manager Resigns; Cites ad Manager Greed  
March 23, 1973 Ruth Ann Holmquist News  Rioting Charges dropped  
March 23, 1973 Kevin Johnson  News  Staffers Embroiled in Free Press Issue  
March 23, 1973 Slater's Raiders  Article  Smoking Grass  
March 23, 1973 Cadmus Hicks  Article  In Parables He Slandered 
March 23, 1973 Chaplain Patterson  Letter  Vox Chaplain- i and Reply  
March 23, 1973 George Stebbins  Letter  Vox Chaplain- i and Reply  
March 23, 1973 B.S. Hollberg Article  A Wholesome Place to be  
March 23, 1973 Steve Farra  Article  Stebbins Ends Pigeon Pollution  
March 23, 1973 Rico Vaselino News  Hefty Tower Planned in 1973 
March 23, 1973 Jogger Rog  Sports  Crusaderdome Plans Announced by Director  
March 23, 1973 Ken Jogger  Sports  Mysterious Statistician Reveal All 
March 30, 1973 Paul E. Little  News  Special Services Slate Paul Little  
March 30, 1973 Anne Mosier  News  Informal Atmosphere Orients Selected RA's 
March 30, 1973 Benjamin Britten  Music  Orchestra Concert to Feature Scheherazade 
March 30, 1973 Kelly Park  Information  Prairie Path Cleanup Needs Student Assistance  
March 30, 1973 Kathleen Kastner  Music  Music Instructor to Give Percusion Recital April 9 
March 30, 1973 Alicia De Larrocha  Music  Artist Series Brings Spanish Pianist Tuesday  
March 30, 1973 Key '73 Needs Volunteers to Canvass  News  Key '73 Needs Volunteers to Canvass  
March 30, 1973 Nance Wabshaw  Information  Project Blasts Academic Myths  
March 30, 1973 Todd Gray  News  Good Triunphs Over Evil in Reeker ad Contest 
March 30, 1973 Roger D. Winslow  News  AUSA Members Observe Fort Knox in Action  
March 30, 1973 Course Shows Contemporary Black World  News  Course Shows Contemporary Black World 
March 30, 1973 Dr. David Price  News  German Publication Prints Math Professor's Article  
March 30, 1973 Ka Tong Gaw News  Ethnomusicology, Slavery be Topics for Symposium  
March 30, 1973 Bob Tomchik  News  Administration Dorm Tour/ Restores Faith in Students  
March 30, 1973 A. L. Applegate  Letter  Wheaton Police Gun Down Reeker Veracity 
March 30, 1973 Cadmus Hicks  Article  Allevaition of Present, Not Future Shock  
March 30, 1973 Gail Morrison  Letter  We Pay to be Taught  
March 30, 1973 Gary Sloan  Article  Parables He Spoke  
March 30, 1973 Mike Linton  Article  The Critic  
March 30, 1973 Debora D. Mason  Information  Human Element Responsible For Bad Marriages  
March 30, 1973 Rich Yeskoo  Article  Criticism/of Criticism Critized 
March 30, 1973 Doug Webster  Article  The Vine  
March 30, 1973 Roger Johnson  Sports  Sports Scene  
March 30, 1973 Dave Teat Sports  6 Tankers Gain All-American  
March 30, 1973 Tim Smick Sports  11 Victories, 7 Records Place Swimmers 2nd  
March 30, 1973 Diana Stillman  Article  Reed and Barton  
March 30, 1973 Steve Clum  Sports  Clum Named to CCIW 1st Team; Pfund Honored  
March 30, 1973 Cycle Club to Visit Augie on 3-day Trip  Sports  Cycle Club to Visit Augie on 3-day Trip  
March 30, 1973 Intramurals  Sports  Third Reich and Faculty Predicted to Top Intramurals  
March 30, 1973 Henry Emilio  Sports  Trip Improves Thinclads' Spirit  
March 30, 1973 Roger Sauter  Sports  Southern Tour Prepares Baseball Team for Opener 
April 6, 1973 Roger Scanlan  News  Presentation of Elijah Set by Oratorio Society  
April 6, 1973 Paul E. Little  News  Inter-Varsity Assistant to Present Special Services  
April 6, 1973 James Curt Bergwall  News  The Circle is Unbroken; A Two-man Art Showing  
April 6, 1973 Don Beaver  News  Top Talents to Tantalize and Titillate  
April 6, 1973 Paul Henry  Sports  Volley Club to Open Against Chicago Lutheran 
April 6, 1973 Jim Freeman  News  Freeman Family Needs Our Help  
April 6, 1973 Scott Frizen  News  Skydiver's First Drop Scheduled April 14th  
April 6, 1973 Dennis Smith  News  Golden Voice Smith Promises Variety Farewell Show  
April 6, 1973 Dr. Bryandt Kristianson News Stellar observers may view heavens Thurs. evenings 
April 6, 1973 Dr. King News Chicago March tributes Dr. King, protest budget 
April 6, 1973 Mrs. Valerie Bell News New management for Elliott, Evans, & Saints 
April 6, 1973 Captain David O. Treadwell News Orientation program includes Fort Knox for 16 cadets 
April 6, 1973 B & Gee Workers Article A myth retold 
April 6, 1973 Matt Huff Article Bookview 
April 6, 1973 Steve Befus News VOX POPULI 
April 6, 1973 Ralph Slater News A black mark on Student Government  
April 6, 1973 Cadmus Hicks News A nice proposition 
April 6, 1973 The Christian and the dying world Article CAMPUS COMMENT 
April 6, 1973 More than piety and evangelism Article CAMPUS COMMENT 
April 6, 1973 Kevin Dwitght Van Elswyk Article IN THE GROOVE 
April 6, 1973 The $1,250 question: Article CAMPUS COMMENT 
April 6, 1973 Roger Sauter News Urian fights to top of the heap, 41-39 
April 6, 1973 Enthusiasts talk sports Sports WETN's Sport Hotline 
April 6, 1973 Coach Don Church Sports Thinclads optimistics for season opener 
April 6, 1973 Lee Kidy  Sports New eager faces are positive signs for '73 linksters 
April 6, 1973 Dr. La France  Sports Cyclers plan 3500 mile summer tour to Florida 
April 6, 1973 Don Rogers Sports Hopeful racketment look forward to winning season 
April 6, 1973 Roger Johnson Sports Sports Scene 
April 13, 1973 Miss Malloy  News Officers to be elected by Wheaton Women 
April 13, 1973 Dr. John Stott News London Student project to study social action  
April 13, 1973 Marsha Robinson News Archaeologists presents research in lectures 
April 13, 1973 New mediums of expression News Art Workshop  
April 13, 1973 Mr . Raye Pankratz News Scholarship benefit to be staged soon by faculty musicians 
April 13, 1973 Rex Hicks News Women's gles introduces new sounds in spring concert 
April 13, 1973 Drs. Dean Rapp News History professors publish revised book and magazine article 
April 13, 1973 Eckelmann News Graduate to speak on Energy Crisis 
April 13, 1973 Ken MacBobzie News Record Task Force 
April 13, 1973 Dr. Walt Eckelman News Earth Week Next Week Can you dig it? 
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