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DateSubject (Personal Name or Topic)Column or SectionTopic or Title
1970 March 13 Film Festival front page Film festival starts Tuesday, features pro, amateur work 
1970 March 13 the music of Hugo Distler front page Palmer to present musical selections written by Distler 
1970 March 13 Barbara Hall front page 'Elijah' production features glee clubs, outside soloists 
1970 March 13 housing policy change front page Trustees OK housing policy changes 
1970 March 13 James Hutchens news Vietnam veteran to be new Chaplain 
1970 March 13 psychology major's seminar news Senior psychology majors' seminar discusses religion 
1970 March 13 campus fair news Car smashing to open Campus Fair, more than 20 groups to run booths 
1970 March 13 ROTC news ROTC presents squad drill competition next Wednesday 
1970 March 13 N. Webb voices Speak out about college housing 
1970 March 13 D. Van Ness voices Christians should re-evaluate war 
1970 March 13 Joel Sheesley letters to the editor Pledge confuses non-Christians 
1970 March 13 William Olson news Olson studies natue of UN, looks at sucesses, failures 
1970 March 13 Campus Crusade news Campus Crusade to involove students in Florida program 
1970 March 13 Nancy Ellis news Students start kite flying for fun, profit, and a study break 
1970 March 13 Wheaton's Christian Education department news CE Students present multi-media program 
1970 March 13 Steve Pepper book review my cup of tea 
1970 March 13 Tom Cook voices musical notes, ;: 
1970 March 13 Skip Sheffer voices Government speaks 
1970 March 13 Nance Wabshaw letters to the editor Angered by change of musical to farce 
1970 March 13 Kevin Van Elswyk letters to the editor Doubts value of questionaire 
1970 March 13 Paul Barnes letters to the editor Disputes label 
1970 March 13 Don Stahl letters to the editor CU replies 
1970 March 13 gymnastic sports Gymnasts end eason with 12-2 record 
1970 March 13 gymnastic sports Women gymnasts frustrated depite individual routines 
1970 March 13 hockey sports Hockey team loses to St. Procopius 
1970 March 13 J.B. news Actors prepare J.B. for Festival week 
1970 March 13 nine students have been suspended news Champaign-Urbana students dispersed by armed Guardsmen, police 
1970 March 13 Record reporters can receive credit news Record reporters can receive credit in writing classes 
1970 March 13 Karl Steele news Faculty members honored in national posts 
1970 March 20 college fair front page College Union to sponsor fair tomorrow 
1970 March 20 forum on student personnel's housing proposal front page Forum airs housing opinions 
1970 March 20 J.B. front page Cast prepares for opening of spring play J.B. tonight 
1970 March 20 Frank Gaebelein news Chapel speaker discusses Christian artist 
1970 March 20 Erwin Rudolph news Father to write book about deceased son 
1970 March 20 sunrise service news Sunrise service at McCully Sunday 
1970 March 20 Edward Cording news Cording to retire from conservatory 
1970 March 20 Kodon news Kodon, Tower get 1969 classifications from ACP judges 
1970 March 20 Midwestern Trombone Quartet news Trombone Quartet to play Monday, new group of Wheaton area artists 
1970 March 20 ROTC news ROTC department changing, emphasis moving from drill 
1970 March 20 Mark Shepard voices Loaves and fishes 
1970 March 20 S. Reilly  voices Chapel not meeting needs, change called for 
1970 March 20 David Kletzing letters to the editor Commends Van Ness for pacifism stand 
1970 March 20 Tom Cook letters to the editor Protests use of octogenarian clock 
1970 March 20 William Fredericks letters to the editor Show a little respect in music chapels 
1970 March 20 David Wilkins letters to the editor Chapel called one of worst 
1970 March 20 Bryan Dahlberg voices filmspiel 
1970 March 20 Nancy Trites voices Trites' Phrases 
1970 March 20 John Clarke letters to the editor Director defends Clear Day 
1970 March 20 Nancy Wabshaw letters to the editor We must listen before we can speak 
1970 March 20 Don Stahl voices union shop 
1970 March 20 track sports Track team places fourth in relays at North Central 
1970 March 20 baseball sports Baseball taking shape before tour 
1970 March 20 basketball sports Intramural hoopster season ends in climactic encounters 
1970 March 20 short news news Beyond Blanchard 
1970 March 20 Linda Rich news Kansas singer to present program Sunday 
1970 March 20 practical experience  news Psych gives students practical experience 
1970 March 20 debate team news Freshmen do well in Bradley tournament as debaters near end of successful season 
1970 March 26 Tom Dykstra front page Dykstra picked by Baltimore to try out for pro basketball 
1970 March 26 Charles Percy front page Percy to speak on Dupage housing 
1970 March 26 quarter system front page Inaugurate quater system, set requirements 
1970 March 26 james Holderman front page Holderman to address honors convocation 
1970 March 26 short news news Beyond Blanchard 
1970 March 26 Richard Ploth letters to the editor Empathizes with Turner editorial 
1970 March 26 R. Turner editorial Blames disturbing admissions trends on publicity 
1970 March 26 Emily Efting letters to the editor Church leadership not for women 
1970 March 26 mark Schulert letters to the editor Craig's critic comes forth 
1970 March 26 quater system news Most faculty see quarters as advance, expect new courses 
1970 March 26 students give mixed opinions on new system news Faculty, students express varied views on planned quarter system 
1970 March 26 new band music news Concert to feature new band music 
1970 March 26 spring break news Signs for rides foretell Spring Break 
1970 March 26 1945 Record news 1945 Record: Victory ship, Moody Night, war bond sale 
1970 March 26 department notes news Philosophy department adapts to quarters, new courses, tutorial internships planned 
1970 April 10 Concert Band front page Band to play home concert 
1970 April 10 SG press conference front page SG candidates hold press conference 
1970 April 10 Jon Guest and the Exkursions front page Exkursions rock with reality here as part of midwest tour 
1970 April 10 housing policy front page Housing policy essentially unchanged 
1970 April 10 Charles Percy front page Senator Percy gives lecture tonight on 'Housing in Suburbs,' tickets free 
1970 April 10 Steve Pepper book review my cup of tea 
1970 April 10 Bud Hart voices Loaves and fishes 
1970 April 10 Kathi Rosenow letters to the editor Women trampled by housing policy 
1970 April 10 Wanda Gehret and Donna Day letters to the editor SG should build studnet potential 
1970 April 10 Paul Nicolette letters to the editor Surveyed student recommends trust 
1970 April 10 Steve Hoke and Ron Turner news Hoke, Turner seek Government presidency 
1970 April 10 political campaigns news Quotations from convocation speeches 
1970 April 10 track sports Trackmen move outside, earn solid second in triple meet in Carthage 
1970 April 10 baseball sports Baseball team battles rain; tour cut to three contests 
1970 April 10 tennis sports Tennis season opens against North Park 
1970 April 10 short news news Beyond Blanchard 
1970 April 10 artist series concert  news Fianl Artist Series concert next week 
1970 April 10 concert choir news Music groups back from successful tours 
1970 April 10 first published book news Magaznies publish stories written by Wheaton co-eds 
1970 April 10 Read Burgan news Record may lessen outside circulation 
1970 April 17 Women's Glee Club front page Women's Glee Club presents concert for College audience 
1970 April 17 College Union presidential election front page Union election Friday looks like landslide for sole runner 
1970 April 17 Spring Banquet front page Spring Banquet at Knickerbocker to feature classical guitarist Borkowski, 'coke tales' 
1970 April 17 printing press breaks front page Record draws blank in last week's issue; printing press breaks 
1970 April 17 Charles Persy front page Percy speaks on housing defends Carswell no vote 
1970 April 17 Government Campaign front page Government campaign strike serious note 
1970 April 17 William Akin news Benefactor, collector Akin tells of bargains 
1970 April 17 Sociology-Anthropology department news Sociology-anthropology to cross discipline lines for urban institute next quarter 
1970 April 17 Zondra Lindblade news Lindblade to continue sociology education 
1970 April 17 pollution news Industrialization produces pollution, upsets cycles 
1970 April 17 'Earth Day' panel news College to join community for 'Earth Day' panel, lectures 
1970 April 17 Damon Becker news Becker chosen to tour Central America with Venture for Victory Baseball Team 
1970 April 17 Brother Ron Potter editorial A new day for black Christians; what about whites? 
1970 April 17 N. Webb editorial Ecology is an issue in our own back yard 
1970 April 17 Doug Webster letters to the editor SG needs spiritual leadership Don't limit Record circulation 
1970 April 17 Muriel 'Mickie' Rapp letters to the editor War film brings out worst 
1970 April 17 Tom Cochran voices Polluted earth needs new values 
1970 April 17 short news news Beyond Blanchard 
1970 April 17 Read Burgan voices thoughts from the chairman 
1970 April 17 Don Stahl voices union shop 
1970 April 17 Jane Olson letters to the editor Record may lessen outside circulation 
1970 April 17 short news sports sports seen 
1970 April 17 golf sports Golf team begins season with poor record 
1970 April 17 tennis sports Tennis team falls to North Park 
1970 April 17 baseball sports Batters split doubleheader, open CCIW play tomorrow 
1970 April 17 track sports trackmn outrun at Wabash relays, next meet tomorrow at McCully field 
1970 April 17 Gordon Fee news Professor Fee does research for Bible reference work 
1970 April 17 WETN news WETN airs After Dark show; combines music, discussion 
1970 April 17 abortion  news Students discuss abortion problems in seminar, May 1 
1970 April 17 Hudson T. Armerding news NAE chooses Armerding; hopes to lead with vision 
1970 April 17 Cliff Barrows news Graham team member speaks, tells of international crusade 
1970 April 17 John Moss news Geologist Moss to speak Monday on D.C. pollution 
1970 April 17 Grad-undergrad discussion news Grad-undergrad discussion group to meet Monday 
1970 April 24 Student Union front page Westra outlines programs, names three areas of work 
1970 April 24 Student Government front page Turner to take office May 1, organize SG for next year 
1970 April 24 symphony orchestra concert front page Students play solos on clarinet, organ at Orchestra's concert 
1970 April 24 musical front page Cast readies On A Clear Day for presentation on May 8, 9 
1970 April 24 CCSP front page CCSP votes on circulation, Tower editor 
1970 April 24 SOUL front page SOUL planning cultural festival 
1970 April 24 Reed and Barton Sterling Opinion Contest news Williston women earn silver prize 
1970 April 24 SMP news SMP to conduct blood drive, drawings set for May 7, 22 
1970 April 24 Associated Women Students news AWS delegates attend national convention, discuss birth control, other relevant issues 
1970 April 24 communications conference news Communications conference studies Christian radio, TV 
1970 April 24 Stupe news Stupe prices rise as Adams attempts to decrease deficit 
1970 April 24 guest lecturer news Ted Ward guest lecturer here in fall 
1970 April 24 Artists Series news Union unveils coming Artists Series; expected to prove one of finest ever 
1970 April 24 Improvement at Wheaton views Wake up! There is hope for improvement at Wheaton 
1970 April 24 change at Wheaton views Here is the program for change at Wheaton 
1970 April 24 Tom Cook voices musical notes, ;: 
1970 April 24 Thomas Beach letters to the editor Charges Kunstler with hypocrisy 
1970 April 24 Bill Beutel and Tim Black letters to the editor Optimistic about changes made 
1970 April 24 Mark Shepard voices loaves and fishes 
1970 April 24 Steve Pepper editorial my cup of tea 
1970 April 24 Bryan Dahlberg voices filmspiel 
1970 April 24 track sports Wheaton track, field men sweep meet 
1970 April 24 volleyball sports Women's volleyball finishes season 6-1, starters to return 
1970 April 24 short news sports sports seen 
1970 April 24 baseball sports Pfund leads team to victory over Carroll 
1970 April 24 tennis sports Netmen battle elements, CCIW opponents 
1970 April 24 golf sports Young players take honors as golfers win one, lose one 
1970 May 1 soul music front page SOUL week comes across with words, music 
1970 May 1 black out front page Riot shakes girls' dorms; men hold spring rampage 
1970 May 1 Charles Headington and Richard Marx front page Headington, Marx win special awards 
1970 May 1 Diane Stauffer front page AWS cabinet to witch focus, says new president Stauffer 
1970 May 1 seminar on sex front page Panel discussion sex in 70's opens seminar tomorrow 
1970 May 1 Robert DeVries front page Night supervisor Robert DeVries dies suddenly 
1970 May 1 Record front page Record obtains All-American rating from press association 
1970 May 1 short news news Beyond Blanchard 
1970 May 1 eleven students leaders news Student leaderss visit Taylor U., speak in chapel 
1970 May 1 Men's Glee Club news Men to present home concert 
1970 May 1 Studnet Government Committee news SG holds final meeting, discusses student congress 
1970 May 1 Ron Michaelson news Seniors to hear two speakers 
1970 May 1 N. Webb editorial REcord a student expression, not college doctrine 
1970 May 1 Nancy Trites editorial Trites' Phrases 
1970 May 1 Len Stewart letters to the editor Discouraged by chapel actions 
1970 May 1 Bill Hoelzel voices Castle College paper in trouble 
1970 May 1 Linda Zahn voices Christian must understand arts as man breaks bonds of time, space 
1970 May 1 Richard Parks voices America faces era of repression 
1970 May 1 Dr. Robert Webber voices Christian thoughts must change if we are to change the world 
1970 May 1 Al Karnstedt news Karnstedt has flowers by thousands; spring shows off colorful handiwork 
1970 May 1 blood donation news Blood donations to help SMP reach goal 
1970 May 1 Dernard Nelson news Dr. Nelson to work in India teaching standard test use 
1970 May 1 Harold Best news Harold Best leaves Nyack, becomes head of Conserv 
1970 May 1 baseball spors Wheaton diamondmen fall two behind 
1970 May 1 tennis sports Tennis has successful week as Hess, Baker lead attack 
1970 May 1 track sports Cindermen trail Taylor, pass Calvin, show strength in weight, mile, hurdles 
1970 May 8 vigil forum front page Studnets hold vigil, examine social, political roles 
1970 May 8 Cambodia invasion front page Cambodia invasion opposed, withdrawal policy supported 
1970 May 8 Evangelical Student Congress front page Students report on first Evangelical Student Congress 
1970 May 8 Scott Erickson and Dave Hatch front page PB elects Hatch, Erickson; pair to edit Kodon next year 
1970 May 8 musical performance front page Students to produce 'On A Clear Day' for Wheaton's audience this weekend 
1970 May 8 memorial service for students killed at Kent State University news Memorial service held after Kent deaths 
1970 May 8 Tom Hagen news Hagen takes first in Atlantic contest 
1970 May 8 Enoch Dyrness news Enoch Dyrness named to Association of Registrars, 'one who got things done' 
1970 May 8 education department news Education department tries to give greater experience 
1970 May 8 John Westra news Union elects new Board; plans set for Dunes Day 
1970 May 8 S. Reilly editorial We must problaim Christ's death 
1970 May 8 R. Turner editorial We must stand against violence 
1970 May 8 Steve Pepper voices my cup of tea 
1970 May 8 Mark Shepard voices loaves and fishes 
1970 May 8 Douglas Olsen voices Sees ROTC as wrong at Wheaton 
1970 May 8 Steve Dill letters to the editor Questions value of language requirement 
1970 May 8 Steve Owen letters to the editor Cambodian neutrality a pretext 
1970 May 8 Carl E. Armerding letters to the editor Calls for exclusion of youngsters from concerts 
1970 May 8 John Clark  voices Christian counter-culture: good and bad 
1970 May 8 John Alexander voices Wheaton for 'Middle America' 
1970 May 8 Bill Craig voices Don't be an armchair liberal, follow great words with action 
1970 May 8 bronze bell at the tower chimes news Electricity runs tower chimes; no bronze bells up there at all 
1970 May 8 ROTC news Gold bars coming for ROTC seniors, commissioning to precede graduation 
1970 May 8 music recitals news Musicians ready recitals for grades, personal fulfillment 
1970 May 8 short news news Beyond Blanchard 
1970 May 8 jumping rope news Spring sun birngs jumprope back to minds of collegians 
1970 May 8 baseball sports Sluggers break losing streak but slump into CCIW's basement 
1970 May 8 tennis news Netladies win tourney crown over 12 northern Ill. colleges 
1970 May 8 thinclad sports Thinclads take first in meet; Wright wins in three event 
1970 May 8 tennis sports Racqueters head for CCIW meet with wtrong record 
1970 May 15 Billy Graham front page Evangelist Graham to visit, speak at commencement 
1970 May 15 receiving honorary degrees front page Missionaries, congressman to receive honorary degrees 
1970 May 15 Ruth Bamford front page College names assoc. dean, West Sub's Ruth Bamford 
1970 May 15 Record circulation front page CCSP studies Record petition, approves editors 
1970 May 15 choir concert  front page Concert Choir to sing 'Carmina Burana', ;Psalm Symphony' in tomorrow's program 
1970 May 15 Tower uses new format front page Tower to appear Thursday, uses new format, says editor 
1970 May 15 orientation news Orientation to spread over new quater 
1970 May 15 blood donation news Wheaton students give blood to help SMP raise money 
1970 May 15 army draft news Nixon proposes end to draft deferments, attempts to equalize lottery over nation 
1970 May 15 pre-exam picnic news Pre-exam picnic planned by Union for next Friday 
1970 May 15 senior class vacation news Senior class enjoys vacatio in Missouri 
1970 May 15 new kickboard is built news New kickboard built and paid for by soccer team 
1970 May 15 The International Symposium on Prophetic Vision news Prophetic vision symposium to convene at Westminster 
1970 May 15 Wheaton Climbing Club news Climbing Club tries mountain skills 
1970 May 15 D. Van Ness editorial Business as usual after Augusta; students inconsistently concerned 
1970 May 15 Nancy Trites editorial Trites' Phrases 
1970 May 15 Ron Potter letters to the editor To whom it may 'concern' 
1970 May 15 Bill Newbrander letters to the editor Denies Olsen charge 
1970 May 15 The faculty letters to the editor Faculty commend student vigil 
1970 May 15 Thomans Burton letters to the editor Christian to submit to state; Armed forces moral 
1970 May 15 Steve Hoke letters to the editor Are demonstrators worth noticing? 
1970 May 15 Priscilla Warmanen and Linda Johnson letters to the editor Advocate positive goals 
1970 May 15 Donald Hagner voices Denies rig accusations, reinterprets vigil 
1970 May 15 Robert Cook letters to the editor Must know language to know culture 
1970 May 15 Peggy Dailey letters to the editor God speaks individually; climax not necessary 
1970 May 15 Bill Hoetzel letters to the editor Notes similarity between vigil, Castle debate 
1970 May 15 Bonnie Barrows letters to the editor Evangelicalism not to blame 
1970 May 15 Nancy Ediger letters to the editor Black studies not a flop 
1970 May 15 Leland Ryken voices Wheaton should maintain its mainstream position 
1970 May 15 Decisive Aspirational Development program news DAD program fosters culture exchange 
1970 May 15 Teh Expresso Flower news Expresso Flower gives final concert; proceeds for SMP 
1970 May 15 several courses allow students to progress at thier own rate news Individual study sees moderate success 
1970 May 15 fountain site of remodeling news Fountain site of remodeling; class of '60 picking up tab 
1970 May 15 tennis sports CCIW serves netmen fourth-slot finish 
1970 May 15 baseball sports Two more baseball losses; team sole owner of cellar 
1970 May 15 golf sports Linksters roll up seventh in spite of winds 
1970 May 15 track  sports Wright does well but trackmen fail to follow example 
1970 May 22 strike front page B&G men strike for later retirement age 
1970 May 22 Henry Nelson front page Nelson to take leave of absence next year; Agnew to assume Student Personnel power 
1970 May 22 grad students' strike front page Grads occupy building site, charge unfair discrimination 
1970 May 22 Coed housing front page Dean selects couples for co-ed housing 
1970 May 22 editor's appreciation  editorial Grateful editor thanks everyone 
1970 May 22 Cletis Deitch voices filmspiel 
1970 May 22 Sarah Thustra editorial gandalf's grotto 
1970 May 22 D.R. Dingaling  letters to the editor Dingaling speaks out, reveals confusion 
1970 May 22 ROTC news ROTC readies armor for radical attack 
1970 May 22 blood donation news  Shadowy villain steals blood from SMP, hypnotizes coeds 
1970 May 22 Clayton Halvorsen news Is Clayton Halvorsen dead? Records, license plates, contest add up 
1970 May 22 Brave Son news Chief Butcher tells of rival to Reeker, revived Brave Son 
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