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DateSubject (Personal Name or Topic)Column or SectionTopic or Title
1969 September 19 Student Leadership Workshop front page SLW meets this weekend to study makeup of the College community 
1969 September 19 new women's dorm front page New women's dorm rises by Smith, to be highest structure in Wheaton 
1969 September 19 Nancy Webb news Union sponsors picnic on Lake Michigan Sept. 27 
1969 September 19 Ava Olson news Dorms overflow with extra beds as enrollment reaches 1775 
1969 September 19 instructors news Wheaton academic community welcomes thirty-five instructors 
1969 September 19 ROTC news ROTC now voluntary for sophomore men 
1969 September 19 Vanguards news Vanguards discover themselves in 17 days of physical challenge 
1969 September 19 crucible  editorial Crucible dies - apathy lives on 
1969 September 19 Steve Pepper voices Do not condemn the social revolution 
1969 September 19 Christmas oratorio news Christmas oratorio preparations begin 
1969 September 19 David Bellinger letters to the editor letters to the editor 
1969 September 19 Phil Siddons letters to the editor End segregation, try coed housing 
1969 September 19 Rosemary Camilleri letters to the editor letters to the editor 
1969 September 19 John Clark voices Loaves and Fishes 
1969 September 19 Kevin Van Elswyk voices 'Easy Rider' shows two cyclists on a search 
1969 September 19 Tom Cook voices Music review 
1969 September 19 basketball sports Chicago Bulls drill in Centennial, to hold final scrimmage Saturday 
1969 September 19 soccer sports Soccer coach Bean enthusiastic for 69 
1969 September 19 football sports Gridders do poorly in scrimmage; open season tomorrow 
1969 September 19 gymnastics sports Practice begins early for Williams' gymnasts 
1969 September 19 photos news Freshmen respond during first days on campus 
1969 September 19 Read Burgan news Burgan new Pub Board chairmen, Lundin takes over as Record head 
1969 September 26 David Burnham front page Former Wheaton All-American to speak at services 
1969 September 26 student workshop front page Student workshop discusses Wheaton community survival 
1969 September 26 Bruce Cronbaugh and Dave Foster front page Cronbaugh, Foster die; lose fight wih leukimia 
1969 September 26 Nancy Webb front page Record's spring evaluation drops from All-American to First Class 
1969 September 26 Warren Dunes front page Dunes Day Cometh 
1969 September 26 homecoming day news "Reach out" in two weeks 
1969 September 26 SMP news SMPers find experience valuable; return with new view of missions 
1969 September 26 tryout news Players try out for Wheaton's fall drama 
1969 September 26 Babara Schulert news Dr. Cramer joins college staff as registrar, director of admissions 
1969 September 26 stupe opening time news Afternoon Stupe service ended as Food Service attemps to cut costs 
1969 September 26 Sharon Behnken news Kodon seeks to combine talent from all classes 
1969 September 26 R. Baptista voices Wheaton student-athletes characterized by dedication 
1969 September 26 T. Knight vocies We must learn to trust each other as Christians 
1969 September 26 Skip Sheffer voices Government speaks 
1969 September 26 Skip Sheffer news Sheffer calls for involvement; plans active Student Government 
1969 September 26 Zeke Rudolph editorial One student's path to meaning 
1969 September 26 WRA news Relax with WRA; it can be any woman's study break 
1969 September 26 Leland Ryken news Leland Ryken writes prize-winning article 
1969 September 26 new tennis court news  New courts ready soon; to double as skating rink 
1969 September 26 Steve Pepper news U of C seems island of contrast surrounded by drab Chicago ghetto 
1969 September 26 health ed class news Health ed revamped; even name to change 
1969 September 26 Dr. Robert Webber news Dr. Webber teaches at Maryknoll leads course on Protestant thought 
1969 September 26 soccer  sports Booters down Maryknoll 5-0 as offense shines 
1969 September 26 cross country sports Harriers optimistic in spite of first defeat 
1969 September 26 football sports Pfundmen running hard to get ready for practice 
1969 September 26 football sports Errors prove costly as gridders drop opener 
1969 October 3 Dave Burnham front page Burnham leads services, compares athlete to Christian 
1969 October 3 Student Government front page SG encourages studnets to study Vietnam war during moratorium 
1969 October 3 racism front page Wheaton students discuss racism, want to educate student body 
1969 October 3 Homecoming court front page A queen in this court? 
1969 October 3 Frank Harris news Harris seeks to improve speaker list for chapel 
1969 October 3 SMP news Wheaton professor studies culture and mission work in the Phillipines 
1969 October 3 Pub Board Member news SG reps to elect two Pub Board members from each class 
1969 October 3 Christian Service Council news CSC orientation to show students Christian service opportunities 
1969 October 3 Upper Room news Upper Room reopens on 11th, spontaneity key 
1969 October 3 Don Stahl news Students relax at Dunes; enjoy the beautiful beach 
1969 October 3 Dr. Raymond Stearns news Coming history lecturer, Stearns will discuss subject of Puritanism 
1969 October 3 D. Bekker voices Not chaos, but dynamic equilibrium 
1969 October 3 Eric Ruschlky letters to the editor Confronted by Burnham, found himself accepted 
1969 October 3 Dr. James Lower letters to the editor Cut the 'Green' curtain 
1969 October 3 John Kellogg  letters to the editor Open rooms for informal contacts 
1969 October 3 Juliette Carlson letters to the editor Eyes opned by Conspicary trial 
1969 October 3 George McGovern editorial McGovern calls for end to draft; Nixon reforms labeled insufficient 
1969 October 3 rock music news Edin, Armerding discuss rock music's place at Wheaton College 
1969 October 3 football sports Crusaders clobber Hope College; first game sloppiness disappears 
1969 October 3 football sports Booters steal eight from Wabash; Bombers outrace tired Moody 3-0 
1969 October 3 track sports Wheaton runners take top places in Bradley meet 
1969 October 3 field hockey sports Girls' field hockey opens 
1969 October 10 homecoming weekend front page Football, soccer, concerts highlight this year's Homecoming Weekend 
1969 October 10 Jonathan Blanchard Association front page Blanchard Association plans moratorium action 
1969 October 10 Ruth Leedy front page PE teacher Ruth Leedy chosen Alumnus of the Year 
1969 October 10 Wheatonites news Wheatonites engage in Old Town summer coffee house ministry 
1969 October 10 comprehensive examination news Seniors' fears gone; comps not to figure towards graduation 
1969 October 10 conspiracy trial news Record staffers view conspiracy trial, speak with one defendant 
1969 October 10 Calvin Ellis news Ellis commands Wheaton ROTC; Colonel pleased with small campus 
1969 October 10 accepting differences editorial Urge students, constituency to assess yet accept differences 
1969 October 10 John Clark vocies Loaves and Fishes 
1969 October 10 John Hess letters to the editor Student searches for real world 
1969 October 10 Kathleen Wall letters to the editor Begs forgiveness for error 
1969 October 10 Rip Hobson  letters to the editor Vietnam war issue must be met 
1969 October 10 Stephen Hoke letters to the editor  Protest Slur of queen candidates 
1969 October 10 Dr. Franklyn Nevosad news Distinguished Service Award goes to Wheaton education professor 
1969 October 10 cold care offering news Health center to offer help-yourself cold care; service to begin Monday 
1969 October 10 college pep band news Bull's manager invites college pep band to play in Chicago Stadium 
1969 October 10 soccer sports Wheaton clobbers Calvin 7-1; strong defense backs up attack 
1969 October 10 field hockey sports Women's hockey team wins opening contest 
1969 October 10 Ed Meyer sports New co-editors encourage students to comment about Wheaton sports 
1969 October 10 football sports Pearsonmen to battle Georgetown before large Homecoming crowd 
1969 October 10 cross country sports Wheaton Places eighth in cross country meet as new pacers continue to show improvement 
1969 October 10 football sports Crusaders invade Rock Island; lose to Augustana Vikings 28-0 
1969 October 10 football  sports Soul Brothers lead football intramurals with perfect record 
1969 October 10 Jim Chapman news YR's seek to create awareness, enable more political expression 
1969 October 10 construction  news Construction may begin in November on new building for biology, physics 
1969 October 10 Cedar Lake Center news Cedar Lake Center rented for retreats during school year 
1969 October 17 Skip Sheffer front page Sheffer charges class reps to consider constituency 
1969 October 17 Benton Patterson front page Professionals to visit college for annual Writers' Conference 
1969 October 17 Nine field  front page Nine field reps spend busy week in intensive on-campus briefings 
1969 October 17 'Patch of Blue' front page CU flick 'Patch of Blue' first in year-long series 
1969 October 17 ROTC news CR pledges undergo initiation rites; term three grueling days 'worth it' 
1969 October 17 Dave Knipel  news Palmer retires after air career; joins college service department 
1969 October 17 demonstration news Wheaton students join demonstration at draft board during moratorium 
1969 October 17 married students news Married students find love mixes with studies 
1969 October 17 Wheaton forensic teams news Wheaton forensic teams begin successful season 
1969 October 17 D. Bekker voices Do not abandon Church - become involved 
1969 October 17 Carolyn Cathey letters to the editor  Student evaluates Vietnam situation; Sees lack of determination to defend Vietnamese 
1969 October 17 Bill Rust letters to the editor Protests idiocy of CR initiation 
1969 October 17 Edward Coray letters to the editor Coray thanks students for Homecoming help 
1969 October 17 Thomas Beach letters to the editor War is bad, but not the worst 
1969 October 17 John Clark voices Loaves and fishes 
1969 October 17 Don Stahl voices Union shop 
1969 October 17 Skip Sheffer letters to the editor Conguer Rifle display of indiscretion incongruent with moratorium observance 
1969 October 17 Steve Pepper voices Poralization cauese despair; Christ is only hope 
1969 October 17 football sports Crusaders gamble, forfeit Homecoming game to Georgetown, 26-23 
1969 October 17 Jason Chamberlain sports The sports seen 
1969 October 17 football sports Strong Depauw lineup to oppose Wheaton's gridders in away game 
1969 October 17 gymnasic sports Gymnastics team begins practice; coach optimistic about new season 
1969 October 17 soccer  sports Soccer team defeats Earlham 6-1; Freshmen down Trinity Christian 
1969 October 17 track sports Barker runs best race helps Wheaton beat DePauw and Wabash 
1969 October 17 track sports Cannon blast to begin third annual runs contest 
1969 October 17 Josef Raieff news Raieff featured artist to give Edman recital at music workship; 
1969 October 17 on-campus psychologist news No campus psychologist to be hired 
1969 October 17 dramatic readings news Dramatic readings give impressions, reflectinos 
1969 October 24 Benton Patterson front page Lecture 'Grace in Modern Drama', highlights Writers' Conference 
1969 October 24 Nigel Goodwin front page Goodwin discusses culture, pop music with students 
1969 October 24 parents' day front page Parents' Day set for November 1; Varied activities to include 100 Runs, Pop Bottle Band, smorgasbord 
1969 October 24 Student Govenment front page SG primary Tuesday; classes to elect reps 
1969 October 24 John Hsu news Vietnamese student describes war, urges benevolent dictatorship 
1969 October 24 Alton Cronk news Conservatory professor granted honorary doctorate by Houghton 
1969 October 24 Wheaton College Symphony Orchestra news College Symphony Orchestra invites city musicians to attend. Hopes to perform major orchestral works 
1969 October 24 Paul McCartney news Are you still there, Paul? Or are the Beatles now the fantastic three 
1969 October 24 Nancy Webb news Wheaton students watch as Mets win World Series 
1969 October 24 R. Lundin voices Agnew invective inappropriate not to be taken seriously 
1969 October 24 Ken Moore  letters to the editor Vietnam war is no crusade 
1969 October 24 John Sawyer, Jr. letters to the editor Wheaton students must face racism now 
1969 October 24 Nigel Goodwin letters to the editor Goodwin replies 
1969 October 24 Steve Owen letters to the editor Goodwin forgets God can reveal himself even through pop music 
1969 October 24 Chicago Circle Church news Chicago Circle Church struggles with involvement, new forms of worship 
1969 October 24 Frank Bellinger news Bellinger appointed by Ogilvie to urban governmet commission 
1969 October 24 George Jennings news LOVE searching for missionaries 
1969 October 24 Jim DeCamp letters to the editor Cites Korea as a people united against communism 
1969 October 24 Jim Van Vleet letters to the editor Demonstrators peaceful, college should be proud 
1969 October 24 Dave Hendrix letters to the editor Moratorium inactivity denounced by student 
1969 October 24 Juliette Carlson letters to the editor Solemn protest or war games? 
1969 October 24 Jhon Lovell letters to the editor A return to God called America's only way out 
1969 October 24 voices Tom Cook musical notes,;: 
1969 October 24 D. Bekker voices Childlike freedom key to education, faith  
1969 October 24 Rembrandt news Trips Planned to Rembrandt exhibit 
1969 October 24 Jim Bever news WETN adds programs for community, students 
1969 October 24 Willy Brandt news Beyond Blanchard 
1969 October 24 football sports Wheaton recovers from two losses frustrates DePauw Tigers, 23-12 
1969 October 24 soccer sports Crusading soccer team defeats Hope in tiring game; to combat MacMurray tomorrow in important match 
1969 October 24 field hockey sports Field hockey victory; win third straight 5-0 
1969 October 24 Ed Meyer sports the sports seen 
1969 October 24 football sports Harriers continue to improve in spite of team defeats 
1969 October 31 class runners front page Class runners announced as preparations made for traditional 100 Runs 
1969 October 31 Student Government front page SG studies Blanchard association, spring culture trip, conduct code, 
1969 October 31 Continuum front page To publish own newspaper 
1969 October 31 philosophy conference news philosophy conference to observe 200th anniversary of Hegel's birth 
1969 October 31 John Pageler news Free University course to hold initial meeting 
1969 October 31 James Young news Mass. professor discusses relation between theater and Christian 
1969 October 31 Clyde Kilby news Lorentzen calls Writers conference a success; plans slight modifications, expansion next year 
1969 October 31 learning French news Studnets learning French by individaul, group study 
1969 October 31 R. Lundin voices ROTC requirement halved, but moral question large as ever 
1969 October 31 Rovert B. Hanna letters to the editor Studnets force adults to reevaluate themselves 
1969 October 31 Jim Van Vleet letters to the editor Don't let the methods hide the realities 
1969 October 31 Frank Green letters to the editor Peace comes via Christ, not by carring signs 
1969 October 31 Pego Dailey voices Do not confuse subculture with Christ 
1969 October 31 short news news Beyond Blanchard 
1969 October 31 Leland Ryken letters to the editor Owen misinterprets Calvin 
1969 October 31 Tom Beach letters to the editor Clarifies Viet Nam war position; defends idea of just war 
1969 October 31 Stanna Livingston letters to the editor Do not condemn demonstrators 
1969 October 31 Philip Sartell letters to the editor Wheaton not immoral as Fromer implies 
1969 October 31 Tom Cook voices musical notes,;: 
1969 October 31 Steve Pepper news Remebers walk in Lincoln Park 
1969 October 31 Charles Horne news Birthday celebration for Earth's 5973rd year 
1969 October 31 Wheaton debate team news Debaters compete in four tournies 
1969 October 31 ROTC news ROTC gets new personnel, updates freshman course 
1969 October 31 soccer sports Booters acheive CCII championship in esay game 
1969 October 31 football sports Btraves beat Crusaders as Bradley breaks open with season's best game 
1969 October 31 wrestling sports Matmen face season with new lineup 
1969 October 31 cross country sports Cross country record improves as harriers spike Loyola, 25-30 
1969 October 31 The Soul Brothers sprots Soul Brothers win intramural title 
1969 November 7 racism front page Free University group meets to delve into institutional racism 
1969 November 7 Philosophy Conference  front page Philosophy Conference concludes tonight with seminar on 'New Left' 
1969 November 7 Student Government front page SG elections reveal six class presidents 
1969 November 7 Wheaton Theater front page Blackwell to direct Goldoni farce in manner of Italian street theatre 
1969 November 7 Morris Inch front page Bible prof Inch applies Psalms to human experience; addresses lay people, college graduates in first book 
1969 November 7 exchange program news Overseas living made accessible to studnets through Experiment 
1969 November 7 new dorm construction news Townspeople express disillusionment with new dorm construction 
1969 November 7 Dough McKittrick news Freshmen win runs in fastest time ever 
1969 November 7 Paul Kuhwald news Student poet Kuhwald's manuscript accepted for publication by Vantage 
1969 November 7 Rene Perkins news Teachers' aides learn psychology in practical situations 
1969 November 7 D. Bekker voices Look at Faith in light of Webber message 
1969 November 7 Ray Ault letters to the editor Commends Alexander for Chapel message 
1969 November 7 Russell Stapleton letters to the editor Expresses support for Nixon speech 
1969 November 7 Elsie Moore letters to the editor Praises administration's firmness with protestors 
1969 November 7 Frank Bellinger letters to the editor  Calls Webber 'modern day prophet' 
1969 November 7 Dave Blocher letters to the editor ROTC intergral part of American society 
1969 November 7 short news news Beyond Blanchard 
1969 October 17 Tom Cook voices musical notes 
1969 October 10 Girls' rifle team news Girls' rifle team to shoot in four interschool meets 
1969 November 7 Bill Graig letters to the editor Rejects Webber's position, calls it scripturally untenable, dangerous 
1969 November 7 Gordon Fee letters to the editor Reminds Webber that God's silence turns to an offer of grace 
1969 November 7 June Hubbard, Bill Worcester, and Karen Petersen letters to the editor Christians can combine evangelism, social action 
1969 November 7 Dennis Nelson letters to the editor Pleased by Moratorium action 
1969 November 7 Lynn Novotny letters to the editor Mother, Mrs Novotny appaleed by slacks 
1969 November 7 Tom Cook voices Musical notes, ;: 
1969 November 7 football sports Crusaders to meet Pillsbury, Balpo; last chance gone for winning season 
1969 November 7 cross country sports Cross country squad takes fourth place at Augustana, Coach Kriegbaum pleased with team's performance 
1969 November 7 short sports news sports the sports seen 
1969 November 7 wrestling sports Wrestlers prepare for new season; face injuries, large rookie lineup 
1969 November 7 soccer  sports Soccermen lose to Spring Arbor, bounce back to defeat Aurora 6-1 
1969 November 14 hosting NCAA cross-country tournament front page College to host twelfth consecutive NCAA cross-country tournament 
1969 November 14 Student Government front page SG passes resolution supporting November Vietnam Moratorium 
1969 November 14 Servant of Two Masters front page 'Servant of Two Masters' tonight steps back into 16th Century Italy 
1969 November 14 Dr. Kenneth Boulding front page Dr. Boulding to talk Monday evening on 'Economics of Love' 
1969 November 14 Dr. Robert Webber news Webber cuts debate on message, surprised by extent of response 
1969 November 14 Campus Crusade for Chirst news Campus Crusade trains members, plans trips to Northern Illiniois U. 
1969 November 14 annual philosophy conference news Guests from 27 schools probe Hegel's philsophy at 16th annual conference 
1969 November 14 Dr. Martin Heicksen news Archaeology prof to discuss recent finds at conference Nov. 21-22 
1969 November 14 Dr. Albert Furbay news Dr. Furbay selected SG advisor, sees changing role for Government 
1969 November 14 Bill Graig and Karen Richard news Craing, Richard win 1st place Oshkosh debate trophy 
1969 November 14 R. Baptista voices Obey conscience or law? 
1969 November 14 Arthur Mercer letters to the editor Appreciation expressed for SG convocation 
1969 November 14 David Hobbs letters to the editor Students offered chance to act on convictions 
1969 November 14 Kendal Smucker letters to the editor Dining hall thefts costly for everyone 
1969 November 14 Don Stahl voices union shop 
1969 November 14 T. Knight  voices Christ not an aspect of life, but life itself 
1969 November 14 Thomas Beach letters to the editor If man attempts to go it alone God will give him up 
1969 November 14 William Fredericks letters to the editor Disturbed that effects of Webber's message wearing off so rapidly 
1969 November 14 Paul Barnes letters to the editor Easy answers kill Webber's impact 
1969 November 14 Stephen Owen letters to the editor Says Nixon's policies show bias, no concern for peace 
1969 November 14 Nancay Hekkema letters to the editor Vietnam? Ask those who must go 
1969 November 14 Dick Watson, Bob Grant, Andy Meiner, and Paul Veerman news  Psych majors assist patients in mental health center 
1969 November 14 fifty-seven choir members news Concert Choir gives televised performace Sunday 
1969 November 14 sending letters to missionary  news Students send letters to missionary alumni 
1969 November 14 Mrs. Hudson Armerding news Armerdings follow apostolic routes, see militray buildup in Middle East 
1969 November 14 short news news Beyond Blanchard 
1969 November 14 Edmund Fuller news Edmund Fuller to speak Thursday 
1969 November 14 Marching for peace news Students, area residnets to march in peace demonstration tomorrow 
1969 November 14 CUPID news CUPID introduces dream dates mixes, matches 150 students 
1969 November 14 football sports Frosh help wins Crusader contest; varsity suffers numerous injuries 
1969 November 14 soccer sports Bombers triumph in season finale 
1969 November 14 soccer  sports Soccer team rolls over DePauw, gets ready for NCAA tournament 
1969 November 14 short news sports the sports seen 
1969 November 21 college orchestra front page College orchestra performs 'Scheherazade' in concert tomorrow night 
1969 November 21 The Vietman war moratorium  front page Funeral march highlights Moratorium observance 
1969 November 21 Dr. John Davis front page Archaeologists report discoveries, confer on latest Tekoa diggings 
1969 November 21 soccer front page Booters attempt fourth tourney win 
1969 November 21 Sharon Behnken front page Kodon to appear shortly; later editions promised 
1969 November 21 R. Lundin voices Purge rumors dispelled, but serious questions remain 
1969 November 21 D. Bekker voices Sequel to Webber message illustrates path to community 
1969 November 21 Paul Price letters to the editor Terms Moratorium 'threat to democracy' 
1969 November 21 Dr. Arthur Holmes news Holmes writes book, explains philosophies 
1969 November 21 comprehensive examinations news Seniors rejoice; comps don't count 
1969 November 21 Chicago's exhibits, concerts news Stranded here over Thanksgiving? attend Chicago's exibits, concerts 
1969 November 21 racism news White racism unmasked at Free U. 
1969 November 21 short news sports the sports seen 
1969 November 21 swim sports Crusader tankmen to open season 
1969 November 21 football sports Gridders lose to Valpo; forfeit Crusader shield 
1969 November 21 rifle sports Riflemen top DePaul; capture close match 
1969 December 5 the withdrawal of seven students front page SG questions discipline procedureS 
1969 December 5 Dr. Narl Hung front page Dr. Hung hosts International club at Chinese dinner, opening meeting 
1969 December 5 science symposium  front page Science symposium looks ahead to study man's future Dec. 11, 12 
1969 December 5 national draft lottery front page Lottery determines who will serve; eligible males pack television room 
1969 December 5 Joe Bayly news Noted author Joe Bayly talks on communications 
1969 December 5 On Holt news Newsweek's Holt here Monday, to speak on 'Role of the Press' 
1969 December 5 Nancy Webb and Sue DeWolfe news Nancy Webb, Susan DeWolfe to assume top posts on Records, WETN; still require CCSP approval 
1969 December 5 quarter system news Quarter system nears, raises issues; departments to solve final problems 
1969 December 5 W. Karl Steele news Art by Steele on exhibit in Fischer; paintings reveal style progression 
1969 December 5 Melvin Lorentzen news Lorentzen addresses Arts group 
1969 December 5 Christmas program of oral interpretation and music news Speech students to give holiday lit interpretations in Yuletide reading hour 
1969 December 5 D. Bekker voices Wheatonite finds 'relevant man' 
1969 December 5 Mark Schulert letters to the editor Supports Moratorium as expression of opposition 
1969 December 5 R. Baptista voices Draft reform called right first step 
1969 December 5 John Clark  voices Loaves and fishes 
1969 December 5 basketball sports Crusaders to face tough season with new, returning lettermen 
1969 December 5 short news sports the sports seen 
1969 December 5 hockey sports Icemen drop opener to Triton, 4-3 
1969 December 5 soccer  sports Crusading soccermen first to win four straight NCAA championships 
1969 December 5 credit exchanging program news Drew U. offers students semester in Washington, D.C., N.Y. or Europe 
1969 December 5 rifle  sports Rifle team beats Circle, meets Loyola tomorrow 
1969 December 5 science building construction news Still more construction begins 
1969 December 5 Eastgate news Eastgate traditions end next year as dorms absorb outside houses 
1969 December 5 biology courses news Biology profs team-teach intro course, discuss social relevance second term 
1969 December 12 student aid front page Student aid cut $100 in face of College deficit 
1969 December 12 Christian Service Council front page Election Monday to decide Shepard or Bolinder for CSC presidency 
1969 December 12 Don Holt, newspaper press front page Fairness criteria, not objectivity, says Holt 
1969 December 12 student government, discipline front page SG discusses Sheffer resignation, discipline cases 
1969 December 12 Oratorio Festival Chorus front page Oratorio to be performed tomorrow 
1969 December 12 Black Panther, Ralph Abernathy news Reporter visits Black Panther shooting site, hears Abernathy 
1969 December 12 student government news Sheffer explains his resignation, sees possibilities for progress 
1969 December 12 Jon Adams news Jon Adams chosen frosh advisor, begins planning for class activities 
1969 December 12 Concert Choir news Candlelight features Glee Clubs, organ, carol singing, brass 
1969 December 12 postal service news Moneymaking students sort mail 
1969 December 12 Malcom X autobiography news Committee on racism sponsors discussion 
1969 December 12 grants news College receives grants of $4500 from Esso, Sears-Roebuck groups 
1969 December 12 spiritual life editorial 'Spiritual' evaluation negatively based 
1969 December 12 community Campus Comment Discusses different aspects of community 
1969 December 12 alumni letters to the editor Role of alumni as friends, supporters emphasized by Coray 
1969 December 12 ROTC letters to the editor Protests ROTC hair regulations 
1969 December 12  Love Letters to the editor Forced emotional encounter confuses meaning of love 
1969 December 12  Blanchard Letters to the editor Beyond Blanchard 
1969 December 12  Christian Life at the College Letters to the editor Relating not all Important 
1969 December 12  Vietman Letters to the editor Desertion no answer to search for peace 
1969 December 12  Church Letters to editors Modern Church opts for supresion 
1969 December 12  Vietnam Letters to the editor My Lai Slaughter confirms brutality of war 
1969 December 12  Larry Richards News Larry Richards attempts to answer youth asking "Is God necessary" 
1969 December 12  WETN News WETN to air specials this week, broadcast Oratorio, reading hour 
1969 December 12  Wheaton's Towers News Towers "70 follows Magazine format; Dahlberg works with small staff 
1969 December 12  Christian Service Council News Presidential Candidates View Christian Service 
1969 December 12  Mark Shepard News  Mark Sherphard 
1969 December 12  Basketball Sports Crusader Shatter Calvin, 85-56; Dykstra, Cook lead offensive Playe 
1969 December 12  Gymnastics Sports Young Gymnastics team loses first meet to Wisconsin; Coach Williams encouraged by showing of new season 
1969 December 12  Hockey Sports Crusader open hockey Season, Winning two of three 
1969 December 12  Sports Sports Grapplers take opener pin North Central, 33-11 
1969 December 12  Mark Shepard News  Shepard to lead CSC next semester 
1969 December 12  Missions Front Page SMP sending 44 to field, budget $25,000; request support 
1969 December 12  Dorms relugations Front Page AWS studies idea for new dorm regulations hopes to re;axsenior women's rules 
1969 December 12  Education policy Front page ED Pol commitee finalize quater requirment 
1969 December 12  Student Goverment Front page Wood speed reading 
1969 December 6 Christmans Letter to the editors Loaves and fishes 
Monday, July 30th, Armerding letter to the editor Ten Students encouraged by informal meeting with Armerding 
Monday, July 30th, Campus police Letter to the editor campus Cop save the day 
Monday, July 30th, Freshman Letters to the editor Questions freshman priorities 
Monday, July 30th, Post Ofice Letter to the editor Mail workers thank personnel 
January 9, 1970 Christmas News The Faces of Christimas 1969 
January 9, 1970 Student Goverment Front page SG dissolves to form committee, Drops by-laws, regular structure 
January 9, 1970 Concerts Front Page Band to play tomorrow; Members sell ticket 
January 9, 1970 Christmas From Pages Volunteers to collect for March of Dimes 
January 9, 1970 Student apartment Front page College doubles apartment space reserve 38 for undergraduate 
January 9, 1970 Apolegetics Campus Comment Do Not complain if problem come God works in His own way 
January 9, 1970 Music campus comment  Musical notes 
January 9, 1970 Christians and war campus comment Christian can justify war while still recognizing its horror 
January 9, 1970 Basket ball sport Wheaton squeezes past North: Dykstra, Pfund lead scoring 
January 9, 1970 Sports Sports Grapplers Sweep triple dual competition, cop trophy 
January 9, 1970 Gym News Rejoice Wheaton men! Universal Gym is here! "Glorified monkey bars" enhance fischer 
January 9, 1970 Vermount News Ski Club to take vermount trip for semester break 
January 9, 1970 Chicago Mayor News Beyond Blanchard 
January 9, 1970 Elgin News Volunteers bring love into Elgin 
January 9, 1970 Christmas Oratorio News Begin Oratorio practice 
1970 February 6 Wheaton tuition compared to other area colleges news Wheaton to increase tuition, room rates next year 
1970 February 6 Dr. Raymond Ortlund, Special Services front page California preacher Dr. Raymond Ortlund to conduct Special Services 
1970 February 6 College Press Service reprint front page Student action shifting to environment 
1970 February 6 Un-Student Government front page Un-SG holds first meeting, discusses role of students 
1970 February 6 Dr. Donald Lake news Wheaton grad joins faculty, Lake teaches Bible class 
1970 February 6 Wheaton College Mountain Climbing Club news Campus mountain climbing club organized, plans climbing activities for this semester 
1970 February 6 Lombard Draft Counseling Center news Draft assistance available at local counseling center 
1970 February 6 Leland Ryken - Apocolyptic Vision of Paradise Lost news Cornell U prints Ryken book, ranks him one of best Milton scholars 
1970 February 6 Dave Gieser, president of men's glee club news Men return from glee tour, plan for summer in Europe 
1970 February 6 Ski Club news Ski Club survives three day venture in Stowe, Vermont 
1970 February 6 Andrew Kole, Campus Crusade for Christ news Illusionist Kole performs tonight in Pierce Chapel 
1970 February 6 Student Government resignation, Skip Sheffer voices Students must find role in decisions in order for SG to survive 
1970 February 6 Leonard Rose, cellist, Artist Series voices Musical Notes 
1970 February 6 plea for letters to the editor voices Hard-core blahs set in 
1970 February 6 Mark Shepard voices Loaves & Fishes 
1970 February 6 Bryan Dahlberg reviews The Reivers voices filmspiel 
1970 February 6 Mark Shulert voices Nixon's campaign promises hollow 
1970 February 6 Mary Lynn Stellenwerf '73 letters to the editor Administration must suit actions to words 
1970 February 6 basketball sports Drop three CCIW basketball games 
1970 February 6 hockey sports Refreshed icemen take two 
1970 February 6 track team sports Trackmen drop opening contest 
1970 February 6 gymnastics sports Gymnasts do well, take 3rd in tourney 
1970 February 6 swim team sports Swimmers defeat Calvin, lose to Wabash 
1970 February 6 wrestling sports Wheaton matmen lose in final rounds after good start against rival teams 
1970 February 6 Sugarstuck - experimental course in Art department news Sugarstuck 
1970 February 13 Dr. Raymond Ortlund, Special Services front page All-night testimony vigil draws hundreds to Edman 
1970 February 13 first Wheaton Forum "The Role of the Student at Wheaton" front page Students, faculty, Blanchard; all in Forum 
1970 February 13 Florence Avery directs Opera Workshop front page Opera Performance Friday 
1970 February 13 Student Union Concernt- 3Ds and Meredith Wilson front page Union plans 3 D's concert, sponsors Meredith Wilson 
1970 February 13 speech meet at William & Mary front page Debaters doing well, bring home trophies 
1970 February 13 Raymond Ortlund news Dr. Ortlund assesses week, "impressed" by students 
1970 February 13 Paul Gast news Columbia geologist invited to discuss lunar dust sample 
1970 February 13 Gunther Knoedler news Knoedler named to Board; Youngest Trustee optimistic 
1970 February 13 Seminar '70 news Christian leadership, 70's, theme of upcoming seminar 
1970 February 13 Robert Webber news Webber book enables students to speak out 
1970 February 13 draft lottery news Who will go? Questions remain with draft lottery 
1970 February 13 Wheaton's local Selective Service board news Wheaton's boards up to 24, draft view worse elsewhere 
1970 February 13 D. Van Ness voices To be trusted, learn to trust 
1970 February 13 R. Thomas voices We discuss racism as problem, ignore blatant practice 
1970 February 13 Meredith Long voices An allegory: the student surgeon 
1970 February 13 Stephen Hoke letters to the editor Protests blahs: "I'm alive!" 
1970 February 13 Margaret Cording letters to the editor Music critic too harsh on Rose 
1970 February 13 David Seaberg letters to the editor So what? 
1970 February 13 Steve Pepper voices my cup of tea 
1970 February 13 Bryan Dahlberg voices filmspiel 
1970 February 13 volleyball sports Men's volleyball team opens formal play on winning note 
1970 February 13 basketball sports Girls B-ball team earns 7-1 record 
1970 February 13 hockey  sports Hockey team tightens grasp on second 
1970 February 13 gymastics sports College gymnasts win two compete again tomorrow 
1970 February 13 basketball sports Dykstra leads Crusaders to 95-74 win over Carthage 
1970 February 13 swim sports Tankers take third out of seven teams at Rockford Relays 
1970 February 13 wrestling sports Matmen tie one, lose two, hurt by missing regulars 
1970 February 13 Own BeMent news Chitwood given ROTC command 
1970 February 13 MMUN news Wheatonite to run world at St. Louis Model Un 
1970 February 13 Huey Newton news SG to celebreate Huey Newton's birthday 
1970 February 13 Joe Bayly  news Frosh 'breakaway' to learn to know people 
1970 February 13 Dave Vander Meulen  news 'Fairy tale on war' accepted for printing in Beloit review 
1970 February 13 summer school news New summer school more attractive 
1970 February 20 Edward Dayton front page Missions Emphasis to examine use of technology 
1970 February 20 first student government forum front page Faculty, administrators, students debate student power 
1970 February 20 opera workshop front page Workshop to present three scenes one complete opera this evening 
1970 February 20 wrestling front page Sixteen schools to wrestle in tournament this weekend 
1970 February 20 Raymond Brand news Interest in ecology grows as pollution threatens man's future 
1970 February 20 Dr. Ozzie Edwards news Black studies for education of whites 
1970 February 20 Joe Bayly news Wheatonites 'break away', enjoy weekend and Joe Bayly 
1970 February 20 Dr. Peter Veltman news Veltman elected chairman of ACCA 
1970 February 20 Mr. Edward R. Dayton news Communications expert to visit Wheaton, Dayton to lecture on impact of research 
1970 February 20 Dr. Robert Baptista news Baptista honored for his coaching 
1970 February 20 Miss Ellen Thompson news Alumni give grant Thompson to speak 
1970 February 20 Dr. Gerald Haddock  news Haddock named to planning post 
1970 February 20 N. Webb voices Freedom of expression means everyone 
1970 February 20 S. Reilly voices Action must follow renewal 
1970 February 20 Christopher Morris voices A reformati manifesto 
1970 February 20 Russell W. La Peer letters to the editor Accuses Record of suppression 
1970 February 20 Kendal Smucker letters to the editor BEARE" AWS advanceth 
1970 February 20 Tom Geidt voices In the Groove 
1970 February 20 Mark Sheppard voices Loaves and fishes 
1970 February 20 Nancy Trites voices Trites' Phrases 
1970 February 20 special service news Students, faculty evaluate effect of last week's special services 
1970 February 20 major in religion news Bible dept. to offer religion major 
1970 February 20 college church  news College Church Missions Month Begins 
1970 February 20 wrestling sports Notre Dame frustrates wrestlers 
1970 February 20 basketball sports Crusaders defeat Washington University 
1970 February 20 gymnastic sports Gymnasts sweep double dual meet, set new record 
1970 February 20 short news sports sports seen 
1970 February 20 Dr. Paul W. Gast news Wheaton alumnus lectures about lunar samples 
1970 February 20 Richard Sherrington news Peace Corps' Sherrington tells experiences 
1970 February 20 Ken Blackwell news Modern day job to be presented 
1970 February 20 Christian Service Council news CSC representatives to speak at Olivet, to describe activities of various ministries 
1970 February 27 Mark Hatfield  front page Oregon Senator Mark Hatfield to visit campus Tuesday 
1970 February 27 Dr. William Olson front page Tiffany Lecture to treat role of Secretary General 
1970 February 27 Vienna Choir Boys front page Bienna Choir Boys return tonight 
1970 February 27 Goldovsky Opera Company front page Goldovsky company to perform 'La Traviata' 
1970 February 27 AWS retreat front page Informal AWS Cedar Lake weekend to focus on 'Christian Home in 70s' 
1970 February 27 the bench news 'Riot' erupts as seniors show bench at test 
1970 February 27 Samuel Schultz, Holy Land news Two overseas trips planned 
1970 February 27 Student Governement Committee news SG discusses Forum, plans for future 
1970 February 27 Student Publications Constitution news Trustees approve publications charter 
1970 February 27 Educational Overseas Seminar news SMF to sponsor overseas seminar 
1970 February 27 college life, hippies news Activists most vocal group; losers need most attention 
1970 February 27 Rock music news WETN's 'Listen' reaches out with music 
1970 February 27 news news Beyond Blanchard 
1970 February 27 Evangelicalism Letters to the editor Do Not equate despair with Cynicism 
1970 February 27 Racial Issues Letters to the editor The black Problem is Your Problem 
1970 February 27 Racial Issues Wheaton Racist; Must accept blacks  
1970 February 27 Racial Issues Letters to the editor Wheaton no Utopia; must expect bad 
1970 February 27 Missions Campus Comment Missionaries: Watch Language 
1970 February 27 Tom Cook Campus cOmment Musical Notes 
1970 February 27 Student Goverment Letters to the Editor Hails revelevance of SG Chapel 
1970 February 27 Relationship Letter to the editor Horizontal, Vertical relations can differ 
1970 February 27 GRE Letter to the editor Score one (several?) test 
1970 February 27 Steve Pepper Letters to the Editor My Cup of tea 
1970 February 27 Gynamistics Sports Roving Gymnasts Sweep double dual meet Marqueette, Dupage Tomorrow 
1969 September 19 Henry Nelson front page Dr. Nelson takes over as Dean of Students 
1970 February 27 Wrestling Sports Augies wins Wrestling meet; Wheaton Host CCIW tonight 
1970 February 27 Basketball Sports Women close out basketball season with 10-1 
1970 February 27 Douglas Olsen News Olsen's uniques Methods make lit real 
1970 February 27 Debate News Debaters study both sides of revenue sharing question 
1970 February 27 Creative works News "Expression" reopriented to stress creative work 
1970 February 27 career News Plans Career night 
1970 February 27 "Silver Opnion" Competetion News Wheaton Women evaluate Crystal, compete for prize 
1970 March 6 Opera Front page Goldovsky Opera to Perform "La Traviata" 
1970 March 6 Student Goverment FRont Page SG eliminates Convention to hold election April 17 
1970 March 6 Eclipse Front Page Moon gets in way Tomorrow 
1970 March 6 Creative Arts Front page Creative Arts Week to Feature film series, special chapel 
1970 March 6 William Olson Fron Page Olson Concludes Tiffany Lectures on United Nations 
1970 March 6 Filma nd Theology News Sixty Wheaton students attend special film classes at Maryknoll 
1970 March 6 Music News Union to present musical "Clear Day" 
1970 March 6 papers on Literature: Models and Methods News Literature Paper by Beum, Sire contains essay by ex-wheaton student 
1970 March 6 Concerts News Three D's, Dick, Duane, Dennis to return Friday for union's informal concerts series 
1970 March 6 Collge Church News College Church continues Missions Month 
1970 March 6 Evans Welsh News Chaplain Welsh to Resign in summer 
1970 March 6 Wheaton Academy Vs. Wheaton College News Academy, College Split 
1970 March 6 Samuel Beckett Campus Comment Let the light break out 
1970 March 6 personal life Campus Comment Trites' Phrases 
1970 March 6 Opera Campus Comment Claim critic ignorant of Opera 
1970 March 6 Mark Shepard Letter to the editor campus comment 
1970 March 6 Opera  Letters to the Editor Critized Critic responds 
1970 March 6 Spring Life Letters to the editor In favour of informal spring things 
1970 March 6 Julius Hoffman letters to the editor Urges Prayer for Judge Hoffman 
1970 March 6 Gymnastics Sports Gymnasts defeat Marquette Dupage, extend win streak 
1970 March 6 Swimming Sports Tankers take double Dual, Compete in confrence meet 
1970 March 6 Volleyball Sports Netmen Spike Army, Navy, at Ft. Sheridan 
1970 March 6 Basketball Sports Dykstra passes School record with 683 inspite of 94-85 loss to Valparaiso 
1970 March 6 Sport Commetary sports Sport Seen 
1970 March 6 Wrestling Sports Wheaton Matmen take Second in CCIW 
1970 March 6 Residence life Campus Comment RA"s purpose: help students in dorms 
1970 March 6 tit-bits Campus Comment Beyond Blanchard 
1970 March 6 Mission News Ted Word Speaks on Missions Stress God's call to Commitment 
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