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DateSubject (Personal Name or Topic)Column or SectionTopic or Title
1969 February 28 Jim Abel front page Philosophy major Jim Abel named Wilson designate 
1969 February 28 AWS election front page Seven AWS candidates vie for offices in coming election 
1969 February 28 scholarship for Barbara Nickolich front page SG discusses supporting scholarship for Nickolich 
1969 February 28 rehiring Barbara Nickolich front page College does not reconsider Nickolich 
1969 February 28 owning the bench  front page Seniors bungle; Juniors own the bench! 
1969 February 28 voting for professor of the year front page Studnets vote prof of year; winner announced March 14 
1969 February 28 new Xerox machine news Library obtains new Xerox, make prints from microfilm 
1969 February 28 John Clark news Clark organizes staff, develops plans 
1969 February 28 attending Model UN news Five Wheatonites attend Model UN 
1969 February 28 Wheaton's forensics team news Forensics team victorious, take titles in three tourneys 
1969 February 28 rifle match news Girls challenge ROTC riflemen to match 
1969 February 28 new curriculum proposal news Faculty generally favors new curriculum proposal 
1969 February 28 University of Illinois news U of I implements coeducational visitation 
1969 February 28 attending chapel news 23 students on chapel pro in spite of increased cuts 
1969 February 28 updating curriculm news Biology, French depts. update curricula 
1969 February 28 coffee house news Coffe house gives students interaction, relaxation, freedom and fun 
1969 February 28 Stanna Livingston voices Apathy not the answer-need new demonstration methods 
1969 February 28 Steve Evans vocies Don't imply infallibility; reword the addendum 
1969 February 28 Robery Riedel letters to the editor Neutralized Vietnam idealistic, impractical 
1969 February 28 Ollie Overberry letters to the editor An offer to the girl's rifle team 
1969 February 28 Jim Chapman letters to the editor Dating is opportunity - not obligation 
1969 February 28 Charles Tatter letters to the editor Attacks book store's unfair practices 
1969 February 28 B. W. Price letters to the editor Present health fee is most practical 
1969 February 28 hockey  sports Icemen lose to Richmond in Canada hockey match 
1969 February 28 gymnastics sports Gymnastics team downs Marquette 
1969 February 28 basketball sports Pearson analyzes Bomber cagers season 
1969 February 28 basketball sports Crusaders win two, lose Christman 
1969 February 28 track sports Trackmen place at Chicago, face three teams tomorrow 
1969 February 28 swim  sports Swimmers finish dual season in triple win 
1969 February 28 SMP retreat news SMP retreat evidences strong group unity 
1969 February 28 College Union film series news CU presents film, 'Nurnberg', talk 
1969 February 28 recruiting volunteers for committee and projects news  Union workship recruits committee, project leaders 
1969 February 28 Preston Rockholt news Organist Rockholt on campus next Friday 
1969 March 7 John Mericle, oratory competition front page Mericle to compete in oratory national 
1969 March 7 student governement, scholarship front page SG drops scholarship, but talks of drama policy study 
1969 March 7 faculty of the year award front page Cabinets submit faculty of year nominees 
1969 March 7 Andrew Gyorgy front page Tiffany lectures to feature Dr. Gyorgy 
1969 March 7 evangelistic coffeehouse front page Open letter to Wheaton students 
1969 March 7 Chicago Symphony Orchestra, Spring Festival news Arts festival to include concert, play 
1969 March 7 Faculty of the year news Teacher nominees chosen for concern 
1969 March 7 Paul Lemon, Wayne Hzen news Visiting lecturers to speak next week in science classes 
1969 March 7 Richard Nazarenus news He goes 'up the tower' daily - with the flag 
1969 March 7 Gary Fairchild, Young Republicans news Fairchid speaks on role in politics 
1969 March 7 English classes news English dept. plans new fall courses 
1969 March 7 Leland Ryken news Ryken to publish book on Milton's 'Paradise Lost' 
1969 March 7 CSC missions news CSC provides opportunities for short-term mission work 
1969 March 7 William A. Akin, library news Akin donates more rare books to library 
1969 March 7 Wheaton women news Restructure AWS- focus on regulations, services 
1969 March 7 fear, love editorial Cast out fear, act out of love 
1969 March 7  American imperialism editorial For an imperial America- a right, a responsibility 
1969 March 7 Celin Romero news Romero's brilliant performance merits rousing acceptance 
1969 March 7 justification by faith editorial Loaves & Fishes 
1969 March 7 secular university letters to the editor A leave of absence- a learning experience 
1969 March 7 dating, marriage letters to the editor Marriage- whose obligation? 
1969 March 7 profanity letters to the editor Saddened by laughter at profanity 
1969 March 7 rules, Barbara Nickolich letters to the editor Why must rules overpower sensitivities? 
1969 March 7 Christian unity editorial The need for unity 
1969 March 7 marriage, dating letters to the editor Marriage--incidental, not the ultimate 
1969 March 7 wrestling sports Matmen place 2nd in CCIW; Augustana wins close match 
1969 March 7 Wheaton gymnastics team sports Gymnasts split doubledual, conclude season tomorrow 
1969 March 7 basketball sports Wheaton beats Carthage, falls to Valpo 
1969 March 7 track sports Trackmen enter large meets at Milwaukee, North Central 
1969 March 7 ice hockey sports Icemen defeat Trinity, 7-6, in league finale 
1969 March 7 swimming sports Swimmers close season in CCIW meet 
1969 March 7 tennis, swimming, intramurals the locker room Whither tennis? 
1969 March 7 foreign language news Team reviews foreign language dept. 
1969 March 7 budget, cost news Tuition hike raises salaries, reduces deficit 
1969 March 7 Wheaton College Symphony Orchestra news Orchestra to give spring concert next Saturday 
1969 March 7 airplane tickets news Youth-fares in effect-- at least for now 
1969 March 7 drama, plays front page SG proposes drama policy committee 
1969 March 14 Student Government proposes new committee for evaluating stage dramas on campus front page SG proposes drama policy committee 
1969 March 14 Dean Merrill Tenney announces new grad program front page Grad school to offer degree in communications next year 
1969 March 14 Creative Arts Festival front page Arts Festival features lectures, concerts 
1969 March 14 free university course in Asian history front page Asian history course meets to view Viet war problem 
1969 March 14 Zondra Lindblade and Mrs. Robert Baptista announce new curfew hours for women front page Frosh women will follow new hours 
1969 March 14 problems with Kodon, the Tower, and Record supplement news Student Pub Board reviews campus publication problems 
1969 March 14 Prof. Richard Kriegbaum news French class splits up for experiment 
1969 March 14 Professor Frank Bellinger news Bellinger speaks to YR's on politics 
1969 March 14 Dr. James Lower news Wheaton students in teacher aide program 
1969 March 14 context on topic of "The '69 Wheaton student" news Alumni magazine offers writing prize 
1969 March 14 David Gieser, chairman of Artist Series news '69 Artist Series slates top artists 
1969 March 14 Dr. Edwin Hollatz, debate coach news Debaters place in tourneys, compete in two more this year 
1969 March 14 discussion of ROTC in view of national anti-militarism voices Two year ROTC irrelevant--it must be changed 
1969 March 14 Nelson Bradford '68 letter to the editor why we fight in Vietnam 
1969 March 14 Arthur Holmes, Faculty Personnel Committee letters to the editor interaction between Student Government and Faculty Personnel Committee 
1969 March 14 Steve Owen '70 voices book review of Hawkins' "For an Imperial America" 
1969 March 14 Cliff Hawkins voices response to Steve Owen '70 
1969 March 14 Bob George '69 letters to the editor Marriage--highest relationship 
1969 March 14 Jim Chapman '71 letters to the editor Chapman makes final statement 
1969 March 14 Merle Schmidt '70 letters to the editor Change AWS; make it relevant 
1969 March 14 Dan Sharp '69 letters to the editor Let's accept others--unconditionally 
1969 March 14 Roger Lundin voices Is draft fair? Well no, half don't go! 
1969 March 14 tournament at California State Polytechnic College sports Wheaton wrestlers battle in NCAA national tournament 
1969 March 14 Midwest Intercollegiate Hockey League sports Icemen advance in tourney with 4-2 victory in first test 
1969 March 14 Warhawk Invitation meet sports Gymnasts conclude season, place 8th in invitational meet 
1969 March 14 report on season sports Trackment compete in last indoor meet 
1969 March 14 basketball: Tom Dykstra sports Dykstra sets scoring records in basketball 
1969 March 21 modified quarter system news Faculty Senate approves calendar-curriculum 
1969 March 21 Teacher of Year News Miss Nick wins first student ballot for the "teacher of the year 
1969 March 21 Sociology and Athropology department News Mayesr to head Soc, Anthro 
1969 March 21 Campus organization News New Organization for C.O. counsel 
1969 March 21 Student activities News New Campus coffee house opens tonight 
1969 March 21 Washington Banquent News CU offers Spring Banquent as traditional WB Substitute 
1969 March 21 Student Life News Informal prayer meeting create unity 
1969 March 21 Associated Women Students News AWS voters name officers, Mary Hetzel New president 
1969 March 21 Opinion Competition News Women Participate in Nationwide Silver Opinion Competition 
1969 March 21 Symphony Orchestra News Gina Bachauer Plays Wednesday 
1969 March 21 Student activities News Frosh Mom, Pop, Big Bro, Sister applications available 
1969 March 21 Creative Arts News Creative Student invade campus with two weeks of Activity 
1969 April 18 Skip Sheffer, Dave Henry, Karen Stam, Ron Turner front page SG primary convention names candidates tonight: Henry vs. Sheffer--if there's no draft 
1969 April 18 William Pollard, Russell Mixter, Faculty Senate front page College clarifies regulations, passes set of 11 basic rules 
1969 April 18 SG President Randy Tremba front page Each class to elect four SG reps 
1969 April 18 Edwin Hollatz and Eleanor Paulson speech coaches news Forensics team places 9th in Pi Kappa Delta tourney 
1969 April 18 Winifred Hockman, director of housing news Mrs. Hockman explains housing changes 
1969 April 18 Ken Blackwell news Course in religious drama to be offered in intersession 
1969 April 18 John Hayward, Jonathan Blanchard Association news Blanchard Assn. receives charter 
1969 April 18 Student Missionary Project news SMPers train for summer: their goal is to serve others 
1969 April 18 ROTC seniors receive army assignments news Army tells 16 senior cadets: 'infantry' 
1969 April 18 Black Arts Festival news Students announce plans for black arts festival April 28 
1969 April 18 Mary Corwin voices Candidates: show us what Wheaton can be next year 
1969 April 18 Alan Beasley voices In case you've forgotten, we reprint Beasley's best 
1969 April 18 Bill Hoelzel voices Monday night- no basis for voting 
1969 April 18 Stanna Livingston news SG convention: ENJOY campus politics 
1969 April 18 Robert Riedel voices The Viet Cong: who are they? 
1969 April 18 Clif Hawkins voices Acceptance--integral part of loving 
1969 April 18 Richard Fredine, U.S. Army, Vietnam letters to the editor America must fight in Vietnam, a soldier writes 
1969 April 18 James McDermott letters to the editor Hurray for ROTC, an alumnus cheers 
1969 April 18 track meet at Tennessee Tech sports Trackmen earn 2-2 record on spring trip 
1969 April 18 Coach Lee Pfund - baseball sports Pfund optimistic about spring baseball trip 
1969 April 18 Akron Invitational Indoor Soccer Tournament sports Indoor soccer team enters Ohio tourney 
1969 April 18 Golf Team  sports Golf team opens busy month, hopes for well-balanced unit 
1969 April 18 Denny Scardelli, Stanna Livingston, Larry Rainey news Mock candidates support Italy, women, 'Little Acre' 
1969 April 18 Student Government Convention procedures news How the SG convention will work 
1969 April 24 Owen Barfield front page Barfield to lecture on philosophy Wed. 
1969 April 24 Ron Turner, Skip Sheffer front page Sheffer, Turner face final vote Friday 
1969 April 18 ROTC Adjutant General Inspection front page Cadets plan to boycott ROTC review 
1969 April 24 Dr. Peter Veltmann, Educational Policies chairman front page EdPol committee may solicity student opinion 
1969 April 24 Bill Hoelzel front page Your Ballot Tomorrow is YOUR campaign promise 
1969 April 24 Scot Monoghan, SG Vice President letters to the editor Is Wheaton capable of democracy? 
1969 April 24 Wanda Gehret letters to the editor Christian commitment is an issue! 
1969 April 24 Mary Corwin letters to the editor SG leadership--beyond personal goals 
1969 April 24 30 mile walk sponsored by American Freedom from Hunger Foundation news 'Walk for development' to combat hunger, poverty  
1969 April 24 report on Student Government convention news SG convention nominates four 
1969 April 24 Steve Owen produces 2 programs on Black music culture news WETN presents black culture series 
1969 April 24 Richard Kriegbaum news French 112 class divides into small conversation groups 
1969 April 24 Baseball season opener at Carroll College sports Baseball team opens CCIW race with split 
1969 April 24 tennis matches against Elmhurst and Lake Forest sports Tennis season opens; team record 1-1 
1969 April 24 Track meets with Taylor and Calvin sports Trackmen win double dual; host Taylor, Calvin Friday 
1969 April 24 North Central Invitational Tournament sports Golf team competes in annual tourney 
1969 May 2 Faculty Senate considers changes to ROTC front page Senate to debate ROTC Tuesday 
1969 May 2 Dean of Faculty, Robert Baptista front page No classes May 9 
1969 May 2 Military Affairs Committee front page ROTC committee decides after lengthy consideration 
1969 May 2 discussion of ROTC problems, changes front page Dissent on ROTC not limited to Wheaton 
1969 May 2 Hunger Walk news Hunger Walk given vigorous support of students, others 
1969 May 2 Trudy Krucke - German class news German classes present Brecht plays 
1969 May 2 Kenneth Blackwell - speech class explores film news Blackwell students experimenting with film 
1969 May 2 Black Arts Festival news Black art festival portrays culture of black man today 
1969 May 2 Young Life staffers in Chicago news Six will work in inner city 
1969 May 2 Skip Sheffer, Karen Stam news Sheffer, Stam plan program for next year, offers change 
1969 May 2 Mark Olsen, Susan Graim - Tower editors news 1970 Tower needs an editor-- right NOW! 
1969 May 2 Stanna Livingston on College Union voices Union candidates should offer definite programs 
1969 May 2 Robert Murfin '70 letters to the editor More than one valid view of Vietnam conflict 
1969 May 2 Tim Barber '69 letters to the editor Loneliness chapels confront ignored topic 
1969 May 2 John Tompkins letters to the editor B&G should concrete trails across grass 
1969 May 2 Bill Scholl letters to the editor Kazoo Band commends Men's Glee Club 
1969 May 2 Tom Skinner, evangelist news Tom Skinner: the Kingdom of God must replace the evangelical sub-culture 
1969 May 2 Nho Dinh Diem voices Diem his own man--not a US puppet 
1969 May 2 William Hunt - study of Wheaton students' level of stress news Hunt, North Park psychologist, analyzes stress 
1969 May 2 25 faculty depart Wheaton at end of 1969 school year news 25 faculty leave, heavy, but not too unusual 
1969 May 2 ROTC Rifle league news Rifle team compiles 5-5 record, best ever for Wheaton 
1969 May 2 Jon Ciley, Mike Stauffer, Don Stahl  news Ciley, Stahl, Stauffer view for CU Chief 
1969 May 2 two new campus coffee houses news Campus coffeehouses open, "Upper Room", "Down Under" 
1969 May 2 Mrs. W. Camerson Townsend speaks to Student Missions Forum news Mrs. Townsend explains Russian linguistic survey 
1969 May 2 Track results against Calvin and Taylor sports Trackmen lose two, travel to Beloit Relays 
1969 May 2 Baseball against Carthage, Millikin, and Augustana sports Wheaton earns 4-4 mark in CCIW baseball competition 
1969 May 2 match against Illinois Wesleyan, Bradley, and Ambrose sports Tennis team wins 2, loses 3 in full week 
1969 May 2 golf team sports Gof squad competes in three matches 
1969 May 9 Stanna Livingston front page Walk for Development will combat hunger 
1969 May 9 Don Stahl front page Don Stahl wins CU election, feels strong student support 
1969 May 9 a proposal for changing Wheaton ROTC front page Senate approves 1yr. mandatory ROTC 
1969 May 9 performing Brahms' Requiem front page BRAHMS' 'REQUIEM' TO 
1969 May 9 Mary Lynn MacDonald and Dean Woodward "Woody" Lewis front page Seniors place in 'Atlantic Monthly' Contest 
1969 May 9 criticizing professors and courses news Studnets evaluate courses, profs under new proposal 
1969 May 9 Dr. Benjamin Sprunger news Sprunger gets newly-named director of resources post 
1969 May 9 the moive, 'The Audience' was released news 'The Audience', sociology movie released 
1969 May 9 Dr. Marion Barnes news Dr. Marion Barnes to give address at commencement 
1969 May 9 the department of Bible and philosophy will become two separate departments news Bible, Phil. to become separate depts. 
1969 May 9 Dr. Phillip Hook news Hook tells Wheato: remain distinctive, relevant 
1969 May 9 Col. Byron D. Meadows news Col. Meadows leaving, proud of his Wheaton detachment 
1969 May 9 Dr. Ronald Rietveld news Rietveld urges 'keep distinctiveness' 
1969 May 9 Steve Evans voices Student rebels; More than idealism needed 
1969 May 9 Stanna Livingston voices These boots were made for walking 
1969 May 9 Bill Hoelzel voices You can reject ROTC and retain patriotism 
1969 May 9 Barbara Propst letters to the editor Leaving Wheaton bitter is your own fault 
1969 May 9 Walter Dunnett letters to the editor Skinner's charges of discrimination at MBI invalid 
1969 May 9 Cliff Hawkins letters to the editor Christ is more than an activist 
1969 May 9 Robert Riedel voices Is there discontent in North Vietnam? 
1969 May 9 baseball sports Whaton trims No. Central, 3-2, 5-4 
1969 May 9 football and soccer sports Football, soccer teams sharpen skills 
1969 May 9 tennis sports Tennis teams earns 5-5 mark with two victories and a loss 
1969 May 9 track sports Trackmen place well in Beloit relays 
1969 May 9 golf sports Golf team enters two large meets as season nears finish 
1969 May 9 Betsy Hodapp  news Betsy Hodapp a 'Yale man' next semester 
1969 May 9 entering CCIW tournaments sports Crusader teams enter CCIW tourneys 
1969 May 9 Wheaton spring festival news Young man's fancy in the spring? RIOT! 
1969 May 9 grading system editorial Here are five reasons why grades must go! 
1969 May 16 Bryan Dahlberg front page Bryan Dahlberg, new Tower editor, plans 2nd annual student magazine 
1969 May 16 Walk for Development was a success front page Walk a success in spite of sores, blistered feet 
1969 May 16 Dr. Henry Nelson front page Trinity veep will become new dean of students 
1969 May 16 Dr. Phillip Hook front page Hook will go to Dallas 
1969 May 16 Kiosk's varied program front page CU announces '69 Kiosk Spring Thing this weekend 
1969 May 16 Dave Knighton and Len Stewart news CSC names Knighton, Stewart to boost campus missions interest 
1969 May 16 Wheaton Biafra fund news Wheaton Biafra fund 4th largest in nation 
1969 May 16 Gerald Hawthorne news Greeks Honor hawthorne 
1969 May 16 suspending class constitutions news SG suspends class constitutions 
1969 May 16 Roger Lundin and Sharon Behnken news SPB picks Lundin for Record, Behnken for Kodon editor 
1969 May 16 The student personnel office will raise room rates news Personnel office announces room chrage hike: $20 
1969 May 16 Wheaton's ROTC cadets news President reviews cadets 
1969 May 16 Sneaking Seniors of Wheaton College news Sneaky seniors escape unnoticed to enjoy sunny Daytona beaches 
1969 May 16 Jim Chapman news TR's name Chapman '69 president 
1969 May 16 Dr. Stuart Hackett news Hackett studies in India next fall 
1969 May 16 eight alumni will receive membership in the Scholastic Honor Society news Honor society names alumni membership, awards two doctorates 
1969 May 16 Steve Owen vocies Don't condemn the radical; hear the message he speaks 
1969 May 16 Steve Evans vocies America needs solutions, but violence is not one of them 
1969 May 16 William Luck letters to the editor 'Skinner's philosophy illogical, naive' 
1969 May 16 Maynard S. Clark letters to the editor Wheaton beware! Maynard returneth 
1969 May 16 Daniel Juster letters to the editor Throw out grades? Then what? 
1969 May 16 Ron Potter letters to the editor The radical Jesus 
1969 May 16 Stanna Livingston voices Stanna finished 30 miles - and 30 miles finished Stanna! 
1969 May 16 Robert Riedel  voices Should America use enclaves in Vietnam? 
1969 May 16 baseball sports Crusaders upset Titans, split pair with Bluejays 
1969 May 16 spring sport summary sports the locker room 
1969 May 16 selling used clothing news AWS aids SMP with clothing sale 
1969 May 16 track sports Track team places 5th in conference despite strong field performances 
1969 May 16 tennis sports Bad weather cancels CCIW tennis tourney 
1969 May 16 golf sports Johnson wins awards in tournamnet action as golf season closes 
1969 May 16 Dr. Enock Dryness news Dryness resigns after 45 years service to Wheaton college 
1969 May 16 intergrating Christian faith and the liberal arts news Faculty papers join faith, learning 
1969 May 16 six new menbers were elected to the Faculty Senate news Six profs to join Faculty Senate for three-year terms 
1969 February 7 Overseas Education Seminar front page Seminar tomorrow to study foreign education, missios 
1969 February 7 US-Asian conflict front page Free course offered in US-Asian conflict 
1969 February 7 Joseph Bean front page Joseph Bean to become head soccer coach in fall 
1969 February 7 Nathan Milstein front page Artist Series hosts alternate violinist 
1969 February 7 Edman chapel front page Chapel bell suffers mechanical difficulties 
1969 February 7 Christian Service Council news Students petition Hook for C.O. counseling service 
1969 February 7 forensics team news Forensics team successful in tourneys across nation 
1969 February 7 "A Midsummer Night's Dream" news Year's 2nd play will be presented the end of March 
1969 February 7 William Thrasher news Library acquires microfilm copy of London Times 
1969 February 7 Dr. Waldo Smith news Dr. Smith comes to lecture science students Tuesday 
1969 February 7 student government news SG sponsors Evelyn Wood, DeHill reading skill course 
1969 February 7 faculty news Three join faculty, two dept. heads named 
1969 February 7 Bill Hoelzel voices Substitute rules for the pledge 
1969 February 7 Stanna Livingston voices Wanted: Tower editor. Low pay, long hours 
1969 February 7 John Clark voices Loaves and Fishes 
1969 February 7 profanity in College-sponsored productions editorial A dying world speaks; will we listen? 
1969 February 7 student report on his attendance of Nixon inauguration editorial Nixon's inauguration demonstrates easy transition 
1969 February 7 monthly page supplement in the Record will hold space for student essays and debates news Record to print monthly viewpoint addition 
1969 February 7 examples of missions agencies using enterprising methods to evangelize news Find revolutionary ways to tell a revolutionary message 
1969 February 7 recruiters on campus include Peace Corps, Hershey Foods, Firestone Tires, and others news Peace Corps, schools. business to recruit here 
1969 February 7 Archaeology dept. rebukes Record for false reporting on hashish in Palestine news Chastises Record for false, nasty accusations 
1969 February 7 swim team: Dale Frank and Paul Perkins sports Swimmers break recordsm add four wins 
1969 February 7 hockey season report sports High-scoring hockey squad increases year mark to 6-2 
1969 February 7 wrestlers Leaman, Murfin, Campbell, Myers, and Harber secure wins sports Once-beaten wrestling team gains four wins, tourney title 
1969 February 7 intramural director Doug Wilson divides IMs into leagues according to ability sports Final round starts in intramural B-ball 
1969 February 7 Basketball team under coach Lee Pfund sports Crusaders touchen in CCIW league race 
1969 February 7 Basketball team plays in Chicago Stadium sports Wheaton, St. Peters face off in Stadium 
1969 February 7 Education Policies Committee considers revised curriculum and four-quarter calendar news Policies Committee examines quarters system, revised curriculum 
1969 February 7 Harold Faulkner, business manager announces tuition, room & board increase news Raise tuition $50 to increase faculty salaries 
1969 February 14 Rev. Robert Boyd Munger, Edith Munger, and Rev. Dr. Donald Williams headline Spiritual Emphasis Week front page Special services feature college ministers 
1969 February 14 66 students participate in pass-fail grade trial front page Pass-fail trial succeeds, helps cut study pressure 
1969 February 14 wrestling tournament front page Annual invitational wrestling tourney here this weekend 
1969 February 14 Clyde Kilby visits England to acquire more Lewis papers news Dr. Kilby seeks manscripts to enlarge Lewis collection 
1969 February 14 Milt Richards, coordinator for Youth for Christ, comments  news 30 recruits join Campus Life clubs 
1969 February 14 Campus Americans for Democratic Action news CADA to penetrate campus groups to promote reforms 
1969 February 14 "A Reader's Guide to Religious Literature" news Dr. Batson writes her 1st book 
1969 February 14 "A Midsummer Night's Dream" begins practice news Peters, Landfear take leads in play 
1969 February 14 eight students participate in 13th annual Washington Seminar on Federal Service news Wheaton students observe federal govt. in operation 
1969 February 14 report on Illinois Young Republican College Federation news Young Republicans observe conclave divided by politics 
1969 February 14 Student Government study reveals no link between underclassmen having cars on campus and poor grades news SG recommends car rule changes 
1969 February 14 Americans and Asian politics editorial Realities of war demand neutralization 
1969 February 14 senior writes on senior panic editorial Senior panic strikes: it's a good sign 
1969 February 14 Lincoln House residents thankful Edman chimes are broken editorial Chapel clock chimes should stay broken 
1969 February 14 student defends Wheaton's policy against profanity in productions editorial Defense for college drama policy 
1969 February 14 student defends his critique of Wheaton's policy against profanity in productions editorial  Hodson replies, defending position 
1969 February 14 student reports on symposium on Black Power held at Augustana College editorial Will Wheaton lead evangelicals toward racial understanding? 
1969 February 14 student reflects on commuter life editorial Our roving reporter discovers the world is a laundromat 
1969 February 14 student questions campus health insurance coverage editorial Must everyone pay health fee? 
1969 February 14 Basketbal team loses at game played in Chicago Stadium sports Wheaton falls to St. Peters in Stadium 
1969 February 14 basketball standings sports Crusaders lose twice, fade in CCIW race 
1969 February 14 track team report sports Track team opens season with 7-point loss to Chicago 
1969 February 14 gymnastics report under Coach Willis Gale sports Gymnastics team loses twice in double dual meet 
1969 February 14 hockey team standings sports Icemen lose to Circle, 7-3, in MIHL 
1969 February 14 women's gymnastics team report sports Women gymnasts mark 1-1 in extramural action 
1969 February 14 Church of the Good Shepherd in Elk Grove Village attracts students interested in gifts of the Spirit news Baptism of Spirit renews Elk Grove church 
1969 February 14 swim team report sports Swimmers place second at Rockford meet 
1969 February 14 Campus Crusade, Illinois Bell and others recruit on campus news Agents visit campus to enlist employees 
1969 February 14 students ask Dr. Stuart Hackett to speak on "The Knowledge of God and Christian Commitment" news Students petition Dr. Hackett to speak 
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