Index to the Record, 1968 (September)-1969 (February)

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DateSubject (Personal Name or Topic)Column or SectionTopic or Title
1968 September 20 New chapel and ROTC policies front page SG expects chapel change; faculty ok's ROTC study 
1968 September 20 New faculty front page Faculty gains 19 new full-time members 
1968 September 20 Student publication guidelines front page Veltman states new publication guidelines 
1968 September 20 Women alllowed to stay out later front page College grants coeds revised hours 
1968 September 20 Student Leadership Workshop front page SLW weekend discusses change, employs forums 
1968 September 20 Advancement program and fund drive front page Science, library building fund now totals $2.6 million 
1968 September 20 Wheaton change editorials Tolerance needed for meaningful change 
1968 September 20 Student personel office and discipline editorials Questions raised by discipline cases 
1968 September 20 Secularness on campus letters to editor Protests secular music on Wheaton campus 
1968 September 20 Student speaker's apology letters to editor MacMillan offers apology 
1968 September 20 Withdrawal of liberal students letters to editor Let Wheaton ease stance toward liberal students 
1968 September 20 Campus community CSC President column Loaves and Fishes 
1968 September 20 Future of Vietnam Campus comment Vietcong would control any colaition 
1968 September 20 College riots Zeitgeist Zeitgeist 
1968 September 20 Change at Wheaton Government speaks Government speaks 
1968 September 20 Music concert  musical review 'Invincible Sally' 
1968 September 20 Orienation and freshmen news Orientation week events confront 455 freshmen 
1968 September 20 Freshmen news Barb, Jim, Gloria and Dave like freshmen 
1968 September 20 Typical freshman a myth news The unending search for the typical freshman 
1968 September 20 Smith turns into a housing unit news Smith wing construction begins this fall 
1968 September 20 Dean and pledge news Hook explains recent action regarding campus drug use 
1968 September 20 Librarian resigns news College librarian resigns, accepts post at Stanford 
1968 September 20 New soccer coach sports Enlow new coach for experienced booters 
1968 September 20 Soccer sports Opening Maryknoll match ends in overtime soccer tie 
1968 September 20 Cross country sports Harrier prospects hopeful despite team's inexperience 
1968 September 20 Track sports The Mexico track trip 
1968 September 20 Football sports 23 football lettermen boost team's power 
1968 September 20 College church advertisement Are Sundays full of angst? 
1968 September 27 Francis Shaeffer to speak on campus front page Dr. Schaeffer returns to Wheaton to conduct fall special services week 
1968 September 27 Student Union film front page 'Exodus' initiates Union film series 
1968 September 27 Honoring Wheaton police chief front page College hails White, retiring police chief 
1968 September 27 Retreat week front page CSC, AWS retreats pack weekend with learning, fun 
1968 September 27 Homecoming weekend front page Homecoming theme selected 'between the Bookends' 
1968 September 27 Lost and Found lost front page Can't anyone find Lost and Found? 
1968 September 27 The youth of America editorials Youth dissatisfaction can be channeled 
1968 September 27 Argus must begin again editorials Need for Argus still exists 
1968 September 27 Student hope for change letters to editor Don't disown each other 
1968 September 27 Student referendum about compulsory ROTC letters to editor Frosh urges ROTC referendum 
1968 September 27 'Escape from Reason' book review Schaeffer points Christians to communicating faith 
1968 September 27 Wheaton Christian life letters to editor Student assails some as not 'set apart' 
1968 September 27 Freedom of speech campus comment Responsibility to all impossible in speaking 
1968 September 27 Travelling to Wheaton Gulliver's Travails Gulliver's Travails 
1968 September 27 SMP students evaluate their summer news SMP participants find communication problems in action, at home 
1968 September 27 Ecumenical Institute news Ecumenical Institute explores modern ideas 
1968 September 27 Argus news Pub board chairman Marum may seek Argus reinstated 
1968 September 27 Charles Williams letter collection news Wheaton obtains Charles Williams letters 
1968 September 27 Initiation news Sophomores endure annual frosh initiation 
1968 September 27 Chapel seats and meal tickets news Meal tickets of every color! chapel seats= alphabet soup 
1968 September 27 New recruitment program news Colleges may form prof recruiting unit 
1968 September 27 Bomber squad cheer leaders sports Six frosh girls chosen to cheer bomber squads 
1968 September 27 Football sports DePauw defeats Wheaton in season's football opener 
1968 September 27 Cross country sports Harriers open season with triple win 
1968 September 27 MLB player's fanclub the locker room The Jim Northrup Story 
1968 September 27 Soccer  sports Soccer team beat DePauw as Palacio brothers sparkle 
1968 September 27 Student leadership Workshop news SLW small groups break communication barrier 
1968 September 27 New history course news Black history course begins 
1968 September 27 Leadership training news SG organizes leader training program 
1968 September 27 ROTC students honored news Wheaton cadets receive top honor at summer camp 
1968 September 27 New librarian news W. Thrasher fills position as acting college librarian 
1968 October 4 Interview with Fancis Shaeffer front page Dr. Schaeffer seeks evangelical revolution on Biblical foundations 
1968 October 4 Music performances front page Union announces Artist Series bill, Kiosk performers 
1968 October 4 Francis Shaeffer front page Schaeffer calls for revival, reformation in church today 
1968 October 4 Annual writers conference front page Writers conference begins next Thursday 
1968 September 27 Theater  front page Dixon to star in 'Man for All Seasons' 
1968 October 4 Christian sports editorials Christian Athletics- is victory the criterion? 
1968 October 4 Proclaiming the gospel editorials The truth- to practice the proclamation 
1968 October 4 Praise for Wheaton letters to editor A little positive attitude goes a long way 
1968 October 4 Christianity and popular culture letters to editor Christian love must override 'thou shalt nots' 
1968 October 4 Inner city ministry campus comment Church must involve itself with inner city 
1968 October 4 New SG plans government speaks Government speaks 
1968 October 4 Christianity and Popular music letters to editor We must listen to message of modern music 
1968 October 4 Education news Students becoming less educable? 
1968 October 4 Student Union plans Union president column Union Gab 
1968 October 4 Compulsory ROTC- response to former letter letters to editor Poll not valid for ROTC evaluation 
1968 October 4 WETN news WETN expands under new chief Johnson 
1968 October 4 Candidate for lieutenant governor speaks news Candidate Simon addresses Wheaton CADA on ghetto 
1968 October 4 CSC workshops news Retreat views CSC options 
1968 October 4 All-school prayer meetings news CSC prayer cores join prayer meeting to increase impact 
1968 October 4 Republican survey news YR poll demonstrates GOP strength 
1968 October 4 L'Abri news L'Abri offers visitors warm atmosphere 
1968 October 4 Guest artist perform news Hall, Drake give piano, vocal music concert Tuesday 
1968 October 4 Cross country sports Harrier defeat Bradley for 4-0 season's record 
1968 October 4 Football sports Football team loses to Hope, 13-7, in hard-fought contest 
1968 October 4 Football captains the locker room Crusader football captains 
1968 October 4 Cross country sports Cross country team hosts invitational meet; nineteen teams enter 
1968 October 4 Soccer sports Crusaders trounce Wabash with strong defense, passing 
1968 October 4 Cross country sports Date set for the second annual '100 Runs' 
1968 October 4 Mens glee club tour news Mens glee club performs in European concert tour 
1968 October 4 Archeology professor's discovery news Tekoa excavations uncover 'one of riches' Israel sites 
1968 October 4 New faculty news Six special instructors, visiting prof, field representative join Wheaton staff 
1968 October 4 Homecoming queen selection news Cabinet members choose nominees for campus queen 
1968 October 4 Pumpkin carving news Union sponsors pumpkin chiseling 
1968 October 11 Artist Series performers front page Wagner Chorale opens Artist Series 
1968 October 11 Writer's conference front page 13th conference examines 'good writing' 
1968 October 11 Record gets honors front page Record earns All-American honor rank 
1968 October 11 Lost and Found regained front page Lost and Found found by G&G 
1968 October 11 Kiosk performance front page Mitchell opens Homecoming festivities 
1968 October 11 Christianity and modern media editorials The challenge: confronting modern media 
1968 October 11 Compulsory ROTC editorials Concerned about ROTC? then write 
1968 October 11 Praise of Dr. Schaeffer's message CSC column Loaves and fishes 
1968 October 11 Wheaton's departure from historic Christianity letters to editor Sabbath day is abused at Wheaton 
1968 October 11 Drama and Christianity campus comment The Christian and contemporary drama 
1968 October 11 Excerpt from book Gulliver's Travels Gulliver's Travels 
1968 October 11 Information on presidential candidates Zeitgeist Zeitgeist 
1968 October 11 Student unity news SLW succeeds by group psychology 
1968 October 11 folk singer evangelists news Rodas perform in French folk concert 
1968 October 11 Mr. Graham Hyslop lectures on African ethnomusicology news Visiting Kenyan professor explains music as living art 
1968 October 11 Student activities offices reconfigure their spaces news MSC construction shuffles student offices 
1968 October 11 Maggie Packer, Clare Strachan, Joan Campbell, Joan Bennet are class candidates for homecoming queen news Students to pick queen this Wed. 
1968 October 11 Assistant Prof of History explains his research news Rietveld examines Civil War politics 
1968 October 11 class members elected to Student Publications Board news Classes select pub board reps 
1968 October 11 Graduate Theology lecture titles, speakers announced news Fall grad activities include speakers, prayer 
1968 October 11 Karen Richard and David Carter win 3rd place in debate match news Debaters rank 3rd in keynote matches 
1968 October 11 Students -Sherman, Payne, Avila, Ahlquist score goals sports Booters grab two more victories: 4-1, 3-1 
1968 October 11 Women's field hockey under Ruth Leedy begins season sports WRA anticipates first hockey game aganst N. Illinois 
1968 October 11 satire on search for "average runner" sports Runs chairmen pursue 'average runner' 
1968 October 11 fall track team initiated to help train for spring track season sports Track team closes five-week program with fall dual meet 
1968 October 11 results of cross country invitational sports Taylor wins cross country invitational 
1968 October 11 Joel Detweiler scores two-point conversion to win over Augustana sports Crusaders Triumph in final 2 minutes 
1968 October 11 intramural football standings sports Intramurals rank Soul Brothers top football team 
1968 October 18 Harvey Chrouser front page 'Winningest coach' Chrouser Alumnus of the Year 
1968 October 18 homecoming day front page 1500 alumni return for Homecoming festivities 
1968 October 18 Alan Harn front page Archeologists meet to present findings 
1968 October 18 ROTC front page SG to poll senior, junior men on ROTC 
1968 October 18 S. Evans voices Can a Christian support the Viet Nam War 
1968 October 18 William Frederick letters to the editor Be mature Christians - 'put away childish things' 
1968 October 18 Richard A. Bard letters to the editor Former editor challenges censorship charges 
1968 October 18 C. Ackermann vocies Auto policy should be revised 
1968 October 18 Don Postema voices Government Speaks 
1968 October 18 Lan Kerr voices Loaves and Fishes 
1968 October 18 Leslie Isle musical review Wagner Chorale delights audience 
1968 October 18 George Patterson  news Modern media needed for evangelism 
1968 October 18 homecoming news Homecoming initiates Forrestville exchange 
1968 October 18 Christian Service Council news CSC begins new program in hospital, community work 
1968 October 18 Richard Taylor news Philosophy conf. examines freedom 
1968 October 18 Writers conference news Writers tell conference art, media crucial today 
1968 October 18 Student Educational Association news SEA discusses student militancy, teacher's strikes 
1968 October 18 Kendal Smucker news Adams unveils SAGA common stock offer 
1968 October 18 Winifred Hockman news Mrs. Hockman-what hast thou done? 
1968 October 18 Wheaton's affirmative team news  Debaters take trophy in WIU tourney 
1968 October 18 Rob Baptista and Steve VanDine ROTC viewpoint Presnet program most beneficial 
1968 October 18 Roger Lundin ROTC viewpoint Committee analyzes ROTC, reviews alternate proposals 
1968 October 18 Rip Hodson ROTC viewpoint Compulsory plan, principles conflict 
1969 October 18 ROTC scholarship news ROTC scholarship applications open 
1968 October 18 Conguer Rifle news CR inductees face the Wheaton woman 
1968 October 18 music concerts news Groups give sacred music concerts 
1968 October 18 Samuel J. Schultz news Schultz publishes second Bible text 
1968 October 18 debate news YR's debate '68 candidate positions 
1968 October 18 Edward Coray news Coray travels widely to inform alumni 
1968 October 18 Jack Swartz sports Strong teams enter Homecoming battles 
1968 October 18 soccer sports Soccer team defeats Chicago for sixth win 
1968 October 18 Soul brothers sports Soul brothers, Northrups meet Nov.6 
1968 October 18 David Hobbs sports Runs co-chairmen announces girls may run one 4-mile leg 
1968 October 18 track sports Fall track program concludes with meet 
1968 October 18 soccer sports Crusaders defeat Wabash for second win 
1968 October 18 football sports Harriers win two, stretch season's dual mark to 7-0 
1968 October 18 Larry Rainey sports Committee plasns 100 runs 
1968 October 18 baseball sports Northrup expresses his thanks to wheaton 
1968 October 18 Jo Warrick news Seniors shine in post-chapel bench showing 
1968 October 18 Barb Schulert news Wheaton gets computer telephone link 
1968 October 18 Student Publication Board news Pub board to study Argus 
1968 October 18 22 vacant Student Government office news 30 students competing for 22 SG offices 
1968 October 25 philosophy conference front page Human freedom is theme of philosophy conference 
1968 October 25 Hudson Armerding front page Dr. Armerding to attend Asian congress 
1968 October 25 Roberta Peters front page Roberta Peters returns in concert 
1968 October 25 Harold Lindsell and Francis Steele front page Trustee borrd selects two new members 
1968 October 25 Presidential election front page SG supervises all-campus Presidential election Tues. 
1968 October 25 Richard Nixon, "new politics", self-interest  editorial Politics- the self-interest game 
1968 October 25 dress code, clothing editorial Dress- it's not a major issue 
1968 October 25 Christian education, liberal arts letters to the editor Problems seen in student objectives 
1968 October 25 Homecoming court, thank you letters to the editor Homecoming Queen says 'thank you' 
1968 October 25 homecoming, alumni letters to the editor Coray appreciates successful Homecoming 
1968 October 25 Vietnam War, Bible campus comment Scripture allows Christian to support war 
1968 October 25 Hubert Humphrey, Richard Nixon Zeitgeist Zeitgeist 
1968 October 25 story, Bruce Albert Gulliver's Travails Part the Thirde: Gulliver in Heehaw land 
1968 October 25 Chad Mitchell concert news Mitchell interprets folk, rock music 
1968 October 25 Richard Nixon, presidential campaign news ACP editor's poll endorses Nixon 
1968 October 25 Wheaton Philosophy conference news Philosophy conference is unique event 
1968 October 25 Wheaton debate team news Two Wheaton teams debate this weekend 
1968 October 25 Biology, electron microscrope news Biology department obtains first electron microscope 
1968 October 25 speech department, oral interpretation news Speech students give reading hour 
1968 October 25 American university, politics news American University offers semester of political study 
1968 October 25 Wheaton College history news '45-'46 editor compares two Wheatons 
1968 October 25 Siegfried Horn, archeology news Horn excavates in plans of Moab 
1968 October 25 homecoming pictures photo feature Homecoming reflections 1968 
1968 October 25 John Peteet, cross-country the locker room Wheaton's cross-country captain 
1968 October 25 homecoming football game sports Crusaders blank Elmhurst, 24-0, in Homecoming game 
1968 October 25 soccer game, Calvin College sports Soccermen tie Calvin in rough match 
1968 October 25 girls hockey team sports Girls' hockey team beats Aurora, 6-0 
1968 October 25 intramural football sports Soul Brothers roll to 8th straight win in intramural action 
1968 October 25 cross country team sports Harries' record broken at 7 wins 
1968 October 25 Pulsebeat, newspaper news Sophomores edit class newspaper 
1968 October 25 Odetta concert news Odetta in concert next Friday 
1968 October 25 Student Missionary Project news First SMP applications due Tuesday 
1968 October 25 Tower rating, Associated Collegiate Press news Tower given second class rating- staff reaction varies 
1968 October 25 Audubon Society, Allan Cruickshank news Desert film starts Audubon series 
1968 November 1 Robert Sutton, historian front page History address to feature Illinois Sesquicentennial 
1968 November 1 Parents Day front page Active Parents Day reveals varied 
1968 November 1 Obernkirchen Children's Choir front page Obernkirchen Choir to sing for colorful first Blue Series 
1968 November 1 Richard Nixon, presidential election front page Nixon wins model election, takes 80% of student vote 
1968 November 1 Student Government front page Students pick SG, frosh heads today 
1968 November 1 philosophy, freedom, theology editorial Ethics and Human freedom 
1968 November 1 academic conferences, liberal arts editorial Academic conferences expand learning 
1968 November 1 Vietnam War letters to the editor Ho could not win Vietnam election 
1968 November 1 ROTC program letters to the editor ROTC suggestions should be combined 
1968 November 1 yearbook, The Tower letters to the editor Yearbook is dead- long live the 'Tower' 
1968 November 1 Richard Nixon, presidential election Zeitgeist Zeitgeist 
1968 November 1 College Union Public Relations Union Gab Union Gab 
1968 November 1 senior class of 1969 letters to the editor Proclaim senior 'daring' in bench display 
1968 November 1 Roberta Peters, Artist Series music review Roberta Peters warms audience 
1968 November 1 freedom, Christian life loaves and fishes Loaves and Fishes 
1968 November 1 handicapped, volunteer news Activity program shows concern for handicapped 
1968 November 1 College Union Travel Bureau, shuttle news 'Instant Reservation' to assist vacationers 
1968 November 1 Kenneth Blackwell, speech, films news Blackwell believes students should experiment in media 
1968 November 1 debate team news Debaters hopeful for Goshen meet after past losses 
1968 November 1 College Union film series front page Union presents surfing, mountain movies 
1968 September 27 Christianity and popular culture letters to editor Rebuttal- reach people where they are 
1968 November 1 Women's Glee Club news Women's Glee links music, CSC efforts 
1968 November 1 Landey Patton the locker room Cross country coach 
1968 November 1 football, Bradley Braves sports Injury-plagued Crusaders lose to Bradley 
1968 November 1 volleyball, YMCA sports Volleyball team establishes strong record 
1968 November 1 hockey sports Women's hockey win at Concordia gives 2-1 record 
1968 November 1 cross-country meet sports Harriers compete in conference meet 
1968 November 1 soccer sports Soccer team loses, rebounds with 4-1 win 
1968 November 1 cross country sports 100 Runs record will be set this year 
1968 November 1 intramurals sports Intramurals enter last week as Soul Brothers march on 
1968 November 1 Student Conduct committee news 'Viewpoint '69' to discuss problems of youth, society 
1968 November 1 Philosophy conference news Popular philosophy lectures investigate human freedom 
1968 November 1 St. Olaf College news St. Olaf Orchestra to perform concert of varied numbers 
1968 November 1 presidential election news WETN to provide complete national election coverage 
1968 November 1 Earle Cairns news Cairns researches for Edman's biography 
1968 November 8 ROTC, military affairs front page ROTC group makes private report to faculty; students tell SG their views 
1968 November 8 Kodon, literary magazine front page Creative Kodon obtains ACP All-American honors 
1968 November 8 John Anderson, Young Republican club front page Anderson speaks on Christian in politics 
1968 November 8 Parent's Day front page Annual Parent's Day dons new look 
1968 November 8 Campus Crusade, new folk rock front page Camps Crusade's New Folk return with added folk rock 
1968 November 8 Richard Nixon, presidential election editoral Post-election challenge to unite, support 
1968 November 8 Veteran's Day, patriotism, Vietnam war editorial Veteran's Day- for honor, not polemics 
1968 November 8 prayer campus comment Proper perspective in campus prayer life 
1968 November 8 story Gulliver's Travails Part the Fourth: Gulliver and the Bestial Olympiad at the Circus Minimus 
1968 November 8 Erich Fromm, Revolution of Hope book review Fromm decries mechanization 
1968 November 8 Odetta concert music review, news Odetta thaws white Wheaton reserve 
1968 November 8 Blackstone Rangers news Rangers Plan New England Thanksgiving 
1968 November 8 Wheaton Bible Church news Bible Church hosts 'Mission Impossible' 
1968 November 8 Varsity debate team news Debaters take 1st in Goshen tourney 
1968 November 8 ROTC program news 11 Senior ROTC cadets earn distinguishing military honor 
1968 November 8 Student government, pass-fail grades news Pass-fail system gives course variety 
1968 November 8 Bedford Center for Creative Study news Bedford seeks Christian creativity 
1968 November 8 Honey Rock Camp news Trains Christians leaders, Honey Rock provides rugged outdoor life 
1968 November 8 Speech club news Speech students schedule reading hour 
1968 November 8 ROTC news ROTC poll response: most see training as 'less than valuable' 
1968 November 8 intramurals football sports Soul Brothers win intramural title with undefeated season 
1968 November 8 soccer sports Soccer team defeats MacMurray, 2-1 
1968 November 8 cross country team sports Harriers tie for 2nd place in CCIW conference meet 
1968 November 8 Bill Scholl, football, Crusaders sports Scholl scores three to defeat Georgetown 
1968 November 8 soccer sports Bomber units excel in soccer program 
1968 November 8 Russ Enlow the locker room Wheaton soccer coach 
1968 November 8 women's hockey team sports Women's hockey team earns third straight shutout victory 
1968 November 8 100 Runs sports Campus prepares for second edition of famed 100 runs 
1968 November 8 Man for All Seasons, theater, play news A Man for All Seasons: Actors say next play Wheaton's best 
1968 November 8 worship, chapel news Chapel committee innovates alternative worship programs 
1968 November 8 Con Robinson, Veteran's Day news Robinson speaks in Veterans convocation 
1968 November 8 student governement news SG elections give new reps, Don Foster as frosh prexy 
1968 November 15 future of campus forensic magazine front page Pub Board subcommittee polls reactions to Argus 
1968 November 15 Wheaton Symphony Orchestra and Choir front page katterjohn leads Orchestra in season's 1st performance 
1968 November 15 Bible Department forum front page Catholic, Protestant clergy on 'Criticism' 
1968 November 15 Associated Women Students front page AWS hosts coeds for intercollegiate program on beauty 
1968 November 15 military service letters to the editor Compulsory ROTC inconsistent 
1968 November 15 modern worship experience letters to editor  
1968 November 15 Veteran's Day chapel talk letters to the editor Attacks Robinson's concept of Vietnam 
1968 November 15 Veteran's Day Chapel letters to the editor Praises Robinson for Outlook on War 
1968 November 15 Veteran's Day convocation letters to the editor Claims biased Veterans' Day activities 
1968 November 15 Veteran's Day chapel Voices  Policty debates do not honor war dead 
1968 November 15 chapel Voices Loaves and Fishes 
1968 November 15 grades Voices Government asks: Are grades necessary? 
1968 November 15 Artist Series review Voices Obernkirchen children delightful 
1968 November 15 faculty chapel attendance news Committee urges faculty chapel attendance 
1968 November 15 oral interpretation competition news Oral interpreters get superior ratings 
1968 November 15 U.S. Congressman John Anderson news Anderson urges Christians to use their political power 
1968 November 15 Model Security Council news Wheaton delegation poses as Ethiopia 
1968 November 15 Wheaton ski club news Active ski club plans trip to Stowe, Vt. during break 
1968 November 15 Dr. John Pageler begins black history course news 1st black history course draws many 
1968 November 15 public relations field representatives news College field men meet for annual briefing 
1968 November 15 debate team news Debaters win four rounds at Lafayette 
1968 November 15 100-mile marathon sports Juniors win 100 Runs in record time 
1968 November 15 cross country sports Harriers win two, earn 10-3 record 
1968 November 15 Gym Jam with Marilyn Scribner and Dr. Baptista sports Gym Jam tonight 
1968 November 15 100 Runs sports 100 Runs Reflections 
1968 November 15 women's hockey sports WRA hockey ties Northwestern U. for 3-1-1 season 
1968 November 15 football sports Football team loses 21-0, faces Valparaiso in finale 
1968 November 15 rookie coach Russ Enlow, soccer sports Crusader booters beat Hope to earn 8-1-2 season record 
1968 November 15 intramural football sports '68 intramurals end championless after player hurt 
1968 November 15 NCAA Mideast Soccer Championship tournament sports Seek 3rd title: Soccer team enters NCAA championship 
1968 November 15 Leadership Training Program news LTP demonstrates value by involvement of trainees 
1968 November 15 "The Printmaker's Image" news Touring art prints to appear in MSC 
1968 November 15 Barbara Nickolich directs fall play news "Man for All Seasons" in final preparation 
1968 November 15 American Association of Evangelical Students news Students attend regional AAES meetings 
1968 November 22 Barbara Nickolich directs fall drama front page "Man for All Seasons" is 1st two-night performance 
1968 November 22 Student Publications Board announces college radio station head front page Bulletin: Jim Bever named WETN head 
1968 November 22 on-campus Thanksgiving plans front page Thanksgiving Day offers Fancy meals, worship service 
1968 November 22 Natalie Jenne of Oak Park presents lecture-recital front page Harpsichordist present Baroque lecture-recital 
1968 November 22 Christian Service Council begins new election procedure front page Active members to pick CSC president 
1968 November 22 poll on student racial composition front page Federal government requires race poll 
1968 November 22 Wheaton gains National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education approval front page NCATE renews education accreditation 
1968 November 22 rules in student handbook inhibit development of student's moral choice editorials Rule making and breaking- is college a second 'mother' 
1968 November 22 discussion of what it means to be a 'person' editorials Is college a second 'mother' of personal language? 
1968 November 22 campus movies editorials Union Gab 
1968 November 22 including Arabs in discussion of Israel letters to the editor Speaks on other side of Mid-East situation 
1968 November 22 meetings concerning curriculum exclude student input letters to the editor Open committee studies a matter of trust 
1968 November 22 discussion of intellectual, social, and religious freedom letters to the editor Zeitgeist 
1968 November 22 review of College Symphony Orchestra performance letters to the editor Orchestra presents challenge 
1968 November 22 lecture on Israel excludes Arabs letters to the editor Israeli talk slanted 
1968 November 22 Oratorio Festival Chorus prepares performance of Messiah news 200-voice chorus perfects 'Messiah' 
1968 November 22 Bible forum on "Constructive Criticism in the Church" news Forum views two churches; reactions vary 
1968 November 22 Wheaton North and Central High School students visit Wheaton news High schoolers observe college, see SG operate 
1968 November 22 philosophy instructor John Alexander co-edits civil rights magazine news Alexander edits civil rights magazine, "Freedom Now!" 
1968 November 22 report of Clyde Kilby's research, writing, lectures  news Kilby talks, writes on Lewis, Tolkien 
1968 November 22 student prank on Prof. Stuart Hackett's drinking cup news Hackett cup disappearance initiates new senior 'activity' 
1968 November 22 new student coffee house ministry news CSC coffee house teaches acceptance 
1968 November 22 season opener against North Central under head coach Lee Pfund sports Basketball squad prepares fro 1968-69 season debut 
1968 November 22 Wheaton hosts 5-mile cross country meet with 313 competitors sports Nevada runners win annual NCAA cross country meet 
1968 November 22 soccer team enters mideast championship tournament under co-captain Bob Palacio and Dave Macmillan sports Soccer team defends NCAA Mideast title 
1968 November 22 Football season closes against Valparaiso under coach Jack Schwartz sports Wheaton beats Valpo 13-3; final mark 5-4 
1968 November 22 reflections on the champion Nevada cross country team sports Nevada's harrier time 
1968 November 22 'Amahl and the Night Visitors" is student-faculty produced opera news Conservatory, Speech join to give 1st college opera 
1968 November 22 Wheaton-based medical mission assists hospital in eastern Nigeria news Nigeria hospital gets MAP drugs 
1968 November 22 Campus American for Democratic Action memorial service for John F. Kennedy news CADA to sponsor memorial service 
1968 November 22 Christians and modern media workshop suggested by chapel speaker, Frankie Schaeffer news Workshops examine, try modern media 
1968 December 6 Opera Performance news "Amahl' cast tonite 
1986 December 6 Christian Services Council News CSC Prexy Candiates Present Positions 
1986 December 6 NCAA News Soccermen Earn NCAA Mideast Championship 
1968 December 6 scholatic honor society News Seniors get membership in Scholastic Honor Society 
1968December 6 God and Art News God and The Arts- A Matter of Freedom 
1968December 6 Record Leadership News Hoelzel Takes Record helm, will Stress Reader Reaction 
1968 December 6 StudentsPoll News Argus Needed at Wheaton Says 89% of Student Poll 
1968 December 6 Editorial News Biafra- How much do we Care? 
1968 December 6 Chapel Editorials Love's Motive not Evangelization 
1968 December 6 US VS. Rome Editorials CECW Asks Old Cars to Improve Social Life 
1968 December 6 Catholic- Protestant Relationship Campus Comment Solution to Communication Gap of Catholic, Prostetant Views 
1968 December 6 Christian Population in South Vietman Letters to the Editor Disagrees With analysis of the Robinson 
1968 December 6 Fiction Comments to theEditorial Gullier's Travails 
1968 December 6 Evangelical Press News  Epic to discuss Summer Missions 
1968 December 6 Student Leadeship Campus Comment Loaves and Fishes 
1968 December 6 Soccer Letter to the Editor Soccer Fans Praised 
1968 December 6 Thanksgiving News Chase Describes trip with Ranges as Very Successful 
1968 December 6 WETN News Jim Bever fills the Manager Post 
1968December 6 Modern Security Council News Five Wheatonites Represent in Model Confrence 
1968December 6 Speech Tourment News  Four Debaters excel in Bradley Tourney 
1968 December 6 CSC Precidency News Three Candidates competes for CSC Presidency 
1968 December 6 Christmas Celebration News Speech Students, Musicians Merge in Holiday Recial 
1968 December 6 Edman Chapel News Miss Soule gives organ recital in Edman 
1968 December 6 Piano News Sharp, Miss Leet give Senior Recital 
1968 December 6 Basketball Sports Wheaton Falls to Millikin 
1968 December 6 Soccer Sports Soccermen Win NCAA title in 1986 Championship Meet 
1968 December 6 Soccer Sports "Mac" on Soccer 
1968 December 6 Hockey Sports High-Scoring hockey team wins two games 
1968 December 6 Gymnastics Sports Gymnastics Squad Boasts Exprience 
1968 December 6 Wrestling Sports Veterans pace Strong Wrestling team 
1968 December 6 Swimmings Sports Swimming team Anticipates Improvement, StrongSeason 
1968 December 6 Christain Conference News Asian Christians Confer in Singapore 
1968 December 6 Poetry News Kodon Sponsors Poetry Workshop 
1968 December 6 Tenchology News Quiktran Computer enables easier use but exceeds Budget 
1968 December 13 Health Front Page Threat of Flu Brings Vacation Five Days Early 
1968 December 13 Concerts Front Page Weekend includes "Symphony" Oratorio 
1968 December 13 Student leadership Front page CCSP Confirms elections, Ok's Constitution 
1968 December 13 Biafra Front page Students begin drive to aid Biafra through UNICEF 
1968 December 13 reat Center Front Page Ian Kerr Proposes Retreat Center 
1968 December 13 CSC Presidency Front Page John Clark Voted CSC President 
1968 December 13 Christian Sociology Editorial Christian Sociology-Does it Exist? 
1968 December 13 CSC Presidency Editorial Hats off to Ian Kerr 
1968 December 13 Biafra Campus Comment Biafran Fund Drive needs Unity 
1968 December 13 Campus Life letters to the editor Wheaton Social Life-What's That? 
1968 December 13 Edman Chapel Letters to the Editor Is Edman Chapel holy ground? 
1968 December 13 Dating Letters to the Editor Respect must be earned, not given 
1968 December 13 Social Life Letters to the Editor Facilties Inadequate for Social Life 
1968 December 13 Drama Letter to the Editor "Amahl" marks another first 
1968 December 13 Music Letters to the Editors Beatles remain alive, revelant 
1968 December 13 Biafra letters to the Editor Prases Biafra editorial for perspective 
1968 December 13 Public relations Letters to the editor Union Gab 
1968 December 13 Research News Dr. Wright leads Chemistry Profs in Innovative Research 
1968 December 13 Post Office News 200 Wheatonites endure hardship of pre-christmas post office travails 
1968 December 13 Photography News Stewart Exhibition  
1968 December 13 Speed Reading Program News SG Consider Dehill class on speed reading for College 
1968 December 13 Faith and Science News Forum Reviews Fusion of Faith, studies 
1968 December 13 Students fees News Committee asks hike in student fee 
1968 December 13 Speech festival News Clarke Ranks high in Speech Festival 
1968 December 13 Student Mission Fellowship News SMF host Rumanian Pastor held Prisoner by Communist 
1968 December 13 Graduate School Lecture on theme of "Old Testament Theology and Eschatology" news Dr. Verhoef talks on OT eschatology for grad lectures 
1968 December 13 profile of Varsity Basketball captain, John Pierucki sports Wheaton's Basketball Captain 
1968 December 13 wrestling under coach George Olsen sports Wrestlers defeat Lewis, Elmhurst, North Central 
1968 December 13 hockey wins over St. Procopius sports Hockey team heads league with 3-0 total after 7-1 win 
1968 December 13 basketball loses game to Carroll under coach Lee Pfund sports Crusaders fall to 1-2 record after 73-72 loss to Carroll 
1968 December 13 gymnastics meet at Wisconsin State University sports Gymnasts take 2nd in close competition, go again tomorrow 
1968 December 13 swim meet sports Swimmers sink Calvin to start season 
1968 December 13 senior Caryl Bryer's article titled "My Other World" is published in Tribune Christmas Feature Senior writes lead for Tribune magazine 
1968 December 13 campus Christmas activities Christmas feature Tis the season to be...busy 
1969 January 10 "Murder in the Cathedra" performed in Edman Chapel front page Nat'l Shakespeare Co. portrays T.S. Eliot drama tomorrow 
1969 January 10 Blue Series Concert in Edman Chapel front page NY Pro Musica to perform music of the Spanish Court 
1969 January 10 Academic Council approves Stu. Government speed reading proposal front page Speed reading ok'd 
1969 January 10 George Cramer '48 appointed to newly created post of Registrar and Director of Admissions front page Cramer takes office next fall: Registrar, admissions post joined 
1969 January 10 College Committee on Student Publications votes to discontinue Argus front page CCSP discontinues Argus: 'Record, Kodon do the job' 
1969 January 10 Mal Pearson, assistant prof of physical education, named head football coach front page Pearson to become head football coach 
1969 January 10 students question decision to discontinue Argus editorials Argus: an unneded medium or an unwanted message? 
1969 January 10 serial satire column editorials Gulliver's Travails 
1969 January 10 review of Paul Ramsey's book "War and the Christian Conscience" editorals A just war is possible-- in the name of love 
1969 January 10 dining hall employee Maude Tuthill is ill but recovering news Miss Tuthill is ill, but it's not severe 
1969 January 10 SMP roster announced news 33 to become '69 Summer missionaries 
1969 January 10 95 students fast to raise money for UN Int'l Children's Emergency Fund news Drive beats goal: collects $3015 for hungry Biafra 
1969 January 10 swim team loses first match of season against North Park sports Swimmers lose close match 
1969 January 10 basketball under coach Lee Pfund sports Crusaders down Augustana 100-89 
1969 January 10 students elected to 1968 All-Midwest Soccer Tram sports Sherman, Palacio win soccer honor 
1969 January 10 gymanstics under coach Willis Gale sports Gymnasts stretch record to 2-2 with split 
1969 January 10 wrestling sports Undefeated matmen enter annual meet 
1969 February 7 Dr. David Howard speaks at Student Missions Forum front page Seminar tomorrow to study foreign education, missions 
1969 February 7 Joseph Bean announced as incumbent soccer coach front page Joseph Bean to become head soccer coach in fall 
1969 February 7 weekly lectures designated the United States-Asian Confrontation study front page Free course offered in US-Asian conflict 
1969 February 7 quarter hour ring of Edman chimes is out of sync front page Chapel bell suffers mechanical difficulties 
1969 February 7 students lobby for training in conscientious objection to war news Students petition Hook for C.O. counseling service 
1969 February 7 forensics team competes well at Illinois State University news Forensics team successful in tourneys across nation 
1969 February 7 "Midsummer Night's Dream" to be staged in Edman news Year's 2nd play will be presented the end of March 
1969 February 7 London Times acquired to aid students' international perspective news Library acquires microfilm copy of London Times 
1969 February 7 speed reading course offered news SG sponsors Evelyn Wood, DeHill reading skill course 
1969 February 7 Narl Hung, David Tamashiro, Peter Wilson, Dr. Robert deVette, Dr. Bernard Nelson news Three join faculty, two dept. heads named 
1969 February 7 speaking against "secondard standards" in Christian life editorial Substitute rules for the pledge 
1969 February 7 Tower editor no longer a money-making position editorial Wanted: Tower editor. Long pay, long hours 
1969 February 7 Executive Secretary of American Geophysical Union lectures at Wheaton news Dr. Smith comes to lecture science students Tuesday 
1969 February 7 John Clark voices Loaves and Fishes 
1969 February 7 Rip Hodson voices A dying world speaks; will we listen? 
1969 February 7 viewpoint supplement  news Record to print monthly viewpoint addition 
1969 February 7 H. Scot Monaghan voices Nixon's inauguration demonstrates easy transition 
1969 February 7 recruiting news Peace Corps, schools, business to recruit here 
1969 February 7 hashish editorial Chastises Record for false, nasty accusations 
1969 February 7 Jeff Black voices Find revolutionary ways to tell a revolutionary message 
1969 February 7 Swim sports Swimers break records, add four wins 
1969 February 7 hockey sports High-scoring hockey squad increases year mark to 6-2 
1969 February 7 gymnastic sports Wheaton gymnasts earn even record 
1969 February 7 wrestling sports Once-beaten wrestling team gains four wins, tourney title 
1969 February 7 basketball sports Final round starts in intramural B-ball 
1969 February 7 basketball sports Crusaders toughen in CCIW league race 
1969 February 7 basketball  sports Weaton, St. Peters face off in Stadium 
1969 February 7 Education Policies Committee news Policies Committee examines quarters system, revised curriculum 
1969 February 14 raising tuition  front page Raise tuition $50 to increase faculty salaries 
1969 February 14 Spiritual Emphasis week front page Special services feature college ministers 
1969 February 14 wrestling tournament front page Annual invitational wrestling tourney here this weekend 
1969 February 14 the experiment in pass-fail  front page Pass-fail trial succeeds, helps ut study pressure 
1969 February 14 Clyde Kilby news  Dr. Kilby seeks manuscripts to enlarge Lewis collection 
1969 February 14 Nathan Milstein news Artist Series hosts alternate violinist 
1969 February 14 recuiting junior high news 30 recruits join Campus Life Clubs 
1969 February 14 CADA news CADA to penetrate campus groups to promote reforms 
1969 February 14 Beatrice Batson news Dr. Batson writes her 1st book 
1969 February 14 practicing play news Peters, Landfear take leads in play 
1969 February 14 observing government machinery news Wheaton studnets observe federal govt. in operation 
1969 February 14 Young Republican College Federation news Young Republicans observe conclave divided by politics 
1969 February 14 Studnet government news SG recommends car rule changes 
1969 February 14 S. Evnas voices Realities of war demand neutralization 
1969 February 14 an anonymous victim voices Senior panic strikes: it's a good sign 
1969 February 14 Kendal Smucker letters to the editor Chapel clock chimes should stay broken 
1969 February 14 Wanda Gehret letters to the editor Defense for college drama policy 
1969 February 14 Rip Hodson letters to the editor Hodson replies, defending position 
1969 February 14 Fredrick L. Scoggins letters to the editor Must everyone pay health fee? 
1969 February 14 Al Chase voices Will Wheaton lead evangelicals toward racial understanding? 
1969 February 14 Walter N. Chitwood III voices Our roving reporter discovers the world is a laundromat 
1969 February 14 basketball sports Crusaders lose twice, fade in CCIW race 
1969 February 14 basketball sports Wheaton falls to St. Peters in Stadium 
1969 February 14 track sports Track team opens season with 7-point loss to Chicago 
1969 February 14 gymnastic sports Gymnastics team loses twice in double dual meet 
1969 February 14 baseball sports Jim Northrup fans to view Series film 
1969 February 14 hockey sports Icemen lose to Circle, 7-3, in MIHL 
1969 February 14 gymnastic sports Women gymnasts mark 1-1 in extramural action 
1969 February 14 swim sports Swimmers place second at Rockford meet 
1969 February 14 Elk Grove church news Baptism of Spirit renews Elk Grove church 
1969 February 14 Campus Crusade news Agents visit campus to enlist employees 
1969 February 14 Stuart Hackett news Students petition Dr. Hackett to speak 
1969 February 21 Barbara Nickolich front page SG urges reconsideration of Nickolich 
1969 February 21 Robert Munger front page Flexible special speakers seek to relate to students 
1969 February 21 Human Resources in Community Planning front page College sponsors relations seminar 
1969 February 21 Narl Hung news Dr. Narl Hung joins Wheaton faculty 
1969 February 21 full-block program for student teaching news Education dept implements block student teaching plan 
1969 February 21 Spoon River Anthology news Actors perform poetry selections 
1969 February 21 Scot Monaghan voices Government Speaks 
1969 February 21 Bill Hoelzel  voices By virtue of their enrollment 
1969 February 21 basketball sports Cagers defeat Millikin, fall to Elmhurst 
1969 February 21 swim sports Swimmers fifth in tourney; Gymnasts fall; thinclads shine 
1969 February 21 wrestling sports Augie wins mat tournament; host Crusaders place fourth 
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