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DateSubject (Personal Name or Topic)Column or SectionTopic or Title
DateSubject (Personal Name or Topic)Column or SectionTopic or Title
1968 May 24 Dean on keeping the pledge front page Hook tightens control of drug, pledge violations 
1968 May 24 Compensatory education program front page New program draws inner city students 
1968 May 24 Men's glee club performance front page Men's Glee hosts Chicago contralto tomorrow evening 
1968 May 24 WETN general manager front page WETN hires full time head as public relations liaison 
1968 May 24 Comencement activities front page Commencement includes concerts, dedication 
1968 May 24 Questioning Dean's methods editorials Enforcement- a reaction 
1968 May 24 Comprehensive exams, a graduation requirement editorials Comps: a questionable prerequisite 
1968 May 24 Christ is the answer letters to editor The solution to the problem- a reminder 
1968 May 24 Truth about bench theft letters to editor Young testifies of bench innocence 
1968 May 24 Students losing sight of Wheaton's goal letters to editor Return to spiritual depth and Christian testimony 
1968 May 24 Revolts for change perspectus Change must include respect for past 
1968 May 24 Last words from student body president government speaks Reigle's closing address: student activism 
1968 May 24 Dissatisfaction with alma mater (song) letters to editor The Alma Mater- our pride and joy? 
1968 May 24 Tribute to Mrs. Dean Alan Beasley column Absolute Truth 
1968 May 24 Voting age lowered news Voting age- should it be lowered to 18? 
1968 May 24 Factulty Senate news Faculty Senate gains eight new members 
1968 May 24 Revision to car policy news SG examines car policy; dissatisfaction shown 
1968 May 24 Bedroom bazaar news AWS to sponsor bedroom bazaar for women in fall 
1968 May 24 Female dorm meetings news Dorm meetings cut in length, frequency for women students 
1968 May 24 Orientation positions news Freshman Mom, Pop, Big Brother, Sister plan fall orientation week 
1968 May 24 Alumni association news Hansen: Alumni Board is executive body 
1968 May 24 Alumni award news Alumni awarded for sustained giving 
1968 May 24 Protest against compulsory ROTC program news Protest planned for ROTC review Mon. 
1968 May 24 Kiosk series news Kiosk is not dead- ticket sales changed 
1968 May 24 Track sports Mexico-bound track squad makes final preparations 
1968 May 24 Golf sports Golfers finish 16-7 season, best in history 
1968 May 24 Baseball sports Baseball team loses twice to Carthage 
1968 May 24 Bombers baseball sports Bomber battlers set for winning season 
1968 May 24 Track sports Track team loses to Bradley in final competition of '68 
1968 May 24 Protest of Compulsor ROTC program advertisement Help us make ROTC voluntary at Wheaton 
1968 May 24 Professor moves to Lebanon news Mrs. Lillian Dean resigns to teach in Beirut, Lebanon 
1968 May 24 Student Union president news Mitchell wins Union post; board elects news leaders 
1968 May 24 Seven meal fast news Student relinquish meals for Poor People 
1968 May 24 President's retreat seminar for student leaders news President's retreat studies future plans 
1968 May 24 Grad school officers news Graduate school choosers officers 
1968 May 24 Tower news Tower chapel Wednesday introduces new yearbook 
1968 May 24 NAE news NAE convention elects Armerding 1st vice-president 
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