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DateSubject (Personal Name or Topic)Column or SectionTopic or Title
1968 January 12 missionary emphasis week front page Usual Missionary Emphasis week abandoned for new approach 
1968 January 12 Self-imposed student tax front page Donation toward ice rink-tennis court complex spurs plan to complete funding 
1968 January 12 Stupe front page Union urges plan to remodel Stupe 
1968 January 12 Student Ministry Project front page SMP chooses 33 for summer fields, 19 countries represented 
1968 January 12 Christian history debate front page Schaeffer, Pike seek relevant Christianity 
1968 January 12 Evangelical tradition editorial For an effective church- a return to the full Gospel 
1968 January 12 Student Ministry Project editorial SMP provides positive, realistic introduction to missions 
1968 January 12 Motto change letter to editor Open, honest dialogue 'in' on campus 
1968 January 12 Christian life letter to editor Let's live a little! 
1968 January 12 Vietnam war letter to editor Vets hardly view Vietnam objectively 
1968 January 12 New grading system news New grading system proposal attempts to ease college pressure 
1968 January 12 "A Man of the People" by Chinua Achebe book review Novel reveals Nigerian political problems 
1968 January 12 Student Govenment news government speaks Government speaks 
1968 January 12 Christian faith letter to editor Final authority rests in resurrection, not Scripture 
1968 January 12 Summer study features Students view Jerusalem from summer study site 
1968 January 12 Art exhibit in Illinois universities features Exhibition includes award-winning entries 
1968 January 12 Summer study programs news Summer session offers programs abroad 
1968 January 12 Christian history debate news Shaeffer, Pike debate traditional doctrines 
1968 January 12 Christian conference news Urbana conference presents missions 
1968 January 12 "Raisins in the Sun" news Union film shows Negro family life in Chicago slums 
1968 January 12 Women's extramural basketball sports WRA basketball team wins three, faces Concordia 
1968 January 12 Wrestling sports Grapplers enter MacMurray tourney 
1968 January 12 Men's basketball sports Wheaton cagers take two, lose two in Christmas tour 
1968 January 12 Gymanstics sports Gymnastic team opens in Chicago in triple dual meet 
1968 January 12 Swimming sports Tankmen win fifth despite first loss, meet Valparaiso 
1968 January 12 Men's basketball sports Cagers host North Central, attempt fifth conference win 
1968 January 12 "Off-broadway" theater news Students plan productions on new Plumb studio sta 
1968 January 12 Speech tournament news Individuals, duos earn top awards in speech tourney 
1968 January 12 Student Ministry Project news SMP considers all opportunities 
1968 January 12 Argus news Aulie denied CCSP approval 
1968 January 12 Chapel speaker features Stott emphasizes Christian discipline 
1968 January 12 Grad school lecture news Graduate school to host Ken Pike for lecture series 
1968 January 12 Young republicans news YR's reorganize for involvement in campaign year 
1968 January 12 Annual founders day news Alumni commemorate college birthday 
1968 January 12 Campus rennovations news Student support to promp further aid 
1968 January 19 Student publications front page Reigle seeks Aulie's reconsideration 
1968 January 19 New trustee front page Seume accepts trustee post left vacant by Edman's death 
1968 January 19 Chapel speakers front page Eight to lead varied special services 
1968 January 19 Ice rink- tennis court complex front page Poll considers proposed sports arena 
1968 January 19 Picture of snow sculpture front page The Chapel Crusader 
1968 January 19 Snow sculture front page Replica of Blanchard Tower 
1968 January 19 Movie review editorial Bonnie and Clyde presents intellectual, moral challenges 
1968 January 19 Christian faith editorials 'Christ and his Kingdom' 
1968 January 19 Christ or the Bible? letter to editor Christ-Scripture dichotomy needless 
1968 January 19 Parting thank you's letter to editor Choked-up senior checks out Saturday 
1968 January 19 SG complaint letter to editor SG hassle squanders time 
1968 January 19 Federal service seminar news Student delegates attend federal services seminar 
1968 January 19 MGC concerts news Men's Glee club presents concerts in northern cities 
1968 January 19 Mock Republican nomination news YR group forms Texas delegation, awaits convention 
1968 January 19 Ski trip news Skiers plan busy break at Telemark 
1968 January 19 Men's basketball sports Hoopsters hit North Central 82-62, in conference meet 
1968 January 19 Simming sports Swim team meets Calvin with 5-2 record 
1968 January 19 Wrestling sports Wheaton matment take second place in Illinois contest 
1968 February 9 Faculty promotions front page Trustees grant 13 faculty promotions, Two full professorships given 
1968 February 9 George Sheffer, chapel speaker front page Urban evangelist to present first missions emphasis talk 
1968 February 9 Chapel speaker front page Dolphin now sees 'vital Christian attitude' 
1968 February 9 Baroness Maria Von Trapp front page World-famous Baroness to highlight Kiosk program 
1968 February 9 Liberal arts education editorials Education defined in individual terms 
1968 February 9 Vietnam war editorials Frustration threatens prositive Vietnam policy 
1968 February 9 Christian influence at basketball games letter to editor Crusade cagers cheapen Christianity 
1968 February 9 "Thailand: The War That Is, The War That Will Be" book review The story of Thailand: tragedy in the making 
1968 February 9 Military draft letter to editor Draft out of harmony with free society 
1968 February 9 Christians going to the movies letter to editor Is movie realism valuable to Christians? 
1968 February 9 The world outside Wheaton Alan Beasley column Absolute Truth 
1968 February 9 Ministry outside Edman news Staff member conducts unique chapel ministry 
1968 February 9 Chemistry grant news College receives DuPont, Gulf grants for improvement, expansion of facilities 
1968 February 9 Young Republicans news YR mock convention picks Nixon-Brooke 
1968 February 9 Record receives ratings news Record rates 'first class' 
1968 February 9 Vietnam war news Hohri to tell how Viet war is unjust 
1968 February 9 Study abroad news Overseas openings for educational jobs to be SEA subject 
1968 February 9 Financial aid news Financial aid deadlines approach 
1968 February 9 Richard Ogilvie news Ogilvie to address county Republicans 
1968 February 9 Monopoly tournament news Bankruptcy concludes Monopoly tourney 
1968 February 9 Nature movie on campus news Audubon movie presents various Canadian scenes 
1968 February 9 Christian politics panel news Group to consider Chrsitan in politics 
1968 February 9 Men's basketball sports Cagers lose conference game, two others 
1968 February 9 Swimming sports Tankmen win three meets; break team, pool records 
1968 February 9 Women's extramural basketball sports Women cagers win 7th straight contest 
1968 February 9 Men's basketball sports Crusaders seek second cager win over Augustana 
1968 February 9 Hockey sports Williams, Oberlin defeat hockey squad 
1968 February 9 Intramural basketball sports Intramural basketball finishes first round 
1968 February 9 Gymnastics sports Gymnastic team drops two dual meets 
1968 February 9 Wrestling sports Wheaton matmen score tie, 14-14 in Wisconsin meet 
1968 February 9 Argus news Issues reflected in Argus content 
1968 February 9 Washington banquet news WB features former dean, folk-singer 
1968 February 9 Debate tournaments news Debaters continue superior performance 
1968 February 9 Argus news Steve Aulie confirmed by college committee as new Argus editor: Board reconsiders, returns 2-1 verdict 
1968 February 16 Tuition increase front page Armerding announces 1968-69 tuition increase 
1968 February 16 Vietnam war front page Reigle announces formation of Vietnam protest group 
1968 February 16 Chapel speaker's message front page 'Show Christ's Love to inner city': Sheffer 
1968 February 16 Faculty grants front page Two professors awarded grants by alumni office 
1968 February 16 Integration of African Americans into schools editorials Busing-possible solution to urban school situation 
1968 February 16 Intellectual pride editorials Christianity must not surrender battle for men's minds 
1968 February 16 Vietnam war letter to editor Draft not the only moral problem 
1968 February 16 Raised tuition editorials Tuition announcement strengthens trust 
1968 February 16 Solitude with Christ perspectus Solitude: a possibility at Wheaton? 
1968 February 16 Vietnam war Government speaks Government speaks 
1968 February 16 'Elvira Madigan' movie review 'Elvira Madigan'- a delicate, distant experience 
1968 February 16 Response to letter letter to editor Nation in midst of moral decay 
1968 February 16 Jobs after college news Placement Bureau offers aid in job-hunting 
1968 February 16 Woman ROTC officer news ROTC 'commissions' coed as morale officer 
1968 February 16 Visiting lecturer news Physics professor presents lecture 
1968 February 16 Christian Service Council news Kerr's CSC thrust stresses action, love 
1968 February 16 Debate tournaments news Debaters enter Purdue, Owen competition 
1968 February 16 Canterbury club retreat news Canterbury club organizes lakeside retreat at DeKoven 
1968 February 16 Summer school news Summer school to locate in five areas 
1968 February 16 New floor in MSC news Series of errors floors students 
1968 February 16 Hockey first victory sports Hockey team upsets Northern, 6-4 
1968 February 16 Women's extramural basketball sports Women trounce Concordia 49-14 
1968 February 16 Men's basketball  sports Crusaders face crucial CCIW games 
1968 February 16 Swimming sports Wheaton swimmers take fourth place in Rockford meet 
1968 February 16 Wrestling sports Grapplers host invitational tourney 
1968 February 16 Men's basketball sports Crusader cagers defeat Augie, Elmhurst 
1968 February 16 Singer at Washington banquet news College audience praise White, first WB singer 
1968 February 16 Associated Women Students news AWS contituents vote on proposals of new constitution 
1968 February 16 First all-school musical news Spring date set for first all-school musical 
1968 February 16 Theatre news Thespians present French "Tartuffe" for March festival 
1968 February 23 Student government issues front page SG considers Vietnam protest, proposed ice rink taxation 
1968 February 23 Vienna boys choir front page Vienna Choir concert tickets sold out 
1968 February 23 CHOICE to award favorite president front page Nation's collegians to select favorite in presidential poll 
1968 February 23 Graduate school tuition front page Graduate tuitions to increase $25 in revised budget 
1968 February 23 Chapel speaker's message front page Hoffman urges renewal, Christ as center 
1968 February 23 Liberal arts  editorials Demise of the liberal arts college in a changing society? 
1968 February 23 True missions editorials Missions- a Christian in the world 
1968 February 23 Integration of race in schools letter to editor School busing proposal need examination 
1968 February 23 "Who Shall Ascend" book review 'A non-Christian biography' 
1968 February 23 Complaint about SG section in last issue letter to editor Reigle misuses column for Vietnam criticism 
1968 February 23 Vietnam war Alan Beasley column Aboslute Truth 
1968 February 23 Coffee house news CSC coffee house format set for Downer's Grove 
1968 February 23 AWS interchange news CSC coffee house format set for Downer's Grove 
1968 February 23 Sociology professor's career news Trutza serves in teaching, Romanian aid 
1968 February 23 Women's dress code news Deans slacken up- women students get the 10th degree 
1968 February 23 AWS constitution news Women approve AWS constitution in 'poor turnout' 
1968 February 23 Franciscan sister students news Wheaton Sisters enroll as special students 
1968 February 23 Speech and debate tournament winner news Coed takes trophy for interpretations at Gateway tourney 
1968 February 23 Woodrow Wilson designates news Two seniors awarded Wilson honors 
1968 February 23 Wrestling sports Augustana takes wrestling invitational 
1968 February 23 Men's basketball sports Cagers try for second place, face CCIW finale tomorrow 
1968 February 23 Hockey sports Hockey men gain last-second goal, defeat Lewis 6-5 
1968 February 23 Men's basketball players sports Cagers 'venture for victory' 
1968 February 23 Swimming sports Gaderlund excels in state swim meet 
1968 February 23 Gymnastics sports  Wheaton gymnasts take double victory in Wisconsin meets 
1968 February 23 Statement of policy news Re-evaluate U.S. purpose in Vietnam, students urge 
1968 February 23 Campus Bible studies news Student-faculty groups initiate Bible study 
1968 February 23 Grad lectures news Dr, Pike leads grad lectureship 
1968 February 23 Model United Nations news Five Wheatonites pose as Lesotho for Midwest UN 
1968 March 1 Edman biography front page Dr. Cairns to write V.R. Edman biography 
1968 March 1 Dr. Pike, Grad lecture speaker front page Noted linguist leads annual grad lectures 
1968 March 1 Student debate front page Reigle, Riedel debate Vietnam as Communism-nationalism issue 
1968 March 1 Media and Christianity front page Wolff examines medium as consistent with message 
1968 March 1 Student body president's responsibility editorials Reigle's stand poses question of official responsibility 
1968 March 1 Women's dress code editorials Dress code need re-examination 
1968 March 1 Vetnam war opinions letter to editor Just how truthful is 'Absolute Truth'? 
1968 March 1 Respect for Song of Solomon letter to editor God's word taken lightly 
1968 March 1 Missions letter to editor Holy Spirit underlies concept of missions 
1968 March 1 Vietnam war letter to editor 'Too Bad, Craig- wish you were right" 
1968 March 1 Vietnam war opinion letter to editor Opinions criticized, not the privilege 
1968 March 1 Vietnam war opinion letter to editor Hope lies in empathy, objectivity 
1968 March 1 Vietnam controversy letter to editor Reigle's account- a needed counterpoint 
1968 March 1 Role of education Perspectus Parental role of college questioned 
1968 March 1 Vienna Boys Choir music review Vienna Choir Boys convey childhood warmth 
1968 March 1 Married couples organization news Undergraduate married couples support proposed new organization 
1968 March 1 Rides to airport, train station news Union group rates, air, train booking available in MSC 
1968 March 1 Ministerial Fellowship news MF plans semester;s look at psychology, abortion, war 
1968 March 1 Local theater news Plumb renovation provides theater for student actors 
1968 March 1 Jewish Grad student news Jewish grad student feel 'at home' 
1968 March 1 Public library news Public library announces 'happenings' 
1968 March 1 CSC programs news Campus internationals head new ministry 
1968 March 1 Wrestling  sports Matmen travel to Augustana for CCIW wrestling tourney 
1968 March 1 Swimming sports Swimmers win in final meet for season record of 10-3 
1968 March 1 Gymnastics sports Gymnasts defeat Chicago, lose two 
1968 March 1 Men's basketball sports Cagers trip Hope, face season finale 
1968 March 1 Men's basketball sports Cagers close CCIW season with win 
1968 March 1 Women's extramural basketball sports WRA basketballers set new records 
1968 March 1 Vietnam reading list news The Vietnam issue- a suggested reading list 
1968 March 1 Argus news New Argust- wider involvement in current issues 
1968 March 1 The Lettermen news Kiosk sold out for Lettermen performance 
1968 March 1 Annual Campus Fair news Campus Fair- informal free-for-all 
1968 March 8 Self imposed tax front page Students to vote on SG self-assessment proposal 
1968 March 8 Tiffany Lectures front page Tiffany lectures focus on Southeast Asia 
1968 March 8 Missionary emphasis chapel speaker front page Dr. Bilezikian criticizes 20th century evangelicals 
1968 March 8 Illinois flag front page Special flag flies in commemoration of Ill. statehood 
1968 March 8 Kerner report editorials 'A simple, desultory philippic' following the Kerner report 
1968 March 8 Student and faculty on Vietnam editorials Students and administration must work together 
1968 March 8 AWS and Women's dress code letter to editor Women's dress- an AWS comment 
1968 March 8 The bench letter to editor Creative benchmanship? 
1968 March 8 WETN broadcasting letter to editor Chapel broadcast needlessly cut 
1968 March 8 Complaint about cheerleaders letter to editor Varsity cheerleaders- where were you? 
1968 March 8 "Report from Iron Mountain on the Possibility and Desirability of Peace" book review Is "Report" a fake? 
1968 March 8 Christianity and the Peace Corps perspectus A Peace Corps Analogy 
1968 March 8 Motorcycle riding news Spring weather brings motorcycles 
1968 March 8 Dorm renovation news College to add wing to Smith, renovate three other dorms 
1968 March 8 Artist series news Next Artist Series features noted soloist, Jerome Hines 
1968 March 8 Other college's movie choices news Rosary College sponsors films 
1968 March 8 Housing news April 8 deadline fixed for housing 
1968 March 8 Model UN news Wheaton delegation attends model UN 
1968 March 8 Organist recital news Doris Sutherland presents recital 
1968 March 8  The bench and Edman clock hands news Clock hands, senior bench turn up at WB 
1968 March 8 Orientation positions news Applications for Mom, Pop, Big Brother, Sis available 
1968 March 8 Faculty grants news Three receive faculty study grants 
1968 March 8 Men's basketball sports Basketball team closes 16-9 season, records high scores 
1968 March 8 Basketball player sports Perucki sets pace in balanced offense 
1968 March 8 Wrestling sports Grapplers take second place in tourney despite injuries 
1968 March 8 Swimming sports Tankers close 10-3 season in CCIW championship meet 
1968 March 8 Hockey sports Hockey team loses to Chicago Circle in leage ice match 
1968 March 8 Bomber basketball sports Bomber cagers end with 12-6 record 
1968 March 8 Track sports Cindermen take third at North Central 
1968 March 8 Campus fair coordination news Skoglund directs gym preparation for Campus Fair 
1968 March 8 Senior talent show sports Seniors anticipate annual talent show 
1968 March 8 Christianity stopping Communism news Vietnam Missionary urges Christian dedication to halt communist front 
1968 March 15 Jerome Hines front page Hines to perform to sell-out crowd in Artists Series 
1968 March 15 Self-imposed student tax front page Reigle, Gilleland present rationale for tax 
1968 March 15 First full-length musical front page 'Brigadon' announced 1st campus musical 
1968 March 15 Creative Arts Festival front page Arts festival features play, movies, cantatas, chapels 
1968 March 15 Chapel Speaker front page Hawkins discusses crossing culture bars 
1968 March 15 Vietnam foreign policy editorials Vietnam- 'Nobody can win' 
1968 March 15 Baseball season sports Baseball- it's that time again 
1968 March 15 Vietnam and false patriotism letter to editor Vietnam dissent consistent with patriotism 
1968 March 15 Freedom for opposing viewpoints letter to editor Freedom limited by group 
1968 March 15 the Lettermen music review Kiosk brings entertainment, relaxation 
1968 March 15 Opinion column Alan Beasley column  Absolute Truth 
1968 March 15 Rennovation of campus Government speaks Government speaks 
1968 March 15 Response to former letter letter to editor Administration did not cut chapel 
1968 March 15 Vietnam war letter to editor How much longer must our 'team'play 
1968 March 15 Freshman girl attacked news Wheaton's problem of personal safety 
1968 March 15 Dining hall worker's birthday news Students Note Miss Tuthill's Birthday 
1968 March 15 Theater news Set, costumes play vital role as 'Tartuffe' ends rehearsals 
1968 March 15 China competition news Silver, china competition offers scholarships 
1968 March 15 CS Lewis anthology, Kilby news Kilby edits new anthology; C.S. Lewis excerpts praised 
1968 March 15 Campus organization merge discussion news SG discusses CSC-SG-CU merger 
1968 March 15 Student Missions Project news SMPers undergo extensive orientation 
1968 March 15 student survey news Retention survey seeks to improve education, service 
1968 March 15 Gymnastics sports Gymnasts take 5th at Warhawk meet 
1968 March 15 Baseball sports Baseball team prepares for Southern tour 
1968 March 15 Intramural swimming sports Kirk House wins first intramural swim title 
1968 March 15 Track sports Trackmen run in early-season meets 
1968 March 15 Wrestling sports Four Crusaders wrestle in NCAA national tourney 
1968 March 15 Hockey sports Hockey team wins, 11-3, over Lewis 
1968 March 15 Women's extramural volleyball sports WRA volleyballers record three wins 
1968 March 15 The student self-assessment referendum the locker room Needed: your vote 
1968 March 15 AWS elections news Marguerite Ender, Linda Johnson compete for AWS presidency 
1968 March 15 Campus wide look at Vietnam news SG series to ponder Vietnam conflict 
1968 March 22 Self-assessment referendum vote front page SG splits self-assessment referendum into two separate proposals 
1968 March 22 Creative Arts Festival features front page Comedy, cantatas highlight Arts weekend 
1968 March 22 Theater presentation front page Festival presents 'Tartuffe,' Wheaton's first non-tragedy 
1968 March 22 Christianity and the arts front page Kilby discusses proper attitude about modern art 
1968 March 22 The human condition shown in theater show editorials 'Tartuffe' affirms human situation; provides artistic contrast 
1968 March 22 Spring time is here editorials Spring- the week for 
1968 March 22 Vietnam war thoughts letter to editor 'Other war' doomed without military victory 
1968 March 22 Wheaton and art perspectus Wheaton limits exposure to reality 
1968 March 22 Student involvement in education "classroom power" Student power: a classroom study 
1968 March 22 Artist series singers music review Hines, Alexay treat audience to variety, beauty 
1968 March 22 Christian themes in Creative Arts Festival letter to editor Religious concerns over-dominate festival 
1968 March 22 Praise for book review letter to editor Current economics confirm Nordby report 
1968 March 22 America's role in Vietnam letter to editor America- not the world's savior 
1968 March 22 Vietnam war riots news Worse riots this summer, civil rights leader predicts 
1968 March 22 ROTC and the draft news Col. Seigle speaks to draft problem 
1968 March 22 Author to discuss book news Howard discusses 'Christ the Tiger' 
1968 March 22 Student campaign for Vietnam news Doves back peace vote in Choice '68 
1968 March 22 New Kodon publication news Kodon puts festival winners in 'spring-oriented' issue 
1968 March 22 SG elections news Elections petitions available Monday 
1968 March 22 Student publications board, new members news Pub board gains members: Bard, Miss Remington 
1968 March 22 Pianist concert news Pianist to present Weekend concert 
1968 March 22 Authoritative edition of essay found in attic news Grad discovers hidden Sidney essay 
1968 March 22 Annual history lecture news History professor speaks on Puritans 
1968 March 22 Teacher education evaluation news NCATE team reviews teacher education 
1968 March 22 Spring photos photo feature Spring is... 
1968 March 22 Bob Ralston visits news Cop stops night visitor- a famous alum 
1968 March 22 Debate competition news College debaters win second place in Michigan match 
1968 March 22 Track, tennis, and golf teams look toward next season sports Wheaton athletes await spring activity 
1968 March 22 Intramural basketball sports Last Page captures intramural crown by beating B-B's 
1968 March 22 Hockey sports Icemen win two, earn fourth in conference 
1968 March 22 Donkey basketball in Corray gym sports Men mount steeds Thursday to play 'donkey basketball' 
1968 March 22 Artist presents art news Chicago artist presents film demonstration, talk 
1968 March 22 City of Wheaton honored news Wheaton named All-American city by Look 
1968 March 22 Power loss in freshman dorms news Failure of cable causes Smith, Fischer power loss 
1968 March 22 AWS elections news Marguerite Ender elected AWS head in Wednesday vote 
1968 March 22 All campus musical cast news Director names cast, chorus for 'Brigadoon' 
1968 March 29 vote front page Student vote defeats ice rink, Stupe proposals 
1968 March 29 Gina Bachauer front page Gina Bachauer presents Artist Series program 
1968 March 29 Creaive Arts Festival front page Festival judges announce Creative Arts award winners 
1968 March 29 Wheaton's symphony orchestra front page Concert Friday to Feature 'Peter and the Wolf' score 
1968 March 29 Angeline J. Brandt front page Dr. Brandt's death ends teaching career 
1968 March 29 M. Noll editorial Disillusionment becomes political energy 
1968 March 29 S. Evans editorial In defense of patriotism 
1968 March 29 Bill Ebbeling letter to the editor Ice rink - we must reconsider 
1968 March 29 William Hollberg voices Government Speaks 
1968 March 29 Self imposed student tax defeated front page Student vote defeats ice rink, Stupe proposals 
1968 March 29 Concert pianist playing in Artist Series front page Gina Bachauer presents Artist Series program 
1968 March 29 Creative Arts Festival winners front page Festival judges announce Creative Arts award winners 
1968 March 29 Symphony orchestra spring concert front page Concert Friday to feature 'Peter and the Wolf' score 
1968 March 29 Faculty passes away front page Dr. Brandt's death ends teaching career 
1968 March 29 Ward Jamison music review Contemporary cantatas inspire audience 
1968 March 29 Steve Leonard letter to the editor Referendum's defeat disappointing 
1968 March 29 Alan Beasley voices Absolute Truth 
1968 March 29 Student disillusionment with American values editorials Disillusionment becomes political energy 
1968 March 29 American patriotism praised editorials In defense of patriotism 
1968 March 29 Reconsidering ice rink and stupe renovation letter to editor Ice rink- we must reconsider 
1968 March 29 The draft government speaks Government speaks 
1968 March 29 book publishing news Antioch study to be published 
1968 March 29 John Clarke news Albert organized articats for anthropology museum 
1968 March 29 Concert choir performs at Creative Arts Festival music review Contemporary cantatas inspire audience 
1968 March 29 Rip hodson news 23 students push McCarthy in Wisc. 
1968 March 29 Don Evans news  Business manager positions open 
1968 March 29 John T. Seigle news 'IA's forget grad school.' says Seigle 
1968 March 29 Dan Reigle Choice '68 Nelson A. Rockefeller 
1968 March 29 Richard Primuth Choice '68 Eugen J. McCarthy 
1968 March 29 Mark Noll Choice '68 Harold E. Stassen 
1968 March 29 Self-imposed referendum letter to editor Referendums' defeat disappointing 
1968 March 29 CU film choice Alan Beasley column Absolute Truth 
1968 March 29 The Antioch study news Antioch study to be published 
1968 March 29 Anthropological artifacts news Albert organizes artifacts for anthropology museum 
1968 March 29 Student Publications board position open news Business manager position open 
1968 March 29 Students campaign for presidential candidate news 23 students push McCarthy in Wisc. 
1968 March 29 Wheaton college and the draft news 'IA's forget grad school,' says Seigle 
1968 March 29 Presidential candidate choice '68 Nelson A. Rockefeller 
1968 March 29 Presidential candidate choice '68 Eugene J. McCarthy 
1968 March 29 Presidential candidate choice '68 Harold E. Stassen 
1968 March 29 Presidential candidate choice '68 Charles H. Percy 
1968 March 29 Presidential candidate choice '68 Ronald W. Reagan 
1968 March 29 Presidential candidate choice '68 George C. Wallace 
1968 March 29 Presidential candidate choice '98 Mark O. Hatfield 
1968 March 29 College participation in primaries choice '98 Choice '68 seeks to influence national policy 
1968 March 29 Mark Olson Choice '68 Charles H. Percy 
1968 March 29 Tim Gratz Choice '68 Ronald W. Reagan 
1968 March 29 Mark Noll Choice '68 George C. Wallace 
1968 March 29 Bill Shuster Choice '68 Mark O. Hatfield 
1968 March 29 Phil Semas Choice '68 Choice '68 seeks to influence national policy 
1968 March 29 Steve Clark sports Track team ventures for victory in Mexico 
1968 March 29 basketball sports Last Page ends undefeated to gain intramurl b-ball title 
1968 March 29 Track team sports Track team ventures for victory in Mexico 
1968 March 29 baseball sports Baseball team loses 6-0 in season's opening game 
1968 March 29 Intramural basketball sports Last Page ends undefeated to gain intramural b-ball title 
1968 March 29 Baseball sports Baseball team loses 6-0 in season's opening game 
1968 March 29 Anita Smith news Tutoring-project Negroes speak on 'black power' 
1968 March 29 Studnet Govenment news Delegations begin petitions for SG annual convention 
1968 March 29 Ping pong tournament sports WRA to sponsor second ping pong double tourney 
1968 March 29 Tutoring in Southside Chicago CSC feature Tutoring-project Negroes speak on 'black power' 
1968 March 29 Student government nominations news Delegations begin petitions for SG annual convention 
1968 March 29 Vietnam lectures news 'Vietnam Night' features candidates, documentaries 
1968 March 29 Evangelism class professor news CCC director to lead evangelism class 
1968 March 29 Women RA's chosen news Deans appoint 1968-69 women RA's 
1968 March 29 Christianity Today news Dr. Lindsell to edit Christianity Today 
1968 March 29 Pass-fail grading method news Michigan U. tries pass-fail 
1968 March 29 Officers Christian Union news ROTC cadets open OCU chapter 
1968 March 29 Creative Arts Festival ends news Two-week Creative Arts Festival closes 
1968 March 29 Presidential candidate news McCarthy seeks support in Chicago press meeting 
1968 March 29 Author presents on Art news Howard advocates openness, reality in art 
1968 March 29 Movie shown on campus news CSC to sponsor 'thinking' movie on Malcolm Boyd 
1968 March 29 Festival chorus and orchestra present "The Passion According to St. John" news Festival chorus sings Back oratorio 
1968 March 29 New hours in Health center news Health center revises hours for daily visiting schedule 
1968 March 29 National Shakespeare company news Shakespeare Company to give 'Romeo and Juliet' 
1968 April 5 Student referendum not reconsidered front page Referendum petition gains 36 names, fails to force reconsideration 
1968 April 5 Easter oratorio features soloists and choir front page Combined choirs to perform oratorio 
1968 April 5 Student Government presidential candidates front page Seven contenders vie for SG presidency 
1968 April 5 Vietnam week speaker front page Karson attacks nation's foreign policy 
1968 April 5 V. Raymond Edman Memorial Album front page Bookstore offers Chancellor Edman memorial record 
1968 April 5 President Johnson's peace plan editorials Altruism of LBJ's action revives hope 
1968 April 5 Vietnam war editorials Vietnam negotiations require patience, understanding 
1968 April 5 Wheaton drama growing editorials Wheaton drama coming of age 
1968 April 5 Student responsibility perspectus Students must take responsibility in solving campus problems 
1968 April 5 Diversity of opinion in SG elections news analysis Campus political climate- a radical change? 
1968 April 5 Pianist Gina Bachauer recital music review Pianist regally demonstrates technique, control 
1968 April 5 Complaint about Bill Craig's Festival convocation letter to editor  Craig's oration- Christian creativity? 
1968 April 5 Spirituality of chapel letter to editor Chapel: inspiration or enlightenment? 
1968 April 5 Presidential candidate  choice '68 Richard M. Nixon 
1968 April 5 Presidential candidate choice '68 John V. Lindsay 
1968 April 5 Honoring the dead choice '68 Martin L. King 
1968 April 5 Presidential candidate choice '68 Lyndon B. Johnson 
1968 April 5 Presidential candidate choice '68 Robert F. Kennedy 
1968 April 5 Presidential candidate choice '68 Fred Halstead 
1968 April 5 Presidential election poll news Poll favors RFK, Nixon as hopefuls in Nov. election 
1968 April 5 Tower unveiling  news Olson sets May 29 as unveiling date for Tower 
1968 April 5 C.S. Lewis library collection news Library gets new C.S. Lewis manuscripts 
1968 April 5 McCarthy presidential campaign news 23 students aid victorious McCarthy 
1968 April 5 Track team sports Valpo, Ferris visit here for outdoor track opener 
1968 April 5 Women gymanstics sports Women gymnasts begin 2nd season with ISU defeat 
1968 April 5 NCAA ruling for basketball players sports NCAA legislation eliminates Venture for Victory players 
1968 April 5 Track trip sports Car wash earns money for track trip 
1968 April 5 Student missionary project participant photos advertisement Student Missionary Project '68 
1968 April 11 SG presidential candidates front page SG convention to choose candidates April 26 
1968 April 11 Presidential poll front page Students to vote April 24 in Choice '68 
1968 April 11 Teachers of the year awards front page Tenney, Mayers awarded Teacher of the Year Honors 
1968 April 11 Campus stress study front page Psychologist begins study of campus student stress 
1968 April 11 Student government presidential election editorials Notes on student election issues 
1968 April 11 SG Elections Government speaks Government speaks 
1968 April 11 Anger about campus response to MLK assassination letter to editor In retrospect- we cannot be excused 
1968 April 11 Track team sports Trackmen drop dual meets, await Southern competition 
1968 April 11 Baseball  sports Baseball team takes split at Northwestern, 1-0, 0-4 
1968 April 11 Golf sports Golfers gain two in opening match 
1968 April 11 Chicago riots following MLK assassination news Wheaton students view Chicago riots 
1968 April 11 City of Wheaton honored news Wheaton rates All-American for progressive involvment 
1968 April 11 Veitnam documentary news Vietnam documentary movie portrays situation of North 
1968 April 11 Candidate for House on campus news Erlenborn closes 'Vietnam Nights" 
1968 April 26 SG Presidential candidates  front page SG hopefuls state platforms at press conference 
1968 April 26 SG election night front page Candidates, delegations plan for big nite 
1968 April 26 Class officer campaigns news Class officer candidates begin campaigning today 
1968 April 26 Presidential election poll news 60 per cent vote in Choice '68 poll 
1968 April 26 Argus publication news 2nd Argust offers essays on Viet Nam, morality, LSD trip 
1968 April 26 Continuation about SG presidential candidates news Nominees defend views before press 
1968 May 3 SG presidential election front page Macmillan seeks write-in vs. Ritchie, Tremba 
1968 May 3 Concert Choir Concert front page Choir prepares for annual concert 
1968 May 3 Singing trio concert front page Stern-Rose-Istomin trio performs 
1968 May 3 Armerding attends World Evangelical conference front page Amerding attends European meetings 
1968 May 3  Class officer elections front page Contenders picked in class primaries 
1968 May 3 Praise for SG presidential candidate editorials Vote Macmillan- experience, sensitivity count 
1968 May 3 Student government's significance editorials Government presidency- initiative must be maintained 
1968 May 3 Praise for SG presidential candidate editorials Vote Tremba- a realistic, trustworthy leader 
1968 May 3 Don't walk on the grass! letter to editor Bilezikian offers green thumb 
1968 May 3 Acceptance of difference letter to editor Room for open minds on Wheaton's campus? 
1968 May 3 Future of small schools perspectus Death of a small school: and what of Wheaton? 
1968 May 3 Honoring students  letter to editor Widespread involvement recognized 
1968 May 3 Student Government elections letter to editor Revision essential in SG nomination procedure 
1968 May 3 "Decisions for a Decade" book review T. Kennedy analyzes problems, proposes optimistic solutions 
1968 May 3 Chapel reforms government speaks Government speaks 
1968 May 3 Theater show at North Central news Wheaton performs 'Endgame' at NC 
1968 May 3 Ring by spring news April's birthstone blossoms as Wheatonites get engaged 
1968 May 3 Male RA's news Men RA's selected for jobs in dorms, houses next fall 
1968 May 3 Dress regulation student survey news Dress code survey by AWS results in proposed changes 
1968 May 3 Police enforce parks closing hours news Police to enforce park regulations 
1968 May 3 SG president election news SG convention closes Macmillan withdraws 
1968 May 3 Seniors capture presidential candidates news 'Bemini' seniors kidnap campaigners 
1968 May 3 Baseball sports Wheaton baseball team falls to 4-11 total 
1968 May 3 Football sports Football practice stresses offense as session opens 
1968 May 3 Track  sports Trackmen shine in relays, 3-way meet 
1968 May 3 Grad speaks to physical ed majors sports Wheaton PE grad returns to speak 
1968 May 3 Tennis sports Seniors lead tennis team in victories 
1968 May 3 Record gets rated news ACP awards fall Record sixth All-American rating 
1968 May 3 Students investigate required chapel news ACLU challenges required chapel at Hope 
1968 May 3 College Union presidential candidates news Union announces deadlines, dates for '69 presidency 
1968 May 3 First all-school musical news 'Brigadoon' cast anticipates play set for May 10 
1968 May 10 SG policy changes front page SG recommends ROTC, chapel study, changes 
1968 May 10 ROTC changes front page Proposal asks bid of voluntary ROTC 
1968 May 10 All school musical front page 'Brigadoon' debuts tonight 
1968 May 10 SG president elected  front page Randy Tremba-Scot Monaghan ticket elected on first SG ballot 
1968 May 10 ROTC changes editorials Is ROTC justified? time for re-evaluation 
1968 May 10 Student dissatisfaction with educational systems editorials Student expectations vs. reality 
1968 May 10 Mandatory chapel proposal letters to editor Chapel- SG has the wrong idea 
1968 May 10 Correction of previous articles letters to editor A trustee: money makes no policy 
1968 May 10 University of Illinois student urges Christians to action letters to editor Essence of Christianity- actions, not just words 
1968 May 10 Student statistics letters to editor Saint 'candle passing' sheds light on 'facts' 
1968 May 10 Corrected information on chapel speakers letters to editor Reigle was misinformed 
1968 May 10 Artist Series singers music review Stern, Rose, Istomin trio ends series 
1968 May 10 Revision of policies government speaks Government speaks 
1968 May 10 Reply to letter letters to editor Reigle replies 
1968 May 10 Cinema as an art form Alan Beasley column  Absolute Truth 
1968 May 10 New dress regulation for women news Personnel office OK's new dress standards 
1968 May 10 High school theater production news Forrestville students stage story of pre-slavery Negro 
1968 May 10 ROTC reevaluation news Three questions spur investigation of ROTC on college campuses 
1968 May 10 Chairman of military affairs comments on ROTC news Dyrness comments on ROTC proposals 
1968 May 10 New Kodon editor news Sue McAlpine, new editor intends Kodon innovations 
1968 May 10 Photography news Juniors photograph secret sneak spot 
1968 May 10 Wheaton student and faculty excavation news Archeology dept. plans excavations of Indian burials 
1968 May 10  Faculty concert news Faculty trio plays classical recital 
1968 May 10 Baseball sports Baseball team improves offense, record 
1968 May 10 Golf  sports Crusader golf team wins three, looks to conference tourney 
1968 May 10 All-Sports day sports Seniors win all-sports day competition 
1968 May 10 Track sports Thinclads host conference track meet 
1968 May 10 Tennis sports Tennis team extends mark to 12-4 with four victories 
1968 May 10 Senior sneak news Gleeful juniors expose sneaking seniors 
1968 May 10 Student Union elections news Three meet Tues. in Union primary 
1968 May 10 Women's glee club news Women's Glee club sings May concert 
1968 May 10 Class presidents news Jones, Blankley, Jarman to lead classes 
1968 May 17 The bench front page Sneaky juniors snatch bench as sneaking seniors blush in retreat 
1968 May 17 Student Union presidential candidates front page Candidates vie for Union presidency; vote today 
1968 May 17 Presidential elections student survey front page Wheaton Choice '68 voters name Nixon 
1968 May 17 Faculty changes front page 17 leave faculty, 12 replacements coming 
1968 May 17 Death and christian life editorials Death and our provincial problems 
1968 May 17 Chapel reevaluation letters to editor Increased chapel cuts not answer to needs 
1968 May 17 Praise for ROTC  letters to editor ROTC helps develop the 'whole man' 
1968 May 17 Theater musical letters to editor Long live dramatics- more than one night 
1968 May 17 Wheaton reevaluation letters to editor Leaving Wheaton is not the answer 
1968 May 17 Outside look at Wheaton college editorials The non-evangelical image of Wheaton 
1968 May 17 End of a year and chapel reevaluation government speaks Government speaks 
1968 May 17 Money holding trustees letters to editor 'Money makes no policy'- A reply 
1968 May 17 All-school musical drama review 'Brigadoon' a smashing first success 
1968 May 17 Request of PR office letters to editor Why must PR present a falst image? 
1968 May 17 Praise and admiration of high school theater show letters to editor Forrestville- How many really heard? 
1968 May 17 Reply to previous article letters to editor Dyrness- representative of college views? 
1968 May 17 New concerts planned news SU ends Kiosk, plans separate events 
1968 May 17 WETN documentary news WETN presents recording of progressive college year 
1968 May 17 Bench theft news Stealig of bench causes 'senior panic' 
1968 May 17 Student fights gum company news Pam Mills loses first battle against Wrigley Co. inflation 
1968 May 17 Senior societies news 3 senior societies to merge 
1968 May 17 Student administrations news SG, CSC anticipate changes in ruling machinery 
1968 May 17 Student awards news 12 students win Atlantic Monthly awards 
1968 May 17 All-school musical news 'Brigadoon' triumphs despite problems 
1968 May 17 Evangelical colleges convention news Students represent college at annual AAES convention 
1968 May 17 Speech presentation news Speech students plan presentation for reading hour 
1968 May 17 Commencement speakers news Henry to speak, get degree at June 10 commencement 
1968 May 17 Dr. Edman honored in Edman chapel news Bronze bust of Dr. Edman to be senior class gift 
1968 May 17 Student life before finals news Wheaotn students don't care about apathy 
1967 May 17 CSC new year news New CSC plans include retreat, local coffeehouse 
1967 May 17 ROTC performs news ROTC program to begin Wheaton All-American fete 
1968 May 17 Tennis sports Tennis teams have successful season 
1968 May 17 Track sports Track team fifth in conference meet 
1968 May 17 football sports Spring football drills close with game 
1968 May 17 Women's sports awards sports  WRA announces place, time for annual awards banquet 
1968 May 17 Baseball sports Baseball squad wins twice over Procopius, 7-2, 5-0 
1968 May 17 SG proposal for Chapel reform advertisement SG proposal 
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