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DateSubject (Personal Name or Topic)Column or SectionTopic or Title
1968 March 29 Gina Bachauer presents Artist Series program front page Gina Bachauer presents Aritst Series program 
1968 March 29 Angeline J. Brandt front page Dr. Brandt's death ends teaching career 
1968 March 29 Creative Arts Festival front page Festival judges announce Creative Arts award winners 
1968 March 29 Wheaton's symphony orchestra front page Concert Friday to feature 'Peter and the Wolf' score 
1968 March 29 voting for Stupe front page Student vote defeats ice rink, Stupe proposals 
1968 March 29 M. Noll editorial Disillusionment becomes political energy 
1968 March 29 S. Evans editorial In defense of patriotism 
1968 March 29 Bill Ebbeling letters to the editor Ice rink - we must reconsider 
1968 March 29 William Holberg voices Government Speaks 
1968 March 29 music review voices Contemporary cantatas inspire audience 
1968 March 29 Steve Leonard letters to the editor Referendums' defeat disappointing 
1968 March 29 open position news Business manager positions open 
1968 March 29 Morris Keeton news Antioch study to be published 
1968 March 29 Bruce Albert news Albert organizes artifacts for anthoropology musuem 
1968 March 29 Rib Hudson news 23 students push McCarthy in Wisc. 
1968 March 29 John T. Seigle news 'IA's forget grad school,' says Seigle 
1968 March 29 Dan Reigle choice '68 Nelson A. Rockefeller 
1968 March 29 Richard Primuth choice '68 Eugene J. McCarthy 
1968 March 29 Mark Noll choice '68 Harold E. Stassen 
1968 March 29 Mark Olson choice '68 Charles H. Percy 
1968 March 29 Tim Gratz choice '68 Ronald W. Reagan 
1968 March 29 Mark Noll choice '68 George C. Wallace 
1968 March 29 Bill Shuster choice '68 Mark O. Hatfield 
1968 March 29 4.5 million students participate choice '68 Choice '68 seeks to influence national policy 
1968 March 29 track sports Track team ventures for victory in Mexico 
1968 March 29 baseball sports Baseball team loses 6-0 in season's opening game 
1968 March 29 basketball sports Last Page ends undefeated to gain intramural b-ball title 
1968 March 29 students describe 'ghetto' news Tutoring-project Negroes speak on 'black power' 
1968 March 29 Student Government nominating convention news Delegations begin petitions for SG annual convention 
1968 March 29 vietnam nights news 'Vietnam Nights' features candidates, documentaries 
1968 March 29 Michigan University news Michigan U. tries pass-fail 
1968 March 29 Bill Bright news CCC director to lead evangelism class 
1968 March 29 choice for RA and RA director news Deans appoint 1968-69 women RA's 
1968 March 29 Harold Lindsell news Dr. Lindsell to edit Christianity Today 
1968 March 29 ROTC news ROTC cadets open OCU chapter 
1968 March 29 Creative Arts Festival news Two-week Creative Arts Festival closes 
1968 March 29 Dialogue With Malcolm Boyd news CSC to sponsor 'thinking' moive on Malcolm Boyd 
1968 March 29 Thomas Howard news Howard advocates openness, reality in art 
1968 March 29 Eugene McCarthy news McCarthy seeks support in Chicago press meeting 
1968 March 29 Curt Williams and Diana Ivey news Shakespeare Company to give 'Romeo and Juliet' 
1968 March 29 Festival Chorus news Festival chorus sings Bach oratorio 
1968 March 29 revising Health Center hours news Health center revises hours for daily visiting schedule 
1968 April 5 student referendum front page Referendum petition gains 36 names, fails to force reconsideration 
1968 April 5 Walter Carringer front page Combined choirs to perform oratorio 
1968 April 5 Student Government presidency front page Seven contenders vie for SG presidency 
1968 April 5 Marc Karson front page Karson attacks nation's foreign policy 
1968 April 5 Raymond Edman Memorial Album front page Bookstore offers Chancellor Edman memorial record 
1968 April 5 M. Noll editorial Altrusim of LBJ's action revives hope 
1968 April 5 R. Primuth editorial Vietnam negotiations requre patience, understanding 
1968 April 5 C. Ackermann editorial Wheaton drama coming of age 
1968 April 5 Gordon Saunders editorial Students must take responsiblity in solving campus problems 
1968 April 5 Bob Shaffer letters to the editor Craig's oration - Christian creativity? 
1968 April 5 William D. Doty letters to the editor Chapel : inspiration or enlightenment? 
1968 April 5 Rick Bard voices Campus political climate - a radical change? 
1968 April 5 music review voices Pianist regally demonstrates technique, control 
1968 April 5 Scot Monaghan choice '68 Richard M. Nixon 
1968 April 5 Doug Thomson choice '68 John V. Lindsay 
1968 April 5 Robert M. Nicholas choice '68 Martin L. King 
1968 April 5 Frank Nicodem and Dan Reigle choice '68 Lyndon B. Johnson 
1968 April 5 William Hollberg choice '68 Robert F. Kennedy 
1968 April 5 Bill Shuster choice '68 Fred Halstead 
1968 Apil 5 election questionnaire  news Poll favors RFK, Nixon as hopefuls in Nov. election 
1968 April 5 Mark Olson news Olson sets May 29 as unveiling date for Tower 
1968 April 5 new C.S. Lewis manuscripts news Library gets new C.S. Lewis manuscripts 
1968 April 5 aiding McCarthy news 23 students aid victorious McCarthy 
1968 April 5 track  sports Valop, Ferris visit here for outdoor track opener 
1968 April 5 gymnastic sports Women gymnasts begin 2nd season with ISU defeat 
1968 April 5 track sports Car wash earns moneyfor track trip 
1968 April 5 basketball sports NCAA legislation eliminates Venture for Victory players 
1968 April 11 SG convetion front page SG convention to choose candidates April 26 
1968 April 11 voting for choice '68 front page Students to vote April 24 in choice '68 
1968 April 11 Merrill Tenney and Marvin Mayers front page Tenney, Mayers awarded Teacher of the Year Honors 
1968 April 11 campus student stress front page Psychologist begins study of campus student stress 
1968 April 11 B. Mistels editorial Notes on student election issues 
1968 April 11 Dan Reigle voices Government Speaks 
1968 April 11 Rich Bard letters to the editor King service aids college-community ties 
1968 April 11 Daivd Jongewaard letters to the editor In retrospect - we cannot be excused 
1968 April 11 baseball sports Baseball team takes split at Northwestern, 1-0, 0-4 
1968 April 11 golf sports Golfers gain two in opening match 
1968 April 11 track sports trackmen drop dual meets, await Southern competition 
1968 April 11 Martin Luther King assassination news Wheaton students view Chicago riots 
1968 April 11 Wheaton township news Wheaton rates All-American for progressive involvement 
1968 April 11 Vietnam War news Vietnam documentary movie portrays situation of North 
1968 April 11 John Erleborn Republican candidate news Erleborn closes "Vietnam Nights" 
1968 April 26 Student Government president race front page SG hopefuls state platforms at press conference 
1968 April 26 student governement election front page Candidates, delegations plan for big nite 
1968 April 26 class officer elections news Class officer candidates begin campaigning today 
1968 April 26 Time Magazine poll news 60 per cent vote in Choice '68 poll 
1968 April 26 Argus magazine news 2nd Argus offers essays on Viet Nam, morality, LSD trip 
1968 April 26 student government election news Nominees defend views before press 
1968 May 3 student government election front page Macmillan seeks write-in vs. Ritchie, Tremba 
1968 May 3 Wheaton choir concert front page Choir prepares for annual concert 
1968 May 3 concert front page Stern-Rose-Istomin trio performs 
1968 May 3 student elections front page Contenders picked in class primaries 
1968 May 3 Hudson T. Armerding front page Armerding attends European meetings 
1968 May 3 student election editorial Vote Macmillan- experience, sensitivity count 
1968 May 3 Student Government editorial Government presidency- initiative must be maintained 
1968 May 3 student government election editorial Vote Tremba- a realistic, trustworthy leader 
1968 May 3 campus grass letter to the editor Bilezikian offers green thumb 
1968 May 3 open minds letter to the editor Room for open minds on Wheaton's campus? 
1968 May 3 recognizing students letters to the editor Widespread involvement recognized 
1968 May 3 Decisions for a Decade book review T. Kennedy analyzes problems, proposes optimistic solutions 
1968 May 3 student government election letters to the editor Revision essential in SG nomination procedure 
1968 May 3 chapel policy change news Government Speaks 
1968 May 3 small private Christian colleges perspectus Death of a small school: and what of Wheaton? 
1968 May 3 spring engagement news April's birthstone blossoms as Wheatonites get engaged 
1968 May 3 Drama Concert News Wheaton Perform 'End Game' at NC  
1968 May 3 Dress Code News Dress Code survey by AWS results in proposed Changes 
1968 May 3 Residence Life News Men RA"s selceted for jobs in dorms , houses next Fall 
1968 May 3 Wheaton Park News Police enforce Park regulations 
1968 May 3 Student Goverment News SG convectiion closes as Macmillan withdraws 
1968 May 3 Student Goverment Election News 'Bimini' seniors kidnap Campaigners 
1968 May 3 ROTC News Proposal questions required ROTC 
1968 May 3 Basketball Sports Wheaton baseball team falls to 4-11 total 
1968 May 3 Football Sports Football practice stresses offense as session opens 
1968 May 3 Golf Sport Golf team wins two to earn 9-2 record 
1968 May 3 Atheletes Sports Trackmen shine in relays, 3-way meet 
1968 May 3 P.E. Sports Wheaton PE grad returns to speak 
1968 May 3 Tennis Sports Seniors lead tennis team 
1968 May 3 The Record News ACP awards fall Record sixth all-American rating 
1968 May 3 Chapel attendance and Students Loan News ACLU Challenges required chapel at hope 
1968 May 3 Musicals News 'Brigadoon' cast anticipates play set for May 10 
1968 May 3 Student Goverment News Union announces deadlines, dates for '69 presidency 
May 10, 1968 Student Goverment Front page SG recommends ROTC, chapel study, changes 
1968 May 3 Musicals Front page 'Brgadoon' debuts tonigt 
1968 May 3 Student Goverment election Front page Randy Tremba-Scot Monaghan Ticket elected on firts SG ballot 
1968 May 3 ROTC Letters to the Editors Is ROTC justified? time for Re-evaluation 
1968 May 3 Student expectation Letters to the editor Student expectation Vs. Reality 
1968 May 3 SG on Chapel letters to the editor Chapel-SG has the wrong ideas 
1968 May 3 Money matters letter to the editor A trustee:Money makey no policy 
1968 May 3 Christian Life Goverment Speak Essence of Christianity- actions, not just words 
1968 May 3 candle passing letters to the editor saint 'candle passing' sheds light on "facts" 
1968 May 3 dan reigle Letters to the editor Reigle was misinformed 
1968 May 10 Alan Beasley letters to the editor Absolute Truth 
1968 May 10 Dress Code News Personnel office OK's new dress standards 
1968 May 10 Racial relations News Forrestville students stage story of pre slavery Negro 
1968 May 10 Chapel Fund News $ 2,500 chaple fund suugested by SG 
1968 May 10 ROTC and liberal Arts News Propasl objects to ROTC with liberal Arts 
1968 May 10 ROTC News Men voice dislike for ROTC policy 
1968 May 10 ROTC News Three questions spur investigation of ROTC on College campus 
1968 May 10 ROTC News Dryness comments on TOTC proposal 
1968 May 10  Kodon News Sue McAlphine, new editor, intends kodon innovations 
1968 May 10 college juniors news Juniors photograph secret sneak spot 
1968 May 10 Martin Heicksen, Dickson mounds news Archeology dept. plans excavation of Indian burials 
1968 May 10 concert news Faculty trio plays classical recital 
1968 May 10 baseball sports Baseball team imporoves offense, record 
1968 May 10 golf sports Crusader golf team wins three, looks to conference tourney 
1968 May 10 track sports Thinclads host conference track meet 
1968 May 10 All sports day sports Seniors win all-sports day competition 
1968 May 10 tennis  sports Tennis team extends mark to 12-4 with four victories 
1968 May 10 juniors-seniors competition news Gleeful juniors expose sneaking seniors 
1968 May 10 women's glee club news Women's Glee club sings May concert 
1968 May 10 primary election for SU president news Three meet Tues. in Union primary 
1968 May 10 Elliott Jones, Ron Blankely, and Dave Jarman news Jones, Blankley, Jarman to lead classes 
1968 May 17 juniors-seniors competition front page Sneaky juniors snatch bench as sneaking seniors blush in retreat 
1968 May 17 election for SU president front page Candidates vie for Union presidency; vote today 
1968 May 17 Choice '68  front page Wheaton Choice '68 voters name Nixon 
1968 May 17 Phil Skoglund and Roy Mitchell front page Mitchell, Skoglund win CU primary; vote today in MSC 
1968 May 17 leaving and replacing faculty front page 17 leave faculty, 12 replacements coming 
1968 May 17 M. Noll editorial Death and our provincial problems 
1968 May 17 R. Primuth editorial The non-evangelical image of Wheaton 
1968 May 17 Bill Woodward letters to the editor Long live dramatics - more than one night 
1968 May 17 Rich Bard letters to the editor Leaving Wheaton is not the answer 
1968 May 17 Ron Blankley letters to the editor Increased chapel cuts not answer to needs 
1968 May 17 Rex Waters letters to the editor Congratulations? Only '68 could do it 
1968 May 17 John Piper letters to the editor ROTC helps develop the 'whole man' 
1968 May 17 Dave Chandler letters to the editor 'Money makes no policy' - A reply 
1968 May 17 William Fredericks letters to the editor Why mus PR present a false Wheton image? 
1968 May 17 Jan Whitted letters to the editor Forrestville - How many really heard? 
1968 May 17 Chris David Carr letters to the editor Dyrness - representative of college views? 
1968 May 17 William Hollberg voices Government Speaks 
1968 May 17 Bob Orth voices 'Brigadoon' a smashing first success 
1968 May 17 Phil Skoglund news SU ends Kiosk, plans separate events 
1968 May 17 WETN news WETN presents recording of progressive college year 
1968 May 17 Pamela Mills news Pam Mills loses first battle against Wrigley Co. inflation 
1968 May 17 merging three senior societies news 3 senior societies to merge 
1968 May 17 student administrative machinery news SG, CSC anticipate changes in ruling machinery 
1968 May 17 The Atlantic Montly contest news 12 studnets win Atlantic Monthly awards 
1968 May 17 ROTC news Majority favors military cut 
1968 May 17 Becky Dowdy news 'Brigadoon' triumphs despite problems 
1968 May 17 National Convention of the American Association of Evangelical Students news Students represent college at annual AAES convention 
1968 May 17 speech students news  Speech students plan presentation for reading hour 
1968 May 17 Carl F. Henry news  Henry to speak, get degree at June 10 commencement 
1968 May 17 bronze bust of Dr. Edman news Bronze bust of Dr. Edman to be senior class gift 
1968 May 17 Bill Graig and Charles Dahlberg news Wheaton students don't care about apathy 
1968 May 17 CSC news New CSC plans include retreat, local coffechouse 
1968 May 17 ROTC news ROTC program to begin Wheaton All-American fete 
1968 May 17 tennis sports Tennis teams have successful season 
1968 May 17 track sports Track team fifth in conference meet 
1968 May 17 football sports Spring football drills close with game 
1968 May 17 Women's Recreation Association news WRA announces place, time for annual awards banquet 
1968 May 17 baseball sports Baseball squad wins twice over Procopius, 7-2, 5-0 
1968 May 24 Dean Hook front page Hook tightens control of drug, pledge violations 
1968 May 24 Men's Glee Club front page Men's Glee hosts Chicago contralto tomorrow evening 
1968 May 24 compensatory education program front page New program draws inner city students 
1968 May 24 WETN front page WETN hires full time head as public relations liaison 
1968 May 24 commencement  front page Commencement includes concerts, dedication 
1968 May 24 C. Ackermann editorial Enforcement - a reaction 
1968 May 24 F. Dow editorial Comps: a questionable prerequisite 
1968 May 24 Frank O. Green letters to the edtior The solution to the problem - a reminder 
1968 May 24 Jay Young letters to the editor Young testifies of bench innocence 
1968 May 24 Douglas Webster letters to the editor Return to spiritual depth and Christian testimony! 
1968 May 24 Gordon Saunders voices Change must include respect for past 
1968 May 24 government speaks  voices Reigle's closing address: student activism 
1968 May 24 Bill Hollberg letters to the editor The Alma Mater - our pride and joy? 
1968 May 24 Alan Beasley editorial Absolute Truth 
1968 May 24 voting age news Voting age - should it be lowered to 18? 
1968 May 24 new faculty members news Faculty Senate gains eight new members 
1968 May 24 car policy news SG examines car policy; dissatisfaction shown 
1968 May 24 dorm meetings news Dorm meetings cut in length, frequency for women students 
1968 May 24 Associated Women Students news AWS to sponsor bedroom bazaar for women in fall 
1968 May 24 Dave Foster and Gloria Swink news Freshman Mom, Pop, Big Brother, Sister plan fall orientation week 
1968 May 24 Jay Hansen news Hansen: Alumni Board is executive body 
1968 May 24 Kiosk Series news Kiosk is not dead - ticket sales changed 
1968 May 24 Wheaton College Alumni Association news Alumni awarded for sustained giving 
1968 May 24 track sports Mexico-bound track squad makes final preparations 
1968 May 24 golf sports Golfers finish 16-7 season, best in histroy 
1968 May 24 track sports Track tema loses to Bradley in final competition of '68 
1968 May 24 baseball sports Baseball team loses twice to Carthage 
1968 May 24 baseball sports Bomber batters set for winning season 
1968 May 24 Lillian Harris news Mrs. Lillian Dean resigns to teach in Beirut, Lebanon 
1968 May 24 Roy Mitchell news Mitchell wins Union post; board elects new leaders 
1968 May 24 Tower  news Tower chapel Wednesday introduces new yearbook 
1968 May 24 Hudson T. Amerding news NAE convention elects Armerding 1st vice-president 
1968 May 24 annual President's retreat news President's retreat studies future plans 
1968 May 24 relinquishing meals for the poor news Students relinquish meals for Poor People 
1968 May 24 Wheaton College grad school news Graduate school chooses officers 
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