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DateSubject (Personal Name or Topic)Column or SectionTopic or Title
1967 September 22 fall services front page Indian evangelixt Dr. Haqq to lead fall services 
1967 September 22 student handbook front page New handbook statement urges maturity, restraint 
1967 September 22 Paul McGarvey front page McGarvey killed riding motorcycle in summer mishap 
1967 September 22 Student Leadership Workshop front page Keith Miller leads Lake Geneva SLW 
1967 September 22 Wheaton and secular culture editorial Wheaton confronts crucial decisions; must understand secular culture 
1967 September 22 Freshmen editorial Frosh - individuality or conformity 
1967 September 22 Moral Responsibility: Situation Ethics at Work book review Fletcher's morality offers practical, theoretical problems, insights 
1967 September 22 letter Op-Ed Letter from a Senior 
1967 September 22 Student Government Government speaks  
1967 September 22 NSA news Senate to determine future of NSA ties 
1967 September 22 College Union Film news Union film series present Poitier an acclaimed role 
1967 September 22 NSA news NSA urges greater student voice, supports black power 
1967 September 22 wildlife society news Yellowstone tour begins 4th series by wildlife society 
1967 September 22 winter oratorio news Singers prepare for 'Messiah', 'Hodie' 
1967 September 22 Union Kiosk Series news 'Lost in the Stars' opens new Union Kiosk series 
1967 September 22 petroleum research grant news Dr. Brace pursues petroleum research 
1967 September 22 communication news Structure change to aid communication 
1967 September 22 CSC news CSC retreat to describe opportunities for Christian service in Chicago area 
1967 September 22 new statement news New statement includes Biblical tenets as basis for individual Christian ethic 
1967 September 22 director of Women's Glee Club news Cording names Thompson as director 
1967 September 22 sports the locker room Uncle Sam takes Salins 
1967 September 22 track sports Adare streaks to 9.3 record at Ogden 
1967 September 22 soccer sports Baptista's booters oppose Maryknoll in season opener 
1967 September 22 football sports Wheaton yields after third quarter tie despite sensational effort by Detwiler 
1967 September 22 football sports Wheaton gridmen head for Kenosha, expect redeeming win over Redmen 
1967 September 22 cross-country sports Patton forecasts rebuilding season for cross-country 
1967 September 23 V. Raymond Edman front page 'Prexy' suffers fatal coronary attack while addressing students in chapel 
1967 September 23 V. Raymond Edman front page Friends express appreciation for chancellor's life 
1967 September 23 V. Raymond Edman front page ''The most important thing is the personal conviction' 
1967 September 23 Edman news Stunned onlookers mourn the passing of a friend 
1967 September 23 Edman news Edman often shared faith with students during daily 'morning watch' services 
1967 September 23 Edman news Chancellor gave of himself on mission field, at home 
1967 September 23 Edman news 'We should pray that God would lead' 
1967 September 29 NSA front page Dr. Hook granted authority on NSA; students will vote 
1967 September 29 Edman memorial service front page Memorial service ends triumphantly 
1967 September 29 special services front page Former Moslem to direct services aimed at students 
1967 September 29 homecoming front page Homecoming promises more activity stressing "All these things we are" 
1967 September 29 ROTC front page Cadets earn excellent ratings at camp 
1967 September 29 Edman death editorial 'We must sing at his passing' 
1967 September 29 Vietnam editorial President Johnson owes debt of honesty, debt of action to American people on Vietnam 
1967 September 29 Record error letters to the editor Record error stifles communication 
1967 September 29 Student Leadership Workshop letters to the editor Miller: human therapy or divine intervention 
1967 September 29 rights of student news Courts define 'rights' of students 
1967 September 29 Student Leadership Workshop news Students seek honest meaning in corporate, individual relations 
1967 September 29 student voice news 'Student power' and the Wheaton statement of commitment 
1967 September 29  Sacred and Secular  
1967 September 29 WETN news WETN offers innovations to raise broadcast quality 
1967 September 29 Christians in Russia news Russian persecution elicits response 
1967 September 29 GW Alden Memorial Fund news G. W. Aldeen fund aids faculty study 
1967 September 29 Union Kiosk news Union-sponsored Kiosk opens tonight with adaptation of South African novel 
1967 September 29 Vienna Orchestra news Vienna Orchestra begins '67 series 
1967 September 29 Danforth Fellowships news Baptista urges seniors, recent grads to apply for Danforth Fellowships 
1967 September 29 special services news Haqq focuses on university audience during Graham crusade participation 
1967 September 29 Ministerial Fellowship news Church faces inner, outer challenges, but continues to grow, claims Lindsell 
1967 September 29 track sports Crusader cross country hopes climb as harriers face difficult Bradley meet 
1967 September 29 football sports Wheaton rallies to conquer Carthage 
1967 September 29 soccer sports Booters seek redemption after bowing to Maryknoll 
1967 September 29 football sports Chrouser recalls Edman as great sports booster 
1967 September 29 football the locker room Detwiler - 'playing for the Lord' 
1967 September 29 New standards of conduct news Hook introduces new standards - clarifies switch 
1967 September 29 halfway houses news Jaeck testifies to assembly on parolee halfway houses 
1967 September 29 freshmen news Frosh boast high scores, high hopes 
1967 October 6 NSA front page All-school referendum to influence future Wheaton NSA membership 
1967 October 6 Special Services front page Evangelist Haqq provokes thought on missions' role 
1967 October 6 Vienna orchestra front page World-famed Vienna orchestra opens artist series 
1967 October 6 Antigone cast front page Antigone cast features Riley, Dixon 
1967 October 6 knowledge editorial Pressure to know: we must recognize our intellectual limits 
1967 October 6 Christian service editorial Guilt and Christian service: the dilemma of involvement 
1967 October 6 NSA Government Speaks  
1967 October 6 small colleges  Tulane dean cites small colleges' difficulty in drawing top students 
1967 October 6 Union Kiosk review Kaleidoscope players disappointing 
1967 October 6 new faculty news Twenty-five new faculty members boast nine doctorates, 13 alumni 
1967 October 6 reictal news Dr. Smith to give piano talk, recital in Pierce Chapel 
1967 October 6 AWS news Co-captains explain football technique to enlighten women at AWS program 
1967 October 6 KODON news Kodon solicits greater participation, seeks informal efforts in various arts 
1967 October 6 clarinet recital news Bauerlein to present clarinet recital 
1967 October 6 NSA debate  Should Student Gov't recommend continued affiliation with NSA? 
1967 October 6 college bookstore news study finds prices fair 
1967 October 6 Artist Series news Union Club's "Candlelight and Crystal" drowns Vienna Philharmonic concert 
1967 October 6 soccer sports Bootmen win two in Indiana games tackle Hope team 
1967 October 6 track sports First Wheaton invitational favors Naperville runners 
1967 October 6 soccer the locker room McKean - soccer-style kicker 
1967 October 6 football sports Football team grinds Hope to gain 2-1 season record 
1967 October 6 track sports Bradley U. hands Wheaton runners first season loss 
1967 October 6 football sports Crusaders face Wabash Little Giants, expect good competition in home game 
1967 October 6 homecoming news Full homecoming agenda includes concerts, sports 
1967 October 6 homecoming queen news Vote to pick 1967 homecoming queen 
1967 October 6 Campus Help Escort Service to Every Residence news Chester provides escort services to protect threatened Wheaton women 
1967 October 6 alumnus of the year front page Geology professor named 'Alumnus of the year' 
1967 October 6 homecoming front page Alumni-student festivities stress wider involvement 
1967 October 13 homecoming front page Concerts initiate, conclude weekend 
1967 October 13 archeological conference front page Twelfth annual conference relates archeological findings, Biblical study 
1967 October 13 homecoming front page Alumni-student festivities stress wider involvement 
1967 October 13 NSA front page Students vote 'No' on NSA question 
1967 October 13 alumnus of the year front page Geology professor named 'Alumnus of the year' 
1967 October 13 learning from hippies editorial Campus 'dropouts' - transplanted flower people? 
1967 October 13 speical services letters to the editor Invitations: unfair evangelistic technique 
1967 October 13 homecoming editorial homecoming: what makes Wheaton 'home'? 
1967 October 13 Vietnam news Demonstrations to show GI support 
1967 October 13 peitition Vietnam news Petition calls for end of bombing 
1967 October 13 Vienna concert news Jamison praises superb Vienna concert, reprimands late comers for lack of etiquette 
1967 October 13 editorial review letters to the editor Evans takes issue with Torjesen editorial 
1967 October 13 sitar concert news Idol of american flower-children performs esthetic 'sitar' concert 
1967 October 13 power failure letters to the editor Power failure unsafe 
1967 October 13 Student Missions Project news Student Missions Project presents three-fold impact 
1967 October 13 We-Ten Gospel Team news We-Ten team recalls tight schedules; profits from summer experience 
1967 October 13 stolen instruments news Cording discloses theft of instruments, requests more personal responsibilities 
1967 October 13 Dr. Bong-Kyun Suh news Korean Finance Minister, 1952 grad, pays brief visit to alma mater 
1967 October 13 film series news Films to spotlight Christian witness training program 
1967 October 13 Student Education Association news Larry Child delivers cartoon-speech at future teachers' first SEA meeting 
1967 October 13 alumni activities news Halftime credits ingenuity, features floats and royalty 
1967 October 13 football sports Crusaders gain third straight victory after grid team downs Wabash, 34-0 
1967 October 13 track sports Harriers host Invitational, take second place in meet 
1967 October 13 soccer sports Booters oppose undefeated Earlham 
1967 October 13 class competition sports Many class competitors begin training for first annual all-school relay contest 
1967 October 13 football sports Gridders face St. Joseph, anticipate 4th straight win 
1967 October 13 intramural sports Intramurals reveal stiff defense plays in first of schedules flag football games 
1967 October 13 NSA membership news Michigan U. ends NSA membership in 2nd SGC votw 
1967 October 13 homecoming news Concerts initiate, conclude weekend 
1967 October 13 debate team news Wheaton debaters tir for first palce 
1967 October 13 philosophy conference news Phenomenologist lectures at philosophy conference 
1967 October 13 Record editor news Publications Board names Rich Bard to complete term as Record editor 
1967 October 13 Bible commentary news Dr. S. J. Shultz to author volume 
1967 October 20 Artist series front page Blue series opens with Luboff choir stressing variety 
1967 October 20 NSA front page Student government to act Monday on NSA question 
1967 October 20 Writer's conference front page Conference to feature newspaperman 
1967 October 20 philosophy conference front page Ricoeur lectures at philosophy conference 
1967 October 20 trustee board front page Chicago attorney fills Weaver post on trustee board 
1967 October 20 teacher value editorial Classroom perspective - teacher or textbook? 
1967 October 20 philosophy conference editorial Paul Ricoeur - a philosopher of the people 
1967 October 20 homecoming letters to the editor Directors, organizations laud successful weekend 
1967 October 20 chapel mockery letters to the editor Chapel mockery - 'where has love gone?' 
1967 October 20 Vietnam protest letters to the editor Civil disobedience - why is it needed, allowed? 
1967 October 20 homecoming attire letters to the editor Homecoming attire creates false impression 
1967 October 20 Student Government representatives Op-Ed What makes a good representative 
1967 October 20 Church dialogue news 'Electronic happening' examines Catholic-Protestant dialogue 
1967 October 20 standing letters to the editor Standing was meaningful act of dedication 
1967 October 20 invitations letters to the editor Real invitation issue: validity of rededication 
1967 October 20 ROTC news Wheaton ROTC represents colleges in Fifth Army area inspection this fall 
1967 October 20 CSC news CSC begins new program with Forrestville students 
1967 October 20 Parents' Day news Parents' Day program tries to verify student claims about Wheaton routine 
1967 October 20 New Folk news New Folk return to present concert 
1967 October 20 Union Kiosk news Three D's combine rhyme and rhythm for second Kiosk series presentation 
1967 October 20 Alumni Association Award news Gladys Wright accepts alumni award 
1967 October 20 Vietnam petition news Students petition to cease bombing 
1967 October 20 ARGUS news Shortage of funds threatens to close school publication 
1967 October 20 football sports Last-minute touchdown gains fourth straight grid victory as Crusaders pelt Pumas, 14-7, in homecoming contest 
1967 October 20 track sports Dual meet awaits harrier challenge 
1967 October 20 hockey The locker room Icemen skate toward winter 
1967 October 20 football sports Gridders confront Millikin 
1967 October 20 soccer sports Soccermen face strong Chicago team after losses to Earlham, Lake Forest 
1967 October 20 Student Government petitions news SG petitions due for dorms, frosh 
1967 October 20 Union Club news Union club plans Spanish evening 
1967 October 20 Tower news Tower introduces style, content innovations in '68 
1967 October 20 recital news Dr. Heiles to present exchange recital 
1967 October 20 AWS retreat news 'Many Masks?' for AWS retreat 
1967 October 27 new buildings front page $7 million drive to finance new library, science building 
1967 October 27 Writers' conference front page Literary critic presents lecture tonight 
1967 October 27 NSA front page Student Government adopts resolution concluding formal NSA disaffiliation 
1967 October 27 Three D's concert front page 3 D's introduce musical smorgasbord 
1967 October 27 Student publications board front page Publications board names Don Evans to fill recent chairmanship vacancy 
1967 October 27 Writers' conference editorial The challenge of journalism: a plea for christian communicators 
1967 October 27 Protestant Reformation editorial Reformation 'image' needs examination 
1967 October 27 journalism letters to the editor Wheaton incomplete without journalism 
1967 October 27 The Lord of the Rings editorial A delightful journey to Middle-earth 
1967 October 27 Artist SEries review Excellent Luboff choir presents concert of sacred, secular works 
1967 October 27 homecoming letters to the editor Homecoming dress a matter of taste 
1967 October 27 chapel letters to the editor Chapel mockery violates social graces 
1967 October 27 letter to Screwtape letters to the editor Uncle Screwtape hears of new 'health serum' 
1967 October 27 Wine and Roses letteres to the editor Wine and roses in old bottles? 
1967 October 27 Chapel policy letters to the editor Chapel policy hiders genuine expression 
1967 October 27 demonstrations letters to the editor Campus apathy - insensitive, unpatriotic 
1967 October 27 Campus Americans for Democratic Action news SG authorizes chartering of proposed campus ADA 
1967 October 27 NSA news Reigle states NSA options 
1967 October 27 video tape lecture news Physics prof lectures class via video 
1967 October 27 film presentation news Lowell Thomas offers film 
1967 October 27 Library Career Caravan news Library caravan to inform students on career options 
1967 October 27 Weston Atom Smasher plant news President named to atom site study 
1967 October 27 Young Republican's club news YR conducts poll, invites members 
1967 October 27 dorm officers news Vote to pick dorm, freshman officers 
1967 October 27 reformation parley news Five Wheaton professors attend reformation parley 
1967 October 27 journalism news Panel probes challenge of journalism 
1967 October 27 philosophy concert news Spectators puzzled by Ricoeur's phenomenology 
1967 October 27 track sports Harriers win one to split dual meet 
1967 October 27 class competitions sports Pre-dawn campus line-up initiates first '100 runs' 
1967 October 27 football sports Crusaders score 47 against Millikin in season's fifth victory, fourth shutout 
1967 October 27 football sports Wheaton gridmen meet Georgetown in seventh contest 
1967 October 27 football The locker room Crusaders excel 
1967 October 27 soccer sports Booters defeat Chicago, face Calvin 
1967 October 27 intramural sports Contenders for intramural football title approach last week of stiff competition 
1967 October 27 parent's weekend news Violinist Buswell IV plans Parent's weekend concert 
1967 October 27 College Union news College Union sponsors coffee house 
1967 October 27 physics news Physics conclave invites Kraakevik for 2-week study 
1967 October 27 library news Library provides 11 college papers, 'browsing' stacks 
1967 October 27 Canadian film news Audubon film gives wilderness travels in British Columbia 
1967 November 3 Artist Series front page Harvard violinist performs tonight 
1967 November 3 Parents' day front page Parents enjoy full weekend of chapel, concerts, games 
1967 November 3 ARGUS front page ARGUS publishes delayed first issue with Kodon funds 
1967 November 3 Student Government front page Students go to polls today 
1967 November 3 grad school theology club front page Noted rabbi, folk singers from Israel to depict Jewish state, culture, religion 
1967 November 3 Kiosk lecture front page Kiosk hosts explorer Lowell Thomas for South Pacific presentation, movie 
1967 November 3 integration editorial Integrationists must rethink rationale 
1967 November 3 chapel letters tot he editor Chapel requires honest listening 
1967 November 3 Three D's concert editorial Informal concert illustrates campus need 
1967 November 3 Protestant doctrine letters to the editor Luther based search on objective doctrine 
1967 November 3 protesting letters to the editor Informed students don't always protest 
1967 November 3 education Op-Ed Students can't integrate learning, living by 'doing their own thing' 
1967 November 3 Vietnam letters to the editor Petitioners ignore results of bombing end 
1967 November 3 Kiosk review Kiosk presents creative entertainment in triplicate 
1967 November 3 chapel mocking letters to the editor Mocking is not without a "purpose" 
1967 November 3 Student Government Government Speaks  
1967 November 3 Writers' conference feature Writers urge more Christian involvement 
1967 November 3 Forrestville news Forrestville teens join in college life; study, talk, relax with Wheaton hosts 
1967 November 3 honors program news Honors program seeks transition between college and graduate school 
1967 November 3 CSC feature Summer project presents students with inner-city life 
1967 November 3 soccer sports Soccer contest determines positions in MII conference 
1967 November 3 class race sports Seniors seize surprise win in 100 Run's 
1967 November 3 track sports Wheaton hosts tenth straight NCAA cross-country championship 
1967 November 3 football sports Gridders battle Cardinals for coveted bell 
1967 November 3 track sports Crusaders await first CCIW meet harrier challenge 
1967 November 3 debate tournament news Debaters take third place in Manchester tournament 
1967 November 3 power failure news Rains delay effort to restore power to school grounds 
1967 November 3 Buswell news Magazine commends Buswell's 'cool' sustained during competition pressure 
1967 November 3 Student Educatio Association news SEA convention marks 20th year 
1967 November 3 psychology lecture news Michigan psychology chairman addresses initial meeting of profs from area schools 
1967 November 10 cross-country tournament front page Wheaton officiates tenth NCAA cross-country tourney 
1967 November 10 Biblical study program front page Summer institute initiates grad Bible study program 
1967 November 10 Artist Series front page Artist Series hosts Goldovsky's 'Barber' 
1967 November 10 Weston committee front page Armerding chairs Weston committee 
1967 November 10 Veterans' day front page Response to veterans' service varies from petition to protest demonstration 
1967 November 10 self-examination editorial Introspection may prevent meaningful action 
1967 November 10 Veterans' day letters to the editor Veterans' day war protest 
1967 November 10 doctrine letters to the editor Doctrine gives form to content of experience 
1967 November 10 war editorial Ambiguities of war demand personal humility 
1967 November 10 Artist Series news 'Jamie' offers beauty, consistency in second Artist series showing 
1967 November 10 doctrine letters to the editor Doctrine isn't authoritative 
1967 November 10 tuition grants Op-Ed Beloit head says: student financing by public subsidy 
1967 November 10 Vietnam letters to the editor Vietnam requires sense of urgency, concern 
1967 November 10 achievement letters to the editor 'Christian' achievement? 
1967 November 10 integration letters to the editor Integration means social, not biological unity 
1967 November 10 intellectuals letters to the editor God uses non-intellectuals 
1967 November 10 reform news Lindenwood host to student leaders for reform debate 
1967 November 10 YR poll news Poll shows Nixon as campus choice; students split on race issue, Vietnam 
1967 November 10 Archives news Archives preserves collection of Wheaton's history 
1967 November 10 orchestra night news Conserv cancels orchestra night; tune tangle is off 
1967 November 10 Magazine writes about Wheaton  news Expanded college profile eyes faculty achievments 
1967 November 10 Rabbit in CPO package Features Unique CPO box amazes Hollberg with hopping hare 
1967 November 10 Rabbi visits campus features Rabbi views Israeli beliefs 
1967 November 10 Veterans convocation news Harrison leads veterans' convocation 
1967 November 10 Sophomore Thanksgiving retreat news Kessler to speak at holiday retreat 
1967 November 10 New proposals for off-campus study news Report offers three recommendations to expand off-campus study experience 
1967 November 10 Cross country sports Wheaton expects harriers' efforts to break records 
1967 November 10 Soccer sports Booters bash Scots, 2-0 sin right to sponsor meet 
1967 November 10 Wheaton pro baseball player comes to campus sports Northrup to root for Wheaton in grid clash 
1967 November 10 Soccer sports Baptista witnesses 100th soccer victory 
1967 November 10 Football sports Gridders grab bell in 15-14 win over NC 
1967 November 10 Football sports Crusaders seek 8th win in final contest with Valpo 
1967 November 10 Women's Recreational Association sports WRA chariman, adviser join committee 
1967 November 10 Cross country sports CC team places 4th in CCIW meet as Patton reviews a 'rebuilding year' 
1967 November 10 Student government voting news Low vote turnout influences ballots with new system 
1967 November 10 Theater production (Antigone) news Anouilh work dramatizes modernized Greek theme 
1967 November 10 Archeology in the Judean wilderness news Bedouins lease Tekoa mound to archeology department 
1967 November 10 Annual American Historical Association news Cairns to moderate conference panel 
1967 November 10 Inter-collegiate Coordinating Council news Wheaton hosts suburban schools 
1967 November 10 American Association of Evangelical Students news AAES conference probes student life 
1967 November 17 American Association of Evangelical Students front page Midwest AAES conference meets today to study mutual problems 
1967 November 17 KODON  front page KODON scores top All-American magazine rating 
1967 November 10 Theater production  front page Cast readies performance of Anouilh's Antigone 
1967 November 17 Professor named president of Haigazian college front page Bilezikian appointed to lead Beirut college 
1967 November 17 USSR USA relations editorial Sensitive spirit may unit Russia with the West 
1967 November 17 Praise for Vietnam demonstration on campus editorial Vietnam demonstration: a step toward dialogue 
1967 November 17 Kennedy's lasting presence editorial John F. Kennedy- a charismatic symbol 
1967 November 17 Complaint about chapel speaker editorial Dolphin employs illegitimate persuasive techniques 
1967 November 17 Artist series review Goldovsky opera: 'A trifle too enjoyable' 
1967 November 17 Veterans' day demonstration letters to the editor Concern justifies peaceful demonstration 
1967 November 17 Christ's lordship letters to the editor Christians must regain understanding of 'Lord' 
1967 November 17 Student government Government speaks  
1967 November 17 Veterans' day letters to the editor Cadets, demonstrators portray American ideal 
1967 November 17 world needs letters to the editor International interest must include missions 
1967 November 17 debate news Debate team captures trophy at Elmhurst Valpo dumps Crusaders 21-7 in last battle 
1967 November 17 Sears Roebuck foundation news Foundation grants Wheaton $1600 without restrictions 
1967 November 17 art news Art department offers metal sculpture to encourage new student expression 
1967 November 17 Semester in Washington news None to attend Washington semester 
1967 November 17 Study abroad news Students abroad find European academic unstructured, an aid to individual study 
1967 November 17 war protest news Students demonstrate to protest war, stimulate greater campus discussion 
1967 November 17 ROTC news Cadet McNiel to command college ROTC detachment 
1967 November 17 NSA news Hollberg, Nickel resign from posts in regional NSA 
1967 November 17 war petition news 330 students sign petition supporting US war effort 
1967 November 17 chorus news Chorus performs Handel's oratorio 
1967 November 17 protesters, draft news Violent protestors may be drafted first 
1967 November 17 sophomore retreat news Sophomores plan weekend retreat 
1967 November 17 photo collage sports It was a winning season! 
1967 November 17 cross-country sports San Diego State college wins NCAA championship 
1967 November 17 intramural sports Tiffany captures intramural crown in league play off 
1967 November 17 football sports Closing statistics tell winning story of gridiron effort 
1967 November 17 football sports Valpo dumps Crusaders 21-7 in last battle 
1967 November 17 soccer sports Soccermen host tourney, eye third regional crown 
1967 November 17 football sports Gridders wind-up season with banquet 
1967 November 17 hockey sports Hockey team opens season with match against Williams 
1967 November 17 soccer sports Soccer team ends successful season with strong win over George Williams 
1967 November 17 contemporary theologians news Casserly analyzes Teilhard at Trinity 
1967 November 17 Women's Glee CLub banquet news Christmas imagery dominates banquet 
1967 November 17 Chistians and politics news Minister presents address on 'The Christian in Politics' 
1967 November 17 artist series news Board rejects semi-classical artist series 
1967 November 17 Armenian school news Armenian school to enlarge facilities 
1967 November 17 Student Publications Board news Publications board to fill five key posts 
1967 November 17 Evangelical Press in Colleges news EPIC enlists youth for the Christian press 
1967 November 17 WRA news WRA organizes ping-pong tourney 
1967 November 17 Christmas party news Fischer board plans Christmas party; Hess encourages men to bring dates 
1967 November 17 Student Union party news Union schedules pizza party, Chicago concerts 
1967 November 17 Union Travel news Union co-sponsors holiday for students in Swiss Alps 
1967 November 17 honors convocation news Honors convocation names students to honor society, praises junior class 
1967 December 1 Chorus front page Chorus presents Baroque, modern works 
1967 December 1 pass-fail system front page Juniors, seniors to be eligible in fall; action follows student study, report 
1967 December 1 Publication board front page Pub board picks WETN, Rrecord heads 
1967 December 1 president nomination petition front page Dan Reigle initials McCarthy petition 
1967 December 1 Associated Student Government front page Reigle recommends 'wait-and-see' after San Francisco ASG conference 
1967 December 1 Urbana editorial Urbana - a cosmopolitan Christmas 
1967 December 1 art sculpture letters to the editor Nude fountain attracts comment 
1967 December 1 Artist series letters to the editor Traditional Artist series stunts liberal approach 
1967 December 1 winter editorial Student spontaneity snowballs 
1967 December 1 chapel letters to the editor Professor proclaims trauma of chapel address 
1967 December 1 introspection letters to the editor Everyone isn't ready for action 
1967 December 1 Up the Down Staircase book review Author views urban schools 
1967 December 1 NSA letters to the editor NSA withdrawal, limited war protest encourage GI 
1967 December 1 Veterans' day Vietnam protest letters to the editor Flippant mood of protest rates critical evaluation 
1967 December 1 war letters to the editor 'United front' concept implies despotic attitude 
1967 December 1 speech presentations news Speech students recite selections 
1967 December 1 speech contest news Craig wins speech contest 
1967 December 1 Student Union party news Union members get 'just desserts' 
1967 December 1 Campus American for Democratic Action news Students to hear McCarthy speak 
1967 December 1 Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship news Inter-varsity missionary convention to present balanced student challenge 
1967 December 1 x-ray news Students to have x-ray 
1967 December 1 NAE news NAE sponsors Washington seminar 
1967 December 1 new grade system news Reigle hails action on recommending new grade system 
1967 December 1 Service Department news Service personnel ponders pigeon problem 
1967 December 1 ASG news Reigle describes trend in ASG expansion 
1967 December 1 new morality news Hook critiques new morality concepts 
1967 December 1 wrestling sports Wrestlers open season in quad meet 
1967 December 1 hockey sports Extramural hockey team ends season with 3-2 record after Williams defeat 
1967 December 1 Men's basketball sports Courtment open season with CCI dual 
1967 December 1 Men's Glee Club news Men's glee slaves for European trip 
1967 December 1 Men's soccer sports Soccermen take NCAA championship; shut-out victories prove team's worth 
1967 December 1 Team spirit sports Wheaton fans are the greatest  
1967 December 1 Artist Arthur Rissman display news 'Happening' hosts noted artist 
1967 December 1 Deferment news Deferment ends this spring for grads 
1967 December 1 Negotiation Now Petition news Congressman answers petition 
1967 December 1 Theology club speaker news Pannell asks less words, more action for inner city 
1967 December 1 Model UN news Delegates sought from Wheaton for model UN 
1967 December 8 Christian history debate front page Schaeffer, Bishop Pike to debate relevance of historic Christianity 
1967 December 8 Christmas festival front page Conserv, speech students present Christmas festival 
1967 December 8 Freedom of campus press front page SG upholds Alabama editor in court action 
1967 December 8 New SG positions front page SG upholds Alabama editor in court action 
1967 December 8 School year front page Next school year starts, concludes one week earlier 
1967 December 8 Evangelical problems editorials Evangelicals ignore historic perspective 
1967 December 8 The Holy Spirit editorials The Holy Spirit- person, re-creator, gift 
1967 December 8 Evangelism letter to editor Christians must attempt influence of other views 
1967 December 8 Christian life letter to editor United front opinions- don't join the herd 
1967 December 8 Government news government speaks General Hershey and Senator McCarthy- two answers to the dissent 
1967 December 8 Book review (Christ the Tiger) review The tiger will not be tamed 
1967 December 8 Christian life on campus letter to editor Why keep motto we seldom follow? 
1967 December 8 Debate tournament features Two debaters rate excellent in tourney 
1967 December 8 Student publication features Evans publishes in honor journal 
1967 December 8 Kilby edits CS Lewis letters features Publisher lauds Kilby edition of 'Letters' 
1967 December 8 Art  features Art class offers instruction in illustrating children's lit 
1967 December 8 Baroness Maria Von Trapp news Baroness moves Kiosk series date from Dec. to Feb. 
1967 December 8 LADO and Chicago police force feature on social activists Radical social activists blame Chicago machine: Justice, democracy- meaningless terms? 
1967 December 8 Men's basketball sports WC dumps Carroll 90-70 as Jaunchen leads scoring 
1967 December 8 Men's basketball sports Courtmen take on DePauw Tigers in first home play 
1967 December 8 Swimming sports Tankmen defeat DuPage in opening meet 
1967 December 8 Wrestling sports Grapplers capture opener 
1967 December 8 Basketball broadcast sports Phone to relay Tufts game 
1967 December 8 Hockey sports Crusaders hockey team opens with tie against Lewis in non-conference game 
1967 December 8 New Tower editor news Publications board names Sue Graim to edit TOWER 
1967 December 8 CSC news Board members appoint Ian Kerr CSC president 
1967 December 9 Annual Christmas speech recital news Students present Christmas works at speech recital 
1967 December 8 Distinguished Military Students news Colonel announces recipients of DMS 
1967 December 8 New SG committes continuation McGhee, Carlson direct new committees 
1967 December 8 Campus survey news Survey examines Wheaton values 
1967 December 8 New Argust editor news Pub board picks junior Steve Aulie ARGUS editor 
1967 December 14 Creative Arts festival front page Annual spring arts festival to express current culture 
1967 December 14 Adams part Christmas display front page Students construct Christmas display for downtown park 
1967 December 14 31st annual Land of Lincoln Debate tournament front page Freshman team scores first place in regional debate 
1967 December 14 Dr. Holmes front page Philosophy prof to prepare paper for ETS meeting 
1967 December 14 Texaco grant front page Texaco announces unrestricted grant 
1967 December 14 Inter-Varsity front page IVCF, Cruade plan conferences 
1967 December 14 Freedom of expression editorial Academic freedom- confidence or control? 
1967 December 14 True meaning of christmas editorial Christmas Light- penetrating the paradox 
1967 December 14 Mistake in previous article letter to editor Seminary student claims IV-D status still applies 
1967 December 14 Orchestra praise letter to editor Orchestra deserves much greater response 
1967 December 14 Music letter to editor Pop concert belong outside Artist series 
1967 December 14 Wheaton motto letter to editor New motto needed to better express 'truth' 
1967 December 14 Vietnam letter to editor "War is ugly- but not the ugliest" 
1967 December 14 Clothes donations news Students give used clothes to help Appalachian needy 
1967 December 14 Military selection news Meadows selects second semester military command 
1967 December 14 Pippert news Wheaton grad joins Percy staff as aide 
1967 December 14 Travel Bureau news Travel bureau faces busy Christmas week 
1967 December 14 Jesus movie news Union movie illustrates life of Christ 
1967 December 14 Men's basketball sports Basketball squad prepares for tour against 4 schools 
1967 December 14 Men's basketball sports Cagers drop DePauw, beat Elmhurst 
1967 December 14 Swimming sports Swimmers set five records, take IIT, Milwaukee meets 
1967 December 14 Wrestling sports Wheaton matmen defeat Elmhurst, face triple threat 
1968 March 22 Self imposed tax  front page SG splits self-assessment referendum into two separate proposals 
1968 March 22 Creative Arts Festival front page Comedy, cantatas highlight Arts weekend 
1968 March 22 Theater production front page Festival presents 'Tartuffe,' Wheaton's first non-tragedy 
1968 March 22 Viewing art front page Kilby discusses proper attitude about modern art 
1968 March 22 The christian in art editorials 'Tartuffe' affirms human situation; provides artistic contrast 
1968 March 22 Spring time is here editorials Spring- the week for 
1968 March 22 Vietnam war letter to editor 'Other war' doomed without military victory 
1968 March 22 Wheaton and Art perspectus Wheaton limits exposure to reality: Does Wheaton confront real issues in art? 
1968 March 22 Student participation in education "classroom power' Classroom power: a classroom study 
1968 March 22 Artist series music review Hines, Alexay treat audience to variety, beauty 
1968 March 22 Christianity and the arts letters to editor Religious concerns over-dominate festival 
1968 March 22 Vietnam war letters to editor America- not the world's savior 
1968 March 22 Praise for former book review letters to editor Current economics confirm Nordby report 
1968 March 22 Vietnam war riots news Worse riots this summer, civil rights leader predicts 
1968 March 22 ROTC presents on draft news Col. Seigle speaks to draft problem 
1968 March 22 New Kodon booklet news Kodon puts festival winners in 'spring-oriented' issue 
1968 March 22 Students Concerned About Vietnam news Doves back peace vote in Choice '68 
1968 March 22 Author presents on book news Howard discusses 'Christ the Tiger' 
1968 March 22 New Student Publications Board members news Pub board gains members: Bard, Miss Remington 
1968 March 22 SG elections news Election petitions 
1968 March 22 Manuscript discovered in attic news Grad discovers hidden Sydney essay 
1968 March 22 Annual history lecture news History professor speaks on Puritans 
1968 March 22 Teacher training program news NCATE team reviews teacher education 
1968 March 22 Spring photos photo feature Spring is... 
1968 March 22 Bob Ralston visits news Cop stops night visitor- a famous alum 
1968 March 22 Debate tournament news College debaters win second place in Michigan match 
1968 March 22 Track, tennis, and golf teams  sports Wheaton athletes await spring activity 
1968 March 22 Intramural basketball sports Last Page captures intramural crown by beating B-B's 
1968 March 22 Hockey sports Icemen win two, earn fourth in conference 
1968 March 22 Donkey basketball sports Men mount steeds Thursday to play 'donkey basketball' 
1968 March 22 Artist Gerald Hardy news Chicago artist presents film demonstration, talk 
1968 March 22 City of Wheaton wins title news Wheaton named All-American city by Look 
1968 March 22 Dorm power loss news Failure of cable causes Smith, Fischer power loss 
1968 March 22 AWS president elected news Marguerite Ender elected AWS head in Wednesday vote 
1968 March 22 Cast for school musical news Director names cast, chorus for 'Brigadoon' 
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