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DateSubject (Personal Name or Topic)Column or SectionTopic or Title
1967 January 6 Founders Day celebration front page Bible department chairman moderates situational ethics seminar during Founders Day celebration 
1967 January 6 NSA front page Student referendum to examine NSA resolution 
1967 January 6 organ recital front page Noted Hollins prof presents organ recital 
1967 January 6 ski club front page Ski club plans Alpine Valley excursion 
1967 January 6 art collection front page Union begins permanent art collection 
1967 January 6 Festival chorus front page Festival chorus to rehearse Stravinsky 
1967 January 6 chapel editorial Unvarying chapels: cause of spiritual indifference 
1967 January 6 ecumenical services editorial 1966 - Ecumenical advances minus evangelicals 
1967 January 6 World Missions Congress News Missions congress examines programs 
1967 January 6 "the books Lincoln read" News Faculty, trustees attend dinner talk by Lincoln expert 
1967 January 6 Festival chorus Continuation Organist performs modern selections 
1967 January 6 Piano recital News Senior to give piano recital 
1967 January 6 Audubon wildlife film News Audubon film stars California wildlife 
1967 January 6 Basketball Sports Wheaton cagers defeat Wabash, Hope 
1967 January 6 NSA continuation Student petition demands poll on controversial NSA issue 
1967 January 6 Intramural basketball Sports Leagues compete in basketball race for intramural title 
1967 January 12 Artist series Front Page Hungarian exiles play Haydn, Lizst in series concert 
1967 January 12 Student council Front Page Council approves restructuring plans; students to choose at-large dorm reps 
1967 January 12 NSA Front Page Council convocation to air NSA decision; Puckett submits petition Tuesday night 
1967 January 12 Smith dorm banquet Front Page Addison country club hosts Smith dorm banquet couples 
1967 January 12 Vietnam policy Front Page Student body president Ric Craig signs nationally publicized letter on Vietnam 
1967 January 12 Ecumenism Letters to the Editor Church unity requires doctrinal agreement 
1967 January 12 NSA referendum Editorials NSA referendum- support council's stand 
1967 January 12 Vietnam War Editorials Student leaders responsibly question American goals in Vietnam 
1967 January 12 "Living with Sex" Book review For sex problems: a better answer than the cold shower 
1967 January 12 Policy-making News Educators call for student role in college policy-making 
1967 January 12 NSA controversy Letters to the Editor NSA referendum story: reporting with a bias 
1967 January 12 Wheaton counseling service Letters to the Editor Post-college cases show need for clinic 
1967 January 12 Engagement rings News Post-Christmas syndrome plagues campus 
1967 January 12 Council vote on NSA News Convocation to inform student voters 
1967 January 12 Drew University semester News Three juniors select Drew semester 
1967 January 12 Washington semester News Junior coed plans Washington semester 
1967 January 12 Chapel pranks News Creative pranks enliven chapel routine as students steal hymnals, display bench 
1967 January 12 Liszt Concerto News Liszt concerto No. 1 to highlight series Hungarica concert 
1967 January 12 Miss Turek merit award News Miss Turek, Staff Personnel Director, receives merit award at annual dinner 
1967 January 12 Kodon News Second KODON to include student plays, poems, essays 
1967 January 12 ROTC drills News ROTC squads to hold drill competition 
1967 January 12 Swim team Sports Swim team chalks up third victory over Wilson 
1967 January 12 Women's basketball Sports Female cagers win extramural contests against NIU squad 
1967 January 12 Banquet Continuation Banquet ends early for informal activity 
1967 January 12 Summer school News Summer school lowers hourly tuition 
1967 January 12 Ministerial institute News Ministerial institute to view current theological questions 
1967 January 12 Vietnam panelist News Kamm to talk on TV as Vietnam panelist 
1967 January 12 Washington banquet News McGrath to emcee Washington banquet 
1967 January 12 gymnastics sports Gymnastics team takes third place in season opener 
1967 January 12 wrestling sports Matmen sweep tournament 
1967 January 12 hockey sports Icemen score first win against Lewis 
1967 January 12 basketball sports Westergren tops scoring as cagers defeat Doane 
1967 January 12 women's basketball sports Miss Moncier nets high total against NIU 
1967 January 12 NSA study news Armerding declines role in student stress study 
1967 January 12 Chicago Symphony orchestra news Chicago symphony to play Edman orchestra concerts 
1967 January 12 recital news Organ, violin, piano, french horn fill week's conservatory recital schedule 
1967 January 12 RECORD survey news Survey compares RECORD staff, students 
1967 January 19 WETN front page DJ Higginbotham reels as new station manager sets WETN-FM rocking 
1967 January 19 conservatory front page Conservatory secedes from college! 
1967 January 19 wildlife film front page Spectacular Audubon fowl film reveals the wild life on front campus preserve 
1967 January 19 AUSA front page Reporter exposes AUSA subversion 
1967 January 19 Dr. Armerding front page Naval reserves recall Dr. Armerding to fill strategic VIetnam command post 
1967 January 19 mailman letters to the editor Mailman stamps out students 
1967 January 19 grass letters to the editor Grasstex: to save your sole 
1967 January 19 editor critique letters to the editor Olson questions editor's parental upbringing 
1967 January 19 banquet news Sumptuous repast greets banqueting couples at plush country club 
1967 January 19 headines news Censored headlines at last see the light: Creativity runs rampant 
1967 January 19 publications advisor news The truth must be heard: Publication aide thinks red 
1967 January 19 athlete of the year news Erlandson named athlete-of-year 
1967 January 19 Gold Star concert news Gold Star sunrise concert spotlights kazooist Turpin 
1967 January 19 NSA news Gross NSA accident befalls free-wheeling dean 
1967 January 19 NCAA news NCAA looks into wrestling squad payola racquette 
1967 February 2 special services front page Dr. Vernon Grounds to lead mid-winter special services 
1967 February 2 Arts festival front page Arts festival searches out unsung student creativity 
1967 February 2 Dr. Fred B. Gerstung front page German prof has fatal heart attack following snowfall 
1967 February 2 Lyceum series performance front page Kaleidoscope players give Benet epic 
1967 February 2 Christians and society editorial Christians must resolve conflict between sacred and secular although ambiguity 
1967 February 2 having fun editorial Fast relief from headache, stress 
1967 February 2 NSA editorial Student links moral issues regarding NSA affiliation, counseling center 
1967 February 2 The Burning Glass book review Miller develops awareness motif via fatalistic self-determination 
1967 February 2 chapel letters to the editor Chapel noise: expression of protest 
1967 February 2 Christian unity letters to the editor Living orthodoxy cannot reject divine ideal of Christian unity 
1967 February 2 chapel letters to the editor Welsh accents priorities in student chapel 
1967 February 2 student missionary project news financial squeeze forces new approach to support student missionary project 
1967 February 2 AWS news AWS get late pers for Jr., Sr. women 
1967 February 2 education news Teacher explains Montessori trend 
1967 February 2 NSA news NSA study group to conclude look at organizational ties 
1967 February 2 financial aid news College to match government aid grant for additional support of needy students 
1967 February 2 League for Spiritual Discovery news Roosevelt U. debates recognition of student LSD group 
1967 February 2 education news '52 grad studies speaking patterns through US grant 
1967 February 2 swim team sports Swim team wins 6 straight in surprise first year effort 
1967 February 2 blizzard, sports news Blizzard shackles Crusader action 
1967 February 2 hockey sports Hockey hopes travel with team to Joliet as Crusaders strive for second victory 
1967 February 2 drama news Benet's epic depicts sorrowful interlude 
1967 February 2 basketball sports Wheaton hoopsters prepare for battle with top-notch Wesleyans on Saturday 
1967 February 2 basketball sports 91 points-per-game scoring record puts Wheaton cagers with top 30 colleges 
1967 February 2 Wheaton graduate school annual lectureship news Dr. Reid to lecture at grad conference 
1967 February 2 Language arts conference news Weekend assembly explores linguistics 
1967 February 2 CSC news Council considers vote modifications 
1967 February 2 snow photo feature SNOW! 
1967 February 9 special services front page Grounds reflects on young rebellious generation 
1967 February 9 Student Council front page Council includes jazz, stress study in semester plans 
1967 February 9 spring festival front page Spring festival turns gym into 'A gallery of motion' 
1967 February 9 Washington Banquet front page 'Peanuts' to be starred in color slides at WB lecture 
1967 February 9 civil rights movement editorial After the riots - Negroes seek authenticity within an alien society 
1967 February 9 special services editorial Special services provide relaxation, spiritual services provide relaxation, spiritual insight and view of a man 
1967 February 9 I Knew Dietrich Bonhoeffer book review Personal episodes are key to understanding Bohnoeffer's theology 
1967 February 9 chapel worship letters to the editor Confusion hinders chapel worship 
1967 February 9 drama review Kaleidoscope reading encourages Wheaton's neglected dramatic art 
1967 February 9 Vietnam news Wheaton grads join clerics questioning Vietnam acts 
1967 February 9 Canterbury club news Dolby examines problems in knowing the will of God 
1967 February 9 Student Publication Board news Class cabinet appoints Cathy Pierson frosh delegate to Student Pub Board 
1967 February 9 art festival news March show to interpret art by motion 
1967 February 9 summer flight to Europe news Student offers low-rate European flight 
1967 February 9 Christian role in government News Study role of Christian in government 
1967 February 9 Drew semester News UN deputy introduces Drew semester with discussion of changes in UN roles 
1967 February 9 student council News Sophomore representative Heslinga resigns council post; Class election will select new representative to fill vacancy 
1967 February 9 Basketball Sports Panthers rout Crusaders in pressured court contest 
1967 February 9 Basketball Sports WRA team wipes Beloit in Saturday basketball contest 
1967 February 9 Gymnastics Sports Gymnasts succumb in two Normal defeats 
1967 February 9 Wrestling News Matmen maul Central Michigan 26-2 
1967 February 9 Hockey Sports Hockey team gains second Lewis win with strong offense 
1967 February 9 Small college champions Pressbox After Wesleyan-challenge to stability 
1967 February 9 Student evaluations continuation Craig seeks to print student evaluation of faculty to aid in registration choices 
1967 February 9 Dr. Vernon Grounds continuation Grounds suggests reasons for fewer Christian workers 
1967 February 9 Valentines Day News Valentines range from sonnets to 'him' 
1967 February 9 Student Union building News Student Council, Union seek approval of new or larger Student Union building 
1967 February 9 Student housing News Housing evaluation analyzes problems of mixed class dormitories, transfers 
1967 February 9 Chicago Orchestra News Chicago Orchestra initiates new series 
1967 February 9 Wycliffe programs News Wycliffe programs to instruct students in linguistic skills 
1967 February 16 Artist series front page Metrapolitan star programs art songs for Edman concert 
1967 February 16 room board cost front page Trustees approve room, board increases 
1967 February 16 Student council front page Jamison to reveal jazz study report at council meeting 
1967 February 16 telephones front page Centrex installation gives college direct dorm dialing 
1967 February 16 those who reject faith editorial Necessary human risk pervades all human endeavors, essential to christian college 
1967 February 16 Vernon Grounds editorial The psychology of man, Christian therapy and Vernon Grounds 
1967 February 16 Responsibility and Response book review Multipolar balance requires creative US foreign policy 
1967 February 16 KODON, ARGUS news Kodon, Argus contents vary, yet reflect same christian ideals 
1967 February 16 maturity letters to the editor Grow up, Wheaton - your immaturity is showing 
1967 February 16 critics letters to the editor Kaleidoscope critic misjudges players 
1967 February 16 telephone news Phone operators give tips on use of Centrex system 
1967 February 16 debate news Wheaton debaters capture first place in Midwest tourney 
1967 February 16 Artist series news Bumbry to portray Carmen at '67 met 
1967 February 16 Union club news Union social planned after Artist Series 
1967 February 16 Bill Dawson news Student balances liberal arts education with world-wide concert performances 
1967 February 16 the Senate news Senate mulls over Ribicoff legislation granting income tax credit to collegians 
1967 February 16 anxiety news Student anxiety manifests itself in campus mores 
1967 February 16 Student Missions Forum news Minnesota anthropologist investigates Pakistan, Buddhism in campus lecture 
1967 February 16 model UN news Students represent Japan at model UN 
1967 February 16 TOWER news  '68 Tower plans magazine format 
1967 February 16 Grad Theology Club news Trinity church history prof discusses future impact of God is dead movement 
1967 February 16 basketball sports Courtmen defeat Wabash, fall to Valpo 
1967 February 16 wrestling sports Wrestlers compete in Wheaton tourney 
1967 February 16 women's basketball sports Women cagers win 7th straight victory in Williams contest 
1967 February 16 gymnastics sports Gymnasts exhibit sparkle in Central Michigan meet 
1967 February 16 cross country sports Trackmen shine at Chicago in annual early season meet 
1967 February 16 roller skating news College sponsors Glen Ellyn skating 
1967 February 16 wrestling sports Matmen win double match in Wisconsin 
1967 February 16 swim team sports Swim team loses to North central in tough dual meet 
1967 February 16 NSA front page Faculty senate extend NSA affiliation, suggest interim changes 
1967 February 16 student missionaries front page Summer missionaries plan world-wide ministry 
1967 February 16 Tower front page Associated Collegiate Press criticizes '66 Tower for captionless pictures 
1967 February 16 jazz front page Vote on Jamison report endorses jazz performance 
1967 February 16 exercise editorial Students need to shed dignity along with extra weight 
1967 February 16 article critique letters to the editor Anxiety article lacks documentation, logic 
1967 February 16 Honors convocation letters to the editor Honor convocation disappoints seniors 
1967 February 16 modern man Turn of the Worm  
1967 February 16 Christian graduate training Op-Ed Evangelical editor reaffirms necessity of Christian grad training 
1967 February 16 To Make a Difference book review Student discontent reflects quest for life meaning 
1967 February 16 Artist Series Artist series review Mezzo-soprano displays fine style, perception in art-song performance 
1967 February 16 Tower news '66 Tower finds captions unnecessary 
1967 February 16 Graduate Lecture series news Grad lecture series notes Reformation anniversary 
1967 February 16 Student Council news Sophomores elect Blucher to council 
1967 February 16 Book of the Semester news Committee plans appraisal of semester book program 
1967 February 16 NSA news NSA subcommittee favors trial period 
1967 February 23 Alice Naumoff feature Ex-Russian instructor still challenges Wheaton 
1967 February 23 Reaching the Secular College world for Christ news Inter-varsity to discuss tensions in shift from Chrstian to secular school 
1967 February 23 wrestling sports Grapplers wrestle to second place in rugged invitational tournament 
1967 February 23 basketball sports Crusaders win two on road, fall victim to Hope's revenge 
1967 February 23 swimmers sports Swimmers sweep Illinois Tech meet, yield in invitational 
1967 February 23 gymnastics sports Gymnasts rally in contest to gain 'best ever' victory 
1967 February 23 hockey sports Crusaders rout Elmhurst; avenge 2 hockey defeats 
1967 February 23 swim coach Pressbox Ambitious coach aids new swim team 
1967 February 23 SMP news SMPers anticipate summer in foreign, US missions fields 
1967 February 23 jazz continuation Resolution calls jazz meaning 'amoral' 
1967 February 23 newly-issued book news Jaeck autographs newly-issued book 
1967 February 23 theologians news Dr. Montgomery analyzes 'God is Dead' theologians 
1967 March 2 NSA front page NSA dissolves CIA links, ends financial dependence 
1967 March 2 Missions Week front page CMA adviser on Vietnam to keynote Missions Week 
1967 March 2 AWS front page AWS chapel presents election candidates 
1967 March 2 theology front page Altizer-Montgomery encounter raises question of personal belief, authority 
1967 March 2 jazz resolution editorial Council jazz resolution fails to deal with real issues confronting the college 
1967 March 2 theology debate editorial Altizer, Montgomery provide dialog between relevance and documetation without locking horns 
1967 March 2 college campuses off-campus column Wheaton problems find expression on diverse college campuses 
1967 March 2 physical exercise letters to the editor Physical fitness answer: co-ed exercise to music 
1967 March 2 jazz policy letters to the editor music ban seems trivial without ethical rationale 
1967 March 2 WETN letters to the editor WETN chapel milestone dramatizes sick church 
1967 March 2 recital review Higgie trills audience in abortive recital attempt 
1967 March 2 off campus news Benefits of junior year off-campus include broadened perspectives 
1967 March 2 missionary kids feature Special breed or regular kids? Mk's speak out 
1967 March 2 theology debate continuation Montgomery debate prompts comments 
1967 March 2 AWS continuation AWS candidates discuss program 
1967 March 2 turtle contest news Brook puts promising pet in international contest 
1967 March 2 NSA continuation Moffett evaluates NSA-CIA connection as harmful to overseas projects, image 
1967 March 2 Seminary grant News Rockefeller grant ricipient considers Harvard or Yale for seminary studies 
1967 March 2 Blood drive News Health Center drive to refill depleted college blood bank 
1967 March 2 Literature reading news Speech students present reading hour 
1967 March 2 Banquet survey news Survey indicates men like banquets 
1967 March 2 Biology lecture news Biologist discusses alpine, arctic trees 
1967 March 2 Swim team sports Great Lakes team swamps Wheaton to close 7-3 year 
1967 March 2 Gymnastics sports George Williams takes triple dual meet against Wheaton, Wisconsin gymasts 
1967 March 2 Hockey sports 'B' team Forester crush Crusaders in exhibition hockey squad competition 
1967 March 2 Men's basketball sports Cagers down St. Joe Pumas 90-76 
1967 March 2 Track sports Wheaton-NCC tie opens track season as final mile relay decides meet score 
1967 March 2 Women's extramural basketball sports WRA basketball team gains 8-1 record with end-of-season victory over Taylor 
1967 March 2 Biennial spring festival last page Spring festival 
1967 March 9 Spring festival front page Festival presents Gallery of Motion 
1967 March 9 Former dean moving to Gordon college Front page Dr. Richard Gross accepts Gordon College appointment 
1967 March 9 Student leadership prayer breakfast front page Students plan annual prayer breakfast 
1967 March 9 Creative Arts Festival front page Arts Festival to highlight music, drama in effort to encourage evaluation of the arts 
1967 March 9 Inner city missions panel front page Panel presents challenge of neglected city missions 
1967 March 9 Overseas missions editorial Meaning of missions requires that we overcome generation, language gaps and unite around Christ 
1967 March 9 Alitzer-Montgomery debate letter to editor Vicious personal attack cheapens debate victory 
1967 March 9 Military draft Editorials Draft criticism reveals questionable ideological assumptions 
1967 March 9 Book review ("I Take Thee" by Mr. and Mrs. Jaeck) book review Jaecks' treatment of marriage presents basic, workable principles 
1967 March 9 Relationship with professors letter to editor An open letter to profs: 'We need you' 
1967 March 9 Jazz editorial letter to editor RECORD jazz editorial seems late, inappropriate 
1967 March 9 Jazz editorial letter to editor Jazz editorial overlooks context of council action 
1967 March 9 MK editorial editorial MK'S, US students receive comparable education 
1967 March 9 The Record's cartoonist features Cartoonist Child seeks balance, humor 
1967 March 9 Singer speaks about art news Marian Anderson to present Lyceum analyzing artist's social responsibility 
1967 March 9 Campus forensic magazine features ARGUS editor-elect Beasley outlines plans to encourage student expression 
1967 March 9 Sophomore-sponsored coffeehouse news Guitarists perform at coffeehouse hour 
1967 March 9 Dr. Glenn Sadler news New literature professor exhibits diverse interests 
1967 March 9 art news Cartoonist Child seeks balance, humor 
1967 March 9 Lyceum news Marian Anderson to present Lyceum analyzing artist's social responsibility 
1967 March 9 coffeehouse news Guitarists perform at coffeehouse hour 
1967 March 9 ARGUS news ARGUS editor-elect Beasley outlines plans to encourage student expression 
1967 March 9 new professor news New literature professor exhibits diverse interests 
1967 March 9 inner city work news Panel accents need for inner city work 
1967 March 9 new confession news Presbyterians ratify new Confession 
1967 March 9 TV discussion news Kamm to appear in TV discussion 
1967 March 9 basketball sports Crusaders close 15-9 basketball season, anticipate the coming year 
1967 March 9 track sports Trackmen open season with promise, plan challenging schedule for vacation 
1967 March 9 ROTC band Pressbox ROTC band needs more pep; anyone play the trumpet? 
1967 March 9 basketball sports Wheaton hoopsters conquer Elmhurst, lose to Valparaiso 
1967 March 9 wrestling sports Wheaton matmen win final matches, close 8-3 season 
1967 March 9 hockey sports norther Illinois overturns Crusader ice hockey squad 
1967 March 9 gymnastics sports Gymnasts record 8-8 season with third place finish 
1967 March 9 swimmers sports Swimmers take 4th in Chicago tourney 
1967 March 9 Spring oratoria news Spring oratorio presents contemporary composers 
1967 March 9 Artist series news Artist series bil brings ticket rush 
1967 March 9 Spring Festival continuation Spring Festival includes 'live' painting 
1967 March 9 NSA news NSA schools view ecumenism in missions 
1967 March 9 prayer breakfast news Meeting establishes prayer breakfast and unites students in spiritual concern 
1967 March 16 drama front page Students direct, perform in Ibsen drama production 
1967 March 16 blood drive front page Blood drive to fill depleted reserve 
1967 March 16 public conversation front page Informal 'public conversations' to spark free interaction between students, profs 
1967 March 16 painting donation front page Non-objective expressionist gives painting to college 
1967 March 16 Century club men front page Century banquet hosts sportsmen 
1967 March 16 television reforms editorial New proposals hold promise for television reforms 
1967 March 16 character of God letters to the editor Stress on God's justice must not ignore his love 
1967 March 16 Creative arts festival editorial Evangelicals must search out a balance between cultural, redemptive mandates 
1967 March 16 Creative Arts Festival festival review 'Gallery of Motion' offers valuable avenues of students expression 
1967 March 16 draft proposal letters to the editor Draft proposal - equality of legal rights, not ability 
1967 March 16 the draft Turn of the Worm  
1967 March 16 historic Christ letters to the editor Montgomery: relevance of historical Christ 
1967 March 16 Spring Festival letters to the editor Spring Festival glorified God with body, mind, soul 
1967 March 16 Health Center news Health Center sustains active schedule 
1967 March 16 original compositions of organ teacher news Soloists present original compositions of conservatory organ teacher Goode 
1967 March 16 jazz resolution news Council report to Dr. Armerding adds explanation of jazz resolution rationale 
1967 March 16 ARGUS news Beasley's impress stamps ARGUS with unique flavor 
1967 March 16 student protest news Students 111-hour protest 'exposes' annex conditions 
1967 March 16 Saga news Saga pancake race buys one-way price 
1967 March 16 Lyceum Series news Marian Anderson judges artist's societal obligation 
1967 March 16 Creative Arts Festival news Oratorio chorus interprets music of the modern era 
1967 March 16 gymnastics sports Wheaton hosts regional fight for NCAA gymnastics titles 
1967 March 16 wrestlers sports Grapplers place in NCAA tournament 
1967 March 16 cross-country sports Trackmen take fifth place in NC relays 
1967 March 16 baseball sports Baseball team begins season in Dallas 
1967 March 16 NCAA Pressbox Wheaton is lucky to host regional NCAA tournament 
1967 March 16 hockey sports Hockey team ends 5-12 year effort with league upsets 
1967 March 16 tennis sports Crusaders to open new tennis season with balanced team 
1967 March 16 organ competition news Hollingsworth wins Organ Guild prize 
1967 March 16 AWS news President-elect Pam Price plans active AWS program 
1967 March 16 debate news Debaters place third in league tourney 
1967 March 16 CSC news Wilson foundation selects three for graduate grants 
1967 March 16 Campus Crusaders news Operation sunshine to reach collegians 
1967 March 16 blood bank news Bank needs blood to replace supply 
1967 March 16 Union film news Union film series offers 'Question 7', schedules two additional spring movies 
1967 April 7 Dr. Philip Hook front page Philip Hook accepts post as new dean 
1967 April 7 Concert band front page Concert band plays classics, pop music 
1967 April 7 Campus Crusade front page 'Operation Sunshine' invades Daytona 
1967 April 7 Tiffany Lectures front page Tiffany Lectures to focus on Latin American affairs 
1967 April 7 Alumni Association front page Alumni Association announces grants 
1967 April 7 breakdown of society editorial Breakdown of family and church indicates changed societal role, urgent need for innovations 
1967 April 7 Rissman gift letters to the editor Rissman story stresses bourgeois artistic values 
1967 April 7 open discussion letters to the editor Fischer open discussion offers broad interaction 
1967 April 7 electronic music letters to the editor Electronic music sparks strong reaction 
1967 April 7 science department news Science division to divide physics, math departments 
1967 April 7 student effort news honored profs ask active student effort 
1967 April 7 Capt. Fogle news Capt. Fogle earns battle recognition 
1967 April 7 art news Berkeley sparks new, earthy "funk art" as disillision turns to irreverence, wit 
1967 April 7 dropping out news Link mental promise, psychiatric failure 
1967 April 7 pop concert news Fischer schedules fourth pop concert, informal discussion with administration 
1967 April 7 baseball sports Wheaton batmen take 5 on Texas tour, open year with 4 consecutive victories 
1967 April 7 tennis sports Tennis team falls to Chicago squad in season opener 
1967 April 7 WRa volleyball sports WRA volleyball players begin season with victories at Concordia, Northern 
1967 April 7 cross country sports Touring trackmen produce defeats, new school record 
1967 April 7 oral performers news oral performers, interpret diverse literary selection 
1967 April 7 Campus Crusaders news Campus Crusaders contact collegians at restaurants, parties, on boardwalks 
1967 April 7 conference of liberal arts schools news Area colleges to organize conference 
1967 April 13 Tiffany Memorial Lecture front page Tiffany lecture series begins with U.S., Latin student comparisons 
1967 April 13 Mademoiselle magazine front page Mademoiselle probes Wheaton in May feature based on Antioch study 
1967 April 13 classical concert front page Senior soloist joins Wheaton orchestra in classical concert 
1967 April 13 NSA front page Hollberg, Nickel elected NSA officers 
1967 April 13 inappropriate laughter editorial Laughter indicates failure to listen, indifference to contemporary man's dilemma 
1967 April 13 Bible department editorial Bible department needs new vigor 
1967 April 13 electronic music letters to the editor Laugh at Beethoven's symphonies? 
1967 April 13 pop concert series review Fischer pop concert series helps satisfy need for release of tensio 
1967 April 13 America turn of the worm  
1967 April 13 council constitution letters to the editor constitution referendum: automatic student vote? 
1967 April 13 self-defense class news Self-defense class frustrates 'Chester' 
1967 April 13 public conversation news Fischer presents music, discussion 
1967 April 13 College Union news College Union schedules 2 movies to complete film series 
1967 April 13 Mademoiselle magazine news Mademoiselle article presents profile of Wheaton 
1967 April 13 Student council convention News Speculation about candidacy anticipates Student Council convention nominations 
1967 April 13 student council constitution News Proposed council revamping requires student ratification 
1967 April 13 joint Artist Series concert News Concluding Blue Artist Series to host Italian musicians in Monteverdi tribute 
1967 April 13 WETN News WETN expands broadcast hours, morning schedule 
1967 April 13 new residence hall rules News AWS and residence hall staff announce unlimited 11 o'clock pers for soph girls 
1967 April 13 Track Sports Trackmen prepare for first home meet 
1967 April 13 Football Sports Optimistic gridders look toward autumn 
1967 April 13 Tennis  Sports Netmen face Augustana, Illinois State following Lake Forest win, Hope loss 
1967 April 13 College Union election News Election campaign to determine next Union president 
1967 April 13 Baseball Sports Wheaton Pfundmen take doubleheader at Elmhurst 
1967 April 13 Golf News Golfers claim wins during opening play 
1967 April 13 Baseball Sports Strong hitting boosts diamondmen hopes 
1967 April 13 philosophy of religion News Hackett, U. of Michicagn professor edite new anthology of philosophy of religion 
1967 April 13 NAE convention News Hook reflects on new role, seeks student cooperation 
1967 April 13 Psychology lecture News NIU psychology professor to describe modern behavior, personality theories 
1967 April 13 Abdul Ghafur Sheikh News Moslem illustrates 'Forbidden Mecca' in pictures, words 
1967 April 13 NSA convention News Wheaton retains convention influence 
1967 April 20 Senior class talent show Front Page Avant garde poetry, experimental films enliven annual senior class talent show 
1967 April 20 Press conference Front Page Press conference to expose platforms of council hopefuls 
1967 April 20 social problems editorials Wheaton students have the answer to social problems, but must first lose fear 
1967 April 20 Christian Service Council Front Page CSC appoints Munson new president 
1967 April 20 Campus Crusade for Christ Front Page CCC ambassadors plan campus visit with New Folk, seek Christian ministry 
1967 April 20 letters to the editor letters to the editor Letters to editor recquire closer journalistic style 
1967 April 20 community editorials Are we really? 
1967 April 20 laughter editorials laughing may indicate insensitivity, not basic irresponsibility 
1967 April 20 student power news Columbia University power structure responds to student demands 
1967 April 20 papal encyclical reprint Pope Paul: today's church needs humanistic view 
1967 April 20 College Union news ACUI evaluates college union's role in personalizing student life 
1967 April 20 College Union candidates news College Union presidential candidates view informality, leadership 
1967 April 20 blood drive news Second blood drive aims to fill reserve 
1967 April 20 honors program head news New honors program head seeks challenging courses 
1967 April 20 art courses news Free-lance artist Phil Austin guest-instructs art courses 
1967 April 20 Artist series news Fasano conducts Virtuosi di Roma for Artist series 
1967 April 20 graduating seniors continuations Team challenges graduating seniors on three-month tour 
1967 April 20 baseball sports Pfundies fall to Valpo in tenth after splitting with Procopius 
1967 April 20 cross country sports Three harriers break school records as Earlham defeats Wheaton 76-69 
1967 April 20 golf sports Hagwood, Pass lead golfers in tourneys 
1967 April 20 WRA volleyball sports WRA squad defeats GW in volleyball 
1967 April 20 hiking Pressbox Hiking illustrates essence of sports 
1967 April 20 tennis sports Crusaders defeated twice bring tennis record to 1-4 
1967 April 20 senior comprehension news Student reactions to senior comps vary from stoic self-confidence to mild panic 
1967 April 20 Chicago symphony news Chicago symphony performs in second Edman concert, plays Dvorak, Haydn 
1967 April 20 psychology research news Student guinea pigs provide Sanderson dissertation data 
1967 April 20 WC grad news Nixon, WC grad speak to midwest college partisans 
1967 April 27 College Union front page College Union president-elect Gilleland lays ground work for program changes 
1967 April 27 ROTC front page Notre Dame Col. to inspect cadets, ROTC discipline 
1967 April 27 commencement speaker front page Commencement speaker views tension pulling apart Sons of Zion and Greece 
1967 April 27 Glee club concert front page Glee Club concert brings springtime with oriental flair 
1967 April 27 Student Council presidency front page Politicking, fanfare enliven convention nominations 
1967 April 27 elecions editorials convention circus, candidacies point up need for new election system 
1967 April 27 alma mater editorials 'O Wheaton, dear old Wheaton, thy teachers, not they walls inspire nobility' 
1967 April 27 insensitivity letters to the editor 'Insensitive' student HAD to laugh 
1967 April 27 making love turn of the worm  
1967 April 27 choir-orchestra news Joint choir-orchestra ensembles present authentic baroque sound 
1967 April 27 Vitenam film letters to the editor Cummager review cites Vietnam film propaganda 
1967 April 27 campaigns letters to the editor Campaigns lack Chrstian leadership philosophies 
1967 April 27 Munich news Wheatonite in Munich comments on maturity of German people 
1967 April 27 Student Council news Platforms stress student 'disease', changed SC 
1967 April 27 mock candidates news mock presidential candidates post platforms of regression, nothing 
1967 April 27 Fischer coffeehouse news Fischer wing experiments with weekend coffeehouse 
1967 April 27 Young Republicans Convention news YR convention investigates future of GOP 
1967 April 27 premarital sex news Council approves resolution requesting reliable sex data 
1967 April 27 American Association of Evangelical Students news Holmes to address AAES convention at Michigan college 
1967 April 27 spring sports Pressbox Young talent surprises Pfund 
1967 April 27 tennis sports Tennis team takes second in final Great Lakes meet 
1967 April 27 cross country sports Thinclads lay eyes on Calvin after last minute cancellation 
1967 April 27 baseball sports Diamondmen sweep N.C. doubleheader as McNeill, Havens pace hitting attack 
1967 April 27 Northrup Fan Club sports Northrup Fan Club to attend ball games, then arrange honorary dinner for hero 
1967 April 27 Fischer concert news Fischer concerts features pop groups, Miss Illnois 
1967 April 27 chamber music programs news Harold Newton students to use variety in afternoon chamber music programs 
1967 April 27 professors news Professors close teaching careers in music, speech 
1967 May 4 Dr. Erickson front page Dr. Erickson to head department of Bible, philosophy 
1967 May 4 class rivalry front page Senior's fall victim to juniors' ingenuity in abortive effort to conceal sneak plan 
1967 May 4 Student Government elections front page Friday election places McNiel, Reigle before voters 
1967 May 4 Atlantic Monthly front page Atlantic honors students, teachers for literary effort in annual competition 
1967 May 4 Bible department editorial The Bible departmet re-visited - a challenge to present the drama of Biblical History 
1967 May 4 Campus Crusade editorial Crusading Ambassadors can teach us, but they can also learn from us 
1967 May 4 convention news Convention - way to ease stress or satire on democratic method? 
1967 May 4 Bible department news Bible department needs improved methodology 
1967 May 4 Civil rights letters to the editor Will historic Wheaton speak for dignity of man? 
1967 May 4 voting letters to the editor Voter should know totals of spring election ballots 
1967 May 4 Turn of the Worm comment letters to the editor Sees serious suggestion in 'Turn of the Worm' wit 
1967 May 4 Juniors and Seniors news Juniors exercise Sherlock Holmes method in baring senior secret 
1967 May 4 writing contest Atlantic Monthly continuation Three recognized in writing contest 
1967 May 4 Vietnam news Students express concern in Vietnam demonstration 
1967 May 4 Art dept. News Art dept. retreats to mountain lodge for rest and work 
1967 May 4 Student government News Frosh, soph, junior voting determines cabinets, student gov't representatives 
1967 May 4 Student aid News Student aid announcements delayed 
1967 May 4 Baseball Sports Baseball team defeats Ill. Tech in 10th, suffers shut-out from Valparaiso squad 
1967 May 4 Golf Sports Golfers participare in area competition; win a few, lose a few in nasty weather 
1967 May 4 ROTC News ROTC contingent rated outstanding by inspecting Col. 
1967 May 4 Tennis Sports WRA opens season with two victories, eyes North Central 
1967 May 4 Track Sports Track team finishes second, sets two records in wet meet 
1967 May 4 Tennis Sports Whiteclads lose 5-4 meet in fourth 1-point match loss 
1967 May 4 Football Sports Frosh TD's lead orange squad win to end spring ball 
1967 May 4 Nominating convention News Convention produces two nominees, floor battles 
1967 May 4 Men's glee News Men's glee promises capacity audience 
1967 May 4 Charles Blanchard Weaver News Charles Blanchard Weaver succumbs--member of trustee executive committee 
1967 May 4 Student Government News Student Government approves bylaws, course study, association membership 
1967 May 11 Student Government presidency Front Page Reigle, Hollberg to fill leadership roles 
1967 May 11 Prayer breakfast Front Page 500 student leaders join for first prayer breakfast 
1967 May 11 KODON Front Page Editor-elect Anita Schimp weighs KODON's artistry 
1967 May 11 Suburbia Op-Ed Suburbia and Christianity- we must transcend the value system around us or else we deny God 
1967 May 11 Marijuana use Op-Ed Alcohol, marijuana and personal freedom- does our culture tyrannize over us? 
1967 May 11 Open-occupancy panel News Open-occupancy panel debates bills, NAACP role 
1967 May 11 Rog Phillips Letters to the Editor Was Phillips' chapel talk morally responsible? 
1967 May 11 making love letters to the editor Will the experienced please speak up? 
1967 May 11 War Protest Letters to the Editor It's about time Christians joined war protest 
1967 May 11 Sophomore transfers News Soph transfers exhibit diverse motives 
1967 May 11 Orchestra concert News Concertgebouw orchestra brings final series concert 
1967 May 11 Wisconsin U. referendum News Wisconsin U. student referendum asks to abolish faculty power outside class 
1967 May 11 SMP car wash News Girls wash cars in common effort to support SMP 
1967 May 11 Resident Assistants News 46 students plan leadership roles as '67-'68 RA's 
1967 May 11 Faculty  News Fourteen faculty leave Wheaton to start teaching jobs, research, graduate study 
1967 May 11 Student council News Council acts upon pass-fail system, open occupancy 
1967 May 11 NSA Congress News Campus-wide ballot to select delegates, NSA coordinator under national ruling 
1967 May 11 Track Pressbox Trackmen show promise for NCAA nationals 
1967 May 11 Tennis  Sports Tennis team falls to DePaul, smothers George Williams 
1967 May 11 Baseball Sports DePauw defeats Crusader Squad on unearned runs 
1967 May 11 Track Sports Cindermen break old records at Beloit, take first place against 22 competitors 
1967 May 11 Track Sports Trackmen try for nationals, work to beat eligibility mark 
1967 May 11 Tennis  Sports Women's tennis team loses first match, bows to Northern Illinois after victory 
1967 May 11 Summer tour News Wheatonites plan 8-week summer tour, take music, gospel to Eastern audience 
1967 May 11 Union parties News Simultaneous Union parties offer games, comedy, bands 
1967 May 11 Homecoming News Homecoming committee begins competition to provide theme, promote student interest 
1967 May 11 Class officers News Selection of class officers climaxes hectic campaigning 
1967 May 18 NSA front page Henry, Pruett vie for NSA coordinator position, stress relevance 
1967 May 18 new faculty front page New faculty appointments include CT editor, Ph.D's 
1967 May 18 Chicago Symphony Orchestra front page Symphony's final concert of series presents oratorio 
1967 May 18 Coffee House front page 'Be-In' draws Chicagoans to bright, hippy happening 
1967 May 18 priorities letters to the editor Key issues receive token RECORD attention 
1967 May 18 Artist Series letters to the editor Excellent Artist Series merits attendance 
1967 May 18 the right to assemble editorial The right to assemble - was it meant to enable coercive tactics? 
1967 May 18 words and behavior editorial Loveless behaviour belies hollow proclamations 
1967 May 18 Bible department letters to the editor Bible department needs church history course 
1967 May 18 Artist Series review Orchestra deserves appreciation 
1967 May 18 making love letters to the editor We channel God's love through mind and body 
1967 May 18 chapel testimony letters to the editor Phillips presented testimony, not tight theology 
1967 May 18 Vietnam letters to the editor Vietnamese aren't anxiously awaiting American one-man-one-vote system 
1967 May 18 campus grave feature Obscure campus grave yields secrets 
1967 May 18 Students for a Democratic Society news SDS founder addresses forum meeting on Chicago government, Daley machine 
1967 May 18 God Squad feature Yale's militant God Squad stir ridicule, interest 
1967 May 18 choir spring concert news night of contrasts presents classic, secular numbers 
1967 May 18 organ performance news Blind French organist plays in Edman 
1967 May 18 financial aid news New financial aid restrictions to apply to both motorcycle, automobile owners 
1967 May 18 'Be-In' coffehouse news Be-in-love-in Chicago Beaches 
1967 May 18 golf sports Wheaton takes 2nd place in collegiate golf tourney 
1967 May 18 tennis sports Tennis team boosts its record to 5-7 
1967 May 18 softball ports Softballers close play with tourney 
1967 May 18 Student Government - trustee meeting news Craig announces trustee-gov't talk 
1967 May 18 track sports Trackmen sweep dual, triple meets, qualify in 2 events 
1967 May 18 baseball sports Baseballers boost record with two victories, one loss 
1967 May 18 sports Pressbox Fall promises victories 
1967 May 18 CSC news Munson names Torjesen, Erdman for CSC positions 
1967 May 18 College Union news Gilleland appoints new union board 
1967 May 18 faculty news Four faculty end leaves-of-absence 
1967 May 18 American Association of Evangelical Students news AAES delegates name McGinnes national president 
1967 May 18 Solar System news Scientist synthesizes catastrophic view 
1967 May 25 Commencement front page Commencement activities close out year 
1967 May 25 College Union front page Union Kiosk series brings popular artists next year 
1967 May 25 graduate stipends front page 1967 graduates receive stipends 
1967 May 25 ARGUS front page Rich Bard to head Publication Board, ARGUS gains official status approval 
1967 May 25 purpose of Wheaton editorial Personal struggle and dissent at Wheaton often indicates that the college is accomplishing its purposes 
1967 May 25 music tours letters to the editor Musc tours draw favorable reactions 
1967 May 25 gratefulness letters to the editor Wrights express gratitude 
1967 May 25 Student government - trustee meeting news Students, trustees interact 
1967 May 25 Student Leadership Workshop news Fall SLW slates Keith Miller talk 
1967 May 25 ROTC news ROTC graduates receive gold bars 
1967 May 25 NSA news NSA coordinator-elect Pruett pledges interaction at annual national congress 
1967 May 25 US Steel Foundation grant news US Steel Foundation grants $1000 
1967 May 25 Chuck Wagon Feed news Hootenanny follows "Chuck Wagon", students eat beef, corn ears by fountain 
1967 May 25 track sports Leading harriers compete in post-season open relays 
1967 May 25 baseball sports Pfundmen split series to end 15-11 year 
1967 May 25 Tennis sports Tennis team places third in tournament, hopes to improve its record next year 
1967 May 25 Women's tennis sports Women's tennis team drops final match 
1967 May 25 homecoming theme news Theme competition yields $25 victor 
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