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DateSubject (Personal Name or Topic)Column or SectionTopic or Title
1966 August 1 Orientation Front Page Orientation to initiate freshmen 
1966 August 1 Graduation Front Page 410 receive degrees in June 
1966 August 1 Orientation activity Front Page Four seniors to assist frosh through orientation activity 
1966 August 1 Seven-ring semester Op-Ed Liberal education and the 'seven-ring semester' 
1966 August 1 formal structure of Wheaton Op-Ed How will you'fit in' at Wheaton? 
1966 August 1 Summer school News Record number enroll in courses for intercession 
1966 August 1 New faculty News Teaching openings occupied except in Russian, sociology 
1966 August 1 Dining hall News California caterer to manage dining hall 
1966 August 1 Student Leadership Workshop News Educator McKenna to keynote Lake Geneva SLW sessions 
1966 August 1 C.S. Lewis collection News Library, Kilby obtain first editions, reviews for Lewis collection 
1966 August 1 Chaplain welcome Open letter An open letter from the chaplain, Dr. Evan Welsh 
1966 August 1 Library services News Library staff provides extensive services 
1966 August 1 President's welcome Open letter An open letter from the president, Dr. Hudson Armerding 
1966 August 1 LIBRAS library association News LIBRAS to swell resources, stress in-depth collection 
1966 August 1 Student education association News Student teachers to be hold sea programs, statewide convention 
1966 August 1 T.S. Eliot verse play News Book of semester program to consider Eliot verse play 
1966 August 1 Student Council News Council assumes roles as spokesman, servant to improve student life, education 
1966 August 1 American Association of Evangelical Students News Local AAES sponsors exchange programs, attends conventions 
1966 August 1 Grad student activities News Council directs grad student activities 
1966 August 1 Parent's weekend News Parent's weekend to provide glimpse of student activities 
1966 August 1 National student association News NSA holds student congresses, organizes area interchanges 
1966 August 1 Alumni Association News Alumni Association manages publications, events, finances 
1966 August 1 Homecoming weekend News Floats, displays, concerts, bonfire to enliven Homecoming festivities 
1966 August 1 College Union News Union offers social activities, recreation, lounge facilities 
1966 August 1 Artist series News Artist series books Serkin, Merrill for '66 
1966 August 1 Lyceum lecture series News Anderson, ESP prof, Kaleidoscope players engaged for Lyceum 
1966 August 1 Record staff News Editorial staff creates weekly RECORD 
1966 August 1 forensic magazine ARGUS News College committee approves forensic magazines for trial 
1966 August 1 KODON News Fine arts magazine publishes creative literature, art work 
1966 August 1 WETN News WETN provides radio training daily programs 
1966 August 1 Publications News Board elects editors, interprets criteria 
1966 August 1 TOWER News Yearbook staff reconstructs campus in 320-page TOWER 
1966 August 1 Christian Service Council News Council provides, directs Christian service activities 
1966 August 1 Student missions forum News Missions fellowship studies state, needs of overseas Church 
1966 August 1 Ministerial Fellowship News Ministerial Fellowship seeks to view pastorate accurately 
1966 August 1 Christian service works News Personal works allow Christian service in hospitals, military academy, inner city 
1966 August 1 Campus Crusade for Christ News CCC trains 500 students in college evangelism methods 
1966 August 1 Canterbury club News Canterbury offers theological inquiry, pre-Lenten retreat 
1966 August 1 Student missionary project News Summer program sends 31 overseas 
1966 August 1 Associated Women Students News Bedroom bazaar to open AWS activities 
1966 August 1 International club News International club programs reflect various cultures 
1966 August 1 German club News German club sponsors 'auf deutsch' monthly meetings, worship chapels 
1966 August 1 Women's recreation association News Women's Recreation Association provides extramural program 
1966 August 1  Young Republicans News Young Republicans provide practical political experience 
1966 August 1 Clapham society News Clapham society champions political, economic liberalism 
1966 August 1 American Guild of Organists News Student organists sponsor recitals, social activities 
1966 August 1 Orchestra News Orchestra plays annual concerts, anticipates extended local ministry 
1966 August 1 Men's glee club News Men's glee club schedules '67 summer European tour 
1966 August 1 Chorus News Chorus to perform Handel MESSIAH 
1966 August 1 Choir News Choir provides social, musical activity 
1966 August 1 Women's glee club News Women's glee club gives campus, tour, Chicago concerts 
1966 August 1 Band News Band plans September camp, fall concert, Northwest tour 
1966 August 1 Ensemble News Ensemble studies vocal literature 
1966 August 1 Association U.S. Army News Association U.S. Army offers military meetings, ceremonies 
1966 August 1 Intramurals News Intramural program provides competition for teams, individuals 
1966 August 1 Athletics News Wheaton produces championship teams, maintains excellence in athletic tradition 
1966 August 1 Football Sports Experienced lettermen bolster '66 football hopes 
1966 August 1 Conguer rifles News Conguer rifles strive for skill in soldier's art 
1966 August 1 Cross country Sports Crusader harriers again to host college division championship 
1966 August 1 Soccer Sports Young team, newly formed conference promise exciting '66 soccer competition 
1966 September 22 Spiritual emphasis week services front page Boston evangelical theologian to conduct spiritual emphasis series 
1966 September 22 RECORD front page RECORD attains prized All-American rating 
1966 September 22 Saga Food Service front page Saga suffers student staff shortage 
1966 September 22 RECORD front page RECORD '67 holds staff meeting 
1966 September 22 Freshmen initiation front page One-footed freshmen sing alma mater as sophomores enjoy initiation powers 
1966 September 22 civil rights editorial Black power: anatomy of a slogan 
1966 September 22 Wheaton and contemporary thought editorial Wheatonites or a student generation? 
1966 September 22 letter criteria  criteria for letters 
1966 September 22 Student Council council clippings Column links council to students 
1966 September 22 "No Graven Image" book review Painstaking work, seeming failure tests missionary 'vision' 
1966 September 22 NSA footsteps NSA delegates motived by humanistic ideals 
1966 September 22 book reviews news Harpers, Eerdmans provide new books for RECORD reviews 
1966 September 22 new assistant dean news Personnel welcome new assistant dean 
1966 September 22 student publicantions news Advisor to assist, instruct student publications staffs 
1966 September 22 Don Holt news NEWSWEEK puts grad in top post 
1966 September 22 high achievement scholarship news Campus scholar program attracts, recognizes outstanding freshmen 
1966 September 22 Russell H. Platz news Band director resigns post, leaves baton to Roger Dean 
1966 September 22 Handel's Messiah news Chorus rehearses Hande's Messiah 
1966 September 22 dorm mother news Coeds reunite dorm mother with son 
1966 September 22 duo pianist concert news Famed duo pianists Ferrante, Teicher to perform popular concert on Oct. 22 
1966 September 22 debate news Debaters to argue new national topic on foreign policy 
1966 September 22 football sports Miscues, fumbles cause Albion loss 
1966 September 22 football sports Crusaders register weight advantage with large defensive line, offensive wall 
1966 September 22 cross-country sports Harriers overwhelm Ablion; captain Salins paces squad 
1966 September 22 soccer sports Solid Wheaton defense holds Maryknoll scoreless 
1966 September 22 football The splintered bench Season gridiron prospects 
1966 September 22 freshman initiation news Initiation activities conclude with trial of frosh offenders 
1966 September 22 WETN news WETN to transmit fall lecture series by noted minister 
1966 September 22 Saga news Cadillac caterers work out changes in food service 
1966 September 22 Orientation photo feature Orientation week brings confusion, relaxation 
1966 September 29 Student Leadership Workshop front page McKenna address, panels to highlight SLW sessions 
1966 September 29 Kodon front page Kodon tracks student literary talent 
1966 September 29 spiritual emphasis week front page Ockenga sees social action as primary student concern 
1966 September 29 spiritual emphasis week editorial Spiritual emphasis week:What is its value and significance? 
1966 September 29 Saga editoral Saga: new savor in food service 
1966 September 29 CSC editorial Toward balance in motivation for service 
1966 September 29 tuition suggestion letters to the editor Suggests 'Attitude deposit' 
1966 September 29 Going Around in Academic Circles book review Higher education: source of humor 
1966 September 29 NSA footprints Should Wheaton withdraw from NSA? 
1966 September 29 University Christian movement religious news Student movement includes Protestants, Catholics, Orthodox 
1966 September 29 Asian conflict news Community hears China missionary on Asian conflict 
1966 September 29 CSC news Pogue home closes, ending CSC work with the retarded 
1966 September 29 Alvin Moser, Alex Koval news Moser, Koval fill Sociology, Russian teaching vacancies 
1966 September 29 Samuel Schultz news Schultz finds Dead Sea lively: bible professor studies in Near Eastern nations 
1966 September 29 TOWER news Tower' 67 to focus on student interest patterns 
1966 September 29 University Ambassadors Traveling Team news Campus crusade selects '65, '66 grads for first University Ambassador team 
1966 September 29 Spanish study abroad news '67 Spanish major spends year abroad with Madrid study 
1966 September 29 Evangel 4500 news Wycliffe to pilot Wright's 'Evangel 4500' 
1966 September 29 Campus Crusade continuation Cowan sees team as basic strategy in teaching Christ 
1966 September 29 Spanish study abroad continuations Senior benefits from year's study in Spanish capital 
1966 September 29 new coaches sports New coaches join staff; instruct football, swimming 
1966 September 29 cross-country sports Four universities plan defeat Saturday for winning cross country runners 
1966 September 29 soccer sports Soccermen knock off top-ranked Earlham, 3-2 
1966 September 29 football sports Incomplete passes crush hopes for win 
1966 September 29 soccer the sideline Young soccer team boasts talent, experience, depth 
1966 September 29 football sports 10-time losers promise Millikin romp 
1966 September 29 Inner City Christian Action news ICCA provides 'crucial' leadership for church stability effort 
1966 September 29 Concert choir news Choir workshop prepares for concerts 
1966 September 29 choral competition news Class ensembles to perform folk song during annual Tune Tange competition 
1966 September 29 Cyril Luckman news Luckman succeeds Claassen as head of science division 
1966 September 29 spiritual emphasis week news Ockenga: students want challenge 
1966 October 6 Asian Conflict address front page Ex-congressman Judd applies experience to Southeast Asian problems 
1966 October 6 duo pianist concert front page Popular concert to feature pianists 
1966 October 6 homecoming weekend front page Tradition marks weekend 
1966 October 6 College Qualification test front page Draft boards urge early registration for Nov. test dates 
1966 October 6 Conference on Consultation on Christian Higher Education front page President presents paper on future of Christian college 
1966 October 6 class integration editoral Dorm integration; exposure of freshman to 'bad ad'? 
1966 October 6 assaults editorial Assaults callf or walking in the lgiht 
1966 October 6 Vietnam viewpoint Vietnam: imperialism or imperative? 
1966 October 6 Student council council slippings Wheat does the student leader accomplish? 
1966 October 6 Shantung Compound book review Concentration camp: Microcosm of human behavior 
1966 October 6 telephones news Telephone network attempts to facilitate on-campus calls 
1966 October 6 AAES news AAES delegates make year's plans at campur meeting 
1966 October 6 Student Missions Leaders news Wheaton to host regional conference for midwestern student mission leaders 
1966 October 6 James O. Yerkes news Yerkes to keynote I-V fall conference 
1966 October 6 rifle clinic news Top marksmen conduct rifle clinic 
1966 October 6 senior bench news Written procedures govern renewed senior bench activities 
1966 October 6 ROTC news Vietnam commander returns as first grad in ROTC dept. 
1966 October 6 debate tournament news 3 wins in tourney debaters record 
1966 October 6 AUSA convention news Cadet officers to attend AUSA convention 
1966 October 6 Lyceum news Lyceum includes drama group, film in diverse offering 
1966 October 6 Morris C. Durham news Military instructor moves to Lieutenant Colonel 
1966 October 6 duo-pianists news Duo pianists share photography interest 
1966 October 6 football sports Millikin romp called key victory 
1966 October 6 football sports Bombers hold off second-half surge to defeat Wright 
1966 October 6 football sports Gridders seek second victory at Wabash 
1966 October 6 cross-country sports Harriers travel to Missouri 
1966 October 6 soccer sports Wheaton downs Aurora: Baptista's soccermen go to MacMurray Saturday 
1966 October 6 sports the sideline Optimism reigns on gridiron, course, soccer field 
1966 October 6 football sports Fumble provides scoring opportunity 
1966 October 6 homecoming queen news Campus polls to decide Homecoming Queen 
1966 October 14 Top Alumni award Front Page Miss Brandt receives top alumni award 
1966 October 14 Homecoming weekend Front Page Weekend features skit, sports, parade for returning alums 
1966 October 14 Homecoming prep Front Page Preparations near climax 
1966 October 14 College pledge committee Front Page Committee views basic foundation of college pledge 
1966 October 14 KODON Front Page KODON wins All-American 
1966 October 14 Student Missions Fellowship Front Page Conference reflects missions concern 
1966 October 14 Student Leadership Workshop Op-Ed SLW-Where have all the leaders gone? 
1966 October 14 Christian fellowhsip Op-Ed Christian fellowship-panacea for campus ills? 
1966 October 14 Student council Letters to the editor Council-packing, Mr. President? 
1966 October 14 Christian service Letters to the editor Christian service: slough of despond 
1966 October 14 Student council Op-Ed Office 1104: is there a purpose behind the door? 
1966 October 14 The Taste of New Wine Book Review A layman's insight indicts dishonest disciples 
1966 October 14 Student loans News Demands exceed NDEA funds 
1966 October 14 Student leadership workshop Photo montage Students laugh, listen, learn at weekend workshop 
1966 October 14 Dr. David McKenna News McKenna views community traits of college world 
1966 October 14 Concert band outreach News Band presents Gospel during summer 
1966 October 14 Homecoming class floats News Class floats pose unexpected problems for committee members 
1966 October 14 Archaeology conference News Archaeology conference to discuss Palestinian findings 
1966 October 14 WETN News WETN presents changes in year's program schedule 
1966 October 14 Soccer Homecoming sports Booters eye MII league lead with Lake Forest victory 
1966 October 14 Cross-country Homecoming sports Cross-country team wins twice Saturday for first 
1966 October 14 Dorm intramural teams News Residence houses determine players on intramural teams 
1966 October 14 Football Sports Football squad challenges Wilmington Saturday 
1966 October 14 Homecoming The Sideline Homecoming calls for display of traditional Wheaton Spirit 
1966 October 14 Young Republicans News YR's to examine pacifism views in dinner debate 
1966 October 14 Edman News Edman aids public relations work 
1966 October 14 Artist Series News Wagner chorale to open Artist Series; Union board votes semi-formal dress 
1966 October 14 World Congress on Evangelism News Berlin congress to draw evangelicals to discuss, reaffirm Church's mission 
1966 October 14 ARGUS magazine News Marks to edit ARGUS pending CCSP approval 
1966 October 14 Writers' conference News Writers' conference to draw eminent Christian authors 
1966 October 14 Study of International Vitality News 'Vitality' study picks college 
1966 October 14 Youth for Christ seminar News Evangelist to prove racial barriers at YFC seminar 
1966 October 20 Writers' conference Front Page Conference considers modern Christian writing 
1966 October 20 Wagner Chorale Front Page Roger Wagner chorale opens '66-'67 Artist series season 
1966 October 20 World Congress Front Page World Congress to show relevance of evangelism 
1966 October 20 "Double Play" concert Front Page Pianists display humor, style in varied 'double play' score 
1966 October 20 Board of Trustees Front Page Trustees appoint Kenneth Hansen to board vacancy 
1966 October 20 Alumni editorial Wheat is the alumni role in Wheaton? 
1966 October 20 Writer's conference editorial Conference without honor 
1966 October 20 SLW letters to the editor SLW goal: learning or leading? 
1966 October 20 Homecoming week program letters to the editor The play's the thing - or is it? 
1966 October 20 mental therapy letters to the editor 'I wanna hold your hand' (at $25 an hour) 
1966 October 20 student council letters to the editor Referendum to establish status of council coeds 
1966 October 20 homecoming floats letters to the editor Flimsy floats: is tradition all wet? 
1966 October 20 CSC letters to the editor CSC negativism or honest intrispection 
1966 October 20 student movements off the record Students in motion - the impact of activism 
1966 October 20 In Cold Blood book review Capote's non-fiction novel: interpretation of 'cold-blooded murder' 
1966 October 20 Peace Corps news Peace corps draws liberal arts grads 
1966 October 20 trustee meeting news Trustees confirm professor deVette's appointment as admissions director 
1966 October 20 vioin recital news Israeli violinist to present concert 
1966 October 20 geology news Special geology lab faces 'drift or driftless' dilemma 
1966 October 20 Artist series news Artist series spurs concert etiquette 
1966 October 20 chimpanzee film news Film showing tonight discloses results of living five years with chimpanzee 
1966 October 20 Berlin news Berlin conference to define, expound Biblical evangelism 
1966 October 20 soccer sports Baptista describes investigation of play 
1966 October 20 soccer sports Team anticipates revenge for '65 loss 
1966 October 20 cross country sports Personal wins give harriers 2nd place in Great Lakes meet 
1966 October 20 football the sideline Football defense comes through 
1966 October 20 homecoming sports Crusaders crush Quakers in homecoming triumph 
1966 October 20 soccer sports Lake Forest plays 'prevent defense' by crowding goal 
1966 October 20 cross country sports Cross country sees challenges to quest for undefeated duals 
1966 October 20 football sports Victory depends on defensive pay in Wesleyan game 
1966 October 20 poetry news Poetry film initiates group deliberation; McAllaster debates poetry significance 
1966 October 20 Church authority panel news Panel views Church authority Sunday 
1966 October 20 Associated Collegiate Press convention news Delegates explore college publications at ACP convention 
1966 October 20 Clapham society news Bellinger talks to Clapham on current voting trends 
1966 October 20 AWS retreat news Coeds to retreat to natural setting for AWS outing 
1966 October 20 trustees news Trustees select '41 graduate to fill vacancy 
1966 October 27 Lyceum series front page TIMES editor analyzes balance of world political, military power 
1966 October 27 Book of semester program front page Chapel production initiates Book of Semester program 
1966 October 27 organ recital front page Rayfield gives organ recital 
1966 October 27 Parents' day weekend front page Parents to receive red carpet welcome 
1966 October 27 campus leaders editorial Campus leaders - just playing the game? 
1966 October 27 artist series editorial Artist series: high quality seldom duplicated 
1966 October 27 criticism letters to the editor Knowledge of ciriticized criterion for criticism 
1966 October 27 inner city letters to the editor Inner city - sociological laboratory? 
1966 October 27 Roger Wagner artist series review Chorale presents splendid, moving performance 
1966 October 27 NSA footprints No faith in our faith? 
1966 October 27 The Collegiate Press Service humor LBJ's Gettysburg address: ... these un-Red dead shall not have died in vain 
1966 October 27 grad school news Past surveys indicate bright prospects for Wheatonites in nation's grad schools 
1966 October 27 Social Action Forum news SAF seeks student social involvement 
1966 October 27 ROTC news Four senior cadets receive top student military honors 
1966 October 27 ROTX news Dept. of army awards scholarships to outstanding Wheaton ROTC cadets 
1966 October 27 recital nes Music instructor Anderson to give recital 
1966 October 27 motorcycles news Appeal of two-wheel vehicles rises 
1966 October 27 AWS news AWS members retreat Fri. for recreation, discussion 
1966 October 27 UN seminar news Senior participates in UN semester 
1966 October 27 Audubon wildlife film series news Audubon film to explore delta jungle 
1966 October 27 Ministerial Fellowship news Maryknoll dean discusses Reformation in first Ministerial Fellowship meeting 
1966 October 27 parents' day continuations Parents' day to end with smorgasbord, 'unscientific' drama 
1966 October 27 SAF continuations SAF seeks to widen student perspective on social problems 
1966 October 27 the bench the sideline The bench - too much sitting, too little playing 
1966 October 27 book of the semester continuations Book committee negotiates for showing of Eliot film 
1966 October 27 football sports Penalty negates TD as Wesleyan edges Crusader gridders 
1966 October 27 soccer sports Wind affects low-scoring battle 
1966 October 27 soccer sports Soccermen defeat U. of Chicago team 
1966 October 27 cross country sports Top milers threaten cross-country team in home competition 
1966 October 27 intramurals sports Competition characterizes wide-open intramurals 
1966 October 27 cross country sports 'B' harriers take second at Concordia against four experienced varsity teams 
1966 October 27 AAWS news AAES discusses heritage 
1966 October 27 ski club film news French embassy provides ski film 
1966 October 27 SMF news Editor to describe India experiences for SMF audience 
1966 October 27 GOP news ILL. representative predicts GOP gains 
1966 October 27 artist series news Baritone Merrill to perform in first Blue series concert 
1966 November 3 philosophy conference front page Philosophy conference to appraise Tillich's theological viewpoint 
1966 November 3 Parents' day front page Students 'recreate beauty of old relationship' 
1966 November 3 new course front page Three profs to team teach new interdisciplinary course 
1966 November 3 artist series front page Robert Merrill gives concert 
1966 November 3 conservatory in Europe front page Conservatory offers fine arts study tour of Europe 
1966 November 3 Murder in the Cathedral editorial Book of the semester: timeless gives meaning in time 
1966 November 3 dining hall editorial Meaty editorial investigates dining hall felonies 
1966 November 3 elections viewpoint '66 elections: issues cloudy, RFK active 
1966 November 3 The Limits of American capitalism book review Future of capitalistic society: strict garrison state? 
1966 November 3 a;i,mo letters to the editor '66 grad: channels for alumni action are alien 
1966 November 3 student council council clippings Student Sabbaticals? 
1966 November 3 Palestine semester news Two seniors select Palestine semester; tours provide on-site archaeology study 
1966 November 3 Opera audition news Merril seeks opera through auditions 
1966 November 3 library news Library conducts orientation program for instruction in research tecnhique 
1966 November 3 seniors and food news Seniors scavengers forage for food in hand-to-mouth adventure 
1966 November 3 American Association of Evangelical Students news American Association of Evangelical Students elects Wheaton delegate to regional chairmanship 
1966 November 3 soccer sports Soccermen meet Hope in league contest 
1966 November 3 parents' day sports Alma threatens .500 record in Parents' Day grid contest 
1966 November 3 foorball sports Five teams fight for championship in grid intramurals 
1966 November 3 corr country sports Harriers face touch state compteition 
1966 November 3 new course continuations Profs to attack each other's ideas in unique course 
1966 November 3 parents' day program continuations Comedy amuses parents in final program Saturday 
1966 November 3 philosophy meeting continutations notes Tillich scholars to talk at annual philosophy meeting 
1966 November 3 fine arts in Europe continuations Students get credit for fine arts tour 
1966 November 3 seniors and food continuations Hospitality sustains senior scavengers 
1966 November 3 Clapham society news Clapham studies city's minority groups 
1966 November 3 AWS news  WX to welcome ILL. AWS delegates to state convention 
1966 November 3 Associated Student Government news Delegates assess possible membership in national student government group 
1966 November 3 inner-city teaching news Grad outlines opportunities for inner-city teaching work 
1966 November 10 cross country championship  front page Wheaton welcomes 68 colleges to NCAA cross-country championship 
1966 November 3 philosophy conference front page Annual conference includes two public lectures, three seminars 
1966 November 3 Rudolf Serkin concert front page Serkin plays piano concert Monday night 
1966 November 3 RECORD editor front page Pub board appoints Talbott to '67 RECORD editorship 
1966 November 3 ROTC front page ROTC conducts Gold Star service to honor veterans 
1966 November 3 councelling center editorial Campus counselling service - preventive necessity 
1966 November 3 philosophy conference editorial Philosophy conference: 'scholars in action' 
1966 November 3 Parents' day editorial Student drama: appropriate parental fare? 
1966 November 3 Cultural revolution off the record 'Cultural revolution' sports visual responsibility 
1966 November 3 marijuana footprints Marijuana high on reality 
1966 November 3 RECORD correction letters to the editor RECORD reports 'I do' Couples say 'we didn't' 
1966 November 3 blue series concert artist series review Great baritone performs: 'It ain't necessarily so' 
1966 November 3 cross country sports Harriers take fourth place 
1966 November 3 study abroad in Munich news Senior students at University of Munich 
1966 November 3 Palestine cemetery study news Lapp describes Palestine cemetery study 
1966 November 3 jazz in church news Theology students to hear discussion on jazz in church 
1966 November 3 study places news Students exercise creativity in study 
1966 November 3 debate news Wheaton debaters garner high honors in two tournaments 
1966 November 3 abstract photographs news Scandrette exhibits award-winning abstract photographs 
1966 November 3 interview of Auca testimonies news Broadcast features Auca's testimonies in Berlin interview 
1966 November 3 artist series news Artist series pianist Serkin studies under Schoenberg 
1966 November 3 RECORD news Talbott evaluates RECORD vision in college context 
1966 November 3 parent's day football sports Fighting Crusaders trample Alma Scots 
1966 November 3 soccer sports Soccermen beat Hope, prepare for NCAA battle 
1966 November 3 soccer the sideline Booters win again, set new scoring mark 
1966 November 3 football sports Crusader gridders travel to Valparaiso 
1966 November 3 NCAA meet sports Six Crusaders participate in NCAA meet 
1966 November 3 intramural sports Maccabees derail fierce Tiffany loads, claim intramural crown 
1966 November 3 thanksgiving break news Council asks for extended Thanksgiving 
1966 November 3 science lecture series news Dr. Schweitzer to open science lecture series 
1966 November 3 Veterans' Day chapel news Veterans' Day chapel hears chaplain 
1966 November 3 Dr. Erwin P. Rudolph news Rudolph assumes divisional post 
1966 November 3 Ministerial Fellowship news Kantzer to address ministerial retreat at Lake Geneva 
1966 November 17 science lecture series front page Schweitzer seeks to relate science, philosophy: Chemist opens fourth science lecture series 
1966 November 17 soccer front page Bott-less booters seek to throttle Woosters boosters 
1966 November 17 Tune Tangle musical contest front page Classes to challenge senior champions in annual Tune Tangle musical contest 
1966 November 17 NSA front page NSA covention investigates education 
1966 November 17 Scholastic Honor Society front page Faculty poll picks 19 seniors for Scholastic Honor Society 
1966 November 17 Chapel on race editorial Pannell chapels: sharp reminder of race problems 
1966 November 17 campus conversations editorial Campus conversations need more discretion, less distraction 
1966 November 17 artist series editorial Artist series reviews: the critic's role and the public 
1966 November 17 Vietnam Op-Ed South Vietnamese - pawns in the Chinese-American chess game 
1966 November 17 artist series artist series review Serkin displays skill, sensitivity 
1966 November 17 GOP viewpoint GOP gains signal return of 2 party-system 
1966 November 17 the bench letters to the editor The Bench: did it glare? 
1966 November 17 Pannell chapel letters tot he editor The Kingdom of God: how close are we? 
1966 November 17 Veterans Day letters to the editor Veterans Day service: a green beret for God? 
1966 November 17 library news Libras cooperation to add library books, magazines 
1966 November 17 sickness news Sniffles seize student sinuses 
1966 November 17 Student Missions Forum news Student Missions Forum to hear African missionary-surgeon 
1966 November 17 Strauss orchestra News Blue series to hear Strauss orchestra 
1966 November 17 Travel abroad News Student interest to determine fate of European group flight 
1966 November 17 Vietnam Press News Moffett assumes Vietnam press post 
1966 November 17 Freshman president News Freshman class chooses Baptista as first president 
1966 November 17 Kodon News Fall KODON rejects theme for variation 
1966 November 17 WETN News Board elects 2nd female WETN head 
1966 November 17 Cross-country Sports San Diego captures NCAA harrier title on Wheaton course 
1966 November 17 Ministerial retreat News Ministerial retreat views Berlin World Congress 
1966 November 17 Organ recital News Junior Sutherland interprets baroque, contemporary work 
1966 November 17 soccer sports McCauslin stars as trailing Crusaders down Marquette 
1966 November 17 football sports Crusaders try for final victory against North Central 
1966 November 17 football sports Wheaton downs Valparaiso Crusaders to recover shield 
1966 November 17 hockey sports Varsity hockeymen set to battle St. Procopius in season opener Monday 
1966 November 17 Symphony orchestra News Symphony orchestra bows in varied fall concert 
1966 November 17 Evangelism chair News Grad school evaluates evangelism chair 
1966 November 17 Libras News Libras investigates electronic receiver 
1966 November 17 Reading day News Committee reviews exam schedule poll 
1966 November 17 WETN News WETN gives radio training to amateurs 
1966 November 17 Poet Chad Walsh News Poet Walsh to view Book of the Semester 
1966 November 25 Poet-critic Walsh Front Page Poet-critic Walsh presents book of the semester lecture 
1966 November 25 Soccer Front page Soccermen take Mideast championship 
1966 November 25 Artist series Front page Strauss orchestra performs before Blue series audience 
1966 November 25 TOWER Front page Pub board selects junior Mark Olson as TOWER editor 
1966 November 25 Dr. Edman Front page Dr. Edman suffers coronary attack, improves steadily 
1966 November 25 Student council Editorial Student council: mockery of its structure discourages student respect 
1966 November 25 Academic perfection Editorial Overemphasis on academics fosters tension, guilt feelings 
1966 November 25 God and Sports Letters to the Editor Whose bench does God warm? 
1966 November 25 Student council Council clippings Off-campus programs broaden student perspectives 
1966 November 25 Alumni Letters to the Editor A '66 grad adds Wheaton to prayer list 
1966 November 25 Purity in language Letters to the Editor Professor criticizes 'damn' statement 
1966 November 25 Veteran's Day Letters to the Editor Involvement may mean a green beret 
1966 November 25 Student criticism Letters to the Editor Record upholds sub-collegiate standard 
1966 November 25 Military News Experts reaffirm conscription, disagree on deferments 
1966 November 25 Education grant News Wheaton college accepts third $1500 unrestricted grant from Texaco aid-to education program 
1966 November 25 Conservatory News Conservatory students:apart from campus? 
1966 November 25 Washington semester News American accepts juniors for Washington semester 
1966 November 25 Recital News Youngquist, Stevens to give recital 
1966 November 25 NSA News NSA officer confers with administration 
1966 November 25 Creative Arts festival News Creative Arts committee announces February deadline 
1966 November 25 Freshman class officers News Freshmen complete class officer vote, hunt for sponsors 
1966 November 25 NSA continuations Schwartz names factors underlying NSA withdrawals 
1966 November 25 Organ recital News Peterson preludes advent with Noels, Christmas chorales 
1966 November 25 Tower Editor continuation '68 Tower editor to inject creativity into practical book 
1966 November 25 Soccer Sports Mideast champs set records: coach Baptista calls team "best balanced he's ever coached" 
1966 November 25 Hockey Sports St. Procopius wallops Wheaton Puckmen 
1966 November 25 Debate News Debate team scores rating of "excellent" 
1966 November 25 Swim team Sports Coach Roberts leads early-rising swim team in first varsity year 
1966 November 25 Football Sports Improved Gridders record winning 5-4 season effort 
1966 November 25 Football Sports Crusader Gridmen close season with North Central loss 
1966 November 25 CPO News CPO loses delivery contest with efficient public postmen 
1966 November 25 ARGUS magazine News Second issue to lighten ARGUS tone 
1966 November 25 Book of semester Continuation Walsh visit includes pre-lecture dinner 
1966 November 25 Lyceum News Pratt to discuss ESP phenomenon in second Lyceum 
1966 December 1 National Student Association Front Page Open student council meeting to examine status of Wheaton NSA 
1966 December 1 Lyceum lecture Front Page ESP researcher discusses parapsychology discoveries 
1966 December 1 CSC Front Page CSC spurs involvement 
1966 December 1 Choir Front Page Soloist to complement choir in MESSIAH performance 
1966 December 1 student funeral services Front Page Klicpera rite held in Racine church 
1966 December 1 Profanity Letters to the Editor Censored profanity denies author's integrity 
1966 December 1 Armerding Chapel Message Letters to the Editor LSD chapel talk follows shabby methodology 
1966 December 1 Soccer Letters to the Editor Soccermen appreciate enthusisatic support 
1966 December 1 Student council Letters to the Editor Council desert can bloom into 'greenest Canaan' 
1966 December 1 Student council dilemma Editorials Significant proposals--solution to council's dilemma 
1966 December 1 orchestra concert Artist Series Review Strauss orchestra presents 'fun' concert 
1966 December 1 Art and theology Viewpoint Art forms: theologian's ally? 
1966 December 1 Music criticism Letters to the Editor Critic reviews criteria for music criticism 
1966 December 1 Christmas break travel News Travel committee to streamline exodus 
1966 December 1 Comprehensive exams News Comps loom for January graduates 
1966 December 1 Canterbury club News Author-professor Casserley addresses Canterbury club 
1966 December 1 Christmas recital News Speech students to give Christmas recital 
1966 December 1 heating plant news Heating plant heroes insure weary students calm nights 
1966 December 1 CSC news  CSc sponsors old-age bowlers group: enthusiasm marks wheel-chair bowlers 
1966 December 1 wildlife film news Wildlife film shows Wisconsin geology 
1966 December 1 fall sports the sideline Wheaton records winning fall sports season 
1966 December 1 basketball sports Cagers anticipate improved record as season opens 
1966 December 1 wrestling sports Matmen open season at MacMurray 
1966 December 1 evangelism news Lindeberg cites need for student-originated programs 
1966 December 1 NSA news Armerding, committee members differ on issues in NSA inquiry 
1966 December 1 glee women news Gle women hold traditional banquet 
1966 December 1 chemistry of the moon news Chemist to descrive moon's composition 
1966 December 1 soccer sports Goalie Bott receives 'Most Valuable' title 
1966 December 1 hockey sports Icemen remain cold; drop second game 
1966 December 1 basketball sports Returning lettermen to fill key cager line-up positions 
1966 December 1 pre-Christmas Chicago photo feature Crowds clog city as holiday nears 
1966 December 8 Handel's 'Messiah' front page 325-voice choir, soloists sing Handel's 'Messiah' tomorrow 
1966 December 8 skid row ministry front page Row drive needs clothing donations 
1966 December 8 Christmas Festival front page Festival to spread Christmas music 
1966 December 8 christmas readings front page Speech students interpret varied Christmas readings 
1966 December 8 free x-rays front page Mobile unit brings free TB x-rays to faculty, students 
1966 December 8 NSA front page Council tables NSA issue until next week's meeting 
1966 December 8 WETN front page WETN poll finds collegiate listeners a bit unpredictable 
1966 December 8 campus groups editorial tudent journalism - bulletin board or a multi-"world" campus? 
1966 December 8 anti-profanity letters to the editor Red herring cloud issue on use of 'damn' 
1966 December 8 testing editorial Slipshod testing reaps unfair grading, 'fooled' students 
1966 December 8 Vietnam draft news Congress faces maze of draft alternatives; students may march 
1966 December 8 critic letters to the editor Critic commits errors he condemns 
1966 December 8 letter headlines letters to the editor Letter headline: an obvious distortion 
1966 December 8 Vietnam prayers letters to the editor Student praises proposal for Vietnam prayers 
1966 December 8 chapel letters to the editor Chapel outbursts show 'childish mentality' 
1966 December 8 Christmas post office workers news Sleepless workers sort seasonal mail 
1966 December 8 candy discounts news Candy cards allow permanent discount 
1966 December 8 WETN news WETN survey bares stuents radio habits 
1966 December 8 Oberg group feature 'Oberg group' experiences charismatic living in Holy Spirit 
1966 December 8 intramural sports Preliminary round to place basketball intramural teams in 5 leagues 
1966 December 8 basketball sports St. Joseph's team downs Crusaders in first season loss 
1966 December 8 basketball sports Pfundmen outrebound Washington 
1966 December 8 Wrestling sports Wrestlers grab second place in MacMurray tournament 
1966 December 8 basketball sports Utigard sparks comeback try, but Pumas continue to score 
1966 December 8 draft news ILL. officers to speak on college and draft 
1966 December 8 NSA continuation Stram vote favors NSA resolution during open forum 
1966 December 8 recital continuation Recital includes essays 
1966 December 8 Christmas time photo feature Decorations, snow spur holiday spirit 
1966 December 15 NSA front page Council approves resolution supporting NSA trial period 
1966 December 15 spiritual emphasis week front page Baptist minister to conduct January special services 
1966 December 15 county board front page Ogilvie names grad to fill county board administrative post 
1966 December 15 World mission congress front page World mission congress to consider special problems of urban evangelism 
1966 December 15 Christian college front page President's committee eyes mission of Christian college 
1966 December 15 NSA editorial National Student Association - some overlooked considerations 
1966 December 15 student council letters to the editor Broad charges obscure significant council issues 
1966 December 15 learning editorial A bull in the classroom might add to the excitement of learning 
1966 December 15 Christmas poem feature Campus Cop's Christmas Carol 
1966 December 15 Student council continuations SC debates NSA policy 
1966 December 15 literature lectureship presentation news Nims to discuss St. John of the Cross for literature lectureship presentation 
1966 December 15 jazz policy news Armerding predicts completion of report on jazz policy study 
1966 December 15 President's committee continuations committee to utilize varied planning data 
1966 December 15 wrestling sports Western crushes Wheaton matmen in 21-16 triumph 
1966 December 15 swimming sports Swimmers, divers drown George Williams College 
1966 December 15 soccer sports Soccer team nets conference honors 
1966 December 15 hockey sports Hockey team takes 9-3 loss in St. Procopius ice contest 
1966 December 15 basketball sports DePauw overcomes early Wheaton lead to fell Crusaders in closing five seconds 
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