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DateSubject (Personal Name or Topic)Column or SectionTopic or Title
1966 January 6 gymnasts in Haiti front page Gymnastics squad witnesses to Haitians through vacation performances 
1966 January 6 artist series front page French baritone to sing Handel, Ravel, Schumann 
1966 January 6 College Union front page Union sponsors film portraying war-torn Russia 
1966 January 6 winter commencement convocation speaker front page NY Calvary Baptist's Olford to address winter convocation 
1966 January 6 international hootenanny front page Multilingual songs test Elan at international hootenanny 
1966 January 6 Festival Chorus front page Chorus prepares Elijah Oratorio 
1966 January 6 civil rights and the church editorial Evangelical pulpits silent on civil rights 
1966 January 6 "This America" Book Review Census statistics debunk 'decaying America' myths 
1966 January 6 Founder's day dinner news Founders day program relates President's lives 
1966 January 6 American Forensic Association news AFA opts Nystrom finance chairman 
1966 January 6 shooting clinic news Army champions to instructs shooting clinic participants 
1966 January 6 Selective Service system news SSS re-evaluates draft deferments 
1966 January 6 basketball sports Valpo routs Crusader Five; Cagers battle ITC at home 
1966 January 6 wrestling sports Grapplers invitational starts home season with stiff competition 
1966 January 6 faculty piano recital news Instructor to play Chopin, Beethoven 
1966 January 13 tuition front page Comprehensive charge replaces hourly tuition 
1966 January 13 NAACP front page Speaker researches court house rule at NAACP meeting 
1966 January 13 Clapham society front page Clapham explores social involvement 
1966 January 13 Fischer dorm front page Frosh await possible March occupancy of Fischer Dorm 
1966 January 13 Saint and Elliot residence halls front page Remodeled men's hall to facilitate single occupancy 
1966 January 13 Evangelical Theological society front page Theologians choose Paynes society head 
1966 January 13 faculty recruitment editorial Salaries: the only barrier to faculty recruitment? 
1966 January 13 college sponsored film editorial Didacticism, censorship costs hamper film policy 
1966 January 13 Vietnam exchange editorial A Viet policy beyond Prestige concern 
1966 January 13 artist series Artist Series Review Souzay effects clarity, refinement in Handel, Gounod, Ravel program 
1966 January 13 "Out of the Jaws of the Lion" book review Historical perspective on 'Congo Crisis' 
1966 January 13 anthropological collection news Museum curator examines, praises 2000 piece anthropological collection 
1966 January 13 Clapham society news Panel evaluates student organization's efforts 
1966 January 13 dorm renovation news College to renovate Mens' dorms 
1966 January 13 WETN and hockey news WETN airs hockey 
1966 January 13 faculty publications news Faculty publish in Linguistics, NT history 
1966 January 13 Volunteers in Service to America news VISTA project advocates self-training 
1966 January 13 Civil rights news Frey leads fight vs. closed housing 
1966 January 13 Wheaton shelter buildings news City CD indicates shelter buildings 
1966 January 13 basketball sports Forest, Teachers succumb to concerted Wheaton effort 
1966 January 13 intramurals sports Intramurals struggle for basketball title 
1966 January 13 Wheaton sports Splinters from the bench Wheaton preserves reputation in athletics 
1966 January 13 Ken Olsen, Jim Gustafson Crusaders on the week Olsen enters Crusader starting lineup; wrestler Gustafson wins tourney award 
1966 January 13 basketball sports Squad enters crucial month 
1966 January 13 WRA sports Eight colleges join in WRA sports day 
1966 January 13 wrestling sports Wheaton squad places first in Great Lakes invitational 
1966 January 13 basketball sports Three-victory chain, Loyola defeat after Bomber b-ball record to 3-6 
1966 January 13 Washington banquet news Adm. Kelly to address WB in Chicago's pick-congress 
1966 January 13 world affairs forum news Forum studies world scene 
1966 January 20 winter commencement convocation front page 23 to receive Jan. degree 
1966 January 20 NAACP front page NAACP lecturer sketches 'Housing Freedom' program 
1966 January 20 Glee Club front page Glee clubs to sing Midwest concerts; choir to retreat 
1966 January 20 sociology department forum front page Dep't forum to analyze evangelical fear of Soc. 
1966 January 20 spring services front page Dallas exegesis prof to conduct services for spring semester 
1966 January 20 WRA front page WRA seizes 2 sportsday basketball wins 
1966 January 20 teacher effectiveness editorial Ratings needed to assess teacher effectiveness 
1966 January 20 review of Wheaton issues editorial An editorial potpourri 
1966 January 20 increased tuition Letters to the editor Cramming facts or time for reflection? 
1966 January 20 basketball sports NC, Wash. edge Wheaton in overtime home games 
1966 January 20 gymnastics sports Gymnasts take U. of c. meet 
1966 January 20 team spirit Splinters from the bench The Cource of Crusader spirit 
1966 January 20 Wrestling sports Wrestlers edge by NI, 19-16 
1966 February 3 Fischer hall front page 200 men evacuate cubicles in mass exodus to efficient Fischer complex 
1966 February 3 S. Lewis Johnson, special services front page Homiletics expert commences winter special services week 
1966 February 3 winter convocation speaker front page Olford address programs 'war on spiritual poverty' 
1966 February 3 creative arts festival front page Festival to display student creativity, stress excellence 
1966 February 3 Washington Banquet speaker front page Pick-Congress gala to feature chaplain chief 
1966 February 3 RECORD editorial Why pages two and three? 
1966 February 3 Christian writing editorial 'Walls around us' and reality: incompatible with creativity 
1966 February 3 analogies of sand and people The Hut  
1966 February 3 ice cream Letters to the Editor Ice cream 'party' implies Wheaton, Watts parallel 
1966 February 3 teacher evaluations letters to the editor 'Democratic' education slights teacher respect 
1966 February 3 freedom of expression letters to the editor 'Bethlehem shackles' curb aesthetic endeavor 
1966 February 3 marathon satire The best of all possible worlds 
1966 February 3 peace corps feature Peace corps prepares Swanberg for Ecuadorean assignment 
1966 February 3 Grad lectures news Grad lectures treat theology current trends 
1966 February 3 J. Edward Hakes news Hakes to join Trinity as C. E. chairman 
1966 February 3 Smith hall form banquet news Puppets entertain Smith girls, guests at dorm banquet 
1966 February 3 Dr. Johnson, special services news Students, faculty suggests speakers 
1966 February 3 Canada west coast film news Audubon film gives western coast tour of Canadian wildlife 
1966 February 3 sociology department forum news Scanzoni investigates sociological synthesis 
1966 February 3 speed skating news Hegle skates to national speed championship 
1966 February 3 SMF news SMF links students to missions, supports prater bands, teams 
1966 February 3 CSC news CSC chapel, panel, luncheon dramatizes needs in inner city 
1966 February 3 summer institute for teachers of philosophy news Hackett gets grant for summer study 
1966 February 3 basketball Crusader sportlight Needed: support at road games 
1966 February 3 wrestling sports Wrestlers place 3rd in Wis. triple dual 
1966 February 3 Westergren, McDowell Crusaders of the week Westergren scores justify starting position; McDowell benefits football and wrestling 
1966 February 3 basketball sprots Crusader five holds determined Upper Iowa, falls to Albion's Britons, Taylor's Trojans 
1966 February 3 gymnastics sports Gymnasts defeat George Williams, face Chicago U. 
1966 February 3 ROTC news New senior ROTC appointees receive branch assignments 
1966 February 3 alumni research grant news Batson receives Alumni Research grant 
1966 February 3 Adm Kelly news Naval appointment details Adm. Kelly to present position 
1966 February 10 Dr. Peter Veltman front page Veltman named college dean; Fadenrecht to teach 
1966 February 10 winter spiritual emphasis week front page Johnson preaches Christ as God-man during winter spiritual emphasis week 
1966 February 10 NSA front page NSA interchange debates Vatican II, Catholic reforms 
1966 February 10 Illinois Young Republicans' College federation front page Republicans convene to formulate platform in statewide seminar 
1966 February 10 CSC forum front page Church-oriented action fills inner-city institutional void 
1966 February 10 the Christian teacher editorial Who is the teacher? 
1966 February 10 world awareness editorial Student concerns and the 'real world' 
1966 February 10 The pledge Letters to the editor The pledge: in loco parentis of the Christian standard of conduct? 
1966 February 10 winter and willow anecdote The Hut  
1966 February 10 student council Council clippings Council projects include possible reorganization, minimum wage study 
1966 February 10 Everything That Rises Must Converge Book review Man's tragic convergence 
1966 February 10 Selective Service Off the record Selective Service philosophy: 2-S able to fight as well as 1-A 
1966 February 10 teacher evaluations letters to the editor Why deny faculty valid student opinions? 
1966 February 10 racial issues letters to the editor Senior deprecates racial attitudes 
1966 February 10 religious art letters to the editor Why the dearth of Donatistic art? 
1966 February 10 archaeology department conference news Archaeologists to disclose recent middle east findings 
1966 February 10 Vietnam news Vietnam influences cadets' interests in going advanced 
1966 February 10 policy discussion news Representatives Troutman, Reigle join policy discussion, revise final plank 
1966 February 10 sociology forum news Sociology forum questions church role, pastorate as highest Christian vocation 
1966 February 10 Johnson news Johnson stresses deep personal faith 
1966 February 10 Catholicism news Davis cites changes in Catholic position 
1966 February 10 concert band to South America news Musicians anticipate Venture III, plan 18 Latin American concerts 
1966 February 10 Dace deRoche sports Trinidad-born DeRoche wins nomination to NCAA All-American soccer squad 
1966 February 10 hockey sports Crusader pucksters bow to, overwhelm Northern Illinois 
1966 February 10 wrestling Crusader Sportlight Top stars, excitement in Wheaton invitational 
1966 February 10 track sports Trackmen concede to U of C harriers despite four firsts 
1966 February 10 basketball sports Crusaders feel Pumas' bite, oppose strong DePauw team 
1966 February 10 wrestling sports Wheaton wrestlers trounce Western Ill., Central Mich/ 
1966 February 10 Board of Trustees news Trustees decline deletion in credo 
1966 February 17 drama front page Reports affirms drama function 
1966 February 17 wrestling front page Midwest wrestlers contend for top invitational honors 
1966 February 17 NSA front page NSA weighs tradition-Scripture conflict 
1966 February 17 Young Republicans convention front page Gov. Scranton challenges YR convention 
1966 February 17 Dr. Joseph Free front page Noted archaeologists to probe Biblical verification problems 
1966 February 17 Evangelical, Catholic editorial About that splinter in your eye... 
1966 February 17 anecdote The Hut  
1966 February 17 Christian ethics editorial Crux of christian ethics: legalism of God's love? 
1966 February 17 Cal Coolidge cotilion satire The best of all possible worlds 
1966 February 17 meetings commentary letters to the editor god-man transcends human expectations 
1966 February 17 phantasmagoria Off the Record The reality of phantasmagoria: narcotics and the college user 
1966 February 17 ASIS, NSA news ASIS, NSA unite summer work, foreign travel 
1966 February 17 Civil Rights news Okite relates African strides to US civil rights movements 
1966 February 17 Francis Schaeffer lecture news Schaeffer to lecture during inter-session 
1966 February 17 Washington banquet Feature Speculation rises on faculty celebrities to don George's tails, Martha's hoops 
1966 February 17 liberal arts education news Liberal arts education includes drama 
1966 February 17 Women's army corps news Army lieutenant to recruit for WACs 
1966 February 17 gymnastics sports Gymnasts earn firsts to upset C. Michigan 
1966 February 17 hockey sports Hockey team splits game with Lewis; Crusaders' record now stands at 4-4-4 
1966 February 17 wrestling sports Wheaton Invitational previews national wrestling champions 
1966 February 17 NCAA Crusader Sportlight NCAA elects Wheaton again 
1966 February 17 wrestling sports Sickness dims hopes for Crusader triumph at wrestling tourney 
1966 February 17 track sports Track team fights meet to stalemate at North Central 
1966 February 17 basketball sports Pumas, Bears outmaneuver Crusaders 
1966 February 17 Midwest Model United Nations news Crusaders to attend MMUN; delegation to represent Mali 
1966 February 17 CSC news CSC sponsors film of Carlson in color 
1966 February 17 SMF news SMF to consider Russian church 
1966 February 17 Vienna Choir Boys news Vienna Choir Boys to sing Renaissance songs, operetta 
1966 February 17 organ performance news Senior organ major to perform renditions of Couperin, Sowerby 
1966 February 17 College Union news Union Club to open 'Le Petit Chalet' 
1966 February 24 Tower front page Board reports urges Tower status change 
1966 February 24 housing plan front page Housing plan to accomplish class variety 
1966 February 24 Vienna choir boys front page Vienna boys sing ethnic, religious songs 
1966 February 24 arts festival front page Students render Macbeth roles for arts festival 
1966 February 24 St. John's University editorial St. John's and Wheaton's faculty 
1966 February 24 theology and politics editorial Political provincialism unscriptural? 
1966 February 24 alumni letter to the editor Inane college attitude depreciates diplomas 
1966 February 24 anecdote The Hut  
1966 February 24 Student council, truition Council Clippings Council resolution approves tuition hike, denounces wage 
1966 February 24 faculty action letters to the editor The important first step: context for deliberation 
1966 February 24 American religion Book review American religion: really Christian 
1966 February 24 Washington banquet letters to the editor Martha and George express gratitude 
1966 February 24 academic freedom Off the record Freedom of dissent: substance of pretense? 
1966 February 24 study in Europe news European study challenges students' cultural interests 
1966 February 24 winter convocation news College to discontinue January convocation 
1966 February 24 debate news Debaters record tie in tournament 
1966 February 24 banquet dates news Date doubts frustrate females 
1966 February 24 Macbeth new Students rehearse drama roles daily 
1966 February 24 College union, informal dating news Union promotes informal dating with 'Harbor Lights' 
1966 February 24 Marty's Joint dining hall news Marty's Join introduces unique pastime; students enjoy candlelight, art, soft music 
1966 February 24 Presidential breakfast news Grad school students attend annual Presidential breakfast 
1966 February 24 Lyceum news Lyceum to feature commentator Smith 
1966 February 24 hockey Crusader Sportlight Ice hockey team campaigns for varsity sports status 
1966 February 24 International basketball sports Columbian team challenges Crusaders 
1966 February 24 gymnastics sports Gymnasts stopped by Indiana state, confront George Williams colege 
1966 February 24 wrestling sports MacMurray wins Wheaton invitational; injury-ridden Crusaders come in fourth 
1966 February 24 track sports Freshmen lead to track victory 
1966 February 24 WRA sports WRA closes successful basketball season 
1966 February 24 intramural sports Touch teams vie for top spots during intramural compteition 
1966 February 24 Book of the Semester lecture news Marty begins semeste book lecture series 
1966 February 24 AWS week news Variety enlivens AWS week, includes meeting, party, sing 
1966 February 24 Nathan Milstein, artist series news Milstein to perform on rare Stradivarius 
1966 February 24 housing news Study revolutionizes housing, programs random placement 
1966 February 24 new archaeology course news Near Eastern School to offern new course 
1966 February 24 Theater, Dylan news Students flock to procure tickets for theater enactment of Dylan 
1966 March 3 Missionary Emphasis Week front page Taylor speaks for missions 
1966 March 3 Artist Series front page Milstein performs Paganini, Beethoven on Stradivarius 
1966 March 3 Howard K. Smith front page Journalist Smith elaborates changing challenges to USA 
1966 March 3 Summer student missions front page 30 Wheatonites travel to 18 countries at 1966 summer student missionaries 
1966 March 3 NSA front page Gross to address area NSA on leadership responsibility 
1966 March 3 attitude to contemporary literature editorial Contemporary literature: a write of habeas corpus 
1966 March 3 Christianity and culture letters to the editor since when are the chosen people? 
1966 March 3 dating letters to the editor Seeking to love more than to be loved 
1966 March 3 the pledge letters to the editor The pledge: a pragmatic device 
1966 March 3 chapel letters to the editor For creative chapels: liturgical worship? 
1966 March 3 Vietnam letters to the editor Student generation: guilty of omniscience? 
1966 March 3 artist series satire The best of all possible worlds 
1966 March 3 communication with administration letters to the editor Without dialogue with the trustees; stagnation of intellectual vigor? 
1966 March 3 Student council, Dylan Council clippings Council considers editorial reaction, "Dylan" decision 
1966 March 3 Vienna Choir Boys Artist series review Choir boys impressive despite poor intonation 
1966 March 3 Blackouts News Blackouts bring unscheduled difficulties; ingenuity arises to overcome hardships 
1966 March 3 Union club News Union club creates Ocean atmosphere 
1966 March 3 Viet students News Viet students air views on war, elections 
1966 March 3 Rockefeller fund News Rockefeller fund grants fellowship 
1966 March 3 AWS week News Taco party features variety of activities for women students 
1966 March 3 Racial relief News Selma march leaders discuss new ventures in racial relief 
1966 March 3 Beards News Growing beards; social protest or convenience? 
1966 March 3 AWS elections News Three candidates seek presidency in AWS elections 
1966 March 3 NSA meeting News Gross to address area NSA meeating on leadership, duty 
1966 March 3 Debate team News Wheaton debate team wins second awards at U of Iowa tourney 
1966 March 3 Young Republicans News YR speaker Rakove to urge revitalization of local politics 
1966 March 3 Recitals News Seniors prepare flute, voice rectial with sonata, arias 
1966 March 3 Basketball Sports Basketball experience to reap dividends 
1966 March 3 Rifle team Sports Rifle team scores close win over IIT 
1966 March 3 Spring sports Crusader Spotlight Can spring be far behind? 
1966 March 3 Soccer  Sports Wheaton soccer team to join newly formed MII conference 
1966 March 3 turmoil in Latin America news Smith proposes solutions for Latin America unrest 
1966 March 3 senior concert news John Zimmerman to play Beethoven at senior concert 
1966 March 3 Dr. William Eigrig news Eifrig to play pieces from four music eras on organ, harpsichord 
1966 March 3 Roman Catholic religious emphasis week news Students present Lewis panel on 'Why I am not a Catholic' 
1966 March 10 AWS front page AWS presidential candidates announce diversified election campaign platforms 
1966 March 10 Woodrow Wilson award front page 2 seniors awarded Wilsons 
1966 March 10 artist series news 1966-67, Artist series to offer 8 diverse musical concerts 
1966 March 10 Audubon society film front page Naturalist narrates final Audubon film 
1966 March 10 Book of the Semester program front page Marty evaluates the Church, initiates discussion program 
1966 March 10 human rights editorial Civil liberties: all right to hate but not to dissent 
1966 March 10 church and society editorial The Great Commission and social action 
1966 March 10 Truth book review "The choice: truth or negation" 
1966 March 10 liturgical chapels letters to the editor Unless indifferent attitudes change, liturgical chapels inconsequencial 
1966 March 10 St. John's editorial letters to the editor St. john's editorial: foreign to the truth 
1966 March 10 leaving professors letters to the editor When those who light the path to truth leave... 
1966 March 10 Nathan Milstein Artist series review Milstein - matchless performance 
1966 March 10 senior tutorial project news Lit majors complete tutorials 
1966 March 10 grad school theological conference news Hendricks to stress personal ministry 
1966 March 10 Christian higher education conference news Conference mulls morality problem 
1966 March 10 Blue series news Blue series to include orchestras, European performers, choruses 
1966 March 10 ecumenism news Nationals reveal ecumenical awareness 
1966 March 10 Creative arts festival news Faculty, students to present original festival compositions 
1966 March 10 NACSW news NACSW conference speakers to explore synthesis of faith with social work practice 
1966 March 10 AWS news Mar. 17 AWS election to determine presidential leadership for '66-'67 
1966 March 10 guest artist concert news Guest concert artist plays French, English organ music 
1966 March 10 AAES news AAES, pysch. dept. sponsor speaker on psychotheraphy 
1966 March 10 recital news Ruth Lead to play Bach violin sonata 
1966 March 10 United Nations news MMUN delegates represent socialist Mali 
1966 March 10 church and city news Discussions question church-culture links 
1966 March 10 NSA news Gross keynotes convention NSA debates responsibility 
1966 March 10 NCAA Crusader Sportlight Teams in NCAA competition 
1966 March 10 basketball sports B-ball tournaments decide intramural league victors 
1966 March 10 Wrestling sports Wrestling season ends with triumph over Notre Dame 
1966 March 10 volleyball sports Women's volleyball team hosts annual invitational sportsday 
1966 March 10 track sports Harriers fail to place in Chicago open meet 
1966 March 10 Missionary Emphasis Week news Taylor completes missionary week with after-thougths 
1966 March 10 Creative arts festival news Museum director to talk on US art during festival 
1966 March 10 senior piano recital news Wilhelmson plays Beethoven sonata 
1966 March 10 Mayor's prayer breakfast news Students hear army general at Mayor's prayer breakfast 
1966 March 17 ARGUS front page Council recommends ARGUS 
1966 March 17 NSA front page Illinois-Wisconsin NSA elects council officers Moffett, Price 
1966 March 17 Creative Arts festival front page Films, play, lectures highlight annual Creative Arts festival 
1966 March 17 Kodon front page Third Kodon issue comprises writings of festival winners 
1966 March 17 book-of-the-semester editorial Because of "enlightenment," critical detachment? 
1966 March 17 campus publications editorial A new frontier in publications 
1966 March 17 St. John's editorial letter to the editor St. John's editorial: representative student, faculty opinion 
1966 March 17 Student Council Council clippings Council considers Stupe grill prices dining hall wages 
1966 March 17 Vietnam letters to the editor JFK Vietnam policy: less involvement? 
1966 March 17 Creative arts festival The best of all possible worlds  
1966 March 17 faculty letters to the editor Openmindedness: to be worthy of faculty 
1966 March 17 Youth activism Off the Record Society's tag: what student generation next? 
1966 March 17 religious nonconformists letters to the editor Religious nonconformists must reconstruct 
1966 March 17 debate enws Buffam, Cook seize second place in state at debate competition 
1966 March 17 School Administators' dinner news Dept. gives dinner for school heads 
1966 March 17 Christian faith and social work news Conference views synthesis of Christianity, social work 
1966 March 17 Antioch study news Antioch team analyzes social envionment 
1966 March 17 senior piano recital news Hansen presents recital with quartet 
1966 March 17 junior recital news Larsen performs Chopin, Sowerby 
1966 March 17 ICHR news ICHR group attends Chicago conference workshops on rights 
1966 March 17 college library news Library periodicals show variety, depth 
1966 March 17 costs and aid news Student aid increase proportionate to tuition raise, higher room costs 
1966 March 17 new dress philosophy news New dress philosophy boosts casual campus atmosphere 
1966 March 17 senior voice recital news Gilbertson to sing Saint-Saens, Salter 
1966 March 17 track sports Crusader trackmen place 4th at indoor North Central meet 
1966 March 17 wrestling sports Wrestlers Hill, Faulkner place in NCAA finals 
1966 March 17 volleyball sports Volleyball teams face Concordia, win in inviational 
1966 March 17 indoor soccer sports Santos F.C. captures Porringer prize in "prestigious" Hoc-Soc tourney finals 
1966 March 17 NCAA gymnastics sports Wheaton hosts NCAA gymnastic championship 
1966 March 17 summer mission news Students voice summer mission hopes 
1966 March 17 senior class talent show news Seniors present talented variety of performances 
1966 March 24 Creative arts festival front page Artistic expressions receive Creative Arts festival awards 
1966 March 24 drama policy front page Macbeth cast performs under new drama policy 
1966 March 24 Shakespeare Lyceum lecture front page Elizabethan authority speaks on Shakespeare's biography 
1966 March 24 AWS front page AWS elects MacFadyen; considers missionary project 
1966 March 24 Selective service's college qualification test front page Registrants to take 2-S qualifying test 
1966 March 24 Tiffany memorial lectureship series front page Treadgold to contemplate problems of USSR, China at Tiffany series 
1966 March 24 Creative Arts festival editoral A well-planned festival 
1966 March 24 China editorial China: containment without isolation? 
1966 March 24 criticism letters to the editor Critics: what kind of criticism brings a change? 
1966 March 24 criticism letters to the editor Plus-minus criticism: intrinsic to reviews 
1966 March 24 Racism and the Christian Understanding of Man book review Man: made after our image or God's? 
1966 March 24 Great commission and social action letters to the editor The Word made flesh transcends word-action dualism 
1966 March 24 Christianity and culture letters to the editor Christianity excludes CARE package preoccupation 
1966 March 24 traditions letters to the editor Gallantry: appreciated tradition 
1966 March 24 Batman Off the Record Will Batman stop the Riddler? 
1966 March 24 Antioch study news Antioch study team observes diversity in student attitudes 
1966 March 24 sophomore piano recital news Soph Goddard presents Bartok, Bach for recital 
1966 March 24 education students news Students praise teaching opportunities; lament lack of lesson preparation time 
1966 March 24 Young Republican news Republicans to attend parley; Reigle runs for region office 
1966 March 24 WETN news Education TV meeting draws 4 from WETN 
1966 March 24 Creative arts festival news Increasing interest supports sixth Creative Arts festival 
1966 March 24 Macbeth news Macbeth indicates changing philosophy toward dramatic arts 
1966 March 24 civil housing rights news Housewives to present panel promoting housing rights 
1966 March 24 Senior piano recital news Shuster performs Bach, Chopin, Liszt 
1966 March 24 NCAA gymnastics sports S. Ill gymnasts win NCAA competition 
1966 March 24 gymnastics coach sports Williams to leave to military duty after three years of creative leadership 
1966 March 24 Conguer Rifles sports Conguer riflers compete in drills at invitational meet 
1966 March 24 intramural basketball sports Animals overpower intramural opponents in basketball tourney 
1966 March 24 coach Bud Williams Crusader Sportlight Williams: coach emeritus 
1966 March 24 All sports day sports All sports day competition begins first class rivalry since 'the bench' 
1966 March 24 senior class talent show news Committee strikes two jazz numbers from talent show 
1966 March 24 student teaching news Heavy college load hampers student teacher preparation 
1966 March 24 Christian College Bowl news Seniors fall to Houghton in Christian College bowl 
1966 March 24 Wheaton Festical chorus news Chorus to sing Elijah for spring oratorio 
1966 March 24 symphony orchestra news Orchestra concert includes concerto with Zimmerman 
1966 March 31 CSC front page Electorate votes in CSC chief 
1966 March 31 Campus fair front page contests, skill booths enliven Campus fair entertainment 
1966 March 31 Kodon front page Brook to edit '66-'67 Kodon; board selects dual manager 
1966 March 31 chorus front page 4 soloists, oratorio chorus sing Mendelssohn's Elijah 
1966 March 31 Tiffany lecture front page Treadgold to give annual Tiffany lecture 
1966 March 31 Creative Arts festival editorial Visual isolation on the college campus 
1966 March 31 college adjustments editorial Authenticity versus 'adjustment' 
1966 March 31 Christianity and social needs letters to the editor Faith not divorced from its manifestation 
1966 March 31 Vietnam letters to the editor Vietnam war and American opinion: and Asian view 
1966 March 31 Student Council Council clippings Council considers possible forum on faculty exodus 
1966 March 31 Anecdote The best of all possible worlds  
1966 March 31 Africa civilization letters to the editor AIM church has no ignored the people 
1966 March 31 Macbeth letters tot he editor Director thanks Macbeth cast, staff 
1966 March 31 Antioch study news Antioch study team analyzes opinion on change, religious, academic stresses 
1966 March 31 College union news Union seeks events review 
1966 March 31 senior piano recital news Hendricks to present Beethoven, Copland 
1966 March 31 graduate students in Puerto Rico news Grad student team to work with Puerto Rican churches 
1966 March 31 speech recital news Perez, Tavares pose rival views at speech recital 
1966 March 31 CSC news Candidates delineate expansion proposals for '67 CSC outreach 
1966 March 31 Dialog, philosophy publication enws Pilosophy journal to publish Skillen article about Jaspers 
1966 March 31 Young Repiblicans news Dirksen highlights YR caucus; Reigle heads 11 Wheatonites 
1966 March 31 Oratorical contest news Mowrer triumphs in oratory contest 
1966 March 31 spring sports Crusader sportlight And a Young man's fancy turns to... baseball, track, tennis, golf 
1966 March 31 track sports Wheaton thinclads wrap-up indoor season 
1966 March 31 senior recital news Ayanoglou, Holliday to perform selections in joint senior recital 
1966 March 31 tennis sports Experienced racketmen open '67 season, defeating NC 6-3 
1966 March 31 sports day sports Ten sports determine most vigorous class in Sports Day games 
1966 March 31 baseball sports Baseball team confronts Northwestern 
1966 March 31 volleyball sports Women's volleyball loses to Depaul 2-0, down U. of Ill 2-1 
1966 March 31 Ester tours news 190 students to tour with musical groups during spring recess 
1966 March 31 new faculty members news Armerding names new chairmen to fill Bible, English, speech posts 
1966 March 31 orchestra's youth concert news Pianist Harutunian performs own music in Boston concert 
1966 March 31 missions news April conference to define evangelical missions view 
1966 April 22 Faculty members Front Page Grants, missions precipitate faculty, administrator changes 
1966 April 22 Cooperative university Front Page Armerding conceives plans for cooperative university 
1966 April 22 Dean's staff Front Page Deans selct 42 resident assistants 
1966 April 22 British Passion Film Front Page Fellowship sponsors British Passion film, spring smorgasbord 
1966 April 22 Spring elections Front page Spring elections to determine Council head, class officers 
1966 April 22 Dr. Woodrow Sayre Front Page Sayre recounts Everest attempt 
1966 April 22 Social "inexperience" News 'Inexperience' hampers campus social life 
1966 April 22 mythical Wheaton Front Page The mythical Wheaton 
1966 April 22 best of all schools Letters to the Editor Pseudo-Pangloss applauds the best of all possible schools 
1966 April 22 Majority opinion Letters to the Editor Opinion consensus: never 'expedient' 
1966 April 22 Record Letters to the Editor Record: stimulating reading 
1966 April 22 Jim Skillen's essay Letters to the Editor Correction regarding Skillen article 
1966 April 22 All sports day News Sophomores win All Sports day title 
1966 April 22 Tennis News WC racketeers defend crown after dropping tough matches 
1966 April 22 Operation Otherside News 40 Wheatonites assist Operation Otherside on Ohio State campus 
1966 April 22 Track Sports Trackmen set relay record, compete at Wabash DePauw 
1966 April 22 Handel's Messiah News Shaw orchestram chorale to present 1754 MESSIAH 
1966 April 22 Band News Band plays tour repertoire featuring variety of selections 
1966 April 22 President Johnson News President Johnson narrates AUSA film on Vietnam conflict 
1966 April 22 Piano Concert News Ludeker to render Brahams, Debussy 
1966 April 28 Student council Front Page Delegations back various causes, can draft candidates at convention 
1966 April 28 Student council candidates Front Page Candidates advocate SMP growth, council changes, positive approach 
1966 April 28 Missionary work Front Page Forming 'Wheaton Declaration' unifies evangelical thought on missionary work 
1966 April 28 Men's Glee club Front Page Men's Glee presents annual home concert climaxing full season 
1966 April 28 Handel's Messiah Front Page Shaw leads chorale, orchestra in MESSIAH 
1966 April 28 Student leadership Op-Ed An apologetic for student leadership 
1966 April 28 Professors Letters to the Editor A positive reaction to Wheaton professors 
1966 April 28 'Mythical Wheaton' Letters to the Editor 'Mythical Wheaton': some corrections 
1966 April 28 twentieth century Op-Ed To citizens of the 60's 
1966 April 28 Chapel Letters to the Editor Chapel: good advice but hardly worship 
1966 April 28 College jazz policy Council Clippings Council considers restructuring plan, college jazz policy 
1966 April 28 Pangloss Short story The best of all possible worlds 
1966 April 28 Passion week Letters to the Editor Passion week: a bad tradition? 
1966 April 28 pettiness Letters to the editor Pseudo-satire: exercise in pettiness 
1966 April 28 Other colleges Off the Record Where and three or how the other half lives 
1966 April 28 relocation to Fischer Hall News Conservative 'Greek' laments removal to Fischer 
1966 April 28 radioactive dating News Researcher Walker to speak on radioactive dating method 
1966 April 28 Poetry club News Poetry club announces competition; categories include blank, free verse 
1966 April 28 piano recital News Junior Moore plays Bach in piano recital 
1966 April 28 Missions projects News Frosh, juniors work for missions projects 
1966 April 28 Concerts News Groups encounter flora, fauna in between on-tour concerts 
1966 April 28 Christian Service Council News CSC president-elect Harris promulgates new methods, language in evangelicalism 
1966 April 28 voice recital News Roskamp sings Dvorak Lieder in voice recital 
1966 April 28 Wesley Pippert News Pippert given fellowship for work in Washington 
1966 April 28 Teachers' corps News National teachers' corps calls volunteers to work with educationally deprived children 
1966 April 28 piano competition News Louwenaar wins first in Chicago piano competition 
1966 April 28 tennis Sports Women's tennis team takes opening match 
1966 April 28 baseball Sports Rain hinders baseball after spring tour; team splits games with Northwestern U. 
1966 April 28 Trackmen Sports Trackmen place fourth at Wabash, practice for Beloit relays on May 7 
1966 April 28 Tennis Tennis team trounces Calvin, anticipates Great Lakes meet  
1966 April 28 Golf Sports Golf team loses to Beloit, Ill.; Hagwood paces Crusaders 
1966 April 28 Gymnastics Sports Mid-east gymnasts overcome opponents at NCAA competition 
1966 April 28 All-school luau News Union hosts all-school luau, presents illusive Foxwell 
1966 April 28 socialist thought News Hakes examines socialist thinkers Fourneir, Marx 
1966 April 28 Puerto Rico ministry News Grads minister in Puerto Rico over vacation 
1966 April 28 College Union News CU presidency open to sophs 
1966 April 28 Young Republicans convention News Region elects Reigle Midwest YR secretary 
1966 May 5 SC president Front Page Craig advocates SC reforms, envisions wider opinion base 
1966 May 5 All-American Record Front Page Record receives All-American rating, scores excellent on editorials, layout 
1966 May 5 Hawaiian luau Front Page Union hosts Hawaiian luau, Foxwell magic performance 
1966 May 5 CU candidates Front Page CU candidates urge more informal activity 
1966 May 5 Choir Front Page Choir tunes infect college audience with 'Sing Fever' 
1966 May 5 Jazz editorial Jazz: in concert, not in church 
1966 May 5 society at Wheaton editorial Social security at Wheaton 
1966 May 5 Student council Council Clippings Council proposes minimum wage, wage guarentee 
1966 May 5 'W' poem letters to the editor Alumni 'W' poem: poem or joke? 
1966 May 5 criticism as patriotism letters to the editor Sultural patriotism: immune from criticism? 
1966 May 5 Child of the Dark Book Review A diary of Brazilian slum life 
1966 May 5 Artist series Artist series review Shaw intensity welds fine chorale 
1966 May 5 jazz letters to the editor Messiah and jazz: Why make the eternal follow the transient? 
1966 May 5 evangelical colleges Off the Record What about a Chrstian university? 
1966 May 5 magic show news Foxwell gives full repertoire in magic show 
1966 May 5 junior recital news Palmquist plays Beethoven, Faure 
1966 May 5 senior organ recital news Organist Lundquist presents program of Handel, Franck 
1966 May 5 Clapham society news John evaluates problems of Indian mission-church 
1966 May 5 business forum news Inestment counselor talks on bond market 
1966 May 5 Campus crusade news Campus crusade sponsors survey, 'Witnessing day' 
1966 May 5 ROTC news Wheaton brigade passes inspection of Brucs scrutiny 
1966 May 5 tennis sports Tennis victors await tourney, hopw to win Great Lakes title 
1966 May 5 College Union news Candidates outline CU program neds 
1966 May 5 voice recital news SEnior Steeble sings Bach in voice recital 
1966 May 5 student publications liberty news Craig urges council support of student publications liberty 
1966 May 5 ski club sports Skiers elect officers, plan next year's trips 
1966 May 5 baseball sports NC, Valpo outplay home diamondmen 
1966 May 5 spring athletes Crusader Sportlight Outstanding spring athletes 
1966 May 5 ROTC news C-Compayn rifles win ROTC brigade contest 
1966 May 5 Brad Williams news Grad school, athletic dept., gymnasts give surprise banquet in honor of Bud Williams 
1966 May 5 volleyball sports L-L, Co. tops volleyball rivals; spring intramurals unerway 
1966 May 5 Band Varsity Demon delegation news feature Convetiona dissolves after three roll calls 
1966 May 12 Student leadership workshop front page Spring student leadership workshop offers breakfast, seminars, organization meeting 
1966 May 12 artist series front page Cleveland symphony plays closing Artist series concert 
1966 May 12 J. Foster Oury front page Oury's demise ends 18-year trusteeship 
1966 May 12 writing contest front page Wheaton essays win Atlantic nod 
1966 May 12 student publications board front page Students pub board names Lingenfelter '67 chairman 
1966 May 12 student critics editorial Students: SWINE of mature critics? 
1966 May 12 students and administration editorial 'Communication' and administratice-students values 
1966 May 12 Wheaton problems letters to the editor A non-American evangelical views campus 'problems' 
1966 May 12 Student Council Council Clippings Council investigates Union-council split, faculty evaluation 
1966 May 12 New Jerusalem The best of all possible worlds  
1966 May 12 Christian university letters to the editor Reply to editor Hitt: a Crhstian university is needed 
1966 May 12 music critic letters to the editor Dance rhythms and Handel's intent 
1966 May 12 tribute to students letters to the editor Inquiring students: source of gratitude 
1966 May 12 student press Off the Record Student press: why passive? 
1966 May 12 library news Evanston rare book collector entrusts eighteenth century display to library 
1966 May 12 Chicago ministry news Naumoff envisions larger Chicago ministry plans to involve students in campus meetings 
1966 May 12 ROTC news ROC band performs annual lawn concert 
1966 May 12 tuition news Aid fund boost accompanies rise in tuition costs for '66-'67 
1966 May 12 joint senior recital news Baarda, Palmer to sing selections form Vivaldi Mass 
1966 May 12 Tower news Editor molter prepares unique Tower featuring unconventional artistic coverage 
1966 May 12 join concert news Brewster Paukert ro give houbt concert including Bach, Dupre 
1966 May 12 junior recital news Riihimaki presents Franck, Hindemith for Junior recital 
1966 May 12 YCF news Forum to hear YFC team from Liberia 
1966 May 12 pub board news Board interprets criteria as idweals, not requiremetns 
1966 May 12 Young Republican news YR elect '67 cabinet; Botkin chosen chief 
1966 May 12 June graduation ceremony news Alumnus Brobeck to address June 6 graduation ceremony 
1966 May 12 baseball sports Batmen sweep doubleheader, meet Elmhurst here today 
1966 May 12 WRA tennis sports WRA tennis crushes new Lake Forest bid 
1966 May 12 tennis sports Tennisment split four meets, place second at invitational 
1966 May 12 golf sports Golfers lose 2 meets, down Rockford 12-6 
1966 May 12 track sports Trackmen confront Calvin, Albion teams, anticipate crucial weekend compteition 
1966 May 12 College Union news Union sponsors '62 film adaptation of "Billy Budd" play 
1966 May 12 senior sneak news Seniors to enjoy unique sneak combining fun, proselytizing 
1966 May 12 church publicity news Lorentzen speaks on church publicity 
1966 May 12 the bench news Bench theft revives tradition; '68 captures cement treasure 
1966 May 19 Record Editorial Front Page Olson, Bard to fill openings on fall RECORD 
1966 May 19 ARGUS Front Page Response to determine ARGUS future 
1966 May 19 Guggenheim fellowship Front Page Claasen utilizes Guggenheim aid in research work  
1966 May 19 Concert Front Page Paukert, Brewster perform in joint organ, voice concert 
1966 May 19 Commencement Front Page Commencement to culminate with exercises honoring 390 
1966 May 19 Sneak Front Page Seniors relax on Kentucky Lake sneak, enjoy skits, folksinging, Quaker service 
1966 May 19 Idea Dates Computer Program Front Page CUPID to transcend WC natural selection 
1966 May 19 Detachment Op-Ed The need for detachment 
1966 May 19 Christian culture Op-Ed 'Our special brand' 
1966 May 19 Administration Letter to the Editor What students want: acceptance and respect 
1966 May 19 The university Book Review The university: purpose and function 
1966 May 19 Berkeley riots Off the Record Berkeley riots expedite educational proposals 
1966 May 19 Cleveland orchestra Artist Series Review Cleveland Orchestra: a powerful, stirring performance 
1966 May 19 Southern Christian Leadership News Wheatonites to fight slums in SCLC's summer action 
1966 May 19 Health insurance News Insurance program covers summer emergency service 
1966 May 19 College Union News CU selects cabinet members; Eukert outlines union function 
1966 May 19 Writer's conference News Editors to speak at annual meeting of Writer's conf. 
1966 May 19 Creative study center News Lorentzen stresses need for creative study center 
1966 May 19 International students News Undergrad, grad internationals anticipate summer adjustments, future opportunities 
1966 May 19 Essay contest News Jamaican experience provides background for first prize essay 
1966 May 19 Soccer and football Crusader Spotlight Thinking ahead to soccer and football... 
1966 May 19 Baseball Sports Rain predictions portend cancelled baseball games 
1966 May 19 Track Sports Wheaton harriers face North Central, Valparaiso 
1966 May 19 ROTC Sports Officers choose outstanding squad in drill exercise 
1966 May 19 Softball Intramurals Sports Weather spoils most games in softball intramural leagues 
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