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DateSubject (Personal Name or Topic)Column or SectionTopic or Title
1965 September 23 Leadership Training Program front page LTP considers student responsibilities 
1965 September 23 debate front page Forensic society introduces topic for debate year 
1965 September 23 Antioch college front page Antioch gathers Wheaton profile in college study 
1965 September 23 scholarship committee front page Committee augments campus scholar plan 
1965 September 23 Fall evangelistic services front page L'Abri fellowship founder opens fall services Sunday 
1965 September 23 Christimas rehearsals front page Rehearsals begin for fall oratorio 
1965 September 23 dining hall front page Dining hall introduces self-services system 
1965 September 23 Record party front page Record holds party for prospective staff 
1965 September 23 college education Op-Ed Getting beyond the requirements 
1965 September 23 Letters to the Editor news Criteria for letters 
1965 September 23 job of editor Op-Ed Record anticipates responsible role in creative criticism 
1965 September 23 new students Op-Ed New students: on Wheaton's aura 
1965 September 23 Paris study news Paris study accents Wheaton benefits 
1965 September 23 Book of the Semester book review The other America examines problems in 'Culture of Poverty' 
1965 September 23 NSA news Four Wheatonites deliberate issues at NSA Congress 
1965 September 23 Orientation photo collage Facets of orientation week-relaxation, frustration... 
1965 September 23 fashion show news "Poise 'N' Ivy" displays campus styles 
1965 September 23 Hirst Study news Hirst study: protest leaders rank as superior scholars 
1965 September 23 NSA news Wheatonites discuss NSA Congress issues (continued) 
1965 September 23 football sports Winning teams need reserve depth 
1965 September 23 football sports Harriers drop opening meet to Albion 22-37 
1965 September 23 football sports Gridders to meet Flying Dutchmen 
1965 September 23 football sports Wheaton breaks Briton success with 21-14 victory 
1965 September 23 soccer football Soccer team maintains winning record 
1965 September 23 faculty news Profs Hollatz, Block receive Ph.D.'s fifteen instructors strengthen faculty 
1965 September 23 scholarship committee news Committee audments campus scholar plan (continued) 
1965 September 23 Antioch college news Wheaton included in Antioch study (continued) 
1965 September 23 freshmen initation news Initiation 'officially welcomes' 69 class 
1965 September 23 homecoming news College to host alumni October 9 
1965 September 30 homecoming front page Homecoming queen to reign at halftime 
1965 September 30 Dr. Francis Schaeffer front page Schaeffer provokes concern for Christian communication 
1965 September 30 Student Missions Forum front page SMF to acquaint Wheaton students with world needs 
1965 September 30 Writers' conference front page Editor R.T. Hitt to keynote tenth writer's conference 
1965 September 30 Leadership training program Op-Ed A step toward greater rapport 
1965 September 30 college cynicism Op-Ed Stretching the mold 
1965 September 30 faith and action Letters to the Editor Faith necessitates immediate involvement 
1965 September 30 Library Op-Ed Irresponsibilty ups library costs, drains resources 
1965 September 30 Leadership training program news Campus leaders scrutinize college authority; responsibility 
1965 September 30 Ayn Rand book review Ayn Rand - conservative or demagogue 
1965 September 30 Dr. Francis Schaeffer news Schaeffer stresses rational Christianity 
1965 September 30 N.E. wildlife film news Dr. John Bulger to narrate film of N.E. wildlife 
1965 September 30 Kodon news Kodon repudiates sandals as criterion 
1965 September 30 LTP news Gross examines student freedom in LTP address (continued) 
1965 September 30 quiz team news Students coach team to YFC quiz victory 
1965 September 30 WETN news 88.1 seeks balance of professionalism, Christian outreach, publicity 
1965 September 30 NSA news Rosary sponsors NSA interchange 
1965 September 30 homecoming game Splinters From the Bench That crucial team spirit... 
1965 September 30 Steve Bell, Dale Lehmer Crusaders of the Week Bell, Lehmer Co-Captain soccer, football 
1965 September 30 football sports Offensive errors handicap Gridders in 7-0 loss to Hope 
1965 September 30 soccer sports Soccer offense folds at Michigan State 
1965 September 30 cross-country sports DePaul outraces Harriers despite Salins' first place 
1965 September 30 football sports Wright passing overcomes bombers 18-13 
1965 September 30 homecoming queen news Candidates chosen for Queen 
1965 September 30 SMF news SMF to acquaint Wheaton students with world needs 
1965 October 8 homecoming front page Regal hostess graces homecoming festivities 
1965 October 8 Writers' conference front page Annual conference to weigh future of Christian writing 
1965 October 8 homecoming play front page Murray play recasts Robin Hood episodes 
1965 October 8 Dr. Clarence Wyngarden front page Wyngarden receives award for service to Alma Mater 
1965 October 8 concert band front page Band concert begins homecoming events 
1965 October 8 Spiritual emphasis week editorial Building a hearth in the cloister 
1965 October 8 responsibility editorial Responsibility through sensitivity 
1965 October 8 homecoming queen Letters to the Editor Queens and traditions 
1965 October 8 book review editorial Book reviews to stimulate wider reading 
1965 October 8 politics and religion political forum Conservatism, liberalism claim theistic bases 
1965 October 8 homecoming editorial A fight that made the Dempsey-firpo bout look like an argument 
1965 October 8 fina arts editorial Insecurity hampers fine arts 
1965 October 8 student action editorial Students evince community responsibility 
1965 October 8 homecoming photo feature Floats, displays and drama take shape; busy students prepare for homecoming 
1965 October 8 Mrs. Edith Schaeffer News Mrs. Edith Schaeffer speaks to coeds 
1965 October 8 Spiritual emphasis week news Emphasis on communication concludes '65 fall services 
1965 October 8 Steve Brobeck news Citizen Brobeck's liberalism seeks individual development 
1965 October 8 radiation research news Brand: Radiation research lowers barriers between scientific fields 
1965 October 8 homecoming football sports Crusader face Wabash single wing in homecoming encounter tomorrow 
1965 October 8 homecoming football sports Novel offense, second half rally fail to overcome Kentucky lead 
1965 October 8 soccer sports Booters frustrate St. Louis; confront Earlham tomorrow 
1965 October 8 cross-country team sports Harriers whip Bradley U., seize 7 of first 10 positions 
1965 October 8 football sports Novel offense, second half rally fail to overcome Kentucky lead (continued) 
1965 October 8 football sports Bombers face similar NIU strategy 
1965 October 8 football Splinters from the Bench Too Late-Too Little 
1965 October 8 Bob Bennet, Bill Bott Crusaders of the week Goalie Bill Bott earns opponents' praises; grid attack relies on rugged Bob Bennett 
1965 October 8 cheerleader lung capacity news 4 male cheerleaders exhibit lung capacity 
1965 October 8 Christian Services Council news CSC director Lindberg plans gradual build-up for ICCA 
1965 October 8 cross-country sports Harriers face NC on home course 
1965 October 8 school structure news Armerding initiates structural changes 
1965 October 8 basketball evangelism news Basketball evangelists witness in Orient 
1965 October 8 Nurse Marathon news Nurses' marathon bears gold torch 
1965 October 8 ROTC news Frosh, Juniors participate in ROTC scholarship plan 
1965 October 8 CSC news Director Lindberg plans CSC growth (continued) 
1965 October 14 Writers' Conference front page Writers focus on future opportunities 
1965 October 14 Fall Lyceum Program front page 'Music Man,' wife introduce first fall lyceum program 
1965 October 14 Ministreal Fellowship fall retreat front page Dr. Smith, faculty members to address fall MF retreat 
1965 October 14 ROTC front page Armerding discusses future of declining ROTC program 
1965 October 14 Parents' Day front page Parents to survey college entity through its sports, culture, tour 
1965 October 14 college academics editorial An academic frontier 
1965 October 14 oversimplifying editorial Contra oversimplification 
1965 October 14 homecoming editorial From Yuk-drama to art 
1965 October 14 book review Letters to the Editor Rand's objectivisim: intellectual honesty for the natural man 
1965 October 14 Edward Coray Letters to the Editor Coray expresses alumni appreciation 
1965 October 14 food service Council Clippings Members Buffman, Porteous present student opinion to slater food service 
1965 October 14 College intellectual Perspective College intellectual: a stranger to society 
1965 October 14 homecoming play Letters to the Editor Whole cast of life requires identity 
1965 October 14 Haitian Christians Features Joy of Haitian Christians transcends societal ugliness 
1965 October 14 SMP Feature SMP supports nineteen missionaries, operates in Black 
1965 October 14 AWS house news Spinella squad of vamps basement of AWS house 
1965 October 14 AWS retreat news AWS weekend retreat to provide relaxation, stress "whole woman" 
1965 October 14 student council news Student council plans poverty Hootenanny 
1965 October 14 Hootenanny game night news New weekend events: Hootenanny game nite 
1965 October 14 Dr. Edman features Dr. Edman's itinerary representts college to public 
1965 October 14 football sports Giant ourburst overwhelms Crusaders in third quarter 
1965 October 14 swimming Splinter from the Bench Reintroduce swimming as sport 
1965 October 14 Dan Watrous, Mike Goslin Crusaders of the Week Watrous improves toward first place; Captain Goslin leads soccer backfields 
1965 October 14 football sports Gridironmen confront Bradley 'I' formation 
1965 October 14 intramural football sports Intramural football schedule begins 
1965 October 14 soccer sports Wheaton Booters bow to Earlham for fourth successive loss 
1965 October 14 football sports Blocking, defense continue to vex Bombers' coach 
1965 October 14 women's physical education department camping seminar sports Women transcend camp vicissitudes 
1965 October 14 WWII film news Fine arts committee presents WW II film 
1965 October 14 Campus Crusade news Campus Crusade modifies methods 
1965 October 14 educational reform news  Students disguise dominance as reform 
1965 October 14 homecoming awards news '67 float, earthly display capture homecoming awards for juniors 
1965 October 21 national poverty front page Survey unmasks concern over national poverty, federal intervention 
1965 October 21 Lyceum series front page Willsons initiate '65 fall lectures with music hits 
1965 October 21 ROTC front page Forum reviews patriotic duties. benefits of ROTC 
1965 October 21 Wisconsin retreats front page AWS, orchestra, MF retreat in Wisconsin 
1965 October 21 publications front page Publications receive ACP All-American ratings 
1965 October 21 evangelical art editorials Why the dearth of evangelical art? 
1965 October 21 college academics editorials An academic frontier 
1965 October 21 administration monthly dinners Council Clippings Administration hosts council dinner meeting 
1965 October 21 film review Letters to the Editor Isolation produces immature response 
1965 October 21 audience reaction Letters to the Editor Audience rection exhibits insensitivity 
1965 October 21 education Perspective The need for educational adjustment 
1965 October 21 audience reaction Letters to the Editor Film audience evinces lack of appreciation 
1965 October 21 non-Christian world Letters to the Editor Cheating the non-Christian world 
1965 October 21 Birddogging Letters to the Editor '65 graduate reveals laws of Birddogging 
1965 October 21 criticism Letters to the Editor Criticism involves candid dialogue 
1965 October 21 National poverty features Poll shows student concern over nation's poverty policy (continued) 
1965 October 21 publishers features Publishers expect quality, specific public 
1965 October 21 Christian writing features Ingles: need for dedication, realism in Christian writing 
1965 October 21 ROTC news Armerding, forum view ROTC future 
1965 October 21 Steve Talbott news Clapham hears guest defend conservatism 
1965 October 21 Union club news Union club to follow artist series concert 
1965 October 21 football sports Wheaton faces undefeated Titans; Illinois Wesleyan relies on passing 
1965 October 21  alumni and sports Splinters from the Bench The role of alumni in athletics 
1965 October 21 hockey sports Women defeat Concordia in hockey opener; Knauf, returning players bolster '65 team 
1965 October 21 Bill Perry, Stuart Weber Crusaders fo the Week Booters' defense centers around Berry; Weber paces team in pass receptions 
1965 October 21 soccer sports Soccermen reckon with Wildcats, win 2-0; await weekend bouts against Hope, Calvin 
1965 October 21 football sports Bears sustain lead in Wheaton shutout 
1965 October 21 cross-country sports Crusaders take third place in Harriers' league meet 
1965 October 21 football sports Pending valpo game induces concentrated Bomber drills 
1965 October 21 grad council fall elections news Fall elections decide reps for grad council 
1965 October 21 college union chuckwagon news Band, Chuckwagon maintain spirit after Saturday game 
1965 October 21 Lyceum news Willson's musical opens '65 Lyceum (continued) 
1965 October 21 book of semester news Council promotes book-of-semester with Hootenanny 
1965 October 21 parents' day news Gymnasitcs, music provide parents' day entertainment 
1965 October 28 Orchestra Front Page String orchestra interprets Baroque, Classical concerti 
1965 October 28 UN Week Front Page Forum observes UN week with film on Congo growth 
1965 October 28 Ron Watson Front Page Clapham studies Christian attitude to revolution 
1965 October 28 Parents' Day Front Page Football, smorgasbord await parents 
1965 October 28 Phil Austen watercolors Front Page Illinois artist displays priced watercolors 
1965 October 28 Evangelical art Op-Ed Why the dearth of evangelical art? 
1965 October 28 Self-preoccupation Op-Ed Considering self-preoccupation 
1965 October 28 Dissent Op-Ed The value of dissent 
1965 October 28 Culture Letters to the Editor Forms of culture created by fallen man 
1965 October 28 Evangelical art Letters to the Editor Painting exemplifies Evangelical art 
1965 October 28 Student assembly Letters to the Editor Liang Deprecates Assembly Interruption 
1965 October 28 Ethics Letters to the Editor Ethics govern participation in 'world' 
1965 October 28 Student demonstrations Off the Record College students: rebellious or progressive? 
1965 October 28 AWS retreat news Retreat stresses wholeness 
1965 October 28 freshmen elections news Frosh anticipate electing officers 
1965 October 28 graduate school student council news Grads execute amendments; announce new council reps 
1965 October 28 film news Film to describe life on Teton Trail 
1965 October 28 philosophy conference news Dr. Clark to explain revelation postulate for Philosophy conference 
1965 October 28 senior society news Senior societies schedule dinner 
1965 October 28 Kim Wickes news Kim Wickes develops musical ability despite handicap 
1965 October 28 International Voluntary Services news IVS places students in Viet social work 
1965 October 28 orchestra concert news '65 concerts open with Bach, Haydn 
1965 October 28 the bench news Deans Gross holds bench in B&G vault 
1965 October 28 UN film news UN film portrays Congo's progress 
1965 October 28 football Splinters from the Bench Inexperience hampers football squad 
1965 October 28 Mark Pett, David de Roche Crusaders of the week De Roche places soccer penalty kicks; pass receiver Pett entrusted with punts 
1965 October 28 soccer sports Soccermen degeat hosts; improved offense scores six goals on Hope, Calvin 
1965 October 28 football sports Clashes with strongest foe injury-ridden football team 
1965 October 28 football sports Sluggish attack, errors of defense lead to overwhelming 33-0 defeat 
1965 October 28 cross-country sports Wheaton runnders beat Wayne State, lose to Loyola 
1965 October 28 football sports Rival Crusaders tie Bombers, 12-12 
1965 October 28 parents' day news Schedule includes chapel, football for Parents' Day 
1965 October 28 minorities news ICHR examines techniques for integration of minorities 
1965 October 28 student coordinating committee news Area FMF leaders exchange ideas, form Midwest Coordinating Committee 
1965 November 4 philosophy conference front page Philisiohy conference views Clark concept of Revelation 
1965 November 4 KODON front page KODON arrival concludes week comprises essay, story winners 
1965 November 4 College Union front page Area college unions discuss personal aspect of education 
1965 November 4 Edward Cording front page Cording receives Steinway award 
1965 November 4 lecture recital front page McDowell unites piano performance with lecture interpretation technique 
1965 November 4 Faculty Maintenance Editorials Strictures and Recruiting faculty 
1965 November 4 Small Colleges Editorials The future of the small college 
1965 November 4 Self-test Humor A self-computer test to measure your college C.Q.  
1965 November 4 Book Review Editorials A bi-partial view of the modern cultural crisis 
1965 November 4 Evangelical Art Letters to the Editor A modern fable for evangelicals 
1965 November 4 Chamber orchestra Artist Series Review Chamber orchestra displays precision, sensitive musicianship 
1965 November 4 Culture Letters to the Editor An anthropologist's view: forms of culture 
1965, November 4 Peace Corps news Peace Corps helps US culture mature 
1965, November 4 freshman primaries news Freshman primaries to eliminate most of 32 class office aspirants 
1965, November 4 Christian Service Council news First CSC forum weighs fine arts 
1965, November 4 SE Asia discussion news Six join SE ASia discussions at Beloit 
1965, November 4 Ministerial fellowship news MF studies revolution of religion in Chicago through TV broadcast 
1965 November 4 financial aid Splinters from the Bench Financial Aid for qualified athletes 
1965 November 4 Win McCausland, Gary Wilcox Crusaders of the week Sports editor strengthens Crusader line; booter McCausland plays outside 
1965 November 4 cross country sports Cross country squad hosts annual championship meet 
1965 November 4 football sports Crusaders play Bradley, depend on pass defense 
1965 November 4 soccer sports Soccermen even Record, 5-5 with Chicago win, Sat loss 
1965 November 4 football sports Parsons' attack, injuries overcome Crusaders, 52-7 
1965 November 4 cross country sports Harriers edged by Eastern Illinois despire best season performance 
1965 November 4 US rural tradition news Dr. Fite to discuss US rural tradition in history lecture 
1965 November 4 debate tourney news Two rank second in debate tourney 
1965 November 4 Christian philosophy in the 20th Century news Holmes book probes links of philosophy to Christianity 
1965 November 4 lyceum news Second lyceum to present former viet ambassodor 
1965 November 4 NSA news Kapple reviews raial legislation for suburbs in NSA interchange 
1965 November 11 senior gift front page Senior gift to augment Lewis collection; completed holding to attract research 
1965 November 11 Vietnam front page Ex-Ambassador depicts situation 
1965 November 11 cross country front page Wheaton team hosts NCAA Harrier meet; 300 runners compete 
1965 November 11 freshman class election front page Heslinga, Abel top full slate in freshman class elections 
1965 November 11 Can Cliburn front page Van Cliburn's tour brings famed pianist for second concert 
1965 November 11 history department lecture front page Fite outlines cultural effects in US Agrarian tradition 
1965 November 11 Veterans' Day editorials Christian ethics and national loyalties 
1965 November 11 Christian church editorials A qualified return to antiquity 
1965 November 11 E.E. Cummings book review Regret for Man's lost innocence 
1965 November 11 Christian Art Letters to the Editor Cultural vacuum hampers Christian art 
1965 November 11 federal aid features Federal aid for Wheaton? 
1965 November 11 annual philosophy conference news Clark probes resultants of secular philosophies 
1965 November 11 philosophy conference news Visiting philisophers react against Clark's epistemology 
1965 November 11 reading hour news Reading hour to comprise dramatic, poetic selections 
1965 November 11 rifle team news Coeds' rifle team affords relaxation, skill development 
1965 November 11 piano teacher workshop news Pianist-teacher Frisch to conduct workshop in teaching class piano 
1965 November 11 cross country Splinters from the bench Outstanding athletes run in NCAA meet 
1965 November 11 Dan Loomis, Dave Godby Crusaders of the week Loomis covers opposition's top scorer tackle Godby bolsters offensive line; 
1965 November 11 National NCAA championship sports National NCAA championship meet run on Cloverleaf course in Wheaton 
1965 November 11 soccer sports Soccermen tien Marquette U. in scoreless defensive game 
1965 November 11 football sports Crusaders confrton Valpo in clsing season game 
1965 November 11 cross country sports Wheaton shares third place in state championship meet 
1965 November 11 football sports Crusaders reel to secenth defeat under Bradley scoring explosions 
1965 November 11 NSA news NSA probes suburban racial problem 
1965 November 11 WRA news WRA entertains girls with racos 
1965 November 11 symphony orchestra news Orchestra executes Moussorgsky, Berloiz descriptive compositions 
1965 November 18 Can Cliburn front page Cliburn concert comprises Mozart, Beethoven sonatas 
1965 November 18 WETN front page Council elects Craun editor; Johnson to manage WETN 
1965 November 18 Vietnam front page Petition, Panel stimulate student awareness of Vietnam 
1965 November 18 marching cadets note to the editor  
1965 November 18 football editorial Stiff competition, injuries cause poor grid record 
1965 November 18 urbanization editorial Urbanization and missions 
1965 November 18 College life editorial God's frozen people and God's useless people 
1965 November 18 NSA editorial NSA congress weighs college role in foreign policy 
1965 November 18 Veterens' Day response Reverberation Christian commitment and international conflict 
1965 November 18 teacher effectiveness Off the Record Students evaluate teacher effectiveness 
1965 November 18 Sadie Hawkins news Race, party climax sadie hawkins day 
1965 November 18 class offices news Frosh fill class offices; elect Heslinga president 
1965 November 18 piano methods workshop news Students to attend Frisch workshop on piano methods 
1965 November 18 WETN news Candidates stress creativity in media 
1965 November 18 free enterprize system news Miller disputes Christian sanction of altered free enterprise system 
1965 November 18 military science news Seasoned officers teach military science, supervise drilling cadets 
1965 November 18 Roberta Peters news Peters concert opens Blue series 
1965 November 18 Arts committee news Arts committee announces categories, entry deadlines 
1965 November 18 Vietnam news Johnson to receive Viet petition results 
1965 November 18 football fans Splinters from the bench About those fair weather fans... 
1965 November 18 Norm Dilworth, Dave Carlson Crusaders of the Week Foes find scorer Dilworth hard to stop; Dave Carlson proves able field General 
1965 November 18 football sports Individual Gridders Brighten Valpo game, '66 prospects 
1965 November 18 crss country sports Crippled team limps to 18th in NCAA meet 
1965 November 18 football sports Smoothies, .007's contend for victory in football finals 
1965 November 18 soccer sports Chicago Illini ends tournament hopes 
1965 November 18 musical entanglement news 'No Man is an Island' to stir class musical entanglement 
1965 November 18 patron dinner news South room creates atmosphere, offers relaxing dinner 
1965 November 26 yearbook front page '67 yearbook to interpret campus mood 
1965 November 26 Artist Series front page Met soprano sings Lieder, folk ballads 
1965 November 26 publications constitution ammendment front page Executive council approves publications amendments 
1965 November 26 NSA front page NSA political involvement controversy pervades regional convention 
1965 November 26 chapel editorial A week of significant chapels 
1965 November 26 thanksgiving editorial Thanksgiving: self-congatulation of gratitude? 
1965 November 26 dining hall editorial DH meals: not ambrosial but less of a chore 
1965 November 26 poverty perspective Inner city, housing: memorial of man's insensitivity to man 
1965 November 26 student council letter to the editor An alternative to student council 
1965 November 26 artist series review editorial Technical subtlety enhances interpretation 
1965 November 26 Conservatory news McAlister offers background, majors 
1965 November 26 oratorio news Soloists, students to sing oratorio 
1965 November 26 NSA news Delegates dispute NSA aims 
1965 November 26 CCP news CCP to confirm council election of '66 candidates 
1965 November 26 Vietnam panel news Vietnam panel investigates opposing views of US duty 
1965 November 26 Xray news X-ray unit to visit campus 
1965 November 26 Bible department forum news Bible dep't forum to examine critique 
1965 November 26 Patterson Splinters from the bench Patterson: a truly dedicated athlete 
1965 November 26 Dave Harper, Dave Nowlin Crusaders of the week Lineman Harper handles centering duties; Nowlin fills halfback, fullback spots 
1965 November 26 football sports Injuries, inexperience Hamper '65 footballt eam 
1965 November 26 cross country sports Harriers achieve 3-4 tally; Patton boosts team morale 
1965 November 26 ski club sports Ski club projects weekend outing 
1965 November 26 football, basketball sports .007's win football championship; intramural basketball teams form 
1965 November 26 hockey sports Icemen drop opening game against Sait Procopius 
1965 November 26 Sadie Hawkins news Speedy girls pursue hapless males 
1965 November 26 football sports Crusader beaten in total statistics 
1965 December 2 Chorus Front Page Chorus sings Bach Oratorio 
1965 December 2 Tune competition Front Page Juniors capture tune competition 
1965 December 2 Donald Rumsfeld Front Page Youngest GOP Congressman plans visit- Illinois Rep. Rumsfield to address YR Club 
1965 December 2 Fundamentalism Front Page Forum weighs fundamentalist critique 
1965 December 2 CSC Front Page CSC forum talks liturgy 
1965 December 2 Arts Festival Op-Ed Arts Festival: pattern for student involvement 
1965 December 2 Artist Series Op-Ed Assessments lower Artist Series balance 
1965 December 2 Student council Letters to the Editor Communication gaps hamper council action  
1965 December 2 Student council Letters to the Editor Council needs vision, leaders 
1965 December 2 Science: the glorious entertainment Book Review Techne: binding science to material progress 
1965 December 2 Student action Off the Record What student action is about 
1965 December 2 Artist Series Review review Lucid interpretation highlights Peters' style 
1965 December 2 Social humor Humor A test to determine social Sang-Froid 
1965 December 2 Peace Corps News Volunteers to visit, present Peace Corps work projects 
1965 December 2 College Union staff News Union staff party trims trees, MSC at "just deserts" 
1965 December 2 Moderator poll News Moderator poll reviews US policies 
1965 December 2 Perry Mastodon reconstruction News Students reconstruct Perry mastodon; replace, rebuild missing fragments 
1965 December 2 Class officers News Frosh officers unify class; discuss retreat, hootenanny 
1965 December 2 Federal aid News Chandler discusses control in federal aid to education 
1965 December 2 Hockey Sports Hockey men sustain lead against strong NI team 
1965 December 2 Rifle team Sports Rifle team outshoots IIT in Chicago match 
1965 December 2 Wrestling Splinters from the bench Wrestling: a complex, demanding sport 
1965 December 2 Cy Faulkner and Steve Miller Crusaders of the week Grappler Faulkner sports 18-4 record; captain Miller holds freethrow trophy 
1965 December 2 Basketball Sports Coach discusses rebuilding of year, potential of team 
1965 December 2 Wrestling Sports Cagers face single pivot offense in first Augsburg conflict tonight 
1965 December 2 Basketball Sports Wousers persevere with intramural win 
1965 December 2 Moderator News Moderator editors refute fears of communist influence 
1965 December 2 Washington semester program News Juniors anticipate study, project in Nation's capitol 
1965 December 2 Selective Service System News Hammock to discuss SSS for V. Raymond Edman Co.  
1965 December 9 Bible Department forum Front Page Stevick, Trinity Dean debate biblical authority, Revelation 
1965 December 9 CSC Front Page Skillen exchanges thoughts for Chicago's American newspaper 
1965 December 9 Gymnastics team to Haiti Front Page Gym Team to perform, witness in Haiti 
1965 December 9 Traditional norms Front Page Okite reports decay in traditional norms 
1965 December 9 SMP Front Page SMP plans expanded outreach, budget 
1965 December 9 Candlelight carols Front Page Candlelight carols by music groups set season spirit 
1965 December 9 Rhodesia Editorials Rhodesia and Anglo-Saxon ideals 
1965 December 9 Health Center News Health Center insurance covers sprained toes to strained minds 
1965 December 9 Materialism Editorial Materialism blights American sensitivity 
1965 December 9 Drama Perspective Drama: inherent in man's nature; medium for perception of truth 
1965 December 9 Student Council Letters to the Editor Council's efforts: worth conveying? 
1965 December 9 Expressions of appreciation Letters to the Editor Does silence show joy, thanksgiving? 
1965 December 9 Tutoring News 65 tutor Southside students 
1965 December 9 Christian magazine finances News Grads choose year project; help in financing magazine 
1965 December 9 Big-little sister tea News Quartet entertains at Christmas tea 
1965 December 9 Civil Rights News NAACP to examine student role in race 
1965 December 9 Peace Corps News Volunteers report personal challenges; Peace Corps venture demands realism 
1965 December 9 Glee Club News Glee Club holds Christmas banquet 
1965 December 9 Wrestling Sports Grapplers open season; enter Knox tournament 
1965 December 9 Gymnastics Sports Gymnastics team enters triple meet as season opener 
1965 December 9 Gymnastics Splinters from the Bench Gymnastics team expands program 
1965 December 9 Wrestling Crusaders of the Week Junior Letterman Hill wrestles at 123-lb;  
1965 December 9 Basketball Sports Defense outlasts Augsburg; Valpo press holds Wheaton 
1965 December 9 Intramurals Sports Stout scoring ups 1860 five in intramurals  
1965 December 9 Hockey Sports Hockey men skate to win, St. Procopius loss 
1965 December 9 basketball sports Crusaders Five play DePauw, Hope at home 
1965 December 9 Kenya Independence Day news Students commemorate Kenya's Independence day 
1965 December 9 NSA news Rosary interchange to scrutinize implication, potential of Vatican 
1965 December 9 SEA news SEA explores teaching problems 
1965 December 16 gymnasts in Haiti front page Gymnasts to exhibit prowess in Haitian hospitals, churches 
1965 December 16 Bible forum front page Forum debates Bibilical truth 
1965 December 16 Wheaton mail assisstants front page Wheatonites watch over mail by night, stuff, sort letters in tiresome monotony 
1965 December 16 Fischer dorm front page New men's dorm named for Fischer 
1965 December 16 international convention on missionary medicine front page Convention seeks medical advance 
1965 December 16 Christmas fiction Exmas and Chrissmas: A lost chapter from Herodotus 
1965 December 16 civil rights and the suburbs editorial Racial progress in suburbia 
1965 December 16 death The Hut  
1965 December 16 basketball sports Crusaders overcome Hope, fall to strong DePauw team 
1965 December 16 WRA sports WRA squad captures extramural victories 
1965 December 16 olympic sharpshooters sports Olympic winners to prime shooters with slides, demonstration matches 
1965 December 16 Gerard Souzay news Troubadour Souzay to express heritage from many countries 
1965 December 16 cross country sports Grapplers place high in Knox invitational 
1965 December 16 basketball sports Wheaton 5 faces Wabash anticipates tourney action 
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