Index to the Record, 1965 (May 13)-1966 (January 13)

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DateSubject (Personal Name or Topic)Column or SectionTopic or Title
May 13, 1965 Colorado- Oriented Juniors  Information Seniors Escape East In Sneak To Poconos  
May 13, 1965  Sharon Swanberg  Article  Swanberg Elected by AWS; Project Informal Activities  
May 13, 1965  " Vocal Minority" Article Criticism And ' That Vocal Minority'  
May 13, 1965  S. Barlett  Article  Calculated Actions, Defenses Mask Personal Relationships  
May 13, 1965  Enock C. Dryness  Letter  Dryness Replies to Hakes Editorial  
May 13, 1965  Len Mack '67 Letter  Attitude Determins ROTC Morale  
May 13, 1965  The Great Class  Letter  'Great Class' Ridicules Bench Battle  
May 13, 1965  Martha Scott '66 Letter  Film Demonstrates Need for Security  
May 13, 1965  Joanna K. Jenkins '65  Letter  Deplores Campus Misuse of 'Media' 
May 13, 1965  Proverbs of Mrs. Solomon Column Final Proverbs Of Mrs. Solomon  
May 13, 1965  Paul Edwards  Column Exchange Column Off The RECORD  
May 13, 1965  Hank Molter  Letter  Talented Minority Deserts Wheaton  
May 13, 1965  Bruce Cairns and Norm Fiess Article  Experts Explain Details of Diamond Sales  
May 13, 1965  Meriel Roskamp  Information Roskamp, Shuster To Offer Junior Voice, Piano Recitals  
May 13, 1965  Adele Abrahamson  Article  Edwards, McCoy Interpret Selections from T. S. Eliot  
May 13, 1965  Conservatory of Music  Information Nosworthy To Deliver Conservatory Recital  
May 13, 1965  Mary Anne Seume  News  Coeds Vote Down AWS Amendment  
May 13, 1965  Smith Hall Girls  News  Smith Dollar Days Support Missions  
May 13, 1965  Black Hills Science Station Information Black Hills campus Provides Study, Field Trips, Diverson  
May 13, 1965  Christian Service Council  News  SC Suggests Students On Chapel Committee  
May 13, 1965  Ray Lahaikanin Information Artists Entertains Graduate Banquet  
May 13, 1965  Cindy Kline  Sports  NIU Overwhelms WRA Extramural Softball Team, 11-2 
May 13, 1965  Gary Wilcox  Sports  Splinters from the Bench 
May 13, 1965  John Aldridge  Sports  Trackmen Place at Elmhurst; Break Two School Record 
May 13, 1965  Erwin Gernand  Sports  Diamondmen Edge Elmhurst Seven; Hurlers Split Lake Forest Doubleheader 
May 13, 1965  Kirk Dorn  Sports  Crusaders of the Week 
May 13, 1965  Charles Cort  Sports  Students to Elect Crusaders-of-Year 
May 13, 1965  John Hess  Sports  Netmen Defeat Illinois State; Lose Augustana, NIU Meets  
May 13, 1965  James Walton  News  Walton, Saunders Address ICHR Meeting  
May 13, 1965  Linda Burns News  NAACP Tag Day Uses Student Help 
May 13, 1965  Dave Hanson  News  Union Managers Elect New Board 
May 20, 1965  Alan Mills  News  Folksinger Entertains Chuckwagon Guests 
May 20, 1965  Howard K. Smith News  Lyceum Schedules Viet Ambassador, Music Man Willson 
May 20, 1965  Ted Ryan  News  Ryan, Regier Address LTP Breakfast 
May 20, 1965  Steve Mott News  Students Council Recommend Amendments to Publications 
May 20, 1965  Elmer Case  Music  Pianist Wennell, Case Present Joint Recital 
May 20, 1965  Dr. George Bate  Information Physics Prof Assumes Office in NJ Company 
May 20, 1965  Ralph Faulkingham  News  SMP Announces Campus Donations  
May 20, 1965  F. Smith  Article  College Adjustment to High School 
May 20, 1965  Roger Ebert  Article  Perspective  
May 20, 1965  Hudson T. Armerding  Letter Amerding Replies to Editorial Charges  
May 20, 1965  John Mellis  Letter Request Optional Second Year ROTC 
May 20, 1965  Bill Hoyt Letter  Students Request Voget Chapel Talk 
May 20, 1965  Claude Cookman  Letter Need Gadflies Returned to Party Line? 
May 20, 1965  Tom Byron  News  Seniors Swim, Hike Peaks at Colo-Ranch 
May 20, 1965  Adele Abrahamson  News  Corky Directs MSC, Sees Union Change  
May 20, 1965  Carol Prester  News  Kamau Describes Kenya Background  
May 20, 1965  Janet Porcino  News  Hubbard Urges Action on Social Issues  
May 20, 1965  Steve Salins  Sports  Wheaton Trackmen Edge Calvin, Tie Albion 
May 20, 1965  Gary Wilcox  Sports  Splinters from the Bench 
May 20, 1965  Lt. Col. Byron D. Meadows  News  Meadows Succeeds Cullison; Goetzmann Takes Viet Post 
May 20, 1965  Smith Springtide  News  Smith Tea Fetes Wheaton Moms 
May 20, 1965  Jonathan Clark  Sports  Diamondmen Split St. Joseph Doubleheader; Confronts Lewis in Concluding Season Game  
May 20, 1965  Erwin Gernand Sports  Crusaders of the Week 
May 20, 1965  Roger Bitar Sports  Netmen Shut Out Trinity, Maryknoll 
May 20, 1965  Loren Wilkinson  Sports The fifth Corner 
May 20, 1965  Dr. S. Richey Kamm News  Kamm to Conduct Institute on American 'Free Society' 
May 20, 1965  Dave Jeffrey News  Jeffrey Discusses Canadian Politics  
May 27, 1965 Summer School  Information Summer Session Offers Institues, Camp Program  
May 27, 1965 Natalie Strombeck  Article  Students Comment On South Vietam, Dominican Republic  
May 27, 1965 Wheaton's Teaching Staff  News  Nine New Professors To Join Faculty  
May 27, 1965 John C. Broger  Information '65 graduation Weekend Features Concerts, Reunions  
May 27, 1965 Darrel Regier News  Regier Announces SC Appointment  
May 27, 1965 J. Hakes Article  Empathy Clarifies International Problems  
May 27, 1965 Ron Clemens  Letter  Clemens Analyzes Communications Gap  
May 27, 1965 Dewey Blocksma  Letter  What Comprises ' Child Guidance'?  
May 27, 1965 F. Smith  Article  About the Masthead. . . 
May 27, 1965 dave Rockness '65 and Bill Dryness '65  Letters  Hurt Minority Means Missed Goal? 
May 27, 1965 Steven Van Pelt  Letter  Transfers Seek ' Broader Seas, Sea-Worthy Boats' 
May 27, 1965 Steve Talbott  Letter  Tolerance Demands Absolute Standard 
May 27, 1965 Jeanne Murray  Letters  External Restrictions Stifle Creativity  
May 27, 1965 Judy Brien  News  Lidfors, Barlett To Pursue Senior Tutorial Program  
May 27, 1965 John Zimmerman  Information Pianist, Quartet Perform Recital  
May 27, 1965 Student Education Association News  President Ralston Plans SEA Events  
May 27, 1965 Steve Talbott  News  Jeffery Relates Tutorial Project, Educational Plans 
May 27, 1965 Virginia Willmer  News  Tatman Premieres Bokay Originals Plans Summer Sales In California  
May 27, 1965 Adele Abrahamson  Article  ' 65 Grads Anticipate Missionary Service  
May 27, 1965 Baseball Sports  Diamondmen Drop Final Season Games  
May 27, 1965 Golf Team  Sports  Linkmen Complete 'Rebuilding Year'  
May 27, 1965 Tennis  Sports  Women's Tennis Wraps Up With Successful 5-2 Record  
May 27, 1965 Gary Wilcox  Sports  Splinters From the Bench  
May 27, 1965 Softball  Sports  WRA Softballers Shellack DePaul  
May 27, 1965 Rich Bard  Sports  Taylor Wins Crusader-of -the Year Award  
May 27, 1965 Track Team  Sports  Track Team Downs Parsons To Finish Undefeated Season  
May 27, 1965 Webel Wousers  Sports  Webel Wousers Take Softball Championship  
May 27, 1965 Pam Price  News  New Pub Board Prexy Gill Comments on 1965-66 Plans  
May 27, 1965 WETN Radio Program  News  WETN Program Wins IBS Contest  
May 27, 1965 Grants For Graduate Study  News  Seniors Receive Fellowships, Grants For Graduate Study  
August 16, 1965 Pam Price  Article  ' 69 Faces Orientation 'Rigors' 
August 16, 1965 Planning and Writier's Camp News  Four Seniors To Welcome Freshmen  
August 16, 1965 Dr. Hudson T. Armerding  News  Armerding To Address LTP, Discuss Student Leadership  
August 16, 1965 F. Smith  Article  Liberal Education and 'Meaning in Life'  
August 16, 1965 Alan Velvet  Article  Proven Techniques For Reseach Papers  
August 16, 1965 Hudson T. Armerding  Article  A Letters From The President, Dr. Hudson T. Armerding  
August 16, 1965 Ted French  News  French Drowns At Mass. Camp  
August 16, 1965 Jim Parmelee  News  Grad Falls In Viet War  
August 16, 1965 Loren Wilkinson  Column The Fifth Corner. . . 
August 16, 1965 Pam Price  Article  Wheaton Avoids 'Town-Gown' Friction  
August 16, 1965 Chaplain and Mrs. Evan Welsh  Letter  A Letter from the Chaplain Dr. Evan Welsh  
August 16, 1965 Ed Craun  News  New Men's Dorm To Offer '66 Summer Housing  
August 16, 1965 Alumni Association  News  Alumni Ass'n Informs Graduates, Organizes Financial Contribution 
August 16, 1965 Emery Cummins  News  Deans to Conduct Fall RA Workshop  
August 16, 1965 The Other America  Article  Book-of-Semester Analyzes Poverty in American Society  
August 16, 1965 Robert Golter  Article  Growing Library Provides Varied Services  
August 16, 1965 Darrel Regier  News  Council Plays Creative Role In Educational Development  
August 16, 1965 National Students Association News  NSA Fosters Intercollegiate Communication 
August 16, 1965 International Students Club  News  Internationals Promote Cultural Expression  
August 16, 1965 Young Republican Club  News  YR To Attend Conventions, Engage in Poilitical Activity  
August 16, 1965 Clapham Society  Article  Clapham Weighs Social Liberalism  
August 16, 1965 American Association of Evangelical Students News  AAES Promotes Evangelical Student Witness  
August 16, 1965 Wolrd Affair Forum  News  New Forum Offers International View  
August 16, 1965 College Union  News  Union Offers Formal, Informal Events  
August 16, 1965 Annual Lyceum Lecture Series  News  Lyceum To Host Willson, Viet Ambassador  
August 16, 1965 Artist Series Information VanCliburn, Shaw Chorale Return for '65 Artist Series  
August 16, 1965 The RECORD  News Aspiring Journalists Create Weekly Eight Page RECORD  
August 16, 1965 Jim Gill  News  Pub Board Recommends Criteria, Policy  
August 16, 1965 KODON News  KODON Exposes, Publishes Potential Pulitzer Winners  
August 16, 1965 WETN  News  WETN Broadcasts Music, Tapes, News  
August 16, 1965 Collegiate Debate  Article  College Forensics Develops Poise, Fluency in Expression  
August 16, 1965 NAACP  Article  Campus NAACP Promotes Support, Awareness Of Civil Rights Issues  
August 16, 1965 ROTC Drill Team  Article  CR Develops Military Excellence  
August 16, 1965 Bachelor of Divinity  News  Graduate School Grants BD, MA in Six Major Disciplines  
August 16, 1965 Parents' Weekend  Information Parent's Day Scheduled for Oct.29 Weekend  
August 16, 1965 Homecoming  Information Committee Plans '65 Homecoming  
August 16, 1965 Alan Velvet  Letter  Think On Your Feet  
August 16, 1965 Associated Women Students  News  AWS Coordinates Varied Coed Activities  
August 16, 1965 Student Educational Association  News  SEA Stresses Practical Teaching  
August 16, 1965 Men's Glee Club  Information Men's Glee Provides Fellowship, Witness  
August 16, 1965 Concert Choir  Information Concert Choir Plans Retreats 
August 16, 1965 J. S. Bach News Chorus to Perform Bach Oratorio 
August 16, 1965 Women's Glee Club Column  Women's Glee Club Anticipates Tours 
August 16, 1965 American Guild of Organists  Information Students AGO Plans Recitals, Social Events 
August 16, 1965 Campus Choir Information Campus Choir Offers Inclusive Membership 
August 16, 1965 Evangelical Alliance Mission News Band Menbers Anticipates '66 Latin American Ministry 
August 16, 1965 Symphony Orchestra Information Collge Orchestra To Begin Season With Nov. Concert 
August 16, 1965 CSC President- Jim Skillen News CSC Challenges Students With Diverse Program 
August 16, 1965 Students Prayer Meeting Information Prayer Meeting Seeks Fresh Communion 
August 16, 1965 Wheaton Sports Sports Wheaton Fields Championship Teams In 10 Sports 
August 16, 1965 Wheaton Harriers Sports Wheaton Harriers to Hold '65 NCAA Championship Meet 
August 16, 1965 Athletics  Sports Camp Shagbark To Host Athelitic Teams 
August 16, 1965 Football Sports Inexperience Handicaps '65 Crusaders  
August 16, 1965 Soccer Team Sports Championship Soccer Team Awaits Promising Season 
September 23, 1965 Leadership Training Program News LTP Student Responsibility 
September 23, 1965 Research Program  News Antioch Gathers Wheaton Profile in College Study  
September 23, 1965 Scholarship Committee  News Committee Augments Campus Scholar Plan 
September 23, 1965 Dr. Francis Schaeffer News L'Abri Fellowship Founder Opens Fall Services Sunday 
September 23, 1965 Bill Wilkelman Information Dinning Hall Introduces Self-Service System 
September 23, 1965 Rex Hicks  Information  Rehearsals Begin For Fall Oratorio 
September 23, 1965 Staff Positions for RECORD News RECORD Holds Party For Prospective Staff 
September 23, 1965 S.Brobeck Column  Getting Beyond the Requirement 
September 23, 1965 C.Brown  Column  New Students: On Wheaton's Aura 
September 23, 1965 F.Smith Column  RECORD Anticipates Responsible Role In Creative Criticism 
September 23, 1965 Jill Whitney  Information Paris Study Accents Wheaton Benefits 
September 23, 1965 NSA Congress  Information Four Wheatonities Deliberate Issuse at NSA Congress 
September 23, 1965 Jean MacFadyen  News " Poise 'N' Ivy" Displays Campus Styles 
September 23, 1965 Robert Watson Article  Hirst Study: Protest Leades Rank As Superior Scholar  
September 23, 1965 Splinters From The Bench  Sports Winning Teams Need Reserve Depth  
September 23, 1965 '65 Cross Country Team Sports  Harrier Drop Opening Meet to Albion , 22-37  
September 23, 1965 Gridders To Meet Flying Dutchmen  Sports  Crusaders Commence 9-Game Football Schedule  
September 23, 1965 Soccer  Sports  Soccer Team Maintians Winning Record  
September 23, 1965 Football Sports  Wheaton Breaks Briton Success With 21-14 Victory  
September 23, 1965 Ph.D Degrees  News  Profs Hollatz, Block Receive Ph.D.'s; Fifteen Instructors Strengthen Faculty  
September 23, 1965 Homing Program Information College To Host Alumni October 9 
September 23, 1965 Wheaton Family  News  Initiation 'Officially Welcomes' 69 Class 
September 30, 1965 Ann Walter  Article  Schaeffer Provokes Concern For Christian Communication  
September 30, 1965 Homecoming  Information Homecoming Queen To Reign at Halftime  
September 30, 1965 Student Missions Forum Information SMF To Acquaint Wheaton Students With World Needs  
September 30, 1965 F. Smith  Article  A Step Toward Greater Rapport  
September 30, 1965 S. Barlett  Article  Stretching The Mold  
September 30, 1965 Jim Gill Letter  Faith Necessitates immediate Involvement  
September 30, 1965 J. Hakes  Article  Irresponsibility Ups Library Costs. Drains Resources  
September 30, 1965 Steve Talbott  Book Review  Ayn Rand- -Conservative or Demagogue? 
September 30, 1965 Leadeship Training Program  Article  Campus Leaders Scrutinize College Authority, Responsibility  
September 30, 1965 Dr. Francis Shaeffer  Article  Shaeffer Stresses Rational Christianity  
September 30, 1965 Dr. John Bulger Information Dr. John Bulger To Narrate Film Of N.E Wildlife  
September 30, 1965 Gordon Lindsay  Article  KODON Repudiates Sandals As Criterion  
September 30, 1965 Quiz Team  News  Student Coach Team To YFC Quiz Victory  
September 30, 1965 The Mysteries of Radio  Article  88.1 Seeks Balance of Professionalism, Christian Outreach, Publicity  
September 30, 1965 National Student Association  News  Rosary Sponsors NSA Interchange  
September 30, 1965 Gary Wilcox  Sports  That Crucial Team Spirit . . . 
September 30, 1965 Steve Bell  Sports  Bell, Lehmer Co- Captain Soccer, Football  
September 30, 1965 Jonathan Clark  Sports  Offensive Errors Handicap Griddlers in 7-0 Loss to Hope  
September 30, 1965 Michigan State Sports  Soccer Offense Folds at Michigan State  
September 30, 1965 Cross-Country Team  Sports  DePaul Outraces Harriers Despite Salins' First Place  
September 30, 1965 Wheaton Bombers  Sports  Wright Passing Overcome Bombers 18-13  
September 30, 1965 Homecoming Queen  News  Candidates Chosen for Queen  
October 8, 1965 Adele Abrahamson Article  Regal Hostess Grace homecoming Festivities  
October 8, 1965 Christian Writing  Information Annual Conference To Weigh Furture of Christian Writing  
October 8, 1965 Robin Hood  News  Murray Plays Recasts Robin Hood Episodes  
October 8, 1965 Dr. Clarence Wyngarden  News  Wyngarden Receives Award For Service to Alma Mater  
October 8, 1965 Homecoming Weekend  Information Band Concert Begins Homecoming Events  
October 8, 1965 C. Brown  Article  Buliding a Health in the Closter  
October 8, 1965 P. Lingenfelter  Article  Responsibilty through Sensitivity  
October 8, 1965 Kevin Cragg '67  Letter  Queens and Traditions  
October 8, 1965 F. Smith  Article  Book Reviews To Stimulate Wider Reading  
October 8, 1965 Steve Talbott and Jay Hakes  Article  Conservatism, Liberalism Claim Theistic Bases  
October 8, 1965 Mark W. Olson Article  A Fight That Made The Dempsey-Fripo Bout Like An Argument  
October 8, 1965 Larry Brook  Article  Insercurity Hampers Fin Arts  
October 8, 1965 Bob Watson Article  Students Evince Community Responsibilty  
October 8, 1965 Anita Smith  News  Mrs. Edith Schaeffer Speaks to Coeds  
October 8, 1965 Dr. Francis Schaeffer  News  Emphasis on Communication Concludes '65 Fall Services  
October 8, 1965 Ellen Rice  Article  Brand : radiation Research Lowers Barrier Between Scientific Fields  
October 8, 1965 Steve Brobeck Article  Citizen Brobeck's Liberalism Seeks Individual Development  
October 8, 1965 Squad Seeks To Even 1-2 Record  Sports  Crusaders face Wabash Single Wing In Homecoming Encounter Tomorrow  
October 8, 1965 Jonathan Clark  Sports  Novel Offense, Second half Rally fail To Overcome Kentucky Lead  
October 8, 1965 Cross-Country Team  Sports  Harriers Whip Bradley U. , Seize 7 of Frist 10 Positions  
October 8, 1965 Soccer Team  Sports  Booters Frustrate St. Louis; Confront Earlham Tomorrow  
October 8, 1965 Wheaton Bombers  Sports  Bombers Face Similar NIC Strategy  
October 8, 1965 Gary Wilcox  Column Splinters From The Bench  
October 8, 1965 Soccer  Sports  Goalie Bill Bott Earns Opponents' Praises; Grid Attack Relies on Rugged Bob Bennett  
October 8, 1965 Male Cheer Team  Sports  4 Male Cheerleaders Exhibit Lung Capacity  
October 8, 1965 Christian Service Concil  News  CSC Director Lindberg Plans Gradual Build-up for ICCA  
October 8, 1965 Allan Beasley  Sports  Basketball Evangelists Witness in Orient  
October 8, 1965 Wheaton ROTC  News  Frosh, Juniors Particpate in ROTC Scholarship 
October 8, 1965 Nursing Students  News  Nurses' Marathon Bears Gold Torch  
October 14, 1965 Christian Literature  Articles  Writers Focus on Future Opportunities  
October 14, 1965 Dr. Bob Smith  Information Dr. Smith, Faculty Members To Address Fall MF Retreat  
October 14, 1965 ROTC Program  Article  Armerding Discusses Future of Decling ROTC program  
October 14, 1965 Meridith Willson  Information 'Music Man,' Wife Introduce First Fall Lyceum Program  
October 14, 1965 Annual Parents Day  Information Parents To Survey College Entity Through Its Sports, Culture, Tour  
October 14, 1965 World Affairs  Information Beloit Holds Seminar On Southeast Asia  
October 14, 1965 S. Barlett  Article  An Academic Frontier  
October 14, 1965 S. Brobeck Article  Contra Oversimplification 
October 14, 1965 P. Lingenfelter  Article  From Yuk- Drama to Art  
October 14, 1965 David E. McNiel '68 Letter  Rand's Objectivism Intellectual Honesty For the Natural Man  
October 14, 1965 Edward Cory Letter  Coray Expresses Alumni Appreciation 
October 14, 1965 Jay Hakes  Article  Member Buffam, Porteous Present Student Opinion To Slater Food Service  
October 14, 1965 Wilson Okite Article  College Intelectual: A Stranger to Society  
October 14, 1965 Gerald F. Hawthrone  Letter  Whole Cast of Life Requires Identity  
October 14, 1965 Almarie Masoud  Article  Joy of Haitian Christians Transcends Societal Ugliness  
October 14, 1965 Carlton Higginbotham  Article  SMP Supports Nineteen Missionaries, Operates in Black  
October 14, 1965 Homecoming  Article  Spinella Squad Vamps Basement Of AWS House  
October 14, 1965 Associated Women Students Information AWS Weekend Retreat To Provide Relaxation, Stree 'Whole Woman'  
October 14, 1965 Larry Brook  News  Dr. Edman's Itinerary Represents College to Public  
October 14, 1965 Student Council  Information Student Council Plans Poverty Hootenanny  
October 14, 1965 Hootenanny Game Nite  News  New Weekend Event: Hootenanny Game Nite  
October 14, 1965 Jonathan Clark  Sports  Giant Outburst Overwhelms Crusaders In Third Quater  
October 14, 1965 Gary Wilcox  Sports  Splinters From The Bench  
October 14, 1965 Russ Enlow  Sports  Watrous Improves Toward First Place; Captain Goslin Leads Soccer Backfield  
October 14, 1965 Football Squad  Sports  Gridironmen Confront Bradley 'I' Formation  
October 14, 1965 Intramural Football  Sports  Intramural Football Schedule Begins  
October 14, 1965 Women's Physical Education  News  Women Transcend Camp Vicissitudes  
October 14, 1965 Soccer  Sports  Wheaton Booters Bow to Earlham for Fourth Successive Loss  
October 14, 1965 Fine Arts Committee  Information Fine Arts Committee Presents WW II Film  
October 14, 1965 Wheaton's Campus Crusade  News  Campus Crusade Modifies Methods  
October 14, 1965 Free Speech Movement  News  Students Disguise Dominance As Reform  
October 14, 1965 Homecoming  Information '67 Float, Earthly Display Captures Homecoming Awards for Juniors  
October 21, 1965 Larry Brook News  Survey Unmasks Concern Over National Poverty, Federal Intervention 
October 21, 1965 Richard Gray News  Publication Receives ACP All-American Ratings  
October 21, 1965 Dr. Hudson T. Armerding News  Forum Reviews Patriotic Duties, Benefits of ROTC 
October 21, 1965 Meredith Wilson  News  Willson Initiate '65 Fall Lecture With Music Hits 
October 21, 1965 Dr. Bob Smith  Music  AWS, Ochestra, MF Retreat in Wisconsin 
October 21, 1965 Inadequate View of Culture Humpers Creative Expression  Information  Why the Dearth of Evangelical Art? 
October 21, 1965 Student Imagination and Honesty Further Creative Independent Study Information  An Academic Frontier 
October 21, 1965 Jan Porcino News  Administration Hosts Council Dinner Meeting  
October 21, 1965 Rich Bard  Letter  Isolation Produces Immature Response 
October 21, 1965 Mary Anne De Vries  Letter  Audience Reaction Exhibits Insensitivity  
October 21, 1965 Ed Schwartz  Information  The Need for Educational Adjustment  
October 21, 1965 Simon Szeto  Letter  '65 Graduate Reveals Laws of Birddogging  
October 21, 1965 Mike Adeney  Letter  Criticism Involves Candid Dialogue  
October 21, 1965 David Bareford  Letter  Film Audience Evinces Lack of Appreciation  
October 21, 1965 Jay G. Christie  Letter  Cheating the Non-Christian World  
October 21, 1965 Anita Smith  News  Publishers Expect Quality, Specific Public  
October 21, 1965 Fran Matejcek  Article  Ingles: Need for Dedication, Realism in christian Writing  
October 21, 1965 Clapham Society  Information Clapham Hears Guest Defend Conservatism  
October 21, 1965 Artist Series  Information Union Club To follw Artist Series Concert  
October 21, 1965 Gridders Sports  Wheaton Faces Undefeated Titans; Illinois Wesleyan Relies on Passing  
October 21, 1965 Hockey Sports  Women Defeat Concordia In Hockey Opener; Knauf, Returning Players Bolster '65 Team  
October 21, 1965 Gary Wilcox  Sports  The Role of Alumni in Athletics  
October 21, 1965 Bill Berry and Stuart Weber Sports  Booters' Defense Centers Around Berry; Weber Paces team in Pass Reception  
October 21, 1965 Bill Bott  Sports  Soccermen Reckon with Wildcats, Win 2-0; Await Weekend Bouts Against Hope, Calvin 
October 21, 1965 Wheaton Runners  Sports  Crusaders Take Third Place In Harriers' League Meet  
October 21, 1965 Football  Sports  Pending Valpo Game Induces Concentrated Bomber Drills  
October 21, 1965 Johnathan Clark  Sports  Bears Sustain Lead in Wheaton Shutout  
October 21, 1965 Graduate School Student Council  News  Fall elections Decide Reps For Grad Council  
October 21, 1965 Hootenanny  Information Council Promotes Book-of-Semester  
October 21, 1965 Parent's Day Information Gymnastics, Music Provide Parents' Day Entertainment  
October 21, 1965 Football Sports  Band, Chuckwagon Maintain Spirit after Saturday Game  
October 28, 1965  Anne Hanchett  News  Seniors Meet Record- Breaking Reaction; Tradition Benched Pending Ground Rules  
October 28, 1965 Phil Austen  Information III. Artist Displays Priced Watercolors  
October 28, 1965 Parents' Day Information Football, Smorgasboard Await Parents  
October 28, 1965  String Orchestra  Information String Orchestra Interprets Baroque, Classical Concerti  
October 28, 1965  World Affairs Forum  News  Forum Observes UN Week With Film on Congo Growth  
October 28, 1965  Clapham Society  Information Clapham Studies Christian Attitude To Revolution  
October 28, 1965  F. Smith  Article Why the Death of Evangelical Art ? 
October 28, 1965  J. Hakes  Column  The Value of Dissent  
October 28, 1965  S. Brobeck  Article  Considering Self- Preocccupation  
October 28, 1965  Dennis Foemmel '66  Letter Forms of Culture Created By Fallen Man  
October 28, 1965  Charles Troutman '66 Letter  Painting Exemplifies Evangelical Art  
October 28, 1965  Stephen Liang '67 Letter  Liang Deprecates  
October 28, 1965  Earl W. Flosdorf  Article  College Students: Rebellious or Progressive?  
October 28, 1965  Bill Hall '68 Letter  Ethics Govern Participation in 'World'  
October 28, 1965  Pam Price  Article  Retreat Stresses Wholeness  
October 28, 1965  Student Council Elections News  Frosh Anticipates Electing Officers  
October 28, 1965  Student Council  News  Grads Execute Amendments; Announce New Council Reps  
October 28, 1965  " Teton Trail" Information Film To Describe Life on Teton Trail  
October 28, 1965  Annual Philosophy Conference  Information Dr.Clark To Explain Revelation Postulate for Philosophy Conf. 
October 28, 1965  Progressive Dinner  Information Senior Societies Schedule Dinner  
October 28, 1965  Carlton Higginbotham  Article  Kim Wickes Develops Musical Ability despite Handicap  
October 28, 1965  International Voluntary Services News  IVS Places Students in Viet Social Work  
October 28, 1965  Gary Wilcox  Sports  Inexperience Hampers Football Squad  
October 28, 1965  Russ Enlow  Sports  De Roche Places Soccer Penalty Kicks; Pass Receiver Pett Entrusted with Punts  
October 28, 1965  Bill Bott Sports  Soccermen Defeat Hosts; Improved Offense Scores Six Goals on Hope, Calvin  
October 28, 1965  Football Sports  Clashes With Strongest Foe Injury- Ridden Football Team  
October 28, 1965  Johnathan Clark  Sports  Sluggish Attack, Errors of Defense Lead to Overwhelming 33-0 Defeat  
October 28, 1965  Wheaton's Harriers  Sports  Wheaton Runners Beat Wayne State, Lose to Loyola  
October 28, 1965  Football Sports  Riva; Crusaders Tie Bombers, 12-12  
October 28, 1965  Intercollegiate Conference on Human Relations  Information ICHR Examines Techniques For Intergration of Minorities  
November 4, 1965  Dr. Gordon Clark  Information Philosopy Conference Views Clark Concept of Revelation  
November 4, 1965  Association of College Unions  Information Area College Unions Discuss Personal Aspect of Education  
November 4, 1965  Edward Coding  News  Cording Receives Steinway Award  
November 4, 1965  KODON News  KODON Arrival Concludes week Comprises eassay , Story Winners  
November 4, 1965  Robert MacDowell  Information McDowell Unites Piano Performance With Lecture Interpretation Technique  
November 4, 1965  C. Brown  Article  Strictures and Recruiting Faculty  
November 4, 1965  J. Hakes  Article  The Future of the Small College  
November 4, 1965  Andy Madison  Humor A Self - Computer Test To Measure Your College C.Q. 
November 4, 1965  Bill Bartosh Book Review  A Bi-Partial View of the Modern Cultural Crisis  
November 4, 1965  Larry Brook '67  Letter  A Morden Fable For Evangelism 
November 4, 1965  Jan Cory  Article  Chamber Orchestra Displays Precision, Sensitive Musicianship  
November 4, 1965  Edwin Harris '66 and David Bakker '67  Letter  An Anthropologist's View: forms of Culture  
November 4, 1965  Thomas S. Plaut  Article  Peace Corps Help U.S, Culture Mature  
November 4, 1965  Students Council Article  Freshmen Primaries To eliminate Most of 32 Class Office Aspirants  
November 4, 1965  Christian Service Council  Information First CSC Forum Weighs Fine Arts  
November 4, 1965  Six Wheaton Delegates  News  Six Join SE Asia Discussions at Beloit  
November 4, 1965  Ministerial Fellowship News  MF Studies Revolution of Religion In Chicago through Tv Broadcast  
November 4, 1965  Gary Wilcox  Sports  Financial Aid for Qualified Athletes  
November 4, 1965  Russ Enlow  Sports  Sports Editor Strengthens Crusader Line; Booter McCausland Plays Outside  
November 4, 1965  Football Sports  Crusaders Play Bradley, Depend on Pass Defense  
November 4, 1965  Jonathan Clark  Sports  Parsons' Attack, Injuries Overcome Crusaders, 52-7  
November 4, 1965  Cross Country  Sports  Cross Country Squad Hosts Annual Championship Meet  
November 4, 1965  Soccer  Sports  Soccermen Even Record, 5-5 With Chicago Win, Sat. Loss  
November 4, 1965  Harriers  Sports  Harriers Edged by Eastern Illinois Despire Best Season Performance  
November 4, 1965  Dr. Gilbert C. Fite  Information Dr. Fite To Discuss U.S. Rural Tradition In History Lecture  
November 4, 1965  Debate Team  News Two Rank Second In Debate Tourney  
November 4, 1965  Dave McNiel  Article  Holmes Book probes Links Of Philosophy to Christianity  
November 4, 1965  Dr. Tran Van Chuong  News  Second Lyceum To Present Former Ambassador  
November 4, 1965  Frank Kapple  Information Kapple Reviews Racial Legislation For Suburbs in NSA Interchange  
November 11, 1965  Caro Pester News Senior Gift to Augment lewis Collection; Completed Holding to Attract Research 
November 11, 1965  Dr.Gilbert C. Fite News Fite Outlines Cultural Effects In U.S Agrarian Tradition 
November 11, 1965  Dr. Tran Van Chuong News Ex-Ambassador Depicts Viet Situation 
November 11, 1965  Wheaton Hosts National NCAA College Division  News Wheaton Team Hosta NCAA Harrier Meet;300 Runners Compete 
November 11, 1965  Student Councill Election News Heslinga ,Abel Top Full Slate In Freshman Class Elections 
November 11, 1965  Pianist Van Cliburn News Van Cliburn's Tour Brings Famed Pianist For Second Concert 
November 11, 1965  F.Smith  Column Christian Ethics And National Loyalties 
November 11, 1965  S.Barlett Column A Qualified Return To Antiquity 
November 11, 1965  Julie Murray Book Review Regret For Man's Lost Innocence 
November 11, 1965  Don Chandler Column Federal Aid For Wheaton? 
November 11, 1965  Joyce Boyko'66- Letter to the Editor Column Cultural Vacuum Hampers Christian Art 
November 11, 1965  Dr. Gordon Clark Information Clark Probes Resultants of Secular Philosophies 
November 11, 1965  Adele Abrahamson Information Visiting Philosophers React Against Clark's Epistemology 
November 11, 1965  Nathaniel Hawthorne Information reading Hour To Comprise Dramatic, Poetic Selection 
November 11, 1965  Fay Templeton Frisch Information Pianist-Teacher Frisch To Conduct Workshop in Teaching Class Piano 
November 11, 1965  Womens Rifle Team  Sports  Coeds' Rifle Team Affords Relaxation, Skill Development 
November 11, 1965  Gary Wilcox- Splinters From The Bench Sports Column Outstanding Atheletes Run in NCAA Meet 
November 11, 1965  Russ Enlow - Crusader Of the Week Sports Loomis Covers Opposition's Top Scorer Tackle Godby Bolster Offesive Line 
November 11, 1965  Soccer Team Sports Soccermen Tie Marquette U. In Scoreless Defensive Game. 
November 11, 1965  Crusaders  Sports  Crusader Confronts Valpo In Closing Season Game 
November 11, 1965  Atheletics  Sports Wheaton Shares Third Place In State Championship Meet 
November 11, 1965  Soccer Team Sports Crusader Reel to Seventh Defeat Under Bradley Scoring Explosions 
November 11, 1965  Irwin W. Bell Information Orchestra Executes Moussorgsky, Berlioz Descriptive Compositions 
November 11, 1965  Pam Price  Column NSA Probes Suburban Racial Problem 
November 18, 1965  Van Cliburn Information Cliburn Concert Comprises Mozart, Beethovan Sonatas 
November 18, 1965  Ed Craun News Council Elects Craun Editor; Johnson To MAnage WETN 
November 18, 1965  Johnson Mailed Petition Results  News Petition, Panel Stimulates Students Awareness of Vietnam 
November 18, 1965  Forum Explores Vietnam Policies News Petition, Panel Stimulates Students Awareness of Vietnam 
November 18, 1965  S.Brobeck Column Urbanization and Missions 
November 18, 1965  P.Lingenfilter Column God's Frozen People and God's Useless People 
November 18, 1965  J. Hakes  Column  Stiff Competition Injuries Cause Poor Grid Record 
November 18, 1965  National Student Association News NSA Congress Weighs College Role In Foreign Policy 
November 18, 1965  Letters to the Editor Columns Christian Commitment and International Conflicts 
November 18, 1965  Bill Flosdorf Article Students Evaluate Teachers Effectiveness 
November 18, 1965  Anita Smith Column Race,Party Climax Sadie Hawkins Day 
November 18, 1965  John Miller News Miller Disputes Christian Sanction Of Altered Free Enterprise System 
November 18, 1965  Jerry Heslinga News Frosh Fill Class Offices; Elect Heslinga President 
November 18, 1965  Fay Templeton Frisch News Students To Attend Frisch Workshop On Piano Methods 
November 18, 1965  Sergent - Major Robert Pines News Seasoned Officers Teach Military Science, Supervise Drilling Cadets 
November 18, 1965  Creative Art Festival News Arts Committee Announces Categories, Entry Deadlines 
November 18, 1965  Roberto Peters Information Peters Concerts Opens Blue Series 
November 18, 1965  Gary Wilcox Sports Column About Those Fair Weather Fans.... 
November 18, 1965  Russ Enlow  Sports Foes Find Score Dilworth Hard To Stop; Dave Carlson Proves Able Field General  
November 18, 1965  Football Sports Individual Gridders Brighten Valpo Game, '66 Prospect 
November 18, 1965  Football  Sports Smoothies, .007's Contend for Victory in Football Finals 
November 18, 1965  Atheletics Sports Crippled Team Limps to 18th in NCAA Meet 
November 18, 1965  Wheaton Booters Sports Chicago Illini Ends Tournament Hopes  
November 18, 1965  South Room Information South Room Creates Atmosphere, Offers Relaxing Dinning 
November 18, 1965  Annual Thanksgiving Evening Musical Competition Information 'No Man Is An Island' to Stir Class Musical Entanglement 
November 26, 1965  Lief Torjesen News '67 Yearbook To Interpret Campus Mood 
November 26, 1965  National Student Association Information NSA Political Involvement Controversy Pervades Regional Convention 
November 26, 1965  Soprano Roberto Peters Information Met Soprano Sings Lieder, Folk Ballads 
November 26, 1965  College Executive Council News Executive Council Approves Pulications Amendments 
November 26, 1965  F.Smith Column A Week of Significant Chapels 
November 26, 1965  C. Brown Column DH Meals: Not Ambrosial but Less of a Chore 
November 26, 1965  J.Hakes  Column Thanksgiving: Self-Congatulation Or Gratitude 
November 26, 1965  Mike Goslin Column Inner City, Housing: Memorial Of Man's Insensitivity to Man 
November 26, 1965  Pianist Van Cliburn Information Technical Subtility Enhances Interpretation 
November 26, 1965  Letter to the Editor Column An Alternative To Student Council  
November 26, 1965  Bachelors Of Music Information McAlister offers Background, Majors 
November 26, 1965  Christian Oratorio Information Soloists, Students To Sing Oratorio 
November 26, 1965  Frank Bellinger News Vietnam Panel Investigates Oppposing Views of U.S. Duty 
November 26, 1965  DuPage County Tuberculosis Association News X- Ray Unit To Visit Campus 
November 26, 1965  Bible Department- Sponsered Forum Information Bible Dep't Forum To Examine 
November 26, 1965  Gary Wilcox Sports Column Patterson: A Truly Dedicated Athlete 
November 26, 1965  Crusaders of the Week- Russ Enlow Sports Line Harper Handles Centering Duties; Nowlin Fills Halfback, Fullback Spots 
November 26, 1965  Football  Sports Injuries, Inexperience Hamper'65 Football Team. Anderson Receives Parmelee Memorial Award 
November 26, 1965  Harriers Sports HArriers Achieve 3-4 tally; Patton Boosts Team Morale  
November 26, 1965  Hockey Sports Icemen Drop Opening game Against Saint Procopius,6-3 
November 26, 1965  Ski Club Sports Ski Club Projects Weekend Outing 
November 26, 1965  Intramural Achievement Sports .007's Win Football Championship; Intramural Basketball Teams Form 
November 26, 1965  Male Hunting Season Information Speedy Girls Pursue Hapless Males 
December 02, 1965  Christmas Oratorio Information Chorus Sings Bach Oratorio 
December 02, 1965  Choral Square Dance Information Juniors Captures Tune Competition 
December 02, 1965  89th Congress News Youngest GOP Congressman Plans Visit Illinois Rep. Rumsfield To Address YR Club 
December 02, 1965  Dr. Daniel Stevick News Forum Weighs Fundamentalist Critique 
December 02, 1965  Christian Service Council News CSC Forum Talks Liturgy 
December 02, 1965  F.Smith Column Arts Festival: Pattern For Student Involvement 
December 02, 1965  P. Lingenfelter Column Assessment Lower Artist Series Balance 
December 02, 1965  Letters to the Editor Column Communication Gap Hampers Council Action 
December 02, 1965  Book Review Information Techne: Binding Science To Material Progress 
December 02, 1965  Off the Record - Exchange Editor Column What Student Action Is About 
December 02, 1965  Humor- Andy Madison Column A Test To Determine Social Sang-Froid 
December 02, 1965  Artist Series Review Article Lucid Interpretation Highlights Peters' Style 
December 02, 1965  Peace Corps Work Information Volunteers To Visit, Present Peace Corps Work Projects 
December 02, 1965  College Union Stafff Information Union Staff Party Trims Trees, MSC At " Just Deserts" 
December 02, 1965  U.S. Policy For The Vietnam News MODERATORS Poll Reviews U.S Polices 
December 02, 1965  Dr. Donald Boardman News  Students Reconstruct Perry Mastadon; Replace, Rebuild Missing Fragments  
December 02, 1965  Paul Thomason News Frosh Officers Unify Class; Discuss Retreat, Hootennay 
December 02, 1965  Hocket team Sports Hockeymen Sustain lead Against Strong NI Team 
December 02, 1965  Rifle team Sports  Rifle Team Outshoots IIT In Chicago Match 
December 02, 1965  Gary Wilcox- Splinters from the Bench Sports Column Wrestling: A Complex, Demanding Sports. 
December 02, 1965  Crusaders Of the Week Sports Grappler Faulkner Sports 18-4 Record; Captain Miller Holds Free Throw Trophy 
December 02, 1965  Basketball  Sports Crusaders Open Season Against Augsburg, Valparaiso Challenge  
December 02, 1965  Basketball Sports Coach Discusses Rebuilding Year, Potential of Team 
December 02, 1965  Basketball Sports Cagers Face Single Pivot Offense in First Augsburg Conflict Tonight 
December 02, 1965  Basketball Sports Wousers Persevere With Intramural Win 
December 02, 1965  Washington Semester Program Information Juniors Anticipates Study, Projects in Nations's Capitol 
December 02, 1965  Illinois State Director Of The SSS Information Hammack To Discuss SSS For V. Raymond Edman Co. 
December 09, 1965  Dr. J. Edward Hakes News Stevick, Trinity Dean Debate Bibilical Authority, Revelation 
December 09, 1965  Jim Skillen News Skillen Exchange Thoughts For Chicago's AMERICAN 
December 09, 1965  Wilson Okite News  Okite Reports Decay In tradition Norms 
December 09, 1965  Students Missionary Project News SMP Plans Expanded Outreach, Budget 
December 09, 1965  Women's Glee Club News Candellight Carols By Music Groups Set Season Spirit 
December 09, 1965  F.Smith Column Rhodesia and Anglo-Saxon Ideals 
December 09, 1965  Dr.Richard Gross Information Health Center Insurance Covers Sparained Toes to Strained Minds  
December 09, 1965  Peter Ruoro Column Materialism Blights American Sensitivity 
December 09, 1965  Kathleen Lidfors Column Drama: Inherent In Man's Nature; Medium for Perception of Truth 
December 09, 1965  Letters to the Editor  Column Council's Efforts: Worth Conveying? 
December 09, 1965  Letters to the Editor Column Does Silence Show Joy,Thankgiving? 
December 09, 1965  Ralph H. Medcalf Youth Foundation Information 65 Tutor Southside Students 
December 09, 1965  Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Bragg News Grads Choose Year Project; Help in Financing Magazine 
December 09, 1965  God Yul - Merry Christmas Information Quartet Entertains At Christmas Tea 
December 09, 1965  Mr.George Riddick News NACCP To examine Student Role In Race 
December 09, 1965  Peace Corps- Ann Walter Column Volunteers Report Personal Challenges; Peace Corps Ventures Demands Realism 
December 09, 1965  Women's Glee Club Information Glee Club Holds Christmas Banquet 
December 09, 1965  Wrestling Team Sports Grapplers Open Season; Enter Knox Tournament 
December 09, 1965  Gymnastics Team Sports Gymnastics Team Enters Triple Meet As Season Opener 
December 09, 1965  Splinter From The Bench - Gary Wilcox Sports Column Gymnastics Team Expands Program 
December 09, 1965  Crusaders of the Week- Russ Enlow Sports  Junior Litterman Hill Wrestles at 123-lb; Center Weaves Tops Team in Rebounds 
December 09, 1965  Basketball Sports Defense Outlasts Augsburg; Valpo press Holds Wheaton 
December 09, 1965  Mens Intramural Program Sports Stouts Scoring Ups 1860 Five In Intramurals 
December 09, 1965  Basketball Team Sports Crusaders Five Play Depauw, Hope At Home 
December 09, 1965  Hockeymen Sports Hockeymen Skate to Win, Avenge St. Procopius Loss 
December 09, 1965  NSA Interchange - Rosary College News Rosary Interchange To Scrutinize Implication, Potential of Vatican 
December 09, 1965  Student Education Association News  SEA Explores Teaching Problems 
December 16, 1965  Wheaton Gymnastic team News Gymnasts to exhibit prowss in Haitian hospitals, Churches 
December 16, 1965  Dr.Kenneth kantzer News Forum Debates Bibilical Truth 
December 16, 1965  Wheaton Post Office Information Wheatonite watch over mail by night, stuff, sort letters in tiresome monotony 
December 16, 1965  International convention on missionary medicine News Convention seeks medical advance 
December 16, 1965  President Hudson. T. Armerding News New men's dorm named for Fischer 
December 16, 1965  C.S Lewis Article Exmas and Chrissmas- A lost chapter from Herodotus 
December 16, 1965  B.Larkin Column Racial progress in suburbia 
December 16, 1965  Dan Kaiser Column THE HUT 
December 16, 1965  Basketball Sports Crusaders overcome Hope, fall to strong DePauw team 
December 16, 1965  Sharp Shooters Sports Olympic winners to prime shooters with slides, demonstration matches 
December 16, 1965  Basketball Sports WRA squad extramural victories 
December 16, 1965  Troubadour Gerard Souzay Information Troubadour Souzay to express hertage from many countries 
December 16, 1965  Basketball Sports Grapplers place high in Knox Invitational 
December 16, 1965  Basketball Sports Wheaton 5 faces Wabash, anticipates tourney action 
January 6, 1966 Rich Bard  Sports  Gymnastics Squad Witnesses to Haitians Through Vocation Performances 
January 6, 1966 Gerard Souzay Music  French Baritone To Sing Handel, Ravel, Schumann  
January 6, 1966 Rev Stephen F. Olford  NY Calvary Baptist's Olford to Address Winter Convocation   
January 6, 1966 Gregory Chukhrai News  Union Sponsors Film Portraying War-torn Russia 
January 6, 1966 Alatunji Oyefuga  News  Multilingual Songs Test Elan At International Hootenanny 
January 6, 1966 Recruiters of VISTA Information  Recruiters, Film Promote VISTA Services 
January 6, 1966 Rex Hicks  Music  Chorus Prepares Elijah Oratorio  
January 6, 1966 Jay Hakes  Book Review  Census Statistics Debunk ' Decaying America ' Myths  
January 6, 1966 Dr. Hudson T. Armerding  Article  Founders Day Program Relates President's lives  
January 6, 1966 Dr. C. L Nystrom  Article  AFA Opts Nystrom Finance Chairman 
January 6, 1966 M/ Sgt William Krilling  News  Army Chapions To Instruct Shooting Clinic Participants  
January 6, 1966 Selective Service System  News  SSS Re-evaluates Draft Deferments  
January 6, 1966 Bill Woodward Sports  Valpo Routs Crusader Five; Cagers Battle ITC at Home  
January 6, 1966 Miss Louwenaar  Information Instructor To Play Chopin, Beethoven  
January 6, 1966 Gary Wilcox  Sports  Grappler Invitational Starts Home Season With Stiff Competition 
January 13, 1966 David McNeil  News  Comprehensive Charge Replaces Hourly Tuition 
January 13, 1966 Donald S. Frey  News  Speaker Researches Court House Rule At NAACP Meeting  
January 13, 1966 Clapham Society  News  Clapham Explores Social Involvement  
January 13, 1966 Dan Crabtree  News  Frosh Await Possible March Occupany of Fisher Dorm  
January 13, 1966 Saint and Elliot  News  Remodeled Men's Hall To Facilitate Single Occupany 
January 13, 1966 Gerri Meier News  Theologians Choose Payne Society  
January 13, 1966 J. Hakes  Article  Salaries: The Only Barrier to Faculty Recruitment?  
January 13, 1966 C. Brown  Article  Didacticism, Censorship Costs Hamper Film Policy  
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