Index to the Record, 1964 (December)-1965 (May)

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DateSubject (Personal Name or Topic)Column or SectionTopic or Title
December 17, 1964 Dr. V. Raymond Edman News  Prexy's Newest Book Emphasizes Time, Place of Spiritual Experience  
December 17, 1964 Basketball Sports  Crusaders Overcome Calvin, Succumb to Lewis, Wabash  
December 17, 1964 Hughes " Mackey" Huffman Information Huffman Presents Junior Recital  
December 17, 1964 Associated Women Students  Information AWS Sponsors First Career Tea  
December 17, 1964 Grapplers  Sports  Grapplers Shut Out Lewis  
December 17, 1964 Hockey  Sports  St. Procopius Skaters Overwhelm Crusaders  
January 7, 1965  Religious, Academic Leaders Attend Inaugural Activities  Article First Provost Now Fifth Prexy  
January 7, 1965  Margret Johnson and Adele Abrhamson  Article  Edman Guides Campus Building Program  
January 7, 1965  Board of Trustees News  Duties Defined by Trustees For President, Chancellor  
January 7, 1965  Founder's Day  Information College Celebrates Its 105th Birthday At Annual Banquet  
January 7, 1965  Tower Writer  Column We Echo Tower Writers: 'How Can We Define Him?' 
January 7, 1965  L. Proper  Column Keeping Wheaton's Distinctive Within Diversity  
January 7, 1965  Letters. . .  Column Thannickal Expresses Appriciation For Gift  
January 7, 1965  Adele Abrahamson and Jan Porcino  Article  Colleagues Assess Prexy's Achievements  
January 7, 1965  Ann Walter  Article  Urbana Renewal: Missions Challenge Delegates  
January 7, 1965  Dr. J. Lester Harnish  Information Baptist Prexy To Give Mid- Winter Services  
January 7, 1965  Dr. V. Raymond  Article  Prexy Serves as Missionary , Pastor  
January 7, 1965  Elanie Lohne  Article  Mrs. Edman Stresses Spiritual Proirities  
January 7, 1965  Carren Armerding  Article  Carreen Enjoys College Life; Surname Creates Pressure  
January 7, 1965  Dr. Hudson Taylor Armerding  Aricle  Career Prepares New Prexy for Role  
January 7, 1965  Don Rosine  Information Rosine, Hendricks Offer Joint Recital  
January 7, 1965  Natalie Strombeck  Article  New 'First Lady' Anticipates Greater Service Opportunity  
January 7, 1965  Gary Wilcox  Sports  Splinters Form The Bench  
January 7, 1965  Basketball Sports  Crusaders encounter Little Giants, Attempt Reversal of Dec. Loss  
January 7, 1965  Crusader Cager  Sports  Crusader Whip Hope, Drop St Joseph  
January 7, 1965  Track Team  Sports  Lettermen, Frosh Hopefuls Promise Strong Track team  
January 7, 1965  Wrestling  Sports  Grapplers Tussle With Wabash  
January 7, 1965  Hockey  Sports  NIU Skims By Wheaton Skaters  
January 7, 1965  Gymnastics  Sports  Gymnasts Host First Inter- Collegiate Meet  
January 7, 1965  Dr. V. Raymond Edman  News  Faculty Presents Document To Dr. edman for Service  
January 7, 1965  "The Grand Olympics" Information Italian Film Shows Olympics in Rome  
January 7, 1965  Kenneth C. Kennard  News  Peace Corp Tests Offered  
January 7, 1965  Nationa Honor Society for Philosophy  Information Philosophers Discuss Existentialism in Lit  
January 14, 1965  Tim Will News  NSA to Discuss Ecumenical Council with Rosary, Maryknoll, North Park 
January 14, 1965  Kenneth Landon  News  Kodon Appears Tomorrow with Longest Regular Issue  
January 14, 1965  Stanley Fletcher  News  Illinoise Prof Gives Recital  
January 14, 1965  Dr. J. Edwin Orr News  Dr. Orr to Speak at Feb. Service  
January 14, 1965  Rex Hicks  Music  Oratorio Rehearses for Haydn's 'Creation' 
January 14, 1965  J. Hakes  Sports It's About Time  
January 14, 1965  Marcos Perez Jimenez  Information  Needed: Reappraisal of U.S Attitude  
January 14, 1965  Peter Hawkins  Article  T.S. Eliot (1889-1965) 
January 14, 1965  F. Landey Patton Letter  Gymnastics Meet Given Testimonial  
January 14, 1965  Loren Wilkinson Article  The fifth Corner 
January 14, 1965 Ted Ryan  Sports  Council Forms New Athletic Committee 
January 14, 1965 Carol Prester News  Naumoff's German Classes Fail Slavic Awareness Test 
January 14, 1965 Dr. David F. Busby  Information  Psychiatrist Joins Pastor for Class 
January 14, 1965 Conrad Brown  News  Participants Appriase Tutorial Program  
January 14, 1965 Jeanne Murray  Information  Yes, Ginny, There are Poets in a Corner of Blanchard 
January 14, 1965 Dr. Donald E. Hoke News  Hoke to Direct Annual Institute on Missions  
January 14, 1965 Summer Job Locations  Information  Work in Europe Open to Students  
January 14, 1965 Robert Snyder  News  Freshmen Take New Requirements in Stride  
January 14, 1965 Jerry Schmidt  News  Schmidt Returns to Campus After Plane Crash-lands  
January 14, 1965 Robert R. McCormick  News  Science Building Gets $25,000 Gift  
January 14, 1965 Mary Anne DeVries  News  Taking Comps Twice? Gasp! 
January 14, 1965 John Zimmerman  Music  Campus Humorist To Give Jr. Recital  
January 14, 1965 Roger Weaver  Sports  Crusaders Gain 7-5 Mark With Wabash, Person Wins  
January 14, 1965 Jan Moncier  Sports  WRA Cagers Take 4; To Play at Normal 
January 14, 1965 Bill Province  Sports  Cardinal to Seek Revenge  
January 14, 1965 Mark Noll  Sports  Bombers Win 3, Even Up Record  
January 14, 1965 Don Wait  Sports  St. Procopius Falls to Puck men 4-2 
January 14, 1965 John Pfund  Sports  Crusaders of the Week  
January 14, 1965 Gary Wilcox  Sports  Splinters from The Bench  
January 14, 1965 Dave Thillen  Sports  Indiana Gymnasts Cop Wheaton's first Meet 
January 14, 1965 John Aldridge  Sports  Crusaders Score Low at Chicago Relays; Promise Shown by Individual Members  
January 14, 1965 Ed Kellogg Sports Grapplers Sweep Weekend Wabash Meet  
January 14, 1965 Chuck Caldwell  News  Classes Relax, Retreat After Finals  
January 14, 1965 Dr. Howard Claassen  News  Wheaton Probe Chances of Joining Phi Beta Kappa 
January 14, 1965 Walter Judd  News  Judd, Pick-Congress to Combine for WB 
January 21, 1965 Concert Choir  Information Choir To Present Concerts During Semester Break  
January 21, 1965 Pre-Registration  News  Computer Error Impedes Pre-Registration Schedules  
January 21, 1965 Dr. Armerding  Information Armerding To Confer Mid-Year Degrees  
January 21, 1965 Fred Smith  News  Smith Appoints New RECORD staff  
January 21, 1965 Rolf Hochhuth  News  Committee Designates Hochhuth's 'Deputy' Next Semester's Book  
January 21, 1965 Fourth Annual Creative Arts  Information Set Arts Festival Deadline  
January 21, 1965  Adminstration and Student Leaders  News  Luncheon Planned For New Students  
January 21, 1965 L.Proper  Column  Beyond One Ecumenical Interchange . . .  
January 21, 1965 J. Hakes  Article  'Vision' Demands Flexibility  
January 21, 1965 Semester's Final Week  Article The Ominous Seven Days  
January 21, 1965 Sue Hestor  Column We Almost Lost Our Heads! 
January 21, 1965 Loren Wilkinson Column The Fifth Corner. . . 
January 21, 1965 John Whitelaw  Article Fletcher Gives Praiseworthy Recital  
January 21, 1965 Natalie Strombeck  Article  NSA Interchange . . . Students See Renewal in Christian Church 
January 21, 1965 Claude Cookman Article  Columnist Exposes Widespread Campus Cover-up  
January 21, 1965 Tennessee William's Play  Information Literature Society To See Guild Play  
January 21, 1965 Progressive Dinner  Information Senior Women To Go Progressive  
January 21, 1965 Paul Lohse  News  Student Officers Name Top Squad In ROTC Brigade  
January 21, 1965 Ann Walter  Article  Cultural Background Hinders Future Work  
January 21, 1965 Conrad Brown  Article Student Businessmen Create 'Fen[ For Informal Dates  
January 21, 1965  Mary Ann Seume  News  Peace Corps Asks Seume To Serve  
January 21, 1965 Basketball Sports  Girls  
January 21, 1965 Kevin Cragg and Ed Craun  News  Student Fall Short of Greek Ideal  
January 21, 1965 Wrestling  Sports  Grapplers Split Road Action, Face Threat Of MacMurray  
January 21, 1965 Wheaton Crusaders  Sports  Crusaders Play Crusaders; Valpo Challenges Wheaton  
January 21, 1965  Basketball Sports  Full-Court Press, Steals Thwart NCC  
January 21, 1965 Wrestling  Sports  Crusaders of the Week  
January 21, 1965 Wheaton's Gymnastics Team  Sports  Gym Team Loese Triangular Meet  
January 21, 1965 Gary Wilcox  Column Splinters From the Bench 
January 21, 1965 Miss Lois M. Ottaway  Article  Ottaway Replaces Hill in News Bureau  
January 21, 1965  Lousie MacCallum  News  Senoir Competes For Literary Honor  
January 21, 1965 News Science Building  News  New Science Bldg. To House Mastodon, Radioactive Cave  
February 4, 1965 Leif Torjesen  Article  Scholar Orr to Emphasize Apologetics, Prayer  
February 4, 1965 Natalie Strombeck  Article  Armerding Stresses Moral, Spiritual Tasks A Christian Education Confronts Relativism  
February 4, 1965 College Library  News  Student Library Needs Bring Limited Community Service  
February 4, 1965 Elaine Lohne  Article  Food Preferences Survey Indicates Unusual Tastes  
February 4, 1965 Fred Smith  Column Tension Produces Growth  
February 4, 1965 Steve Mott Letter Mott Commends 'Fallacy' Detection 
February 4, 1965 J. Hakes  Column Text, Lectures and Learning : Part 1  
February 4, 1965 Mark Acuff  Article  Foreign Students Influence State Policies, Legistration  
February 4, 1965  Loren Wilkinson  Column The Fith Corner . . . 
February 4, 1965 Bob Watson  Article  Deputy Tension in Institutional And Individual Obligation to Moral Crises  
February 4, 1965 Annual Smith Hall Banquet Information Smith Hall Plans 'Reverie' Banquet  
February 4, 1965 Mrs. Mary John Thannickal  News  Indian Grad Wife Arrives inCold; Plans to Enroll As Special Student 
February 4, 1965  Lousie Cassidy MacCallum  News  College Awards Seven Honors Degrees; MacCallum Receives 'magna cum laude'  
February 4, 1965 Mysterious Goings-On  News  Mysterious Visitors Greet Deans  
February 4, 1965 Canterbury Club  Information Canterbury Club Schedules Retreat  
February 4, 1965 Ted Ryan  Article Athletic Committee Chosen; Table-Top News Thanked  
February 4, 1965 Semester Break  News  Students Relax On Skis, Skates  
February 4, 1965 Gary Wilcox  Sports  Splinters From the Bench  
February 4, 1965 Doug Erlandson  Sports  Crusdaders Edge Taylor; Fall to Washington  
February 4, 1965 Gary wilcox  Sports  Grapplers Beat MacMurray  
February 4, 1965  Crusader Cagers  Sports  Cagers Face Portland Threat Saturday at Chicago Feature  
February 4, 1965 Tom Jarman and Kim Lashlee  News  Crusaders of the Week  
February 4, 1965 Wheaton's Gymnasts  Sports  Gym Team Loese Triangular Meet  
February 4, 1965 Wheaton Bombers  Sports  Bombers Overcome Judson, 110-32; Loyola Thwarts Winning Streak  
February 4, 1965 Roland Kawano  Information Henry Foils Richard III: Shakespeare Film in Edman  
February 4, 1965 Rob Bell  News  Bell Announces Low WB Prices  
February 4, 1965 Annual Creative Arts Festival  News  Creative Arts Committee States Purposes  
February 4, 1965  Noma Cave  News  Violinist Buswell Performs with Berstein on CBS-TV  
Febuary 11, 1965 Dr. Walter Judd News 'Geroge, Martha' To Host 65WB; Judd To Lecture 
Febuary 11, 1965 Miriam McNeilly News Remodeled X-Room To Offer Informal Lounge, TV Area 
Febuary 11, 1965 Dr. J.Barton Payne News College Announces Profs' Promotions 
Febuary 11, 1965 Virginia Willmer News Orr's Insight, Humor Maintain Intrest 
Febuary 11, 1965 President Dr. Hudson News College Opposes Exchanges With Iron Curtain Countries 
Febuary 11, 1965 Gary Wilcox News Crusaders Defeat Portland; Upset Overjoys Students 
Febuary 11, 1965 John Henry Newman News Text, Lecture and Learning; Part II 
Febuary 11, 1965 Dr. Armerding's  News Clemens Comments on Social Action 
Febuary 11, 1965 S.Barlett Article Faith and Academic Truth 
Febuary 11, 1965 Newsweek News Communist Unity Broken 
Febuary 11, 1965 Loren Wilkinson News The Fifth Corner 
Febuary 11, 1965 Kent Walker News NSA Expands US Student Role in Society 
Febuary 11, 1965 Carol Musselman News Student Commends Method of Prof Selection, Retention  
Febuary 11, 1965 Peter H. Dominick News State YR Convention To Propose Platform, Select New Officers 
Febuary 11, 1965 Paul Douglas News Eckman To Speak at Clapham 
Febuary 11, 1965 Lowell Thomas Jr.  News Lowell Thomas To Narrate Walrus Hunt, Tribal Dance 
Febuary 11, 1965 C.S.Lewis News WETN To Stress Student Creativity 
Febuary 11, 1965 Alice Larsen News AWS Plans Party For Honor GPAs 
Febuary 11, 1965 William Berry News Noontime Faculty Exercise Allows Release of Tensions 
Febuary 11, 1965 DePaul University Sports ROTC Shooters Beat DePaul Team 
Febuary 11, 1965 This Little Light of Mine News Blackout Disrupts Campus Activity; Richard III Patiently Awaits Power 
Febuary 11, 1965 Anne Walter News Goode Composes Christmas Cantata 
Febuary 11, 1965 Crusaders Sports Hot Shooting, Defense Aid Crusaders Against Portland 
Febuary 11, 1965 Jonathan Clark News Crusaders To Challenge DePauw Tigers, Saint Joseph Pumas for Traveling Satchel 
Febuary 11, 1965 Jon Harnish News Third period Rally Overwhelms Lewis 
Febuary 11, 1965 Gary Wilcox News SPLINTERS 
Febuary 11, 1965 Jerry Derck News Gymnastics Team Faces Central Michigan Saturday 
Febuary 11, 1965 Dan Anger Sports Basketball Teams To Battle In Intramural Round Robin 
Febuary 11, 1965 Bill Flosdorf Sports Grappels Overcome W.ILLinois, 16-15 
Febuary 11, 1965 Junior Christine Ely News Undergrads Win MLLE Guest Editorship 
Febuary 11, 1965 Leif Torjesen News Severe Weather Delays Progress Of New Men's Dorm Construction 
Febuary 11, 1965 Joan Humphrey News Seven To Consider Christian in Politics During NAE Federal Service Seminar 
Febuary 18, 1965 Adele Abrahamson  News Campus NAACP Seeks Charter Approval  
Febuary 18, 1965 Lowell Thomas News Thomas Lyceum Film Features Artic North 'Birth of an Iceberg' 
Febuary 18, 1965 Roland Kawano News Alumnus Hoke Plans Missionary Week; Latourette To Present Annual Lecture 
Febuary 18, 1965 Gary Wilcox News Eighteen College Attend Wheaton Tourney 
Febuary 18, 1965 Roger Nyquist News Univesity Organist To Play Choral Preludes, Schumann 
Febuary 18, 1965 Lon Habkirk News Campaign Pledge Fulfilled 
Febuary 18, 1965 F.Smith News Beneath the Stereotype 
Febuary 18, 1965 Smile News Mrs. Solomon's Proverbs 
Febuary 18, 1965 Jack Dodds News Dodds Says College Decision Causes Artist Segregation 
Febuary 18, 1965 Steve Mott News Cultural Exchange Reduces Ignorance, National Enmity 
Febuary 18, 1965 Lerone Bennet  Information Rockford College To Stress Negro In Creative Arts 
Febuary 18, 1965 Cybernetics Article Perspective 
Febuary 18, 1965 Kent Walker News NSA Offers Students Cultural Services 
Febuary 18, 1965 Jane Staier News Staier To Enter Race 
Febuary 18, 1965 Leroy Kimmons News Vaus Describes Life in Syndicated Crime; Explain Birth, Purpose, Operations of YDI 
Febuary 18, 1965 Modest proposal News AARDVARK Proposes Book Ban Solution 
Febuary 18, 1965 Natalie Strombeck  News Six Students To Attend Model UN 
Febuary 18, 1965 Nancy Larson News Clapham Examines Federal Subsidies For Creative Arts 
Febuary 18, 1965 Mary Anne DeVries News WB Boasts Traditional Late Hour, Class Rivalry, Kidnapped Speaker 
Febuary 18, 1965 Margaret Steeble News Steeble, Harris To Present Junior Recital 
Febuary 18, 1965 Edman Chapel News Harpsichordist To Present Baroque Concert in Pierce 
Febuary 18, 1965 Dave Thillen News lashlee Sets Highest Score At Gym Meet 
Febuary 18, 1965 Gary Wilcox News SPLINTERS 
Febuary 18, 1965 Dave McDowell News Wrestlers Beat North Central, Wisc. State 
Febuary 18, 1965 Jan Moncier News WRA Record Set; Squad Overwhelms Lake Forest Team 
Febuary 18, 1965 John Pfund Sports DePauw Quintet Outshoots Crusaders, Reverses Home Victory Over St. Joe 
Febuary 18, 1965 Keith Watkins News W.Ill. Bradley Outrun Trackmen 
Febuary 18, 1965 Centennial Gym Sports Crusaders Face Crucial Weekend Games 
Febuary 18, 1965 Bomber Basketball Team Sports Wilson Overcomes Bombers Saturday 
Febuary 18, 1965 Honey Rock News Honey Rock Course Earns Psych Credit 
Febuary 18, 1965 Paul Bowers News Bowers Returns From Wide Tour Pushing Missions 
Febuary 18, 1965 Tom Jarman News Spring Festival To Feature Marching Rhythm Routines 
Febuary 18, 1965 Richard Daley News Daley breakfast Hosts Male Glee 
Febuary 18, 1965 Son Eilers Information Cadet Col. Eilers To Lead Brigade 
Febuary 18, 1965 Pianist Gina Bachauer  News Pianist Bachauer To Bring Talent To Artist Series 
Febuary 18, 1965 Dr. Bernard Ramm News Theologiean Ramm To Speak Before Academic Conclave 
Febuary 25, 1965 Bob Snyder News Hoke Stresses Renewal, Unity in Missions 
Febuary 25, 1965 James H. Tallis News Fulbright Scholar Tallis To Present First College Harpsichord Recital 
Febuary 25, 1965 Mr. Lazas News Dining Hall Speeds Service, Plans Earlier Evening Meal 
Febuary 25, 1965 Jan Porcino News SMP Chooses Students For Missionary Services 
Febuary 25, 1965 Gary Fairchild News State YR Convention Elects Wheatonite to Area Office 
Febuary 25, 1965 S. Brobeck  Article Changing Family Challenges Graduates 
Febuary 25, 1965 J.Hakes Article Periodicals-- Timely, Concise 
Febuary 25, 1965 Rockey Norell News NSA To Discuss Moral Problems 
Febuary 25, 1965 Mr. Waitara News Prespective 
Febuary 25, 1965 Loren Wilkison  News The Fifth Corner 
Febuary 25, 1965 Stephen L. Talbott News Political Concerns Override Esthetic Taste 
Febuary 25, 1965 Kent Walker News NSA Student Travel Service Offers Handbooks, Discount 
Febuary 25, 1965 Evangelical Covenant  News North Park Poll Says Dancing Ok 
Febuary 25, 1965 Dave Blevins News Alumnus Praises Wilkinson Column  
Febuary 25, 1965 Henry Kellogg News Freshman Consider Family Traditions; Three Descend from First President 
Febuary 25, 1965 Dan Kuhn News Student Council Appraises First Semester 
Febuary 25, 1965 Virginia Willmer News Juniors Study in Washington, Overseas 
Febuary 25, 1965 Rockford Business College Sports Frosh Encounter Finishes Season  
Febuary 25, 1965 Jan Moncier Sports WRA Basketball Team Wins Weekend Games 
Febuary 25, 1965 Notre Dame Sports Runners Go to South Bend 
Febuary 25, 1965 Dr. R. Kenneth Strachan  Information Strachan of LAM Died Yesterday 
Febuary 25, 1965 Steve Talbott News Eaton, Wilhelmson To Give Flute, Piano Recital Tuesday 
Febuary 25, 1965 Notre Dame News Wrestlers Challenge Notre Dame 'Irish' Without Freshman Tournament Winners 
Febuary 25, 1965 Gary Wilcox News Augustana Wins Tourney; Wheaton Cops Second  
Febuary 25, 1965 Jim Gustafson Sports Crusaders of the Week 
Febuary 25, 1965 Ken Rakow Sports Crusaders Complete Season, To Face Valpo, Washington 
Febuary 25, 1965 Calvin Knights Sports Crusaders Overwhelm Foresters, Drop Games to Hope, Calvin 
Febuary 25, 1965 Norm Blair Sports Gym Teams Opposes Chicago Squads 
Febuary 25, 1965 Gary Wilcox Article SPLINTERS 
Febuary 25, 1965 Hockey Sports Lewis Shuts Out Ice Team 
Febuary 25, 1965 Lon Habkirk News "1860 Room' Wins College Union Contest 
Febuary 25, 1965 Dr. Peter Veltman Sports Mayor's Commission in Chicago Invites Wheaton Tutorial program 
Febuary 25, 1965 Dr. Judd's  News 180 WB Couples Hear Judd Speak 
Febuary 25, 1965 AACTE News Award Recognizes Teacher Education 
Febuary 25, 1965 Dr. Cummins News Students Evaluate New Men's Dorm Suite Recommend More Lighting, Dresser Space 
March 4, 1965 Janet Porcino News Hoke Stresses Centrality of Missions 
March 4, 1965 Dr. Benrnard Ramm News Ramm To Address Academic Chapel 
March 4, 1965 Margaret Johnson News Bachauer Performs Blue Series Concert; Palys Beethoven, Debussy, Brahms Sonata 
March 4, 1965 Dr. Deton J. Brooks. Jr News Intercollegiate Council Considers War on Poverty, Racial Relations 
March 4, 1965   Art Committee Announces Rules, Deadlines for Festival  
March 4, 1965 Harvard Publications News Mental Problems Need 'Realistic Concern' 
March 4, 1965 The 'Cat' Poem Information Mrs. Solomon's Proverbs  
March 4, 1965 Paul Edwards Column Off the Record 
March 4, 1965 F. Smith News Blanchard Molds Tradition of Social , Political Action 
March 4, 1965 Loren Wilkinson News The Fifth Corner 
March 4, 1965 Bob Synder News Deputy Forum Discusses Church, Politics, Social Evil 
March 4, 1965 Dr. Emery Cummins News Deans To Choose RA's 
March 4, 1965 Rohoda Moore News Klenk Teaches English, Tours Latin America During Peruvian U. Study 
March 4, 1965 Harold Newton News String Quartet Gives Recital 
March 4, 1965 College Year Abroad News U. S. Students To Visit India, Examine Culture On Location 
March 4, 1965 Wheaton Debate Team News Wheaton Debates To Second Place in Midwest Forensics Competetition 
March 4, 1965 International Cafe News Indian Foods, Snake Charm, Yoga Provide Atmosphere For International Cafe Saturday 
March 4, 1965 Leroy Kimmons News Play Boy Responds To Eterenity: Discusses 'Respectable' Sexual Ethics 
March 4, 1965 Jay Hakes News Hakes Discusses Niebuhr at Clapham 
March 4, 1965 Wheaton Ladies Volleball Sports WRA Team Wins Volleball Tourney 
March 4, 1965 Crusader Cagers Sports Crusader Losses Conclude Cage Season 
March 4, 1965 Gary Wilcox Sports Splinters From the Bench 
March 4, 1965 Dan Anger Sports Intramural Sports Expand; To offer Ping pong, Bowling 
March 4, 1965 Crusader Wrestlinhg Squad Sports Grapplers Beat Notre Dame 
March 4, 1965 Coach Jack Swartz Sports Swartz Releases Fall Football Slate 
March 4, 1965 Harvey Shank and Dave McDowell Sports Crusaders for the Week 
March 4, 1965 Wheaton Gymnastic Team Sports Chicago Defeats Gymnastic Team  
March 4, 1965 Crusader Running Team Sports Crusader Runners Compete at Notre Dame; Watkins, Aldrige Establish School Records 
March 4, 1965 John Whitelaw Music Tallis Performance Demonstrates Sensitive Sound of Pre-Classical 
March 4, 1965 Pam Price Music Organ, Voice, Flute Students To Perform  
March 4, 1965 Marn Ellen Streeter News Kaiser To Open Series on Apostles' Creed  
March 4, 1965 Chicago Mayor Prayer Breakfast News Glee Club Sings At Prayer Breakfast  
March 11, 1965 Woodrow Wilson Fellowships News Three Seniors Receive Wilson Grants 
March 11, 1965 Gordon Jaeck  News Jaeck Discusses Appalachia, War On Poverty at Clapman 
March 11, 1965 Ann Walter News Arts Festival To Include Bergman Film, Recital 
March 11, 1965 Louise Prosper  News ACP Awards Record All-American Rating 
March 11, 1965 Carl F. Henry News Henry Addresses Ministerial Group  
March 11, 1965 Dr. David Busby News Mental Health Entails Skilled Guidance 
March 11, 1965 Bonnie Kerr Information MK Adavantages, Joys Exceed Problems 
March 11, 1965 Marion Speicher Information Student Emotional Health Requires Acceptance, Non Criticaln Concern 
March 11, 1965 S. Brobeck Editorial People Are Not Labels. 
March 11, 1965 College Year Abroad News Study In India Lures Sophs 
March 11, 1965 Loren Wilkinson Information The Fifth Corner  
March 11, 1965 Arabian Nights News Evans Banquet Relives Old Persia 
March 11, 1965 Jill Whitney News Whitney Studies Theology, Art In France 
March 11, 1965 Chicago Sunday Evening Club News Glee Club To sing In Orchestra Hall 
March 11, 1965 Natalie Strombeck News Wheaton Delegates Push Red China , Apartheid Bills at Model UN 
March 11, 1965 Jan Harmis News Rebecca Provides Plot In Harmis Recital 
March 11, 1965 Leroy Kimmons News Eternity Opposes Playboy Philosphy, View On Pre-marital Sex 
March 11, 1965 Doug Erlandson Sports Away Game Tests Star on Home Court, Fail Cagers Conclude Season with 13-11 Record 
March 11, 1965 Win McCausland & Paul Falcone Sports Crusaders of the Week 
March 11, 1965 Gary Wilcox Sports Splinters:From The Bench 
March 11, 1965 Jonathan Clark Sports Frosh Attain Even Record; Average 83 points Per Game 
March 11, 1965 Bill Bott Sports Ice Team Finishes Season With Loss To Northern III 
March 11, 1965 Webel Wousers Sports Tournament Decides Intramural Champion  
March 11, 1965 Crusader Wrestling Team Sports Wrestlers Close Season With 9-3 Record 
March 11, 1965 John Aldridge Sports Aldridge Sets Track Record At Chicago U. Indoor Meet 
March 11, 1965 Wheaton Lady Basketball Team Sports WRA Basketball Team Concludes Succesful Extramural Competition 
March 11, 1965 Irwin W. Bell Music College Orchestra Performs Schubert Symphony 
March 11, 1965 Dr. Harry Straley News Straley Visits College for Idea Interchange 
March 11, 1965 Senior Gil Hoffer News Hoffer Project Uses New Psychology Lab 
March 18, 1965  "American Art Today" News  Critic Weighs American Art  
March 18, 1965  National Association of Christians  Information Soc Dep't Plans for Conference On Social Work  
March 18, 1965  Creative Expression News  Festival Winners Announced  
March 18, 1965  Dr. Martin Luther King  News  Senoir Travel To Alabama, Engage in Peaceful Protest  
March 18, 1965  Pam Price  Article  Professor Warburton To Criticize, Interpret DEPUTY As Drama  
March 18, 1965  Kent Walker  Article  The Risk Artistic Freedom  
March 18, 1965  F. Smith  Article  Civil Rights and Color Bias  
March 18, 1965  J. David Johnson Letter  Missionary Faces Cultural Problems  
March 18, 1965  Tom Finger  Letter  Christianity Upholds Psychotheraphy  
March 18, 1965  R.W Sawyer  Letter  Dream Indians Hold Honors Contest  
March 18, 1965  Mike Burton Letter  Student Commends Visual Editorial  
March 18, 1965  Miriam McNeily  Letters  Playbay Ethic- - Answer to Loneliness  
March 18, 1965  Campus Misogynist  Letters  Senior Unleashes 'Dog' Controversey  
March 18, 1965  Bill Hoyt  Letter  Hoyt: Student Approve Symbolic Chapel Palms  
March 18, 1965  Paul edwards  Exchange Column Off The RECORD  
March 18, 1965  David Buffam News  Buffam Captures Oratorical Honor  
March 18, 1965  Howard Hess  News  Campus NAACP Wins Charter Approval 
March 18, 1965  Karen Vindens  Information Vindenes Plays Scarlatti, Bartok; Joint Recital Offers Arias, Chorale  
March 18, 1965  Mirriam Hunter  News  Hunter Urges Individual Art, Studio Enrollment Increases  
March 18, 1965  Dr. James Kraakevik  News  Dr. James Kraakevik Teaches Math in Nigeria  
March 18, 1965  Leif Torjensen  Article  King Preaches Balanced Human Fulfillment  
March 18, 1965  Gary Wilcox  Sports  Splinters From The Bench  
March 18, 1965  Gary Wilcox  Sports  Wrestlers Finish Outstanding Season 
March 18, 1965  Dave Cort and Dave Swanson News  Crusaders of The Week  
March 18, 1965  Track Men  Sports  Pole Vaulter Watkins Earns Trophy at NCC Track Meet  
March 18, 1965  Moscow State University  News  Moscow State Offers Russ Language Study  
March 18, 1965  Isabel Anderson  Sports  April Festival Set In Frisco 
March 18, 1965  Russ Enlow and Bud Thoreen Sports  Webel Wousers Seize Intramural B-Ball Championship  
March 18, 1965  Volleyball  Sports  WRA teams Begin Volleyball Season With Dual Victory  
March 18, 1965  Dr. Robert DeHaan  News  Debaters Examines Education's Scope  
March 18, 1965  Spring Oratorio Chorus  Information Chorus to Interpret haydn's THE CREATION  
March 18, 1965  Hootenanny  Information Officers Organize '66-'68 Hootenanny  
March 25, 1965  Marian Anderson Information Anderson Interprets Spiritual, Lieder 
March 25, 1965  Haydn's oratorio THE CREATION Information Soloists, spring Chorus Join In CREATION Performance 
March 25, 1965  Dr. Denis V. Cowen News Tiffany lecturer To Probe South African Racial Issue 
March 25, 1965  Dr. Alan Wade, Donald Yohe News Confrences Examines Christian Social Work 
March 25, 1965  Kodon  News Spring KODON Appears Friday 
March 25, 1965  Granville Reed Information Reed Traces NAACP History 
March 25, 1965  David Buffman News Buffman Delivers Winning Speech in Annual Cook Oratorical Contest 
March 25, 1965  F.Smith Column  A Student Festival 
March 25, 1965  Editorial Page Information Council lauds leadership Evidenced in Telegram  
March 25, 1965  Letters to the Editor.....Bob Herron  Column Gospel Entails Social Implications 
March 25, 1965  L.Wilkinson Column Study Abroad: We Need It 
March 25, 1965  Junior Toms Column Spiritual Renewal Precedes Reforms 
March 25, 1965  David Miner Column Discipling Gift Offsets Missionary Hardships 
March 25, 1965  Don Porteous Column Porteous Criticizes 'Imbalanced News' 
March 25, 1965  Loren Wilkinson  Column The Fifth Corner 
March 25, 1965  Richard Burton Information A Word from 'DADDY S' 
March 18, 1965  Paul Forman  News  Froman, Sonneveldt Elected To Regional Union Offices  
March 25, 1965  Edward Hakes Column  Extra- Marital Sex Depersonalizes Individual 
March 25, 1965  Pam Price  Information Weathers reactivates Composition Recitals 
March 25, 1965  Registrar Enock Dyrness News College Prepares Revised Catalogue 
March 25, 1965  Chase Manhattan bank News SDS protests US Trade with South Africa 
March 25, 1965  Steve Talbott  News '68 Men Find Floods, police Among perils at Elliot, Saint 
March 25, 1965  Alice Naumoff News Naumoff Contributes To Latest translation Of Russian Scripture 
March 25, 1965  Jan Porcino News Inter- Varsity To Establish ' Beachhead' 
March 25, 1965  United Nations Conferences News Campus World Affairs Club To Interpret Current Issues 
March 25, 1965  Gary Wilcox Sports Column SPLINTERS From the Bench 
March 25, 1965  Baseball  Sports Seven Starters Brighten Baseball Season 
March 25, 1965  Wrestling Sports  Jarman Finishes College Wrestling Career 
March 25, 1965  Volleyball Sports  WRA Volleyball Teams Win at NIU 
March 25,1965 Basketball team Sports Helm Adddresses Cagers' Banquet 
March 25,1965 Basketball Sports NEWS Picks Pfund '65 College Player 
March 25,1965 Coach Don Church- Atheltics Sports Runners Close Indoor Season at Chicago 
March 25,1965 Gymnastics  Sports Seasons Shows Gymnastics Improvement  
March 25,1965 Phil Olson Sports Seniors Sweeps Gym To Seize Day 
March 25,1965 Noma Cave Information planning, Work, Rehearsals prepare for Spring Festival  
March 25,1965 Ryerson Steel News Business Forum Elects Officers, Plans Wed. Tour 
March 25,1965 Gary Fairchid's campaign News Fairchild Strives for Chair Of Midwest YR Convention 
April 1, 1965 Neta Thessian  Column  Spring Festival Depicts Colorful Frisco 
April 1, 1965 Richard Tucker News Met Tenor To Sing At Artist Series 
April 1, 1965 Latin American Forum  News Collegiate Forum Probes Changes In Latin America  
April 1, 1965 Richard Rung  News Clampham Weighs South Viet Nam Crisis 
April 1, 1965 Dale Anderson Information Anderson TO Direct Chorus, Brass in Composition Recital 
April 1, 1965 Don Miech News Union Announces Presidential Election 
April 1, 1965 S. Bartlett  Column  Education and Vocational choice 
April 1, 1965 Editor Note Column Perspective  
April 1, 1965 Editorial Page- Paul Lingerfelter '67  Column  Typical Christian ' Sins by Omissions' 
April 1, 1965 Stephen L. Talbott  Column  Talbott Deprecates Church Promotion of Specific Action 
April 1, 1965 Loren Wilkinson  Column  The Fifth Corner 
April 1, 1965  Sanford Schulert Column  Modern Demands Pragmatic Solution For Sex Relations 
April 1, 1965 Steve Shoemaker'65 Column  Shoemaker, Ham Question TOWER Ad 
April 1, 1965 Miss Corrine Sonneveldt News Sonneveldt Joins Inter-Association Union Committee 
April 1, 1965 Dr. V. Raymand Edman News Edman Elected to Lincoln Academy 
April 1, 1965 John Herzog  News  Herzog Elected by Grads 
April 1, 1965 Dr. S. Richey Kamm News Mutual Radio Network Interview Dr. Kamm  
April 1, 1965 Gordon Jaeck  Information Jaeck Addresses Ministerial Group 
April 1, 1965 Dr. Stuart Hackett News III. Philosphers Discuss Papers At April Meeting  
April 1, 1965 World Affairs Conference Information Club Plans Study of Foreign Culture Union Announces Presidential Election 
April 1, 1965 Annual Christian Social Worker Conference Information Sicial Work Conference Draws ' Realistic Picture' 
April 1, 1965 Baseball Sports Diamondmen Face Northwestern, Elmhurst 
April 1, 1965  Rifle Team Sports ROTC Rifle Team Gets Sport Status 
April 1, 1965 Gary Wilcox Sports Column SPLINTERS From The Bench 
April 1, 1965 Wheaton Observatory News 57- Year- Old Campus Observatory Re-opens 
April 1, 1965 Volleyball Sports WRA V-Ball Team Concludes Seasons  
April 1, 1965 Trackmen  Sports  Crusaders Trackmen Confronts Loyola 
April 1, 1965 Tennis Team  Sports Tennis Practice For Spring Opening 
April 8, 1965 Scholarship Committee News Committee Announces Scholarships Winners From Incoming Class 
April 8, 1965 Concert Choir  Information Tours Display Service Through Music 
April 8, 1965 Gary Fairchild  News  Fairchid To Direct 25,000 Midwest YR's 
April 8, 1965 Keith Weathers News Band To Highlight Concerts With Symphony by Giannini  
April 8, 1965 Dr. James Dolby News DAVID AND LISA Provides Insight into Problem of Emotional Illness 
April 8, 1965 R. Bard Column  White Freedoms and Black Rights 
April 8, 1965 M. Olson Article  Intellectualism and Practical Reality 
April 8, 1965 S. Talbott Article  Government Not Key to Age of Liberty 
April 8, 1965 Adele Abraham  Article  The Obtuse Angle/ Death: the Soul's Fullfillment 
April 8, 1965 Letters to the Editors Column NAACP Leaders Fosters Communism 
April 8, 1965 Dr. Emery Cummins News RA Applicants Face Fictitious Situation 
April 8, 1965 Dr. Broadman Information Students To Explore Canyon 
April 8, 1965 Dr. James Dolby Information Convention views PSychology's Use 
April 8, 1965 Wheaton Athletes Sports Tracks Members Win AAU Events 
April 8, 1965 Golf Team Sports Golfers Slate Matchless Spring Tour 
April 8, 1965 Baseball Sports CrusadersOpen Baseball Season With Game Against Williams Carey 
April 8, 1965 Volleyball Sports  Intramural Begins Spring Program 
April 23, 1965 Kaleidoscope Players Information Actors Interprets Sandburg 
April 23, 1965 Elaine Lohne Information Skillen to Fill CSC Post 
April 23, 1965 Dr. Franklin H. Littel News Littell To Address Wheaton Seminar 
April 23, 1965 Franklin Bellinger  News Town Elects Prof 
April 23, 1965 Hale will Narrate Charles Dickens' Novel News Hale To Reinstate 'Reign of Terror' 
April 23, 1965 junior Paul Froman  News Unopposed Froman Submits Platform for Union Office 
April 23, 1965 Annual Campaign of Student Council  News Petitions, Delegations, Campaigns To Climax in Primary Convention. 
April 23, 1965 Lynn David Newton And Miss Karyl Louwenaar News Newton, Louwenaar To Give Guest Conservatory Recital 
April 23, 1965 Dr. James R. Dolby News Dolby Lectures MF On Pastoral Psych 
April 23, 1965 Hubert Morken  Column  Paralysis and Faith 
April 23, 1965 Letters to Editor Column NAACP Rejects Communist Aid,Support 
April 23, 1965 S.Brobeck Column Needed: Theatre Approval For Vacationing Students 
April 23, 1965 Ted Ryan News Council Provides AM-FM Radios: Establishes Cimmittee on Chapel 
April 23, 1965 Women's Spring Clothing Drive  News AWS To Sponsor '65 Clothing Drive 
April 23, 1965 Don Lundquist's junior Organ Recital News Lundquist Performs Sunday Recital 
April 23, 1965 Russel Platz Information Weathers Chorale Opens Concert 
April 23, 1965 Baseball Sports Diamondmen Drop First Home Game 
April 23, 1965 Golf Team  Sports Golf Team Tour 
April 23, 1965 Trackmen Sports Lopers Set Relay Records 
April 23, 1965 Tennis Team Sports Racquetmen Prepare for Invitational 
April 29 , 1965  Martha Beattie  Article Visiting Scholars Debate DEPUTY, internat'l Morals  
April 29 , 1965  Leroy Kimmons  News  Unconventional Delegations Choose Primary Candidates  
April 29 , 1965  Stephen Talbott  Article  Serious, ' Mock' Candidates Prepare Platforms, Strategy 
April 29 , 1965  Student Union  Information Board Schedules Froman Election  
April 29 , 1965  Rich Bard  Article  Student Committee Suggests Five Publication Amendments  
April 29 , 1965  F. Smith  Article  On Politics and Politicking  
April 29 , 1965  S. Brobeck  Article  Industrialism and Creativity  
April 29 , 1965  R.W. Sawyer  Article  Of Natural Assistance  
April 29 , 1965  Paul Edwards  Column Exchange Column Off The Record  
April 29 , 1965  American Association of Evangelical Students  Information Asbury Sponsors AAES Convention 
April 29 , 1965  Loren Wilkinson  Column The Fifth Corner . . . 
April 29 , 1965  Annual Chuck-wagon Steak Fry  Information Folk Concert To Highlight Annual Campus Chuckwagon  
April 29 , 1965  John N. Erlenborn  Information  Rep. Erlenborn Holds Forum  
April 29 , 1965  Associated Women Students  News  AWS To Consider Local Government  
April 29 , 1965  Student Missionary Project  News  All- Campus Workday To Aid SMP Finances  
April 29 , 1965  Honey Rock  Information Honey Rock Plans Introductory Rally  
April 29 , 1965  Rhoda Moore  News  LaFond To Study Medicine, Serve Lower Class Haitians  
April 29 , 1965  Betty Lou Christy  Information Dinner Forward Practiced German  
April 29 , 1965  Mark A. Olson  News  Agencies Receive Campus Donations  
April 29 , 1965  Adele Abrahamson  Article Four Seniors Prepare For Peace Corps Service in Asia, Africa  
April 29 , 1965  Gary Wilcox  Sports  Splinters From the Bench 
April 29 , 1965  Golf Team  Sports  Golf Team Beats Tough North Park In Tuesday Game  
April 29 , 1965  George Binder  News  WETN Interviews Council Candidates  
April 29 , 1965  Trackmen Sports  Trackmen Win Invitational; Beat Valpo, DePauw, St. Joe  
April 29 , 1965  Intramural Softball Sports  Intramural Softball To Begin Monday  
April 29 , 1965  Baseketball  Sports  Basketball Team Defeats North Central; DePauw Pitching Thwarts Crusaders  
April 29 , 1965  John Aldridge and Bud Leonard  Sports  Crusaders of The Week 
April 29 , 1965  Full Scholarships News  Three Receive NDFL Fellowship To Study Hausa, Chontal, Aramaic 
April 29 , 1965  Organ Recital Information Henry , Osterhaus To Interpret Bach  
April 29 , 1965  Jeanne Murray  News  Murray Captures Double Literary Honors  
April 29 , 1965  Basketball Sports  Teen Club Cagers Play Sat. Tourney  
April 29 , 1965  ROTC Program  News  Poll Exposes Student Views On ROTC Program Efficacy 
May 6, 1965  Jeanne Murray  News  Murray Envisions Representative Art  
May 6, 1965  Candidates Elaborate on Platforms News  Edwards, Regier Seek Student Body Presidency  
May 6, 1965  Paul Froman  News  Froman Plans Casual Events, Full Utilization of Facilities  
May 6, 1965  Eugene Ormandy  Information Ormandy To Direct Final Series Concert 
May 6, 1965  Rich Bard  News  Rowdy Delegates Select candidates On Fourth Ballot  
May 6, 1965  J. Hakes  Article  Needed: Soph Action on Compulsory ROTC  
May 6, 1965  L. Wilkinson  Article  Foreign Study Program  
May 6, 1965  Don G. Evans, Jr. '68 and Paul N. Ridolfi, 68  Letters . . .  Freshmen Protest Sidewalk Bigotry 
May 6, 1965  R. W. Sawyer's  Letter ' Baashful' Reveals Address: CPO 1510  
May 6, 1965  Kent Walker  Article  Perspectives  
May 6, 1965  Conservatory of Music  Information Sunday Vespers Features Mozart Chamber Music  
May 6, 1965  Natalie Strombeck  Information Library Carries International Publications  
May 6, 1965  Bill Larkin  Article  VISTA Aids in War on Poverty Program  
May 6, 1965  Dr. S. Richey Kamm Information Kamm Discusses Project on WETN  
May 6, 1965  Glee Club Information Women's Glee Offers Concerted Brigadoon  
May 6, 1965  Annual Federal Inspection  News  Army Team Inspects Total ROTC Program 
May 6, 1965  Dr. J. Edwards Hakes  Information McManis Flappers Plan '20's Banquet  
May 6, 1965  New Student Council President  News  Class Presidential Aspirants Discuss Proposals for Unity  
May 6, 1965  Leif Torjeson and Steve Talbott News  three Profs To Take Leaves-of-Absence  
May 6, 1965  Ann Walker and Virginia Willmer  News  Senior Artists Exhibit Works in MSC  
May 6, 1965  Jim Cramer  Information Cramer Presents Dostoevsky Novel In Speech Recital  
May 6, 1965  Dr. Donald Boardman  News  Wheaton Board of Education Elects Boardman President  
May 6, 1965  Sharon Wanberg  Sports  WRA Softballers Overpower NIU 
May 6, 1965  Pam Price  Information '65 AAES Convention Considers Scientism Christian Scholarship  
May 6, 1965  Race Relations in Wheaton  News  Report, Elections End NAACP Year  
May 6, 1965  Dual Instrumental Recital  Information Anderson, Hansen Give Joint Recital  
May 6, 1965  Keith Watkins  Sports  Watkins Establishes Beloit Relays Record; Trackmen To Compete in elmhurst Tourney  
May 6, 1965  Tennis  Sports  Racquetwomen Beat North Central, Practice for Illinois Invitational  
May 6, 1965  Volleyball  Sports  Rumdumbs Take Volleyball Crown  
May 6, 1965  Jonathan Clark  Sports  Crusader Pitchers Capture Doubleheader From Wabash  
May 6, 1965  Tennis  Sports  Netmen Take Second At Kalamazoo Meet  
May 6, 1965  Norm Camp and Steve Salins  Sports  Crusaders of the Week 
May 6, 1965  Stephen Mott  News  Mott Addresses Clapham Society On Social Gospel  
May 6, 1965  Leadership Training Program  Information Spring-Fall LTP To Provide Training, Structural Planning  
May 6, 1965  Elaine Lohne  News  Skillen Selects Eight-Member Cabinet; Harris Named On-Campus Coordinator  
May 6, 1965  Mary Ellen Streeter  News  Tenney Aids Latin Missions, Witnesses Dominican Revolt 
May 13, 1965 Rich Bard  News  Profs Assume New duties; Leave For Teaching, Study  
May 13, 1965 Annual Orientation News  Four Juniors To Represent, Welcome Incoming Students 
May 13, 1965 Darrel Regier  News  Regier Plans Re-Evaluation Of Student Council Function  
May 13, 1965 Leadership Training Program  Information ' 65 LTP Sponsors Kickoff Breakfast  
December 17, 1964 Letters . . . Column Diligent Research Reveals 'Senior DJ'  
December 17, 1964  Bunny Schmidt  News  Soph Gives Child A Christmas In California  
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