Index to the Record, 1964 (May)-1964 (December)

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DateSubject (Personal Name or Topic)Column or SectionTopic or Title
May 21, 1964 McManis and Williston Droms Information Students to Get new Linen Service 
May 21, 1964 Richard Gross News College to Increase Scholarship Aid 
May 21, 1964 Sis Barbie Carlson News Carlson, Dyrness Prepare To Welcome Class of '68 
August 14,1964 Charles Schoenherr,Director of Admissions News Wheaton Awaits Class of '68 
August 14,1964 James N.Mckellin News Caterer to Run Dinning Hall 
August 14,1964 Bill Drynesss and Barbie Carlson News Mom, Pop,Brother, sister Anticipate Freshman class 
August 14,1964 Ted Ryan News Ryan, Council to Probe Student Opinion 
August 14,1964 Catherine Marshall News Lyceum Invites Celebrities 
August 14, 1964  Barry Johnson Information Big Day Spotlights Parents; Johnson Heads Committee  
August 14, 1964  Gil Hoffer  News  Am. Association of Evangelical Students Names Wheatonite National President  
August 14, 1964  Clapham Society  Article  Clapham Politics: Christian, Liberal  
August 14, 1964  X-Room Article  Union to Invigorate Social Atmosphere, Anticipate News Decoration of X-Room 
August 14, 1964  Book -of-the-Semester Program  Article  Book-of- Semester Explores Character, Development Under Collegiate Influence  
August 14, 1964  Galde Elected Regional Chairman  Article NSA Pools, Digests Collegiate Thought  
August 14, 1964  The Kingdom of Darkness Letter A Demonic Letter Retrieved  
August 14, 1964  Comprehensive Issue News  A Comprehensive Issue Enlarged  
August 14, 1964  Loren Wilkinson  Column The Fifth Corner. . . 
August 14, 1964  President V. Raymond Edman Article  A Word From Prexy  
August 14, 1964  Karl F. Heimke  Letter A Message From the Mayor  
August 14, 1964  Evan Welsh Letter  A Letter From Chaplain  
August 14, 1964  Coleman Coates  Column Comments by Coates  
August 14, 1964  Jill Whitney  Article  RECORD Spotlights News  
August 14, 1964  Mike Burton  Information KODON 'Hangout' Welcomes All Artisits, Poets, Writers  
August 14, 1964  Jim Gill  Article Record Misses All-American Rating by 25 point Margin 
August 14, 1964  WETN-FM News  Crusader FM to Initiate 4th Year of Broadcasting 
August 14, 1964  Pi Gamma Mu  Information Social Science Society Schedules Seminars  
August 14, 1964  Publication Board  News  New Pub Board Begins Second Year  
August 14, 1964  Wheaton Wings, Inc  News  Wheaton Wings Organize News Flying Club Here  
August 14, 1964  Collegiate Debate  News  Debaters Enter National Competition  
August 14, 1964  An All-Student Committee News  Homecoming Committee Picks Theme- 'For Years to Come' 
August 14, 1964  The Craft Shop News  Craft Shop Offers Gamut To Satisfy Creative Urge 
August 14, 1964  Canterbury Club  Article  Cantebury Club Stresses Provocative Group Meetings  
August 14, 1964  Pat Cate News  Cate Tours the Globe Nelsons Work in Kano 
August 14, 1964  Alumni Association News  Alumni Association Encircles the Globe  
August 14, 1964  Hudson T. Armerding, Provost  Article  Adminstration Seeks Excellence for College  
August 14, 1964  Linda Burnham  News  College Revamps Aid Program, Increases Size of Scholarship  
August 14, 1964  Social Sciences  Article Social Sciences Prepare Grads to Serve, Afford Varied Perspectives on People 
August 14, 1964  Wheaton Graduates  Article Teachers Scatter After Graduation 
August 14, 1964  Division of Science  Article  Science Major Claims 30% Study on Three Campuses  
August 14, 1964  Dr. Earle E. Carins  News  Carins Writes Book 
August 14, 1964  Student Personnel Office  News Deans Assume New Duties  
August 14, 1964  Wheaton's Liberal Arts Curriculum  News  Biblen Department Provides Biblical Perspective in Liberal Arts Study  
August 14, 1964 Wheaton Graduate School News  Grad School Offers Advanced Training  
August 14, 1964  Army Reserve Officers Training Corps  Article ROTC Offers Men Introduction To Military Life  
August 14, 1964  Conguer Rifles  News  Conguer Rifles Repleaces Old Pershing Rifle Unit  
August 14, 1964  Division of Education Article Education Includes Psychology, P.E Departments 
August 14, 1964  Division of Language and Literature  Article  Majority Majors in Literature  
August 14, 1964  Men's Glee Club Article Men's Glee Offers Excellent Music, Fratenity  
August 14, 1964  Ministers in South America  Information Ensemble Comprises Unique Venture  
August 14, 1964  Women's Glee Club  Article Women's Glee Challenges Vocalists Provides Training, Fellowship, Travel  
August 14, 1964  The Symphony Orchestra  Information Orchestra Expands Program  
August 14, 1964  Organ Guild  Article Organ-Lovers Unite  
August 14, 1964  Ross Rhoads  Article Band Works for Perfection Begins Year at Lake Geneva  
August 14, 1964  Concert Choir  Information California-Bound Choir to Hold Retreat  
August 14, 1964  Rex Hicks  Information Festival Chorus To Sing 'Messiah', 'Magnificant'  
August 14, 1964  Summer Schools News  Over 800 Complete Summer School, Study on Three Wheaton Campuses  
August 14, 1964  Concert Program News  Artist Series Brings Top Musicians Here  
August 14, 1964  Associated Women Students  News  AWS Enlarges Scope of Women's Activities  
August 14, 1964  Student Education Association Article Future Teachers learn In Local Education Association  
August 14, 1964  Basketball Sports  'Senior' Bench Represents Ultimate in Class Superiority  
August 14, 1964  Grendel's Fen  News  Students Initiate Business Enterprise  
August 14, 1964  Christian Service Council  Article  CSC Offers Access to World  
August 14, 1964  Monte Swanson  Article  Students Donate Summer to Missions  
August 14, 1964  Hi-C Clubs  Article  Hi-C Seeks To Unify Teen-age Christians  
August 14, 1964  Tom Byron  Article  Byron Enumerates Goels of CSC  
August 14, 1964  Lynn Gray  Article  ICCA Participants Show Concern For Negroes of Chicago's Inner City  
August 14, 1964  World -Wide YFC Ministry  News  YFC Runs Program For Local Teens  
August 14, 1964  Skid Row  Sports  Wheatonites Visit Cadets, Mentally III, Skid Row Men  
August 14, 1964  Campus Crusade  Information Campus Crusade for Christ Conducts Leadership Training Classes at Wheaton 
August 14, 1964  Weekly Prayer Meeting Information Prayer Meeting Convenes Weekly  
August 14, 1964  Christian Education  News  Christian Ed Grad Club Experiments  
August 14, 1964  International Students Fellowship  News  Internationals Form Active Student Group  
August 14, 1964  College Library  Article  Campus' Intellectual Center Houses 130,000 Volumes  
August 14, 1964  Athletic Program  Sports  College Stresses Comprehensive Sports Program  
August 14, 1964  Football Sports  Gridders Fight Inexperience  
August 14, 1964  Annual Fall Sports Camp  Sports  Football, Soccer, Cross-Country Hopefulls To Drill for Six Days at Camp Shagbark  
August 14, 1964  Intramural Program  Sports  Itramural Sports Adds Variety In Expanding Program  
August 14, 1964  Soccer  Sports  Soccermen Envisage Third NCAA Tournament  
August 14, 1964  NCAA National Tournament  Sports  Spring Teams Conclude Winning Season  
August 14, 1964  NCAA National  Sports  Undefeated Veteran Thinclad Return  
August 14, 1964  Pep Club Sports  Pep Club Men Yell 
September 24, 1964  Leighton Ford  Information Leighton Ford to Conduct Fall Evangelistic Services  
September 24, 1964  Hank Molter  News  Food Service Management Aims for Speedy Service  
September 24, 1964  RECORD  Information RECORD Holds Party For Perspective Staff  
September 24, 1964  Scholarship Program Article  The Frosh Become 'Campus Scholars' 
September 24, 1964  Book -of -the -Semester  Article Book-of-Semester Looks at College  
September 24, 1964  Dr. Hudson T. Armerding  News  Edman Resigns to Become Wheaton's First Chancellor  
September 24, 1964  Guest Editorial  Column Writer Questions Education  
September 24, 1964  K. Landon  Article  Hunger, faith and Blindness  
September 24, 1964  Daniel Kuhn Column Letters To The Editor . . . 
September 24, 1964  Loren Wilkinson  Column  The Fifth Corner. . . 
September 24, 1964  FM License  News  WETN Submits Application For Renewed FM License  
September 24, 1964  Republican Party  News  Republican Women Seek Campaign Help  
September 24, 1964  Fred Smith  News  Alumnus Cummins Returns As Assoc. Dean of Students  
September 24, 1964  Bill Larkin  Information Band Rehearses At Annual Camp  
September 24, 1964  Ninth Annual Writer's Conference  Information Elliot, Landon, Gaebelein, Barfield To Speak at Writers' Conference  
September 24, 1964  Festival Chorus Rehearsals Information Choir Rehearsals Winter Oratario  
September 24, 1964  Ted Ryan  Article 'More Things Than You Dream Of' 
September 24, 1964  Football Sports  Albion Steals Wheaton Opener, 12-7  
September 24, 1964  Tom Sweet  Sports  Soccer Team Scores Goal To Beat Philadelpia Squad  
September 24, 1964  Three Crusader Teams  Sports  Athletesm Converge On Training Camp  
September 24, 1964  Larry Brook  News  Men From Germany and Vietnam Join ROTC Cadre  
September 24, 1964  Cross- Country  Sports  Cross Country Team Downs Albion, Faces Depaul Runners Saturday  
September 24, 1964  Flying Dutchmen  Sports  Dutchmen Challenge Crusaders This Week  
September 24, 1964  Dr. J. Edward Hakes  News  Hakes Edits Book On Christian Ed. 
September 24, 1964  Language Students  News  Students Use New Facilities In Renovated Language Lab 
September 24, 1964  " The Living Wilderness" News  Auduban Society To Sponsor Films  
September 24, 1964  Dick McGarrahan  News  Galde Leads Delegates at NSA Congress  
September 24, 1964  Doctorial Degrees  News  Dolby, Schoenherr Complete Ph.D. Work  
September 24, 1964  Neta Thiessen  News  Frosh Spends Orientation Week In Health Center  
September 24, 1964  Forensic Society  Information Forensic Society Prepares For Intercollegiate Debates  
October 1, 1964  Barry Goldwater  News  Goldwater to Visit Wheaton In Illinois Campaign Tour  
October 1, 1964  Mrs. Catherine Marshall News  Catherine marshall to Open Luceum Series Next Friday  
October 1, 1964  Traditional dinks Information 'Dinking' Nears; Frosh to Revert To Nursey Days  
October 1, 1964  Annual Homecoming Competition  Announcement  Lind Announces Homecoming Rules  
October 1, 1964  Staff Writers  Article  Ford Stresses 'Experimental Methods' In Student' Search for 'Real' Faith  
October 1, 1964  Inner City Christian Action  Information Intensive Orientation To Prepare Students For Inner CIty Work  
October 1, 1964  L. Wilkinson  Article  Prayer.. Silence. . Thought. . 
October 1, 1964  K. Landon  Article 'Filled with Fear and Dread' 
October 1, 1964  Letters to The Editor  Column Cookman Provokes Feed-back On Education  
October 1, 1964  L. Proper  Article  Semesters's 'Unofficial'Book  
October 1, 1964  J. Hakes  Article  Involvement Shapes Student Character  
October 1, 1964  Young Republicans  News  Fairchild Vs. Hakes on Goldchild  
October 1, 1964  Jay Hakes  Article Hakes Sees Contradictions In Goldwaters's Position(s) 
October 1, 1964  Gary Fairchild Article  Gary Fairchild: Barry Offers Firm Leadership  
October 1, 1964  Chirsitna Service Council Article  CSC Forum To Tackle Middle Class Problem  
October 1, 1964  Campus Crusade for Christ Information 'Hutch' Back at Wheaton With Campus Crusade  
October 1, 1964  Richard Bard  News  New Prof Misses 1st Day To Welcome 3rd Daughter  
October 1, 1964  Neta Theissen  Article Mrs. Leighton Ford Shares Views of Evangelist's Wife  
October 1, 1964  Tea for Mrs.Ford  Information AWS Notes  
October 1, 1964  Girls Register Voters  Information AWS Notes  
October 1, 1964  Verla Thruman  Article Have Modern Women Lost Their Identity? 
October 1, 1964  Football Sports  Rain, Crusaders Dash Flying Dutchmen's Hope, 8-0 
October 1, 1964  Cross-Country  Sports  DePaul Triumphs In Cross-Country  
October 1, 1964  Gary Wilcox  Sports  Splinters From the Bench 
October 1, 1964  Soccer  Sports  Wheaton Booters Conquer Fighting Illini 
October 1, 1964  Wheaton's Bombers  Sports  Bombers Submit To Wright College  
October 1, 1964  Football Sports  Wheaton To Assail Findlay Oilers Sat. 
October 1, 1964  Hockey  Sports  WRA Girls Begin Hockey Practice  
October 1, 1964  Miriam McNeilly Article Hoffer Presents AAES in Summer Tour  
October 1, 1964  President Ten Ryan  News  On 'Election '64'  
October 1, 1964  INTERCOM News  Lorentzen Edits New Publication 
October 1, 1964  Intervarsity Christian Fellowship  Information IVCF Conference Slated Next Week  
October 8, 1964  Catherine Marshall News  Catherine Marshall Inaugurates Lyceum  
October 8, 1964  Virginia Wilmer  Article  WETN Programming Offers Variations, Improved 'Sound'  
October 8, 1964  Christian Service Council  Information CSC Forums Initiated Tonight in Upper MSC  
October 8, 1964  Homecoming  News  Homecoming Activities To Center On Theme ' For Years To Come' 
October 8, 1964  Hank Molter  Article Council Forum Examines Wheaton's Political Stand  
October 8, 1964  Warsaw Philharmonic  Information Warsaw Orchestra To Give Season's Opening Concert  
October 8, 1964  Dewey Blocksma  Article  Feminine Hose Disaster Requires Gallant Response  
October 8, 1964  Open Forum  Article  After the Forum -What Now? 
October 8, 1964  Mrs. Solomon  Literature  Proverbs  
October 8, 1964  Letters to The Editor  Column Reponds to 'Feminie Mystique' Articles  
October 8, 1964  David McNiel Column McNiel Finds Lack of Logic In Hakes' Criticism of Barry  
October 8, 1964  Loren Wilkinson  Column The Fifth Corner . . . 
October 8, 1964  'Campus Cop' Article  Charlie Sites Back As Friendly 'Campus Cop' 
October 8, 1964  Darrel Regier  Article  On-Campus Committee Acts On Food Service, Conduct  
October 8, 1964  State News News  Papers React To Student Demonstration 
October 8, 1964  Rich Bard  News  Barry Urges 'Restoration of Law ' in Rally Speech  
October 8, 1964  Dan Kuhn  Article  Kuhn Explains Conviction Behind Civil Rights Picketing  
October 8, 1964  Robert Warburton  News  Commends Dissenting Spirit In Pro- LBJ Demonstration  
October 8, 1964  Kenneth Landon News  Landon Regrets Intorlerance Of Barry Adherents at Rally  
October 8, 1964  Mark Hanchett Article  Calls Civil Right Protest 'Out of Place'  
October 8, 1964  Football  Sports  Wheaton to Challenge Undefeated Kentucky  
October 8, 1964  Cross-Country  Sports  Harriers Humble Bradley  
October 8, 1964  Doug Erlandeen  Sports  Findlay's Lightning Offense Overcomes Crusaders, 59-12  
October 8, 1964  Dick Marston  Sports  Bomber Booters Nip Maryknoll 
October 8, 1964  Roler Skating  Sports  College Skating Starts  
October 8, 1964  Gary Wilcox  Sports  Splinters  
October 8, 1964  Soccer  Sports  Soccer Team Triumphs, 2-1  
October 8, 1964  Andy Adolfson Sports  'Retreaters' Split Along Tribal Lines  
October 8, 1964  Neta Thiessen  News  Frosh Lose Sophistication Wearing Nursery Fashion  
October 8, 1964  Dr. E. M. Blaiklock  Information Blaiklock To Speak On New Testament At Grad Sessions  
October 8, 1964  Steve Brobeck  Information Brobeck To Examine Liberalism At clapham 
October 8, 1964  Kim Brobeck  Information  Seven Writers To Speak at Conference  
October 8, 1964  Conservatory of Music  Information College To Host NCMF Tuesday  
October 8, 1964  Wheaton Members of Young Republican  Information YR To Join Local GOP Jamboree  
October 15, 1964  Stanislaw Wislocki  Information Kendra To Present Piano Solo With Warsaw Philharmonic  
October 15, 1964  Dr. Ruth Eckart  News  Visiting Prof Review Curriculum Plans  
October 15, 1964  Ninth Annual Writers Conference  News  British Philologist, Two Alumnae Head Annual Writers' Conference Program  
October 15, 1964  " Macbeth"  News  New Film Version Of Macbeth Opens Writers' Conclave  
October 15, 1964  New Dining Hall News  Dining Hall Aims For Homecoming Opening  
October 15, 1964  H. Handley  Article  Who Is A Writer ?  
October 15, 1964  Ted Ryan  Article  Once Upon A Time . . . 
October 15, 1964  Mr. Solomon Column Proverbs  
October 15, 1964  Alan Velvet  Article  Homecoming Headquaters Faces Flurry of Last Minute Planning  
October 15, 1964  James O. Buswell  News  James Buswell IV Gets 'Rave ' Notices  
October 15, 1964  Fred Smith  Article  Forum Explores Middle Class Culture  
October 15, 1964  Dr. Robert Harry Spiro  News  Alumnus Becomes University Prexy  
October 15, 1964  Leif Torjesen  Article  Sophs Instill Humility Into Rebelious Frosh  
October 15, 1964  Mary Anne DeVries  News  Prof Starts Center For Christian Writers  
October 15, 1964  International Cafe  News  Cafe Set in Japan  
October 15, 1964  Rhoda Moore  News  New Asst. Dean explains 'Open Door Policy'  
October 15, 1964  Letters From The Former Dean  Column Marge Stone Describes New Challenge  
October 15, 1964  The Feminine Mystique  Information  Batson To Speak at AWS Retreat  
October 15, 1964  Gary Wilcox  Sports  Splinters From The Bench  
October 15, 1964  Gary Wilcox  Sports  Outweighed Crusaders Meet Parson Wildcats Saturday  
October 15, 1964  Margaret Johnson  Sports  Snow Fails To Hinder WPE Retreat Efforts  
October 15, 1964  Hockey  Sports  WRA Team Faces Rough Schedule  
October 15, 1964  Evie Payne  Article  Students Share Common Goals On South Side  
October 15, 1964  Jonathan Clark  Sports  Kentucky's Offense Rings up 40-0 Victory  
October 15, 1964  Soccer  Sports  Michigan Downs Baptistamen  
October 15, 1964  Bomber Gridders  Sports  Bombers Succumb To Northern Illinois  
October 15, 1964  Christian Service Council  News  CSC Auditions Talent For Musical Team  
October 15, 1964  KODON  News  KODON earns All- American With Four 'Excellent' Ratings  
October 15, 1964  Dr. E. M. Blaiklock  Information Blaiklock To Give Lectuers At Annual Grad Conference  
October 15, 1964  Student Council  News  Colege To Vote in Mock Election 
October 15, 1964  Student Council  News  Grads Given Vote On Student Council  
October 15, 1964  Football  Sports  Parents' Day Offers Full, Varied Schedule  
October 23, 1964 Dr.Clarence Hale News Alumni Recognize Hale for 35 Years as Professor  
October 23, 1964 Ed Coray  News Half-time to Feature Floats, 1914 Gridders 
October 23, 1964 Jim Stump News 'Pooh' Stars In Annual Homecoming Play 
October 23, 1964 Russell H. Platz News Friday's Events Built Spirit 
October 23, 1964 Raymond Smith News Raymond Smith Named Alumni Predsident-elect 
October 23, 1964 Elliot, Landon Gaebelein News If Editors Could Tell the Truth 
October 23, 1964 Robert Golter News Present Needs Make Library Obsolete 
October 23, 1964 Civil Rights Bill News Christians 'Missing the Boat' Politically 
October 23, 1964 Mr. Kuhn's  News Grad Student Calls Kuhn's Article Extreme 
October 23, 1964 Debbie Hess News Traditional French Mystique Pervades Culture, Politics 
October 23, 1964 Loren Wilksinson News The Fifth Corner 
October 23, 1964 Encores Form Beethoven Anti-Climax News John Whitelaw 
October 23, 1964 Isabel Anderson News Homecoming Born In 1923 
October 23, 1964 Larry Brook News Gaebelein Informally Assesses Writing 
October 23, 1964 Loren Wilkinson News Barfield: Philology Suggests Incarnation 
October 23, 1964 Ruth Dafoe News Elliot Stresses Honest Perception of Truth 
October 23, 1964 Verla Thurman News Landon Challenges Beginners 'Starts, Do the Best You Can' 
October 23, 1964 Miriam McNeilly  News Student Editors Attend Publications Conclave 
October 23, 1964 Steve Shoemaker News Shoemaker Criticizes Film For Atmosphere of Unreality 
October 23, 1964 Sanford Schulert's News TOWER Rated All-American For 14th Consecutive Year 
October 23, 1964 Dr. W. Harold Mare News Archaelogists To Explore Ancient, Modern Palestine 
October 23, 1964 Jay Hakes News Academic Committee Reports 
October 23, 1964 Jan Porecino News Teacher Spends Summer on Soap Box 
October 23, 1964 McCully Sports FlagFootball Opens Intramural Sports 
October 23, 1964 Dan McGehee News Harriers Place Third Wheaton Invitational 
October 23, 1964 Jimmy Caras  Sports Billiard Champ To Show Skill 
October 23, 1964 Dan Coats Sports Crusaders of the Week 
October 23, 1964 Norm Dilworth Sports Wheaton Defeats Earlham, Former NAIA Champion 
October 23, 1964 Jonathan Clark Sports Wildcat Passes Overcome Crusaders, 42-0 
October 23, 1964 Gary Wilcox Sports Bradley To Pose Threat With 'Shotgun' Offense 
October 23, 1964 Dr. Howard Claassen News Claassen Gives Major Talk At Chemistry Prof's Session 
October 23, 1964 Robert Floyd News Floyd To Play Recital From Debussy , Liszt 
October 23, 1964 Merriam Conley News Football Team Reunites After 50 Years 
October 29, 1964 Dr. Edman News Full Weekend Planned for Mom, Pop With Chapel, Half-time Show, Musicale 
October 29, 1964 Kenneth Kennard News Conference Lectures To Examine Problems In Ethical Philosophy 
October 29, 1964 Edith Moeller  News Children's Choir Presents First Blue Series Concert 
October 29, 1964 Dr. David L. McKenna News McKenna To Analyze Ethics, Student Religious Attitudes 
October 29, 1964 KODON News Presses Stopped on KODON Over Criteria, Short Story 
October 29, 1964 Wilkinson News Predicted Close Mock Ballot Will Be Novelty at Wheaton 
October 29, 1964 Herb Cook's News Grad Student Replies to Colleague's Letter 
October 29, 1964 Bill Hoyt News Hoyt: Save Front Campus! 
October 29, 1964 Jerry Warren News 62 Alumnus Sees Progressive Spirit In LBJ Support 
October 29, 1964 Edwards Coray News Coray Expressess Alumni 'Thanks-You' 
October 29, 1964 Sally Sponsel News LBJ Given Slight Edge in Student Poll 
October 29, 1964 Judy Trautman  News Young Life Seeks 'Contacts' 
October 29, 1964 Elaine Lohne News Dr. Blaiklock Gives Historical Perspective On Christ's Parables, Qumran Ruins 
October 29, 1964 Noma Cave  Sports Sports, Floats, Displays Welcome Alumni 
October 29, 1964 Jan Porcino News Student Council Votes To Join Christian, Jew Conf. 
October 29, 1964 Hockey  Sports WRA Team To Battle For Second Victory 
October 29, 1964 Juliana Jaeck News Westmont Rebuilds Dorm After Fire 
October 29, 1964 Bill Larkin News Galde To Explain Function of NSA on Trip 
October 29, 1964 Dr. Beatrice Batson  Sports Wheaton Coeds To Discuss Topic: 'Out Tight Little Islands' at Retreat  
October 29, 1964 Steve Hillis News Crusaders of the Week 
October 29, 1964 Loyala University Sports Harriers Drop Double Meet 
October 29, 1964 Rick Dudley Sports Seven Frosh Lead Bomber Cheers 
October 29, 1964 Gary Wilcox Sports Crusasers To Face Bears For Parents day Game 
October 29, 1964 Bomer Foot Ball Sports Bombers' Defense Wins Valpo Game 
October 29, 1964 Larry Sims Sports Wheaton Braves Home Loss 
October 29, 1964 Gary Wilcox News SPLINTERS 
October 29, 1964 Bob Roxburgh Sports Crusaders Smite Purdue 
October 29, 1964 Don Eilers Sports Top Teams To Finish Flag Football Games 
October 29, 1964 Dr. Arthur Volle News New Counseling Program For Frosh 
October 29, 1964 Mrs. DeVette News Students Sharpen Written Expression While Increasing Wheaton's Honors 
October 29, 1964 Ralph Swanson News Parking Lot Plotted For Front Campus 
October 29, 1964 Dr. S. Richey Kamm News Kamm Gives Talk On Marxist World 
November 5, 1964 Lyndon Johnson News Mock Ballot Contradicts National Vote 
November 5, 1964 Dr. Kenneth P.Landon  News New Morality, Relation of Culture to Ehtics Discussed at Philosophy Sessions Tomorrow 
November 5, 1964 Dan Kuhn News Council Reviews Symbolism Ruling 
November 5, 1964 Gordon Lundin News Soph Lundin Dies At Delnor Hospital 
November 5, 1964 Ballots News Petitions Available For Frosh Offices 
November 5, 1964 Adele Abrahamson News Wright: Parking Lot Still In planning Stage 
November 5, 1964 H. Handley News Parking Lot: pattern for Bigger Issues 
November 5, 1964 L. Proper Column Not Grinding An Axe 
November 5, 1964 Doug Alfors Article In Memoriam 
November 5, 1964 Letters to Editor Column  Price Acts To Stop Disaster 
November 5, 1964 J. edward Hakes Column Courtesy Needed At Artist Series 
November 5, 1964 James O. Buswell Column Buswell Attacks Sports 
November 5, 1964 Loren Wilkinson Column The Fifth Corner 
November 5, 1964 Adele Abrahamson News Parking Lot Still In Planning Stage (Cont'd) 
November 5, 1964 Letter To Editors From Past Records Column Attitudes, Kodon Censorship Criticized 
November 5, 1964 Feminine Mystique News Societies Schedule Chicago Evenings, Service Projects 
November 5, 1964 Johnny Piper  News Dorm To Contain Ample Social Facilities 
November 5, 1964 Dave Rathbun News Rathbun Escapes Attempted Robbery 
November 5, 1964 Martha Beattie News Kamm Says Cultural Ideas Dominate Marx's Thinking 
November 5, 1964 T.S.Elliot News Students Interpret Eliot, MacLeish 
November 5, 1964 Dr. Batson News Retreaters Discuss 'Islands' 
November 5, 1964 Dick McGarrahan News Sophs To Choose 66 TOWER Editor 
November 5, 1964 Rhoda Moore News Cup Of Tea Permits Chance To Interview Obernkirchen Choir 
November 5, 1964 Gary Wilcox News SPLINTERS 
November 5, 1964 Dan Coats Sports Soccermen Lose in Overtime 
November 5, 1964 Dan McGehee Sports Harriers Lose Final Dual Meet 
November 5, 1964 Linda Koenig News Union Officers Attend Conference 
November 5, 1964 Jonathan Clark News Crusader Touchdowns, Bear's Comeback Creates Exitement at Second Home Win 
November 5, 1964 John Wroblewski News Smoothies Down Moody Championship Team, Vie With Jacques For League Title 
November 5, 1964 Carol Morgan Sports WRA Team Ends Victorious Season 
November 5, 1964 Dr. Gordon S. Jaeck News NSA Hears Jaeck On Poverty Issue 
November 5, 1964 Rich Bard News Field Men Complete Annual Briefing 
November 5, 1964 Dr. Donald F. Lach News Lach To Relate Orient, West 
November 5, 1964 Ron Donelson News Choirs to Sing 'Charade' At Annual Tune Tangle 
November 12, 1964 Jim Caraher News College Union Seeks Official Approval For 'Pop' Artist Series Next Semester 
November 12, 1964 Dr. Donald F. Lach News University Of Chicago Professor Speaks On West's View Of Asia 
November 12, 1964 David L. Jongewaard News Moffett, VanWicklin Clash For Freshman Presidency 
November 12, 1964 Edman Chapel News Wagner Chorale Back To Sing Handel, Bach In Saturday's Concert 
November 12, 1964 Dr. J. Edward Hakes News Wheaton Hosts Annual MCGA Convention 
November 12, 1964 Jim Weaver News Bell Rope Gives Way Too Many Romances 
November 12, 1964 L. Wilkinson  News Let This Be a Symbol 
November 12, 1964 Henry Higgins News Education and Christianity: Part I 
November 12, 1964 Dr. Armerding News New Chapel Ruling Leads to Exclusivism  
November 12, 1964 Steven Van Pelt News College Overlooks Majority of Christendom 
November 12, 1964 Gary Wilcox News Splinters Column Given Gentel Boost 
November 12, 1964 Fred Gregory News Profs Reinforce Christian Option 
November 12, 1964 Dermassage Article Mrs. Solomon's Proverbs 
November 12, 1964 Fred Smith News McKenna: Christian Colleges Graduate 'Absolute Relativists,'Orthodox Skeptics' 
November 12, 1964 New Morality  News Fisher Views Current Ethics; Urges Theological Foundation 
November 12, 1964 V. Raymond Edman News Prexy Accepts VP Duties Of Graham Association  
November 12, 1964 Jay Hakes  News Exporting Democracy Poses Problems 
November 12, 1964 Peter Hawkins News World Sojourn Refreshes Neophyte 
November 12, 1964 Natalie Strombeck News Batson Tells Girls, Come To Mainland Avoid Emptiness Of Undeveloped Life 
November 12, 1964 Miss Thompson News Seniors Get Breakfast In Stupe Sundays Now 
November 12, 1964 Dave Lass Sports Valpo Crusaders Challenge Wheaton For Possession of Traditional Shield 
November 12, 1964 Loren Wilkinson  Sports Harriers Place Sixth in State Meet 
November 12, 1964 Joe Johnson Sports Soothies Trouce Jacques To Take Senior League Tilte 
November 12, 1964 Larry Sims Sports Crusaders of the Week 
November 12, 1964 Gary Wilcox News SPLINTERS 
November 12, 1964 Erwin Gernand Sports Home Soccer Ends In Draw 
November 12, 1964 Gordon College  Sports Gordon Gives Tour For Summer Credit 
November 12, 1964 Rosary College  Information  Rosary Students To Talk Politics 
November 12, 1964 Anne Walter  News Roving Reporters Get views On New Dining Hall Service 
November 12, 1964 Ayoub Waitara Sports Student From Kenya Speaks To Claphams 
November 12, 1964 Walter Sullivan  News Lyceum To Examine Life Outside Earth 
November 12, 1964 Larry Killian  News Students Given Chance To Aid Nationwide 'Fast for Freedom' 
November 12, 1964 Clayton Halvorsen News Men's Glee Club Plans Five-week European Tour 
November 19, 1964 Walter Sullivan News Science Editor To Present Topic Beyond Earth 
November 19, 1964 Editor Mike Burton's News CCP Deliberates On Kodon Copy, Passess Criteria 
November 19, 1964 Gioacchino Rossini News Orchestra's Number Range From Classical To Romantic 
November 19, 1964 Dr.Enoch Dyrness News ROTC Students Refuse To Sign Contract 
November 19, 1964 Ron Donelson News  Tangling Classes Hope To Charade Way To Victory 
November 19, 1964 Chuck Muffet News Moffett Outlines Program: Develop Unity In Class Of '68 
November 19, 1964 Scholastic Honor Society News Faculty Elects 22 Seniors To Honors Society 
November 19, 1964 J. Hakes Column Is Our Destruction Being Plotted? 
November 19, 1964 S. Brobeck Column Education And Christianity: Part II 
November 19, 1964 Letters to Editor - Lamberia Voget  Column Voget: Lack Of Honesty, Trust Hurts Campus 
November 19, 1964 Paul Ligenfelter Column Censorship Alters Tale  
November 19, 1964 Dave Rathbun Column Mutual toleration Needed To Avert Dinning Hall Hostility 
November 19, 1964 K. Landon  Article  Put On The Armour Of God 
November 19, 1964 Earle E. Cairns News Cairns Clarifies Chapel Platform Policy 
November 19, 1964 Nancy Hardesty Information Symbols Possess Constancy, Enrich Christian Worship 
November 19, 1964 Ken and Carol Shuit Information Alumni Appreciate Formal Chapel Worship 
November 19, 1964 George Binder  Information  Change in Surrounding Aids Public and private Worship 
November 19, 1964 Student's Journal Article  Reflection On a November 22 Paradox  
November 19, 1964 Dr. J. Edward Hakes News MCGA Delegates Discuss Education, Student Apathy 
November 19, 1964 Roger Wagner Chorale  Column Chorale Lacks Good Diction, Intonation 
November 19, 1964 Dr.Everett Lee Hunt Information No Omniscient Vantage point For Viewing College Students 
November 19, 1964 Gary Wilcox Sports  SplintersFrom the Bench 
November 19, 1964 Final Football Contest Sports N. Central Ends Season 
November 19, 1964 Football  Sports Smoothies Best Gralo, Seize Intramural Title 
November 19, 1964 Soccer Tournament Sports Soccermen Try For NCCA Title  
November 19, 1964 Crusaders Shield  Sports  Valpo Regains Traditional Crusaders Shield 
November 19, 1964 Football Sports Bombers Down Wilson With Last Minute Rally 
November 19, 1964 Dr. Lamberta Voget Information  Anthro Club Discusses Puerto Rican Students  
November 19, 1964 NCAA National Cross Country Meet Sports Harriers Host NCAA Meet, End Season With 2-4 Record 
November 19, 1964 Soccer Team Sports  Friday the 13th Foils Crusaders Booters 
November 19, 1964 Ted Ryan News  Ryan Explains Post-Holiday Fine Policy 
November 19, 1964  John Rusk News '62 Alumnus Rusk To Present Work Of Peace Corps 
November 19, 1964 Neta Theissan Column Men Inhabit Brewery, Catacombs, Vatican 
November 19, 1964 Mrs. Edwina H.Snyder- George Town  News Choric Group To Interpret Selection from ' Revelation' 
November 19, 1964 Dr. Norrman Perrin Information Chicago Prof Talks At Theology Club 
November 27, 1964 Tune Tangle Victory News '65 'Picks'Way Through Tangle To 3rd Victory 
November 27, 1964 John H. Fedenrecht News Faculty To Vote On 16 Week Semester 
November 27, 1964 Miss Lois Ottaway News Pub Board Appeal Rejected After Copy Review by CCP 
November 27, 1964 Issac Stern News Master Violinist Stern Performs Kreutzer Sonata 
November 27, 1964 Catherine Marshall News  Mrs. Marshall To Give Postponed Lecture 
November 27, 1964 Henry Molter News Molter to Edit '66 Tower; Sees Purpose as Reflection 
November 27, 1964 L.Proper Column About Those letters to the Editor..... 
November 27, 1964 Bruce Hollenbach '64 Column Letters to the Editor... Wheaton Majors in Minors 
November 27, 1964 Ron Clemens Column LIberalized Policy Needed on Holiday 
November 27, 1964 Simon Szeto Column Language Clouds Chapel Message 
November 27, 1964 Loren Wilkinson Column The FIfth Corner 
November 27, 1964 Editorial Page - Shirely Griepp '63 Column  Rudeness Shown to Guests 
November 27, 1964 Editorial Page - Paul Bowers  Column Beware the Insidious Mock 
November 27, 1964  Editorial Page - Pat Sandbloom, R.N Column Footnote Appended To Mrs. Solomon 
November 27, 1964 Lon Habkrik Article  Artist Is 'Priest Of Our Generation' 
November 27, 1964 Mary Streeter  Article  Intelligent Life Could Signal Earth From Other System 
November 27, 1964 Letters to the Editor - Len Mack Column Rightists Provide Check on Power 
November 27, 1964 John Loeks  News Whoops! Student Informed Of His Decease 
November 27, 1964 Alumini Interview Program News  Alumini Interviews benefits Students, Supplement Admission Procedure 
November 27, 1964 Eric S. Fife News IVCF Conference to Stress Modern Missions Challenge  
November 27, 1964 Johnny Piper Information Tutorial Program Advances Self- Advances Self- Education , Research 
November 27, 1964 Kieth Widder  Sports  Fall Sports Undergo Checkered Season 
November 27, 1964 Adele Abrahamson  Article  Frosh Cinderwomen Initiate Trend Among Les Femmes 
November 27, 1964 Athletics  Sports  Wing Room Reserved For Hungry Athletes 
November 27, 1964  Wheaton Crusaders Sports Cold, NCC Beat Wheaton Brass Bell Changes Hands 
November 27, 1964 Basket ball Sports Team Opens Season With Intra-Squad Tilt, Fund Drive For Basketball 'Hall of Fame' 
November 27, 1964  Hockey Team  Sports Rinkmen Win Opener Defeat Lewis 'Fliers' 
November 27, 1964 Gary Wilcox Column SPLINTERS From the Bench 
November 27, 1964 Wrestling  Sports Wrestlers Launch Season 
November 27, 1964 WETN News Students Receive Discounts on FM's 
November 27, 1964 Soccer Team Sports Crusaders Seize NCAA Mid-East Title 
November 27, 1964 Bradely Invitational Speech Tournament News Wheaton Debaters Achieve Superior Rating at Bradley 
November 27, 1964 ROTC Rifle Team Sports Wheaton Shooters Best Naval Team 
November 27, 1964 John Rusk News Peace Corps Counters 'Ugly American' 
November 27, 1964 Du Page county Tuberculosis Association News Mobile X-Ray Unit to Visit Campus for Required Test  
November 27, 1964 "Xerox 914 Copier" News Library Initites Photocopy Services 
December 3, 1964 Inaugration Ceremony  News College Plans for Dual Inauguration Of Chancellor, President January 8  
December 3, 1964 Mrs.Catherine Marshall Information Lyceum Hosts Mrs.Marshall  
December 3, 1964 Summer Missionary Project News Summer Program Application Ready 
December 3, 1964 James Murk  News Murk Given Danforth Grant, Seeks Doctorate in History 
December 3, 1964 Howard Moffett News Former '65 President Heads Paper at Yale  
December 3, 1964 Fred Smith News Council Elects Smith Editor, Subject to Approval by CCP 
December 3, 1964 Editors Note Column What The Candidate Said....... 
December 3, 1964 Peace Corps Placement Tests News Peace Corps Tests Local Applicants 
December 3, 1964 Letters to the Editor.......Charles Tourtman Column Place Publications Under English Dept. 
December 3, 1964 S. Brobeck Column Wealthiest Nations Ignores invisible Poor  
December 3, 1964 Mike Burton- KODON editor Column Burton Sees Inconsistencies In CCP's Kodon Statement 
December 3, 1964 Letter to the editor....... Jim Weaver Column Writer Criticizes RECORD For Slight To Soccer Team 
December 3, 1964 John Whitelaw Column Violinist Displays Pure Tone, Sensitivity  
December 3, 1964 Mary Anne DeVries Column 'Staticians' Keep Records On 3 Years Of Chapel Hymns 
December 3, 1964 Dupage County Mobile X-Ray Unit  Column County Offers Students Required Annual X-Rays 
December 3, 1964 Council Clipping by President Ted Ryan  News Schoenherr Denies Charge Of Discriminatory Practices 
December 3, 1964 Granville W.Reed Column  Midwest Students Critically Discuss Civil Rights Act 
December 3, 1964 A Night with Shakespeare News Whaeton Women hear Profs on Shakespeare 
December 3, 1964 Lynn Miller News Taylor Leader Visit Here, Observe Similar Concern 
December 3, 1964 Modern United Nations Conference News wheaton Delegation To Represent Nations On Model UN Council 
December 3, 1964 THE CHRISTIAN WORLD OF C.S.LEWIS News Kilby's Book Gets Literary Accolades 
December 3, 1964 'Bonnets And Belles' Information Big, Little Sisters Don Hats for Tea  
December 3, 1964 Adele Abrahamson Information Williston Prepares banquet; Glow of Candles Sets Theme 
December 3, 1964 Mary Hayton  Information Recital Features Gooe, Schumann 
December 3, 1964 MADEMOISELLE News Women Given Chance To Compete For Guest Editorship on Magazine 
December 3, 1964 Neta Theissan Column Peace Corps Wife Wants 'To Go back' 
December 3, 1964 Football Sports Fall Team Holds Banquets; Give Awards, Name Captains 
December 3, 1964 Volleyball Sports Intramurals Begin; 400 'Sons' Involved  
December 3, 1964 Illiniois Association For Health, Physical Education And Recreation Sports Majors Attend Conference on PE Trends 
December 3, 1964 Basketball Sports Crusaders Face DePauw Five In First Struggle for Satchel 
December 3, 1964 Gary Wilcox  Sports - Column SPLINTERS From the Bench 
December 3, 1964 Wresting  Sports Grapplers Win, Lose in TRiangular Meet 
December 3, 1964 Soccerteam Sports  Augies Down Wheaton 98-90 in Opener  
December 3, 1964 Handel's MESSIAH and Bach's MAGNIFICAT Information Festival Chorus To present Oratorios of Handle, Bach 
December 3, 1964 ROTC Vitalization Act News ROTC Drops Seniors for Contract Refusal 
December 3, 1964 Basketball Team Sports  Faithful Workers Get 'Just Desserts' 
December 3, 1964 U.S Government Depository Library News Library Receives Documents Of Kennedy Court Hearings  
December 3, 1964 Fast for Freedom News Results Disappointing In NSA Freedom fast  
December 3, 1964 Hymn Society Of America News Weathers, Browns Gain Recognition for Hymns  
December 10, 1964  Christmas Oratorio  Information Chorus Presents Advent 'Messiah', Bach  
December 10, 1964  Adelaide Edmonds  News  Wheaton Graduate Hemingway Relative  
December 10, 1964  Basketball  Sports  Seniors, Frosh Gather Basketball Game  
December 10, 1964  Four-Course System News  Faculty Approves 4- Course System  
December 10, 1964  By Sally Sponsel and Natalie Strombeck Article 'Record' Sample Opinions on Leaders  
December 10, 1964  Dr. Walter Judd Information Union Brings Judd To Speak at WB  
December 10, 1964  ROTC program  News  ROTC Drops Notation From Seniors' Record  
December 10, 1964  Edward D. Eddy  Article Convocation a Step Forward  
December 10, 1964  S. Brobeck Article Lack of Contact - - Lack of Concern 
December 10, 1964  Letters to The Editor Column Brave Son Reveals New Sociological Law  
December 10, 1964  Betty Carson Column Hospitalized Senior Conveys Thanks  
December 10, 1964  Letters to The Editor  Column Santa Gets Letter From ' Little' Bear  
December 10, 1964  K. Landon Column Christ Re- Crucified  
December 10, 1964  Letters to The Editor  Column What a Printing error Did the Economy  
December 10, 1964  John. H. Fadenrecht  Column Fadenrecht Explains Publication Set-up  
December 10, 1964  Bob Burke  Column Library Socialites Disturbing Studies  
December 10, 1964  Pam Price  Article Westphal Expresses Interests, Ambitions  
December 10, 1964  Paul Wilkins  Article  Author Probes Conformity: Our Society's Real Problem  
December 10, 1964  AWS Activity  Information AWS Christmas Tea Hosts Little Sisters  
December 10, 1964  Student Questionaire  News  Students Support Shift in Calendar  
December 10, 1964  Dan Kihiu  News  Kihiu Wins Scholarship to MSU Conference  
December 10, 1964  Inner City Christian Action News  Eight Teen Clubs Come to Wheaton 
December 10, 1964  Inter- Collegiate Council News  Discuss Civil Rights Act At Rosary Meeting  
December 10, 1964  George Bennett  News  Soph's father Elected Treasurer at Harvard  
December 10, 1964  Father Roth  Information Father Roth To Talk On Sukuma People  
December 10, 1964  Basketball Sports  Bombers End Week With NCC Victory  
December 10, 1964  Basketball Sports  DePauw, NCC Fall to Crusader Quintet  
December 10, 1964  Basketball Sports  Crusaders Face Able Foes: Knights, Flyers, Little Giants  
December 10, 1964  Basketball Sports  NIU Game Opens WRA Basketball  
December 10, 1964  Gary Wilcox Sports  Splinters From The Bench 
December 10, 1964  Wrestling  Sports  Wrestlers Capture Knox Invitational  
December 10, 1964  Hockey  Sports  Puckmen Beat Lewis Again 
December 10, 1964  Loren Wilkinson  Column The Fifth Corner . . . 
December 10, 1964  A Festive Christmas Celebration in an English Manor  News  'English Bards' Interpret Christmas Tales at Recital  
December 10, 1964  Union Club News  New Lights Transform Atmosphere of Stupe  
December 17, 1964  Inaugural Service  Information Dignitaries To Honor Edman, Armerding At Dual Inaugration  
December 17, 1964  Chicago Post Office  News  Area Post Offices Employ Students for Christmas Rush  
December 17, 1964  Washignton Semester Program of The American University in Washington D.C News  Juniors To Attend Classes in Captital  
December 17,1964  Four-Course System  News  Faculty Tables Change in Calendar Year  
December 17, 1964  Dr. and Mrs. Emery J. Cummins  News  Cummins Selected Freshman Adviser  
December 17, 1964  Thannickal S. John  News  School Christmas Gift To Fly Grad's Wife From India-Wheaton  
December 17, 1964  Inner City Christian Action Infromation  ICCA Teen Clubs Offer Carol Sing, LiveNativity Scene  
December 17, 1964  George Binder  News  Binder Elected WETNHead; Desires ' Quality Listening'  
December 17, 1964  Loren Wilkinson  Column The Fifth Corner . . . 
December 17, 1964  L. Proper  Column What About Those Platforms? 
December 17,1964  S. Brobeck Article  Anti- Proverty Bill Promotes Opportunity For Service  
December 17, 1964  Letters . . . Column  Students Neglect 'Total Involvment'  
December 17, 1964  Letters. . . Column Szeto Offers Corollary Of Tray Returns Rule  
December 17, 1964  Intercollegiate Conference  Information Foreign Affairs Conference Scheduled at Swarthmore  
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