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DateSubject (Personal Name or Topic)Column or SectionTopic or Title
January 9, 1964 Wheaton Bombers  Sports Bombers Win 84-56 Against Glenview 
January 9, 1964 Basketball Sports Crusaders Slate Peruvians  
January 30, 1964 Dr. Hudson T. Armerding  News College Raises Tuition To $35 
January 30, 1964 Bible Department Forum News  Panel Considers Robinson 
January 30, 1964 Bob Bates  Information 'Mark Twain' Slated For 55th Annual WB 
January 30, 1964 Requirements For Graduation News  Faculty Approves Changes In Required Curriculum 
January 30, 1964 Richard F. Gross  News Dean Gross Achives Ph. D.  
January 30, 1964 Annual Science Symposium Information Science SymposiumSchedule Feb.22 
January 30, 1964 Bible Department Article A Greater God? 
January 30, 1964 T. Ryan Article  Ero and Christian Responsibility  
January 30, 1964 L. Proper  Article In the 'Lead'. . .  
January 30, 1964 Letters to the Editor. . . Column Kingdom of Light Counters 
January 30, 1964 Dear Editor  Column Does God Play Favorites  
January 30, 1964 Steve Shoemaker  Column Chatter  
January 30, 1964 Loren Wilkinson Article 'Holy Masquerade' Unmask 'Psuedo' 
January 30, 1964 Mrs. Ruth Helen Clawson Article Mrs. Clawson Led Active, Varied Life  
January 30, 1964 Sam Bufford  News Band Relaxes at Honey Rock 
January 30, 1964 James Eckman Information Eckman, Cross Participate In 'Washington Semester' 
January 30, 1964 Transfer Students  News Orientation Welcomes New Transfer Students  
January 30, 1964 Miriam McNeily News Klenk To Attend Peruvian University  
January 30, 1964 Jeanne Murray Column Tre Chic 
January 30, 1964 Williston Dorm Banquet  Information Smith, Williston Make Plan For Annual Dorm Banquets  
January 30, 1964 Jill Whitney  News 'Mlle.' Honors Luckman 
January 30, 1964 Basketball Sports Flying Dutchmen Fall As Crusaders Breeze To 40 Point Victory  
January 30, 1964 Intrmuralers  Sports Intramuralers Score High  
January 30, 1964 Jay Hakes Sports  From the Sidelines 
January 30, 1964 Wheaton's Crusaders  Sports Crusaders Face Tennessee Saturday  
January 30, 1964 Basketball Sports Valparaiso Stops Wheaton With 106-69 Massacre  
January 30, 1964 Wrestling  Sports Grapplers Capture Second 
January 30, 1964 Bombers  Sports Bombers Drop Close Games  
January 30, 1964 Annual Winter Convocation News President Edman Confers 26 Degrees  
January 30, 1964 RECORD Staff News RECORD Staff Reorganizes  
February 6, 1964 Donn D. Moomaw  Information Moomaw Conducts Services  
February 6, 1964 Tution Increase  News  Newspaper Corrects Article on Tuition  
February 6, 1964 Inter-Versity Conference  Information I-V Conference to Stress New Approach in Missions 
February 6, 1964 Dr. J. Edward Hakes  News Hakes To Rejoin College Faculty As Bible Dept. Head 
February 6, 1964 Graduation Requirements  News Adminstration Announces Options For 3 New Course Requirements  
February 6, 1964 L. Proper Article Request : Faculty Availability  
February 6, 1964 D. Kuhn Article Finding Identity and Spirit  
February 6, 1964 Ken Shipps  Column Shipps Lauds Bible Forum 
February 6, 1964 H. E. Copeland Column One Small Voice. . . 
February 6, 1964 Mike Burton Article Book Faces Science-Value Dichotomy 
February 6, 1964 Dr. Stuart Hackett  Article Hackett Reflects on Panel Discussion 
February 6, 1964 Annual ROTC squad competition News  ROTC Judges Choose Band In Annual Squad Contest  
February 6, 1964 Sandy Smith  News Naumoff Plans for Missionary Service  
February 6, 1964 Fred Smith  Article 'Honest to God' Ends In Stalemate  
February 6, 1964 Wheaton Crusaders  Sports  Pfundmen Entertain Wabash Little Giants  
February 6, 1964 Wrestling  Sports Grapplers Top No. Central; Lose Western Meet 17-11  
February 6, 1964 Beloit College  News  Beloit Students Lose Former Classification 
February 6, 1964 Edna Tuggy Information Edna Tuggy Sings Sr. Recital Tues, 
February 6, 1964 Basketball Sports Coeds Seek No. Central Win 
February 6, 1964 Men's Glee Club Information Men's Glee Sings Sunday On WMBI 
February 6, 1964 Jay Hakes  Sports  From the Sidelines  
February 6, 1964 Basketball Sports Tennessee State Conquers Wheaton 
February 6, 1964 Intramural Teams  Sports  Intramural Leagues Start New Competition 
February 6, 1964 Bob Bates  Information Pick- Congress Hotel, Twain Combine For Annual WB 
February 6, 1964 Exchange Column Column Carl Pesko 
February 6, 1964 Science Symposium  Information Giles, Granberg To Speak At Science Symposium 
February 6, 1964 Graham Roberts  Column Christian Horizons  
February 6, 1964 MSC  News  Rented Paintings Adorn MSC 
February 13,1964  Science Symposium  Information Symposium To Investigate Methodology Of Science  
February 13,1964  Exchange Chapel Programs  News  Student Council Introduces Polls, Exchange Programs  
February 13,1964  National Association of Evangelicals  News  Nine Wheatonites Visit NYC, Wash. For NAE Seminar  
February 13,1964  Donn D. Moowmaw  Article Moomaw Stresses Honesty  
February 13,1964  Peace Corps  News  News Peace Corps Program Offers Training to Juniors  
February 13,1964  Grady Wilson  Information Wilson To Perform Lamontaigne, Mulet At Organ Concert  
February 13,1964  S. Brobeck Article Europe's New Posture  
February 13,1964  Love Ya, Theodore  Letter With Love To Suzie  
February 13,1964  Walter Carlsnaes  Column Carlsnaes Replies to Hackett  
February 13,1964  Alan Bergsma & Sam Bufford  Column Closed Library , MSC Cause Objections  
February 13,1964  Hugh Handley  Column Impressions  
February 13,1964  Deborah Brix  News  Brix Plans Organ Recital  
February 13,1964  Beloit: Academic " Rat race" Column Exchange Column 
February 13,1964  Steve Shoemaker  Column Chatter  
February 13,1964  Associated Women Students  Information AWS To Present Career Women 
February 13,1964  Graduate Theology Club  Information Panel To Discuss Revelation  
February 13,1964  Sandy Smith  News  I-V Conference Exploares Barriers To Evangelism  
February 13,1964  Shirley Rowan  Article Class Rivalries Highlight 55-Year History Of WB 
February 13,1964  Conservative Baptist Foregin Mission Societies  Information CBFMS Comes to Campus  
February 13,1964  International Club News  Wheaton To Host Internationals  
February 13,1964  Jay Hakes  Sports  From the Sidelines  
February 13,1964  Wrestling  Sports  Wrestlers To Converge for Invitational  
February 13,1964  Wrestling  Sports  Matmen Drop 22-8 Match  
February 13,1964  Wheaton Bombers  Sports  Bombers Defeat Joliet Jr., 106-101  
February 13,1964  Crusaders  Sports  Pfundmen Crush Wabash 79-56, Lose To NIU  
February 13,1964  Basketball  Sports  WRA Team Wins 7th; Faces U. of III. Sat.  
February 13,1964  Wheaton Crusaders  Sports  Huskies Outscore Crusaders 83-67  
February 13,1964  Basketball Sports  Cagers Take On Millikin  
February 13,1964  Artist Series  Information Vienna Symphony To Play On 'Orange' Series Feb. 24 
February 13,1964  Miss Vivienne Blomquist  News  Blomquist Resigns; Takes Church Post  
February 13,1964  Gary Fairchild  News  Fairchild campaigns For State Presidency Of Young Republican  
February 13,1964  Annual Executive Decision Game  News  Students Play Investment Game  
February 13,1964  Skating Party  News  Sweetheart Skate Set  
February 13,1964  North Central Association News  Fadernrecht Serves NCA As Traveling Co-odinator  
February 13,1964  Business Forum  Information Business Forum Plans Party at Volkmans'  
February 13,1964  Men's Glee Club  Information Wayne State Men To Present Concert In Edman Sunday  
Febuary 20, 1964 Dr. Francis Schaeffer News All-Student Committee Picks 14 Summer Missionaries 
Febuary 20, 1964 wolfgang Sawallisch will bring Vienna symphony orchestra Information vienna orchestra to open 2nd semester Artist series 
Febuary 20, 1964 Darrel Regier News Regier takse debate competition trophy  
Febuary 20, 1964 Dr.Frederick H.Giles- The Nature of Scientific explanation News Symposium Emphasizes Scientific Method; Six Man Panel concludes session 
Febuary 20, 1964 Dr.Arthur Holmes speaks on Christianity, Cuture and Christ. Information Forien students visit Wheaton ,attend International Conference 
Febuary 20, 1964 Faith expressed as action Article She dared to Grasp 
Febuary 20, 1964 Science and J.Bronowski News Beyond Scientifica Verification 
Febuary 20, 1964 NSA representatives presenting on Protestantism. News Gaining from the other side 
Febuary 20, 1964 Sam Bufford - Art and its expression of feelings and failure of explanation Information Expressionist Painter comes as visiting Art Instructor 
Febuary 20, 1964 H. E. Copeland  Column One Small Voice  
Febuary 20, 1964 Dr.Tillich,existentialist theologian, subsitutes for the word "Faith" the definite word "ultimate concern"  News Tillich Finds Faith in "Ultimate Concern" 
Febuary 20, 1964 Nancy Larson-Francis Bacon exhibition  News Bacon's surrealist paintings arouse varied reactions. 
Febuary 20, 1964 student council unanimously elects Margie Bauman News  Bauman Elected Counsil Veep 
Febuary 20, 1964  Student Education Association Infromation  Owens speaks at SEA meeting  
Febuary 20, 1964 Miss.Lavern Bjorkland- Gymnasium, Archery and  News Women PE Majors attend workshop Saturday 
Febuary 20, 1964 Colonel Daniel R. Chrouser announces promotion News Chrouser Names ROTC promotion 
Febuary 20, 1964 Sabin oral vaccine  Information Infirmary to give Oral Polio Vaccine  
Febuary 20, 1964  Jeanne Murray Column  Tres Chic 
Febuary 20, 1964 Anne Mitchell and Jill Whitney News Study, Foor duty filles students Nurse's Day 
Febuary 20, 1964 MADEMOISELLE'S art,poetry and fiction competition. Information "Mlle" to recognise Coed poet, Artist in Annual College Contest 
Febuary 20, 1964 Entertainment Information  International Cafe Plans Fiesta Theme 
Febuary 20, 1964 wheaton Crusader's Sports Wheaton Downs Foresters In Big Second Half Rally 
Febuary 20, 1964 Basket Ball Sports  WRA defeats Illini For Eighth Victory 
Febuary 20, 1964 wheatons Trackmen Sports Trackmen Trip North Central  
Febuary 20, 1964 Wrestling Sports Wrestler Play Third In Invitational; Jarman, Skonberg Victorious Twice 
Febuary 20, 1964 Jay Hakes Column From The Sidelines 
Febuary 20, 1964  Basket Ball Sports wsahington Bears Nip Crusaders In Close ,Hard-Fought Battle 
Febuary 20, 1964  Basket Ball Contest Sports WIldcats to Tangle with Crusaders sat. 
Febuary 20, 1964  Loren Wilkinson Article The Fifth Corner 
Febuary 20, 1964  Mark Twain News WB Hosts Twain tomorow 
Febuary 20, 1964  Librarian Robert Golter  News Library to Increase Present Collection By 1000 Volumes With Senioir Class Gift 
Febuary 20, 1964  Artist Series Concerts friday Information  Shaw Charole to Perform At wheaton in 16th Season. 
Febuary 27, 1964  Panel on Ecumenism- Dr.Authur Glasser News Missionary emphasis week to Bring jackson, Glasser 
Febuary 27, 1964  Wheaton Women vote for their 1964-65 AWS President News Dykstra, Hill, Seume Run for AWS prexy 
Febuary 27, 1964  Wheaton FM radio Station begins Saturday Broadcsating Information WETN to Broadcast Saturdays With Varied program Schedule 
Febuary 27, 1964  Artist Series Event News Shaw Returns to Campus For 4th Concert Appearence 
Febuary 27, 1964  Young Republicans for Professional Electioneers News YR Delegates To Push fairchld At Decatur 
Febuary 27, 1964  D.Kuhn Article  Art and Consistency 
Febuary 27, 1964  S.Brobeck Aritcle What about Automation? 
Febuary 27, 1964  Letter to the Editor.......David Jeffery Information Jeffery Urges Better Planning 
Febuary 27, 1964  Letter to the Editor....Charles Troutman Information NSA Campus Program 
Febuary 27, 1964  Quiet Meditation Retreat-Fr. Thomas Talley News Students Seek God in Reallity In Silentt weekend Retreat 
Febuary 27, 1964  Steve Shoemaker Column Chatter 
Febuary 27, 1964  Artist Series Review- Hugh Handley Information Viennese Put Feeling, Color into music 
Febuary 27, 1964  Christianity and international image  News Students interpret U.S image 
Febuary 27, 1964  Science and The Human Value News Panel Examines Bronowski's Claims 
Febuary 27, 1964  Robert Shaw Chorale's Performance  Information North Park Students To Attend Reception 
Febuary 27, 1964  Near East School Of Archeology News Students to Tour Holy Land 
Febuary 27, 1964  Sadie Hawkins Day Party News Juniors, Union to give socials 
Febuary 27, 1964  Whaeton Students visits white house and USIA News Students Take Capital Tour; See Government in Action 
Febuary 27, 1964  Commanding Personality and Disarming Honesty News Theologian Tillich Answers collegians  
Febuary 27, 1964  Appalachian youth project News jaeck Oversees Youth Project on Year's leave of Absence  
Febuary 27, 1964  Douglas Brown presents Organ Recital at Edman Chapel Information Brown to Present Sr. Organ Recital  
Febuary 27, 1964  Ken Schuit  News  Symposium Explains Scientific Analysis 
Febuary 27, 1964  Wayne Faris Sports  Hockey Men Win to Even Record  
Febuary 27, 1964  Jim Futrell Sports  Pfundmen to Seek Revenge in 2nd Game with Huskies  
Febuary 27, 1964  Jay Hakes  Sports  From the Sidelines  
Febuary 27, 1964  Tom Calus Sports  Upset Tops IM Play; Gunners Lead A's  
Febuary 27, 1964  Dennis Edwards  Sports  Crusaders Skin Parsons Cats 83-81; Stretch Home Win Streak to 12 Games  
Febuary 27, 1964  Dave Skonberg Sports  Wrestlers Place 4th at Wabash Tourney 
Febuary 27, 1964  Steve Miller  Sports  Crusaders Scores 16th Win; North Central Falls 101-90 
Febuary 27, 1964  Bob Carey Sports  Matmen Forfeit 2; Irish Romp 23-9 
Febuary 27, 1964  Loren Wilkinson Article The Fifth Corner  
Febuary 27, 1964  Dr. John H. Hallowell Information  Dr. Hallowell to Give Tiffany Lecture at Annual Political Science Seminar 
Febuary 27, 1964  Isaac Stern Music  1964-65 Artist Series Slates Isaac Stern, Marian Anderson 
March 5, 1964  John Wyear News  YR Boosts Fairchild into State Presidency  
March 5, 1964  Dr. Arthur Glasser  News  Glasser, Jackson to Focus on Contemporary Missions  
March 5, 1964  Dr. David L. McKenna News  AAES Convenes Here for National Session 
March 5, 1964  Mary Anne Seume  News  Seume Wins AWS Election  
March 5, 1964  Faculty Votes for an Independent Study for Seniors News  Independent Study 
March 5, 1964  Dr. Arthur Glasser  News  The Highest Concern  
March 5, 1964  Nancy Hardesty  Information  On the Feminine Image  
March 5, 1964  Bob Strayer  Letter  Letters to the Editor  
March 5, 1964  Steve Mott Letter  Chapel Probation Policy  
March 5, 1964  Neta Thiessen  Music  Bass Soloist Recall Tour, Warm Reception in Russia  
March 5, 1964  Mrs Helen DeVette  News  Writer Complete Atlantics Entries  
March 5, 1964  H.E Copeland  Article  One Small Voice  
March 5, 1964  Harold Van Broekhoven  News  Thesis, Bar Puts Stine on Bacon Trail 
March 5, 1964  Paul Niven  Information  Correspondent Niven to Lecture At 2nd Semester Lyceum Opener 
March 5, 1964  Implementing the Monroe Doctrine  News  Pi Gamma Mu to Host Regional Convention  
March 5, 1964  Joan Lewis  News  Lewis Relates Life of African Coed  
March 5, 1964  Jeanne Murray  Article  Ires Chic 
March 5, 1964  Margeret Steeble  News  Evans Banquet Slates Live Dixieland Band  
March 5, 1964  Cy Faulkner  Sports  Grapplers Lose 3 Matches at U. of Wisconsin Meet  
March 5, 1964  Ron Burwell  Sports  Chicago to Challenge Winning WRA Cagers  
March 5, 1964  Dick Hanna  Sports  Flakes Keep IM Lead; Gunners Pass FINKS  
March 5, 1964  W.L. Moore  Sports  NIU Huskies Sneak Past Crusaders; Snap Home Win Streak at 12 Games 
March 5, 1964  Dennis Olson  Sports  Crusaders Jostle Valpo Crusaders 89-77; End Successful Season with 17-10 Ledger 
March 5, 1964  Women Extramural Volleyball Team  Sports  WRA to Sponsor Volleyball Tourney  
March 5, 1964  Jay Hakes  Sports  From the Sidelines  
March 5, 1964  John H. Hallowell  News  Hallowell Tops Seminar Slate  
March 5, 1964  Hugh Morken  Sports  Morken Appointed NSA Coordinator  
March 5, 1964  Rod Miller  News  Peace Corp Sends Returnee to Campus  
March 5, 1964  Festival to Announce Art Contest Winners  News  Festival to Announce Art Contest Winners  
March 5, 1964  Barry Johnson News  Union Directs Plans for Campus Fair  
March 5, 1964  Dr. William Volkman  News  Business Forum Elect Erickson President  
March 5, 1964  Gary Griffin News  Griffin to Portray Soldier Theme  
March 12, 1964 Campus Fair--Barry Johnson News Campus Fair to Take Crowd Just "South of the Border" 
March 12, 1964 Young Rebulblicans and Wheaton students to meet senator Smith News  Margaret Chase Smith to Visit Wheaton 
March 12, 1964 H.Handley Column Getting Off our "Platform" 
March 12, 1964  T.Ryan Column Just to Buy one Loaf of Bread 
March 12, 1964 The Church and Artistic Evaluation Column Letter to the Editor  
March 12, 1964 Loren Wilkinson Article  The Fifth Corner 
March 12, 1964 Evangelical Christian Freedom News "Taboos" Undermine Church Relevancy 
March 12, 1964 Dr.Earle E.Cairns nominates Shipps for Graduate Fellowship News Shipps receives Grad fellowship From Woodrow Wilson Fellowship 
March 12, 1964 Hoffer and Kuhn  News Electorate to Ballot On CSC Prexy Tues. 
March 12, 1964 Paul Niven  News Veteran News analyst to Lecture On " New frontier" in Cold War  
March 12, 1964 Miller's Peace Corps Experience  News Film to illustrtrate Peace Crops Work  
March 12, 1964 William J.Scott News Gubernatorial Hopeful To Address YR Club 
March 12, 1964  Sandy Smith Article  Fellow Stand United to remain United 
March 12, 1964  Mrs.Elizabeth Jackson At Nyack missionary College  News Jackson Suggests career for Women Missionaries 
March 12, 1964  Mary Ann Seume  News AWS Prexy Outlines Plans 
March 12, 1964  Winner's Of Creative Arts Festival News Special KODON to Announce Festival's Winning Entries 
March 12, 1964  The Creative Spirit News Chapel , Panel to Probe Art Theme 
March 12, 1964  Rex Hicks  News Oratorio Coincides With CAF Activities  
March 12, 1964 Kenneth Belford News  Art department to feature Studio Observation ,Talks 
March 12, 1964 Jonathan B. Cook Oratorial Contest Information Bethel Group Opens Speech Division 
March 12, 1964 Wrestling Sports Jarman, Skonberg to Compete In NCAA 
March 12, 1964 Basket Ball Sports CSC Teenclubbers Vie for Honors In Annual Basketball tournament 
March 12, 1964 Midwest Gymnastic regional Sports Gymnasts to Perform In NCAA Tournament 
March 12, 1964 Gir's Basketball Sports  Coed Cagers Drop CHicago; End season 
March 12, 1964 Basketball Sports Crusaders Post 17-0 season record; Pfund Paces Team Scoring Averages 
March 12, 1964 George A. Olson Sports  NCCA Names Olson To committee Post  
March 12, 1964 Jay Hakes  Sports From the Sidelines  
March 12, 1964 Ken Shipps  News  Shipps Receives Grad Fellowship From Woodrow Wilson Foundation 
March 12, 1964 Relays Sports Crusaders Four Capture 1st in Chicago Relays  
March 12, 1964 Christian Service Council News  Eletorate to Ballot On CSC Prexy Tues. 
March 12, 1964 " A Mission of Discovery" Information Film to Illustrate Peace Corps Work 
March 12, 1964 Paul Niven Information Veteran News Analyst to Lecture On 'New Frontier'in Cold War 
March 12, 1964 The Annual Creative Arts Festival Information Creativity Envelops Campus Amid Talks, Films, Displays 
March 19, 1964  Christian Service Council News Kuhn, Hoyt Take CSC posts  
March 19, 1964  The Creative Arts Festival Information Spring Oratorio to Present 'Ariel', Bach  
March 19, 1964  Barbie Carlson and Bill Dyrness  News  Council Appoints Dryness, Carlson Big Bro., Big Sis 
March 19, 1964  Don Richert News richert, Two Professors Receive Danforth Grants  
March 19, 1964  Freshmen Issue  News  Frosh to EDIT RECORD  
March 19, 1964  The Sabin Oral Polio Vaccine  Information health Center To Give Polio Vaccine Monday 
March 19, 1964  J. Dodds  Article Expression of Individuality  
March 19, 1964  T. Ryan Article No More Introduction. . . 
March 19, 1964  Letters To The Editor  Column Coeds Urge Tact, Courtesy  
March 19, 1964  Letters To The Editor  Column Is 'Conversation' A General Label? 
March 19, 1964  Alexander Kerensky  Article 20 Years Ago This Month. . . 
March 19, 1964  Letters To The Editor  Column Meyer Applauds Fair Coordinators  
March 19, 1964  Letters To The Editor  Column Does ROTC Qualify As Academic Dept.?  
March 19, 1964  Sandy Smith  Article  Another Small Voice. . . 
March 19, 1964  Lynn Gray  Article Inner-City Means People, Not Statistics  
March 19, 1964  Basketball Tourney  Sports  Wasburne Sweeps Teen Championship  
March 19, 1964  Rod Miller  News  Returnee from Thailand Answers Questions on Peace Corps Work 
March 19, 1964  Sandy Smith  Article News Commentator Niven View Republican Situation 
March 19, 1964  Jeanne Murray  Column Coeds Preview Carefree Spring Styles  
March 19, 1964  Margaret Chase Smith  Article Sen. Smith Urges Firm Foregin Policy  
March 19, 1964  Wrestling Sports Skonberg, Jarman 3rd, 4th in NCAA  
March 19, 1964  Basketball Sports  Cagers Name Pfund MVP, Huibregtse 'Most Improved' 
March 19, 1964  Gymnastics Tournament  Sports  Eilers, Lashlee reach Gymnastic Finals  
March 19, 1964  Basketball Sports  Big Ten, Alpha '65 Capture IM Titles  
March 19, 1964  Paul Little  Information Paul Little to Address Graduate Theology Club 
March 19, 1964  National Radio Conventions  News  WETN Staff Attends Radio Conventions  
March 19, 1964  Dr. Cornelius Van Til  Information Van Til to Address Graduate Chapel  
March 19, 1964  Major Lonna Hartley  News  Hartley Wins Ford Grant  
March 19, 1964  Dr. J. Edwin Orr  Information J. Edwin Orr to Address Honor Society Convocation 
March 19, 1964  Alice Naumoff  Information Naumoff to talk On russian Mind At Clapham Society  
March 19, 1964  Mary Ann Seume  Information AWS Women to Pool Ideas at Conference  
March 26, 1964  American Association of Evangelical Students  News AAES to Probe Chritsian Responsibility  
March 26, 1964  Rhoda Moore  Article  Winners Describe Creativity  
March 26, 1964  Dr. Moody Prior News  Dr. Prior Reviews Book-of Semester 
March 26, 1964  Sue Strow  News  'Defender' Editor Speaks to ICCA  
March 26, 1964  Annual Spring Vacation Tours  Information Campus Musicians to Leave Tomorrow on Spring Tours  
March 26, 1964  President V. Raymond  Information Prexy to Speak At Dawn Service  
March 26, 1964  Mirriam McNeily  Article The Fine Art of Mocking  
March 26, 1964  Peter S. Hawkins  Article " My Lord and My God" 
March 26, 1964  Letters to The Editor  Column Food Service Urges Student Cooperation  
March 26, 1964  WASHINGTON (CPS) News  College Professor Hits New National Median 
March 26, 1964  Letter to The Editor  Column Smith, Pickett Clarify Stand  
March 26, 1964  Letters to The Editor  Column Elsey Feels ROTC Unfairly Blamed 
March 26, 1964  Student Council  News  Council Approves changes In Publications Constitution 
March 26, 1964  Jill Whitney  News  Whitney Captures First in Oratory  
March 26, 1964  KODON Announcement  KODON Seeks Entries  
March 26, 1964  Carol Gannon  Article Hot Cross Buns To Aldrich Home  
March 26, 1964  Hank Molter  Article Frosh Bite  
March 26, 1964  Track and Tennis  Sports  Track and Tennis Team 
March 26, 1964  Harry Anderson  Sports  Pfund Takes to The Prairie 
April 9, 1964  AAES Delegates From 29 Schools Meet at Wheaton  News  Campus Participates in 4 weekend Conventions  
April 9, 1964  AAES  Information Future Politicians, Diplomats Attend Regional Conclaves  
April 9, 1964  Charles P. Taft  News  Charles Taft to Replace Dali At Friday's Lyceum Lecture  
April 9, 1964  Simulated United Nations Convention Information Model UN 
April 9, 1964  Barry Goldwater  News  Young Republicans  
April 9, 1964  L.Proper  Article Race and Responsibilty  
April 9, 1964  T. Ryan  Article Towards Liberation  
April 9, 1964  Lon Habkirk  News  Institute Exhibit Represents  
April 9, 1964  Steve Shoemaker  Column Chatter  
April 9, 1964  Lynn Gray  Article Church Now Lack Relevancy for Negro  
April 9, 1964  Howard Copeland  Article A Southerner Surveys New England  
April 9, 1964  Dr. Harry Hoffner  News  Hoffner to Explore Link Between Greece and Israel 
April 9, 1964  Dr. Pearl Kendrick  Information U. of Michigan Prof To Address Biologists  
April 9, 1964  Pat Miller  News  Pat Miller Models In Easter Parade  
April 9, 1964  Inner- City Chrsitian Action Article  Hoyt Expresses Plan, Concerns As ICCA Director  
April 9, 1964  The Westminister Choir  News  Westminister Choir To Conclude Series  
April 9, 1964  Campus Publications News  National Magazines Feature Recent Campus Publications 
April 9, 1964  Jill Whitney  News  REPUBLIC Tops Faculty Poll  
April 9, 1964  Tennis  Sports  Bennema Paces Netters on 3-4 Tour  
April 9, 1964  Tennis  Sports  2-Day Quadrangular To Open Schedule For Home Tennis  
April 9, 1964  Jay Hakes  Sports  From the Sidelines  
April 9, 1964  Dr. E. M. BlaiKlock  Information Auklander to Lecture  
April 9, 1964  Keith Watkins  Sports  Watkins Tops Old Record  
April 9, 1964  Dr. C. Fredrick Kittle  News  Kansas To Remove Cigarette Machines From State Campuses  
April 9, 1964  Baseball Sports  Bostrom Skillen Win Twice; Baseball Team Returns 4-3  
April 9, 1964  Loren Wilkinson  Article The Fith Corner . . .  
April 9, 1964  Public Housing  News  Field Trip to Expose Urban Problems  
April 9, 1964  Bernard F. Robinson  Information Sociologist to Discuss Crime  
April 16, 1964  Roman Catholicism  News  Rosary To Present Panel On Catholicism  
April 16, 1964  The Westminister Choir  News  Westminister Choir To Present Concert In 'Orange ' Series  
April 16, 1964  Wheaton Staff  News  Retirement, New Posts Take 7 Faculty, Staff Members  
April 16, 1964  Russell Platz  Information Sat. Band Concert To Include Solos, Nordic Symphony  
April 16, 1964  Student Council Presidency  News  Students Circulate SC Prexy Petitions 
April 16, 1964  Wheaton's Philosophy Honor Society  Information Pilosophers Discuss Immortality Question 
April 16, 1964  Wheaton Students  News  Hoffer, Galde Win Top AAES, NSA Posts 
April 16, 1964  D. Kuhn Article Spring Takes Love Toll 
April 16, 1964  S. Brobeck Aricle 'Education Begins With Shock' 
April 16, 1964  Letters to The Editor  Column Pleads for Plegde Rationale  
April 16, 1964  Sandy Smith  Article Zionism  
April 16, 1964  H.E. Copeland  Column One Small Voice . . . 
April 16, 1964  Sonny Kee  Article Echoes Cry 'Lord Do Something For ME' 
April 16, 1964  Tom Sawyer  Information Jonason to Interpret Wilder  
April 16, 1964  Jill Whitney  Article Division Between Science, Humanities Cited by Prior  
April 16, 1964  Dewey Blocksma   Student Council Names Homecoming Chariman 
April 16, 1964  Miriam McNeilly  Article Taft Discusses Govt. Morals  
April 16, 1964  Jill Whitney  Article Hectic Weekend Spells NSA Convention 
April 16, 1964  Conservatory Notes Information Junior Organ Recital  
April 16, 1964  Trackmen Sports Harriers Win 2 at Wabash; Home for Triangular Friday  
April 16, 1964  American Association of Health  News  5 Represented Wheaton At Regional Confab  
April 16, 1964  Young Republicans Convention News  Wheaton YR Honored At Midwest Convention 
April 16, 1964  Tennis Sports  Netters Even Slate at 5-5 After 2-1 Weekend Action  
April 16, 1964  Golf Team Sports  Linksters Win 1st Over No. Central  
April 16, 1964  Jay Hakes  Sports  From the Sidelines  
April 16, 1964  Baseball Sports  Diamondmen Drop Home Opener , 3-2  
April 16, 1964  " Musical Murks" Information Murk Family To Sing At graduate Banquet 
April 16, 1964  Physical Education Department  News PEM Requirement Change  
April 16, 1964  Campus Chest Drive  News  Donations Sought For Campus Chest  
April 16, 1964  Dan Kuhn Information Kuhn To Participate In Panel On WMAQ 
April 16, 1964  Baseball Sports Diamondmen Await 3 Games with NU 
April 16, 1964  Tribute to William Shakespear  Information Dramatic Duo to Pay Tribute To Shakespeare at Lyceum  
April 16, 1964  ROTC Mock Trial  Information ROTC Seniors Try Mock Case Sat. At Court Martial  
April 16, 1964  Dr. John H. Fadenrecht  News  College Grants Study Leaves To Professors for 1964-65  
April 16, 1964  Randy Baker  News  ICCA Names Baker Teen Club Director  
April 23, 1964  Lyceum Series  News Shakespearean team Ends Lyceum Series Tomorrow 
April 23, 1964  Pre-Campaign Socializing  News  6 SC Prexy Hopefuls Enter Primary  
April 23, 1964  Bruce Barton Article  Barton, Habkirk, Johnson Give Platforms; Promise Activity, Creativity, Informality  
April 23, 1964  Harold Faulkner  News  Dining Hall Adds New Wing 
April 23, 1964  RECORD  News  RECORD to Publish Twice Next Week  
April 23, 1964  H. Handley  Article To Take A Playright Seriously  
April 23, 1964  William Shakespeare Literature  Standing Against Time  
April 23, 1964  Letters to the Editor  Column Landon Amplifies Position 
April 23, 1964  Steve Damours  Column Damours Urges Unbiased 2- Way Honesty  
April 23, 1964  Mark Hanchett  Article Feedback: Socio-Drama More Than Entertainment  
April 23, 1964  Letters.... Column Acceptance Poses Universal Problem  
April 23, 1964  Letters  Column Carins Questions Absence of Motto From Nameplate  
April 23, 1964  One Small Voice. . . Column H.E Copeland  
April 23, 1964  Faculty Members  News  Faculty Adds 4 Books to The Self  
April 23, 1964  Clapham Society  News  Clapham to Hear Democratic Chairman 
April 23, 1964  The Art Department News  Senior to Exhibit Art  
April 23, 1964  Carl Pesko  Exchange Column Off the RECORD  
April 23, 1964  Debbie Hess  Article Hess: Reflections On France 
April 23, 1964  Women's Glee Information Women's Glee, Sing Of 'Evening Moods' 
April 23, 1964  AWS Senior Societies  News  Junior Girls Assigned To AWS Societies  
April 23, 1964  Jeanne Murray  Column Tre Chic  
April 23, 1964  Volleyball Sports  Volleyball Team Ends Season  
April 23, 1964  Golf  Sports  Lake Forest Putts To 14-10 Victory  
April 23, 1964  Jay Hakes  Sports  From the Sidelines  
April 23, 1964  Tennis  Sports  Bennema's 8th Straight Win Leads Netters to 8-1 Victory  
April 23, 1964  Baseball Sports  Pfund '9' Edge NU for. 500; Cort Goes 9 in 6-4 Victory  
April 23, 1964  Dr. John Alexandar  Information U. of Wis. I-V To Address Luncheon  
April 23, 1964  Tennis  Sports  Netters Down Bradley, Augustana; Begin Kansas City Tourney Friday 
April 23, 1964  Trackmen Sports  Harriers Gain 1st Home Win  
April 23, 1964  Neta Thiessen  Article  Drama Prompts : ' What Do We Do Now?' 
April 23, 1964  " Elect Task Force" News  WETN Assists In Primary  
April 30, 1964  Earle Johnson News  Candidates Present Campaign Platforms 
April 30, 1964  Glen Kercher  News  Delegations Plot Strategy for Tomorrow's Primary 
April 30, 1964  L. Proper Information  On Political Presuppositions  
April 30, 1964  Larry Bennett Letter Students Question Campaign Chapel  
April 30, 1964  T. G. Ryan  News  A Political Perspective  
April 30, 1964  Earle David Johnson News  Record Endorses Favorite Son 
April 30, 1964  Get Wheaton College Out of N.S.A Letter Praises Conservative Stand  
April 30, 1964  James Buswell  Information  MaryKnoll Joins AnthroClub to Consider Church, Culture  
April 30, 1964  Dave Buffman  News  Debaters Take Second  
April 30, 1964  Norm Camp  Sports  Golfers Lose on Trip 
April 30, 1964  Bill Bostrom  Sports  Crusaders Hand Depauw Double Defeat 
April 30, 1964  Jay Hakes  Sports  Netters Win at Kansas City 
April 30, 1964  Jill Witney  News  Ryan, Masteller Cop Primary 
April 30, 1964  Howard Copeland  News  Copeland Places 3rd with Essay 
April 30, 1964  Bob Habkirk News  Habkirk Wins College Union Election  
April 30, 1964  Jean Martinon Music  Chicago Symphony to Give Final Artist Series Concert  
April 30, 1964  Dr. Henry Margenau  News  Yale Professor to Give Lecture on J. Brownowski 
April 30, 1964  Darrel Regier  News Class Primaries Slated for Tuesday 
April 30, 1964  S. Brobeck  Information  A Lasting Contribution  
April 30, 1964  Lon Habkirk  Letter  Habkirk Expresses Plans  
April 30, 1964  Earle D. Johnson  Letter Johnson Explains Campaign Position  
April 30, 1964  Clayton Halvorsen  Music  Say it With Music Theme to Highlight Men's Concert  
April 30, 1964  Sanford Schulert  Letter  Schulert Protests False Platform  
April 30, 1964  Catherine Marshall  News  Catherine Marshall Heads Lyceum Slate  
April 30, 1964  Dr. George Knight  News  Theology Profs to Discuss JEDP at Grad Meeting  
April 30, 1964  Bruce Hollenbach  Music  Band to Reminisce at Annual Banquet  
April 30, 1964  Garth Rosell News  Rosell Joins Staff at Graham Pavilion 
April 30, 1964  Brian Halsey  News  Seniors show Art at Annual Exhibit  
April 30, 1964  Mike Burton  News  Pub Board, Council Name Burton New KODON Editor  
April 30, 1964  Annual Picnic  Information  Class Compensation, Pep Band Music to Spice Thurs. Chuckwagon Menu  
April 30, 1964  Linda Ann News  Linda Love to Give 'Mary of Scotland'  
April 30, 1964  Frederick Broer  Information  Conservatory Notes  
April 30, 1964  Bill Bostrom  Sports  Diamondmen Battle NIU Huskies Saturday  
April 30, 1964  John Aldridge  Sports  Crusaders Win 6 on Depauw Track  
April 30, 1964  Dennis Bennema  Sports  Netters Pick Up 11th Win ; Face Undefeated SIU Sat. 
May 7, 1964  Dr. Henry Margenau News  Dr. Margenau of Yale to Present Final Book-of- Semester Lecture  
May 7, 1964  Norris A. Aldeen  News  Aldeen to Speak at Commencement  
May 7, 1964  Chuckwagon Dinner  Information  Free Steak Dinner Tonight at McCully  
May 7, 1964  Jim Masteller News  Candidates State Platforms 
May 7, 1964  Ted Ryan  Information  Council Prexy Candidates Face Queries; Ryan Discloses Reasons for Delayed Entry  
May 7, 1964  Linda Koenig  News  Successors Picked For Union Board  
May 7, 1964  D. Kuhn Article  Liberated to Risk  
May 7, 1964  Richard E. Gerig  Letter  Tours Evoke Appreciation  
May 7, 1964  Junior Toms  Letter Urges Expression of College Loyalty  
May 7, 1964  Albie Harris  Article  Crusaders- In Civil Rights? 
May 7, 1964  Simon Szeto Letter  RECORD Statistics Stands Corrected  
May 7, 1964  Steve Shoemaker Letter  Chatter 
May 7, 1964  Earle E. Cairns  News  Cairns Discusses Chapel Speaker Choice 
May 7, 1964  Howard Copeland  Letter Copeland Explains Ryan Draft  
May 7, 1964  Anne Martin  Letter  Who's on First? Martin Queries  
May 7, 1964  Dr. J. Edward Hakes  News  Int'l Clubs to Meet For Dinner Here 
May 7, 1964  Dr. Earle E. Cairns  News  NBC Tapes Cairns  
May 7, 1964  Fred Smith  Information  Smith, Bergsma Debate Origin of Human Values 
May 7, 1964  Jeanne Murray  Article  Ires Chic  
May 7, 1964  Spring  Information  Fashions, Brunch to Combine Sat. For Spring Fever  
May 7, 1964  Highest Grade Point  News  Smith Hall Achieves Highest Grade Point  
May 7, 1964  Bonnie Bass  Information  McManis Awaits Patterns 
May 7, 1964  Marty Koehn  News  Koehn Sweeps '65; Others Face Friday Ballot  
May 7, 1964  Tom Claus  Sports  Netters Down DePaul, Meet Minn. Sat 
May 7, 1964  Keith Watkins  Sports  Watkins Outstanding with 2 Wins at Beloit 
May 7, 1964  Bill Bostrom  Sports  Diamondmen Drop 2 to NIU; Face Lake Forest Twice Sat. 
May 7, 1964  Loren Wilkinson Article  The Firth Corner  
May 7, 1964  J. L Whitelaw  Music  Martinon Directs Masterful Concert  
May 7, 1964  Jim Fittz  Music  Fittz to Solo for Orchestra 
May 7, 1964  Sam Macaluso  News  Annual Drive Nets $1413 for Charity 
May 14,1964  Nine New Faculty members, including five Alumni, will join Wheaton News Five Alumni to Join Faculty Ranks In Fall 
May 14,1964  Leadership Training Program News Trustee Gieser to Address Faculty, Students at LTP 
May 14,1964  Sabin Oral Polio Vaccine Information Health Centers Offers Sbin Vaccine Monday 
May 14,1964  Ted Ryan Steped Into Students Council Presidency News  Ryan Heads '64-'65 Council Proposes Commitee Changes  
May 14,1964  North Western Commuters News '64 Sneaks South Via Panama Ltd 
May 14,1964  L.Proper Article The Biggest Campign Issue 
May 14,1964  L.Proper Article Forget the Soapbox 
May 14,1964  Letters to the Editors Article Peterson Critizes 'Civil Rights' Editorial 
May 14,1964  H.E.Copeland Column One Small Voice 
May 14,1964  Larry Brook- Science and Human Affairs News Margenau Urges Science -Arts Integration 
May 14,1964  Independent, Integrated study News Jrs. Anderson, Kuhn, LandonTo Initiate Tutorial Program 
May 14,1964  Colonel Cullison News ROTC To Introduce Army Flight Traning 
May 14,1964  Chicago South side Retreat Information  CSC Pioneer Girls Head for Retreat 
May 14,1964  Neta Thiessan and Hank Molter Article Record Reporters Uncover Intricacies of WETN 
May 14,1964  Colonel Dan Chrouser News Cadets To Attend AF Day Parade 
May 14,1964  Wheaton Chess ChampionShip  Sports Competitors for Chess CrownsBring Seasoned Skill to Campus Play-Offs 
May 14,1964 Illinois -Wisconsin NSA conference News  NSA Members to Attend Regional Conference Here 
May 14,1964 Calvin Flannangan News Whaeto NAACP Joins in Observance Of Freedom Day 
May 14,1964 Baseball team Sports Cort, Skillen Toss Shutouts; Pfundmen Sweep Twinbill 
May 14,1964 Wheaton's track team  Sports Harriers Edge Albion;Run Home Meet sat. 
May 14,1964 Jay Hakes Column-Sports From the Sidelines 
May 14,1964 Tennis  Sports Racketmen Down Minnesota Gophers 
May 14,1964 Spring Concert Choir  Information Get Choir Tickets from Most 'Hangouts' 
May 14,1964 '64-'65 CSC Council News Kuhn Works to Recognise Cabinet 
May 14,1964 Gleason Informal Structure Column  D.Gleason to Speak At '65 Forum Tonight 
May 14,1964 Betty Hoffmeister News Summer Missionaries Make Final Plans 
May 14,1964 Jill Dykstra Information Smith GIrls Honor Wheaton 'Mothers' 
May 21,1964 Norris A. Aldeen News Commencement Nears for '64 
May 21,1964 Vaughn Williams  News Choir Plans Varied Program For Annual Spring COncert 
May 21,1964 Alumni Association Award News Alumni Association Gives Study Grants To 3 Professors 
May 21,1964 Ted Ryan  News Ryan Announces SC Appointments 
May 21,1964 Dr.P.Kenneth Giesser News Students, Professors To Interact At LTP  
May 21,1964 J.Dodds Column Summer- In Another Place 
May 21,1964 Dan Kuhn News In Retrospect - Appreciation 
May 21, 1964 Miriam McNeilly Article The Seventy Behind the RECORD 
May 21, 1964 J.Dodds Column Summer- In Another Place 
May 21, 1964 The Editorial Board Column In Retrospect Appreciation 
May 21, 1964 Summer School Program News Summer Scholar Has Wide Study range  
May 21, 1964 Dr.John H. fadenrecht News Fadenrecht Alerts Juniors to Available Danforth Aid 
May 21, 1964 Junior Hubert Morken  News Morken Elected head Of Publications Board 
May 21, 1964 Completion of One year Band Training  News ROTC Dept. Plans Concert, Review 
May 21, 1964 Dr.Richard Gross News Gross Announces Changes Of Personnel administration 
May 21, 1964 Whaeton Professor and Students Examine the civil rights. News Clapham Society to Examine Controversial Civil Rights Bill  
May 21, 1964 Volleyball Team Sports Teens Clubs To Hold Volleyball Tourney 
May 21, 1964 Syllabus Information Prof. Suggests Syllabus 
May 21, 1964 Jill Whitney News Marge Stone Reviews Wheaton Years 
May 21, 1964 Heather Speirs News Speirs Wins $5000 Award 
May 21, 1964 Marilyn Sampson News Evans, Williston Elct Next Year's Officers 
May 21, 1964 Pat Edwards News Seniors Foil '65' Sneak to Colorado - With Bench 
May 21, 1964 Dick Gleason News Baker to Work with Gangs 
May 21, 1964 KODON  Information KODON Staff To Attend Annual Banquet Wed 
May 21, 1964 Caesar Franck News Conservatory Notes 
May 21, 1964 Claude Cookman News Student Poll Recommends Reading List For Faculty 
May 21, 1964 Nata Thiessen News Pioneer Girls, CSC Leaders Spend Weekend Camping 
May 21, 1964 Pi Gamma Mu News Pi Gamma Mu Elects Fairchild President 
May 21, 1964 LINCOLN News Nebraska Soldiers Mothball Uniforms 
May 21, 1964 Alumni Association News 65 to Select Class Gift This Week 
May 21, 1964 Beaver Ozols News Finnish Instructor Teaches Modern Gymnastics Here 
May 21, 1964 T.S. Eliot News Lamb, Peterson To Give Recital of Elitot, Burgess 
May 21, 1964 Linda Nagel Sports Women's Tennis Team To Play 3 Matches 
May 21, 1964 Loren Wilkinson Sports Watkins, Bell Lead Winners In Wheaton track Victory 
May 21, 1964 Softball Sports Concordia Team Edges Girls 13-12 
May 21, 1964 Bill Bostrom Sports Pfundmen Drop 3 Games at bradley 
May 21, 1964 DePauw University News Depauw Invitational To End Regualr Season For Netters 
May 21, 1964 Jay Hakes News From the Sidelines 
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