Index to the Record, 1963 (August)-1964 (January)

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DateSubject (Personal Name or Topic)Column or SectionTopic or Title
August 2,1963 V. Raymond Edman Information  Wheaton to Welcome 500 
August 2,1963 Ken Greener  Information  Parents Invited for Weekend  
August 2,1963 New Committee Formed Trustees Aprrove Publication Policy, Form College Publications Committee  
August 2,1963 Bill Peterson  News  Mon. Pop, Big Brother Sister to Pilot Class of '67 
August 2,1963 Jim Larson  Information  Student Council Anticipates Enlarged Program This Year  
August 2,1963 Jereome Hines  News  New Opportunities Provided by Enlarged Artist Series  
August 2,1963 Ray Morgan  News  Union Coordinates Social Activities  
August 2,1963 Elton Trueblood  News  Freshmen Given First Assignment 
August 2,1963 Sam Bufford  News  Committee Offers The Plague as Book of Semester 
August 2,1963 Jean Wilson   Information  Wheaton to Entertain AAES Convention 
August 2,1963 Finf Your Hometown  Information  Eastern Air Lines  
August 2,1963 Be Confident  Article  For What It's Worth 
August 2,1963 Not Somehow, but Triumphantly  Article  A Word from Prexy  
August 2,1963 Karl F. Heimke  Information  A Message From the Mayor  
August 2,1963 Evan Welsh Letter  An Open Letter 
August 2,1963 Cy Campen  News  CSC Aids Christian Education 
August 2,1963 Steve Schneider  News  Ministerial Fellowsip Group Holds Monthly Meetings  
August 2,1963 Barbara Whittmann News  SEA Seeks to Aid Future Teachers by Adding Inspiration to Education  
August 2,1963 Don Kencke  News  Record Offers Experience, Informs Students 
August 2,1963 WETN Broadcasts to Area  News  WETN Broadcasts to Area 
August 2,1963 Dr. Robert Baptista  Sports  Athletics Rate High at Wheaton  
August 2,1963 Ellis Brotzman News  Students Committee Plans Homecoming in October  
August 2,1963 Mrs. Robert DeVette Information  Juniors to Produce TOWER 
August 2,1963 Pete Galde News  NSA Voices Students Opinion From 400 Schools  
August 2,1963 Stan Rickard  News  Clapham Society Examines Liberalism  
August 2,1963 Pershing Rifles Unit Plans for Another Active Year  News  Pershing Rifles Unit Plans for Another Active Year  
August 2,1963 Carol Rehnberg  Information  AWS Organization Unites All Women Here  
August 2,1963 Informal Recreation  News  WRA Provides Recreation for 800 Wheaton Coed  
August 2,1963 Gary Fairchild  News  Young Republicans Plan for Next Year  
August 2,1963 Bruce Hollenbach News  Anthropology Club Examines Customs of Other Peoples 
August 2,1963 Intercollegiate Debating  Information  Debate Gain Valuable Experience From Intercollegiate Competition 
August 2,1963 W.H Auden  News  Society Recognizes Excellence  
August 2,1963 Clayton E. Halvorsen  News  Men's Glee Club Concludes 6-Week European Tour  
August 2,1963 Irwin W. Bell  Music  New Musicians to Direct Orchestra 
August 2,1963 Rex Hicks  Music  Choir Open to All  
August 2,1963 Rex Hicks  Music  College Choir to Travel to Southwest U.S 
August 2,1963 Russell Platz Music  Concert Band Opens Season at Camp 
August 2,1963 Rex Hicks  Music  Chorus to Perform Handel's Messiah  
August 2,1963 Irwin W. Bell  Music  New Music Instructors Appointed  
August 2,1963 Singing the Praises of God Music  Women's Glee Find Purpose in Glorifying God through Songs  
August 2,1963 Christian Service Council  News  CSC Operates in Eight Areas  
August 2,1963 Bob Hoppe  News  Student Missionaries Visit Many Countries to Obtain First-Hand Service Experience  
August 2,1963 Communicating Jesus Christ through Developing Friendships  News  Students Befriend Chicago Negroes  
August 2,1963 Personal Work Challenges Christian Students  News  Personal Work Challenges Christian Students  
August 2,1963 Bill Hoyt Sports  Teens Club Use Basketball  
August 2,1963 Communicating Jesus Christ to High School Teen-agers Information  Hi-C Clubs Make Impact on High School Campuses  
August 2,1963 Campus Teams  News  Campus Teams Communicate Christ to Teens  
August 2,1963 Jill Whitney  Information  CSC Plans Panel  
August 2,1963 Billy Graham  News  YFC Seeks to Win Youth for Christ 
August 2,1963 Steven Shoemaker  Article  Chatter 
August 2,1963 Alumni Assocaition Exists to Help Students  News  Alumni Association Serves 13,000 Wheaton Graduates 
August 2,1963 Harry Golden  News  Writers Conference Invites Gaebelein  
August 2,1963 Dennis Bennema Sports  Tennis Team Captures Third Place Honors in National Tournament Competition 
August 2,1963 Mrs Lila Rogeness  Information  On-Campus Employment Available to New Students  
August 2,1963 Dr. Stanley W. Olson  News  Olson Receives 4-year Appointment to Medical Health Research Council 
August 2,1963 Jeff Roberts  Sports  Crusaders Face Rough Slate  
August 2,1963 Intramural Program  Sports  Intramural Sports Offer Clean, Keen Competition to All 
August 2,1963 Bruce Murphy Sports  Soccermen Challenged to Improve Good Record  
August 2,1963 Gus Scott Sports  Cross Country Marathoners Optimistic About Fall Season  
August 2,1963 Nancy Nase  Sports  Extramurals Keep Co-eds Active  
August 2,1963 Jack Swartz Sports  100 to Attend Sports Camp 
August 2,1963 Jimmy Byron Sports  Always a Faithful Friend  
August 2,1963 Pep Club Sets Example for Top School Spirit  Information  Pep Club Sets Example for Top School Spirit  
August 2,1963 Dennis Bennema  Sports  Bennema Named to All-American Tennis Team 
September 12,1963 Dr. Samuel J. Schultz  News  New Professors Join Faculty  
September 12,1963 Dr. John Fadenrecht News  Prexy Names 5 to Committee Posts 
September 12,1963 Handel's Messiah Music  Messiah Oratorio Begins Rehearsal 
September 12,1963 Ray Morgan  Information  College Union Presents Film 
September 12,1963 Karl Steele News  Art Department Plans Field Trip to Honey Rock  
September 12,1963 Food Service Introduce a new Service  News  Dinning Hall Abandons Point in Changeover  
September 12,1963 Judy Bouchilloh  News  Freshman Injured in Head-On Collision 
September 12,1963 Dr. Melvin Lorentzen  News  Record Seminar Set for Tonight  
September 12,1963 Thomas C. Byron News  New Christian Service Director Announces Plans for Fall Semester 
September 12,1963 Success Article  Condition for Success 
September 12,1963 Roger Winter Article  Perspective  
September 12,1963 Paul Trafton  News  New Night Courses Offered 
September 12,1963 Bob Bates  Sports  Determined Footbal Squad Devises New Pass Defense 
September 12,1963 Jay Hakes  Sports  From the Sidelines  
September 12,1963 Coach Robert Baptista Sports  Soccermen Open Season Here on Saturday 
September 12,1963 Genelle Samuelson  Sports  Co-Rec. to Follow WRA Hi-Lites 
September 12,1963 Dick Taylor  Sports  CC Squad Prepares for Fall Season; Three Freshmen Bolster Team Stamina 
September 19, 1963 Intitiation Underway Informations Sophomore Pirates Capture Frosh 
September 19,1963 National Student Association Article Wheatonites Play Impressive Role at NSA Convention 
September 19,1963 Rev. Ross. S. Rhoads News  Ross Rhoads to Challenge Students  
September 19,1963 Dr. Samuel Schultz News  Schultz Offers Division Plans  
September 19,1963 Student Council News  Student Council Selects Publication Board Head 
September 19,1963 New Consititution Article On The New Constitution 
September 19,1963 Letters To The Editor. . . Column Let The Freshmen Suffer ! 
September 19,1963 Pete Epp and Alan Winquist Column Perspectives  
September 19,1963 Jim Gentel Column Clatter  
September 19,1963 Eight New Editors  News  Eight Editors Fill RECORD Positions; Twenty- Three Frosh Add Vigor To Staff  
September 19,1963 Final Journalistic Seminar  Information RECORD Schedules Evening Seminar  
September 19,1963 The Campus Year Book Article New TOWER Staff Plans Yearbook 
September 19,1963 Lee Van Ham  Article Men's Glee Member Relates European Trip Experiences  
September 19,1963 Joy Buck  News  Wheaton Gains Beauty and Scholarship In Southern Teen Queen Contestants  
September 19,1963 American Association of Evangelical Students  Information AAES Officers Meet Here Tomorrow  
September 19,1963 KODON, Wheaton's Literary Magazine  Information KODON Editor Requests Students' Creative Writing  
September 19,1963 Jack Swartz News  Coach Swartz To Receive Radio Interview  
September 19,1963 " The Dairy of A Teacher" Information SEA Opens Year With Diary Reading  
September 19,1963 Lousie Proper  Article Many Seniors Contemple Graduate Study  
September 19,1963 The National Student Congress News Student Congress Approves March 
September 19,1963 Roller Skating Party  Information Union Announces First Skating Party  
September 19,1963 Soccer  Sports Teamwork Wins For Wheaton's Booters; Peppy Team Out-Kicks Grinnell, 4-1 
September 19,1963 Informal Social Activities  Sports  Coes 'n' Joes Offers Recreational Relief  
September 19,1963 Jay Hayes  Sports From The Sidelines  
September 19,1963 Cross- Country Team Sports Runners Jaunt To Albion 
September 19,1963 " Non - Violent Protest" News  Freshmen Show Spirit; Stage Ghandian Revolt Against Sophomores  
September 19,1963 Anne Mitchell Article Headlines Aimed at Funnybone In yeaterday's RECORDS 
September 19,1963 From Football Games To Chapel  Article WETN Broadcasts Resume; Past Favorites Highlight Year  
September 19,1963 Annual College Choir Retreat News  Choir Welcomes New Members at Retreat; Director is Rex Hicks  
September 19,1963 Inner- City Christian Association News CNE Expands - Becomes ICCA  
September 19,1963 National Collegiate Debate Topic  Information Pi Kap's Being Year  
September 19,1963 Dr. Timothy Smith  News  Smith to Speak At History Lecture  
September 19,1963 Associated Women Students  Information AWS Plans Trip To Camp Willabay This Weekend  
September 26, 1963  Jerome Hines  News  Artist Series Presents Singer Jerome Hines  
September 26, 1963  Dr. Morris A. Inch  News  Inch Hospitalized By Kidney Ailment  
September 26, 1963  James Murk News  Murk To Appear On Ted Mack Show  
September 26, 1963  Fred Smith  Article  Rhoads Urges Student Introspection; Proclaims Message of a Living Christ  
September 26, 1963  Dr. Robert O. DeVette  News  State Board Picks DeVette For Advisory Committee  
September 26, 1963  Freshman-Sophomore Talent Show  Information Frosh, Soph Plan talent Display 
September 26, 1963  Dr. Timothy L. Smith  Information Smith To Be Speaker For History Lecture  
September 26, 1963  Dr. Arthur F. Holmes  Information Holmes to Give Lecture On ' The Plague' by Camus  
September 26, 1963  Initiation  Article Rethinking Initiation . . . Again 
September 26, 1963  Letters To The Editor . . . Column Troutman Asks Clarification  
September 26, 1963  Ministerial Fellowship Information Ministerial Group Meets On Sunday  
September 26, 1963  National Association For The Advance Of Colored People  News  Two Seniors Give Defense of NAACP 
September 26, 1963  Dave Filkin News  Filkin Protests Automation 
September 26, 1963  Jean Wilson Article VIDE  
September 26, 1963  Steven Shoemaker  Column Chatter  
September 26, 1963  Algerian Plague  News  Students Urged To Get Flu Shots  
September 26, 1963  The Hope Anchor  Article Hope Changes Its Chapel Policy  
September 26, 1963  Steve Mott  Column Mott Questions Charter  
September 26, 1963  Pre-Med Club Information Medic to Meet; Picnic at Lagoon  
September 26, 1963  Class Skating Party  Information Juniors Take Break; Plan Saturday Skate  
September 26, 1963  Barbara Hendrickson  Article Junior Spends Summer with Cunas  
September 26, 1963  Hank Molter  Article Bell Marks Wjeaton's Pulse For More Than Ninety Years  
September 26, 1963  Tutorial Service  News  NIU Students Plan to Tutor In Illinois Training School 
September 26, 1963  Service Department  Article Service Staff Keeps Things Going  
September 26, 1963  The National Church Information Church Music Group Meets On On Saturday  
September 26, 1963  Soccer  Sports  Earlham Downs Crusader Soccermen 2-0 
September 26, 1963  Soccer  Sports  JV Soccer Squad Loses To MaryKnoll's Varsity  
September 26, 1963  Soccer  Sports Flash! 
September 26, 1963  Cross-Country  Sports  Crusader Trio Takes Top Places In Albion Cross- Country Meet  
September 26, 1963  International Club  Information Internationals Meet 1st Time Saturday  
September 26, 1963  Football Sports  Crusaders Trounce Albion in Opener  
September 26, 1963  Football Sports  Bombers Beaten; Aim For Wright  
September 26, 1963  Grid Team Sports  Grid Team Flexes For Hope; Plans to Field Strong Squad  
September 26, 1963  Jay Hakes  Sports  From The Sidelines  
October 3, 1963  Jerome Hines News Hines to Perform Saturday 
October 3, 1963  Hank Molter  News Plans For Homecoming Proceed; Alumni Anticipate Weekend 
October 3, 1963  " In Ages Past" News Plans For Homecoming Proceed; Alumni Anticipate Weekend 
October 3, 1963  Dr. Timothy Smith's  News Smith Lectures On Education's Past 
October 3, 1963  Dr. Edwin Thiele News Archaeology Conference to Convene; Bibilical Chronology to be Discussed 
October 3, 1963  Jeanne Murray News Student Council Approves 6 Pub Board Nominees 
October 3, 1963  Edman Chapel Article Expression... 
October 3, 1963  James Wright Article Senior Question Chapel Probation 
October 3, 1963  Sam Macaluso  Article Prespective  
October 3, 1963  Lucy Cleaver Article 'Robots OK', Says Worker Personal Touch Remains 
October 3, 1963  Bill Dyreness News NSA Gives Students a Broader Outlook 
October 3, 1963  Lon Habkirk Article An Evening Artist Approves New Outdoor Lighting 
October 3, 1963  Jim Forsberg News Convinced Initiationist States Views 
October 3, 1963  Dr. Donal Tweedie News Psych Club Presents Logotherapy Lecture 
October 3, 1963  Dr. Clarence L. Nystrom News Debate Group Meets Tonight 
October 3, 1963  Honey Rock News Students Display Art From Fall Field Trip 
October 3, 1963  Nachan News Slavi Chief Shares Lore with Students 
October 3, 1963  Louise Proper News Mister, Boardman Give Views on Evolution 
October 3, 1963  Steve Bell's Sports Soccermen Trample U of Illinois, 4-2 
October 3, 1963  Richard Taylor Sports Runners Finish High In Track Club Meet 
October 3, 1963  Bill Hultgren Sports Hope Subdued By Wheaton; Fullback Harris Leads Team 
October 3, 1963  Mark Pett Sports Football Bombers Triumph 
October 3, 1963  Jay Hakes  Sports From the Sidelines 
October 3, 1963  Jack Swartz Sports Pep Rally To Precede Game 
October 3, 1963  Byron Morgan Sports Findlay of Ohio Challenges Crusaders In First Home Contest of Schedule 
October 3, 1963  Richard B. Ogilvie News County Sheriff Ogilvie to Address Republican Club on Party's Future 
October 3, 1963  Howard Copeland's Sports Copeland Collects Collegiate Slang 
October 3, 1963  Les Sabrettes News Les Sabrettes To Combine Drill Precision, Personality 
October 3, 1963  Graham Roberts Article Christian Horizons 
October 11, 1963  Kent Kennan News Concert to Welcome Alumni Tonight  
October 11, 1963  Dr. Edmun Fuller News Eighth Writers' Conference Schedules Critics, Novelist, Writer of 'Gospel Blimp' 
October 11, 1963  Willy Stone News Student Portray Theme In Homecoming Decorations 
October 11, 1963  Charles Blanchard Weaver News Waver named Alumnus of Year; Selected for Service 'In Ages Past' 
October 11, 1963  Louise Proper News 'Adam Father of Fossil Men' States Buswell 
October 11, 1963  Jim Gentel Sports Booters to Celebrate Homecoming By Tackling '62 Soccer Champions 
October 11, 1963  Ernie Turner News Sir Wheaton, Sir Bradley Joust Tonight Over Maiden 
October 11, 1963  Jack Secrest  Sports Bombers Tie Maryknoll, 1-1 
October 11, 1963  Wheaton Chamber of Commerce Sports C of C Posts Pictures; Fifty-Two Players Featured 
October 11, 1963  Ed McCausland Sports Soccermen Split Weekend Matches; Beat Calvin, Fall to Michigan States 
October 11, 1963  Wheaton Crusaders Sports Powerful Crusaders Crush Findlay 17-6 
October 11, 1963  Loren Wilkinson  News CCSquad Smashes Bradley, Make Perfect Score to Win 
October 11, 1963  Thornton  Sports Thornton Wins in Bomber Football; Hurst Runs 98 for Lone Wheaton TD 
October 11, 1963  Jay Hakes News From the Sidelines 
October 11, 1963  Marquette Runners Sports Victorious Thinclads Face Marquette 
October 11, 1963  Bob Bates News Crusaders to Battle Top-Rated Bradley, Combat Aerial Attack with Red-dogging 
October 11, 1963  Dr. Arthur Holmes News Students May Discuss 'The Plague In Scheduled Lectures, Coffee Hours 
October 11, 1963  Gail Walker News Hines Gives Views as Christian Artist; Reminisces on Career, Favorite Roles 
October 11, 1963  Sam Macaluso  News Macaluso to Address Claphams 
October 11, 1963  Chapel News Gross Vindicates Compulsory Chapel 
October 11, 1963  RECORD News Health Center Is Busy Place; 14,800 Cases in One Year 
October 11, 1963  Jane Marsh News Marsh Tells Tale of French Summer 
October 11, 1963  Dr. Edwin Thiele News Archaelogy Scholars to Meet and Discuss 'Archaeology Light on Biblical Chronology' 
October 11, 1963  Peter W. Stine News Steinbeck Writes on American Travels 
October 11, 1963  Chaplain Evan Welsh Literature Chaplain Welcomes Alumni, Requests Sharing of Lives 
October 11, 1963  Paul Harvey Literature Has Christianity lost its forward thrust? 
October 11, 1963  Jack Leax News Chapel-goer Gives New Plan, Proposes Fifteen Cuts 
October 11, 1963  Sandy Schulert's Randy Tucker Tucker Hits 'Uncumbersome' Creed 
October 11, 1963  In ages Past Literature In Ages to Come... 
October 11, 1963  John Chaffee News Writers' Conference Begins 
October 11, 1963  Harry Golden  News Author-Journalist Golden To Lecture on Best-Seller 
October 17, 1963  TOWER News Tower Rates 'All-American' For 13th Consecutive Year 
October 17, 1963  Oliver Buswell News Student CommitteePrepares For Parents' Day Activities 
October 17, 1963  James Oliver Buswell News Young Violin Artist to Give Concert 
October 17, 1963  Dave Buffam  Article Off to a Good Start 
October 17, 1963  Tower Article Well Done 
October 17, 1963  Sam Bufford Article Bufford Comments On New Constitution 
October 17, 1963  Bruce Hollenback News Hollenback Oppose Brandt; Says Problem not Spiritual 
October 17, 1963  Mike Burton  News Music-Lover Defends Drama 
October 17, 1963  Steven Shoemaker Article Chatter 
October 17, 1963  ROCORD News Publications Board Approves Criteria 
October 17, 1963  H. Jenny-Krampf News Former Guest Prof Dies; Faculty to Send Money 
October 17, 1963  Glen Heck  Short News Glen Heck Heads Alumni Association 
October 17, 1963  Skating Short Information College Union Sponsors All-School Skating Party 
October 17, 1963  Ted Bertot News Bhind -the-Broadcast Scenes Revealed 
October 17, 1963  Ted Frederick News Frederick To Address International Students 
October 17, 1963  Miss Eleanor Paulson News Selections Made For Reading Hour 
October 17, 1963  Marty Taylor News Students, Alumni Observe Successful Homecoming 
October 17, 1963  Jill Whitney News 'God Bless You' Greets Visiting Students 
October 17, 1963  Larry Pile News Deutsch Students Plan First Meeting 
October 17, 1963  Karen Kerch News Nurses Prepare For 1st 'Activity Night' 
October 17, 1963  Noma Cave  News AWS Takes Home Ec. House; Provides Lounges, kitchen 
October 17, 1963  Jim Kielsmeier News Gridders to Face Washington U.Saturday 
October 17, 1963  Dan Watrous Sports Runners Place Five For 3rd Straight Win 
October 17, 1963  Bill Bostrom Sports Intramural Sports Offer Clean, Keen Competition to All 
October 17, 1963  Harry Anderson Sports Bombers Lose To NIU 27-14 
October 17, 1963  Coes 'n' Coes Sports Co-Rec to Offer Relaxation Friday 
October 17, 1963  Jay Hakes News From the Sidelines 
October 17, 1963  St. Louis University Sports Wheaton Booters Lose 5-0 As NCAA Champs Win 
October 17, 1963  Bob Bates News Crusaders Resist Bradley Rally, Keep Halftime Lead for 27-22 Win 
October 17, 1963  Jill Klenk News Archaeologists Discuss Controversies 
October 17, 1963  James Murk News Murk Returns to TV Amateur Hour 
October 17, 1963  Richard Gross News Responsibility Need Stressed In Forum on Publications 
October 17, 1963  George B. Cullison News Cullison Reveals Promotions 
October 17, 1963  Joy Buck News Students Earn Flying Licenses In 'Wheaton Wings Incorporated 
October 24, 1963  Sam Bufford News Students Unearth Mastodon 
October 24, 1963  St. Louis Symphony Orchestra  Information Buswell to Perform Vivaldi, Brahms, Bach in Concert  
October 24, 1963  Parents' Day Information Committee Prepares For Parents' day; Activities Include Blue Series, Games  
October 24, 1963  KODON News KODON Publishes; Sketches Featured  
October 24, 1963  Library  Article  How You Can Help  
October 24, 1963  Letters To The Editor  Column Writer Satirizes College Censorship 
October 24, 1963  Jim Fittz Column Student Defends the 'Campus-Critic,' Says Reform is Part of Christianity  
October 24, 1963  Letters. . Column Soph Protests Style-Decrees, Says 'Mommy' Not Needed  
October 24, 1963  Frank Tavares Column Tavares Praises Chapel Frankness, Calls students' Reaction Immature  
October 24, 1963  Tenth Annual Philosopy Conference  Information Philosophers to Convene Next Week 
October 24, 1963  Letters. . . Column Perkins Attacks Artcle, Says Impression False  
October 24, 1963  Janet Porcino Article ' Chirstianity Helping Negro Asserts Golden in Lyceum 
October 24, 1963  Dr C. Hobart Edgren News Hobart to Speak on Camus 
October 24, 1963  Louise Proper  Article Writers Explore Author Involvement  
October 24, 1963  John Chaffee News  Court Introduces New Penalty for Student Violations  
October 24, 1963  Jill Whitney  Article Fuller: 'Christian Must See Life Whole' 
October 24, 1963  Ted Bertot News Giant Mastodon Suffocates in Bog, Rests Twenty Millenia Under Ground  
October 24, 1963  Cross- Country Sports  Runners Smash 5 Teams in Big Meet; Taylor Wins Again, Breaks Records 
October 24, 1963  Soccer Sports Booter Down Purdue 
October 24, 1963  Football Sports Bombers Beaten By Valparaiso 
October 24, 1963  Bob Bates  Sports Team Warms Up For Little Giants; Plans Revenge for Last Year's Loss 
October 24, 1963  Jay Hakes Column From the Sidelines  
October 24, 1963  Football Sports Bears Over-Power Crusaders 24-6; Depth Helps Snap Winning Streak  
October 24, 1963  A New Men's Dormitory News Committee Plans Expansion, Proposes New Men's Dorm 
October 24, 1963  Campus News News Campus News in Brief  
October 31,1963 'The Stranger in Paradise' Information To Highlight Fall Banquet  
October 31,1963 Joyce Asp  Information Committee Plans Fine Arts Festival Competition, Exhibition Anticipated  
October 31,1963 Annual Philosophy Conference  News Philosophers Convene to Investigate Problem of Reliegious Communication 
October 31,1963 Eugene Istomin Information Famous Keyboard Artist to Perfom  
October 31,1963 Most Well-Rounded Athele  Sports  Candidates Chosen For Crusader Award 
October 31,1963 Guest Editorial Article A Challenge to The Faith  
October 31,1963 KODON News We Are Glad  
October 31,1963 Bruce Murphy  Column Perspectives  
October 31,1963 Letters To The Editor. . . Column Whitney Modifies Article  
October 31,1963 Richard Christoperson  Column Writer Reiterates Theme  
October 31,1963 Yvonne Eckhardt News  Field-Men Roam Half a Million Miles  
October 31,1963 Letters. . . Column Clemens Hits Chapel Talk, Says Conclusion Superficial 
October 31,1963 Noma Cave Article 'The Violin Is My Life' Says Buswell  
October 31,1963 Harold Van Brookhoven Article 'Hams' Make Friends Everywhere 
October 31,1963 Ted Bertot  News Pinkerton Men Guard College Properly  
October 31,1963 Sam Bufford  Article Camus Probes Ethics in 'Stranger' 
October 31,1963 Susan Knight  Article Blind Girl Shares Views With Students 
October 31,1963 Soccer  Sports Bell Scores Three For Soccer Victory  
October 31,1963 Women's Recreation Association Sports Women's Hockey To Finish Season  
October 31,1963 Football  Sports Intramuralers Plan Play-Offs On Campus  
October 31,1963 Gymnastic Exhibition  Sports  Gymnasts to return For Fitness Display 
October 31,1963 Crusaders to Play St. Joe's Sports Crusaders to Play St. Joe's Plan Reverse of '62 Score  
October 31,1963 Skating Party  Information Two Activities Union Sponsors  
October 31,1963 Jay Hakes Sports  from the Sidelines  
October 31,1963 Cross- Country  Sports Runners Win Double- Dual, Extend Undefeated Season 
October 31,1963 Football Sports  Long Drive Ends in Lone Touchdown For 7-3 Wheaton Win Over Wabash  
October 31,1963 Campus News  News Campus News in Brief  
October 31,1963 Lester Groom News  Groom Slated for Recital; Schedules Improvisations 
October 31,1963 Bicycles  News  College Union Rent 'Pedal Pushers' 
October 31,1963 Graham Roberts  Column Christian Horizons  
November 7, 1963  Bill Moyers  Information Peace Corps Deputy Director to Speak On Question of America's Fading Friends  
November 7, 1963  Dr. Melvin Lorentzen  Information Polynesian Paradise Awaits ' Haleakala' Banquet Guests 
November 7, 1963  Allistair Cooke  Information Lyceum to Present Commentator Cooke  
November 7, 1963  Danish Atheletes  Sports  Touring Danish Athletes to Perform Demonstration of Physical Fitness  
November 7, 1963  " Martin Luther" Information Film to Show Life Of Martin Luther  
November 7, 1963  Associated Collegiate Press  News  Publications Win First-Class Rating For Past Issue  
November 7, 1963  RECORD investigation Article If I Had a Beard. . . 
November 7, 1963  " Commencement " Weekend  News  Change Baccalaureate ? 
November 7, 1963  Letters to The Editor  Column Schmitt Says NAAP Full of Red Influence  
November 7, 1963  James Green Column Perspectives  
November 7, 1963  Dear Editor  Column House Objects to Selections, Points Out Other Sportsmen 
November 7, 1963  Shirley Rowan  News  Students Witness Abroad In 'Operation Mobilization' 
November 7, 1963  Sam Bufford  Article War Cruelty Inspires ' The Rebel'  
November 7, 1963  KODON Article Stupe Sages Probe Christian Writing  
November 7, 1963  Dr. Theodore Ward  Information Dr. Ward to Speak At Coffee Hour  
November 7, 1963  Annual eastern Law Trip  Information Law Students Visit Schools  
November 7, 1963  Women's Recreation Association  Sports  Girls Beat Northwestern 4-0 
November 7, 1963  Brass Bell  Sports  Teams to Battle For Little Brass Bell  
November 7, 1963  Football  Sports  Crusaders Coast to 35-6 Win Over St. Joseph  
November 7, 1963  Crusader Runners  Sports  Runners Place 3rd in State Put Three Among Top Five  
November 7, 1963  Jay Hakes  Sports  From the Sidelines  
November 7, 1963  Soccer  Sports  Soccer Squad Edges MacMurray 1-0 
November 7, 1963  Sam Bufford  Article  Thinkers Ponder Linguistic Problems  
November 7, 1963  Organ Rectials  Information Husted to Perform Bach In First Organ Recital  
November 14, 1963  A Rejuvenated Symphony Orchestra  Information Revived Symphony Orchestra To Play Beethoven's Fifth  
November 14, 1963  Students Council News  Council Members, Newspaper Editors To Probe Issues  
November 14, 1963  Elizabeth Schwarzkopf  Information Soprano Schwarzkopf to Interpret Mozart, Brahms, Wolf at Artist Series  
November 14, 1963  Pease Corps Lecture  Information Illness, Kenneday Combine to Postpone Lyceum, Lecture  
November 14, 1963  Dr. Lloyd M. Perry  Information Graduate Theology Conclave To Hear Baptist Minister  
November 14, 1963  Dr. Clyde Kilby Information Class to Hold Forum 
November 14, 1963  A Garden Short Story A Garden  
November 14, 1963  Letters. . . Column Students Urges On- Campus Witness  
November 14, 1963  Mrs. Blaine Hayton  Column Parents Says ' Thanks', Praises Parents' Day  
November 14, 1963  Dear Editor  Column 'NAACP Organized to Aleviate In Justice ' Slates Reid in Reply to Schmitt's Charges  
November 14, 1963  Dr. Editor  Column Wight Identifies John Bircher Line  
November 14, 1963  Dear Editor Column Winter Blasts NAACP Critics Says Accusation Unfounded  
November 14, 1963  Steven Shoemaker  Column Chatter  
November 14, 1963  Clapham Society. . . Information Panel to Discuss Civil Rights  
November 14, 1963  Jill Whitney  Article Chicago Youth Challenge Student Tutors  
November 14, 1963  President V Raymond  News Prexy Receives AUSA Award  
November 14, 1963  Bob Roxburgh  News 'Pastor' Roxburgh Organizes New Church Building Drive  
November 14, 1963  MS 311 Cadets Information Cadets to Tour Fort Benning  
November 14, 1963  Roxburgh Scores Two in Fourth For 3-1 Soccer Win Over Washington Sports Weaton Rated Underdog in NCAA Tournament 
November 14, 1963  Harold Van Broekhoven Sports  Century- Old Inter-City Feud Renewed in Football Battles  
November 14, 1963  Jay Hakes  Column From The Sidelines  
November 14, 1963  Cross- Country  Sports  Runners Prepare For National Meet; 43 Teams to Run in 4-Mile Race  
November 14, 1963  Cross- Country  Sports OC Team Takes Double Win Over Wabash, U. of Chicago 
November 14, 1963  Soccer  Sports Bomber Booters Win One, Tie One  
November 14, 1963  Bob Bates  Sports  Shield to Symbolize Crusader Victory  
November 14, 1963  Football Sports  Sims Engineeers Football Win; Passes Baffle North Central 
November 14, 1963  Sam Bufford  News Resurrected Mastodon Gets Shellacked  
November 14, 1963  Professor Germaine Bree  Information Friend of Camus to Lecture  
November 14, 1963  Fernando Germani Information Italian Organist To Play Vivaldi  
November 14, 1963  National Students Association News  Students Legislate at NSA Send Resolutions to Kennedy 
November 21, 1963  Germaine Bree  Article  Friend of Camus to Speak On Background for 'Plague' 
November 21, 1963  Special Dinner  News  Honor Students Receive Keys at Dinner  
November 21, 1963  Illinois Music Educators  Information 1200 Musicians Meet Here  
November 21, 1963  Christian Service Council Information C.S. Council to Hold Communion Service  
November 21, 1963  Post -Graduate Degrees  News  Wheaton First Among Illinios Schools In Earning Post-Graduate Degrees  
November 21, 1963  Class Choirs  Information Class Choirs Practice Tunes For Thanksgiving Tangle  
November 21, 1963  Robert Golter Article  Contemporary Possiblities  
November 21, 1963  Housing on Campus  Article On Behalf of the Proposed Dorms  
November 21, 1963  Jean Wilson Column VIDE  
November 21, 1963  Letters to The Editor  Column Student Hits Service Dept.  
November 21, 1963  Steven Shoemaker  Column Chatter  
November 21, 1963  Sam Bufford  Article  'Your God Is Guilty' Charges Camus  
November 21, 1963  Economics - Business Dept. News Economics - Business Dept. Enters Inter- College Contest  
November 21, 1963  Divisional Rules  News  Committee Releases Rules For Festival 
November 21, 1963  Glee Club Banquet  Information Glee Club Plans Annual Banquet  
November 21, 1963  Ted Bertot  Article Bachelors' Club Seeks Harmony Between Academics and Feminity 
November 21, 1963  The Theology Club  Information Grad Club Plans Panel On Dispensationalism  
November 21, 1963  Shirley Rowan News  'L' Abri' Welcomes Questioning Students  
November 21, 1963  American and Canadian Folk Singers  Information Folksingers to Perform  
November 21, 1963  June Meyer  Article Slab of Concrete Expresses Rivalry; Bench Represents Class Superiority  
November 21, 1963  Discussion Groups News  Hope College Initiates Group Discussions  
November 21, 1963  Tutoring Committee  News  Sophs to Tutor Freshmen Girls  
November 21, 1963  Hank Molter  Article  Bare Plans to Thailand as Doctor  
November 21, 1963  Coeducational Dormitories  News  UCLA Tries Coeducational Dormitories  
November 21, 1963  Marty Taylor  Article Edman Chapel Impresses Schwarzkpf  
November 21, 1963  Rachel Huss  Article Blanchard Grows As Activities Expand  
November 21, 1963  Kathi Wilson  News  Women's Gym Building Serves Many Uses  
November 21, 1963  Dr. L. P. McClenney  Information Churches to Hold Annual Service  
November 21, 1963  New Books Coming News  New Books For The Selves  
November 21, 1963  Basketball  Sports  Bastketball Team Schedules Preview; Pep- Band, Cheer- Leaders to 'Warm Up' 
November 21, 1963  ROTC Rifle Team  Sports  DePaul Beats Rifle Team 
November 21, 1963  Football Sports  Students Protest Football at Stagg Field  
November 21, 1963  Soccer  Sports  Booters Tie For Third in NCAA Tourney  
November 21, 1963  Loren Wilkinson  Sports  Runners Place 7th in NCAA; Kansas College Wins Meet  
November 21, 1963  Hockey Sports  Skaters Drop Opener To N. Illinois U., 6-5  
November 21, 1963  Soccer  Sports  Soccer Men To End Season With Banquet  
November 21, 1963  Football  Sports  Football Team Out-Powers Valparaiso For 41-13 Win and Custody of Shield  
November 21, 1963  Football Sports  Football Team To Give Awards At Banquet  
November 21, 1963  Jay Hakes  Sports  From the Sidelines  
November 21, 1963  Fernando Germani Information Italian Organist Germani to Perform Vivaldi, Franck at Saturday Concert  
November 21, 1963  American Association For Evangelical Students  Information Students Attend Local AAES Convention  
November 21, 1963  Annual Theological Conference  Information Theology Confab Focuses On Phases of the Ministry  
November 21, 1963  National Student Association Information NSA to Hold 4-Student Exchange  
November 21, 1963  David Mehlis  News  Mehlis Named WETN Head  
November 29, 1963  Gail Walker  News  Tragedy Halts Campus Life  
November 29, 1963  Dear Editor  Column Complimentray Interview  
November 29, 1963  Claude Cookman Article  Schaeffer Communicates; Explains Pessimistic View  
November 29, 1963  James Murk News  Murk Wins Ted Mack Competition  
November 29, 1963  Dave Buffam News  Buffam Rates Fourth Out of One Hundred In Speech Tournament 
November 29, 1963  Student Education Association News  News Briefs  
November 29, 1963  W. Vernon Caston Column Caston Hits Seating During Concerts  
November 29, 1963  Interview Statements  Column Bare Clarifies Interview Statements  
November 29, 1963  Man's Dilemma Cont. Article Schaeffer Probes Pessimism 
November 29, 1963  Comprehensive Survey  News  Library Circulation Doubles in Ten Years  
November 29, 1963  Comps. News  Seniors Cram for Comps; Tests Come Next Week 
November 29, 1963  Sam Bufford  Article  Bree Emphasized Formation Of Thought in " The Plague"  
November 29, 1963  Organ Recital Information Soren to Present Senior Organ Recital  
November 29, 1963  Associated Women Students  Information AWS to Explain Career Opportunity Career At Coffee Hour  
November 29, 1963  Dr. James Kraakevik  News  Kraakevik Explains Visual Hinderances  
November 29, 1963  Rachel Huss News Huss Shares Alaskan Days; Recalls 'Positive Love' 
November 29, 1963  Rep. F. Edward Hebert News Armed Services Propose ROTC Changes 
November 29, 1963  Dr. Ed Hakes News Up The Tower CC Team Holds Banquet Tonight 
November 29, 1963  Bob Bates Sports Football: From Pessimism To Triumph 
November 29, 1963  Knox Invitational Sports Wrestlers To Begin Competition at Knox Invitational 
November 29, 1963  Women Intramural Basketball  Sports Girls Basketball Program.  
November 29, 1963  Bruce Murphy Sports Soccerman Receive Awards At Soccer Banquet 
November 29, 1963  Women's Recreational Association News WRA Girls To Breakfast On Bluberry  
November 29, 1963  Intramural Basketball Sports 35 Teams Begin Intramural Action 
November 29, 1963  Crusader Basketball Sports From Sidelines 
November 29, 1963  Crusader Hard Court Season Sports Basketball Season Opens Tommorrow Against Calvin 
November 29, 1963  Rex Hicks News Soloists, Chorus. Orchestra To Present Handels Messiah 
November 29, 1963  College Union News MSC Provides Travel Service 
November 29, 1963  College Union News Union to Present the Living Desert 
November 29, 1963  Dr. Beatrice Batson News Science And Human Values To Be Book Of The Semester 
November 29, 1963  DuPage TB Association News Students To Receive Chest X-ray 
November 29, 1963  Graham Roberts News Christians Horizons 
November 29, 1963  Hughes Perpetual Trophy News Cadets To Vie For Top Award 
December 5, 1963  Robert Golter News One Million Volume Library Made available To students 
December 5, 1963  Jim Gentel News Seniors Regain Concrete Status Symbol 
December 5, 1963  Handels Messiah  News Artists to Solo in 'Messiah'  
December 5, 1963  Dr. Hudson T. Amerding News Provost Says Exam Week Still Stands 
December 5, 1963  Dr. Francis Schaeffer News Quest For Reality 
December 5, 1963  Provost News No Exam Week 
December 5, 1963  Winter E. Schmitts News Alumni Praise Winters NAACP Stand 
December 5, 1963  Richard Pierce News Perspective 
December 5, 1963  Sam Bufford Information Bufford Praises Responses 
December 5, 1963  David G. Merrified Information Students Approves Seating System 
December 5, 1963  William C. Carson Information Alumnus Runner Likes Coverage  
December 5, 1963  Christmas Recital News Speech Students to Give Special Christmas Recital 
December 5, 1963  James Reston News He Followed a Crowd 
December 5, 1963  Jill Whitney News Girls State Schemes, Gripes, Likes on Dating 
December 5, 1963  Senior Soceities News Senior Women Unite For Self-Development  
December 5, 1963  Dr. Wayne Clymer News Ministerial Group To Hold Dinner 
December 5, 1963  Jill Whitney News Boys Like Brains, Beauty, Honesty in Girls 
December 5, 1963  University of Wisconsin News 'No Restriction Rule' Rule Effected At Wisconsin 
December 5, 1963  1500 Prospective Volunteers News Peace Corps Schedules Examination 
December 5, 1963  Truth for Today Book News Cairns, Tenney Write Part of Religious Book 
December 5, 1963  Shirly Rowan  News Handel Writes Messiah in 24 Days 
December 5, 1963  Men's Intramural Basketball Sports Teams at Deadlock Intramural Ball 
December 5, 1963  Women Intramural Basketball  Sports Women's Team To Challenge Northern Illinois 
December 5, 1963  Jay Hakes Information From The Sidelines 
December 5, 1963  Wheaton Crusaders Sports Basketball Team Falls to Calvin, 91-86 
December 5, 1963  Wheaton Wrestling Team Sports Wrestlers Place 6th in Knox Invitational 
December 5, 1963  Wheaton Crusaders Sports Net Squad Schedules Trip To Challenge Calvin , Hope 
December 5, 1963  Coach Robert Baptista Sports Booters Relocate To Play Hoc-Soc 
December 5, 1963  Just Deserts News Students Plan Activities For Yule Celebration 
December 5, 1963  Ray Cookingham News Council Investigates , Makes Appointments 
December 5, 1963  Christmas Carol Service News Glee Clubs To Lead Student Carol Sing 
December 5, 1963  Tower Staff News Publications Board Grills Candidates 
December 5, 1963  Kula Ring  News Anthro Club To Enact 'Kula Ring' 
December 12, 1963 Albert Camus News Profs to Debate In Panel On Existentialism 
December 12, 1963 Dr. Merrill C. Tenney News CMA Church Picks Wheaton As Seminary 
December 12, 1963 Dot Herring News Ten Wheatonites Plan Mexican Trip 
December 12, 1963 Dr. Enoch Dyrness News IBM to Handle Registration 
December 12, 1963 Tyron Guthrie News Union to Show Film 'Oedipus Rex' 
December 12, 1963 Donn D. Moomaw News Moomaw to Be Minister In Annual Winter Services 
December 12, 1963 Louise Proper  News Student Council Picks Proper As RECORD Editor 
December 12, 1963 Dr. Berkeley Mickelsen News Mickelsen Publishes New Book 
December 12, 1963 Saftey Statistics Information Cold, But Real 
December 12, 1963 Rich Perkins News Perkins Question 'No-Theater' Rules 
December 12, 1963 C.S.Lewis News The Grand Miracle 
December 12, 1963 Shirley Rowan News Wheaton Family Writes to Santa 
December 12, 1963 John Pfund Sports Crusaders Win Two in Michigan Action 
December 12, 1963 Jim Harsh Sports Wrestlers Beat Two Teams Lose to Marquette, 16-15 
December 12, 1963 Santa Barbara Sports Wheaton Plans Third Win Against Westmont 
January 9, 1964 Bill Larkin News Computer Checks Schedules Shortens Registration Lines 
January 9, 1964 Rex Hicks News Singing Group to Tour Five States During 'Break' 
January 9, 1964 Jill Klenk News Armerding Reveals Merits, Faults Of Controversial Trimester System 
January 9, 1964 Alistaire Cooke News Newsman Lectures On US-British Relations 
January 9, 1964 Kingdom of Darkness News Headquarters Kingdom of Darkness 
January 9, 1964 Sue Luckman News A Dual Commencement 
January 9, 1964 Bible City News Peirce Praises Year Abroad 
January 9, 1964 Phil Brookes News Walks Poorly Placed, 'Says Brookes' 
January 9, 1964 Steve Shoemaker News Chatter 
January 9, 1964 V. Raymond Edman  News Dr. Edman Named Member of CMS 
January 9, 1964 McCully Field News MSC Provides Skating, Toboggans 
January 9, 1964 Oakton Manor News Classes to Retreat 
January 9, 1964 Broce MacFadyen News Extra RECORD Issues Available in Office 
January 9, 1964 Morgan Competes  News  News Briefs 
January 9, 1964 Rex Hicks News Ortorio Selections Announced 
January 9, 1964 Frederick A. Chramer News Smith Plans Banquet 
January 9, 1964 John Pfund Sports Crusaders Out-Shoot III. Wesleyan 
January 9, 1964 Bob Roxburgh Sports Gernand Team Dominates In Hoc-Soc League Play 
January 9, 1964 Willis Gale Sports Hockey Team gets New Skating Rink 
January 9, 1964 Basketball Sports Intramural Teams End First Round 
January 9, 1964 Karen Bartlett Sports Girl's Intramural teams Enter Semi-Final Round 
January 9, 1964 Jay Hakes News From the Sidelines 
January 9, 1964 Barry Johnson News Pfundmen Face Washington, Depauw 
January 9, 1964 Tom Jarman Sports Wrestlers to Enter Great Lakes Action 
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