Index to the Record, 1963 (May)

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DateSubject (Personal Name or Topic)Column or SectionTopic or Title
DateSubject (Personal Name or Topic)Column or SectionTopic or Title
1963 May 16 Jim Larson front page President Elect of Student Council Begins Work on Campagin Promises 
1963 May 16 Women front page Women's Per System to Undergo Revision 
1963 May 16 blood drive front page College to Hold Second Blood Bank Drive 
1963 May 16 Student Council front page Elections Results 
1963 May 16 Student Council front page Student Council Extends Invitation to Students for Leadership Program 
1963 May 16 Lyceum front page Last Lyceum Program: Folksinger to Give Concert 
1963 May 16 Evangelical Students Convention front page Wheaton to Organize 1964 Evangelical Students' Convention 
1963 May 16 Williston front page Williston to Hold Annual Banquet 
1963 May 16 senior sneak front page Seniors Make Trip to Colorado Ranch 
1963 May 16 senior sneak front page Flash 
1963 May 16 witnessing editorial Why? 
1963 May 16 student council letters to the editor Kennard Comments on Student Platforms 
1963 May 16 humor, Steven Shoemaker editorial Seldom Serious 
1963 May 16 community guest column From Family to Community 
1963 May 16 glee club news Glee Club to Make European Tour 
1963 May 16 buildings and grounds letters to the editor Student Views New Walk as Non-Functional 
1963 May 16 home economics letters to the editor Homemaker Mourns for Home Economics 
1963 May 16 summer school news Wheaton to Offer Full Summer Program 
1963 May 16 Faculty news Faculty Footnotes 
1963 May 16 change editorial Vide 
1963 May 16 pre-law news Volkman Entertains Pre-Law Students 
1963 May 16 Peace Corps news Together in Liberia: Knapp, Wife to Serve in Peace Corps 
1963 May 16 conservatory news Conservatory Notes 
1963 May 16 news news News Briefs 
1963 May 16 baseball sports Crusader Baseball team Takes Four 
1963 May 16 bench news Bench Established in 1920's Becomes Wheaton Tradition 
1963 May 16 tennis sports More than a Raquet 
1963 May 16 track sports Taylor Sets New Half-Mile Record as Wheaton Wins Meet with Albion 
1963 May 16 class picnics news Freshmen, Sophomores Plan for Weekend Class Picnics 
1963 May 16 golf sports Crusader Golf Team Evens Record at 5-5 
1963 May 16 Smith hall news To Give Spring Tea Smith Hall Women 
1963 May 16 tennis sports Nagel, Nase Capture Second in Tourney 
1963 May 16 tennis sports Crusader Netters Win Six Straight, End Season with Over All 9-7 Record 
1963 May 16 Christian Service Council news Service Council Officers Give Views 
1963 May 24 commencement front page Commencement to Include Numerous Activities 
1963 May 24 Graduation front page Mutual Insurance Executive to Speak at Graduation 
1963 May 24 Commencement front page Commencement Weekend Schedule 
1963 May 24 bench front page Seniors Capture Bench in Train Episode 
1963 May 24 student council front page Council Chooses Officers, Chairmen 
1963 May 24 Student Union, Orwell front page Union to Show Film Titled 'Animal Farm' 
1963 May 24 Kodon front page Publications Board Chooses Chown, Wight for Kodon 
1963 May 24 Glee club front page Women's Glee Club to Present Concert 
1963 May 24 blood drives front page Blood Donors Needed: Health Center Sponsors Second Drive 
1963 May 24 outreach editorial An Opportunity 
1963 May 24 Record editorial That Extra 'Column Inch' 
1963 May 24 Hudson Armerding letters to the editor Student Comments on Provost Letter 
1963 May 24 civil rights, Southern Rhodesia Perspective One Man, One Vote 
1963 May 24 Joy Tallmadge letters to the editor Tallmadge Suggests Program of Student, Faculty Meeting 
1963 May 24 bench letters to the editor Wright Decries Recent Over-Emphasis of Junior, Senior Bench Rivalry 
1963 May 24 Peace Corps letters to the editor Corps Volunteer Comments on His Work 
1963 May 24 Sam Macaluso letters to the editor Macaluso Replies to Charges of Kennard 
1963 May 24 pranks letters to the editor Bomb Delegations Claims Pranks are Unauthorized 
1963 May 24 Bench letters to the editor Junior Acknowledges Bench Mistake 
1963 May 24 Seniors news Seniors Prepare to Enter Varied Careers 
1963 May 24 biology club news Biology Club Plans Guided Tour at Arboretum 
1963 May 24 Southwestern summer program news Students Anticipate Profitable Summer 
1963 May 24 Conservatory news Conservatory Notes 
1963 May 24 humor humor Seldom Serious 
1963 May 24 ROTC news Field Day Culminates Year's ROTC Activities 
1963 May 24 student missions forum news Mission Forum Holds Initiation Breakfast 
1963 May 24 computers news Computer Proves Valuable 
1963 May 24 grants news Three Organizations Present Grants to School in Education Aid Program 
1963 May 24 Anthropology club news Anthropology Club to Show TV Film 
1963 May 24 Tower news 'Different' Tower is Presented 
1963 May 24 homecoming news Homecoming Theme Chosen by Committee 
1963 May 24 Jim Gentel sports The Gentel Touch 
1963 May 24 Tennis sports Tennis Team Looks to Briht Future 
1963 May 24 Baseball sports Baseball Team Ends Season with Banquet 
1963 May 24 civil war news Freshmen Find Ancestors among Civil War Heroes 
1963 May 24 Junior class news Junior Class to Hold Bar-B-Q at Lagoon 
1963 May 24 scholarships news Scholarship Winners to Attend Wheaton 
1963 May 24 Glee club news Glee Quartet Featured: Glee Club to Hold Annual Banquet 
1963 May 24 Christian Service Council news CSC Officers Discuss Plans, Needs 
1963 May 24 College Union news Union Selects Governing Board 
1963 May 24 Williston news Williston Dormitory to Hold Banquet 
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