Index to the Record, 1963 (January)-1963 (May)

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DateSubject (Personal Name or Topic)Column or SectionTopic or Title
1963 January 4 Ice skating rink front page McCully Field Rink Open for Winter Use 
1963 January 4 Church and culture front page Panel Clashes Tonight over Culture Question 
1963 January 4 Oratorio front page Oratorio to Execute Brahms' 'Requiem' 
1963 January 4 Josef Raieff front page Classical, Contemporary Composers Represented in Raieff Repertoire 
1963 January 4 Pi gamma Mu, book discussion front page Pi Gamma Mu Discusses 'Anatomy of Revolution' 
1963 January 4 Edna Tuggy front page Tuggy Recital Tuesday 
1963 January 4 Women editorial Women, Awake! 
1963 January 4 far right, David Otis Fuller letters to the editor Trustee Fuller Defends 'Far Right' 
1963 January 4 liberalism voices Who is Today's True Liberal? 
1963 January 4 politics, Ken Shipps letters to the editor Points to Lack of Political Awareness 
1963 January 4 tennis sports Netters Win Three, Lose Two During Christmas Vacation 
1963 January 10 North Central front page After-Game Social Planned to Entertain North Central Fans 
1963 January 10 class retreats front page Underclassmen Plan Retreats for Mid-Semester Vacation 
1963 January 10 Christianity and Culture front page Christ-Culture Question Analyzed 
1963 January 10 choir, glee club front page Choir, Glee Clubs to Tour Middle West 
1963 January 10 Intervarsity front page Inter-Varsity's Paul Little Slated for Second Semester 
1963 January 10 philosophy, Howard Claasen front page Claasen for Coffee 
1963 January 10 Student education association front page Mock Interview Planned 
1963 January 10 James Oakes front page Jim Oakes to Play Bach, Beethoven 
1963 January 10 Clapham Society front page Claphams to Discuss Bell's Crowd Culture at Friday Meeting 
1963 January 10 Samuel J. Schultz front page 'O.T. Speaks' Reaches Fourth Printing 
1963 January 10 Record front page Editor Takes Farewell 
1963 January 10 prejudice, racism editorial Question of Integrity 
1963 January 10 Wes Craven, Kodon letters to the editor Houpt Opposes Criticism of Writers 
1963 January 10 response to calvin letters to the editor Questions Cal's Definition of Liberalism 
1963 January 10 Council of the Associated Women Students letters to the editor Council Comments On Editorial Stand 
1963 January 10 Monte Swanson letters to the editor Students Challenge thesis Of Dolby's Chapel Message 
1963 January 10 Gretchen Klotz letters to the editor Klotz Commends Campus Concern 
1963 January 10 events news Wheaton's Week 
1963 January 10 chapel news Graduate Chapel 
1963 January 10 marriage news Up The Tower 
1963 January 10 WETN news WETN Announces 
1963 January 10 basketball sports Crusaders Edged By Bears In Overtime 
1963 January 10 Hokey sports Hokeymen Drop Game To Procopius 
1963 January 10 basketball sports The Gentel Touch 
1963 January 10 basketball sports WRA Basketball Team Defeats EIU 
1963 January 31 Paul E. Little front page Inter-Varsity Student Leader Paul Little To Bigin Sunday 
1963 January 31 book of the semester front page 'Civilization On Trial' This Semester 
1963 January 31 NBC Radio Series front page Faculty Men Heard On NBC Series Sponsored By NAE 
1963 January 31 Dr. Harry V. Jaffa front page Dinner Honors lecturer Tonight 
1963 January 31 publications front page Truistees, Pub Board Act On Publications 
1963 January 31 debate tournament front page Debaters Cop Second At Ohio State 
1963 January 31 off campus study front page Students Study Off-Campus 
1963 January 31 Smith dorm banquet front page Couples Banquet, Watch Marionettes 
1963 January 31 campus publication editorial In Memorium 
1963 January 31 Roll Call editorial Cast Your Vote 
1963 January 31 Donald A. Semisch letters to the editor Graduate Comments On Definitions 
1963 January 31 Calvin II letters to the editors Cate Continues calvin II Questions 
1963 January 31 poicitcs editorial Roll Call 
1963 January 31 A Response to Dolby's Chapel massage letters to the editor Hoffman AgreesWith Dolby 
1963 January 31 basketball sports Crusaders Spilt Vacation Games, 3-4 
1963 January 31 a Forum on Spiritual gift news Forum Explores Gifts Of Spirit 
1963 January 31 The Complettion of Mc Alister Conservatory news Classes Get Offices 
1963 January 31 Washington Banquet news Sparks To Fly At Banquet 
1963 January 31 house party news Houses Plan Party 
1963 February 7 artist series front page Segovia to Play Concert Guitar at Artist Series 
1963 February 7 Summer school front page College Plans Summer Program 
1963 February 7 College Union front page Union to Sponsor Creative Arts Fest 
1963 February 7 Washington banquet front page Flash 
1963 February 7 Marilyn Mason front page Mason to Present Organ Concert 
1963 February 7 American Association of Evangelical Students front page Bethel Plays Host to AAES Convention 
1963 February 7 Lyceum, China front page Nationalist Chinese Diplomat to Speak at Next Lyceum 
1963 February 7 Thomas A. Askew front page Askew Recieves Danforth Grant 
1963 February 7 isolationism, George Waring editorial Extraversion 
1963 February 7 Steve Mott, Steve Bott, liberalism letters to the editor Mott Discounts 'Naive Optimism' 
1963 February 7 Don Wilbert, Steve Bott, Liberalism letters to the editor Writer Says Bott Fails to Achieve Logical Unity 
1963 February 7 Roll Call, Paul Henry, James H. Stair letters to the editor Stair Weighs Henry, Finds Excess Wait 
1963 February 7 frank sargent, fundamentalism letters to the editor Sargent Comments on Body of Christ 
1963 February 7 Kennedy, taxes, Paul Henry editorial President Kennedy's Tax Cut Proposal 
1963 February 7 Nazism, Northwestern University news Northwestern Bans George Rockwell; Will Not Provide "Forum" for Nazi 
1963 February 7 Gordon College news Gordon College Changes Calendar to Initiate New Trimester Program 
1963 February 7 Grants news Wilson Foundation Announces Grants 
1963 February 7 Maytag corporation news Wheaton Benefits from Maytag Plan 
1963 February 7 Kennedy, education bill news Kennedy Presents Education Bill 
1963 February 7 Education Bill news Education Bill at a Glance 
1963 February 7 American students news American Students Increase in Number 
1963 February 7 National Service Corps news House, Senate Work for Service Corps 
1963 February 7 Integration, Mississippi news Mississippi Profs Leave University as Result of Integration Dispute 
1963 February 7 Armerding news Armerding Comments on Appointment as Provost of College 
1963 February 7 Mississippi, James Meredith, Integration news Meredith Continues Classes at Ole Miss 
1963 February 7 wrestling sports Wrestlers Drop Close Match to MacMurray Highlanders 
1963 February 7 WRA sports WRA Wins, Loses Looks to Regional 
1963 February 7 Communism news Communist to Speak to Brown Students 
1963 February 7 Jim Gentel sports The Gentel Touch 
1963 February 7 South Carolina, Integration news Reported Shutdown of Clemson Doubted 
1963 February 7 Pershing Rifles news Pershing Rifles Scores in Inspection 
1963 February 7 hockey sports Crusader Skaters Suffer Sound Defeat 
1963 February 7 basketball sports Crusaders Down Tampa at Stadium 
1963 February 7 Smith Hall, library news Paperback Library Opens in Smith Hall 
1963 February 7 basketball sports Crusaders Ready; Challenge Wabash 
1963 February 7 outreach, sunday school news Students Teach Class at Retarded Home 
1963 February 7 Spiritual Emphasis Week news Spiritual Emphasis Week: Much Comes from Little 
1963 February 7 bible forum news Bible Forum Discusses Spiritual Gifts 
1963 February 7 Elisabeth Elliot news Elisabeth Elliot to Recieve Award from National Speech Fraternity 
1963 February 7 Conservatory news Western Electric Gives for New Conservatory Fund 
1963 February 7 AWS council news Little To Speak at AWS Coffee Hour 
1963 February 14 Clapham society front page International Students Address Claphams 
1963 February 14 Washington seminar front page Students Attend Washington Seminar, See Federal Government in Action 
1963 February 14 artist series front page Segovia to Play Spanish Guitar 
1963 February 14 Lyceum, China front page Dr. Chang to Replace Hoo in Coming Lyceum Program 
1963 February 14 Marilyn Mason front page Mason Concert to Feature Contemporary Organ WorKs 
1963 February 14 Prayer Retreat front page Prayer Retreat Planned for Friday 
1963 February 14 Summer school front page Summer School Offers Study in Institute of Missions 
1963 February 14 transfer students front page New Students Join Wheaton Community 
1963 February 14 Washington Banquet front page Washington Banquet in Situ at Aurora Hilton Ballroom 
1963 February 14 Shakespeare, Valentine's Day editorial Sonnet 116: A Deeper Valentine 
1963 February 14 Spiritual Life and Standards Committee editorial A Call to Worship 
1963 February 14 discrimination, Wheaton, Don Gullans letters to the editor Gullans Asks Action in Neglected Issue 
1963 February 14 Liberalism, Dale Schaefer letters to the editor Schaefer Disputes Use of 'Liberalism' 
1963 February 14 Sanford Schulert, Wheaton letters to the editor Schulert Expresses His Opinion on Objectives of Wheaton Education 
1963 February 14 Discrimination, Wheaton, Dave Reid letters to the editor Reid Asks Student Reaction to Wheaton Discrimination 
1963 February 14 Liberalism, Steve Bott, Paul Henry editorial Who is Today's True Liberal? 
1963 February 14 Iraq news Iraqi Students Play Role in Successful Revolution 
1963 February 14 Peace Corps news Former Students Now in Peace Corps 
1963 February 14 Integration, Mississippi news Admission of Second Negro Student Refused at 'Ole Miss' 
1963 February 14 Dave Wolfe, communication editorial Grad Views: Prolegomena to Any Future Dialogue 
1963 February 14 International Program of Action news World Organization Aids in Education 
1963 February 14 Fuller Seminary news Fuller Seminary Names Dr. Hubbard New Prexy 
1963 February 14 China, library, Edman chapel news Historic China Displayed in Chapel Cases, Library 
1963 February 14 basketball sports Crusaders Cut Little Giants to Size 
1963 February 14 WRA sports Women Lose Game; Home Saturday 
1963 February 14 hockey sports Skaters Down Saints; Fall to Wildcats 
1963 February 14 volleyball sports Women's Volleyball Tournament Begins 
1963 February 14 basketball sports Crusaders Aim for .500; Take on Flying Dutchmen 
1963 February 14 basketball sports Pfundmen Honor Area Prep Schools 
1963 February 14 track sports Double Winners Star: Thinclads Take Two, Break Records 
1963 February 14 wrestling sports Wheaton Hosts Six College Teams at Invitational Wrestling Tournament 
1963 February 14 Jim Gentel sports The Gentel Touch 
1963 February 14 Chapel, Waring news Waring Comments on Chapel Selection 
1963 February 14 ROTC news Drill Competiton Shows ROTC's Best 
1963 February 14 Glee Club news Men's Glee Club to Participate in Moody's Second Annual Festival 
1963 February 14 Chapel news Personnel Office Spells Out Policy on Chapel Absences 
1963 February 14 Wes Craven, Nancy Bryant news Bryant, Craven Duo to Sing at Social 
1963 February 14 Phyllis A. Pease news January Grad Wins Social Science Grant 
1963 February 14 Young Republican news YR Club to Attend State Convention 
1963 February 14 Freshmen news Frosh Choose Emblem, Color of Class Jacket 
1963 February 21 Peace Corps front page Josephson to Show Work, Program of Peace Corps 
1963 February 21 Spring Festival front page Rehearsal Underway for Spring Festival 
1963 February 21 Student Teaching front page Seventy Seniors Participate in Student Teaching Program 
1963 February 21 AWS front page For All Career Girls: AWS Plans Conference on Careers 
1963 February 21 socials front page Wheaton to Host Visitors at Social 
1963 February 21 Armerding front page Armerding Announces Eight Faculty Promotions 
1963 February 21 KODON, Publications Board, Scot Perlenfein, Cal Veltman front page Pub Board Loses Perlenfein, Veltman 
1963 February 21 James Murk front page Murk to Appear Sunday on Television Amateur Hour 
1963 February 21 discrimination, Wheaton editorial A Gratifying Solution 
1963 February 21 Student Union editorial Your Union? Not Any More! 
1963 February 21 Chapel letters to the editor Students Question Worship Chapel 
1963 February 21 west suburban letters to the editor More Contact Sought 
1963 February 21 liberalism, Steve Mott letters to the editor Mott Says Depravity of Man not Denied by Liberalism 
1963 February 21 Federal Aid, Steve Bott, Paul Henry editorial Federal Aid to Private Higher Education 
1963 February 21 News news News Briefs 
1963 February 21 Young Republicans, Craig Berkman letters to the editor Berkman Expresses Dismay over YR College Convention 
1963 February 21 Wheaton criticism letters to the editor Criticism Discussed 
1963 February 21 Communism news Students Face Communism Firsthand 
1963 February 21 National Defense Education Act news Swarthmore to join NDEA Loan Program 
1963 February 21 McAllister Conservatory news McAllister Conservatory to Open Eleven Months after Groundbreaking 
1963 February 21 Extended Calendar news Extended Calendar Plan under Study 
1963 February 21 Trimester Program news Study of Trimester Program Reveals Many Advantages 
1963 February 21 Kennedy news Kennedy Presents Varied Program in Comprehensive Youth Legislation 
1963 February 21 wrestling sports Jarman, Skonberg Pace Wrestlers to Fourth Place Finish in Tourney 
1963 February 21 hockey sports Pucksters Annihalate Elmhurst, 20-4 
1963 February 21 Jim Gentel sports The Gentel Touch 
1963 February 21 wrestling sports Grapplers Face Two on Road Next Week 
1963 February 21 basketball sports Wheaton Faces Three Teams to End Basketball Season 
1963 February 21 WRA sports 'B' Team Loses: WRA Varsity Takes Game, 32-29 
1963 February 21 basketball sports Crusaders Take Dutchmen; Lose to St. Louis Bears 
1963 February 21 China news Chang Opposes Red China Admission 
1963 February 21 Student Missions Forum news SMF Revamps Programming; Looks to Second Semester 
1963 February 21 Reading Hour news 'The Reading Hour' to Convene Tuesday 
1963 February 21 Young Republicans news Students Attend YR Meeting 
1963 February 21 Student Offices news Russell Studios to be Vacated, Made Available for Student Offices 
1963 February 21 Glee Club news Continental Theme for Women's Dinner 
1963 February 28 Forensic Association front page Seven Schools Join Wheaton in Forensic Association Meet 
1963 February 28 Peace Corps front page Peace Corps Weekend Starts with Latest Film 
1963 February 28 Clapham Society front page Canadian to Speak: Clapham Sets Topic: U.S., Canada 
1963 February 28 Business Forum front page Volkman Hosts Party for Business Forum 
1963 February 28 French Club front page French Club Plans Cyrano de Bergerac 
1963 February 28 Russian front page Russian Language Offered Next Year 
1963 February 28 Glee Club front page Men's Glee Holds Seminars to Prepare for Europe 
1963 February 28 Library front page Award Offered for Best Library 
1963 February 28 Fashion Fair, AWS front page Fashion Fair to Aid Community Project 
1963 February 28 Delphi front page Delphi Senior Girls Plan Chicago Affair 
1963 February 28 Carol McCausland front page Carol McCausland Dies of Leukemia 
1963 February 28 Artist Series front page Final Artist Series Concert Spotlights Soprano Farrell 
1963 February 28 Peace Corps editorial Peace Corps Mission 
1963 February 28 buildings and grounds editorial In Commendation 
1963 February 28 West Suburban letters to the editor West Sub Watns More Interaction 
1963 February 28 Rachel Huss, Chapel letters to the editor Huss Criticizes Letter, Welcomes More Worship 
1963 February 28 Northern social letters to the editor Northern Students Express Gratitude 
1963 February 28 Jim Gentel, Dick White letters to the Editor Gentel Chastening 
1963 February 28 Ugly American editorial The Ugly American...How Ugly? 
1963 February 28 News news News Briefs 
1963 February 28 conservatory news Conservatory Notes 
1963 February 28 Italy news Italian Students Get Tough, Hold Out for Stiffer Courses 
1963 February 28 University of Oregon, hazing, newspaper news Implies Hazing: Senate Asks for Editor Resignation 
1963 February 28 Press Service news Press Service Handles College News 
1963 February 28 University of Chicago, Nazism news UC Dean Defends Nazi Appearance as Preserving Freedom of Speech 
1963 February 28 Donald Boardman news Boardman Recounts Toynbee Friendship 
1963 February 28 Arkansas, Integration news Arkansas Sit-In Students Expelled by Administration 
1963 February 28 basketball sports Crusaders Drop Close Ones to Lake Forest, Northern 
1963 February 28 WRA sports 6-5 for Season: WRA TEam Beats Northwestern 
1963 February 28 basketball sports Final Game Matches Crusader Fives 
1963 February 28 Intramurals sports Second Round Starts in Intramural Ball 
1963 February 28 baseball sports Baseball Team Anticipates Season; Fields Many Returning Lettermen 
1963 February 28 Jim Gentel sports The Gentel Touch 
1963 February 28 wrestling sports Grapplers Drop Match to Normal 
1963 February 28 basketball sports North Central Wins over Crusader Five 
1963 February 28 hockey sports Skaters Win 13-2 over Northern Team 
1963 February 28 Christian Service Council photos CSC Areas of Service 
1963 March 7 Student Missionary project front page Fifteen Students Anticipate Summer Mission Projects 
1963 March 7 talent show front page Faculty to Perform in Talent Program 
1963 March 7 artist series front page Metropolitan Opera Star: Farrell to Perform in Series Concert 
1963 March 7 Art Festival front page Art Festival Seeks Student Creativity 
1963 March 7 Artist series frotn page Artist Series to Feature Eight Concerts in Two Separate Groups Next Year 
1963 March 7 Lyceum front page Auden to Deliver Lecture in Last Lyceum Program 
1963 March 7 Student Council, publications front page Student Council Acts on Pub Procedures 
1963 March 7 Missionary Emphasis Week front page Dr. Nida of Bible Society to Speak During Missionary Emphasis Week 
1963 March 7 College Pledge editorial Pledge or Rules? 
1963 March 7 Howard Copeland letters to the editor Copeland: "Desert Dishes Will Do" 
1963 March 7 Lee Nichols, chapel letters to the editor Nichols Responds to Editor's Notes 
1963 March 7 Earle E. Cairns, history, religion, Arnorld Toynbee book review Toynbee on Religion 
1963 March 7 Medicare editorial Medical Care for the Aged 
1963 March 7 news news News Briefs 
1963 March 7 Soviet Union news Soviets Launch Major Drive to Blame West for Problem 
1963 March 7 Czechoslovakia, Ethiopian students news Ethiopians Chafe at Czech Studies 
1963 March 7 Bulgaria, communism, Nigerian students news Reds Face Exchange Student Woes 
1963 March 7 Cuba news Cuban Students Clamor for Removal 
1963 March 7 Integration, Alabama news Federation Honors Alabama Editor for Courageous Integration Stand 
1963 March 7 Kennedy, unemployment news Wirtz Endorses Youth Bill for Cutting Unemployment 
1963 March 7 Peace Corps news Peace Corps Volunteers in Venezuela Teach Successfully in Universities 
1963 March 7 wrestling sports Wrestlers Win, Then Lose on Road 
1963 March 7 WRA sports Women Engaged in Sports Activity 
1963 March 7 Mathematic Association news IIT Prof Menger to Deliver Math Association Lectures 
1963 March 7 basketball sports Wheaton Yields to Valpo in Finale 
1963 March 7 Jim Gentel sports The Gentel Touch 
1963 March 7 international cafe news International Cafe Following Concert to Use Israeli Theme in Program 
1963 March 7 Danforth commission news Danforth Directors Survey Campus 
1963 March 7 Glee Club news Men's Glee Attends Seminar in Summer Tour Preparation 
1963 March 7 AWS news AWS Sponsors Career Conference 
1963 March 7 National Student Association news Dyrness, Galde Visit Near-by Schools in Attempt to Stimulate NSA Interest 
1963 March 7 Model UN news Wheaton Participates in Model UN 
1963 March 7 Pershing Rifles news Pershing Rifles Unit Attends Drill Meet 
1963 March 7 Tower news Officals of Tower Announce New Staff 
1963 March 14 Donald McDonald front page Donald McDonald to Perform in Final Organ Concert 
1963 March 14 clapham society front page Clapham to Hear Panel 
1963 March 14 Missions Emphasis Week front page Eugene Nida, Widely Traveled Linguist, Speaks During Missions Emphasis Week 
1963 March 14 Lyceum front page Auden to Explain Career at Tomorrow's Lyceum 
1963 March 14 Orchestra front page Orchestra to Perform Annual Spring Concert 
1963 March 14 Arts Festival front page Deadline Draws Near for Entries in Coming Creative Arts Festival 
1963 March 14 dating editorial Boy Meets Girl 
1963 March 14 Kenneth Shipps, library letters to the editor Shipps Advocates Maturity in use of Library Facilities 
1963 March 14 Wes Craven letters to the editor Craven Renews Pen Career with Letter Urging Reforms 
1963 March 14 Sanford Schulert, Memorial Student center letters to the editor MSC Sun. Opening Praised by Schulert 
1963 March 14 Russian letters to the editor Alumnus Praises Russian Addition, Says Result of Student Persistence 
1963 March 14 Pledge letters to the editor Writers Reject Non-Pledge Proposal 
1963 March 14 Congress editorial Congressional Reform Measures 
1963 March 14 News news News Briefs 
1963 March 14 Conservatory news Conservatory Notes 
1963 March 14 W. H. Auden book review A Look at W. H. Auden 
1963 March 14 debate team news Wheaton Debators Take Honors in Two Weekend Tournaments 
1963 March 14 Class of '67 news First Family for '67 Class Announced in Council 
1963 March 14 National Student Association news NSA Holds Meeting on Human Relations 
1963 March 14 European trip news College Makes Plans for European Trip 
1963 March 14 physics lab news Detection Equipment Used in Physics Lab 
1963 March 14 Draft Act news Draft Act Extension Passes House 
1963 March 14 Midwestern Universities news Midwestern Schools Combine Resources 
1963 March 14 Raymond H. Brand news Brand Investigates Little-Known Insect 
1963 March 14 Howard H. Claassen, James H. Kraakevik news Claassen, Kraakevik Receive Honors 
1963 March 14 Peace Corps news Corps Tackles Jamaica Snag 
1963 March 14 wrestling sports Jarman, Skonberg Victorious as Team Finishes Third 
1963 March 14 Track sports Track Team Faces Outdoor Season 
1963 March 14 Hockey sports Skaters Lose to Chicago Semi-Pros 
1963 March 14 Keith Watkins sports Soph Pole Vaulter Sets School Record 
1963 March 14 Jim Gentel sports The Gentel Touch 
1963 March 14 basketball sports Young Team Closes Season 
1963 March 14 W-Club news Lettermen Plan Projects for Reactivated W-Club 
1963 March 14 Intramurals sports Intramural Basketball Closes Out Season 
1963 March 14 Social programs news Senior Groups Present Programs to Junior Women in Dormatories 
1963 March 14 AWS news Women to Select New AWS President 
1963 March 14 Evans Hall news Evans to Show Style with Spring Fashions 
1963 March 14 Orchestra, Cynthia Siml news Cynthia Siml to Solo in Orch. Concert 
1963 March 14 Careers for Women news Career Beneficial to Women Says Volle at Conference 
1963 March 14 Evans Dorm news Evans Dorm Plans County C. Banquet 
1963 March 21 Hudson T. Armerding front page Armerding Announces Promotions 
1963 March 21 Robert Doty and Harry Cawood front page Cawood, Doty To Attend National Debate 
1963 March 21 spring festival front page Festival Production Welcomes Spring 
1963 March 21 symphony orchestra's annual spring concert front page Symphony Orchestra Performs Saturday 
1963 March 21 Creative Arts Festival  front page Festival Extends Entry Deadline 
1963 March 21 Eugene Nida front page Unchanging Gospel -- Changing World 
1963 March 21 good journalism editorial On the RECORD 
1963 March 21 Alvin J. Moser letters to the editor Prof Comments on Editorial Sociological Problem Posed 
1963 March 21 Bob Stamps letters to the editor Stamps Says Thanks For Concern Shown 
1963 March 21 Jack Leax letters to the editor Writer Rips Bott Column 
1963 March 21 V. Raymond Edman vocies From the Publisher 
1963 March 21 Steve Bott and Paul Henry vocies North of the Border: Crisis in Canada 
1963 March 21 Sharon Salzman and James Davidson short news Conservatory Notes 
1963 March 21 youth bill news Republicans Call Youth Bill Outmoded; Offer More Economical Program 
1963 March 21 Jill Whitney news Missions Project Set For More Contact 
1963 March 21 university of Chicago news Chicago U. Discusses Plans For 'Multiple College' System 
1963 March 21 investment club news Forum To Present Investment Club Plans 
1963 March 21 WETN news WETN Adds Late Hour Newscast 
1963 March 21 Evans dorm banquet news Banquet Tomorrow For Evans Women 
1963 March 21 teen club news Teen Club Teams To Play 
1963 March 21 Carol Rehnberg news AWS Elects Rehnberg Prexy; Chapel, Convention Ahead 
1963 March 21 German Heinrich Schutz news Campus Choir To Present Oratorio 
1963 March 21 Gary Wilcox sports Jarman, Skonberg Pace Grapplers To Sixth Place Finish In Tourney 
1963 March 21 Willis Gale sports Varsity Golf Squad Prepares For Meet 
1963 March 21 basketball sports Intramurals Close Basketball Season 
1963 March 21 Volleyball sports Women's Volleyball Renews Team Action 
1963 March 21 Jim Kielsmeier and Owen Lovejoy sports The Gentel Touch 
1963 March 21 MSC Stereo news Stereo In MSC 
1963 March 21 W. H, Auden  news Auden Says Poet Is Witness; Not To Pass Moral Judgments 
1963 March 21 Debbie Wilgus news Wilgus To Perform In Speech Recital 
1963 March 21 Fashion fair news AWS Sponsors Fair For Charity Saturday 
1963 March 21 Cy Campen and Jack Sechrist news Campen, Sechrist Candidates For Post Of CSC President 
1963 March 28 Jack Hommes front page Pub. Board Removes Editor 
1963 March 28 Jill Whitney front page Spring Festival To Recall Moods Of Four Seasons 
1963 March 28 Cy Campen front page Campen Wins Election For CSC President 
1963 March 28 Wheaton's music organizations front page Four Music Groups Plan Tours 
1963 March 28 Campus Chest Drive front page Campus Chest Drive For Charity Begins 
1963 March 28 Creative Art Festival front page Arts Festival To Sponsor Daily Films 
1963 March 28 Communication in Chrtistian ministry editorial The Ministry 
1963 March 28 Harry Cawood letters to the editor Cawood Explaines council Action 
1963 March 28 Mary Blocksma letters to the editor Daughter Comments On Sons 
1963 March 28 Richard Pierce letters to the editor Pierce investigates Pledge, Questions Thought Behind It 
1963 March 28 the rights of a publisher issue letters to the editor Coates Questions Prexy's Definition Excluding Students As Part of College 
1963 March 28 Record's coverage of athetic life letters to the editor Billet Questions Atheltic Coverage 
1963 March 28 Cuban Threat Roll Call Crisis In Hemisphere: The Cuban Threat 
1963 March 28 concerts news Conservatory Notes 
1963 March 28 Financial support for South American Schools news Aid Aimed At South American Schools 
1963 March 28 Tom Jarman news Jarman Participates in National Tourney 
1963 March 28 National Merit scholarship news Change Urged in Basis for Awards 
1963 March 28 V. Raymond Edman news Edman to speak on Radio Program 
1963 March 28 James N. McKellin news McKellin at Conference 
1963 March 28 book of the semester news Toynbee on Top 
1963 March 28 Sunday School news Students Instruct Spanish Children in Sunday School at Aurora Mission 
1963 March 28 MIT news MIT Dean Attacks Capriciousness 
1963 March 28 debate team news Squad Wins Superior Rating in Fraternity Competition 
1963 March 28 tennis sports Netmen to Open in Minnesota Meet 
1963 March 28 Mississippi, civil rights news Negroes Try to Register after Two Shooting Incidents 
1963 March 28 Keith Watkins sports Record Broken 
1963 March 28 Jim Gentel sports The Gentel Touch 
1963 March 28 James Murk news Murk Wins Again in Talent Contest 
1963 March 28 tennis sports Girls' Varsity Tennis Team Prepares for First Meet 
1963 March 28 creative arts festival news Syracuse Department Head to Speak 
1963 March 28 missions news Nida Tells What Means to Use for Effective Gospel 
1963 March 28 internationals news Internationals Host Latin Coffee Hour 
1963 April 4 arts festival front page Judges Announce Festival Winners of Each Division 
1963 April 4 Don Kencke front page Kencke Elected Editor by Publications Board 
1963 April 4 Creative Arts Festival front page Festival Begins with Lecture, Continues Today, Tomorrow 
1963 April 4 Susan Hornstein front page Hornstein to Act Out Parts of Novel 
1963 April 4 glee club front page Glee Club Leaves on Tour Friday 
1963 April 4 Don Kencke editorial Looking Forward... 
1963 April 4 Creative Arts Festival editorial On Those Blue Bulletins 
1963 April 4 Brahms news Brahm's 'Requiem' Differs from Others 
1963 April 4 Brahms front page Chorus, Soloists to Present 'Requiem' 
1963 March 28 Brahms news Chorus to Present Braham's 'Requiem' 
1963 April 4 Jim Gentel, Jack Hommes letters to the editor Gentle Gives Opinion of RECORD Situation 
1963 April 4 Paul Henry, Jack Hommes letters to the editor Henry Protests Publications Action; Gives Up Editorial Position 
1963 April 4 debate team news Debate Team Wins in Chicago Tourney 
1963 April 4 AWS news AWS Gives Benefit Fashion Fair for New Community Hospital Fund 
1963 April 4 Paul M. Wright news Wright to Take Part in Summer Meeting 
1963 April 4 Sophomore Class news Soph Class Chooses Project; To Print Bible Translation 
1963 April 4 studying abroad news Students Plan Foreign Study Next Year 
1963 April 4 Clapham Society news Clapham to Hear Discussion on Government in Education 
1963 April 4 Karl Steele news Steele Completes Five Biblical Murals to be Placed on Display in Florida 
1963 April 4 Music Annex news Music Annex Set on Fire 
1963 April 4 Civil Rights, Mississippi news Negroes Continue Registration Attempts Despite Threats of Continued Violence 
1963 April 4 Dale W. Schaefer news Schaefer Wins Award for Graduate Study 
1963 April 4 Smith news Smith Wing Wins Grade Point Honors 
1963 April 4 Women's societies news Women's Societies Give Junior Teas 
1963 April 4 Wheaton First Baptist Church news Students to Perform in Church Program 
1963 April 4 Jim Gentel sports The Gentel Touch 
1963 April 4 Dave Kemna sports Dave Kemna Receives All-American Honors 
1963 April 4 wrestling sports Skonberg, Jarman Have Fine Season Despite Disheartening Team Record 
1963 April 4 Tennis sports Pro Tennis Players to Compete Here 
1963 April 4 intramurals sports Volleyball Begins Spring Intramural Sports Program 
1963 April 4 Track sports Trackmen Take on O'Hara, Loyola Here 
1963 April 11 Student Council front page Deadline Set for Petitions for Student Council Prexy 
1963 April 11 Campus Chest front page Students Give $1353 for Campus Chest 
1963 April 11 College Union front page Union to Sponsor Film Thursday Night 
1963 April 11 music tours front page Music Organizations Begin Tours to Separate Sections of Country 
1963 April 11 Walter Wolfram front page Wolfram Wins Award for Graduate Study 
1963 April 11 Fashion Fair front page Fair Raises Money 
1963 April 11 Arnold Toynbee, history front page Faculty and Students Make Up Panel to Discuss Toynbee's Historical View 
1963 April 11 Creative Arts Festival front page Festival Brings Art to Foreground 
1963 April 11 McManis banquet front page Country Club is Site for Dorm Banquet 
1963 April 11 Steve Brocbank front page Student Association Officer Meets with Campus Leaders 
1963 April 11 blood donations editorial Another Decision 
1963 April 11 Tower letters to the editor Tower Editors Praise First Issue 
1963 April 11 Wes Craven, Easter editorial Resurrection Notes 
1963 April 11 young life news Teens Get Message Through Young Life 
1963 April 11 employment news Employment Offered 
1963 April 11 CSC news CSC Work Continues During Vacation 
1963 April 11 Steve Brobeck news Brobeck to Edit Freshman Issue 
1963 April 11 housing news Deans Cancel Senior Apartments 
1963 April 11 Mel Peterson sports Mel Peterson Wins Berth on Squad to Play in Pan-American Games 
1963 April 11 Wrestling sports Wrestling Finale: Banquet Ends Season in Unique Style 
1963 April 11 baseball sports Pfund Optimistic about Baseball Future as Three Victories Initiate Season 
1963 April 11 tennis sports Tennis Team Loses Three, to Face Calvin, Hope Next 
1963 April 25 student council front page Candidates Activate Plans for Presidential Convention 
1963 April 25 Arnold Toynbee front page Arnold Toynbee to Address Students on Influence of Christianity in World 
1963 April 25 Student council front page Sam Macaluso 
1963 April 25 student council front page Ken Shipps 
1963 April 25 student council front page Jim Larson 
1963 April 25 Arnold Toynbee front page Panel Evaluation Precedes Toynbee 
1963 April 25 Creative Arts Festival front page Literary Booklet Appears Tomorrow with Winning Arts Festival Entries 
1963 April 25 senior bench front page Juniors Capture Senior Bench after Two Years, Three Tries 
1963 April 25 Monte Swanson, leadership editorial Communication and the Leader 
1963 April 25 Howie Moffet, fear editorial Fear 
1963 April 25 Fred Smith, practice editorial To Solve a Paradox 
1963 April 25 Lamberta Voget, sociology guest column Guest Column 
1963 April 25 campus films, harold may, hollywood, theater letters to the editor Picket Leader Sees Contradiction in Movies Shown on Campus 
1963 April 25 Wes Craven, Mark Wilson letters to the editor "Notes" Praised 
1963 April 25 concert band news Band Performs Saturday 
1963 April 25 John Nelson news Music Chairman Presents Recital 
1963 April 25 Elaine Erickson news Recital Tuesday 
1963 April 25 McManis banquet news McManis to See Fairy Tale 
1963 April 25 Foreign students news Foreign Students Share Insights 
1963 April 25 Charles W. Schoenherr news Schoenherr Invites Special Students 
1963 April 25 tennis sports Woman Plays Crusaders 
1963 April 25 baseball sports Pfundmen to Face Northern Twice 
1963 April 25 debate team news Cawood, Doty at West Point for National Debate Tournament 
1963 May 2 student Council front page Convention Chooses Two 
1963 May 2 blood donation front page Drive Initiated to Replenish Depleted College Blood Bank 
1963 May 2 college union front page Students to Elect Union President 
1963 May 2 glee club front page Men's Spring Concert: Glee Club to Feature 'New Horizons' 
1963 May 2 CSC front page Flash 
1963 May 2 editor editorial On the Editorship 
1963 May 2 blood drive editorial There is Still Time 
1963 May 2 housing, Steve Shoemaker guest column Divorce from the Dorms 
1963 May 2 Arnold Toynbee news Toynbee Speaks Wednesday at Academic Convocation 
1963 May 2 News news News Briefs 
1963 May 2 Arnold Toynbee news Toynbee Expert Criticizes Historian in His Approach to Study of History 
1963 May 2 Ted Fairchild, freedom of press letters to the editor Fairchild Urges Use of Freedom 
1963 May 2 James Burr letters to the editor Love Explains Tombstone Bearing James Burr's Name 
1963 May 2 Howie Moffet, fear, Walter Carlsnaes letters to the editor Carlsnaes Questions Moffet's Article 
1963 May 2 Peace Corps  news Six Seniors to Enter Peace Corps, Join Former Students Now Serving 
1963 May 2 College Union, James McKellin news Union, McKellin to Sponsor Steak Bar-B-Q for Students 
1963 May 2 Speech banquet news Speech Fraternity to Hold Banquet 
1963 May 2 Tower news College Press Prints Tower Pictures 
1963 May 2 Judy Correll news Correll to Perform from Uris' 'Exodus' 
1963 May 2 West suburban news West Sub to Hold Nightingale Banquet 
1963 May 2 college graduates news Willard Wirtz Says Future Bright for American College Graduates 
1963 May 2 science lectures news Cetchum to Speak at Science Lecture 
1963 May 2 Conservatory news Conservatory Notes 
1963 May 2 Donald Boardman news Boardman Elected Board President 
1963 May 2 European outreach news 'Send the Light' Group Plans Program to Distribute Literature in Europe 
1963 May 2 Inter-Varsity news Inter-Varsity Men to Put on Panel 
1963 May 2 soccer sports Crusader Booters Initiate Practice 
1963 May 2 sports sports Sports Activity 
1963 May 2 Jim Gentel sports The Gentel Touch 
1963 May 2 Jim Billet, track guest column For the Love of It 
1963 May 2 tennis sports Netters Face Normal, Northern Illinois 
1963 May 2 golf sports Golf Team Opens with Rockford Win 
1963 May 2 basketball sports Eight Teams to Compete in Wheaton Cage Classic 
1963 May 2 debate team news Cawood, Doty Take Fifth in National Debate Tourney 
1963 May 2 Senior Art exhibit news Senior Preview: Art Majors to Feature Paintings 
1963 May 2 Christian Service Council news Christian Service Council to Expand, Integrate Areas Under Its Direction 
1963 May 9 student council front page Candidates Close Campaign 
1963 May 9 Faculty front page Faculty Changes Announced for Coming Fall Semester 
1963 May 9 Clapham society front page Claphams to Hear Episcopal Minister 
1963 May 9 creative writing front page 'Atlantic' Recognizes Student Writers 
1963 May 9 College Union, Ray Morgan front page Morgan Wins College Union Election 
1963 May 9 West Suburban front page West Sub Story: Student Wins in Chicago Election 
1963 May 9 Lyceum front page Win Stracke Concert Sladet for Lyceaum 
1963 May 9 college choir front page Choir to Present annual Concert 
1963 May 9 Loyalty editorial A Breath of Fresh Air 
1963 May 9 columns editorial Introducing... 
1963 May 9 Pershing Rifles letters to the editor Student See Wheaton Inconsistencies 
1963 May 9 WETN letters to the editor Writer Praises WETN Coverage 
1963 May 9 Arnold Toynbee guest column Arnold Toynbee Reconsidered 
1963 May 9 Arnold Toynbee letters to the editor Wilbert Discusses 'Syncretistic Report' 
1963 May 9 rules committee letters to the editor Rules Committeeman Corrects Article 
1963 May 9 student council news Candidates' Qualifications 
1963 May 9 Palestine Perspective Slipping into the Past 
1963 May 9 Student Council news Larson, Macaluso Platforms 
1963 May 9 student council news Juniors: MacFadyen, Petersen Run for President 
1963 May 9 conservatory news Conservatory Notes 
1963 May 9 student council news Junior Election: Council Candidates Give Background 
1963 May 9 Pershing Rifles news Women's Drill Team Soon to Organize 
1963 May 9 student council news Sophs: '65 Council Candidates Give Views 
1963 May 9 student council news Candidates for Class of '65 
1963 May 9 student council news Cressman, Kercher Run for Sophomore Prexy 
1963 May 9 student council news Frosh: Bell, Edwards Vie in Prexy Election 
1963 May 9 Student Council news Frosh Council Candidates 
1963 May 9 Palestine news Student Group to Work in Palestine 
1963 May 9 Jean Wilson, student council editorial Vide 
1963 May 9 News news News Briefs 
1963 May 9 Pete Galde news Galde Wins NSA Post at Convention 
1963 May 9 West suburban news West Sub Nurses Attend Convention 
1963 May 9 concert band, graduate school, Pershing Rifles news Band, Graduate School, PR to Hold Banquets Tomorrow 
1963 May 9 baseball guest column Ask a Silly Question? 
1963 May 9 tennis sports Netters Aim for Five Hundred Mark with Three More Home Matches 
1963 May 9 tennis sports Four Women Netters to Enter Tourney 
1963 May 9 baseball sports Crusader Ball Team Drops Three 
1963 May 9 track sports Crusader Trackmen Win in Beloit Small College Relays 
1963 May 9 WRA sports New WRA Officers Introduced at Dinner 
1963 March 21 Robert W. Warburton front page Warburton Receives Danforth 
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