Index to the Record, 1962 (August)-1962 (December)

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DateSubject (Personal Name or Topic)Column or SectionTopic or Title
1962 August 9 Library front page Library Renovation Initiated 
1962 August 9 student council front page Student Council Aided by Interest, Willingness, Work 
1962 August 9 orientation front page Student Invasion Awaited 
1962 August 9 V. Raymond Edman front page A Word from Prexy 
1962 August 9 Parent's Day front page Parents Hosted in Annual Festivities 
1962 August 9 Arthur Volle, Richard Gross front page Flash! 
1962 August 9 Gendor Aldeen front page Trustee Aldeen Dies 
1962 August 9 College Union news Social Activities of Students Organized by College Union 
1962 August 9 Kodon news Kodon Survives Years of Publication 
1962 August 9 Pre-Med Club news Pre-Medders, Nurses, Gather at Weekly Club 
1962 August 9 Artist Series news Artist Series Features Van Cliburn, Farrell 
1962 August 9 Coleman Coates news Band Ensemble Returns 
1962 August 9 Homecoming news October Homecoming Promises Enjoyment 3-D Central Theme 
1962 August 9 Christian Service Council news CSC Plans Youth, Mission Works 
1962 August 9 American Association of Evangelical Students, Phil McIlnay news AAES Serves 60 U.S. Schools, Wheatonite is New Prexy 
1962 August 9 WETN news WETN Anticipates Help with 'Vision' 
1962 August 9 disillusionment editorial Disillusioned 
1962 August 9 Evan Welsh letters to the editor An Open Letter... 
1962 August 9 Arthur Volle, ROTC, Williston dining hall editorial Volle, New Dining Hall, ROTC All Get Start 10 Years Ago 
1962 August 9 Wheaton College history news Now It's History 
1962 August 9 social calendar news Social Calendar: First Semester 
1962 August 9 sports news Campus Athletics Rate 
1962 August 9 Record news Student Newspaper Uses Volunteer Help to Keep Campus Informed on Activities 
1962 August 9 debate team news Debaters Become Skilled 
1962 August 9 Campus Choir news Campus Choir Open to All Singing Students 
1962 August 9 Glee Club news Women's Glee Club Finds Purpose in Glorifying Christ by Song 
1962 August 9 Orchestra news Orchestra Anticipates Good Concert Season 
1962 August 9 McAlister Conservatory news New Music Building Set for Early 1963 Completion 
1962 August 9 Glee Club news Men's Glee Readies for Europe, Plans New Fraternal Bonds 
1962 August 9 Oratorio news Festival Chorus to Sing 2 Oratorios 
1962 August 9 WRA news WRA Suggests Swimsuits 
1962 August 9 Student Education Association news Prospective Teachers Plan SEA Activites, Boast 3 Goal 
1962 August 9 Internationals news Internationals Lend Cosmopolitan Air 
1962 August 9 Alumni Association news A. A. Membership to All at Wheaton 
1962 August 9 Brave Son news Brave Son Stresses Critical Thinking 
1962 August 9 Tower news Tower to Record History by Photos, Commentary 
1962 August 9 Clapham Society news Politically Liberal 
1962 August 9 National Student Association news 400 Schools Exchange Ideas Through NSA 
1962 August 9 Associaton of Women Students news Women's Association Sets Early Retreat 
1962 August 9 concert band news Band Boasts Varied Musical Vocabulary 
1962 August 9 ROTC news ROTC Pershing Rifles Train Highest Caliber Gentlemen 
1962 August 9 Near East School of Archeological and Biblical Studies news Archeology School Finishes First Session, Plans Second 
1962 August 9 Lamba Iota Tau news Lamba Iota Tau Extends Invitation 
1962 August 9 Christian Service Council news Council Plans 3-Fold Work 
1962 August 9 Pioneer Girls news Pioneer Girls Carry Christ to 'Pilgrims', Train Leaders 
1962 August 9 McAlister Conservatory news Steam Lines 
1962 August 9 outreach news Student Workers Find Elderly 'Sharp' 
1962 August 9 Young Life news Young Life Tries to Answer Questions of High Schooler about Christ, His Life 
1962 August 9 V. Raymond Edman news Dr. Edman Leaves on Venezuela Trip 
1962 August 9 Sunday School news 11 Chicago Sunday Schools Manned by Wheaton Students 
1962 August 9 Youth for Christ news Youth for Christ Challenges Teenagers with Christ 
1962 August 9 Skid Row news Skid Row Men Envision Christ as Distant Stranger 
1962 August 9 Orientation news Orientation Schedule 
1962 August 9 Campus Crusade news Campus Crusade Attempts to Reach World-Wide College Student Leaders 
1962 August 9 HI-C Club news HI-C Clubs Attempt to Meet Needs 
1962 August 9 news blurbs news Short and Sweet 
1962 August 9 Writers Conference news '62 Writers' Conference 
1962 August 9 Remedial Reading news Reading Program Offered Students 
1962 August 9 buildings and grounds voices Comments by Coates 
1962 August 9 Student Employment news Employment Office Finds Many Jobs 
1962 August 9 College union, Lyceum program news Lyceum Broadens Outlook; Bills Ambassador, Poet-Playwright 
1962 August 9 ROTC Band news ROTC Band Enhances Spirit, Military Proficiency of Corp 
1962 August 9 TCAC, ROTC news TCAC Writes of Hoffa, ROTC; Takes the Fifth 
1962 August 9 Young Republicans, Richard Nixon, Stan Rumbaugh news Republicans Hold National Offices 
1962 August 9 football sports Undefeated Gridmen Ready 
1962 August 9 Intramurals sports Colorful Teams Promised for Intra-Mural Season 
1962 August 9 Pep Club sports Pep Club Represents College with Derbies 
1962 August 9 soccer sports Soccermen Face Tough Slate 
1962 August 9 sports camp sports Prospective Athletes Head for Sports Camp 
1962 August 9 soccer, Dan Horner, Bob Holmes sports Soccer Captains 
1962 August 9 mental health news Mental Problems Run High in College 
1962 August 9 cross country sports Good Cross Country Season Seen as 8 Lettermen Return 
1962 September 13 Library front page Library Changes Character 
1962 September 13 Arther Volle, counselling front page Volle Assumes New Position as Director of Counselling 
1962 September 13 roller skating party front page Skating Party Planned for All Upperclassmen 
1962 September 13 Chicago Symphony front page Chicago Symphony Ensemble to Perform 
1962 September 13 Marjorie Glover front page Miss Marge Glover Dies; CSC Director for 20 Years 
1962 September 13 freshman initiation editorial Initiation? Unjustifiable! 
1962 September 13 Big Brother Big Sister, Mike Burton letters to the editor Burton Praises Program Held for Brothers, Sisters 
1962 September 13 Buildings and Grounds, J. N. McKellin letters to the editor Writer Commends B&G Work Crews 
1962 September 13 art department, college union news Art Department, Union Set Tours 
1962 September 13 Record news RECORD Staff Plans Party for All Interested Students 
1962 September 13 Young Republicans, Everet Dirksen news Dirksen Highlights YR Schedule 
1962 September 13 Student Union news 'Bob Mathias Story' Slated for Friday 
1962 September 13 Associated Women Students news Associated Women Students Slate Retreat During September Weekend 
1962 September 13 Concert band news Retreat to Williams Bay Helps Prepare Concert Band 
1962 September 13 Messiah Oratorio news Rehearsal to Commence Monday for Handel's Messiah Performance 
1962 September 13 Faculty news Numerous Faculty Changes this Year 
1962 September 13 Women's Recreation Association news WRA Plans Get-Acquainted Party for Incoming Frosh 
1962 September 13 football sports Crusaders Grid for Fall Schedules 
1962 September 20 Lyceum Lectures front page Lyceum Lectures to Begin with Columnist Drummond 
1962 September 20 WETN front page WETN to Program First Grid Contest 
1962 September 20 Associated Women Students front page AWS Plans Retreat for Women at Camp Duncan 
1962 September 20 Chicago Symphony front page Symphony Artists Perform Tonight; Presentation Features String Quartet 
1962 September 20 fellowships front page Foundation Offers 1,000 Fellowships 
1962 September 20 Record subscription front page Find Leisure Time: Quit Writing Home 
1962 September 20 cheerleaders front page Cheerleaders Slate Pep Rally Friday 
1962 September 20 freshman class front page Class of '66 Joins Wheaton Family 
1962 September 20 chapel front page Dr. Smith to Minister at Fall Evangelistic Services 
1962 September 20 Record meeting front page Flash 
1962 September 20 ROTC front page Pershing Rifles Film is Highlight of First Meeting 
1962 September 20 conformity editorial To Be Great 
1962 September 20 June Meyer, Initiation letters to the editor June Meyer Blasts Editorial Regarding Frosh Initiation 
1962 September 20 National Student Association news Four Wheaton Representatives Attend National Student Association Congress 
1962 September 20 Library news Library Survey Results Revealed 
1962 September 20 United States Student Press Association news Student Paper Editors Form USSPA, Press Service 
1962 September 20 Civil Disobedience, Bible Forum news Initial Bible Forum: 'Civil Disobedience' 
1962 September 20 Merrill C. Tenney news Dr. Tenney Edits Bible Dictionary 
1962 September 20 Student Activities Finance Committee news Finance Committee Sets Student Fee Allotments 
1962 September 20 Jim Gentel sports The Gentel Touch 
1962 September 20 cross country sports Harriers Face Year Needing Depth 
1962 September 20 football sports Crusaders Ready for Season's Opener 
1962 September 20 WRA sports WRA Slates Field Hockey Play Monday, Wednesday 
1962 September 27 Lyceum Series front page Drummond to Analyze Nation in Presentation 
1962 September 27 Homecoming front page Homecoming Plans Start Early Activity 
1962 September 27 Roller Skating party front page Skating Party Set 
1962 September 27 Glee Club front page Men's Glee Club Highlights Program of Sacred Song at McCormick Place 
1962 September 27 Book of the Semester front page Student-Teacher Talks on 'Crowd Culture' by Bell 
1962 September 27 evangelistic services front page Dr. Robert Smith of Bethel College to Speak at Evangelistic Services 
1962 September 27 Psychology department front page Separate Psych Branch Created 
1962 September 27 Clapham Society, liberalism front page Clapham Society to Try to Define True Liberalism 
1962 September 27 voting front page Voters 
1962 September 27 Chicago Symphony Ensemble front page Final Opportunity to Hear Ensemble 
1962 September 27 Bible Forum, Civil Disobedience, integration front page Bible Forum Discusses Civil Disobedience 
1962 September 27 Christian liberal arts education editorial Image and Reality 
1962 September 27 Linda Burnham, chapel, Bruce Hollenbach letters to the editor Letters to the Editor... 
1962 September 27 Business forum news Chicago Stock Broker to Address Business Forum's Dinner Tonight 
1962 September 27 Robert C. Baptista, Lee Pfund news Baptista and Pfund Given Added Duties 
1962 September 27 soccer sports Soccer Duel Ends in Scoreless Tie 
1962 September 27 cross country sports Runners Prepare for Meet 
1962 September 27 Wanda Ann Mercer, Associated Women Students news 'WAM' Challenges Women at Retreat 
1962 September 27 Physical education news Women PE Majors Camp Seminar Being Held at Camp Mac-Do, Wis. 
1962 September 27 Student Education Association news First SEA Meeting 
1962 September 27 football sports Crusaders Romp Through Wesleyan: Harris and Hutcheson Score Twice 
1962 September 27 Jim Gentel sports The Gentel Touch 
1962 October 4 book of the semester front page Faculty Firesides on 'Crowd Culture' to Meet Saturday 
1962 October 4 Kennedy, Congress, cold war front page Drummond Pinpoints Woes on Domestic, World Stages 
1962 October 4 leadership front page Seminar to Offer Leadership Helps 
1962 October 4 Philosophy Conference, Writers Conference front page Wheaton to Host Four Conferences 
1962 October 4 Berry Goldwater, New Frontier front page Goldwater Demands Action to Frustrate New Frontier 
1962 October 4 chemistry laboratory front page Grants Used for Chem Lab to Purchase New Equipment 
1962 October 4 Bible Forum, Human rights, civil disobedience, integration front page Consensus of Bible Forum Favors Extension of Basic Human Rights 
1962 October 4 Glee Club front page Glee Club to Hold Party for New Men 
1962 October 4 Concert band front page Concert Band Party Set for Saturday 
1962 October 4 Chapel transcripts front page Chapel Transcription to be Offered to Interested Students through CPO 
1962 October 4 Camera Club front page Lectures Planned for Camera Club 
1962 October 4 racism editorial De Facto 
1962 October 4 human rights, racism, integration editorial De Jure 
1962 October 4 Chapel letters to the editor Student Speakers Improve Chapels 
1962 October 4 Bible Forum letters to the Editor Expresses Concern over Attendance at the Forum 
1962 October 4 human rights editorial What Are You Worth... 
1962 October 4 Blanchard Tower news Blanchard Tower Completed 90 Years Ago Tomorrow 
1962 October 4 K. Rainer Guting news Dr. Guting Recalls WWII Childhood, Earned Degrees in Bible and Math 
1962 October 4 jail outreach news Gospel Story Creates Vital Changes in Hearts, Lives of Unseen Audiences 
1962 October 4 soccer sports Baptista's Booters Bounce Earlham 
1962 October 4 faculty news Faculty Influence Felt Beyond Campus Life 
1962 October 4 football sports Crusaders Roll Over Dutchmen 31-0 
1962 October 4 cross country sports Team Splits Opening Meets 
1962 October 4 Jim Gentel sports The Gentel Touch 
1962 October 11 Howard H. Claasen front page Dr. Claasen Achieves Chemical Breakthrough 
1962 October 11 Artist Series front page Symphony Orchestra to Open Artist Series 
1962 October 11 Philosophy Conference front page Program for Philosophy Conference to Offer Symposia, Public Lectures 
1962 October 11 Homecoming front page Homecoming Weekend Plans Outlined 
1962 October 11 Graduate School Lectures, Carl F. H. Henry front page Graduate School Lectures to Feature Dr. Carl Henry 
1962 October 11 Clapham Society front page Ziegler Speaks at Clapham Society 
1962 October 11 English department front page Lit Majors, Profs to Meet for Tea 
1962 October 11 leadership editorial The Way Forward 
1962 October 11 leadersihp guest column In Defense of Leadership 
1962 October 11 Open forum news Sophs to Discuss 'On the Breach' 
1962 October 11 ROTC news ROTC Cadets Promoted 
1962 October 11 Leif Ericsson news Lucky Leif's Legend Lures Columbus 
1962 October 11 Leif Ericsson news Lief Ericsson, Valiant Norseman Discovered Continent Long Ago 
1962 October 11 WETN news Saturday's Game on WETN 
1962 October 11 International Cafe news Norwegian Festival is Setting for Cafe 
1962 October 11 Soccer sports Soccer Men Top Illinois, MacMurray 
1962 October 11 football sports Victory Over Wayne Extends Grid Streak 
1962 October 11 Tennis sports Coed Tennis Team Wins First Match 
1962 October 11 football sports Bradley Passing Attack to Challenge Crusaders 
1962 October 11 cross country sports Harriers Win Two While Losing One 
1962 October 11 Jim Gentel sports The Gentel Touch 
1962 October 19 Homecoming front page Music Punctuates Weekend 
1962 October 19 Homecoming front page Alma Mater Hosts Alumni 
1962 October 19 Homecoming front page Homecoming Schedule 
1962 October 19 '63 Quartet front page '63 Quartet Offers Recording for Sale 
1962 October 19 Arthur H. Volle front page 'Dean' Volle Named Alumnus of Year 
1962 October 19 Homecoming front page History Makers Face Crisis in 'Men on Trial' Sequence 
1962 October 19 Homecoming front page Decorations to Interpret Theme on Foats, Dorms, and Buildings 
1962 October 19 science, cloning, Christianity editorial If Man Created Life... 
1962 October 19 Leadership, William Groves letters to the editor Groves Disputes Concept of Leader 
1962 October 19 leadership, Harry Strachan letters to the editor Strachan Cites Importance of Leader's Responsibility 
1962 October 19 Carl F. Henry guest column Contemporary Thought 
1962 October 19 foreign students letters to the editor Program for Internationals Sought 
1962 October 19 math department news Math Department to Install Computer 
1962 October 19 Writers' Conference news Authors, Critics, Journalists to Instruct Writer's Parley 
1962 October 19 oral interpretation news Contemporary Lit Readings Planned 
1962 October 19 Archaeology Conference news Annual Archaeology Conference to Focus on Recent Discoveries 
1962 October 19 Memorial student center, art department, honey rock news Student Paintings Displayed in MSC 
1962 October 19 Philosophy Conference news Dooyeweerd's Philosophy Analyzed at Conference 
1962 October 19 Arnold Toynbee news Historian Arnold Toynbee to Lecture Next Semester 
1962 October 19 Clapham society, capital punishment news Capital Punishment to be Clapham Topic 
1962 October 19 Skid Row news Skid Row Means Men, Misery Mercy 
1962 October 19 oxford riots, Mississippi, civil rights news Judicial Committee Views Riot Charges 
1962 October 19 Kennedy news Defense Loan Act Gets JFK's OK 
1962 October 19 Little Rock desegregation news Little Rock Desegregation Calmly Enters Fifth Year 
1962 October 19 cross country sports Harriers Outrun Marquette, 16-47; Look to Great Lakes Invitational 
1962 October 19 football sports Crusader Streak Stopped by Braves 
1962 October 19 Jim Gentel sports The Gentel Touch 
1962 October 19 soccer sports Michigan State Blanks Soccermen, 2-0 
1962 October 19 Homecoming sports Homecoming Foe to be Washington U 
1962 October 25 young Republicans front page Senator Dirksen's Campaign to Include Visit to Campus 
1962 October 25 Campus Crusade front page John Flack Speaks 
1962 October 25 McAlister Conservatory front page McAlister Conservatory of Music to be Completed in Early July 
1962 October 25 V. Raymond Edman, Unions front page Dr. Edman Speaks for Educators in Favoring Voluntary Unionism 
1962 October 25 Writer's Conference front page Annual Writer's Conference Convenes on Theme of Editor-Writer Relation 
1962 October 25 Homecoming front page Rainy Welcome for Alumni Fails to Dampen Spirits 
1962 October 25 Truth, theology editorial An Honest Search 
1962 October 25 Discrimination, Wheaton, Dave Reid Letters to the Editor Reid Reveals Discrimination 
1962 October 25 science, James O. Buswell III letters to the editor Dr. Buswell Reports Man Creates Life 
1962 October 25 Record, George Waring letters to the editor Expansion, Content Given Praise 
1962 October 25 Record news Criteria Determined for Material to be on RECORD Editorial Page 
1962 October 25 Barry Goldwater, Gary Althen, University of Colorado news Criticism of Senator Barry Goldwater Causes Dismissal of Colorado Editor 
1962 October 25 grants, Ford Foundation news Ford Offers Grants 
1962 October 25 Joseph Free, Archaeology news Dr. Free Tells Dothan Work at Archaeology Conference 
1962 October 25 S. Richey Kamm news Kamm Writes Article for Encyclopedia 
1962 October 25 University of Chicago, Ford Foundation grants, humanities news M.A. Program with U. of C. Told 
1962 October 25 Venezuela, evangelism news Venezuela is Challenge, Opportunity 
1962 October 25 French Club news Le Cercle Francais Meets this Evening 
1962 October 25 Student Counil, Ice skating rink, Civil Rights Council news Student Council OK's Rink, Forms Civil Rights Council 
1962 October 25 sunday school news Are Flying Fish Related to Birds? Sunday Teachers Must be Prepared 
1962 October 25 cornell university, conduct code news Suspension of Cornell Grad Student Creates Furor over Conduct Code 
1962 October 25 Carleton College, Cold War, nuclear warfare news Carleton Develops Fallout Protection 
1962 October 25 Civil rights news Faulkner Predicted Trouble for South Six Years Ago 
1962 October 25 English Department news English Department Gains New Profs 
1962 October 25 Clayton Halvorsen news Halvorsen to Direct Massed Choirs Sunday 
1962 October 25 Brazil student strike news Brazilian Students Demand Power 
1962 October 25 football sports Wheaton to Battle Wabash 
1962 October 25 Peace Corps news Peace Corps Grads to Bring Dividends 
1962 October 25 Civil Rights news Students are Vocal on Civil Rights 
1962 October 25 soccer sports Soccermen Gain Tie in Defensive Game 
1962 October 25 University of London news Britishers Come Here on Continental Tour 
1962 October 25 cross country sports Thincladsd Place Second in Great Lakes Invitational 
1962 October 25 Jim Gentel sports The Gentel Touch 
1962 October 25 Student Missions Forum news SMF Presents Panel, 'Conflict in Missions' 
1962 October 25 Harv Chrouser sports Chrouser to Assist Olympic Basketball 
1962 October 25 football sports Crusading Gridders Reign in Rain 
1962 October 25 intramurals sports Intramural Football Enters Final Week 
1962 November 1 Public Forum, Blue Ballot front page Forum to Aid Voters on Blue Ballot Issue 
1962 November 1 Lyceum front page Lyceum Spotlight Artist Hugh Miller in Historical and Contemporary Drama 
1962 October 25 Lyceum front page Hugh Miller to Give Dramatic Readings 
1962 November 1 Fall Banquet front page Fall Banquet Theme from "The King & I" Puts Setting in Siam 
1962 November 1 Parent's Day front page Full Weekend Projected for Parents 
1962 November 1 Artist Series front page Byron Janis, Noted Concert Pianist, to Return to Artist Series Stage 
1962 November 1 Memorial Student Center front page Executive Council OK's HFi; Vetoes X-Room Television 
1962 November 1 Alumni Association front page Alumni Association Gives Talent Night 
1962 November 1 Civil Rights Committee, Wheaton front page SC Civil Rights Committee Views Local Discrimination 
1962 November 1 Civil Rights, Wheaton editorial Little Rock, Oxford, and Us 
1962 November 1 Barton Payne, theology letters to the editor Payne Proposes Preface to Editorial 
1962 November 1 Memorial Student Center, Dave Hansen letters to the editor Questions 'Veto' 
1962 November 1 Bob Sallow, Wheaton College, football letters to the editor Injured Wayne State Player Accepts Christ after Game 
1962 November 1 worship letters to the editor Student Worship Praised by Writers 
1962 November 1 Civil Rights, Wheaton, Ronald G. Watson guest column Silence is No Answer 
1962 November 1 student missiosn fellowship, ecumenism news SMF Panelists Favor More Ecumenism 
1962 November 1 censorship, Monte Swanson Editor's Note Editor's Note 
1962 November 1 Associated Collegiate Press, Calvin Veltman, conservatism editorial Calvin II: ARound Convention Circles 
1962 October 25 Exclusivism editorial Ethical Exclusivism Cited 
1962 November 1 University of Colorado, Gary Althen news Colorado Students Back President in Firing Editor of School Paper 
1962 November 1 Catholicism news Catholic Post-Grad Reading Investigated by 'Ave Maria' 
1962 November 1 Debate team news Debate Team Takes First Place Finish at WIU Tournament 
1962 November 1 University of California, freedom of speech news Riverside Students Fight Speaker Ban 
1962 November 1 Ohio State University, National Student Association news Ohio State Students Reject NSA 
1962 November 1 Tiddly-winks, Harvard news Tiddlywinks Team Plays at Columbia 
1962 November 1 Russia news Russians Sponsor Subscription Drive 
1962 November 1 soccer sports Booters Overpower Two Opponents 
1962 November 1 football sports Invade Puma Territory 
1962 November 1 intramurals sports Champions of Each League to Meet in Final Intramural Football Game 
1962 November 1 cross country sports Runners Compete at Loyola Saturday 
1962 November 1 Hockey sports Hockey Team Continues Schedule 
1962 November 1 humanities news Humanities Program Slated 
1962 November 1 Jim Gentel sports The Gentel Touch 
1962 November 1 football sports Little Giants Nose Out Crusaders, 20-17 
1962 November 1 Darrel Alvin Regier news Frosh Wins Money 
1962 November 1 student council news Frosh Go to Polls Friday 
1962 November 1 Anthropology Club news Linguist Gives Example of His Work 
1962 November 1 Associated Collegiate Press news ACP Awards Publications Top Honors, Tower, Kodon, Record 
1962 November 1 Literature news Sittler Delivers Divisional Lecture on 'Literature as Moral Information' 
1962 November 1 Ministerial fellowship news Ministerial Group to Hear Pastor 
1962 November 8 Parent's Day front page Parents' Day Schedule 
1962 November 8 Parents' Day front page Parents Converge on Campus 
1962 November 8 Artist Series front page Pianist Byron Janis to Play Year's Second Artist Series 
1962 November 8 orchestra front page Orchestra Slates Concert Nov. 17 
1962 November 8 Nuclear war, Don wilbur front page Wilbur to Analyze Nuclear Strategy 
1962 November 8 American Association of Evangelicals, Phil McIlnay front page Emphasis: 'The Christian Mind' McIlnay to Attend AAES Convention 
1962 October 25 American Association of Evangelical Students, Phil McIlnay news From McIlnay Report: Evangelical College Students Speak 
1962 November 8 James O. Buswell IV front page James Buswell IV, Noted Violinist, to Solo on 'Voice of Firestone' 
1962 November 8 Lord of the Flies front page Lambda Discusses Lord of the Flies 
1962 November 8 Sue Chown news Chown Seeks Office 
1962 November 8 conservativism, Civil Rights editorial Questions... 
1962 November 8 Civil Rights editorial Forsaking Tradition 
1962 November 8 science, F. O. Green letters to the editor Green Makes Distinction on 'Life' 
1962 November 8 John R. Brobeck, science editorial Contemporary Thought 
1962 November 8 responsibility editorial Responsibilities of Responsibility 
1962 November 8 Mental Illness news Mentally Ill Face Lonely Life 
1962 November 8 Women's Club news Women's Club Set 
1962 November 8 University of Toronto news Cops Score Four 
1962 November 8 Associate Women Students news Five Societies Unify Senior Women 
1962 November 8 Earle E. Cairns, Merrill C. Tenney news Recent Work Lists Faculty Men 
1962 November 8 Williams College news Greek System at Williams Abolished 
1962 November 8 Young Republicans news Senate Minority Leader Comments on 'Anatomy of Political Campaign' 
1962 November 8 Flink Community Junior College, freedom of press news Flint Students Oppose Curb on Freedom of Publication 
1962 November 8 National Defense Education Act news Yale, U of Chicago OK Education Act 
1962 November 8 football sports Crusaders Fall to St. Joseph, 25-7 
1962 November 8 football sports Little Brass Bell: Gridders Meet North Central 
1962 November 8 University of Chicago, Cuba blockade news U of C Students Oppose Resolution 
1962 November 8 hockey sports Coed Victory Over Northwestern Extends Two-Year Winning Streak 
1962 November 8 soccer sports Baptistamen Asked to Post-Seasonal Tournament 
1962 November 8 Jim Gentel sports The Gentel Touch 
1962 November 8 soccer sports Billikins Bestow Booters Second Loss 
1962 November 8 cross country sports Thinclads Run Fifth Out of Nine in Illinois State Meet Competition 
1962 November 8 Gordon Hoffman, Christian Service Council news G. Hoffman Appointed to Post of CSC Director 
1962 November 8 Michigan State University news Violators Probationed 
1962 November 8 Student aid news Students File for Aid 
1962 November 8 roller skating party news All School Skating Slated for Saturday 
1962 November 8 freshman class news New Class Officers Take Responsibility of Frosh Leadership 
1962 November 8 Lyceum news Miller: 'I Am an Actor' 
1962 November 15 Pershing Rifles, Joyce Webb, Nancy Pearson front page PR Chooses Webb, Pearson as First Women Sponsors 
1962 October 25 Pershing Rifles news Convention Bivouac Dominate PR Stage 
1962 November 15 symphony orchestra front page Symphony Orchestra Offers Varied Concert Selections 
1962 November 15 Tune Tangle front page Classes Compete: '63 Quartet Stars at Tune Tangle 
1962 November 15 Women's Club front page Women Hostess Internatioanl Tea 
1962 November 15 Ice skating rink front page CU Plans Showing of 'Battle Hymn'; Skating Rink Fund Receives Profits 
1962 November 15 National Student Association front page NSA Regional Convention Convenes; Wheaton Prepared to Participate 
1962 November 15 debate team front page Cawood, Griffin Win Debate at Wisconsin Tournament 
1962 November 15 Fall Banquet front page Banqueting Students Enter Oriental Setting 
1962 November 15 Oliver J. Caldwell front page Caldwell to Lecture 
1962 November 15 Kodon editorial Congratulations, Comments 
1962 November 15 Memorial Student Center letters to the editor Lockout on Campus-Student Dampened 
1962 November 15 Christian Intellectualism letters to the editor Christian Intellectualism Narrows 
1962 November 15 Jim Gentel, Ed Staiger letters to the editor Staiger Questions 
1962 November 15 Jim Gentel, Dave Iha letters to the editor 'Itchy' Disputes Gentel 
1962 November 15 chapel letters to the editor Lectures in Chapel? 
1962 November 15 Conservativism letters to the editor Distinction Made on Conservatism 
1962 November 15 stereotypes editorial Categories or Persons? 
1962 November 15 A Burnt-Out Case news Graham Greene's 'A Burnt-Out Case' Questions Nature of Satisfied Life 
1962 November 15 Lord of the Flies news Lit Panel Discusses 'Lord of the Flies' 
1962 November 15 Nigeria news Northern Nigerian University Opens 
1962 November 15 Barry Goldwater news Goldwater Criticizes Daily Illini for Derogatory Remarks in Column 
1962 November 15 foreign students news Cornell Director Issues Plea for Aid to Foreign Students 
1962 November 15 Artist Series news Peeters to Play in Organ Concert 
1962 November 15 Jaime Cercone news Latin Cultural Background, Travel Characterize Jaime Cercone's Life 
1962 November 15 cross country sports NCAA National Ahead for Harriers 
1962 November 15 Peace Corps news Seniors Should Teach Freshman 
1962 November 15 Foreign affairs news Foreign Service Veteran Claims Students Ignorant 
1962 November 15 University of Mississipi, civil rights news New Riot at Ole Miss 
1962 November 15 Defense Education Act news New Defense Education Act Criticized 
1962 November 15 South Africa news African Students Protest Government Sabotage Act 
1962 November 15 football sports Crusaders Keep Little Brass Bell in 37-13 Game 
1962 November 15 football sports Wheaton Confronts Valpo for Possession of Shield 
1962 November 15 Jim Gentel sports The Gentel Touch 
1962 November 15 volleyball, WRA sports WRA Cops Volleyball Championship 
1962 November 15 Harvey Chrouser sports Coaches Honored 
1962 November 15 soccer sports Soccer Team Squeaks by Calvin in Saturday's Action 
1962 November 15 National Church Music Fellowship news Five Church Choirs to Present Concert 
1962 November 15 Prayer Meeting news Prayer Meeting Receives New Look 
1962 November 15 ROTC news Field Representatives Meet 
1962 November 15 Elmhurst College news Elmhurst College Initiates WRSE-FM 
1962 November 15 crowd culture, philosophy front page Casserley to Define Souce of Bell's 'Crowd Culture' 
1962 November 15 Bill Dyrness, NSA front page Ill.-Wis. NSA Elects Dyrness to Post; Wheaton to Edit Regional Newsletter 
1962 November 15 artist series front page Peeters Open Organ Concert Series 
1962 November 15 Marion Ruth Joransen front page Joransen to Play in Marimba Recital 
1962 November 15 artist series front page Reads Music before Words: Cliburn to Play to Sold Out House 
1962 November 15 Glee club front page Men's Glee Club Sings at Political Rally 
1962 November 15 Laboratory equipment front page Added Equipment Improves Radio Isotopes Laboratory 
1962 November 15 Publications Board front page Pub Boards Elects Hommes, Souder 
1962 November 15 civil rights editorial A Time for Action 
1962 November 15 Chapel letters to the editor Are Chapel Lectures Innapropriate? 
1962 November 15 Student Missions Forum news Medical Mission Subject of Film 
1962 November 15 Kodon letters to the editor Kodon Disappoints Peabody with 'Hopeless Literature' 
1962 November 15 Record letters to the editor U. of Mass. Students Laud RECORD 
1962 November 15 Kodon letters to the editor Commends Kodon's Editor and Staff 
1962 November 15 editorial letters to the editor New Image: Boardman Commends Cal's Column 
1962 November 15 Nihilism editorial Christian and Nihilistic? 
1962 November 15 Conservativism in America book review 'Conservativism in America' Scrutinized by Rossiter 
1962 November 8 Lord of the Flies book review Lord of the Flies: Unofficial Book of the Semester 
1962 November 15 Kodon letters to the editor Mott Sees No Controversy in Kodon 
1962 November 15 Kodon letters to the editor Foley Disagrees with Editorial 
1962 November 15 college entrance examination news Expert Sees No Alleviation in Pre-College Testing 
1962 November 15 Venezuela news Extremist Boycott Fails in Venezualan University 
1962 November 15 Hope College news Student President Fires Hope Council 
1962 November 15 University of Wisconsin, discrimination news U. of Wis. Faculty Asks Students to Free Selves from Discrimination 
1962 November 15 Integration news Faculty Disconcerted by Continuing Integration Trouble 
1962 November 15 Union College news Union College Considers Trimester System in 1963 
1962 November 15 Apartheid, South Africa news Apartheid Splits Student Groups 
1962 November 15 Canada news Television to Instruct Future Canadian Teachers 
1962 November 15 Czechoslovakia, cold war news Czechoslovokian Student Newspaper Embarrass Communist Government 
1962 November 15 University of Southern California news Southern Cal Streamlines Curriculum 
1962 November 15 National Union of Students news National Union of Students to Form in Colombia, S.A. 
1962 November 15 cross country sports Scottsmen Twelfth in NCAA Meet; Central State of Ohio in Top Slot 
1962 November 15 football sports Crusader Shield Returns to Valparaiso 
1962 November 15 Belgium news Belgium Unions Desert Congress 
1962 November 15 University of Mississippi, civil rights news Leaflet at Ole Miss Calls for Isolation 
1962 November 15 Officer of Education news McMurrin Claims Education Should Have Cabinet Rank 
1962 November 15 Cuba, Bertrand Russell news Tar Heel Questions Russell 
1962 November 15 Freedom of Speech news Freedom of Speech, Inquiry Defended 
1962 November 15 Jim Gentel sports The Gentel Touch 
1962 November 15 soccer sports Booters Triumph in Consolation Tilt 
1962 November 15 Barry Goldwater news Goldwater Approves Reds Giving Student Lectures 
1962 November 15 civil rights news New Boycott Push Planned in Atlanta 
1962 November 15 Book bans news Ohio University Comments on City's Book Banning 
1962 November 15 Japan news Japanese Students Protest Control 
1962 November 15 hockey news Wheaton's Ice Hockey Team Opens Season Victoriously 
1962 November 15 Alumni Association news Alumni Detail Scope of Vocational Areas 
1962 November 15 James Murk news Professor Murk to Appear on Ted Mack Amateur Hour Sunday 
1962 November 15 International Cafe news International Cafe Sets Russian Theme 
1962 November 15 outreach news Visits to Elderly Win Toothless Smile 
1962 November 15 Union Club news Union Club Slates Local Folksingers 
1962 November 29 new ice skating area front page Ice Skating Rink Under McCully Stands To Open For Students' Use By Dec. 7 
1962 November 29 Van Cliburn front page Pianist Van Cliburn Plays Tomorrow's Artist Series 
1962 November 29 Christmas speech recital front page Christmas Speech Recital Selections Illustrate Traditional Yuletide Spirit 
1962 November 29 Clayton Halvorsen and Dayton W. Nordin front page Festival Chorus To Present 'Messiah' 
1962 November 29 Mary Lou Shuy front page X-ray Unit Arrives Tuesday For Students, Faculty, Staff 
1962 November 29 Marlene Sorenson  front page Sorenson To present Organ Recital 
1962 November 29 Pre-Ministerial Fellowship front page Teachers Discuss ' Which Seminary' 
1962 November 29 student publications editorial Finally... 
1962 November 29 WETN announcement WETN Announces 
1962 November 29 Chapel announcement Chapel Slate 
1962 November 29 Chicago  announcement In Chicago 
1962 November 29 Howie Moffett and Ann Small letters to the editor Moffett Praises Calvin ll For Constructive Approach 
1962 November 29 Leander Kirkwood announcement In The Cradle 
1962 November 29 Calvin Veltman voices Protesttant Authoritarianism 
1962 November 29 Oscar Daub voices Frost's 'In The Clearing' Shows Best, Worst of Poet 
1962 November 29 Steve Hmilton and Tom Miller letters to the editor  Representative Of Campus? 
1962 November 29 Coleman Coates letters to the editor Coates Challenges Critics Of Kodon Literary Selection 
1962 November 29 Paul Goodman book review Proposes School Solution In 'Community Of Scholars' 
1962 November 29 Coordination Secretariat of National Unions of Students news Students Denounce Chinese Aggression 
1962 November 29 U. S. National Student Association news U. S. Envisions Domestic 'Peace Corps' 
1962 November 29 John F. Kennedy news JFK Prohibits All Discriminatino In Housing Built With Federal Aid 
1962 November 29 National Student Movement news NSM Education Project Aids Harlem 
1962 November 29 tri-captains news  Booters Hold Banquet 
1962 November 29 James Meredith  news Meredith Caught In Academic Dilemma 
1962 November 29 Jill Whitney voices Home Visits Help Negro Families 
1962 November 29 Eugene Nida news Dr. Nida, Author, Lecturer, To Speak 
1962 November 29 Joanne Schrag news Senior Wins Sewing Contest 
1962 November 29 Bernard Iddings Bell news 'Democracy, The Self-Critical Society' 
1962 November 29 Phi Sigma Tau news Phi Sigma Tau Installation Set Tonight With President Mulligan 
1962 November 29 Rosalyn Schmidt  news Schmidt Recital Slated For Sunday 
1962 November 29 best personal library news National Competition Offers Award For Excellence In Personal Library 
1962 November 29 ice hockey sports Skaters Top St. Procopius For Victory 
1962 November 29 Barry Johnson sports Basketball Team Opens Play 
1962 November 29 class of '65 women sports '65 Women Defend 
1962 November 29 column sports The Gentel Touch 
1962 November 29 Wheaton announcement Weaton's Week 
1962 November 29 college library news Library To Open Branches 
1962 November 29 senior class comprehensives news Seniors To Face First Comps Tuesday 
1962 December 6 Hudson Armerding front page Armerding To Direct Washington Semester 
1962 December 6 Dr. Volkman front page Wheaton Students Visit Law Schools 
1962 December 6 Norm Wetterau front page Clapham To Hear Views On Peace 
1962 December 6 Harriet Meyer front page and Alan Rogers 300-Voice Chorale, Orchestra, Soloists Offer Handel's 'Messiah' Tomorrow Night 
1962 December 6 V. Raymond Edman front page President Writes Book Number 17 
1962 December 6 Pierce chapel front page Special Worship Hour Centers In Caroling 
1962 December 6 big sister-little sister tea front page Big, Little Sis Tea Set In Holiday Mood 
1962 December 6 V. Raymond Edman front page Prexy, Mrs.Edman To Tour HolyLand, Southern Europe 
1962 December 6 new students editorial Old College--New Student 
1962 December 6 Calvin letters to the editor Cites 'Omission' In Calvin II's Quote 
1962 December 6 events news In Chicago 
1962 December 6 chapel speakers news Cahpel Slate 
1962 December 6 Graduate Chapel speakers news Graduate Chapel 
1962 December 6 events news Wheaton's Week 
1962 December 6 marriage news Up The Tower 
1962 December 6 Calvin Veltman voices Calvin II: A Song of Alma Mater, With Voices 
1962 December 6 The Two Cultures and The Scientific Revolution book review C.P.Snow's Two Cultures pose Problem For Education 
1962 December 6 WETN news WETN Announces 
1962 December 6 Segregation in Alabama news U of Alabama Wants Quiet Integration 
1962 December 6 U of Cal news U . of Cal Experiment With Educational Idea 
1962 December 6 Sandra Lynn Stangle news In the Cradle 
1962 December 6 HUAC Statement news HUAC Statement Praises NSA Leaders 
1962 December 6 College Aid news 'Average' Students Offered College Aid 
1962 December 6 student literacy campaigns in Latin America news Student Literacy Drives Pushed In laitn America 
1962 December 6 student publications board news Administration, Students Squabble over proposed Publication Board 
1962 December 6 Ohio State University news Ohio Student Senate Request Life of Ban 
1962 December 6 University of Pennsylvania news Penn Students Fast to Help India 
1962 December 6 Tom Parmeter news Parmeter Appointed Editor At Colorado 
1962 December 6 25th Pax Romana Congress news Pax Romana Congress Voices Roman Thought 
1962 December 6 students transfder-article from New York Times news Voluntary Student Transfers Increase 
1962 December 6 student work-article from New York Times news More Student Work Meets School Costs 
1962 December 6 Christmas Abroad news International Club To Celebrate Holiday 
1962 December 6 student classifications news School Ceases Use Of Classifications 
1962 December 6 Sit-In Strikers news Greensboro Arrests CORE Sit-IN Strikers 
1962 December 6 Basketball sports Crusaders Lose Two By Ten Points 
1962 December 6 Basketball sports Intramural Players Continue Basketball 
1962 December 6 Basketball sports Pfundmen Seek Season's First Win 
1962 December 6 Basketball soprts Ten Veterans provide core For WRA's Basketball Team 
1962 December 6 Wrestling sports Jarman, Skonberg Take Top Honors At Knox Meet 
1962 December 6 Michigan State University, censorship news MSU Profs Defend Ousted Students 
1962 December 6 National Student Association news USNSA to Sponsor Seminars 
1962 December 6 Peace Corps news New Peace Corpsmen Train in New York Slum Areas 
1962 December 6 Jim Gentel sports The Gentel Touch 
1962 December 6 football banquet news Annual Banquet Honors Gridders; Program Includes Ex-Major Leaguer 
1962 December 6 College Union news Union Board Hosts Party for Workers 
1962 November 29 Nanmy L. Bryant letters to the editor Kodon Represents Wheaton Students 
1962 November 29 Wesley Craven  letters to the editor Kodon Answers Its Self-Styled Critics 
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