Index to the Record, 1962 (January)-1962 (May)

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DateSubject (Personal Name or Topic)Column or SectionTopic or Title
1962 January 5 Urbana Convention Front Page Urbana convention challenges 5000 students 
1962 January 5 WETN Front Page WETN receives equipment awaits testing, final ok 
1962 January 5 Coach Swartz Front Page Swartz nominated for coach-of-year 
1962 January 5 Matthew Evans Front Page Evans dies of heart attack 
1962 January 5 Recitals Front Page Louwenaar, roper perform in final senior recitals 
1962 January 5 Philosophy Comments by Coates Front Page 
1962 January 5 basketball sports Crusaders tromp Swedes 
1962 January 5 basketball sports Vacation brings one win, giving Crusaders 4-4 tally 
1962 January 11 Spiritual emphasis week front page Grounds to address college during Spiritual Emphasis 
1962 January 11 mid-winter class retreats front page Classes to relax at retreats 
1962 January 11 basketball front page Social with Calvin fans to follow basketball game 
1962 January 11 President V. Raymond Edman front page Prexy's eye surgery proves successful 
1962 January 11 Fine Arts Festival front page Final deadlines set for festival entries 
1962 January 11 Choir, Glee tour front page College choir; men's, women's glee to tour country during semester break 
1962 January 11 weather front page How cold is very, very cold? 
1962 January 11 grad school front page Grad School revises seminary course to allow 16 more hours of electives 
1962 January 11 editor goodbye  30 
1962 January 11 Standards of Faith news Background of faith statement traced 
1962 January 11 Foreign Service news State officer visits campus 
1962 January 11 To live is Christ Comments by Coates  
1962 January 11 College Union news briefs Union sponsors political success film 
1962 January 11 recital news briefs Britton - Miller recital slated Tuesday 
1962 January 11 Spring Oratorio news briefs 'Elijah' selected for Spring Oratorio 
1962 January 11 Model U.N. news St. Louis to host model U.N. 
1962 January 11 wrestling sports Matmen overcome 10-3 deficit; conquer Central Michigan 15-13 
1962 January 11 basketball sports Calvin, Valpo to be next cage opponents 
1962 January 11 wrestling sports Grapplers host tournament continue rigorous schedule 
1962 January 11 ROTC news 15 ROTC squads to compete Monday 
1962 January 11 extramural sports Coeds capture two during DeKalb meet 
1962 February 1 Evangelistic Week front page Grounds to speak in Pierce during Evangelistic Week 
1962 February 1 food service front page Milk dispensers to give seconds 
1962 February 1 Dr. Edward Teller front page Pioneer Nuclear Physicist lecutres on 'Peace through Preparedness' 
1962 February 1 February front page WB to cluminate February's Festivities 
1962 February 1 DuPont Aid front page College obtains DuPont Aid for ninth consecutive year 
1962 February 1 Bible forum front page Panel Explores 'Post-Modern Mind' 
1962 February 1 Record staff  1-1-1-1 
1962 February 1 film presentation Letters to the Editor Smith hall daughters accuse 'Little Boys' of misbehavior 
1962 February 1 psychology Comments by Coates  
1962 February 1 basketball Flash  
1962 February 1 Roger W. Shuy news Western reserve awards Shuy Ph.D. 
1962 February 1 National Student Association news NSA newsletters announce plans of Illinois-Wisconsin region 
1962 February 1 fashion fair news Fashion Fair to benefit child welfare 
1962 February 1 Budapest String Quartet news Budapest Quartet to give concert 
1962 February 1 orientation news Tests, receptions, retreats initiate forty new students 
1962 February 1 tobogganing party news briefs McManis stages tobogganing party 
1962 February 1 Harold Kramer news briefs Music instructor's husband dies 
1962 February 1 study graphs news briefs Professors compile platsic study graphs 
1962 February 1 basketball sports Hoopsters down Hope, lose to Valpo 
1962 February 1 track sports Indoor trackmen lose 57-46 at U. of C. 
1962 February 1 wrestling sports Wrestlers downed by Franklin-Marshall 
1962 February 8 Robert Warburton front page Warburton attends graduate school under Danford Grant 
1962 February 8 Graduate annual lectureship front page Young explores Old Testament theology at graduate school's annual lectureship 
1962 February 8 nuclear age front page Teller suggests plans for Nuclear age 
1962 February 8 Rev. William Holt Blair front page Southwestern field representative dies 
1962 February 8 Arts Festival front page Arts Festival unveils student creations 
1962 February 8 Fall-out shelters Op-Ed Fall-out insurance 
1962 February 8 Literary Philosophies Op-Ed Comments by Coates 
1962 February 8 Little ones Letters to the Editor 'Littles ones' answer first daughters 
1962 February 8 Talent Night Letters to the Editor Faculty thanked for talent program 
1962 February 8 fashion fair front page Fashion Fair attract collegians to Gym 
1962 February 8 Federal Service seminar front page Students to study politics firsthand 
1962 February 8 library front page Library lifts fines for coming week 
1962 February 8 Excerpts from messages by Dr. Vernon Grounds Op-Ed Rediscovering God... 
1962 February 8 Inmate Steve Schloneger News  Jail Workers' persistent concern reaps victory in wayward teenager's life 
1962 February 8 International students News Diverse cultures focus on campus 
1962 February 8 International Students Club News Club elects officers 
1962 February 8 Theology Club News  Graduate school initiates theology club 
1962 February 8 Recitals News Recitals scheduled for coming week 
1962 February 8 Roller skating party News Students put on wheels at roller skating party 
1962 February 8 International cafe News Flavor of China follows Budapest String Concert 
1962 February 8 Basketball Sports WRA basketball team tallies two 
1962 February 8 Basketball Sports Basketballers stop Wabash 'Little Giants' 
1962 February 8 Basketball Sports Frosh cagers storm Thorton 
1962 February 8 Soccer Sports Soccerman receives All-American honor 
1962 February 8 Wrestling Sports Matmen rack up three wins 
1962 February 15 WETN Front Page WETN Readies for FM 
1962 February 15 Debate Team Front Page Novice debaters cop first place 
1962 February 15 International cafe Front Page Cafe to feature hostesses, vocalist 
1962 February 15 Grad school  Front Page Grad school sets information day 
1962 February 15 Budapest String Quartet Front Page Budapest string quartet to give concert in Edman chapel- auditorium, saturday 
1962 February 15 'Young man of the year' Front Page 'Young Man of Year' title awarded Swartz by J.C.'s 
1962 February 15 Clapham Society Op-Ed Concerning the Claphams 
1962 February 15 Language Op-Ed Comments by Coates 
1962 February 15 Fallout plan Letters to the Editor Alumna urges fallout plan 
1962 February 15 Bible Forum Letters to the Editor Swanson commends forum 
1962 February 15 Anthro. Club News Anthro club slates film 
1962 February 15 Prayer meetings News Student prayer chairman comments on spiritual prosperity, prayer meetings 
1962 February 15 Recitals News Schmidt, Molander to give recitals 
1962 February 15 Art exhibition News MSC exhibits art of international fame 
1962 February 15 Fashion fair News Fashion fair to sell clothes donated by BMOC's, et al.  
1962 February 15 Evan's dorm banquet News Briefs Evans to hold banquet tomorrow 
1962 February 15 VanKampen News Briefs VanKampen receives chem award 
1962 February 15 Wrestling Sports Invitational tourney begins tomorrow 
1962 February 15 Basketball Sports Loyola emerges victorious in frosh basketball contest 
1962 February 15 Basketball Sports Hoopsters lose to Washington in close rescheduled game, 85-75 
1962 February 15 Coed Basketball Sports WRA team tromps Lake Forest 48-19 
1962 February 15 Bowling Sports Top bowlers to face national semifinals 
1962 February 15 Coed volleyball Sports WRA coeds to sponsor volleyball tournament 
1962 February 15 Track Sports Trackmen lose 
1962 February 22 Washington banquet Front Page WB climaxes social season 
1962 February 22 Artur Rubenstein Front Page Artur Rubenstein to perform in last Artist Series concert 
1962 February 22 WETN Front Page WETN to dedicate FM in chapel Tuesday 
1962 February 22 Contemporary architecture Front Page Contemporary architecture subject of lecture tonight 
1962 February 22 Central American anthropology Front Page Guest lecturer to address classes on Central American anthropology 
1962 February 22 Fulton Lewis III Front Page SC to sponsor debate with Fulton Lewis III 
1962 February 22 Peace Corps Op-Ed To those with the answer 
1962 February 22 Being on time Op-Ed Comments by Coates 
1962 February 22 Young Republicans Letters to the Editor Concerning the last editorial 
1962 February 22 Comments by Coates Response Letters to the Editor Shuy sees in Coates a spark of learning 
1962 February 22 National Association of Evangelicals News Tours, panels, lectures part of seminar 
1962 February 22 Debate Squad News Debate squad takes trophy 
1962 February 22 BMOC News Fair provides funds for children's music 
1962 February 22 play news briefs "Waiting for Lefty" 
1962 February 22 WRA basketball news briefs WRA varsity basketball 
1962 February 22 recital news briefs Organist James Davidson 
1962 February 22 National Student Association news briefs Surrent problems 
1962 February 22 sports day news briefs Volleyball-country style 
1962 February 22 Nurses' choir news briefs West Suburban Hospital 
1962 February 22 Taylor social news Social planned for Taylor fans 
1962 February 22 Residence halls news  Women's halls elect officers 
1962 February 22 wrestling sports Matmen pin win in invitational tourey 
1962 February 22 bowling sports Bowlers place fifth in regional tournament 
1962 February 22 basketball sports Crusaders grab narrow win 75-73 
1962 February 22 freshman basketball sports Frosh Crusaders swamped; games go to Joiliet, Wilson 
1962 February 22 basketball sports DePauw swishes victory ney 97-73 
1962 March 1 Missionary Project Front Page Project to present Gospel in six countries 
1962 March 1 The Brave Son Front Page Independent publication offers free expression 
1962 March 1 Artist Series Front Page Artist Series to present Van Cliburn 
1962 March 1 Jani Nyborg Front Page Nyborg to portray Anne Frank diary 
1962 March 1 College Union Front Page T.V. placed in X-Room 
1962 March 1 Literature Society Front Page National Honorary Literature Society focuses attention on modern poetry 
1962 March 1 Music Front Page Reception spotlights music 
1962 March 1 academic honors Op-Ed Above and Beyond? 
1962 March 1 anthropology Comments by Coates  
1962 March 1 campus sidewalks letters to the editor Siberians set snowy scheme 
1962 March 1 ice and snow letters to the editor Ice, snow changes meaning of phrases 
1962 March 1 Social season letters to the editor Swartz house scorns error in headline 
1962 March 1 anthropology news 'Closed environment' source of problems in Latin America, reports anthropologist 
1962 March 1 debate news Fulton Lewis debate slated for tonight 
1962 March 1 cheerleading news briefs Tryouts for cheerleaders 
1962 March 1 film news briefs "Lovely landscapes in Germany" 
1962 March 1 recital news briefs Roberta Conard and Marjorie Wiens 
1962 March 1 road safety news briefs For its contribution 
1962 March 1 Young Republicans news Young Republicans honor Rumbaugh 
1962 March 1 track news Trackmen prepare by running at AAU 
1962 March 1 National Student Association news Students to exchange ideas at NSA fine arts conference 
1962 March 1 basketball sports Crusaders storm from behind; beat Taylor 78-75 in closing minutes 
1962 March 1 freshman basketball sports Freshman Hoopsters swamp Taylor basketballers 84-86 
1962 March 1 basketball sports Basketballers await game with Huskies 
1962 March 1 wrestling sports Grapplers grab win from Notre Dame 
1962 March 1 wrestling sports Jeffery wins Berth on All-American 
1962 March 8 '63 Quartet front page '63 Quartet makes record 
1962 March 8 debate front page Debate team places second in Ohio State tournament 
1962 March 8 Clapham society front page Claphams discuss today's liberal 
1962 March 8 Missionary emphasis week front page Former class president David Howard to lead missionary emphasis week 
1962 March 8 Prof speakers front page Profs travel far, speak at banquets 
1962 March 8 ROTC front page Colonel Brugh to speak at ROTC Fete slated for St. Andrews Country Club 
1962 March 8 communism front page Communist threat exposed 
1962 March 8 liberalism Op-Ed True Liberalism 
1962 March 8 sportsmanship letters to the editor 'Sportsmanship' disgusting 
1962 March 8 Student Council letters to the editor Waring commends student council 
1962 March 8 basketball news Basketball helps win Chicago teenagers 
1962 March 8 Russian war memorial Comment by Coates  
1962 March 8 Film news Jose Ferrar stars in film, Saturday 
1962 March 8 cheerleading news briefs Four cheerleaders 
1962 March 8 WETN news briefs "FM guide" 
1962 March 8 roller skating party news briefs Freshman 
1962 March 8 Senior Sessions news Students discuss views with Deans 
1962 March 8 Strong orchestra news String orchestra to perform in first of spring concerts 
1962 March 8 recital news four music majors present recitals 
1962 March 8 basketball sports Crusaders drop to Northern in final game 
1962 March 8 basketball sports Former Crusader greats Coach winning Basketball 
1962 March 8 boxing sports Shaw wins novice class in tourney 
1962 March 8 track sports Thinclads run in Daily News relay 
1962 March 8 freshman basketball sports Frosh romp over Northern to finish successful season 
1962 March 15 tuition front page Tuition to be $30 next fall 
1962 March 15 Latin America Lecture front page Former Castro conspirator to lecture on Latin America 
1962 March 15 Missionary emphasis week front page Two panel discussions to be featured in annual missionary emphasis week 
1962 March 15 String Orchestra front page String orchestra performs in concert 
1962 March 15 The Craft Shop front page Craft Shop offers recreation, instruction 
1962 March 15 meaning to the individual Op-Ed Words... or meaning? 
1962 March 15 Library letters to the editor To solve library problems writers suggests Romper room 
1962 March 15 dating Comments by Coates  
1962 March 15 "Brave Son" news Reviewer evaluates new publication 
1962 March 15 Union Club news Myrtle, George find answers 
1962 March 15 fine arts news Fine arts festival to award medals 
1962 March 15 debate news Debaters rate high in two tournaments 
1962 March 15 pershing rifles news Pershing rifles participate in drill competition 
1962 March 15 recital news Nelson, Whitaker give joint recital featuring Handel, Bach, Tchaikovsky 
1962 March 15 Pi Gamma Mu news Pi Gamma Mu meets 
1962 March 15 wrestling sports Matmen take second place in Mid-Eastern tournament 
1962 March 15 track sports Mile team victorious over weekend 
1962 March 15 basketball sports Summary of basketball season scores hints at promise of next year's team 
1962 March 22 lyceum lecture front page Casuso presents inside story of Cuban Revolution 
1962 March 22 organ concert series front page Composer plays compositions 
1962 March 22 Kodon front page Kodon to print winners of first Fin Arts Festival 
1962 March 22 ROTC banquet front page Army cadets attend banquet at St. Andrews Country Club 
1962 March 22 National Christian Physical Education Association front page Plans completed for sixth convention of National Christian PE Assocation 
1962 March 22 Campus Fair front page Campus fair to provide evening of fun 
1962 March 22 ROTC banquet front page Band to Banquet 
1962 March 22 Student Education Association front page Educator addresses dinner, SEA meeting 
1962 March 22 tuition Op-Ed Unfortunate, but necessary 
1962 March 22 ethical geography Comments by Coates  
1962 March 22 tuition Letters to the editor Writers expect quality rise with tuition 
1962 March 22 union club letters to the editor Writer commends club 
1962 March 22 union club letters to the editor Hanson appreciates committee's efforts 
1962 March 22 grad chapel news Graduates to hear converted Catholic 
1962 March 22` Washington semester program news Myrosznyk, Berkman study in capital 
1962 March 22 Williston dorm banquet news Conrad Hilton Hotel chosen by Williston as banquet location 
1962 March 22 Missionary Emphasis panel news Panel suggests God's will active, not passive state 
1962 March 22 library news Research work on Gutenberg Bible incorporated in new library book 
1962 March 22 recital news Vocal, organ recitals slated by R. Schmidt, K. Nelson 
1962 March 22 Association of Women Students news Dorm council plans to join association 
1962 March 22 Lyceum lecture news Noted conservative, William Buckley scheduled as final Lyceum speaker 
1962 March 22 NSA news Study, travel, live abroad next summer? NSA travel service offers opportunities 
1962 March 22 sophomore skating party news Sophomores skate at weekend party 
1962 March 22 choir news Choir of 135 to perform 'Elijah' 
1962 March 22 track sports Trackmen lose Great Lakes invitational by inches in mile relay to Wabash 
1962 March 22 soccer sports To keep in practice, soccer team plays new game named Hoc-soc 
1962 March 22 basketball sports Basketball team finishes 9-3 season 
1962 March 22 WRA sports WRA volleyball tourney now playing third round 
1962 March 22 sports day sports Sophomores win sports day 
1962 March 22 co-rec night sports Final co-rec night held last Friday 
1962 March 22 intramural sports Farmers mutual victorious over weekend in intramural scramble with TCAC Alpha 
1962 March 22 basketball sports Ex-Crusader great plays for army 
1962 March 22 Spring photo collage Signs of Spring 
1962 March 29 Lyceum front page Buckley to conclude Lyceum 
1962 March 22 choir front page Merrill, Evers, Halvorson, sing leads in presentation of Mendelssohn's 'Elijah' 
1962 March 22 Campus fair front page Guess owner of mysterious eyes 
1962 March 22 Fine Arts Festival front page Educator artist, Harold Haydon speaks 
1962 March 29 parable Op-Ed A Parable... 
1962 March 29 spring fun Comments by Coates  
1962 March 29 Missionary Emphasis Week panel news Co-operation, not compromise stressed 
1962 March 29 Lyceum news Soviet uses Cuba as 'Springboard' to export communism to America 
1962 March 29 Clapham society news Chicago urban league director Berry speaks tomorrow at Clapham society 
1962 March 29 recital news Innes, Klarr plan recitals this week 
1962 March 29 recital news Rowe, Gathman play in joint recital 
1962 March 29 National Christian Physical Education Association news Park, Swanson inform group how to strengthen impact 
1962 March 29 tennis sports Racketmen continue practice outdoors in preparation for opener with DePauw 
1962 March 29 table tennis sports Table tennis team captures second 
1962 March 29 Campus Fair news Couples to host orphans for fair 
1962 March 29 Peace Corps news Shriver to address Peace Corps meet 
1962 March 29 Men's Glee Club news Men slate concerts 
1962 March 29 wrestling sports Grappler, John Jeffery, wins national honor in tourney 
1962 April 5 McAlister conservatory of music front page Conservatory ground breaking slated after Monday chapel 
1962 April 5 Peace Corps front page Peace Corps movie shows Africa project 
1962 April 5 CSC front page CSC to offer chapel transcriptions 
1962 April 5 Women's Glee Club banquet front page Women's Glee Club banquet uses 'Leibestraum' theme 
1962 April 5 Campus fair front page Booths, contests, faculty displays among features campus fair offers 
1962 April 5 German club front page German club gives two skits tonight 
1962 April 5 Billy Graham counselor training class front page Class meets in Edman Chapel 
1962 April 5 Philosophy Conference front page Dooyeweerd to speak 
1962 April 5 Concert band front page Concert band leaves on California tour 
1962 April 5 National Library Week front page Panel discusses restrictions on student reading habits 
1962 April 5 To Kill a Mockingbird film front page Jan Kuhnle to give scenes from novel 
1962 April 5 federal aid Op-Ed Cloud... Or Rainbow? 
1962 April 5 witnessing Comments by Coates  
1962 April 5 Union Club letters to the editor Writer comments on club 
1962 April 5 chapel letters to the editor Letter commends chapel programs 
1962 April 5 Student council presidential primary convention news Primary delegations now being formed 
1962 April 5 Edwin L. Peterson news Peterson to present method 
1962 April 5 Fine Arts Festival Postscript...  
1962 April 5 recital news Evans, Gillquist, Spencer slate recitals 
1962 April 5 faculty fireside news Fireside discusses contemporary jazz 
1962 April 5 Campus chest news Campus chest drive offers opportunity to contribute 
1962 April 5 debate news Debaters emerge unbeaten from Notre Dame tourney 
1962 April 5 David Busby news Ministerial fellowship to hear psychiatrist 
1962 April 5 Fort Lauderdale news IV launches operation evangelism 
1962 April 5 baseball sports Double header at Northwestern University to open 1962 Crusader baseball season 
1962 April 5 track sports Track team moves outside to continue Spring season 
1962 April 5 basketball sports Basketball tourney 
1962 April 12 Men's Glee Club front page Men's Glee to tour Europe 
1962 April 12 Spring comprehensives front page Senior Comps 
1962 April 12 Graduation speaker front page Graduation speaker named 
1962 April 12 Student Council presidential primary convention front page Council presidential primary delegations being organized 
1962 April 12 Spring tours front page College Choi, Women's, Men's Glee travel through U.S. Spring tours 
1962 April 12 American Association of Evangelical Students front page AAES elects sophomore McIlnay president for 1962-63 at convention over weekend 
1962 April 12 Christian Herald Award front page  Award granted to Lindberg 
1962 April 12 poem  Indifference 
1962 April 12 politics letters to the editor Writer suggests mud fund 
1962 April 12 Federal Aid is for the Birds letters to the editor Letter question fate of golden egg 
1962 April 12 National Library Week news Council, library plan observance 
1962 April 12 education postscript...  
1962 April 12 college praise news College's distinctive emphasis praised 
1962 April 12 Peace Corps news Volunteers for peace corps positions take entrance test for fall openings 
1962 April 12 work day news '63 to plant trees 
1962 April 12 Danish Gym Team news Danish gymnasts schedule performance with 'Sound Mind in Sound Body' theme 
1962 April 12 Concert band news Band to perform concert April 28 
1962 April 12 recital news Senior voice recital slated 
1962 April 12 Chicago Area Forensic Association tournament news Speakers receive tournament honors 
1962 April 12 Catherine Crozier news Miss Crozier to play 
1962 April 12 baseball sports Baseball team drops openers 
1962 April 12 golf sports Carney captains golf team in season opener at Lewis 
1962 April 12 basketball sports Netmen beat DePaul extend wins to 17 
1962 April 26 primary convention front page Six vie in primary convention 
1962 April 26 William Carey front page Pioneer missionary honored in chapel 
1962 April 26 Illinois state academy of science front page 55th Illinois Academy of Science meeting to feature field trips, sessions, banquet 
1962 April 26 social work front page Social work confab includes Voget, Jaeck in discussions 
1962 April 26 Concert band front page Band ends tour, gives performance 
1962 April 26 Catherine Crozier front page Leading organist, teacher performs, conducts class 
1962 April 26 fashion show front page Smith halld hosts fashion show, brunch 
1962 April 26 student platforms front page Platforms accent student interests 
1962 April 26 gym team sports Danish Gym team performs 
1962 April 26 track sports Cindermen return with 2-2 record 
1962 April 26 volleyball sports Taba's scrubs take volleyball tourney 
1962 April 26 recital news Carls gives recital 
1962 April 26 Pershing rifles news Pershing rifles dine 
1962 May 3 Student Council president elections front page Convention selects Cawood, Strachen 
1962 May 3 Glee Club front page Glee Club presents concert in 'Yon Garden Fair' theme 
1962 May 3 Tiffany Memorial Lecture front page Tiffany lecture spotlights Asian crisis 
1962 May 3 sophomore class offices front page Freshmen name candidates 
1962 May 3 CSC front page Wolfram win CSC election 
1962 May 3 College reading program front page Committee selects Bell's 'Crowd Culture' 
1962 May 3 Men's Glee Club front page Men's glee club sings in Chicago 
1962 May 3 speech recital front page Kemper gives Caine Mutiny 
1962 May 3 Business Forum front page Business forum meets 
1962 May 3 student council election Op-Ed Concerning the election 
1962 May 3 choices Comments by Coates  
1962 May 3 Golden Eggs Letters to the Editor Letter presents answer to writer who questioned fate of golden eggs 
1962 May 3 chapel Letters to the Editor Johnson asks about chapel 
1962 May 3 art exhibition news Art exhibition displays Majors' work 
1962 May 3 Philadelphia orchestra news Ormandy directs Philadelphia orchestra 
1962 May 3 recitals news Composition, voice recitals scheduled for next week 
1962 May 3 Big sisters, brothers news Big sisters, brothers slate chapel Friday 
1962 May 3 Tennis sports Tennis team captures second place in Great Lakes Tourney competition 
1962 May 3 football, soccer sports Spring practice starts for football, soccer 
1962 May 3 baseball sports Crusader nine end tour with 3-4 record, defeat Lewis in Saturday doubleheader 
1962 May 3 track sports Great Lakes crown Condermen yield 
1962 May 3 German club news German club dinner slated for Saturday 
1962 May 10 Student Council elections front page Suggestion: Vote for Harry 
1962 May 10 elections front page Primary Elections name final candidates 
1962 May 10 CSC front page Waring to fill President's office 
1962 May 10 Philadelphia Symphony front page Symphony plays softball 
1962 May 10 Brave son front page Brave son lives on, maybe 
1962 May 10 Student Council Constitution Op-Ed Revision needed 
1962 May 10 national defense Comments by Coates  
1962 May 10 CSC Letters to the Editor Wolfram resigns as CSC president 
1962 May 10 Golden Egg Letters to the Editor Writer corrects error; redefines Golden egg 
1962 May 10 CSC news Christian Service Council elected 
1962 May 10 Federal Aid Letters to the Editor Position on aid questioned 
1962 May 10 Men's Glee Club news 'Rhapsody' forms theme of concert featuring soloist, Mens Glee Club 
1962 May 10 skid row news Skid row men use new mode of contact: busload take for picnic, outing Saturday 
1962 May 10 College Choir news College Choir makes record 
1962 May 10 Oratory Contest news Winner Announced in Oratory Contest 
1962 May 10 College Choir news College Choir makes record 
1962 May 10 Gay nineties Social news Gay nineties social furnishes food, fun 
1962 May 10 baseball sports Baseball Crusaders win one-run games; eliminate Northern Illinois 13-12, 3-2 
1962 May 10 WRA sports WRA's annual brunch honors members 
1962 May 10 recital news Hoekstra to present Junior Piano recital 
1962 May 10 softball sports Extramurals play first softball games 
1962 May 10 Tennis sports Tennis 
1962 May 17 College Union elections front page Daub, Ohman vie for president 
1962 May 17 Leadership Training program front page Speakers, workshops, panel slated part of leadership training program 
1962 May 17 Young Republicans Club front page Attorney to address Republicans 
1962 May 17 recital front page Singing from bird will soon be heard 
1962 May 17 Student Council president Op-Ed Cawood speaks 
1962 May 17 international students Op-Ed Operation 60,000 
1962 May 17 Leadership Training Program Comments by Coates  
1962 May 17 Thank you Letters to the Editor Letter thanks hospitality 
1962 May 17 Cookout news Chuckwagon cookout receives high rating 
1962 May 17 National Students Association news Nine represent Wheaton at NSA regional convention 
1962 May 17 staff news 14 Staff members receive promotions; progesorships effective in September 
1962 May 17 faculty briefs news Faculty Briefs 
1962 May 17 Class officers News Cawood wins vote in close election; new class officers prepare to lead 
1962 May 17 Erwin Rudolph News Rudolph awarded doctorate degree 
1962 May 17 Class picnics News Classes to picnic Saturday 
1962 May 17 McManis banquet News McManis plans fete at Hilton hotel 
1962 May 17 Student council News Paddon, Getman to become mom, pop to new freshman 
1962 May 17 Senior Sneak News Seniors sneak away to Frontier Ranch, Colorado 
1962 May 17 Associated Women Students News AWS Prexy to be elected 
1962 May 17 Music scholarships News Hoekstra, Lowenaar, Taylor awarded music scholarships 
1962 May 17 Science  News Money to faculty for science work 
1962 May 17 Music News Koelsch-Keller give voice-piano recital 
1962 May 17 Saxophone recital News Taylor gives recital assisted by Forsberg 
1962 May 17 Tennis Sports Twelve wins, two losses in tennis; Crusaders show good spirit, ability 
1962 May 17 Science Station News Black Hills Science Station provides opportunities for study, fun, exercise 
1962 May 17 Track Sports Crusaders compete in Beloit relays 
1962 May 17 Track & Field Sports Crusader Cindermen override Albion College 
1962 May 17 Tennis Sports Women's tennis team wins at Millikin and Concordia 
1962 May 17 Golf Sports Golf team holes out for season 
1962 May 17 Western Electric News Wheaton profs train Western Electric men 
1962 May 17 Football Sports Orange Bears beat Blue Wolves in intersquad competition football 
1962 May 17 Graduates in the future Photo collage '62 in '63 
1962 May 24 Commencement Front Page Graham, Edman to challenge graduates; Scotchmer, Hitt to receive doctorates 
1962 May 24 Choir Front Page Choir, soloists and narrator dramatize King David's life 
1962 May 24 Glee Club Front Page Men's Glee to recall year's events at banquet in Moraine-on-the-lake 
1962 May 24 Gospel team Front Page Gospel team to visit 12 states, Canada 
1962 May 24 AWS Election Front Page AWS elects Steiff president next year, sets changes in women's regulations 
1962 May 24 Atlantic Monthly Front Page Strachan takes second place in 'Atlantic Monthly' contest 
1962 May 24 Last Issue Editorial In Retrospect 
1962 May 24 Knowledge Op-Ed Comments by Coates 
1962 May 24 French Club News Hale elected Prexy of new French Club 
1962 May 24 Record staff News Editor selects staff for '62-'63 Record 
1962 May 24 College Union News Stereo-FM bought for formal lounge 
1962 May 24 Professors News Three professors return from absences; others retire, leave for graduate study 
1962 May 24 McManis Banquet news Griffin emcees McManis banquet; Aurora's Conrad-Hilton hosts couples 
1962 May 24 recital news Music by Brown slated for Tuesday 
1962 May 24 Student Mission Forum picnic news Annual SMF picnic to feature sports 
1962 May 24 College Union President news Ohman is Union Prexy 
1962 May 24 Philosophy Honor Society news Philosophy honor society establishes local chapter 
1962 May 24 gifts news Gifts totaling $3750 received by College 
1962 May 24 track sports Trackmen thoroughly beat two teams; strong Saturday score stands 110-21 
1962 May 24 tennis sports Girl netters win; drop North Central 
 baseball sports Diamondmen sweep two wins: Bostrom resumes throwing 
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