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DateSubject (Personal Name or Topic)Column or SectionTopic or Title
1961 July 27 Orientation front page mom, pop, big brother, sister welcome new freshmen into Wheaton family 
1961 July 27 International Club front page International club invites foreigners 
1961 July 27 Pre-med club front page Pre-med club opens to science students 
1961 July 27 homecoming front page Homecoming celebration highlights Wheaton's fall calendar 
1961 July 27 Alumni Association front page Wheatonites find lifetime frienships by participation in Alumni Association 
1961 July 27 Forensics front page Forensics offer training 
1961 July 27 Christian Service Council news Christian service council coordinates work 
1961 July 27 Women's Recreation Association news WRA specializes in variety of recreational activities 
1961 July 27 College Union news Union supplies services, conveniences to provide rich social life on campus 
1961 July 27 Artist Series news Artist Series for 1961-1962 to satisfy varied tastes 
1961 July 27 Student Education Association news Future Teachers find SEA invaluable aid 
1961 July 27 College Union Lyceum news Lyceum brings lecturers 
1961 July 27 charge to freshmen  It's all yours... 
1961 July 27 Prexy welcomes students  Prexy says 
1961 July 27 Chaplain Welsh welcome  a word from... Chaplain Welsh 
1961 July 27 Men's Glee Club news New life permeates men's Glee as summer ends, school begins 
1961 July 27 Choir news Small choir offers on-campus singing 
1961 July 27 Women's Glee Club news Women's Glee members sing, serve 
1961 July 27 String orchestra news Strings anticipate good year 
1961 July 27 College Choir news men, women in choir perform sacred numbers 
1961 July 27 Concert band news Unusual vocabulary helps make music for concert band 
1961 July 27 Festival chorus news Volunteers sing in festival chorus 
1961 July 27 athletics sports College life, athletics go together at Wheaton 
1961 July 27 football sports 23 lettermen return for 1961 football 
1961 July 27 fall sports sports Department offers camp for fall sports applicants 
1961 July 27 soccer news Soccer team brings 11 lettermen back to play in midwest college conference 
1961 July 27 cross country sports 2 seniors, 1 soph return to bid for successful cross country year 
1961 July 27 intramurals sports intramurals plan full year 
1961 July 27 Pepclub news Pep Club Cheers at Crusader games 
1961 July 27 Parents' day  news Parnts' day offers course in phases of college life 
1961 July 27 Record staff news Staff of 75 publishes paper 
1961 July 27 WETN news Station WETN plans broadcasting on FM band 
1961 July 27 Lambda Iota Tau news Lambda stimulates literature students 
1961 July 27 The Tower news Tower staff gives up trying to catch readers' attention to Wheaton yearbook 
1961 July 27 Kodon news Literary Magazine features creativity 
1961 July 27 Pershing Rifles news Pershing Rifles boosts Wheaton 
1961 September 15 Pep Club front page Reorganized Pep Club readies vests for rally 
1961 September 15 New dormitory front page New Dormitory Houses Junior, freshmen women 
1961 September 15 Absence policy front page New attendance policy eases regulations, provides definite limit on total absences 
1961 September 15 Christmas Oratorio front page Weekly rehearsals to commence for traidtional Christmas Oratorio 
1961 September 15 Outstanding Wheaton editorial Outstanding?... 
1961 September 15 football sports Football squad prepares for opener with vengence-seeking valparaiso 
1961 September 15  Comments by Coates  
1961 September 15 soccer sports Scrimmage with Maryknoll to open new soccer season 
1961 September 15 sports Tally  
1961 September 21 New members front page New Members Join Faculty 
1961 September 21 Fall Evagelistic Services front page Washington Pastor to speak at fall evangelistic services 
1961 September 21 Dr. Hilde Reinartz front page 'Dead' Lady gives life to refugees 
1961 September 21 ROTC front page New ruling requires ROTC cadets to wear uniforms to classes during October only 
1961 September 21 Festival Concert front page Prominent string ensemble to give festival concerts of classical music 
1961 September 21 Panel forum front page Forum to Discuss 'Are Heathen Lost?' 
1961 September 21 Fischer Chapel Film front page 'Death of Socrates' enacted in Fischer Chapel film 
1961 September 21 campaign promises  The Platform 
1961 September 21 studio cards Comments by Coates  
1961 September 21 Communism Contemporary Thought  
1961 September 21 Initiation Week news Frosh to be Royalty Ushered into college family friday 
1961 September 21 forensic season news Department Launches '61-'62 Forensic Year 
1961 September 21 Civil Service Exams news Civil Service Exams Offered 
1961 September 21 football sports Football begins season with Valpo Romp 
1961 September 21  Tally  
1961 September 21 Soccer sports Gordon to Oppose in Soccer opener 
1961 September 28 football game front page Special train planned for St. Louis game; 300 students minimum needed for trip 
1961 September 28 West suburban hospital front page West Sub Student nurses give therapy treatments 
1961 September 28 homecoming weekend front page Presentation of world without end to climax homecoming weekend 
1961 September 28 George Beverly Shea front page Shea to climax music for evangelistic services 
1961 September 28 film front page Film tonight portrays trial, death of Socrates 
1961 September 28 "Christianity and Aesthetics" front page Author-professor Kilby writes book concerning Christianity and the arts 
1961 September 28 Supreme Court  Where do we go from here? 
1961 September 28 anecdote Comments by Coates  
1961 September 28 Business Contemporary Thought How to be a successful Christian businessman (in six easy lessons) 
1961 September 28 Student missionary news Student missionary Rusk finds jungle life rewarding 
1961 September 28 Young Republican Club news Young Republican bid for members; aim to gain power in state group 
1961 September 28 Conservatory of Music concerts news Concerts to feature artists in ensemble 
1961 September 28 Ocean Campus news Ocean Campus provides mobile college classes 
1961 September 28 science department news industrial grants aid science department 
1961 September 28 Bible forums news Forum to discuss nuclear war, Christian 
1961 September 28 football sports Crusaders down Northern Illinois 7-2 with touchdown in closing minutes 
1961 September 28 football and girls sports So who understands football? 
1961 September 28 soccer sports Soccermen 'drown' Gordon 5-0 in rain 
1961 September 28 cross country sports Cross country team to initiate season with Loyola meet 
1961 September 28 football Tally  
1961 October 5 Council library front page Council library committee plans fountain, typewriter, pay phone 
1961 October 5 panel front page Panel decries attitude toward nuclear war 
1961 October 5 Pershing Rifles front page Cadet pledges to guard women's dorms for Pershing Rifles initiation ceremony 
1961 October 5 Archaeology Conference front page Albright to speak on recent archaeological discoveries 
1961 October 5 Peace corps front page Wheaton students qualified to fill teaching positions in Peace Corps 
1961 October 5 Freshmen Initiation Op-Ed Initiation? 
1961 October 5 Dr. Carl F.H. Henry Op-Ed Contemporary Thought 
1961 October 5 The human brain Op-Ed Comments by Coates 
1961 October 5 Supreme Court Letters to the Editor Cook takes issue with last editorial 
1961 October 5 Clyde S. Kilby Letters to the Editor Kilby clarifies new book story 
1961 October 5 football posters News Football posters displaced in stores 
1961 October 5 Laymen's retreat News Halverson to speak at laymen's retreat 
1961 October 5 black hills News Black Hills campus offers outdoor science laboratory 
1961 October 5 sports review Tally  
1961 October 5 Cross Country sports Cross Country Team Swamps Valpo 18-47 
1961 October 5 soccer sports Soccermen tie Purdue 2-2; to play Calvin, Mich. State 
1961 October 5 football sports Eleven blanks hope dutchmen 20-0; to take on Wayne State University 
1961 October 5 Chicago Symphony Chamber Ensemble news Ensemble to present third Saturday concert 
1961 October 5 Health Services news Health Center stresses urgency of innoculation against influenza 
1961 October 13 homecoming weekend front page Homecoming weekend portrays vision, victory 
1961 October 13 Archeology Conference front page Archeology conference to hear Albright on significance of Dead Sea Scrolls 
1961 October 13 drama front page Drama to depict search for "World Without End" 
1961 October 13 homecoming events front page Pep Rally, pageant follow band concert 
1961 October 13 Dr. P. Kenneth Gieser front page Annual Alumni award received by Gieser 
1961 October 13 chapel review Op-Ed Modern Art for Christians? 
1961 October 13 dinks Letters to the Editor Can dinks alane create class spirit? 
1961 October 13 Dead Sea Scrolls Contemporary Thought  
1961 October 13 freedom Comments by Coates  
1961 October 13 homecoming  Chaplain's Message 
1961 October 13 Coach Ed Coray  Coach extends welcome to returning alumni 
1961 October 13 homecoming News Men, Women's Glee, Band give concert 
1961 October 13 Peace Corps news Bowman to interview applicants 
1961 October 13 homecoming parade news dignitaries, floats to parade at halftime 
1961 October 13 Roger Wagner Chorale news Wagner Chorale to present concert 
1961 October 13 homecoming fashion News The "Homecoming Look" 
1961 October 13 Thomas Kay news Zonderman publishes Kay's book 
1961 October 13 writer's conference news french author to highlight writers' conference 
1961 October 13 National Student Association news Greener reports on NSA objectives 
1961 October 13 Union club news Union club to begin 
1961 October 13 annual homecoming banquet news Alumni to dine in gym tomorrow 
1961 October 13 football sports Crusaders face Bradley 
1961 October 13 cross country sports Cross country men split dual meet 
1961 October 13 intramural sports Fall intramural program receives enthusuastic start 
1961 October 13 cross country sports Puzzled distaffers receive cross country coaching 
1961 October 13 Gospel Blimp news Gospel Blimp to be filmed 
1961 October 13 soccer sports Soccermen lose to Michigan State after downing Calvin College 
1961 October 13 homecoming Photo collage  
1961 October 19 WETN front page WETN assigned FM frequency; programming to begin in Febraury 
1961 October 19 philosophy lecture news Wild to lecture philosophers 
1961 October 19 new dorm front page New dorm named after former dean 
1961 October 19 annual fall banquet front page Spinning wheel selected for annual fall banquet 
1961 October 19 artist series front page Artist series to present Wagner chorale Saturday 
1961 October 19 writers' conference front page Excellence needed in evangelical writing: Writers' Conference seeks improvement 
1961 October 19 Arnold Moss front page Moss to dramatize Civil War 
1961 October 19 Table Top News Op-Ed Table Top or News? 
1961 October 19 Pershing Rifle Comments by Coates  
1961 October 19 Communists Contemporary Thought  
1961 October 19 American Association of Evangelical Students news AAES program seeks answer to challenge of Communism 
1961 October 19 National Student ASsociation news Shelton condemns NSA, USC forms new group 
1961 October 19 National Student Congress news NSA coordinator Greener states Wheaton's position 
1961 October 19 Collegiate Council for International Relations news SC sets up committee on international relations 
1961 October 19 Kodon news New Kodon planned 
1961 October 19 night train news Night train planned to transport fans to game 
1961 October 19 Men's Glee Club news Plans completed for Glee stag party tomorrow night 
1961 October 19 International cafe news Scottish theme marks first international cafe 
1961 October 19 football Tally by Taylor  
1961 October 19 football sports Bradley scalped for homecomers; Crusafers head for NC rivals 
1961 October 19 soccer sports Booters aced by Earlham; Chi Illini pose next threat 
1961 October 26 Parents Day front page Parents day to feature concert, games, dinner 
1961 October 26 fall banquet front page Coray emcees fall banquet; Crusader Award to be made 
1961 October 26 Writers' conference front page Cailliet speaks on quest for truth 
1961 October 26 Young Republican Club front page Republicans to hear Illinois congressman 
1961 October 26 speech departement front page Students interpret best selling books 
1961 October 26 Artist Series front page Series to present "Singing Ambassador" 
1961 October 26 Arnold Moss front page Moss leads Lyceum in 'Roses and Drums' 
1961 October 26 Peace Op-Ed Peace of Pieces 
1961 October 26 Table Top News Letters to the Editor Table Top News - Or 15 Newspapers 
1961 October 26 Tally review Letters to the Editor Tally is lauded for sports insight 
1961 October 26 invention of mirrors and cameras Comments by Coates  
1961 October 26 a global Christian Contemporary Thought  
1961 October 26 Tally review Letters to the Editor House of Swartz Tables Tally 
1961 October 26 Halloween fling news Wing flings to barn 
1961 October 26 Wheaton Grad Wives news WGW to hold party 
1961 October 26 recital news Carls to give recital 
1961 October 26 College contests news Mademoiselle to award cash prizes in four contests for college coeds 
1961 October 26  Tally  
1961 October 26 football sports Crusaders exten wining streak to 6 
1961 October 26 soccer sports Booters lose 2-0 to Chicago Illini 
1961 October 26 cross country sports Harriers lose to Northern; take second at invitational 
1961 November 2 Assoicated Collegiate Press front page ACP rates record first-class, awards Tower All-American 
1961 November 2 Parents day weekend front page Alma Mater hosts Mater, Pater 
1961 November 2 Nation Student Association front page 20 students to represent Wheaton in NSA conference 
1961 November 2 philosophy conference front page Philosophers meet to think on 'What is metaphysics?' 
1961 November 2 Artist Series front page Warfield to present vocal program 
1961 November 2 annual fall banquet front page Students to attend annual fall banquet 
1961 November 2 politics Op-Ed Politics 
1961 November 2 childhood Comments by Coates  
1961 November 2 comment on the Tally Letters to the Editor... Faculty committee replies to question on opponents 
1961 November 2 attendance Letters to the Editor... 3 Students deplore attendance at Lyceum 
1961 November 2 Table Top News Letters to the Editor... Buffords, Wells 'Applauded' 
1961 November 2 Arnold Moss program postscript...  
1961 November 2 Hell Gate Station news Summer work at Hell Gate Station involves 12 students 
1961 November 2 College Union news Union to present premiger's 'St. Joan' 
1961 November 2 college newspaper contest news Contest entries solicited 
1961 November 2 class officers election news Freshman chapel to discuss election of class officers 
1961 November 2 David Gordon Memorial Training Room news Memory of training honored Saturday 
1961 November 2 Peace Corps news Bowman reports corps call for youth to serve abroad 
1961 November 2 College Union news Union participates in conference 
1961 November 2 Lt. Col. Edgar A. Holt news Holt to lecture historians on military strategy of US 
1961 November 2 Smith Residence Hall news Prexy to dedicate dorm; former dean honored 
1961 November 2 Parents day program news Parents day program to depict campus life 
1961 November 2 soccer sports Soccer team downs Illinois University 
1961 November 2 basketball sports Basketball team begins practice for opener with Lake Forest College 
1961 November 2  Tally  
1961 November 2 track sports Trackmen defeat Wayne 
1961 November 2 hockey sports Hockey team boasts undefeated record 
1961 November 2 footall sports Carroll's Pioneers to give final test to Crusader quest for perfect record 
1961 November 2 Parents day Photo Collage Where's my Boy? 
1961 November 9 McAlister Conservatory of Music Building front page New Music Building Announced 
1961 November 9 fall banquet front page Fall banquet to entertain 150 couples 
1961 November 9 philosophy conference front page Wild speaks at Conference; Metaphysics theme chosen 
1961 November 9 Scholatsic Honor Society front page Honor Society inducts Senior members 
1961 November 9 football front page Crusaders complete perfect season 
1961 November 9 Army Commendation Medal news Commendation awarded to Wheaton Officer by Army 
1961 November 9 Presidential Candidates news Primaries narrow down '65 Candidates 
1961 November 9 Publications Board news Pub-Board to meet to select editors 
1961 November 9 Musa Amalemba news Kenya's Amalemba to speak on Africa 
1961 November 9 College Union news 'Joan of Arc' film sponsored by Union 
1961 November 9 joint recital news Seniors to give joint recital of vocal and violin classics 
1961 November 9 String Orchestra news Orchestra to present 1961-62 concert opener 
1961 November 9 soccer sports Soccermen succumb to St. Louis Booters 
1961 November 9 football Tally  
1961 November 9 Intramural sports IM championship goes to legions 
1961 November 9 track sports Wilkinson paces losing Thinclads 
1961 November 16 International week front page Foreign Students to convene during international week 
1961 November 16 Musa Amalemba front page Kenya's minister of housing to address Lyceum tomorrow 
1961 November 16 Freshman class elections front page Galde elected Frosh Prexy in speical run-off election 
1961 November 16 Oxford Club front page Scientist-biographer talks to Oxford Club 
1961 November 16 Dave Iha front page Gift ticket enables Iha to fly home 
1961 November 16 Coutesy Cards front page Courtesy cards aid in Christmas travel 
1961 November 16 Musa Amalemba Op-Ed Lethargy or Lyceum? 
1961 November 16 history of basketball Comments by Coates  
1961 November 16 Fall Spiritual Retreat news Panel to sift controversies during fall spiritual retreat 
1961 November 16 philosophy conference news 'Christianity vs. Existentialism' lecture climaxes annual philosophy conference 
1961 November 16 Chicago Symphony Orchestra news Rosbaud to conduct artist series 
1961 November 16 Spring Fine Arts Festival news Spring Fine Arts Festival to emphasize creativity 
1961 November 16 SMF news SMF to sponsor fall Singspiration 
1961 November 16 WRA news Classes to compete in WRA sports day 
1961 November 16 String Orchestra news String Orchestra to present concert 
1961 November 16 CSC news Plans completed for service Tuesday 
1961 November 16 cross country sports Thinclads to host 20 teams in NCAA meet 
1961 November 16 soccer sports Soccermen complete season with loss to Washington 
1961 November 16  Tally  
1961 November 24 Virgil Fox front page New York Organist Fox presents concert tonight 
1961 November 24 Bible Forum front page Panelists to discuss Bible Forum topic 
1961 November 24 White House Regional Conference front page Dyrness attends education conclave 
1961 November 24 International Weekend front page Collegiate Internationals convene to examine goals 
1961 November 24 Anthropology club lecture front page Wilson lectures Anthropology Club on Christian basic presuppositions 
1961 November 24 Tune Tangle Trophy front page Junior Class wins Tune Tangle Trophy 
1961 November 24 International Student Mission Convention front page Mission Conference planned by inter-varisty fellowship 
1961 November 24 Sister Tea front page Sisses' to hold tea at Smith Hall Sat. 
1961 November 24 Chicago Symphony Orchestra front page Rosebaud to guest-direct symphony 
1961 November 24 faculty salaries Op-Ed Suffering Salaries 
1961 November 24 Centennial House Comments by Coates  
1961 November 24 Musa Amalemba postscript...  
1961 November 24 Peace Corps news Peace Corps Operations, Goals Outlined 
1961 November 24 comment on 'Comments by Coates' Letters to the Editor Letter Congratulates 'Comments by Coates' 
1961 November 24 Publications Board news Publications, WETN heads selected; Hardesty, Bauman chosen new editors 
1961 November 24 College Business Board news Faulkner Re-elected director on college business board 
1961 November 24 Dr. Samuel Schultz news Schultz's book on Old Testament enters second printing by Harpers 
1961 November 24 Kappa Sigma Phi news Kappas hold second social event 
1961 November 24 Pep Club sports Pep club perfecting cheers for first game 
1961 November 24 cross country sports Southern Illinois wins NCAA meet; Loras college runner breaks record 
1961 November 24 basketball sports Cagers practice to prepare for Lake Forest opener 
1961 November 24 WRA sports day sports Classes to Compete in WRA sports day 
1961 November 30 annual Christmas Oratorio front page 4 soloists to join chorus in presentation of 'Messiah' 
1961 November 30 holiday readings front page Recital introduces holiday 
1961 November 30 Donald MacKay front page Editor accepts call to New Jersey pastorate 
1961 November 30 textbooks front page Cooperative formed to sell textbooks 
1961 November 30 cheerleaders front page Cheerleaders direct rally 
1961 November 30 Sgt. Clark Lovett front page Former instructor Sgt. Lovett dies of heart attack Sunday 
1961 November 30 Pakistani educators front page Two Pakistani educators visit campus 
1961 November 30 Oxford club front page Lewis speaks at Oxford club on necessity of moon trip 
1961 November 30 bike riding Op-Ed Reflections.. 
1961 November 30 social problems Comment by Coates  
1961 November 30 summer ministry news Bumpy, dusty miles span long way to poor people with hungering souls 
1961 November 30 Bible forum news Forum warns of subversion 
1961 November 30 student council news Student council forms committee to review student conduct situations 
1961 November 30 Senior Comprehensive news Comps to examine seniors on major 
1961 November 30 Collegiate Hoax news Collegiate hoax crosses phone wires; dazes FBI with Air Force security gag 
1961 November 30 Dr. Tenny's book news Tenny's book receives note; named among year's best 
1961 November 30 student teaching news Student teachers learn by experience 
1961 November 30 basketball sports Basketballer sopen season tomorrow at Lake Forest 
1961 November 30 soccer sports Soccermen to take time out for social 
1961 November 30 wrestling news Grapplers plan to travel to Urbana to participate in Illinois tournament 
1961 November 30  Tally  
1961 November 30 WRA news WRA sponsors class competition day 
1961 December 7 Dr. Henry A. Kissinger front page Harvard's Kissinger to talk on U.S. Policy, disarmament 
1961 December 7 Record staff front page Hardesty names '62 staff 
1961 December 7 Christmas oratorio front page Guest artists and 250 voice chorus perform Christmas oratorio, Messiah 
1961 December 7 Pi Gamma Mu front page Pi Gamma Mu meets to discuss projects 
1961 December 7 annual Union party front page Union has 'Old Fashioned Christmas' 
1961 December 7 CSC front page CSC sponsors carol sing in Pierce chapel 
1961 December 7 Lambda Iota Tau front page Lambda hosts North Central for panel on T.S. Eliot poetry 
1961 December 7 Food Service Christmas party front page Food service party to bring Christmas spirit to employees 
1961 December 7 Evans dorm annual Christmas carol sing front page Evans Dorm, Frosh Carol Sing Sunday 
1961 December 7 borrowing or stealing Op-Ed Borrowers...or Bandits? 
1961 December 7 correction Letters to the Editor Hakes Corrects Inaccuracy 
1961 December 7 Thank you letter Letters to the Editor Iha thanks students for trip 
1961 December 7 Kodon news Group suddests four ideas to improve communication 
1961 December 7 V. Raymond Edman news President seeks to clarify policies on salaries, building 
1961 December 7 anthropology Comment by Coates  
1961 December 7 Westmont exchange program news Westmont exchange program continues 
1961 December 7 recital news Krem, Brass groups to present recital 
1961 December 7 basketball sports Crusaders lose to inspired Hope, 79-63 
1961 December 7 Lifeline seminar news Vaus to discuss Harlem at seminar 
1961 December 7 wrestling sports Grapplers tracel to DeKalb seeking revenge for loss 
1961 December 7 basketball sports Bucketmen begin season with two decisive wins 
1961 December 7 WRA soirts Freshmen take first in tournament while competing in WRA sports day 
1961 December 14 Student Publication Front Page President okays publication 
1961 December 14 David Wiegman Front Page Junior David Wiegman killed in weekend auto accident 
1961 December 14 Auto accidents Editorial...  Who will be next? 
1961 December 14 Henry Kissinger Front Page Political scientist discusses U.S. policy, disarmament 
1961 December 14 Auto accident Front Page Accident injures 2 as car rams tree 
1961 December 14 Bomb alert Front Page Bomb instructions approved 
1961 December 14 Clapham Society Op-Ed Welcome! 
1961 December 14 Communism Letters to the Editor Schmitt corrects quote on communism 
1961 December 14 Lunch Line Letters to the Editor TCAC clarifies lunch line cutting 
1961 December 14 Alumni Letters to the Editor Old grad lauds alumni 
1961 December 14 Swedish basketball team News Crusaders to face Swedish nationals 
1961 December 14 Fashion fair News Fashion fair needs used clothes to sell 
1961 December 14 Truth Op-Ed Comments by Coates 
1961 December 14 Clothing Drive News Briefs Clothing drive to aid refugees from Cuba 
1961 December 14 Service award News Briefs Weather bureau grants service award 
1961 December 14 Sophomore holiday party News Briefs Sophs to sing, decorate Christmas tree 
1961 December 14 Medical convention News Briefs Wheaton to host medical convention 
1961 December 14 Jim Vaus News Work among hell gate teenage gangs described by Vaus at YFC seminar 
1961 December 14 Political club News Campus Claphams form political club 
1961 December 14 basketball sports Crusaders nipped by Dekalb Huskies 
1961 December 14 wrestling sports Crusaders wrestlers succumb to NIU 
1961 December 14 All-American Honors sports Iha, Kemna receive All-American honors 
1961 December 14 basketball sports Clicking Crusaders romp - too strong for Britons 
1961 December 14  Tally  
1961 December 14 WETN front page WETN receives equipment awaits testing, final OK 
1961 December 14 Coach Jack Swartz front page Swartz nominated for Coach-of-year 
1961 December 14 Matthew S. Evans front page Evans dies of heart attack 
1961 December 14 senior recitals front page Louwenaar, Roper perform in final senior recitals 
1961 December 14  Comments by Coates  
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