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DateSubject (Personal Name or Topic)Column or SectionTopic or Title
1961 January 5  Artist Series, Byron Janis front page Janis to Present Artist Series Concert  
1961 January 5 Sharon Allison  front page  Christmas Day Wreck Kills Allison, '60 Graduate  
1961 January 5  Corrine Sonneveldt  front page  Sonneveldt, College Union Adviser, Attends Harvard Case Study Seminar  
1961 January 5  Dr. Robert B. Munger  front page  Munger Speaks at Services  
1961 January 5  senior class gift  front page  Seniors Decide to Buy Projectors For Edman Chapel, Discuss Sneak  
1961 January 5  Household Finance Foundation, grant  front page  Wheaton Receives 200 Dollar Grant  
1961 January 5  senior recital  front page  Abbey to PResent Senior Recital on Edman Organ  
1961 January 5  Men's Glee Club  front page  Men's Glee Club to Sing, Prexy to Speak on TV Programs  
1961 January 5  parking   Parking Problems...  
1961 January 5  President, Cabinet  The Otissey  President versus Cabinet  
1961 January 5  WETN news WETN Staf Plans Roller Skating Party  
1961 January 5 travel  Glass Fish   
1961 January 5  evening courses  News Briefs  College to Offer 2 Evening Courses  
1961 January 5  med school scholarships  News Briefs  2 Win Med School Scholarships  
1961 January 5  Spanish Club  News Briefs  Spanish Club Features 'Day of Kings'  
1961 January 5  placement bureau  News  Placement Bureau Helps Grads Find Jobs  
1961 January 5  aid to athletes  The Bullpen   
1961 January 5  basketball  sports  Hoopsters Drop 3 of 4 During Vacation  
1961 January 5  intramural basketball  sports  31 Teams Open Season  
1961 January 5  basketball  sports Basketmen Travel to Lake Forest Return Home to Face St. Norbert 
1961 January 5 wrestling  sports Matmen Take on Wisconsin Branch  
1961 January 12  Dr. G. Constantine, Russia  front page  Constantine Addresses Faculty, Staff  
1961 January 12  Junior Recital  front page  Roper Performs Junior Recital on Organ for Vesper Service  
1961 January 12  Piano Concert  front page  Janis Gives Piano Concert  
1961 January 12  Marine Corps  front page  Marine Corps Offers PLC Course For Commissions Upon Graduation  
1961 January 12  fashion show  front page  Girls to Sponsor Fashion Show; Proceeds to Go to Vaus Work  
1961 January 12  ministers' handbook  front page  New Ministers' Handbook Receives Contributions from Edman, Tenney  
1961 January 12  House Council chairman of College Union  front page  Miller Appoints Runnion Chairman of House Council  
1961 January 12  dining hall  front page  Dining Hall to Open Evenings for Study  
1961 January 12  Junior Piano Recital  front page  Sonneveldt, Conard to Give Joint Junio Piano Recital  
1961 January 12  changing editors   'finis'  
1961 January 12  parking news  jottings  
1961 January 12  student council  Spook, the Council Mascot   
1961 January 12  Grant  news Dupont Corporation Presents Grant of $4000 to Division of Science  
1961 January 12  dining hall  news  Silverware Disappears from Dining Hall  
1961 January 12  basketball  sports  Bucketmen Play 3 Games in 5 Days  
1961 January 12  indoor track  sports  Trackmen Go to Chicago  
1961 January 12  intramural basketball  sports  Upsets Dominate IM Basketball  
1961 January 12  wishes for Wheaton athletic program  The Bullpen   
1961 January 12  wrestling  sports  Matmen Trounce Milwaukee 29-2. Travel to Michigan for 2 Meets  
1961 Febraury 2  Frank H. Bellinger  front page  Republicam Bellinger Seeks Political Nomination  
1961 Febraury 2  National Association of Evangelicals  front page  15 Students Travel to Washington to Participate in Annual Seminar  
1961 Febraury 2  Robert B. Munger  front page  Munger Speaks at Services  
1961 Febraury 2  WETN  front page  WETN Manager Plans Staff Training  
1961 Febraury 2  automobile accidents  front page  Winter Accidents Involve 9 in Michigan, Pennsylvania  
1961 Febraury 2  Intervarsity Regional Conference  front page  Over 500 to Attend IVF Conference Here  
1961 Febraury 2  Merrill C. Tenney  front page  Tenney, Graduate School Dean, Addresses Winter Convocation  
1961 Febraury 2  Rana Leaser McDonald  front page  McDonald Dies  
1961 Febraury 2  NAE conference  front page  NAE Conference to Hear Cairns  
1961 Febraury 2  joint recital  front page  Stewart, Molander Give Joint Recital  
1961 Febraury 2  new ideas for semester  news  New Regime Begins  
1961 Febraury 2  student directory  news  Once More  
1961 Febraury 2  traffic cartoon  Letters to the Editor  White Downs Traffic Cartoon  
1961 Febraury 2  Thomas Askew  news  Askew to Begin Political Reviews  
1961 Febraury 2  Christian witnessing  Contemporary Thought   
1961 Febraury 2  Byron Janis  postscript...   
1961 Febraury 2  dating  news  Bookworms or Socialites  
1961 Febraury 2  West Suburban Hospital School of Nursing  news  West Sub Receives Accreditation  
1961 Febraury 2  Dr. Onas Scandrette articles  news  Scandrette Prints Articles  
1961 Febraury 2  conference  news  Career Conference Features Panelists  
1961 February 2  News Sports Editor  Sports  Tally 
1961 February 2  Basketball  Sports  Crusaders Topple Augustana, 75-72  
1961 Febraury 2  Wrestling  Sports  Wrestlers Win Quadrangular Meet, Bring Contest Record to 4-1-1  
1961 February 2  Track  Sports  Spikers Compete at U. of C.  
1961 February 9  Science Symposium  Front Page  Symposium Discusses Origins  
1961 February 9  Panel Discussions  Front Page  Chambers Directs Meetings  
1961 February 9  Chrouser  Front Page  Chrouser, Football Coach, Retires, To Continue as Department Chairman  
1961 February 9  Lyceum Series  Front Page  Judd, Representative from Minnesota, To Give Second Lyceum Series Lecture  
1961 February 9  Bellinger  Front Page  Bellinger Cops Nomination For Republican Position  
1961 February 9  Donating Blood  News  Blood Bank Planned  
1961 February 9  Directory  Letters to the Editor  Dyrness Answers Editorial  
1961 February 9  Christian witnessings  Letters to the Editor  Column Gives Wrong Slant  
1961 February 9  Literature  Letters to the Editor  Don Duck Defended  
1961 February 9  Cardinal Principles  Contemporary Thought  Love  
1961 February 9  Social Problems  Letters to the Editor  Kemper Questions Social Problem Root  
1961 February 9  Casuistry  Op-Ed  Symposium  
1961 February 9  Weekly Schedule  News  Wheaton's Week  
1961 February 9  Chapel  News  Chapel Slate  
1961 February 9  Intervarsity  News  Intervarsity Schedule  
1961 February 9  Music  News  Want to Major in Music?--There's a Lot Involved  
1961 February 9  Washington Banquet  News  Annual Washington Banquet To Feature Humorist Lowey  
1961 February 9  ROTC  News  12 ROTC Cadets Get Top Promotions  
1961 February 9  Engagaments, Marriages  News  Up the Tower; Down the Aisle  
1961 February 9  The "W" Club  Sports  Tally  
1961 February 9  Basketball  Sports  Alumni Stars Face Varisty Hoopsters  
1961 February 9  Basketball  Sports  Hoopsters Overwhelm Hope Fall 2 Points Short of Tampa  
1961 February 9  Wrestling  Sports  Matmen Conquer Wabash Grapplers  
1961 February 9  Intramurals  Sports  3 Sports Head Intramurals  
1961 February 16  Washington Seminar  Front Page  Seminar Students Visit Washington, New York  
1961 Febraury 2  Washington Semester  news  Buschman, Irwin Study Government At American U. Washington Semester  
1961 February 16  Mademoiselle Magazine  Front Page  Writers Try for Mademoiselle Prize  
1961 February 16  Fashion Fair  Front Page  Houses to Hold Fashion Fair  
1961 February 16  Faculty Firesides  Front Page  Firesides to Feature Week After Munger  
1961 February 16  USNSA Conference  Front Page  Council Members Represent Wheaton in Conferences at Illinois, Michigan State  
1961 February 16  Congressman Judd  Front Page  Congressman Judd to Give Address  
1961 February 16  Library  Front Page  Student Council Report  
1961 February 16  Music  Front Page  Taylor, Valentine To Present Recital  
1961 February 16  Symposium  Front Page  Symposium Schedule  
1961 February 16  Evolution  Op-Ed  Controversies  
1961 February 16  Week After Munger  Op-Ed  A Job Half Finished  
1961 February 16  Cardinal Principles  Contemporary Thought  Truth  
1961 February 16  Banquet Policy  Letters to the Editor  Hausman Clarifies Policy On Washington Banquet  
1961 February 16  Christian Witness  Letters to the Editor  Bryer Protests Carnell Statement  
1961 February 16  Christian Thought  Letters to the Editor  Students Praise Recent Breezes  
1961 February 16  Chapel  News  Chapel Slate  
1961 February 16  Schedule  News  Wheaton's Week  
1961 February 16  Cliff Hill  Letters to the Editor  Oh?  
1961 February 16  Nurds  News  Nurd Assumes Position Against Thought, Action  
1961 February 16  Women's Glee Club  News  Women's Glee to Weave 'Golden Things' into Banquet  
1961 February 16  Music  News  Rockholt from Augusta College to Present Vesper Organ Recital  
1961 February 16  VFW  News  VFW Post to Show Communism Filmstrip  
1961 February 16  Football  Sports  Tally  
1961 February 16  Wrestling  Sports  Wrestlers Host Invitational Tourney  
1961 February 16  Jack Swartz  Sports  Swartz Appointed Head Football Coach  
1961 February 16  Basketball  Sports  Varsity Basketmen Lose to Alumni  
1961 February 16  Track  Sports  Thinclads Top North Central  
1961 February 16  Basketball  Sports  Cagers to Dual at St. Louis, Chicago  
1961 February 23  summer missionary program  front page  Frist 12 Students Named to Participate in Next Summer's Missionary Program  
1961 February 23  joint recital  front page  Barrett, Weirde to Give Recital  
1961 February 23  science symposium  front page  Symposium Says Science, Scripture Agree  
1961 February 23  Young Republicans Club  front page  Young Republicans Win Posts  
1961 February 23  Danfrod Teachers Study Grant  front page  Bible Instuctor Kaiser Receives Danforth Teachers Study Grant  
1961 February 23  Washington Banquet  front page  Traditional WB Enters New Century  
1961 February 23  Christian Service   Is Christian Service...?  
1961 February 23  long lines  Letters to the Editor  Alumnus Expresses Regret Over Shortening of Lines  
1961 February 23  liturgical mistake  Letters for the Editor  8 Students Correct Liturgical Mistake  
1961 February 23  Congressman Judd  Letters to the Editor  Fuller Questions Judd's Label  
1961 February 23  Cliff Hill's Symposium  Letters to the Editor  Hill in Unreadable, Says Confused Aune  
1961 February 23  addictions  Contemporary Thought   
1961 February 23  Walter Judd  postscripts...   
1961 February 23  Christian Service Council  news  Message from Reed  
1961 February 23  Christian Service Council  news  CSC Expands in 22 years to Encompass 8 Times Original of Engagements  
1961 February 23  Christian Service Council  news  CBMC Sponsors Project at Servicemen's Center  
1961 February 23  Christian Service Council  news  DuPage Jail Provides Place of Service  
1961 February 23  Christian Service Council  news  Sunday Schoolers Hear About Christ Weekly  
1961 February 23  Young Life  news  Young Life Tries to Answer Questions of High Schoolers About Christ, His Life  
1961 February 23  Christian Service Council  news  30 Students Serve as Pioneer Guides  
1961 February 23  Hi-C Clubs  news  Hi-C Clubs Attempt to Meet High School Spiritual Needs  
1961 February 23  Campus Crusade  news  Campus Crusade Attempts to Reach World-wide College Student Leaders  
1961 February 23  Cook County Hospital  news  Cook. Co. Hospital Parients Respond to Christian Love  
1961 February 23  Youth for Christ  news  YFC Seeks to Solve Teenage Problems  
1961 February 23  Old people  news  Alert Oldsters Like Youthful Approach  
1961 February 23  Religious Therapy  news  Hospital Finds Religious Therapy Effective  
1961 February 23  Skid Row  news  Skid Row Men Envision Christ as Distant, Unconcerned Stranger  
1961 February 23  Crusader Cheerleaders  news  New Cheerleaders to be Chosen  
1961 February 23  Howard W. Smith  news  Rambling from Robb  
1961 February 23  debate tournament  news  Nystrom, Cawood Top Debate Tourney  
1961 February 23  wrestling  news  Wheaton Wins Invitational Tournament  
1961 February 23  basketball  sports  Hoopmen Win 2; Encounter Lake Forest, North Central  
1961 February 23  Track  sports  Trackmen Take on U of C, Notre Dame  
1961 February 23  athletic tournaments  Tally  
1961 March 2  blood bank  front page  College Blood Bank Reserve Established  
1961 March 2  Senior Recital  front page  Speech Major Thompson To Present Senior Recital  
1961 March 2  group prayer  front page  Rinker to Discuss Prayer at Meeting  
1961 March 2  mock UN Convention  front page  Students From 72 Member Nations Attend Mock Convention of United Nations  
1961 March 2  Hudson Taylor Armerding, Arthur A. Rupprecht  front page  Armerding, Rupprecht to Assume Professorships of History, Classics  
1961 March 2  Russian Course  news  Russian Course Recommended  
1961 March 2  personal letter from C.S. Lewis  Contemporary Thought   
1961 March 2  Student Missionary project  Letters to the Editor  Grad Tells Benefits of Missionary Project  
1961 March 2  green versus brown bag  Letters to the Editor  Coeds Plea for Green Bag to Replace Current Brown  
1961 March 2  postscripts criticisms  Letters to the Editor  Jeffrey Criticizes Column Implications  
1961 March 2  comment of Lewis  news  Kantzer Comments on Lewis  
1961 March 2  Foreign Missions Fellowship  news  White to Address FMF Group Meeting On Reaching Students Instead of Tribes  
1961 March 2  Senior film fundraiser  news  Seniors to Present Films to Raise Funds for Sneak  
1961 March 2  class parties  news  Classes Take Time to Relax at Parties  
1961 March 2  basketball  sports  Crusader Five Drop to Lake Forest, Conquer North Central to End Season  
1961 March 2  intramural basketball  sports  IM Record Broken Al, NL Contests Close  
1961 March 2  Track  sports  Spikers Tilt U of C, Notre Dame, Travel to West. Mich. Invitational  
1961 March 2  Pfundmen Five plus Ten  Tally   
1961 March 9  senior film fundraising, intiation of class gift  front page  Seniors to Show Films of Fantasy, Reality; Initiat Class Gift of 2 RCA Projectors  
1961 March 9  Artist Series  front page  Peters to Give Artist Series Performance  
1961 March 9  Alumni Association Annual Grant  front page  Mickelson Receives Annual Grant Awarded by Alumni Association  
1961 March 9  missionary services  front page  Strachan to Talk at Missionary Services  
1961 March 9  Blood donation  front page  175 Make Response to Donor Request for Blood Program  
1961 March 9 debate front page Debaters Tally 8-2 Record in University of Iowa Contest 
1961 March 9 dining hall  Criticisms Criticized 
1961 March 9 book review Book Review Section Last of the Mocassians 
1961 March 9 Russian as foreign language Letters to the Editor Fadenrecht Explains Language Situation 
1961 March 9 food service Letters to the Editor Hear This Plea, O Food Service 
1961 March 9 food service Letters to the Editor Siegel Denounces Good Services 
1961 March 9 Standard Oil Foundation chemistry scholarship news Standard Oil Gives Grant to Sandsmark 
1961 March 9 dining services Letters to the Editor Fuller Bemoans Dining Prohibition 
1961 March 9 secular-christian dichotomy Letters to the Editor Secular-Christian Dichotomy Arouses Van Sant's Concern 
1961 March 9 student directory news Registrar Publichse Directory Supplement 
1961 March 9 Festival Chorus news Espeseth to Direct Festical Chorus in St. Matthew Passion Presentation 
1961 March 9 summer jobs in Europe news ASIS Provides Summer Jobs in Europe 
1961 March 9 senior recital news Pianist Westerfield to Present Senior Rcital for Music Degree 
1961 March 9 WRA news WRA to Sponsor 40-Winks Gymboree 
1961 March 9 gymnastics sports Gymnists Practice for Spring Festival 
1961 March 9 Track sports Trackmen Take 4 Places In Western Michigan Relays 
1961 March 9 Wrestling sports 5 Wrestlers Go to Interstate Meet 
1961 March 9 Winter All-Sports sports Winter Sports Day Enters Final Round 
1961 March 9 sports Tally  
1961 March 16 Vocational Missions News Booklet Answers Questions on Vocational Missions 
1961 March 16 review of senior films postscript  
1961 March 16 Christian Service Council news State mental Hospital Closes Doors to Work of Christian Service Group 
1961 March 16 credit to editor for blood bank Letters to the Editor Hiffman Commends Initiative of Editor 
1961 March 16 comment on Lewis Letters to the Editor Jones Questions Comment on Lewis 
1961 March 16 X room MSC Letters to the Editor Old Undergrad Bemoans X-Room Change 
1961 March 16 meal tickets Letters to the Editor McKellin Lauds Editorial on Use of Meal Tickets 
1961 March 16 Christian; armed forces Contemporary Thought The Christian in the Armed Forces 
1961 March 16 MSC plaque  In Memoriam 
1961 March 16 Festival Chorus front page College-Community Festival Chorus To Present St. Matthew Passion 
1961 March 16 student missionaries front page Work Week to Raise Funds to Aid Student Missionaries 
1961 March 16 Roberta Peters front page Peters to Perform 
1961 March 16 orphans; Sping Festival Program front page Council to Bring Orphans to See Spring Festival Program 
1961 March 16 faculty promotions front page Fadenrecht Names Faculty Promotions 
1961 March 16 Dutch themed treats front page Cafe to Feature 'Holland House' 
1961 March 16 Charity front page Campus Chest to Conduct Drive; 5 Charities to Receive Donations 
1961 March 16 Spring Festival front page 'Spelunker Daze' to Highlight Spring Festival 
1961 March 16 Music News Reynolds to Perform Soprano Recital 
1961 March 16 Lyceum News FBI Inspector Sullivan To Give Lyceum Address 
1961 March 16 Chapel Schedule News Chapel Slate 
1961 March 16 Music News Josephson Presents Senior Piano Recital 
1961 March 16 Wrestling Sports Jeffery Wins First; Jarman, Ciccarelli, Take Third, Fourth in Case Tournament 
1961 March 16 Track Sports Trackmen Shine in 3 relays; To Run in Great Lakes Meet 
1961 March 16 Baseball Sports Baseball Hopefuls Practice for Trip 
1961 March 16 Intramurals Sports IM Contests Close 
1961 March 16 Coach Pfund Sports Tally 
1961 March 23 Spring break travels Front Page Record Urges Students to Be Careful as They Travel During Spring Break 
1961 March 23 Dr. Cyril Luckman Front Page Luckman Article Published 
1961 March 23 P.E. Front Page P.E. Dept. to Present Festival 
1961 March 23 Campus Chest Fund Drive Front Page Cate Announces Progress of Chest Fund Drive 
1961 March 23 Spring Festival  Front Page Students to Host Children at Festival; Two Homes, Academy Represented 
1961 March 23 Peace Corps News Peace Corps and Christmas 
1961 March 23 Governor Hatfield Contemporary Thought  
1961 March 23 Comment on Postscript Op-Ed P.S. On Postscript 
1961 March 23 Critique of Contemporary Thought Letters to the Editor Chase Criticizes Harrison's Article in Contemporary Thought Column 
1961 March 23 Cafe Discrimination Letters to the Editor Irishmen Protest Cafe Discrimination 
1961 March 23 Free Intellectual Thought Letters to the Editor Moore Downs Shoddiness of Free Intellectual Thought 
1961 March 23 Artist Series Postscript  
1961 March 23 Student Council News Student Council Meeting Discusses Campus Problems 
1961 March 23 Annual Dinner News Educators Attend Annual Dinner 
1961 March 23 Fireside Discussion News Chambers to Lead Fireside Discussion 
1961 March 23 College Union News Union Establishes New Guide Service 
1961 March 23 Blood donations news Final 'D-Day' Plans Near Completion; College Family to Give Blood Tuesday 
1961 March 23 Publications Board meeting news Publications Board Discusses Column 
1961 March 23 Chicago Area Speech Tournament News Speech Students to Attend Chicago Area Tournament 
1961 March 23 Short Story Award News Kern's Short Story Wins Cash Award 
1961 March 23 Golf Sports Golfers Anticipate Sparkling Season 
1961 March 23 Peace Corps news Peace Corps to Provide Cooperation Instead of Present Unconditional Gifts 
1961 March 23 Wrestling Sports Thinclads Break 4 Meet Records, Win Second Great Lakes Invitational 
1961 March 23 Intramurals Sports Juniors Win All-Sports Day; IM Basketball Tourney Next 
1961 March 23 Football Sports New Football Team To Begin Practice 
1961 March 23 Soccer Sports Soccer to Begin Spring Practice 
1961 March 23 Tennis Sports Tennis Squad of 6 To Tour Southland 
1961 March 23 Baskteball Sports Tally 
1961 March 23 Home Photo Collage Be It Ever So Humble... There's No Place Like Your Very Own Home 
1961 March 30 Debate Front Page Debaters Capture Honors in Chicago Area Tourney 
1961 March 30 Fashion Fair Front Page Fair Provides Funds For Hell-Gate Girls 
1961 March 30 Science Expo Front Page Science Division Sponsors Exposition 
1961 March 30 School Board Front Page Bellinger, Boardman To Seek Election to Assist Supervisor, School Board 
1961 March 30 Spring Tours Front Page Band, College Choir, Glee Clubs To Make Tours During Vacation 
1961 March 30 Grad School Lecture Front Page Physician-Psychiatrist Tournier To Speak in Grad School Lecture 
1961 March 30 Communist Challenge Front Page Lyceum to Present Communist Challenge 
1961 March 30 Physics Front Page  Physics Professor Rohrlich To Serve as Guest Lecturer 
1961 March 30 Travel Op-Ed Traveling? 
1961 March 30 Senior Gift Letters to the Editor Engdahl Lauds Senior Gift, New Column 
1961 March 30 Judd error Letters to the Editor 'New York Times' Clarifies Quoted Comment on Judd 
1961 March 30 X-Room Letters to the Editor Miller explains X-Room Change, Locates 'Spirited' Tennis Tables 
1961 March 30 Spring Fesitval Letters to the Editor Sherrard Expresses Gratitude For Brother, Sister Volunteers 
1961 March 30 Spring Festival Letters to the Editor Festival participants thanked for work 
1961 March 30 Bell Chime Letters to the Editor Scholars ask no bell chime 
1961 March 30 Dr. Brand News Brand to complete Post-doctoral study in insect ecology 
1961 March 30 Federal Aid News Washington Report 
1961 March 30 Drama News Faculty members express opinions on introduction of drama production 
1961 March 30 Freshmen Record News Freshmen to publish next issue of Record 
1961 March 30 SCAT test News 25 seniors receive standardization test 
1961 March 30 Bill Weitzel News Weitzel Receives Assistantship Offers 
1961 March 30 Summer Employment News Publications Describe Opportunities for Student Summer Employment 
1961 March 30 Baseball Sports Tally 
1961 March 30 Track Sports Track Squad Ends Season; Brandt Wins AAU Fourth 
1961 March 30 Baseball Sports Baseballers Prepare for Southern Trip 
1961 March 30 IM Basketball Sports Flash 
1961 March 30 Basketball Sports Harlem Stars, New York Rens To Compete in Basketball Game 
1961 April 13 Dr. Roland Young Front Page Africa Challenges the West 
1961 April 13 Grad Conference Front Page Tournier Speaks at Grad Conference 
1961 April 13 Dorm Banquet Front Page Williston Dorm Banquet To Feature 'Sakura-No-Jiki' 
1961 April 13 Music Front Page Miller to Give Recital 
1961 April 13 Panel Discussion Front Page Internationals to Discuss Colonialism, Nationalism 
1961 April 13 Music Front Page Whittemore to Play New Schantz Organ 
1961 April 13 Travelling Accidents Front Page Five students injured, one killed in weekend train, auto accidents 
1961 April 13 County Ballot Front Page Bellinger, Boardman lead ballot, win important county positions 
1961 April 13 Baseball Sports No-hitter, 4 game win streak, highlight crusader baseball trip 
1961 April 13 Tennis Sports Tennis squad captures all from confederate foes 
1961 April 13 Track Sports Trackmen compete at Wabash relays 
1961 April 13 Wrestling Sports Wrestlers dine at Evergreen's 
1961 April 13 Debate  News Debaters cop 'superior' rating at pi kappa delta tournament 
1961 April 13 National Library Week News Library Observes National Week 
1961 April 20 National Students Association front page Battle Looms in NSA Conclave 
1961 April 20 Tiffany Memorial Lecture front page Three Speakers to deal with Africa in Annual Tiffany Memorial Lecture 
1961 April 20 Faculty Fireside front page Faculty Fireside to Discuss books 
1961 April 20 American Association of Evangelical Students front page Evangel College hosts annual AAES convention 
1961 April 20 Band front page Band presents concert to climax spring tour 
1961 April 20 Dr. George J. Stigler front page Economist to give business lecture 
1961 April 20 oriental dinner front page International to Hold Oriental Dinner, program 
1961 April 20 Communism Op-Ed China and Cuba 
1961 April 20 library Op-Ed Sick, sick, sick 
1961 April 20 the Christian Life Contemporary Thought  
1961 April 20 Student Council news Student Council report 
1961 April 20 peace corps news Peace corps volunteers to obtain draft deferment 
1961 April 20 annual banquet news Record to hold annual banquet 
1961 April 20 Pershing Rifle Company K news Pershing Units Ranks in Rifle competition 
1961 April 20 craft shop news craft shop to hold open house 
1961 April 20 Dr. Samuel Robert Means Reynolds news Med School prof to lecture today 
1961 April 20 union club news Union Club Program Slates Friday night entertainment 
1961 April 20 recitals news Senior, 2 juniors to present recital 
1961 April 20 baseball sports Baseball team defeats lake forest, loses doubleheader to Lewis College 
1961 April 20 track sports Bad weather hampers trackmen in Loyola meet 
1961 April 20 wrestling sports Evergreen hosts wrestling banquet 
1961 April 20 golf sports Golfers skin Lewis, to play in triangular 
1961 April 20 tennis sports Tennis squad conquers 
1961 April 20 football Tally  
1961 April 27 National Student Association front page Conservatives win twice in NSA convention 
1961 April 27 orchestra front page Orchestra to feature baroque music 
1961 April 27 speech recital front page Peter Pan to fly through Neverland as Noblitt presents speech recital 
1961 April 27 college union front page Students to choose Prexy of 1961-1962 college union 
1961 April 27 recital front page Alumnus Dunn to present recital on Schantz organ 
1961 April 27 Frank Moss front page 'Experience Counts' 
1961 April 27 Student Elections Op-Ed Thimk 
1961 April 27 AAES Convention News AAES Convention indicates evangelical students on rise 
1961 April 27 Evans dorm banquet News Evans banquet to present "in the time of roses" 
1961 April 27 Buildings & Grounds Letters to the Editor Scholar commends B&G for cleanup job 
1961 April 27 Student elections Letters to the Editor Cambridge Club proposes discussion between candidates for president 
1961 April 27 NSA Letters to the Editor Henry explains purpose behind NSA organization 
1961 April 27 Kilby Letters to the Editor Kilby Lauds Record 
1961 April 27 Florence Nightingale Banquet News West Sub banquet to choose "Miss Florence Nightingale" 
1961 April 27 Music News Soprano Coyle, Baritone Vanderkoy to present required senior recitals 
1961 April 27 Holy Land Study News Scholarships to offer college study in Holy Land 
1961 April 27 Music News  Concert band to hold banquet at Fanny's 
1961 April 27 Oxford Club News Oxford Club seeks to fulfill need of wider awareness 
1961 April 27 ROTC News Freshman Cadets lead ROTC Rifle Team to third place in Chicagoland match 
1961 April 27 Federal Inspection News Federal Inspectors to review Corps 
1961 April 27 Clean-up day News Sophs to attempt precedent as part of Cleanup Day 
1961 April 27 Baseball Sports Baseball team loses to DePauw; to meet Wabash, Northern Illinois 
1961 April 27 Football Sports Spring footballers scrimmage today 
1961 April 27 All Sports Day Sports Sports Day Nears 
1961 April 27 Track Sports Track team tallies win in DePaul outdoor meet 
1961 April 27 Golf Sports Golfers take victories in triangular matches 
1961 April 27 Tennis  Sports Tennis team scores in straight net wins 
1961 May 4 Student Council Front Page Four to run for Council Prexy 
1961 May 4 Student Election Candidates Front Page About the Candidates 
1961 May 4 College Union Front Page Wood to head College Union during 1961-62 school term 
1961 May 4 Women's glee club Front Page Women's Glee Club to present concert comprised of sacred, secular selections 
1961 May 4 Offset Print Front Page Record to begin offset print process 
1961 May 4 Unfortunate distrubance Op-Ed Distortions 
1961 May 4 Exams News  Exam schedule 
1961 May 4 Peace Corps News Release clarifies Peace Corps jobs 
1961 May 4 Freedom of religion Op-Ed Contemporary Thought 
1961 May 4 library Op-Ed Golter Speaks 
1961 May 4 library news Library Book Cycle Entails Much Work 
1961 May 4 library news Reference Library Grows as New works are added 
1961 May 4 library news Library gives lists n vital subjects 
1961 May 4 Johns Hopkins news Siegal, Krieger win fellowships for grad work at Johns Hopkins 
1961 May 4 library news Golter Explains facilities 
1961 May 4 history of the library news Library increases, moves 4 times during century of service to students 
1961 May 4 librarian news Reporter finds job of librarian varied 
1961 May 4 library reference room news Reference room announces additions to technical, cultural repertoires 
1961 May 4 new library books news New books attempt to meet reading needs of students 
1961 May 4 admissions news future students to face stiffer entrance requirements 
1961 May 4 college choir news Choir takes second tour south 
1961 May 4 artist series news Artist series program announced, to feature world-known performers 
1961 May 4 "The Classical Liberalism, Marxism and the Twentieth Century" Book Reviews Marxism, Liberalism boast same aims, differences 
1961 May 4 "John Paul Jones, A Sailor's Biography" Book reviews Prize-winning biography portrays Jones as unique 
1961 May 4 study habits news Librarian predicts study habits by revealing circulation tallies 
1961 May 4 Honors Program news Honors program expands; to include in-course plan 
1961 May 4 Keith Josephson news Josephson wins award 
1961 May 4 recitals news Pianist Chapman, tubais bustard, composer Reed to perform recitals 
1961 May 4 Florence Nightingale Banquet news Nurses take dates 'around the world' 
1961 May 4 summer employment news Scholarships unlimited offers summer employment 
1961 May 4 Leadership training program news Gross to speak at Wisconsin LTP 
1961 May 4 Pershing Rifles Banquet news PR men to banquet at colonial mansion 
1961 May 4 track sports Trackmen capture first place honors in great lakes invitational tourney 
1961 May 4 tennis sports Third in tourney, Netmen down NC stretch season record to 10 in row 
1961 May 4 baseball sports Baseball 9 splits twin Bill, plays old timers exhibition 
1961 May 4 handball sports Operation bootstrap to supplement college handball court facilities 
1961 May 4 Golf sports Golfers cop tourney second 
1961 May 11 student council front page Student council sponsors final elections for numerous class offices, '62 advisor 
1961 May 11 spring banquet front page Spring banquet chairman announces program 
1961 May 11 Big brothers, sisters front page Carlberg Solicits Big Brothers, Sisters 
1961 May 11 organ recital front page Joyner fulfills requirement with sacred organ recital 
1961 May 11 "Abe Lincoln in Illinois" front page Nystrom Climaxes Speech Activity by giving 'Abe Lincoln in Illinois' 
1961 May 11 President Edman Op-Ed To our Leader... 
1961 May 11 student body fine news Student Body Convicted 
1961 May 11 Peace Corps news Peae Corps candidates to receive fitness tests 
1961 May 11 Kodon banquet news Kodon to Banquet at Diamond's 
1961 May 11 contemporary thought errors Contemporary Thought  
1961 May 11 homecoming news Homecoming plans call for contest 
1961 May 11 CSC news CSC officers 
1961 May 11 art display news Art display to show new exhibit 
1961 May 11 senior recital news Soprana Avery, Baritone Moyle to present joint senior recital 
1961 May 11 College Union news Union to Show Film of 'Hamlet' 
1961 May 11 Council Prexy news Greener, Huffman to run for council prexy 
1961 May 11 council Prexy news Candidates' qualifications 
1961 May 11 Student Council electives news Juniors Student Council sponsors final electons for numerous class officers, '62 advisor 
1961 May 11 student council candidates news student council candidates 
1961 May 11 student council news Vice-president elect 
1961 May 11 student council news Social chairmen 
1961 May 11 Student council news Sophomores Presidential Candidates 
1961 May 11 student council news Student Council Candidates 
1961 May 11 Student Council news Vice-President 
1961 May 11 Student Council news Freshmen Presidential Candidates 
1961 May 11 Student Council news Student Council Candidates 
1961 May 11 Student Council news Secretary 
1961 May 11  Pershing Riffle drill meet news Pershin Rifles to drill, march in Chicago parade 
1961 May 11 senior art exhibition news Painting, sculpture, mosaic works to highlight senior art exhibition 
1961 May 11 junior recital news Oaks, Brown to Give joint Junior Recital 
1961 May 11 Fashion show news Women's House Council Plans brunch, fashion show for junior, senior coeds 
1961 May 11 Track Sports Spikers dominate Beloit relays, to encounter Albion in dual meet 
1961 May 11 Baseball Sports Diamondmen squeeze by Old Timers lose shutout to Lake Forest team 
1961 May 11 Soccer  Sports Maryknoll defeats spring soccer team 
1961 May 11 Golf Sports Golfers conquer 2 in triangular meet 
1961 May 11 Sports Statistics Sports Tally 
1961 May 11 Tennis Sports Netmen upset Northern Illinois 
1961 May 11 Tennis Sports Flash 
1961 May 18 Sneak Front Page Seniors securely guard plans, information concerning destination of sneak, time 
1961 May 18 Class activities Front Page Juniors to spend evening at Lagoon; freshmen, sophomores to visit Dunes 
1961 May 18 Student Council Front Page Huffman accepts responsibility of student council prexy's office 
1961 May 18 Faculty Changes Front Page Dean Fadenrecht announces faculty changes for 1961-62 
1961 May 18 Publications Board Front Page Publications Board chooses officers for top positions 
1961 May 18 Sneak suspicions Front Page Flash 
1961 May 18 Ricardo Clement Op-Ed For One to Die... 
1961 May 18 Walter Kaiser Op-Ed Contemporary Thought 
1961 May 18 Student Council Elections News Election Results 
1961 May 18 Horsemanship Club News  Horsemanship club gives annual show 
1961 May 18 College Union News College Union shows tragedy of "Hamlet" 
1961 May 18 Mocking Op-Ed To be a perfect mocker... 
1961 May 18 CU Presidents Op-Ed Messages from old, new presidents 
1961 May 18 MSC 10th Anniversary News College Union, MSC building to celebrate anniversary 
1961 May 18 College Union News College Union serves students by furnishing social functions 
1961 May 18 Banquet Committee News Banquet committee organizes events, selects Crusader of Year candidates 
1961 May 18 Public Relations News Public Relations informs student body 
1961 May 18 Hospitality Committee News Hospitality Committee plans social functions 
1961 May 18 Peace Corps News  Peace Corps News 
1961 May 18  Student government News Student Union, Council Government Reorganize 
1961 May 18 CU president News Union presidents display varied aptitudes, interests 
1961 May 18 Dorm officers News Williston to install next year's officers 
1961 May 18 College Union news Sonneveldt Directs Activities of students, college union 
1961 May 18 Union Club news Union Club provides informal atmosphere for social activities 
1961 May 18 Grad Banquet news 'Bit of Sweden' hosts annual grad banquet 
1961 May 18 Social Activities Committee news Social Activities Committee provides better facilities for casual dates 
1961 May 18 Fine Arts Council news Fine Arts Council faces cultural needs 
1961 May 18 House Committee news House Committee sponsors X-room 
1961 May 18 College Unions news College Union provides schedules, guides, various other services uncommonly used 
1961 May 18 Rec Committee news Rec Committee furnishes activities 
1961 May 18 recital news woodwind students to present recital 
1961 May 18 College Union news Former Union Presidents pursue jobs 
1961 May 18 track sports Thinclads breeze to victory over Albion; to face Northern Illinois on Dekalb track 
1961 May 18 tennis sports Netmen skin normal for fifteenth straight 
1961 May 18 baseball sports Diamondmen split with Illinois Tech; to meet Chicago Illini in Twin Bill 
1961 May 18 basketball sports Northern Illinois trounces Linkmen 
1961 May 18  Tally  
1961 May 25 Monthly Writing Contest front page Wheaton students take top awards in Atlantic monthly writing contest 
1961 May 25 Graduation program front page News Analyst to Speak at graduation program 
1961 May 25 senior talent front page Concerts to feature senior talent 
1961 May 25 Dr. Wernher von Braun front page Space Scientist con Braun to speak at terminal lyceum series lecture 
1961 May 25 College Union front page Decade celebration to top Union anniversary program 
1961 May 25 film drama front page Lyceum to present film drama on problems of Modern Africa 
1961 May 25 Editorial reflection  15 
1961 May 25 Honors Program letters to the editor Johnson wants honors extended 
1961 May 25 Peace corps Contemporary Thought  
1961 May 25 class of '61  Jottings... 
1961 May 25 fashion show news Spring Fever B runch Features Fashion Show for '61-'62 girls 
1961 May 25 Oratorical Contest news Orators Complete for Cash Awards 
1961 May 25 recital news Recital to feature contemporary music 
1961 May 25 orientation program news Student counselors to meet for orientation program 
1961 May 25 basketball sports Netmen conquer all opponents by scorching DePaul in finale 
1961 May 25 baseball sports Baseballers play Bradley in final game of season 
1961 May 25 track sports trackman bow to Northern Illinois; to run against Bradley, Marquette 
1961 May 25 summary of sports Tally  
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