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DateSubject (Personal Name or Topic)Column or SectionTopic or Title
1960 January 14 Dick Paddon front page 'Stupe Rats' Air Views On Approaching Exams 
1960 January 14 Irving R. Levine front page Traveler, Correspondent Levine Speaks To Lyceum Audience on US-USSR Relations 
1960 January 14 Ruth Olsen front page Science Symposium Draws Large Number 
1960 January 14 'Outstanding Performer' front page Nyquist Performs in Recital 
1960 January 14 Pi Gamma Mu front page Students Read Papers At Pi Gamma Mu 
1960 January 14 big brother-sister front page Brothers, Sisters Becom Acquainted 
1960 January 14 Elaine Lapp front page Lapp Fulfills Requirement for Degree In Music Education with Recital 
1960 January 14 centennial front page Wheaton's 100th Birtday Celebration Attracts Many Guests 
1960 January 14 opinion opinion Has Democracy Perished? 
1960 January 14 letters to the editor opinion Brabenic Criticizes Panel Discussion 
1960 January 14 letters to the editor opinion Basketball Fan Says Pep Band Lacks Pep 
1960 January 14 Don West and Dick Foushee opinion FOOL'S FORUM 
1960 January 14 Tim Stoen opinion IT SEEMS TO ME 
1960 January 14 opinion opinion NIGHT BEFORE 
1960 January 14 Dennis Nordmoe news ROTC Instructor Scott Earns Citation  
1960 January 14 Judith Westerfield news Pianist Westerfield Presents Recital for Music Degree 
1960 January 14 Rick sports Chase's Chatter 
1960 January 14 track sports Tracksters Open 
1960 January 14 crypts gumpers sports Crypts, Gumpers Remain Undefeated 
1960 January 14 basketball sports Crusaders Try to Revive Winning Ways at Wabash 
1960 January 14 wrestling sports Matmen Take 4th in Quadrangular Meet 
1960 January 21 Dr. J. Edward Hakes front page Hakes Presnts 'Education's Will - o - the - Wisp' at Convacation 
1960 January 21 Rev. Alan Redpath front page Redpath to Preach At Winter Services 
1960 January 21 help! help! front page New Students Get Assistance 
1960 January 21 Dennis Nordmoe front page Vienna Choir Boys to Sing in Aritist Series, Present Sacred, Folk, Operetta Numbers 
1960 January 21 David Burnham front page Ex-Cadet Burnham Returns for Banquet 
1960 January 21 centennial essay front page Contest Offers Cash Prizes for Essays 
1960 January 21 education depratment front page Education Department Offers Evening Courses 
1960 January 21 professorship front page Trustees Advance 5 Faculty Members To Professorship 
1960 January 21 opinion opinion -- 30 -- 
1960 January 21 Don West and Dick Foushee opinion FOOL'S FORUM 
1960 January 21 Tim Stoen opinion IT SEEMS TO ME 
1960 January 21 here 'n' there opinion A Thinking Man's Poll 
1960 January 21 Joan Kerns news Weather Aids Centennial Chapel Construction 
1960 January 21 anthropology news Anthropology Division Offers New Course 
1960 January 21 capital seminar news 9 Students Participate in Capital Seminar 
1960 January 21 the-Gwoop front page Off-Campus Girls Plan 'Gwoop' Dates 
1960 January 21 Gary Taylor sports Last Minute Bomber Rally Beats Joliet 
1960 January 21 track sports Harriers Compete In Track Relays 
1960 January 21 wrestling sports Crusaders Matmen Compete In 2 Weekend Matches 
1960 January 21 ski sports Ski Club Travels To Boyne Mountain 
1960 January 21 Ron Michaelson  sports Hoosiers of Valpo Invade For Hardwood Battle 
1960 February 4 Bobbi Adam front page Haydon's 'Dinner Table' Illustrates Multipple Vision 
1960 February 4 WETN front page New Staff Work On WETN, Record 
1960 February 4 Rev. Alan Redpath front page Long Chapel, Evening Meetings Begin As Redpath Holds Winter Services 
1960 February 4 John Hoffman front page WB to Feature Music by Top Brass 
1960 February 4 ROTC front page ROTC Band Holds Banquet: "Humor in Uniform" 
1960 February 4 WRA front page WRA Gives Awards, Initiates Members 
1960 February 4 Rover Shaw front page Shaw Features Bach In Return Program 
1960 February 4 prayer front page Day of Prayer 
1960 February 4 opinion opinion So What's New?... 
1960 February 4 here 'n' there opinion Values in Education 
1960 February 4 opinion opinion to wrap it up 
1960 February 4 Linda Hubbard news Sophomores Hoppe, Johnson to Share Responsibilities in Next Year's Tower 
1960 February 4 Jack C. Goode news Goode to Take Part In SIU Program 
1960 February 4 Lambda Iota Tau news Lambda Iota Tau Meets At Home of Shuy 
1960 February 4 choir news New Albums Features Choir, Students 
1960 February 4 basketball sports Cloud's Last Second Shot Edges Wheaton 
1960 February 4 wrestling sports Wheaton Matmen Tackle Notre Dame 
1960 February 4 basektball sports Little Giants Visit Gym; Crusaders Seek Revenge 
1960 February 4 basketball sports Bombers Topped After Three Wins 
1960 February 4 track sports Wheaton Trackmen Race Past Chicago 
1960 February 11 Robert Shaw front page Shaw Returns with Bach, 'B Minor Mass' 
1960 February 11 missionary committee front page Missiona Committee Starts Planning for Summer 
1960 February 11 Jani Nyborg front page From Basketball Court to Banquet Hall, 200 Students Work for WB Success 
1960 February 11 Rober Shaw front page Irish Cafe to Follow Rober Shaw Concert 
1960 February 11 pfaff in command front page Multop Announces Officers 
1960 February 11 Rev. Alan Redpath front page Redpath Applies Doctrine Through Sermon On Mount 
1960 February 11 Rev. Alan Redpath front page Redpath to Speak At Coffee Hour 
1960 February 11 pfaff in command front page Zondervan Releases Prexy's New Book 
1960 February 11 recital front page Josephson, Coffman Offer Junior Organ, Piano Recital 
1960 February 11 opinion opinion Unglued Progress... 
1960 February 11 Dick Fincher opinion Scrambl Ramble 
1960 February 11 Stan Moore opinion Look Up 
1960 February 11 Don Moore news Student Council Reviews Progress 
1960 February 11 debate news Debate Team Wins First Place Tie In Eastern Illinois Debate  
1960 February 11 basketball news WRA Team Hosts Basetball Day 
1960 February 11 Anna Ruth Olsen news Apologetics Students Encounter FBI At Communist Party Headquarters  
1960 February 11 Voola Burman news Transfers, Returnees Air Impressions Upon Arrival 
1960 February 11 Scott Wood sports Spports Slants 
1960 February 11 basketball sports Wheaton Startles Wabash with 98-47 Win 
1960 February 11 wrestling sports Wheaton Grapplers Trip Notre Dame, Carroll 
1960 February 11 track sports Trackmen Meet Cards 
1960 February 18 Victor Riesel front page Lyceum To Present Labor Columnist Riesel 
1960 February 18 Jeannine Pittman front page McManis Celebrates Coming Washday 
1960 February 18 Joan Kerner front page Shaw Chorale to Sing Bach Mass, Protestant Liturgical Masterpiece 
1960 February 18 west end round up front page Blanchard Goes Western 
1960 February 18 debate front page Debaters Tie for Second In Purdue Tournament 
1960 February 18 GWOOP front page Wiley Lectures To GWOOP Club 
1960 February 18 Vonla Burman front page Publications Receive Furniture Gifts 
1960 February 18 Fadenrecht, Bellinger front page Fadenrecht, Bellinger Host Fireside Discussion Groups 
1960 February 18 opinion opinion Commitments... 
1960 February 18 Dick Fincher opinion Scramble Ramble 
1960 February 18 Stan Moore opinion Look Up 
1960 February 18 letter to the editor opinion Turekian Defends Position of Symposium 
1960 February 18 letter to the editor opinion Juliano Commends Line-Cutting Droodle 
1960 February 18 letter to the editor opinion Van Sant Advocates Voluntary ROTC; Says Required Corps Lowers Spirit 
1960 February 18 Dick Vesperman news WETN Cosiders FM, Desires Increased Range 
1960 February 18 Marianne Pickut news Co-Eds Forget Calories; Plan for WB 
1960 February 18 panel news Panel To Discuss Religion in Politics 
1960 February 18 Eileen Avery news Avery to Present Junior Piano Recital 
1960 February 18 Scott Wood sports Sports Slants 
1960 February 18 wrestling sports Wrestlers Host Invitational Tournament; Schedule Sports Classic Friday, Saturday 
1960 February 18 track sports Harriers Defeat North Central; Sprague Sets Record 
1960 February 18 basketball sports Cagers Play Tough Valpo To Bolster Late Surge 
1960 February 25 Vonla Burman front page Burnham Returns as WB Master of Ceremonies 
1960 February 25 recovery front page Prexy Recovers from Cataract Surgery 
1960 February 25 Dr. Joseph Free front page Free Directs Spring Tour 
1960 February 25 debate front page Debaters Go to Northern Illinois, Compete in Annual Tournament 
1960 February 25 Mary Turner, Richard Norton front page Turner, Norton Play Two-Piano Recital 
1960 February 25 Keith Meyer front page Meyer Enters Olympics 
1960 February 25 Dr. Russell L. Mixter front page Mixter, Students Plan Florida Trip 
1960 February 25 Don Cossacks front page Lyceum to Present Cossacks In Russian Music Program 
1960 February 25 200 or latest front page Library Offers New Books 
1960 February 25 opinion opinion Politics-More Awareness... 
1960 February 25 Dick Fincher opinion Scramble Ramble 
1960 February 25 Stan Moore opinion Look Up 
1960 February 25 opinion opinion to wrap it up 
1960 February 25 letters to the editor opinion Cadet Staff Defends ROTC 
1960 February 25 Midge Hall news Beauty in Capsule...Very Best You; Fashion Expert Speaks at GWOOP Tea 
1960 February 25 abundant century news Students to Present Dedication Festival 'Abundant Century' 
1960 February 25 history, government news Juniors Attend Capital Semester For Study in History, Goverment 
1960 February 25 Jani Nyborg news  'Time' Publishes " Prexy's Response 
1960 February 25 wrestling sports Southern Grapplers Win Invitational Tournament 
1960 February 25 Woody Lingenfelter sports Oury Climaxes Wrestling Career, Wins in Invitational 
1960 February 25 basketball sports Defending NCAA Champions To Battle Crusaders 
1960 February 25 basketball sports Cagers to Host NCAA Regional 
1960 February 25 basketball sports College Gives to Fund 
1960 February 25 track sports Harriers Beat Northern 
1960 March 3  Dick Vesperman front page Classes Schedule Mid-Semester 
1960 March 3  Keith Meyer front page Ex-Wheatonite Places In Olympic Skating 
1960 March 3  philosophy front page Philosophy Club to Discuss Tillich's Theological Works 
1960 March 3  flute, 2 pianos front page Tunquist, Small, Reed Offer Recital 
1960 March 3  physics front page Claasent to Address Physics Society 
1960 March 3  debate front page Frosh Win Honors At Debate Tourney 
1960 March 3  lent front page Teachers Aid Lent Services 
1960 March 3  gospel team front page Gospel Team Plans Trip 
1960 March 3  sportsmanship front page Code of Sportsmanship 
1960 March 3  Karyl Louwenaar, James Oakes front page Louwenaar, Oakes Compete in Contest 
1960 March 3  opinion opinion Parking Problems... 
1960 March 3  Dick Fincher opinion Sramble Ramble 
1960 March 3  Stan Moore opinion Look Up 
1960 March 3  letters to the editor opinion Shore Comments on Religion in Politics 
1960 March 3  Jack Houston news Dragnet Locates Undercover Group; Stool Pigeon Tips Racket Information 
1960 March 3  madenoiselle board news 9 Girls Represent Wheaton On 'Mademoiselle' Board 
1960 March 3  David Spruance news Spruance to Speak At FMF Meeting 
1960 March 3  student council news The Council Table 
1960 March 3  basketball sports Cagers Host NCAA Tourne 
1960 March 3  Scott Wood sports Sports Slants 
1960 March 3  basketball sports Crusaders Surprise First-Ranked Aces 
1960 March 10 Jack Houston front page Photographer Deusing To Show Wildlife Films 
1960 March 10 broadcast by telephone front page Students Listen to Evansville via WETN 
1960 March 10 junior class front page Junior Nurses Cap Probies 
1960 March 10 crustacean bouquet front page MSC Lobby Boasts Painting of Month 'Crustacean Bouquet' by Joan Watts 
1960 March 10 symposium front page Wheaton Educator To Open Symposium 
1960 March 10 Marilyn Anderson, Nancy Stuart front page Anderson, Stuart Give Junior Recital 
1960 March 10 Clayton Baumann front page Baumann Announces Annual Charity Drive 
1960 March 10 Elizabeth Hall front page Women's Glee Goes Sadie Hawkins; Members Plan Annual Club Banquet 
1960 March 10 party front page Classes Plan 'Romp,' Leap Year Party 
1960 March 10 film front page Lyceum Sponsors Film Presentation 
1960 March 10 opinion opinion Ethics... 
1960 March 10 Dick Fincher opinion Scramble Ramble 
1960 March 10 Stan Moore opinion Look Up 
1960 March 10 letters to the editor opinion Boardman Protests 'Record' Cartoon Objecting to Central Mall Short-Cut 
1960 March 10 letters to the editor opinion Allen Inquires About Vocal Groups 
1960 March 10 Gary Taylor news Dedicated Byron Works As Gym Equipment Manager 
1960 March 10 Russian program news Cossacks to Sing In Russian Program 
1960 March 10 musical program news Club to Present Musical Program 
1960 March 10 debate news Traveling Debaters Post 13-3 Record 
1960 March 10 basketball sports Chapman Shatters Wheaton's Dream Of Championship 
1960 March 10 intramural sports Crypts Look Best In Intramural Play 
1960 March 10 wrestling  sports  Mat Men Compete In 4-I Invitational 
1960 March 10 track sports Cinderman Capture AAU 880 Relay 
1960 March 10 basketball sports Crusaders Acquire Regional Championship 
1960 March 17 mission project front page Students Serve Korea, Americas As Nurses, Evangelists in Mission Project 
1960 March 17 campus ches front page Students Help Community Through Campus Chest 
1960 March 17 symphonic Psalm front page Chours to Sing 'King David' 
1960 March 17 sea garb front page 'Open Ship' Requires Wearig Sea Garb 
1960 March 17 lyceum front page Lyceum Present Cossack Singers 
1960 March 17 retire and fill front page Smith, Nicols to Retire Next Fall; Kline, Schoenherr to Fill Positions 
1960 March 17 symposium front page Educators from Michigan, Illinois to Lecture at Symposium 
1960 March 17 opinion opinion Consistency... 
1960 March 17 Stan Moore opinion  Look Up 
1960 March 17 letters to the editor opinion Stillner, Watson Question School Policy In Omitting Part of Cossack Program 
1960 March 17 Dick Fincher opinion Scramble Ramble 
1960 March 17 letters to the editor opinion Oury: Just What Is Wheaton's Code? 
1960 March 17 letters to the editor opinion Christianssen Views Wheaton Ethical Code 
1960 March 17 student council news The Council Table 
1960 March 17 Arabella Prescott news Housing Shortage Puts 200 In 3 Rooms! 'Mouse House' Aids Student Biologists 
1960 March 17 Carol Sherrard, Roland Smith arts Sherrard, Smith To Play Flute, Piano 
1960 March 17 Dennis Nordmoe news Deusing Shows Travelogue 
1960 March 17 symposium news Symposium Discusses Society 
1960 March 17 Lee Pfund news/sports Head-on Auto Collision Seriously Injures Pfund, Wife, 2 Realtive in Indiana 
1960 March 17 wrestling sports Crusaders Wrestlers Place in 4-I Tourney 
1960 March 17 track sports Thinclads Compete In 3 Track Meets 
1960 March 17 baseball sports Baseball Hopefuls Begin Workouts For Season Opener 
1960 March 17 basketball sports Peterson Concludes Record-Breaking Basketball Career 
1960 March 24 Joyce Senn front page Clarke Narrates 'King David' Choral Presentation 100 Voice Festival Chorus, Soloists Blend To Portray David's Life in 3 Part Psalm 
1960 March 24 symposium front page Speakers Discuss 'Christian in Society' Theme of Social Science Symposium 
1960 March 24 hymns, spirituals front page Halvorsen Produces Sacred Record 
1960 March 24 recital on organs front page New York Professor Gives Lecture, Recital on Organ 
1960 March 24 Dr. Mary Jo Read front page Geographer Brings Lecture on Russia 
1960 March 24 Don Moore front page Moore Receives Honorable Mention 
1960 March 24 Priscilla Felisky front page Felisky Recital Includes Bach, Chopin; Josephson Accompanies Concerto 
1960 March 24 opinion opinion Give... 
1960 March 24 Dick Fincher opinion Scramble Ramble 
1960 March 24 letters to the editor opinion Van Sant Gives Views on Civil Rights Issue 
1960 March 24 letters to the editor opinion Flesvig States Benefits On Missionary Projects 
1960 March 24 Stan Moore opinion Look Up 
1960 March 24 Marilyn Biller news Record Celebrates Happy Unbirthday; News Publication's Centennial Less 15 
1960 March 24 Karyl Louwenaar arts Louwenaar to Play In Piano Contest 
1960 March 24 concert arts Minneapolis Symphony Orchestra to Play 'Familiar Music' in Fourth Series Concert 
1960 March 24 itramural sports Eldonville 5 &3 Wins Intramural Warfare 
1960 March 24 basketball sports NCAA Elects Peterson To Olympic Tourney Tryouts 
1960 March 24 tennis sports Tennis Players Start Practic 
1960 March 24 track sports Crusaders Trackmen Capture 6 First Places to Win Great Lakes Invitational 
1960 March 24 baseball sports Diamondmen Practice Infield Drills To Prepare for Baseball Season 
1960 March 31 spring concerts front page Students Exit for 2 Weeks of Spring Concerts 
1960 March 31 cafe front page Cafe Goes French After Series Concert 
1960 March 31 contest front page Oratorical Contest 
1960 March 31 film front page SEA Meeting Views Fim 'Ten Cent Tip' 
1960 March 31 Dennis Nordmoe front page Dorati to Direct Symphony Orchestra in Series Concert 
1960 March 31 education, theology, science front page Faculty Attends Conferences 
1960 March 31 opinion opinion Worship... 
1960 March 31 Stan Moore  opinion Look Up 
1960 March 31 letters to the editor  opinion Bowman Refutes Van Sant on Civil Rights 
1960 March 31 Dick Fincher  opinion Scramble Ramble 
1960 March 31 choir arts  Chori, Glee Clubs, Band Record Concert Selections 
1960 March 31 trumpet trio arts Students Produce Record 'Collegian Trumpet Trio' 
1960 March 31 lambda convention news Lambda Convention Discusses Humanism 
1960 March 31 honor society news Honor Society Inducts Members During Chapel Honors Convocation 
1960 March 31 Barb Spalding news Prexy Recuperates from Surgery on Eye 
1960 March 31 intramural sports Men's Intramural Volleyball Begins 
1960 March 31 ping pong sports Women Capture Ping Pong Sport From Male Athletes 
1960 March 31 volleyball sports Women's Volleyball Plays Championship 
1960 March 31 track sports Thinclads Place 3 Men In Chicago Track Meet 
1960 March 31 basketball sports Dobbert Improves with Added Experience In 'Rags to Riches' Basketball Career 
1960 March 31 football sports Gridmen Swap Coats For Shoulder Pads In Spring Practice 
1960 March 31 Scott Wood sports Sports Slants 
1960 March 31 Marilyn Biller news Vacation: Plans to Study, Play, Travel, Sleep During 10-Day Easter Respite from Classes 
1960 March 31 speech news Speech Majors Present Spring Recital 
1960 March 31 debate news Debate Wins Honors 
1960 April 7 Lee Ellis front page Tuition, Board Charges to Rise 
1960 April 7 Dick Vesperman front page Nelson Wins Fulbright; To Study in Bonn, Germany 
1960 April 7 Reiner in New Chapel front page Chicago Symphony to Open 1960-61 Series 
1960 April 7 library front page Library Display Cabinets Emphasize Opening 'New World' by Reading 
1960 April 7 ROTC front page ROTC Announces Changes In Army Training Program 
1960 April 7 Peggy Whitmore front page Whitmore to Play Grieg, Beethoven 
1960 April 7 opinion opinion Censored... 
1960 April 7 Stan Moore opinion Look Up 
1960 April 7 Dick Fincher opinion Scramble Ramble 
1960 April 7 student council news The Council Table 
1960 April 7 letters to the editor opinion Hurst Asks for Clarification on Editorial 
1960 April 7 Vespy  news  Vocation Crossword 
1960 April 7 Dennis Nordmoe news Odell Contirbutes Varied Background To Centennial Dedication Production 
1960 April 7 Judi Chaffee news Visiting Iowa Student Analyzes Wheaton 
1960 April 7 track sports Thinclads Practice To Keep in Shape For Invitational Meet 
1960 April 7  tennis sports Crusader Netmen Open Season Play 
1960 April 7 all-sports competition sports Sophomores Win First In All-Sports Competition 
1960 April 7 all-sports competition sports Linksters Play Lewis 
1960 April 7 baseball sports Baseballers Play 9 Games In Annual Vacation Tour 
1960 April 21 front page front page THREE VIE FOR SU PREXY 
1960 April 21 Russell H. Platz front page Platz Directs Concert Band in Annual Spring Concert, 'Protrayals in Music' 
1960 April 21 senior comps front page Educational Testing Gives Senior Comps Next Week 
1960 April 21 freshmen class front page Freshmen Hit Hay 
1960 April 21 banquet front page Aurora Restaurant Hosts PKD Banquet 
1960 April 21 Vonla Burman front page Artist Austin Paints Picture of the Month, Lake Winnisquam in New Hampshire Hills 
1960 April 21 joybelles front page Freshmen Girsl 'Joybelles', Celebrate Frist Recording 
1960 April 21 Jame E. Lynn front page Lynn, Baritone, Gives Voice Recital 
1960 April 21 ROTC front page Pershing Rifles To Compete at Pier 
1960 April 21 Jacob Dorn  front page Dorn, '60, Receives Defense Scholarship To Oregon University for Three Years 
1960 April 21 baseball sports Baseballers Run into Southern Blitz, Dixiemen Beat Crusaders 9 of 10 Games 
1960 April 21 golf sports Impressive Golfers Log Decisive Win Over Lewis 
1960 April 21 Faith Jones, R. N. health Baron Von Mono Lays Piteous Seige On Learned, Unsuspecting Bonny Lass 
1960 April 21 Signey McLane letters Signey McLane Answers Pressing Campus Problems 
1960 April 28 presidential candidates front page Convention Nominates Presidential Candidates 
1960 April 28 candidates front page SC Candidates 
1960 April 28 Fredric Babcock front page Editor, Author Babcock Lectures At Open Meeting of Lambda Iota Tau 
1960 April 28 ROTC front page Morgen, Herzel, Turner Visit for ROTC Inspection 
1960 April 28 MacLeish drama front page Firside Guests to Discuss MacLeiresh Drama, Luxury 
1960 April 28 Jeannine Pittman front page McManis Dorm Presents 'April Eve' 
1960 April 28 orchestra front page Orchestra, Choir Stage Joint Concert Under Batons of Espeseth, Maltese 
1960 April 28 opinion opinion Tradition... 
1960 April 28 Dick Fincher  opinion Scramble Ramble 
1960 April 28 Stan Moore opinion Look Up 
1960 April 28 convention news 7 Attend Covention at Houghton 
1960 April 28 student council news  The Council Table 
1960 April 28 visors, blindfolds, caps news Splash for the Masculine Half: Hats 
1960 April 28 Dr. Clarence L. Nystrom news Nystrom Receives Honors 
1960 April 28 concert arts West Sub Nurses' Chorus Gives Concert 
1960 April 28 meet sports Crusaders Host Great Lakes Invitational Meet 
1960 April 28 baseball sports Baseballers Split Games Against Wabash, DePauw 
1960 April 28 golf sports Golfers Tie Carroll For First in Meet 
1960 April 28 tennis  sports Tennis Team Divides First 4 Matches 
1960 May 5 presidential candidates front page Convention Nominates Presidential Candidates Candidates Give Platforms to Delegates; Votes Become Tedious, Cofusing, Tense 
1960 May 5 Gene Kercher front page Candidates' Platforms 
1960 May 5 Elizabeth Hall front page Posters Appear in CPO, Dining Hall For Campaign as Class Elections Near 
1960 May 5 Dennis Nordmoe arts Directors Announce Parts In Dedication Production 
1960 May 5 cheerleading sports Cheerleader Hopefuls Prepare for Tryouts 
1960 May 5 physical education sports PE Drops Calsses In Horsemanship 
1960 May 5 concert arts Men's Glee Climaxes Year with Concert 
1960 May 5 Jeanette Mudgett arts mudgett to Act Jane Eyre For Recital Presentation 
1960 May 5 union club arts Union Club Sponsors Cafe Under Stars 
1960 May 5 Arabelle Prescott news Campus Postman Still Leads Busy Life; Interests Center on Children, Work, Rsoes 
1960 May 5 old testament speaks news Schultz Publishes New Book 
1960 May 5 myopics health To Myopics: Take Heart, 61 Per Cent Wear Glasses 
1960 May 5 recital arts Augsburger to Present Piano Recital 
1960 May 5 panel news Panel to Discuss Student Teaching 
1960 May 5 opinion opinion Procedure... 
1960 May 5 letters to the editor opinion Gould Offers Active Solution 
1960 May 5 Stan Moore opinion Look Up 
1960 May 5 Dick Fincher opinion Scramble Ramble 
1960 May 5 Don Moore news Council Evaluates Semester Program 
1960 May 5 banquet news Record Workers to Relax At Spinning Wheel Banquet 
1960 May 5 Wycliffe mission news Meeting to Honor Wycliffe Mission 
1960 May 5 camp Duncan news Camp Duncan to Host Training Program 
1960 May 5 grants news Faculty Members Win Study Grants 
1960 May 5 banquet news West Sub Nurses Sponsor Banquet 
1960 May 5 rhyme and reason news Faculty Entertain Grads at Banquet 
1960 May 5 baseball sports Long Remembers Confusion, Injustice In Minor League Baseball Competition 
1960 May 5 tennis sports Washington Earns Net Championship 
1960 May 5 baseball sports Rain Postpones Two; Valparaiso Edges Baseballrs 5-4 
1960 May 5 golf sports Crusaders Win Golf Tournament 
1960 May 5 track sports Wabash Outruns Wheaton 
1960 May 12 glee concert front page MacKenzie Directs Women's Glee Concert; Program to Include Sacred Numbers 
1960 May 12 27 Musical Episodes front page Espeseth Writes Score for Pageant 
1960 May 12 homecoming contest front page Savage Announces Radio as Prize For Winner of Homecoming Contest 
1960 May 12 Marilyn Rathfon front page Obituary 
1960 May 12 elections front page Class Elections 
1960 May 12 contest front page Senior Clum Wins Local Contest 
1960 May 12 Bob Walters front page Walters Presents Recital With Original Compositions 
1960 May 12 opinion opinion Joe College: It's Not a Goal 
1960 May 12 opinion opinion Parking Problem-Sequel in Appreciation 
1960 May 12 Dick Fincher opinion Scramble Ramble 
1960 May 12 Stan Moore opinion Look Up 
1960 May 12 Dick Paddon news Elections: Ho to Pull Them Over 
1960 May 12 letters to the editor opinion Seniors Protest Story: Charge Slanted Journalism 
1960 May 12 Bob Bason news Dothan Expedition Reports Progress 
1960 May 12 banquet news Banqueters Dine in Marine Setting At Spring Williston Dormitory Fete 
1960 May 12 freshmen class news SC Plans Workshop To Help Freshmen 
1960 May 12 Kodon editor news Publication Board Names Kodon Editor 
1960 May 12 track sports Trackmen Compete In Muddy Beloit Relays 
1960 May 12 baseball sports Bad Weather Postpones Crusaders Baseball Action 
1960 May 12 tennis sports Nothern, Bradley Defeat Racketmen 
1960 May 12 intramural sports WRA Plans Luncheon 
1960 May 12 golf sports Golfers Beat Aurora, Lose to Rockford 
1960 May 12 soccer sports Soccer Hopefuls Begin Practice 
1960 May 19 Jud Scruton front page Chapel Services, 'Abundant Century' Initiate Chapel-Auditorium Next Week 
1960 May 19 dude ranch front page 300 Ride to Colorado Sneak 
1960 May 19 officers front page Union Announces Officer for 1960-61 
1960 May 19 awards front page Weaver, Galloway, Josephson Win Chemistry Awards 
1960 May 19 grants front page Bechtel, Parmerter Win Alumni Grants 
1960 May 19 memorial front page Council Sponsors Memorial Fund In Honor of Deceased Music Student 
1960 May 19 lyceum front page Lyceum Presents 'Cyrano de Bergerac' 
1960 May 19 campaigns front page Circle K Compaigns For World Relief 
1960 May 19 Wheaton covenant editorial What About Integrity? 
1960 May 19 Stan Moore voices Look Up 
1960 May 19 Dick Fincher voices Scramble Ramble 
1960 May 19 campus news news The Council Table 
1960 May 19 Doug Reed news Reed Heads Christian Service Council Represents Students, Assists Director 
1960 May 19 Young Life news 'Ebony Bathtub' Hauls Lively Young Lifers 
1960 May 19 student life news Undergrads Relax On Sneak Weekend 
1960 May 19 Harry Elders news Psalmist-Narrator Elders Leads in 'Century' Festival 
1960 May 19 track and field sports Crusaders Run Away from Albion; Sprague Sets 13-0 Pole Vault Record 
1960 May 19 tennis sports Netmen Win Twice; Lose to Augustana 
1960 May 19 golf sports Golfers Split 2 Matches Between Augie, Lake Forest 
1960 May 26 Wheaton presidents front page Buswell, Edman Appear in 'Abundtant Century' 
1960 May 26 commencement front page Bandt o Play Concert Graduation Weekend 
1960 May 26 Edward A. Coray front page Coray Announces Activity Schedule for Alumni Day 
1960 May 26 Mark Hatfield front page Governor Hatfield to Speak at Graduation 
1960 May 26 Centennial Fountain news Of Dye Vats and Bathtubs 
1960 May 26 Dick Fincher voices Scramble Ramble 
1960 May 26 Stan Moore voices Look Up 
1960 May 26 William A. Stickney letters to the editor Stickney Asks for More Constructive Criticism 
1960 May 26 literary contest news Hillis Places Fourth: 7 Win Honors in Atlantic Monthly Contest 
1960 May 26 ROTC news ROTC Schedules Annual Field Day; Program Includes Arms Competition 
1960 May 26 Larry Poland news Poland Gets Radio as Prize In Homecoming Contest 
1960 May 26 staff news Tower Staff Attends Presentation Dinner 
1960 May 26 Mrs. Rowena Jones news Jones Completes Work for Doctorate 
1960 May 26 WETN news WETN Announces 'Centennial in Sound' 
1960 May 26 baseball sports Roebuck Hurls Baseballers To 2-0 Win Over Cards 
1960 May 26 tennis & golf sports Golfers Lose to Northern Illinois; Netmen Lose to Normal, DePaul 
1960 May 26 wrestling sports Wrestlers Choose Captains 
1960 May 26 Scott Wood sports Sports Slants 
1960 May 26 track and field spots Northern Illinois Gains Vengeance Over Crusaders 
1960 May 26 Bruce Whipple sports Basketballers Elect Whipple as Captain 
1960 May 26 chapel news Chapel Service Form, Time Change Often; Seniors Once Spoke at Morning Devotions 
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