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DateSubject (Personal Name or Topic)Column or SectionTopic or Title
1959 August 12 heritage front page Comes Centennial Year! 
1959 August 12 Wheaton students front page 16 Students Spending Summer Working At Foreign and Domestic Mission Stations 
1959 August 12 freshmen front page Freshmen Welcome Gets Underway 
1959 August 12 student union front page Memorial Student Center is Headquarters For Various Student Union Activities 
1959 August 12 the record front page Campus Newpaper Published Weekly 
1959 August 12 women's recreation front page WRA Sponsors Sports Program for Women 
1959 August 12 college experience editorial College is what you make it 
1959 August 12 Bud Hurst voices Student Council Reflects General Student Opinion 
1959 August 12 anthropology club news Anthropology club invites freshmen 
1959 August 12 employment news Want to work? 
1959 August 12 orientation  news Orientation Schedule - 1959 
1959 August 12 pi kappa delta news Pi Kappa Delta Forensics Program Provides Variety of Speech Activities 
1959 August 12 radio  news Campus Station Offers Radio Training for New Students 
1959 August 12 music news Sing? Play instrument? Musical Organizations Opent o New Students Through Auditions 
1959 August 12 musical organizations news Chapel Choir 
1959 August 12 musical organizations news Concert Band 
1959 August 12 musical organizations news Men's Glee Club 
1959 August 12 musical organizations news Orchestra 
1959 August 12 musical organizations news Women's Glee Club 
1959 August 12 musical organizations news Festival Chorus 
1959 August 12 musical organizations news Campus Choir 
1959 August 12 ministry news Future Pastors Meet 
1959 August 12 ministry news Opportunites Many, Rewards Great: Half of Wheaton Students Participate in Christian Service Council Projects 
1959 August 12 Youth For Christ news Students Serve in YFC 
1959 August 12 alumni news Alumni Welcome 
1959 August 12 Billy Graham news Graham Crusade Begins September 27 
1959 August 12 events news Fall Events: Homecoming 
1959 August 12 events news Fall Events: Parents Day 
1959 August 12 art news Artist Series Brings Back Four Favorites 
1959 August 12 student union news Student Union Introduces Something New! 
1959 August 12 teachers news Future Teachers Meet 
1959 August 12 literary society news Lit Invites Ladies 
1959 August 12 yearbook news Tower Yearbook is Junior Project 
1959 August 12 football sports 16 Lettermen Lead Recruits at Shagbark Training Camp 
1959 August 12 basketball sports 2 CCI Teams Face Wheaton in New Basketball Schedule 
1959 August 12 sports summary sports Sports Shorts and now fans... 
1959 September 17 symphony front page 4 Chicago Symphony Mmebres Conduct Annual String Workshop 
1959 September 17 Dr. John Fadenrecht front page Fadenrecht Announces 11 New Teachers; 7 Take Leaves of Absence, 4 Return 
1959 September 17 Peter Veltman & Sherwood Ebey front page Veltman, Ebey Accept Advanced Degrees 
1959 September 17 Nikita Khrushchev front page Centennial Keynote 
1959 September 17 renovation front page Operation 'New Look': Blanchard Acquires Face-lift 
1959 September 17 Billy Graham front page North Terrace to Seat Audience At Graham Crusade Meetings 
1959 September 17 Centennial chapel news Work Continues on Centennial Buildings 
1959 September 17 education news Chemistry Department Receives Scholarship, Operatinal Assistance 
1959 September 17 campus news TV, Frisbees, Birddoggers: Students View Campus Life 
1959 September 17 cross country sports Scott Leads Harriers in Tough Schedule 
1959 September 17 soccer sports Soccermen to participate in expanded conference 
1959 September 17 football sports Gridmen to Open Season Against Huskies; 28 Lettermen Return to Spark Squad 
1959 September 17 football sports Bombers to Host Wilson Jr. College 
1959 September 24 Billy Graham front page Graham, Team to Open Wheaton Crusade Students to Comprise About Half of Choir, One-Fourth of Counsellors, Reports Smyth 
1959 September 24 Billy Graham front page In Busy Preparation: Crusade Enlists Volunteers 
1959 September 24 Laymen's conference front page Laymen's Conference to Coincide with Closing Weekend of Crusade 
1959 September 24 student life front page Centennial Theme Permeates D-Day 
1959 September 17 student life front page So This is Wheaton, See... 
1959 September 24 staff front page Publication Heads Announce Staffs, Fall Production Plans 
1959 September 24 enrollment front page Reports Indicate Record Enrollment 
1959 September 24 Billy Graham editorial A Personal Privilege 
1959 September 24 Tim Stoen voices It Seems to Me 
1959 September 24 student government news The Council Table 
1959 September 24 ministry news New Experiences Confront Students 
1959 September 24 symphony news Symphony Concert Closes Workshop 
1959 September 24 Raymond Edman news Detached Retina Necessitates Surgery on Prexy's Eye 
1959 September 24 student life news Clarification Issued: SC, SU Hold Joint Retreat 
1959 September 24 Mina G. Hill news Expansion of News Bureau Forces Redistribution of Mrs. Hill's Duties 
1959 September 24 football sports Injured Booters to Face Michigan 
1959 September 24 football sports Huskies Top Gridmen, 35-8; Flinn-Eck Passes Turn Tide 
1959 September 24 football sports Bombers Top Wilson For First Victory 
1959 September 24 intramurals sports Intramural Program Heads Schedule Autumn Action 
1959 September 24 Wheaton Academy sports Invade McCully Field: Academy to Try Chicago Wells High 
1959 October 1 laymen's conference front page Christian Laymen's Conference Convenes, Stresses Personal Witnessing, Evangelism 
1959 October 1 Johnny O'Neil front page O'Neil Organizes Young Life At Army Bases in Germany 
1959 October 1 Dr. Earle Cairns front page Cairn's Book on Christian Church History sells over 2000 Copies in Japanese Version 
1959 October 1 staff front page Record, WETN Heads Announce Staffs 
1959 October 1 music front page Espeseth to Direct Students, Townspeople in 300-Voice Rendition of Handel's Messiah 
1959 October 1 homecoming front page Homecoming Plans Include Vespers, Pep Rally, Football 
1959 October 1 education front page Discuss 'Education' At Dinner: Historical Society Holds Yearly Meet 
1959 October 1 Billy Graham news 'Crusaders Strong and True' 
1959 October 1 Tim Stoen voices It Seems To Me 
1959 October 1 Don West & Dick Foushee voices Fools' Forum 
1959 September 24 Don West & Dick Foushee voices Fools' Forum 
1959 October 1 film news Lyceum Sponsors Crusade Documentary 
1959 October 1 V. Raymond Edman news Prexy Talks to FMF; Prayer Groups Meet 
1959 October 1 Dick Vesperman, Haaland, Voss & Erickson letters to the editor 4 Fellows Present Objections to Compulsory Friday Dress-Up 
1959 October 1 Billy Graham news Graham Recalls Student Days, Discusses Pledge 
1959 October 1 ROTC news New ROTC Officers Arrive, Come from Distant Points 
1959 October 1 women news Club Women to Hold Smorgasbord In Honor of Evangelists' Wives 
1959 October 1 Gordon S. Jaeck news Sociologist Jaeck Assists Illinois Bell 
1959 October 1 football sports Play in 'Mud Bowl': Crusaders Slosh to 0-0 Tie 
1959 October 1 soccer sports Voss Scores 3 Goals, Assists in Fouth As Soccermen Whip U of Michigan, 4-2 
1959 October 1 cross country sports Harriers to Open Season at Loyola 
1959 October 1 football sports Gridmen Face Jays To Open CCI Play 
1959 October 1 football sports Bombers Fall, 26-14, At Hands of Thornton 
1959 October 1 V. Raymond Edman news Edman Presents Latest Publication, 'He Leadeth Me', During Chapel 
1959 October 1 Woodrow Wilson Foundation news Wilson Foundation Accepts Fellowship Applications 
1959 October 8 Teacher's Orientation Program front page TOP Plans Instruction Series for Workers 
1959 October 8 Dr. Clyde S. Kilby front page Illinois Historical Society Meeting Tours Local Points of Interest 
1959 October 8 student life front page PE Majors to Attend Camp, Learn Outdoor Skills, Crafts 
1959 October 8 Bible forum front page 'What to Say About Tribuation?' Initiates Annual Bible Forum Series 
1959 October 8  student life voices Shades of Mother Goose 
1959 October 8  Don West & Dick Foushee voices Fools' Forum 
1959 October 8  Robert C. VanKampen letters to the editor VanKampen Thanks College Students for Crusade Help 
1959 October 8  Tim Stoen voices It Seems To Me 
1959 October 8  student affairs news The Council Table 
1959 October 8  Janiss Spring news Graduate Succumbs to Prolonged Illness 
1959 October 8  Joy Palmer news Williston 'Blaze' Summons Firemen 
1959 October 8  student life news Students Participate in Scandinavian Seminar 
1959 October 8  Young Life news Ravenswood Hosts Young Life Retreat 
1959 October 8  speech news Speech Department Initiates Series of 'Reading Hours' 
1959 October 8  Lambda Iota Tau news Lit Society Holds Kick-Off Meeting; Program Includes Panel Discussion 
1959 October 8  student life news Eerie Atmosphere to Permeate MSC 
1959 October 8  football sports Gridmen Trounce Jays for First Win 
1959 October 8  football sports Bombers Edge LaSalle Peru, 14-13 
1959 October 8  cross country sports Burkhart Takes First to Lead Harriers In Win over Loyola University, 24-32 
1959 October 8  soccer sports Booters Fall to Chicago Illini, 4-1 
1959 October 8  football sports 8 Teams Begin Touch Football Play 
1959 October 8  cross country summary sports Flash 
1959 October 8 Ralph Steinhaus Sports Burkhart Takes First to Lead Harriers in Win over Loyola University, 24-32 
1959 October 8 Football Sports Gridmen Trounce Jays for First Win 
1959 October 8 Football Sports Bombers Edge LaSalle Peru, 14-13 
1959 October 8 Dave Hursh Sports Booters Fall to Chicago Illini, 4-1 
1959 October 8 Football Sports 8 Teams Begin Touch Football Play 
1959 October 8 Rossin - Dewey Filing System Sports The Rossin-Dewey Filing System 
1959 October 16 Homecoming Front Page Pep Rally to Spark Alumni, Students at McCully Field 
1959 October 16 Babysitting service Front Page Service to Take Care of Visitors' Children 
1959 October 16 Cornerstone Ceremony Front Page Prexy Unveils Cornerstone in Rededication Ceremony 
1959 October 16 Halftime Show Front Page Halftime Show Features Competing Floats, Alumnus of Year, Homecoming Celebrities 
1959 October 16 ROTC Front Page ROTC Presnt Colors, Mans Display Booth 
1959 October 16 Homecoming Front Page Chapel Hosts Homecoming Services 
1959 October 16 Homecoming Front Page Band Features Joranson as Soloist in Centennial Homecoming Concert 
1959 October 16 Homecoming Front Page Tent Marks Location of Center 
1959 October 16 Homecoming News Homecoming Scedule 
1959 October 16 Alumni Association News Mixter Receives Award From Alumni Association 
1959 October 16 Dress Code News Student Body Votes to Revise Friday Evening Dress-up 
1959 October 16 Blanchard Remodeling News Remodled Blanchard Classroom Provides Welcoming Center for Visitors, Inquirers 
1959 October 16 Honors Program News 6 Coures Launch Honors Program 
1959 October 16 Honors Record News ACP Honors Record Rates it First Class 
1959 October 16 Graham Crusdade News Graham Crusade Results Testify to God's Power 
1959 October 16 New Switchboard News Blanchard to Have New Switchboard 
1959 October 16 Alumni News Coray Welcomes Alumni, Talks of Special Heritage 
1959 October 16 Edward A. Coray News 'Old Timers' Reunite At Informal Hour 
1959 October 16 Alumni Coffee Hour News SU Invites Alumni to Coffee Hour 
1959 October 16 Almuni News Alumni Re-Elect President, Choose Members of Board 
1959 October 16 Alumni Buffet News Buffet Tempts 600 Alumni 
1959 October 16 Back Home Again Opinion Back Home Again 
1959 October 16 Tolling Bell Up the Tower Opinion Tolling Bell Up the Tower 
1959 October 16 Marriage announcements Opinion Down the Aisle 
1959 October 16 Tim Stoen Opinion It Seems to Me 
1959 October 16 Letter to the Editor Opinon Alumus Questions Columnists' Reason for Choosing Head 
1959 October 16 Don West and Dick Foushee Opinon Fools' Forum 
1959 October 16 Karin Matson News Homecoming Program, 'Century of Praise,' Presents Various Facets of Campus Life 
1959 October 16 Athletic Club News 'Too Cool' Freshman Starts Intramural Athletic Club 
1959 October 16 Karin Matson News Magician to Entertain at Program 
1959 October 16 Academic Symposia News Famed Archaeologist to Speak Concerning Ancient Clay Tablets 
1959 October 16 WETN News WETN Record Crusade Messages 
1959 October 16 Margaret Landon News 'Anna and the King of Siam' Landon To Speak at Writers' Conference 
1959 October 16 Cleaning News Dorms Hold Open House; Girls Serve Refreshments 
1959 October 16 Conference News Grad School Sponsors Conference Topic: 'The Word for This Century' 
1959 October 16 Marianne Pickut Sports Soph's Complaint Makes '23 First Homecoming 
1959 October 16 Wheaton Tours Sports Four Wheaton Tours Every Year 
1959 October 16 Cheerleader Sports Cheeleader Profile: 2 Seniors, 2 Juniors, 5 Sophs 
1959 October 16 Defense Sports Bomber Defense Downs Jr. Huskies in 8-0 Grid Tilt 
1959 October 16 Tennis and Footabll Intramurals Sports Tennis, Football Initiate Intramural Athletic Program 
1959 Octobre 16 Sports Publicist Sports Belman Takes Sports Publicist Position 
1959 October 16 Flash Sports Flash 
1959 October 16 Football Sports Pioneers Invade McCully 
1959 October 16 Football Sports Gridders Win 19-0, Lose Whipple 
1959 October 16 Burkhardt Sports Burkhardt Takes First as Harriers Win 
1959 October 16 Dave Hursh Sports Soccermen Triumph Over Boilermakers; Spirited Defense Sparkes in 2-1 Victory 
1959 October 16 Scott Wood Sports Former North Carolina Grid Co-Captain Directs Year's Intramural Activities 
1959 October 16 Fashion News Ivy League - Wheaton Style 
1959 October 22 Vonla Burman Front Page Metropolitan Opera Star to Open Artist Series 
1959 October 22 Chapel Dedication Front Page Prexy Dedicates Chapel, Lays Cornerstone 
1959 October 22 Disneyland Front page Men's Glee to Visit Disneyland 
1959 October 22 Artist Series Front Page Lowe Dining Hall Goes latin American After Hines Concert 
1959 October 22 New Converts Front Page Edman to Present Series of Talks for New Converts 
1959 October 22 Homecoming Front Page Homecoming Highlights 
1959 October 22 Homecoming Opinion A Backward Glance 
1959 October 22 Alumni Association Letters to the Editor Coray, Almuni Express Appreciation 
1959 October 22 painting Letters to the Editor Grad Questions Emphasis on Materialism on Float 
1959 October 22 Painting Letters to the Editor Local Man Dislikes Painting of Tower 
1959 October 22 Seat reservation for male cheerleading Letters tot he Editor The Council Table 
1959 October 22 Tim Stoen Opinon It seems to me 
1959 October 22 Don West and Dick Foushee Opinion Fools' Forum 
1959 October 22 Missionary Speaker News Missionary to China to Speak at SFMF 
1959 October 22 Dick Fincher News Cadets Recall Experienecs of Summer at Fort Riley 
1959 October 22 Pictures of the Month News Student Union Displays First in Series of 'Pictures of the Month' in Lobby 
1959 October 22 Floats News Seniors Take Awards in Float, Decorations 
1959 October 22 Philosophy talk News Northwestern Prof to Speak at Dinner 
1959 October 22 Woody Lingenfelter Sports Gridmen Emerge Victors in Mad Scramble, 33-27 
1959 October 22 Football Sports Gridmen Travel to Napervill, Meet Cardinals in Crucial Night Game 
1959 October 22 Cross Country Sports Harriers Win, Lose Same Meet 
1959 October 22 Dave Hursh Sports Booters Tip Earlham Before Large Crowd 
1959 October 12 Play Front Page Secret Education of Walter Mitchell Entertains Parents 
1959 October 12 Music Front Page Conservatory recital Season Opens 
1959 October 12 mission week Front Page Lundsgaard, Chapman Plan Mission Emphasis Week 
1959 October 12 Thankgiving Front page Tune Tangle Breaks holiday Tradition 
1959 October 12 Banquent Front Page Students Hob-Nob at "Beacon Soiree" 
1959 October 22 Parent's day  Front page Parent's day activities to begin with Open House 
1959 October 22 Artist Series Front page Hines Returns, Inaugurates Artist Series 
1959 October 29 Don West and Dick Foushee opinion FOOL'S FORUM 
1959 October 29 Tim Stoen  opinion IT SEEMS TO ME 
1959 October 29 letters to the editor opinion Students Deplore Confusion in Ticket Sales 
1959 October 29 letters to the editor opnion Fellows Advocate Letters With Constructive Criticism 
1959 October 29 Meredy Rea news Elderly Yet Spry, Tower Bell Tells of Many Romantic, Athletic Experiences in History 
1959 October 29 licenst plates news Wheaton's Colors to Adorn New Illinois Lincense Plates 
1959 October 29 CPO news Tower Staff Places Current Who's New On Sale in CPO 
1959 October 29 football sports Gridmen Tie Cardinals, 7-7, Fall to Second Place in CCI 
1959 October 29 Weslayan sports Crusaders Host Unbeaten Wesleyan 
1959 October 29 Dave Hursh sports Booters Edge Illini, 1-0; Young's Goal Turns Tide 
1959 October 29 Track sports Wheaton Harriers Trounce Wayne State In Muddy Battle 
1959 October 29 Anna Olsen sports NC Captures Bras Bell for Semester 
1959 October 29 field hockey sports Field Hockey Team Tops Academy, 2-0 
1959 October 29 In Sea of Mud sports Bombers Fight to Scoreless Standoff 
1959 November 5 Jeannine Pittman front page Pro Musica Concert Opens Lyceum 
1959 November 5 Sawter at Kitty's front page Soiree Offers Roast Beef, Chicken 
1959 November 5 philosophy conference front page Yearly Philosophy Conference Focuses Sessions on Evolutionary Philosophies 
1959 November 5 recreation night front page Alumni Gym Hosts SU Recreation Night 
1959 November 5 education week front page American Education Week Presents Special Activitie 
1959 November 5 forum front page 'Are Pious Causes Realistic?' Climaxes Second Forum 
1959 November 5 chapel front page Parade to Percede Gold Star Chapel 
1959 November 5 Soph Huffman front page Soph Huffman Replaces Sentman As Washington Banquet Chairman 
1959 November 5 speech majors front page Speech Majors Read In Coming Recital 
1959 November 5 now what? opnion Now What? 
1959 November 5 morning after opinion Mornig After 
1959 November 5 Don West and Dick Foushee opinion Fool's Forum 
1959 November 5 Tim Stoen opinion IT SEEMS TO ME 
1959 November 5 letters to the editor opinion 'Mud' Olsen Criticizes Crtical Letters 
1959 November 5 letters to the editor opinion Student Questions References in Ad 
1959 November 5 letters to the editor opinion Soccer Co-Captains Appreciate Support 
1959 November 5 Ruth Olsen news Switchboard Hostess Finds Interesting Aspect 
1959 November 5 Christian in Opera arts Hines' Opera Shows Audiences 'Way' 
1959 November 5 Faulkner arts Business Group Selects Faulkner 
1959 November 5 tune tangle arts Tune Tangle Competitors Sing Waring Arrangement 
1959 November 5 Wycliffe film arts Wycliffe Film Shows Missionary Emphasis 
1959 November 5 soccer sports Soccer Team Overcomes Calvin, Michigan State 
1959 November 5 toughest game sports Meets St. Louis University Saturday in Season's Toughest Contest 
1959 November 5 Dave Hursh sports Spartans Lose In Overtime, 4-3 
1959 November 5 Winter Intramurals sports Norris Announces Winter Intramurals 
1959 November 5 Wesleyan Tripped, 44-0 sports Gridmen to Meet Foresters 
1959 November 5 track sports Harriers Face Former Foes In State Meet 
1959 November 5 soccer sports Billikins Remain Unbeaten, Untied 
1959 November 12 panel front page Panel to Compare Christian, Secular Life After Film, 'Generation Without a Cause' 
1959 November 12 Kodon front page Tower, Kodon Win All-American In Associated Collegiate Press Ratings 
1959 November 12 fall banquet front page Beacon HIll, 1903, Hosts Socialites at Fall Banquet 
1959 November 12 Faith Jones front page Bull Sessions Move to Faculty Homes 
1959 November 12 banquet heads front page Morris Announces Banquet Heads 
1959 November 12 sneaky stuff coming front page Magicians to Entertain 
1959 November 12 Kaiser front page Kaiser, Committee Prepare for Meeting 
1959 November 12 opinion opinion Oh, No, Not Again! 
1959 November 12 Don West and Dick Foushee opinion FOOL'S FORUM 
1959 November 12 Tim Stoen opinion IT SEEMS TO ME 
1959 November 12 opinion opinion MORNING AFTER 
1959 November 12 letters to the editor opinion Students Speak Up For Better Seating 
1959 November 12 opinion opinion The Council Table 
1959 November 12 dining hall opinion Food Service Clarifies Dining Hall Policies 
1959 November 12 fine art symposium news Cording Announces Plans for Fine Arts Symposium 
1959 November 12 cotribution solicited news Poetry Society Publishes Anthology 
1959 November 12 freshman class news Freshman Class To Cast Final Ballot 
1959 November 12 tea party news Big Sister Program To Hold Tea Party 
1959 November 12 Basil Rathbone news FLASH 
1959 November 12 Rick Chase's Chatter Cry Us A River, Coach 
1959 November 12 Rick Chase's Chatter NCAA Tournament Prospects 
1959 November 12 soccer sports Booters Attempt Seventh Straight Triumph After St. Louis Becomes Sixth Victim, 2-1 
1959 November 12 football sports Augustana Tilt May Decide CCI Title 
1959 November 12 track sports Wheaton Hosts NCAA Cross Country  
1959 November 19 Karin Matson front page Active Brain Cells Generate Male Pep Club 
1959 November 19 Foster, Jb, Whitman front page Ricital Shows Life in 1860s 
1959 November 19 Ika Chase front page TV Actress Chase Replaces Rathbone In Thanksgiving Lyceum Program 
1959 November 19 SIEA front page SIEA Members Present Workshop; Hakes to Speak at Smorgasbord 
1959 November 19 Mel Peterson front page Crusaders of Year, Person, Draws Standing Ovation 
1959 November 19 Bob Johnson front page Publications Board Elects Johnson, Toles 
1959 November 19 Gloria Baker front page Big-Little Sis Head Announces Tea 
1959 November 19 faculty front page Discussions Highlight Faculty Firsides 
1959 November 19 Malstead front page Class of '63 Elects Malstead President 
1959 November 19 opinion opinion Is It Really True? 
1959 November 19 Don West and Dick Foushee opinion FOOL'S FORUM 
1959 November 19 Tim Stoen opinion IT SEEMS TO ME 
1959 November 19 oponion opinion Tehhey Edits Centennial Publication 
1959 November 19 opinion opinion TOLLING BELL Down the Aisle 
1959 November 19 opinion opinion The Council Table 
1959 November 19 Dennis Nordmoe news Obsolete Receiver, Antenna Hinder Contacts for Home 
1959 November 19 Bonnie McLennan news Girls to Host Boys at Dorm Banquet 
1959 November 19 John Maltese news Maltese to Direct String Orchestra In Initial Centennial Performance 
1959 November 19 party sponsor news SU Sponsors Party At Elmhurst Pool 
1959 November 19 chem department news Chem Department Recognizes Seniors With 6 Awards 
1959 November 19 Korea prison work news Recording Presents Korea Prison Work 
1959 November 19 chase's chatter sports Fall Roundup 
1959 November 19 chase's chatter sports What Happened, Cards? 
1959 November 19 soccer sports Two Goals by Voss Highlight Soccer Win; St. Louis to Represent Midwest in Tourney 
1959 November 19 football sports Bombers Tiumph In Snow, 38-6 
1959 November 19 football sports Gridmen Leave CCI Top Augie, 33-13 
1959 November 19 track sports Harrier Lag In NCAA Meet 
1959 November 27 Joan Kerns front page Pierce Chapel to Host Class Singing Fest; Juniors Plan to Defend Tune Tangle Trophy 
1959 November 27 awards front page 2 Music Professors Receive Awards 
1959 November 27 international student front page International Students Visit Campus 
1959 November 27 organ recital front page Hough, Student of Goode, To Present Organ Recital 
1959 November 27 military science front page Military Science Parley Convenes 
1959 November 27 Jack Carpenter front page Carpenter to Head Pep Club Activities 
1959 November 27 Bob Leinbach front page Seniors Dorn, Leinbach to Attend West Point Conference on US Affairs 
1959 November 27 WB committees front page Huffman Announces WB Committees 
1959 November 27 opinion opinion Come, Ye Thankful People 
1959 November 27 Here 'n' There opinion Tangle -- Without Tunes 
1959 November 27 Maj. Gen. Frank A. Tobey Chief of Chaplains, U. S. Army opinion Army Chaplain Give Thanks For American Privileges 
1959 November 27 Tim Stoen opinion IT SEEMS TO ME 
1959 November 27 Don West and Dick Foushee opinion FOOL'S FORUM 
1959 November 27 idea contest news SC Idea Contest Closes Next Month 
1959, November 27 Election News Delegates choose Education Major President of SIEA 
1959 September 27 Professor Gerig News Gerig completes Book of Chorales 
1959 September 27 Dr. Green News Green makes report on berry Contaminator 
1959 September 27 Debate Tournament  News Wheaton debaters Complete in Tourney At Bradley University 
1959 September 27 June Filkin News Ramp climbers speak up, tell of rare art 
1959 September 27 Dick Vesperman News Sophs break tradition, get many comments on jackets 
1959 September 27 Basketball Sports Basketball team to open at Northern Illinois 
1959 September 27 Scott Wood Sports Letterman revive dormant "W" Club 
1959 September 27 Cross Country Sports Flash 
1959 September 27 Wrestling Sports Wrestlers travel to Indiana, meet Wabash, DePauw 
1959 December 3 Arts Front page Festival Chorus Presents Messiah; Espeseth Leads 
1959 December 3 Arts Front Page Centennial Album to Include Hymns sung by Student Body 
1959 December 3 Christmas Front Page Speech department presents 'Spirit of Christmas-Others' 
1959 December 3 Christmas Front Page Conservatory Initiates Yule Season with Candlelight Music Program 
1959 December 3 Symposium Front Page ROTC department Presents Symposium on US Army- National, World Affairs 
1959 December 3 Bible Forum Front Page Bible Forum views Orthodox Theology 
1959 December 3 Dennis Nordmoe Front Page Lane Addresses Banqueters 
1959 December 3 Christmas Front Page Steele Draws Scene at Singspiration 
1959 December 3 Opinion Opinion And Let It Snow... 
1959 December 3 Tim Stoen Opinion It Seems To Me 
1959 December 3 Letters to the Editor Opinion Readers question current dating values 
1959 December 3 Letters to the editor Opinion Danner Congratulates Tune Tangle groups 
1959 December 3 Opinion Opinion The Council Table 
1959 December 3 Don West and Dick Foushee Opinion Fools Forum 
1959 December 3 Sue Symes news Dothan Findings Add Light to History 
1959 December 3 comprehensive exam news About 40 Seniors Take Comprehensive Exams 
1959 December 3 transalation work news Missionaries Present Transalatioin Work 
1959 December 3 party news 'Just Desserts' Party Fetes SU Employees 
1959 December 3 centennial  news Goode Composes Centennial Hymn 
1959 December 3 broadcasting news WETN Broadcasts Game 
1959 December 3 Edman news Edman to Receive License 1860 000 
1959 December 3 basketball sports Crusaders Snow Huskies, Prove 'Softness Is Northern' 
1959 December 3 wrestling sports Tryouts Select Starting Wrestlers 
1959 December 3 intramural sports Basketball Starts In Intramurals 
1959 December 3 track sports Harriers Run In Annual CAAU Meet, Place Second 
1959 December 3 basketball sports Crusaders Try SW Missouri 
1959 December 3 football sports 8 Crusaders Make All-Conference 
1959 December 10 Ruth Olsen front page CSC Sponsors Traditional Christmas Sing: O'Byrne Directs; Roper, Nelson Accompany 
1959 December 10 Anna Olsen front page 1 Week unitl Christmas By Train, Plane, Automobile 
1959 December 10 recital front page Recital Portrays Spirit of Christmas 
1959 December 10 stimulant for research front page Student Vie for Best Essay 
1959 December 10 red cross front page Red Cross Provides Christmas Records 
1959 December 10 banquets front page Soccer, Football Teams Celebrate Victorious Seasons With Banquets 
1959 December 10 west sub  front page West Sub Presents 'Frosted Fantasy' 
1959 December 10 carolling front page SU To Sponsor Caroling Program 
1959 December 10 Chase's Chatter sports A Call For the True Fan 
1959 December 10 jackrabbits sports Jackrabbits Visit Wheaton 
1959 December 10 wrestling sports Victorious Grapplers Wrestle Northern 
1959 December 10 intramural sports Crypts, Gumpers Score Impressive Triumphs 
1959 December 10 basketball sports Bombers Win, Top Joliet, 109-94 
1959 December 10 basketball sports Cagers Knock Down Two 
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