Index to the Record, 1958 (September)-1958 (December)

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DateSubject (Personal Name or Topic)Column or SectionTopic or Title
1958 September 12 freshmen front page Faculty Members Meet Incoming Students At Climaxing Event of Orientation Week 
1958 September 12 music front page Rehearsals to Begin For Bach Oratorio 
1958 September 12 staff front page Record Appoints Staf for Semester 
1958 September 12  student life front page Social Season Begins: Varied Programs Mark Class Parties 
1958 September 12 anthropology club front page Old, New Members Convene For Anthro Club Meeting 
1958 September 12 ministry front page 'Wheaton 12' Return from Mission Duty 
1958 September 12 enrollment front page Current Enrollment Nears 1700 Mark 
1958 September 12 Wheaton Academy front page College Announces Transfer of Academy 
1958 September 12 technology editorial IBM - Less Busy Work 
1958 September 12 Stan Barnett letters to the editor Barnett Asks for Missionary Concern 
1958 September 12 Bob Dahlstrom voices Morning After 
1958 September 12 Dan Barret voices Off The Record 
1958 September 12 Prexy editorial Prexy Proposes A Promise 
1958 September 12 fall season news Fashions to Football: Rare Madness Sparks Fall 
1958 September 12 Student Foreign Missions fellowship news SFMF Program Promotes Campus Interest; Invites Participation in Missionary Projects 
1958 September 12 music news Artist Series Season Promises Concerts By Outstanding Soloists and Groups 
1958 September 12 gospel teams news Council Auditions Students for Service 
1958 September 12 cross country news Wheaton To Host NCAA Race 
1958 September 12 soccer sports Booters Prepare for Season 
1958 September 12 football sports Crusaders Meet Huskies In Opener at Grange Field 
1958 September 12 fanfare sports 'Fancy' Pauses for Football 
1958 September 12 freshmen initiation news Freshmen Dress as Infants, Pay Homage to Mighty Sophomores 
1958 September 18 staff front news Gerig Accepts New Position As Centennial Coordinator 
1958 September 18 Reverand Gordon J. Johnson front page Chicago Pastor Presents Messages As Fall Evangelistic Service Speaker 
1958 September 18 missions front page World Focus Groups Provide Field Facts 
1958 September 18 forensics front page Debate Nuclear Weapons: Robison Launches Forensic Program 
1958 September 18 student union  front page Student Union to Distribute Pocket Edition of Calendar 
1958 September 18 music front page Conservatory Announces String Workshop 
1958 September 18 staff news New Faculty Members to Take Up Teaching Duties 
1958 September 18  staff news Boardman Becomes Head Of New Geology Department 
1958 September 18 Dayuma news Takes Gospel to Aucas: Dayuma Returns to Native Village 
1958 September 18 Clayton E. Halvorsen news Halvorsen Assumes Charge Of Men's Glee Organization 
1958 September 18 Wheaton's School of Nursing news 70 Enter Training: West Sub Orientates New Nurses 
1958 September 18 WRA news Old, New Students Join in WRA Party 
1958 September 18 Dr. Samuel Kamm news Kamm Probes History for Centennial 
1958 September 18 cheerleading news Alumni Gym Echoes to Cheerleaders' Yells 
1958 September 18 evangelism editorial Revival-For a Week or Forever? 
1958 September 18 Dan Barrett voices Off The Record 
1958 September 18 Doug Olsen voices Students Violate Dining Etiquette 
1958 September 18 Wheaton Record news New Regime - Old Policy 
1958 September 18 Wheaton Academy news Formulate Policies: Academy Hosts SC-SU Retreat 
1958 September 18 ROTC news Familiar Sounds Herald ROTC Return As Ranks Swell Under Record Enrollment 
1958 September 18 music news Gosepl Team Returns From Europe 
1958 September 18 Dudley Powers news Powers to Conduct College Orchestra 
1958 September 18 Mrs. Rana B. MacDonald news MacDonald Quits Job Due To Poor Health 
1958 September 18 Tower news Tower Boasts 75 Juniors For Centennial Yearbook 
1958 September 18 Russell Platz news Platz Directs Band On Annual Retreat 
1958 September 18 Parents day news Parents Day Plans Now in Full Swing 
1958 September 18 football sports Light Crusaders to Host Huskies in Season Opener 
1958 September 18 baseball sports Baseball Included Fall Sports Scene 
1958 September 18 Larry Chase sports Chase Announces IM Slate 
1958 September 18 Ray Carlsen sports FanFare: DeKalb Tests Gridders 
1958 September 18 soccer sports McCrathmen Open Against Chicago Illini 
1958 September 18 golf sports Harriers Meet 1957 Champs 
1958 September 18 Bombers sports Bombers Host Wilson 
1958 September 25 student life front page Prexy Leads Parade: Homecoming Features Class Floats 
1958 September 25 student government front page Student Union Plans Initial Coffee Hour 
1958 September 25 Roberta Peters front page Soprano Peters Stars in First Artist Series; "Chuckwagon" International Cafe Follows 
1958 September 25 Dr. Herman Dooyeweerd front page Philosopher Dooyeweerd Speaks On Christian Outlook 
1958 September 25 Donald James MacKay front page MacKay to Edit Alumni Publication 
1958 September 25 Reverand Gordon Johnson front page Johnson Leads Last Service Of Fall Evangelistic Series 
1958 September 25 enrollment front page Undergrads Hit 1600, Grads Number 100 
1958 September 25 forensics front page Debaters Continue Forensic Discussion 
1958 September 25 food editorial Diners Deplore Dinner Delay 
1958 September 25 Dave Engdahl letters to the editor Engdahl Asks For Attendance Info 
1958 September 25 RAD voices Morning After 
1958 September 25 James O. Buswell III letters to the editor Buswell Praises Dining Hall Satire 
1958 September 25 education news Here and There: Illiniois State Normal Vidette Says Schools, Not Taxpayers Are to Blame for School Ills 
1958 September 25 The Editor voices Scented "Reeker" Prompts Questions 
1958 September 25 sports voices RAH Rah rah... 
1958 September 25 William C. Zimmerman news Zimmerman, Army Enlistee Since 1941, Becomes Member of ROTC Department 
1958 September 25 student teachers news Student Teachers Practice In Wheaton Area Schools 
1958 September 25 Captain R. Gordon Hoffman news Navy Veteran Enrolls as Freshman 
1958 September 25 football sports Murray Stars As Crusaders Win, 40-20 
1958 September 25 golf sports Hanchett Wins - Harriers topple Champs, 26 - 30 
1958 September 25 football sports Wheaton Attempts Vengeance As Hosts 
1958 September 25 soccer sports Chicago Illini Win Opener Over McCrathmen, 6-3 
1958 September 25 Deke Ryan sports Ryan Tops Bombers; Beat Wilson, 36-0 
1958 October 2 Roberta Peters front page Peters Opens Current Artist Series Season 
1958 October 2 student life front page Western Atmosphere permeates Post-Concert 'Chuckwagon' Program 
1958 October 2 Parents' Day front page Parents' Day Theme To Portray Seasons 
1958 October 2 Intervarsity front page Nyquist Lectures At Fall Conference 
1958 October 2 Bible study front page Upperclassmen Plan Spiritual Emphasis 
1958 October 2 Dr. Kenneth Kantzer front page Second of Forum Series: Kantzer Moderates Forum 
1958 October 2 Women PE Majors front page PE Majors Attend Camp Seminar To Teach Crafts, Program Planning 
1958 October 2 ministry front page Missionary Interns Talk at Coffee Hour 
1958 October 2 Chris Barrett front page Heart Attack Kills Barrett 
1958 October 2 Dr. Willard Jackman front page Jackman Instructs At Parent Workshop 
1958 October 2 chapel  editorial Reserve Seats? 
1958 October 2 chapel  front page Registrar's Office Gives Clarification Of Revised Attendance Requirements 
1958 October 2 football voices rah Rah RAH... 
1958 October 2 Lloyd Macfayden letters to the editor Macfayden Probes Chapel Site Rumor 
1958 October 2 Dan Barrett voices Off The Record 
1958 October 2 The Editor student life Committee Airs Dining Problems 
1958 October 2 David G. Dixon letters to the editor Dixon Challenges Admissiosn Report 
1958 October 2 music news Music Ed Club Nominates Officers at First Meeting 
1958 October 2 Reverand Connie Salios news Baptist Pastor Speaks At Business Forum 
1958 October 2 staff news Prospective Teachers Get Acquainted 
1958 October 2 Rennie Mac Kay voices 'Do It Yourself' Project Brings Forth Battle 
1958 October 2 football sports Lake Forest Drubbed As Crusaders Sparkle, 48-0 
1958 October 2 soccer sports Hoosiers Invade Old Lawson Saturday 
1958 October 2 cross country sports Harriers Knock Eastern; Eye State Title 
1958 October 9 Parents' Day front page Parents Invade Campus in Record Numbers 
1958 October 9 Parents' Day front page Parents' Day Program Depicts Campus In 'The Tower, The Seasons...Their Song' 
1958 October 9 WETN front page WETN to Broadcast by Homecoming 
1958 October 9 Testify in Native Dress front page Anthro Club Hosts Indians 
1958 October 9 Homecoming day front page Homecoming Booth To Increase Service 
1958 October 9 Free Digs Dothan news Expedition Uncovers Wall 
1958 October 9 ROTC news  ROTC Submits Award Names 
1958 October 9 Dr. Frank Green news Researcher Green Attends Conference Takes Role of Ambassador, Scientist 
1958 October 9 Peter Deyneka news Deyneka Integrates Missions, World 
1958 October 9 Science of the student Educational Associations  news SEA Begins Meetings With Ventriloquist 
1958 October 9 Sees Spiritual Problem news Pannell Views Segregation 
1958 October 9 Corinne Smith news Dean Smith Presides At Luncheon Meeting 
1958 October 9 Herman Clebanoff news Clebanoff Strings to Appear at Series 
1958 October 9 Jim Hutchens and Dan Barrett news SC Appoints Barrett, Hutchens Chairmen 
1958 October 9 trip to Europe news Coeds Who Dream Of Europe Summer Have Rewarding Eight Country Whirl 
1958 October 9 Editorial Letters to the Editor No Unlimiteds 
1958 October 9 David Engdahl Letters to the Editor Engdahl Wants Policy Clarification 
1958 October 9 Here and There Letters to the Editor Concordia Spectator Advises New Student Friendliness 
1958 October 9 Eileen Holoien Letters to the Editor Reader Questions New Cut System 
1958 October 9 Lynn Smith News Peters Captivates Audiences at Artist Series 
1958 October 9 Student Life News PE Majors Practice Camping Skils, Learn Activities at Annual Retreat 
1958 October 9 Student Life News Juniors Sport Class Jackets 
1958 October 9 Summer Mission News Wheaton '12' relate Values Of Summer Mission Life 
1958 October 9 Christian Medical Society News Gieser Views Work Of Medical Society 
1958 October 9 Soccer Sports Fourth Quater Rally Dooms Hoosiers As Three Goals Net 4-1 Win 
1958 October 9 Football Sports Former Grid Star Swartz Returns To Campus As Coach and Instructor 
1958 October 9 Ray Carlsen Fanfare Prayer and Punting 
1958 October 9 Football Sports  Odds Pick Wheaton To Overwhelm Jays 
1958 October 9 Football Sports Wheaton recovers Fumble To Prime Offense in 67-12 Rout Of Vikings 
1958 October 9 Sports Sports Crusaders Boast College Star Fathers 
1958 October 9 Football Sports Bombers Breeze To Second Win; Topple Morton Junior Collge 33-7 
1958 October 9 Athletics Sports Harriers Win Third Straight 
1958 October16 Gleason Ledyard front page Anthropology Club Sponsors Director of Eskimo Crusade 
1958 October16 student life front page Freshmen Retreat to Park, Sophs to Barn, Juniors to Pool for Scheduled Class Parties 
1958 October16 Jim Nako, Stan Chamberlain front page Tower Receives All-American Rating 
1958 October16 band plays western style front page Barnett Opens Craft Shop 
1958 October16 finance front page Parmeter's Project Wins Added Grant 
1958 October16 fireside group front page Fireside Group To Discuss Lewis 
1958 October16 debate front page Debaters Compete in Kentucky Thoroughbred Tourney 
1958 October16 Celts front page Defunct Lit Makes Revival Attempt 
1958 October16 editorial opinion Viva la Programme! 
1958 October16 Dan Barrett opinion OFF THE RECORD 
1958 October16 letters to the editor opinion Reader Egli Expresses Regret Over Game With Elmhurst 
1958 October16 letters to the editor opinion Hoffman Lauds B & G Improvement 
1958 October16 letters to the editor opinion Kerns Praises Clebanoff Concert 
1958 October16 Joan Kerns news Kamm, Flory Spend Summer Searching Historical Files 
1958 October16 art news Art Majors Attend Indiana Retreat 
1958 October16 grad school news Grads Hold Hayride At Sunnyridge Farm 
1958 October16 Everett M. Dirksen news Dirksen Officially Dedicates Civil Defense Headquarters 
1958 October16 homecoming news Chapel Service Begins Homecoming, Concert Gand Adds Musical Touch 
1958 October16 contest news Band Party Stages Hula Hoop Contest 
1958 October16 Kurt Peria sports ...Rivalry? 
1958 October16 football sports Crusaders Frolic in 90-6 Gridiron Fiasco 
1958 October16 volleyball sports IM-WRA Plan Party Of Co-ed Volleyball 
1958 October16 Doug Olsen sports Wheaton Aims At Millikin 
1958 October16 soccer sports Late Rally Ties Score In Soccer Match 
1958 October 23 student council front page Council Opposes Front Campus Chapel Location in Resolution 
1958 October 23 SFMF front page SFMF to feature Asian Missionary 
1958 October 23 Moody front page Moody Grads See 'Through the Arch' 
1958 October 23 after testing, triumph front page DeWitt Reveals Homecoming Plans 
1958 October 23 Tim Hickey, Joe Nystrom front page Speech majors Present 'Pages That Live;' Heckey , Nystrom Narrate Dramatic Recital 
1958 October 23 Paul Groen front page SC Prexy to Lead Prayer Meeting 
1958 October 23 banquet front page 'Isthmus to Then' Denotes Theme for Fall Banquet 
1958 October 23 Dr. Paul M. Bechtel front page Bechtel to Succeed Kilby As Language, Lit Chairman 
1958 October 23 panel front page Neigboring Deans Aid 'Pledge' Panel 
1958 October 23 Dan Barrett opinion OFF THE RECORD 
1958 October 23 editorial  opinion It's Up to Us 
1958 October 23 letters to the editor opinion Taylor Refutes Egli's Observations 
1958 October 23 letters to the editor opinion Two Cite Inconsistencey In College Movie Standards 
1958 October 23 letters to the editor opinion Moore Decries Faculty Diffidence 
1958 October 23 Dave Legters news Old Friends Become New Partners; Barnett, Fulghum Direct Craft Shop 
1958 October 23 gymnastics news Danes to Display Gymnastic Talents 
1958 October 23 Dr. Richard Chambers news Examiners Study Teacher-Training Setup 
1958 October 23 Hanchett Wins... sports Winning Harriers To Meet Carroll 
1958 October 23 Rod Johnson sports Johnson's Touchdown Sets Bomber Victory 
1958 October 23 Bruce Whipple sports Whipple's Passes Score As Wheaton Blans Millikin 
1958 October 23 soccer sports Soccermen Triumph to Share MSC Lead 
1958 October 23 football sports 'Shredded Wheaton?' CCI Title aat Stake 
1958 October 31 pep rally front page Torchlight Pageant By Freshman Girls Highlights Pep Rally 
1958 October 31 homecoming  front page Homcoimg Game Parade Features Floats, Award 
1958 October 31 tower front page  Tower Serves Pizza Folowing Bonfire 
1958 October 31 others welcome visitors front page Women's Dorms Hold Open House 
1958 October 31 art front page Vocal Orgnaizations Produce Adaption of 'Everyman' 
1958 October 31 ROTC front page ROTC Group, Band Entertain at Game 
1958 October 31 art front page Concert Band Presents Light Program At Annual Homecoming Performance 
1958 October 31 Dr. Valdo P. Oleari Alumni Section Alumni Elect Oleari President 
1958 October 31 alumni alumni section Alumni Anticipate New Club 
1958 October 31 Ed Coray alumni section Coray Welcomes Returning Alumni On Behalf of Office, Magazine Staff 
1958 October 31 Dr. Lawrence Kulp alumni section Kulp Attends Oxford On Science Grant 
1958 October 31 C. B. Weaver news Weaver Welcomes Returning Alumni 
1958 October 31 Ed Coray news Coray Receives Distinguished Service Award 
1958 October 31 crusade meetings news 5 Students Travel to Charlotte for Final Crusade Meetings 
1958 October 31 missionaries news Letters Relate Missionaries Gain Entrance to Aucaland 
1958 October 31 Dan Barrett opinion OFF THE RECORD 
1958 October 31 editorial opinion A Rebel... 
1958 October 31 letters to the editor opinion Hunt Dicusses Dining Problem 
1958 October 31 letters to the editor opinion Hoffman Offers Chapel Suggestion 
1958 October 31 equipment arrives news WETN Postpones Broadcasting Date 
1958 October 31 Bob Bason news Bason to Supervise '59 Homecoming 
1958 October 31 meeting news Prayer Meeting 
1958 October 31 Richard Gerig news 'For Christ and His Kingdom' Integrates Centennial Year, Relates Co-ordinator Gerig 
1958 October 31 junior class news Juniors to Dedicate Class Fountain 
1958 October 31 inter-varsity news Inter-Varsity Holds 'Miniature Urbana' 
1958 October 31 Rev. Donald J. MacKay news MacKay Speaks at SFMF 
1958 October 31 Rennie McKay news Holt Leaves Orphanage, Relaxes at College 
1958 October 31 huffman, savage vie news Freshmen Elect Officers Today 
1958 October 31 Shirley Dahlberg news West Sub Nurse Describes Life Behind Hospital Scene 
1958 October 31 Dr. John Trever news Trever Illustrates Holy Land Flora At Archeaology Conference Lecture 
1958 October 31 WRA news WRA to Sponsor Annual Mum Sale 
1958 October 31 student council news SC Gives Commitee Financial Freedom 
1958 October 31 Nancy Mott news Frosh in Class of 1864 Writes About Wheaton Pranks, Girls, Studies 
1958 October 31 pershing rifle news Pershing Rifle Company Climaxes Initiation Week 
1958 October 31 Dr. L. H. Gray news Radiobiologist Gray Gives Cancer Lecture 
1958 October 31 Ray Carlson sports Foushee Catches Spearhead Wins 
1958 October 31 Rick Chase sports Brass Bell To Ring For Victor of NC Tilt 
1958 October 31 football sports Huskie Pups Fall As Bombers Win Again 
1958 October 31 track sports The Hanchetts: Remember Jim, Meet Tom 
1958 October 31 Wayne Hoffman sports Grid Stars Boost Practical Christianity 
1958 October 31 track sports Harriers Eye Title Loyola State Meet 
1958 October 31 Paul Hiley sports Booters Host Boilermakers In Bid For MSC Crown 
1958 October 31 Kurt Peria sports New Glow For Past Stars 
1958 October 31 Roland Tabell, Dale Hess sports Tabell, Hess Wins Tourneys; IM Grid Final Approaches 
1958 October 31 field hockey sports Northwestern Girls Top Hockyists 
1958 November 6 Joyce Morrison front page Powers Conducts College Orchestra Featuring Guest Soprano Morrison 
1958 November 6 art front page Melachrino Strings To Present Concert Of Mood Music 
1958 November 6 banquet front page 'Isthumus to Then' Enchants Fall Banquet Chateau Royale Features Program, Dining 
1958 November 6 new gym front page Officials Break Ground for New Gym 
1958 November 6 cadets parade in full dress front page ROTC Leads Chapel Service 
1958 November 6 editorial opinion Class Rivalry And Us 
1958 November 6 letters to the editor opinion Alumnus Coray Calls Homecoming 'Super' 
1958 November 6 letters to the editor opinion Barrett Cites Importance Of Newspaper Reading; Blames School for Apathy 
1958 November 6 letters to the editor opinion Reader Questions Pep Band Jazz 
1958 November 6 letters to the editor opinion Ferris Answers Hunt Letter 
1958 November 6 opinion opinion Edman Explains Ground Breaking Delay For Chapel 
1958 November 6 Dan Barrett opinion OFF THE RECORD 
1958 November 6 Here and There opinion Scarlet Advises Students On How to Impress Profs 
1958 November 6 Carol Burton news English Department Displays Rare Books 
1958 November 6 art news Art Majors Choose Artists' Colony for Hub of 3-Day Field Trip Activities 
1958 November 6 '62 Chooses Officers news Huffman to Lead Freshmen 
1958 November 6 awards news Decoration, Float Awards Climax Halftime Program 
1958 November 6 Rev. Dwight H. Small news Small Disucsses Dating Relationships 
1958 November 6 Larry DeWitt news Council Resolution Applauds DeWitt 
1958 November 6 Kurt Peria sports Nostalgia?! 
1958 November 6 Ray Carlsen sports Crusaders Crush NC Cardinals, 33-6 
1958 November 6 soccer sports Purdue Ties Booters, 2-2 
1958 November 6 football sports Titans Bar Win Four Straight 
1958 November 6 track sports Harriers Place Second; Host Championship 
1958 November 6 football sports Bombers Blast Alumni, Go Undefeated; Cleveland, Iha to Grewe Pass Oldsters Dizzy 
1958 November 13 awards front page ACP Awards Kodon All-American Rating 
1958 November 13 arts front page Melachrino Presents 'Music in Mood' 
1958 November 13 waiters wear Swiss dress front page Cafe Features Swiss Atmosphere 
1958 November 13 Ray Carlsen front page Crusaders Rout Wesleyan Titans, Complete First Undefeated Season 
1958 November 13 education week front page Lectures, Dinners Mark American Education Week 
1958 November 13 Bill Gerig front page Gerig Wins Honor As Crusader of Year 
1958 November 13 editorial  opinion Down With Student Opinion! 
1958 November 13 letter to the editor opinion Dorm Notes Honor Omission 
1958 November 13 Dan Barrett opinion OFF THE RECORD 
1958 November 13 finance opinion Education -- its Price Tag 
1958 November 13 letter to the editor opinion  Writer Clarifies Pep Band Headline 
1958 November 13 missionary opinion Missionary Intern, Flesvig Tells Summer Impressions In Letter To Student Body 
1958 November 13 plays, paganini, dvorak news Maltese Gives Violin Recital 
1958 November 13 comtemporary man news Philosophers Discuss Comtemporary Man 
1958 November 13 Dave Clum sports 21 Colleges Complete For New Team Title 
1958 November 13 Soccer sports Soccermen Gain Third-Share of MSC Title 
1958 November 13 football sports All-Stars Win IM Crown; Blank Flickers 
1958 November 13 Ray Carlsen sports Bye-Bye CCI?!?? 
1958 November 13 column sports Sports Shorts 
1958 November 20 Byron Janis front page Pianist Janis Appears Here Saturday 
1958 November 20 faculty front page Firesides to Include Dating, World's Fair 
1958 November 20 Intervarsity front apge Inter-Varsity Stages 'Miniature Urbana' 
1958 November 20 Luana Johnson & Jeannette Mudgett front page Publications' Board Appoints Johnson, Mudgett as Record, WETN Heads 
1958 November 20 NCATE front page Wheaton Applies for Education Recognition By Natioanl Organization for Accreditation 
1958 November 20 Sid Gillson front page Gillson Presents Navajo Indian Work At Combined SFMF 
1958 November 20 student council front page SC Suggests MSC Open on Sundays 
1958 November 20 Tim Hickey front page Hickey Presents 'Oliver Twist' Scenes 
1958 November 20 Marilyn Tieszen & Peggy Proctor front page Play Sax, Flute: Tieszen, Proctor Give Recital 
1958 November 20 politics editorial Christianity And Politics? 
1958 November 20 Dan Barrett voices Off The Record 
1958 November 20 Dr. Karl Armerding news Prayer Meeting 
1958 November 20 RAD voices Morning After 
1958 November 20 Alton M. Cronk letters to the editor Cronk Raps College Conduct, Applauds Melachrino Music 
1958 November 20 Ron Raedeke voices Capp Highlights Conference Held By Collegiate Press 
1958 November 20 Midge Hall voices Students Initiate All-School Dating Policies 
1958 November 20 chapel news Students to Choose Speakers for Chapel 
1958 November 20 sport teams sports Wheaton 12...All-CCI Grid Teams Chosen 
1958 November 20 wrestling sports DePauw Wrestlers Open Home Schedule of CCI Mat Champs 
1958 November 20 Ray Carlsen sports Fanfare: So Nice, CCI... 
1958 November 20 sports summary sports Sports Shorts 
1958 November 20 Dave Clum sports Northern Illinois Gains First NCAA Crown 
1958 November 28 Tune Tangle trophy front page Sophs Garner Trophy In Holiday Tune Fest 
1958 November 28 Football banquet front page Banquet Celebrates Perfect Grid Season 
1958 November 28 Dr. G. Douglas Young front page Young Lectures on Israel; Stresses Culture, Problems 
1958 November 28 Reverend Phillip E. Armstrong front page Gospel Crusade Executive Secretary Heads Missionary Emphasis Week 
1958 November 28 music front page Fine Arts Quartet, Guitarist Perform at Artist Series 
1958 November 28 archaeology front page Digging up the Past: Film Presents Dothan Excavation 
1958 September 12 student government front page Student Council, Union Hold Joint Retreat at Academy 
1958 November 28 Henry Chrouser sports Coaches Spark Championship Teams 
1958 November 28 Wheaton Festival chorus news Festival Chorus Sings 'Christmas Oratorio' 
1958 November 28 Edward A. Cording news Cording Represents Wheaton: Music Staff Attends Parleys 
1958 November 28 Ark news Ark Succeeds Ichabod as Campus 'Bomb'; Awaits Rendezvous with Carpenter's Saw 
1958 November 28 ROTC news ROTC Cadets Dine At Oak Park Arms 
1958 November 28 home economics news Home Ec Majors Find Experience, Enjoyment, Planning Life in Hiatt 
1958 November 28 Betty Elliot news Aucas, Elliots Celebrate Thanksgiving 
1958 November 28 Centennial insignia news Design Centennial Insignia: Committee Chooses Slogan 
1958 November 28 Dr. William McCarrell news Future Pastors Host Free Church Leader 
1958 November 28 Midwest Regioanl Missions conference news Missions Conference Offers Seminars, Elliot Pageant 
1958 November 28 Artist Series concerts editorial Bad Manners... 
1958 November 28 RAD voices Morning After 
1958 November 28 Joseph Nystrom letters to the editor Nystrom Says Concert Manners 'Disturbing' 
1958 November 28 Don Liebert news Prayer Meeting 
1958 November 28 William Garvin letters to the editor Alumnus Garvin Hits Concert Conduct 
1958 November 28 Clyde Taylor letters to the editor Taylor Asks Evaluation Of Wheaton '12' Project 
1958 November 28 Dan Barrett voices Off The Record 
1958 November 28 basketball sports Wheaton Five Starts Season 
1958 November 28 Gil Dodds sports Dodds Divulges Champion Psychology 
1958 November 28 basketball sports Tigres Leave Lair to Open, Seek Revenge at Wheaton 
1958 November 28 basketball sports Intramural Cagers Finish Second Week Of Preliminary Play 
1958 November 28 Ray Carlsen sports Fanfare: Top-Performance Machine 
1958 November 28 sports summary sports Sports Shorts 
1958 November 28 football sports Team Names Anderson MVP 
1958 November 28 Pfundmen sports Bomber Cagers To Meet Morton; Gross Picks Nine-men for Season 
1958 November 28 George Olson sports Olson Seeks to Continue Mat Wins 
1958 November 28 Midwest Regional Missions conference news Missions Conference Attracts Visitors from 5 Midwestern Schools 
1958 November 28 Philip Armstrong news Armstrong Conducts SU Discussion Today 
1958 December 4 speech recital front page Speech Recital Offers Holiday Theme 
1958 December 4 Herbert J. Taylor front page Magician Entertains Guests: Taylor Speaks at ROTC Banquet 
1958 December 4 Ron Raedeke front page Raedeke, Dean to Head 1960 Tower, Serve as Editor, Business Manager 
1958 December 4 Wheaton Festival choir front page Choir, Orchestra Present Bach Oratorio 
1958 December 4 student council news What Does Council Do? 
1958 December 4 RAD voices Morning After 
1958 December 4 Dan Barrett voices Off The Record 
1958 December 4 John L. Yost letters to the editor Reader Yost Defends Bartok, Modern Music at Artist Series 
1958 December 4 Dr. Joseph Free news Tourists Visit Bible Lands: Free Announces Cruise Dates 
1958 December 4 Bob Johnson voices Desk Issues Warning to Job Hunters 
1958 December 4 WETN news WETN Begins Broadcasting Schedule 
1958 December 4 Missionary Emphasis week news Panel Discusses Problems Facing 'Missionary Kids' 
1958 December 4 student council news SC Elects Big Brother, Sister Heads 
1958 December 4 basketball sports Cagers Host Gustavus, Attempt Revenge 
1958 December 4 Ray Carlsen sports Fanfare: How Sweet...?? 
1958 December 4 basketball sports Peterson Layup Starts Season; Crusaders Win Oppener 88-50 
1958 December 4 track sports Harriers Overcome Elements To Gain First in Central AAU 
1958 December 4 basketball sports Johnson, Van Dixhorn Lead Bombers To Win 
1958 December 4 wrestling sports Marshall Stars: Grapplers Prevail in Opener 
1958 December 11 Marilyn Swanson front page Places Emphasis on Christ: Swanson Describes Swedish Yule 
1958 December 11 International club front page Foreign Students See Campus Christianity 
1958 December 11 Candelight Christmas concert front page Procession, Choirs, Brass Group Set Scence For First Christmas Candlelight Musicale 
1958 December 11 Nebbish front page Nebbish Gives Holiday Gift Suggestions 
1958 December 11 Lambda Iota Tau front page Lambda Installs Members; Lee to Give Interpretation 
1958 December 11 Ski club front page Skiers Inititate Club With Smorgasbord 
1958 December 11 CCI games sports Coast Games Highlight Vacation Tour; Elmhurt, northern Host Travelers 
1958 December 11 wrestling sports Grapplers Face NIU, Beat Wabash, 27-8 
1958 December 11 basketball sports Crusader Five Top NC, Gustavus, Millikin 
1958 December 11 student council news Council Poses Topic, 'So What Does SC Do?' 
1958 December 11 Ray Carlsen voices Fanfare: Laurels 
1958 December 11 basketball sports Bombers Garner Wins; Malachuk Top Scorer 
1958 December 11 Carolling news Students to Gather For Carolling Parting 
1958 December 4 basketball rally sports Cheers, Pep Band, Mock Game Enliven Rally for Hoopsters 
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