Index to the Record, 1958 (January)-1958 (May)

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DateSubject (Personal Name or Topic)Column or SectionTopic or Title
1958 January 9 basketball front page Crusaders Squeak Past Akron; Host Millikin 
1958 January 9 Students' Council Front Page SC Members Plan Inter- School Socials 
1958 January 9 Debate Tournamentt  Front Page Debate Squad Excels in Contests 
1958 January 9 Dating Methods Front Page Free Offers Evidence on Carbon-14 
1958 January 9 Vacation Dates Letters to the Editor Students Suggest Later Vacation Dates 
1958 January 9 Ticket Ethics Letters to the Editor Kelly Decries Ticket Ethics 
1958 January 9 Holidays Editorial Hum-drum Holidays 
1958 January 9 Bad Falls Editorial Neglect Causes Bad Falls 
1958 January 9 Fred Pearson Focal Point A State of Union 
1958 January 9 Kodon News Kodon Gets 1st Class Rating 
1958 January 9 Kiwanis News Kiwanis Sponsors Circle K Club 
1958 January 9 Bach New Oratorio Choir Sing Bach 
1958 January 9 Corrine Sonneveldt Chimes Resolutions and Self-Discipline 
1958 January 9 Anthropy Club News Anthropy Club Slates Meeting 
1958 January 9 Louis Carter Sports Matmen Win Opening Dual Meets: Defeat Navy Pier and Marquette 
1958 January 9 Larry Chase News Inside Out 
1958 January 16 Myrna Jay Front Page Juniors, Sophs Have Close Shave as New Class Rivalry Appears 
1958 January 16 Art Institute Front Page Art Institute Displays Junior Talent IN MSC 
1958 January 16 Mission Series Front page FMF Presents Mission Series; Field Workers Discuss Problems 
1958 January 16 Glee Club Front Page Glee Clubs Prepare for Short Tour 
1958 January 16 Honey Rock Expansion Front Page Honey Rock Plans Expansion of Facilities 
1958 January 16 Apathy Letters to the Editor Apathy? . . . So What? 
1958 January 16 James McKellin News God Makes Provisional Promises 
1958 January 16 Fred Pearson voices Focal Point: Unwelcome Guest 
1958 January 16 Kay Berglund, Judy Powell news Girls Suffer Injuries in Toboggan Accident 
1958 January 16 Dr. John G. Mitchell news Mitchell Leads Services 
1958 January 16 Edward Coray letters to the editor Coray Challenges Record 
1958 January 16 health center news Patients Offer Comments About New Health Center 
1958 January 16 Wayne Hoffmann voices Inside Out 
1958 January 16 basketball sports Crusaders Notch 36th Straight CCI Win 
1958 January 16 wrestling sports Grapplers Tumble Lake Forest 
1958 January 16 Jerome Hines news Met Star Jermone Hines Captivates Audience 
1958 February 6 Student Missionary project front page Student Missioanry Project Begins Plans For Student Donation, Candidate Selection 
1958 February 6 Music Festival Program front page Academy, Private School Choirs Join for Annual Music Festival Program 
1958 February 6 Washington Banquet front page Annual Washington Banquet Selects 'From Now Until Then' as Theme 
1958 February 6 American college tuition rates front page Here and There: This is the End... 
1958 February 6 The Record Editorial editorial Now Let's Talk About You for Awhile - What Do You Think of Me? 
1958 February 6 sports cheering voices Lullaby of Basketball-Land 
1958 February 6 R.A.D. voices Morning After 
1958 February 6 Howard R. Hone letters to the editor Alumnus Blasts Soph-Junior Activities 
1958 February 6 Dr. John G. Mitchell news Mitchell Travels from Canada to States In Active Ministry as Pastor, Teacher 
1958 February 6 school news and updates news News 'n' Views 
1958 February 6 President V. Raymond Edman voices Chimes: Wholehearted Devotion 
1958 February 6 debate team news Debaters Compete; Tie for First Place 
1958 February 6 Larry Chase voices Inside Out 
1958 February 6 basketball sports Crusaders Sweep Six; Bowling Green Next 
1958 February 6 Crusader's Century club news Century Club Hears '58 All-Star's Coach 
1958 February 6 Chapel choir news Chapel Choir, Volunteers Rehearse Bach's St. Matthew Passion Oratorio 
1958 February 6 Vocational guidance center news Vocational Guidance Center in Library Offers Help to Students Planning Future 
1958 February 6 Class of '59 news Dimes for Time: '59 Gives Clock for Centennial Chapel 
1958 February 6 Wheaton graduate school news Grad School Boasts Outstanding Alumni 
1958 February 6 Circle K International news Circle K Extends Opportunity for Community Service 
1958 February 6 Debate team news Dahlstrom, Weiss Excel at Purdue 
1958 February 13 social science tour front page Students Leave for Washington D.C. To Participate in Social Science Tour 
1958 February 13 Robert Baptista front page Plans Grad Study: Baptista Receives Grant 
1958 February 13 Scholarship funds front apge Funds, Memorials Provide Student Aid 
1958 February 13 Graduate Dietian Student Program front page Army Receives Women For Dietetic Commissions 
1958 February 13 Christian teachers front page College Provides Teachers 
1958 February 13 West Suburban nurses front page Nurses Schedule Senior Class Party 
1958 February 13 Christian Character scholarships front page Trustees Administer Work Scholarships 
1958 February 13 chapel editorial In Protest... 
1958 February 13 Clyde S. Kilby letters to the editor Kilby Questions Sports vs. Esthetics 
1958 February 13 Fred Pearson voices Focal Point: Honest Abe 
1958 February 13 Matthew S. Evans letters to the editor Evans Protests Glamour of Star Hines 
1958 February 13 Dr. Robert C. Stone news Dr. Stone Relates Conditions of Asiatic Schools 
1958 February 13 short college news news News 'n' Views 
1958 February 13 Missionary Emphasis Week news Emphasis Week Planned 
1958 February 13 Sophomore Dinner news Women Foot Bill For Soph Dinner 
1958 February 13 Dave Eaton news Eaton's Car Stolen 
1958 February 13 basketball sports Crusaders Whip B G, 90-73; Wheaton Reshreds Carroll 
1958 February 13 wrestling sports Grapplers Top Carroll, 25-2 Invitatioanl Tomorrow Nite 
1958 February 13 Intramurals sports Intramural Cage Finals Progress 
1958 February 20 Student Missionary Project front page Missionary Project Accepts 12 for Summer Mission Field 
1958 February 20 debate team front page Debaters Excel at Eau Claire Meet 
1958 February 20 Class of '61 Campaign front page Frosh Initiate Campaign For Class Gift Finances 
1958 February 20 college Red Cross chapter front page Five Students Attend Annual Luncheon Held by Inter-Collegiate Red Cross 
1958 February 20 President Edman interview front page Prexy Discusses Graham's Story 
1958 February 20 Onas Scandrette front page Scandrette Earns Doctorate at CSC 
1958 February 20 James Russell front page Russell Advances To ROTC Command 
1958 February 20 student opinion letters editorial Thank You for All Those Letters... 
1958 February 20 Fred Pearson voices Focal Point: Rebels With A Cause 
1958 February 20 Ralph Balog letters to the editor Satan Enters Bastille: Platform is not Motive 
1958 February 20 George Isley, Joseph Mortensen letters to the editor Isley, Mortensen Agree with Kilby 
1958 February 20 Stuart G. Leyden letters to the editor Leyden Likes Ivy League's De-emphasis 
1958 February 20 Jim Jennings letters to the editor Jennings Claims Main Point Missed 
1958 February 20 Spanish club news Spanish Club Contrasts Music Styles 
1958 February 20 Washington seminar trip news Coffee Hour Spotlights Slides of Washington 
1958 February 20 German club news German Students Hold Initiations 
1958 February 20 Christ's Ambassadors news C.A. Association Meets for Prayer 
1958 February 20 Anthropology club news Explains Evolution 
1958 February 20 "Patterns of Freedom" news Recital Illustrates American Freedom 
1958 February 20 Cadet Lt. Fred Miller news ROTC Appoints Miller as PIO 
1958 February 20 Nancy Samson news WRA Votes: Samson Elected President 
1958 February 20 wrestling tournament sports Wheaton 6th: Southern Illinois Wins Invitational 
1958 February 20 track sports Trackmen Upset NIU 
1958 February 20 basketball sports Grossmen Split Last 2 
1958 February 20 ice hockey sports Pucksters Drop 1st 
1958 February 20 basketball sports Crusaders Clinch CCI Race 
1958 February 20 basketball sports Illinois Wesleyan, Beloit Come Next 
1958 February 27 Isaac Stern front page American Violinist Isaac Stern Performs In Fifth Artist Series Concert of Season 
1958 February 27 Student council front page SC Proposes Seniors Clean Campus 
1958 February 27 Dr. Edward Elson front page WB Hears Elson: Washington Banquet Attracts 300 
1958 February 27 University of Chicago student-exchange program front page Here and There: Russians Study on Chicago Campus 
1958 February 27 George Chamberlain front page Army School Ranks Chamberlain First 
1958 February 27 Wheaton College Symphony Orchestra front page Symphony Orchestra Performs in Concert 
1958 February 27 Foreign Missions fellowship news Mosiman Tells FMF Of Ecuador Mission 
1958 February 27 West Suburban nurses news Seventy-four Student Nurses Receive Caps at West Sub 
1958 February 27 National Association of Evangelicals seminar news Students Combat Icy Hills, Traffic At NAE Seminar in Washington, DC 
1958 February 27 Woodstock Children's Home news Students Try Hand at Directing Home 
1958 February 27 University of Minnesota professor news Chow Mein Confuses Absent-Minded Prof 
1958 February 27 Ministerial fellowship news Future Ministers Conduct Meeting 
1958 February 27 Roller skating parties news Claim New Fans: Skating Parties Win Student Acclaim 
1958 February 27 Dr. Peter Viereck news Viereck Lectures on Third Freedom At Third Annual Writers Conference 
1958 February 27 automatic 12 per news New Calendar Schedules Automatic 12 Per 
1958 February 27 Dr. Merrill Tenney news Grad Dean Predicts Enrollment Increase 
1958 February 27 University of New Mexico student council news U. of New Mexico Editor Asks: Gold or Glory? Pay or Prestige? 
1958 February 27 President Edman news Edman Addresses Florida Meeting 
1958 February 27 Dr. Schultz news Schultz Resumes Studies 
1958 February 27 varsity debaters news Debaters Tour South; Compete at Iowa U. 
1958 February 27 class gift editorial Hey, All You '78ers...Come Sign Your Life Away 
1958 February 27 Ronald W. Pott letters to the editor Pott Advocates Erecting More Pedestals 
1958 February 27 Ted Voelkel letters to the editor Voelkel Pleads for Consistency 
1958 February 27 Elizabeth Kubota Miller letters to the edito Editorial Reveals Irresponsible Attitude 
1958 February 27 David Otis Fuller letters to the editor Liberal Editor - Trustee Advises: 'Keep Quiet Or Go Somewhere Else' 
1958 February 27 Claude Murphy news Criminology Class Hears Ex-Gangster 
1958 February 27 senior party news Seniors Plan Clash-a-rama 
1958 February 27 Young Life campaign news Young Life Probes 'How and Why' 
1958 February 27 Dr. Russell Mixter news Mixter Discusses Life on Other Planets As Compatible with Biblical Teaching 
1958 February 27 Don Lake news Lake Discusses Chapel Worship 
1958 February 27 Wheaton League of Women Voters news Women Voters Back Lectures by Cairns 
1958 February 27 Frank Kapple news Business Department Adds Kapple as Faculty Member 
1958 February 27 international fellowships news Fellowships Offered in 83 Countries 
1958 February 27 debate team news Debate Teams Claim Fouth Place At Northern Illinois Tournament 
1958 February 27 Larry Chase voices Inside Out 
1958 February 27 wrestling sports Wheaton Grapplers Sweep Three Meets 
1958 February 27 ice hockey sports Defense Marks Second Hockey Loss 
1958 February 27 sport talent recruitment sports Crusader Policy Saluted by Sports 
1958 February 27 basketball sports NCAA Tournament Begins Soon 
1958 February 27 basketball sports Pfundmen March to 18 
1958 February 27 basketball sports Host NC Cardinals 
1958 February 27 track and field sports Foushee Ties at Chicago AAU 
1958 February 27 table tennis championships sports Trio to NITTA Meet 
1958 February 27 intramural playoffs sports IM Finals Approach 
1958 February 27,  News Missioanries "Go Ye..." Means work 
1958 March 6,  Christian Writing Front Page Confrence evaluate Christian writing 
1958 March 6,  Forensic Conference Front page Debaters take first place Position in Unversity Forensic Confrence 
1958 March 6,  Faculty Promotions Front page Fadenrecht Announces faculty Promotions 
1958 March 6,  Recitals Front page Speech Major Kelly Interprets Rebecca 
1958 March 6 Wheaton Junior high School Fromnt page Heck Leaves Post to head Jr. High 
1958 March 6 Debate Front page Students Participate in Debate Tourneys 
1958 March 6 Chapel Editorial Introduction to Conversion 
1958 March 6 Chapel Problem Letters to the Editor Council Members Suggest Self Discipline  
1958 March 6 Harold Street Jr Letters to the Editor Reader Street Says One Team Left Out 
1958 March 6 Fred Pearson Focal Point Honorable Arrangement  
1958 March 6 RAD Letters To The Editor Morning After 
1958 March 6 James Davey Letters To The Editor Davey Tells Editor To Forget Pointed Heads 
1958 March 6 Dick Snyder Letters To The Editor Snyder Takes Issue With Dr. Fuller On Question of Policy vs. Scripture 
1958 March 6 Scandrette News Scandrette Moves From Country To College 
1958 March 6 Larry Chase News Inside Out 
1958 March 6 Mel Peterson Sports Pete Stars in Final; Pfundmen Rout NC 
1958 March 6 Evansville Crusad Sports Second Evansville Crusade Begins 
1958 March 6 Louis Carter Sports Matmen Rewin CCI Crown 
1958 March 6 Table Tennis Sports Table Tennis Team Places Sixth in Meet 
1958 March 6 Larry Chase Sports Crusaders Top Chapman, 81-64; meet SDU Nest 
1958 March 13 Keynote Address Front Page Glasser Keynotes Emphasis on Missions 
1958 March 13 Student Missionary Projects Front Page SMP Winners Pick Summer Fields 
1958 March 13 World Relief Drive Front Page Circle K Heads World Relief Drive; Kiwanians, Student Council Cooperate 
1958 March 13 Student Council Front Page Student Council Propses Revisions in Constitution  
1958 March 13 Speech Tournaments Front Page Wheaton Tops Sppech Competition In Three Speech Tournaments 
1958 March 13 Censorship Opinion Censorship - - Pro and Con 
1958 March 13 Fred Pearson Focal Point Dulles Calls Foul 
1958 March 13 Kmetko Letters to the Editor Kmetko Asks About WETN 
1958 March 13 Missionary men Letters to the Editor Ballard Inquires: "Where are the Men" 
1958 March 13 Class Gifts Letters to the Editor Coray Defines Position on Class Gifts 
1958 March 13 Du Pont Grant News Du Pont Contributes Grat Totaling $4000 
1958 March 13 Reverse Day News Girls Perfomr Gentelmanly Courtesies 
1958 March 13 Laureata News Laureata Makes Comback on Campus 
1958 March 13 Pastor Lutz News Ike's Pastor Comes to College Church 
1958 March 13 Wrestling Sports Wrestlers Defeat 'Fighting' Irish 
1958 March 13 Basketball Sports Four Make All-CCI 
1958 March 13 Basketball Sports Crusaders Sweep Initial NCAA Games 
1958 March 13 Intramural Sports AAC Wins League A 
1958 March 13 Ray Carlsen Voices Inside Out 
1958 March 20 Conference Hosting Front Page Christian Social Workers Convene Here 
1958 March 20 Spiritual Retreat Front Page '59 Unites for Prayer, Study At Spiritual Focus Retreat 
1958 March 20 Harold G. Faulkner Front Page Faculty Members Get Pay Boosts 
1958 March 20 Evangelistic Tour Front Page Gospel-Aires Plan European Summer 
1958 March 20 Discussion Panel - Mission Front Page Coffee Hour Views Mission Work 
1958 March 20 Campus Fair Front Page Campus Fair Offers Booths, Program for Class Rivalry 
1958 March 20 Roundup Front Page 'Go West, Young Man' - Blanchard Stages Western Roundup 
1958 March 20 Women's Glee club news Women's Glee Club Feasts at Georgian 
1958 March 20 Wheaton debate team news Wheaton Debaters Win League Honors 
1958 March 20 Summer Missionary Project news 'Wheaton 12' Re-Examine Motives For Summer Missionary Project 
1958 March 20 Clyde S. Kilby news Kilby, Scandrette Gain Honorary Recognition  
1958 March 20 faculty eyes picture  news Campus Fair Offers Contest 
1958 March 20 Seniors news Seniors Review Student Life In College Evaluation Query 
1958 March 20 Chapel choir, Men's Glee club and Women's Glee club news Disneyland, Grand Central Station Lure Vocal Groups on Nationwide Tours 
1958 March 20 Faculty Firesides news Faculty Homes Host Groups For Fireside Discussions 
1958 March 20 lights ablaze news Breyer Blazes Late For Senior Chemists 
1958 March 20 Ettiquette Editorial Etiquette - Lesson No. 1 
1958 March 30 Dan Barrett Letters to the Editor WETN's Failure to Broadcast Away Games Defended by Station Manager Barrett 
1958 March 20 Bob Smith/Transportation Controversy Letters to the Editor Smith Commends Recent Action 
1958 March 20 The Cheerleaders Letters to the Editor Cheerleaders Thank 'Victors in Defeat' 
1958 March 20 Fred Pearson Through the Looking Glass Fashion Note 
1958 March 20 Mothers in College Here and There Mother Comes to College 
1958 March 20 Contralto Chookasian - St. Matthew Passion News Epeseth Directs 'St. Matthew Passion' 
1958 March 20 Rose Marie Peterson News Swanson, Olsen Look Forward to Study Abroad 
1958 March 20 Education; Missions News Thiessen Views Education, Missions 
1958 March 20 Larry Chase News Inside Out 
1958 March 20 Dave Legters Sports Schrock Leads Trackmen to Second NC 
1958 March 20 Louis Carter Sports Nuss Wins Case Tech Title 
1958 March 20 NCAA Tourney Sports Wheaton Earns Fourth in Second NCAA Tourney 
1958 March 20 Rick Chase Sports Peterson Repeats on All-Tourney Five 
1958 March 20 Christian Social Work Conference News Jaeck Directs Annual Christian Social Work Conference 
1958 March 27 Animals and Cotton Candy Front Page Animals, Cotton Candy Invade Campus 
1958 March 27 Bob Dahlstrom Front Page 100-Voice Chorus Renders Bach Oratorio 
1958 March 27 Original Hymn Tunes Front Page Students Write Original Hymn Tunes for Conservatory-Sponsored Contest 
1958 March 27 Reverse Day Front Page Program Climaxes Activity 
1958 March 27 Wheaton dining hall editorial Love Meat Tender... 
1958 March 27 Fred Pearson voices Through the Looking Glass: Billboard Hero 
1958 March 27 Fay Marie Spooner letters to the editor Business Woman Notices Wheaton 'Lives' Religion 
1958 March 27 Auto Registration Fee news Auto Fee Clarified By Dean Chambers 
1958 March 27 cheerleading tryouts news Tryouts Announced 
1958 March 27 Beatrice Kosin, Chris Noble Health Center Health Center Doesn't Distinguish Sundays From Other Days, Claim Noble, Kosin 
1958 March 27 "Outside World" Californian editors news Here and there: Californians View 'Big Outside World' 
1958 March 27 Miss Helen L. Smith news Smith Earns Geography PhD 
1958 March 27 Wheaton College concert band news Band Heads South for Spring Tour 
1958 March 27 Mrs. Verla Pettit news SU Coffee Hour Hears Verla Pettit 
1958 March 27 Debaters Exhibition news Debaters Show Skill In Exhibition Round 
1958 March 27 Wheatonites news Five Students Visit Mexico at Easter 
1958 March 27 Ray Carlsen voices Fanfare 
1958 March 27 Tom Hanchett, Al Schrock sports Hanchett, Schrock Lead at Central AAU 
1958 March 27 Bob Oury sports Oury Wins AAU Title 
1958 March 27 Mel Peterson sports Little All-American: Pete Voted to AP First Team 
1958 March 27 Intramural Al (Harry Agabedis) sports Agabedis Cites IM Season 
1958 March 27 varsity rifle team sports Illini Edge Riflemen 
1958 April 24 poet Ogden Nash front page Ogden Nash Recites Verse At SU-Sponsored Lecture 
1958 April 24 Tower publications front page '59 Tower to Carry History Supplement 
1958 April 24 Dr. Frank M. Lorimer, Clyde Rousch front page '58 Theological Conference Selects Focus On Christian Ministry, Modern Psychiatry 
1958 April 24 Class of '59 front page Juniors Open Homes To Class Members 
1958 April 24 Leigh Forsberg, Dave Young front page Forsberg, Young Vie for Presidency 
1958 April 24 Chapel Choir front page From Bach to Berger: Chapel Choir to Present Sacred Concert 
1958 April 24 Dr. Joseph P. Free archaeology  Free Uncovers Evidence: Dothan Substantiates Biblical History 
1958 April 24 senior comprehensive exams front page Comps Plague Illustrious Seniors; Offer Chance for Worry or Study 
1958 April 24 Wheaton news news News Briefs 
1958 April 24 Pre-Meds news Pre-Meds Agnozie Over Interviews 
1958 April 24 legal prostitution in Japan news Legal Prostitution Bows Out After 400 Years in Japan 
1958 April 24 Freshmen class news Freshmen Conduct Spiritual Retreat With Worship Service, Discussions 
1958 April 24 Abbie Skelin Kendall's shell collection news College to Exhibit Collection of Shells 
1958 April 24 WRA Spring Activities news Carlson, Smith Give Trampoline Lessons 
1958 April 24 Billy Graham news Graham Speaks At Future Series 
1958 April 24 Ziko Chino news Leaves Family Behind: College Staff Member Reveals Escape from Albania 
1958 April 24 apathy editorial Same Song, Second Verse- "We're Poor Little Lambs..." 
1958 April 24 Student Council Finance Committee news SC FInance Committee Meets, Allocates Funds 
1958 April 24 Big Brothers and Sisters news Big Brothers, Sisters Aid Bewildered Frosh 
1958 April 24 Fred Pearson voices Through the Looking Glass: Roll Over, Beethoven... 
1958 April 24 "Peanuts" voices Here and There: 'Peanuts' Comes to Campus 
1958 April 24 fashion news Girls' Fancy Turns to Fashions: Lost Your Pony-Tail? Try New Feather Hat 
1958 April 24 fashion news Girls' Fancy Turns to Fashions: Home Ec Majors Show New Styles 
1958 April 24 student council presidential elections news Convention Combats Election Apathy 
1958 April 24 trip to Africa news Edman Relates Trip At Last Coffee Hour 
1958 April 24 Kodon Publications election news Kodon Posts Go to Gorton, Wilcox 
1958 April 24 Ray Carlsen sports Fanfare: Titans Initate Title bid 
1958 April 24 tennis sports Racketeers Rock NC Twice 
1958 April 24 Crusader linksters sports Linksters Lose to Lake Forest; Rice Edged for Medalist Honor 
1958 April 24 track sports NIU Depth Prevails; Top Thinclads 71-60 
1958 April 24 baseball sports Changes Speed Up Baseball 
1958 April 24 Dick Cole sports Cole Holds Foresters in Mound Duel, 2-1 
1958 April 24 Roland Smith's Slashers sports Slashers Sweep IM Leagues; Post 15-0 Record in Victory March 
1958 April 24 Auto Fee news Car Policy Institutes Auto Fee Assessment 
1958 May 8 Paul Groen front page Groen Captures Council Presidency; Classes Ballot for In-Coming Officers 
1958 May 8 faculty leaving front page Five Leave Faculty Ranks; Marquart to Head Agency 
1958 May 8 homecoming theme contest front page Homecoming Contest Offers Radio Prize 
1958 May 8 Camp Duncan leadership training front page Future Leaders Exit For Training Period 
1958 May 8 Men's Glee Club front page Re-Visit New England: Men's Glee Presents Spring Concert 
1958 May 8 fashion front page Here and There: Professor Blasts Chemise 
1958 May 8 Dr. Robert E. Osgood front page Osgood to Discuss Foreign Policy Topic 
1958 May 8 Fred Pearson's column editorial The Editor Deeply Regrets... 
1958 May 8 Ogden Nash voices Morning After 
1958 May 8 Samec, Dahlstrom, Mitchell, Treat, Williams, Wilson letters to the editor Readers Denounce 'Bigotry,' 'Intolerance' Of Pearson's 'Two Hands for Beginners' 
1958 May 8 Fishburne, Wagar, Helmer, Wells, Fischer letters to the editor Fishburne Explains Actions 
1958 May 8 Snyder, DuPar letters to the editor SC Disillusions Snyder 
1958 May 8 extracurricular activities news Activities Fill Teachers' Extra Hours 
1958 May 8 Carol Moore news Moore to Captain Cheerleading Squad 
1958 May 8 postal rifle match news Second in Regiment: Pershing Rifle Unit Places in Match 
1958 May 8 Student Council election news Council Bans Write-In Vote 
1958 May 8 RA sponsored sports news RA Sponsors Golf, Badminton Matches 
1958 May 8 Ray Carlsen voices Fanfare: Beck Ventures for Victory 
1958 May 8 Foresters sports Foresters Invade in Revenge Attempt 
1958 May 8 tennis sports Netmen Sweep Three: Enright Wins Thriller 
1958 May 8 Bombers sports Bombers Win Two; Top Conc'rdia, Elgin 
1958 May 8 Thinclads sports Thinclads Travel to Elmhurt, Bradley 
1958 May 8 art exhibition news Annual Art Exhibit Presents Work of Majors Carlson, Lenerville, Norris 
1958 May 8 Richard C. Halverson news Commencement Exercises Feature Halverson Address 
1958 May 15 Women's Glee  front page Women's Glee Heads 'Over the Rainbow' 
1958 May 15 Dr. Clyde Kilby front page Kilby Presides at National Convention Of Honorary Language, Lit Society 
1958 May 15 Sophomore retreat front page Sophs Retreat To Lake Ripley 
1958 May 15 Big Push week front page 'Big Push' Success Prompts Big Plans 
1958 May 15 Bob Bason front page Hurst, Stetzer Triumph: Bason Elected President in Run-Off 
1958 May 15 Pershing Rifles Annual Dinner front page Pershing Rifles Dine At Geneva Tea Room 
1958 May 15 industrial grants front page College Receives Industrial Contributions 
1958 May 15 The Record front page Record First Class In Collegiate Rating 
1958 May 15 Geology prank front page Wisconsin Police Arrest Students For Disturbance on Geology Trip 
1958 May 15 H. William Nordin news Nordin Reveals Retirement 
1958 May 15 Owen Rice Jr. news Law School Grants Scholarship to Rice 
1958 May 15 Louis Rasera news Teacher Association Elects Rasera Prexy 
1958 May 15 ethnology news Ethnology Class Plays 'What's My Tribe?' 
1958 May 15 freshmen retreat news Frosh Wind Up Year With Retreat 
1958 May 15 Jim Johnson news Jim Johnson Dies In Auto Accident 
1958 May 15 Wheaton news news News Briefs 
1958 May 15 Dothan camp news Morning Comes Early at Dothan Camp Site 
1958 May 15 church hopping editorial Here's a Story, Kangaroos 
1958 May 15 David Wagar voices Through the Looking Glass: Tangier Tea Party 
1958 May 15 Dale Robison letters to the editor Robison Defends Decision 
1958 May 15 Jim Hartfield letters to the editor Primary Convention Disappoints Ex-Editor 
1958 May 15 Cadet Lt. F. Miller letters to the editor Miller Questions 'Here and There' 
1958 May 15 college news news Here and There: Students Call H-Bomb 'Ultimate Detergent' 
1958 May 15 Student Education Association news SEA Installs New Officers 
1958 May 15 grad banquet news Grad Banquet Selects 'Spirit of '76' Theme 
1958 May 15 President V. Raymond Edman news Edman Sees Problem Of Christian Colleges 
1958 May 15 Zimri news Chimes: Zimri...King for a Week 
1958 May 15 baseball sports Cole's Slam Wins in Ninth, 10-8 
1958 May 15 Ray Carlsen sports Fanfare: Balm for Mudville 
1958 May 15 intramural softball sports Down-To-Wire Race Marks Intramural Softball League 
1958 May 15 Rodger Johnson sports Johnson Leads Champions; Heads Grid, Diamond Squads 
1958 May 15 Women's tennis sports Women's Teams Cop Second, Third In Invite 
1958 May 15 track sports Doddsmen Defend Title at CCI Meet 
1958 May 15 tennis sports Netmen Defend 1957 Championship; Attempt Fourth Title at CCI Tourney 
1958 May 15 track sports JayVee Thinclads Win Title 
1958 May 22 Chapel Choir front page Chapel Choir to Hold Banquet at Hinsdale 
1958 May 22 Men's Glee front page Men's Glee Climaxes Year With Banquet 
1958 May 22 Resident Assistants front page 10 Men to Serve as Assistants In Residence at Elliot, Saint Dorms 
1958 May 22 Darrald Hert front page Watchman Heralds Blanchard Blaze 
1958 May 22 ROTC front page Announces Awards: ROTC Initiates Field Day 
1958 May 22 Annual Jonathan B. Cook oratorical contest front page Five Present Orations In Cook Competition 
1958 May 22 Juniors class trophy front page Juniors Win Class Scholastic Honors 
1958 May 22 Centennial class editorial It Ain't Necessarily So... 
1958 May 22 Dick Jacobsen letters to the editor Student Wants Tower to Show 
1958 May 22 Campus Times voices Social Highlight...: 'Refreshing Change' Blasted 
1958 May 22 Ross Kinsler letters to the editor Graduate Praises 'Wheaton 12' 
1958 May 22 David Wagar voices Through the Looking Glass: None of Your Business 
1958 May 22 steaks news Here and There: Denver Clarion Prophesies Future Pre-Digested Steaks 
1958 May 22 Bob Smith news Chemistry Symposium Honors Smith 
1958 May 22 Dr. Donald C. Boardman news Boardman Predicts All-Time Record For Enrollment at Black Hills Station 
1958 May 22 ROTC news ROTC Unit Rates High In Spring Inspection 
1958 May 22 sophomore spring retreat news Sophomores Depart On Weekend Retreat 
1958 May 22 freshmen retreat news Freshmen to Leave For Roselane Lodge 
1958 May 22 track sports Doddsmen Cop CCI Title 11th Time 
1958 May 22 golf sports Golfers Rise in Conference Meet; Defending Champ Netmen Rebuffed 
1958 May 22 intermurals news Frosh Win IM Day; Sophs Come Second 
1958 May 22 baseball sports Wesleyan Clinches CCI Race 
1958 May 22 Ray Carlsen sports Fanfare: Again...Triumph! 
1958 May 28 Dr. V. Raymond Edman front page Prexy Delivers Address At Baccalaureate Service 
1958 May 28 Richard C. Halvorsen front page Commencement Features Halvorsen 
1958 May 28 Capt. Kent Allain front page Pershing Rifles Elect Allain Commander 
1958 May 28 grad breakfast front page Grads Plan Breakfast On Memorial Day 
1958 May 28 Dr. Douglas Hursh front page Hursh Directs Alumni Day Activities 
1958 May 28 Edvard Grieg front page Juniors Terminate Activities for Year With Grieg's Life Story, 'Song of Norway' 
1958 May 28 Gracie Beers front page Pub Board Appoints Beers Record Editor 
1958 May 28 WETN front page 58 Donates WETN Studios 
1958 May 28 Lois Rowe, Malcolm Forsberg front page Devotional, Story: Wheaton Graduates Publish Books 
1958 May 28 highway safety editorial The Life You Save... 
1958 May 28 college news news Here and There: Letters to Maroon Editor Protest Missing Juke Box 
1958 May 28 "Junior Year Abroad" news Wheatonites Spend 'Junior Year Abroad' 
1958 May 28 David Wagar voices Through the Looking Glass: Out to Sea 
1958 May 28 Alumni Day news Orchestra, Chapel Choir To Present Combined Concert For Alumni Day 
1958 May 28 senior bench news Juniors Whisk Controversial Bench Away From Snoozing Seniors 
1958 May 28 Dan Barrett news Barrett Takes First In Speech Contest 
1958 May 28 baseball sports Crusaders Shred Carroll in Twinbill 
1958 May 28 sports summary sports Year Viewd in Retrospect 
1958 May 28 Ray Carlsen sports Fanfare: Pott Shotts: '58-'59 
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