Index to the Record, 1957 (September)-1957 (December)

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DateSubject (Personal Name or Topic)Column or SectionTopic or Title
1957 September 12 faculty front page New Faculty Members Join Staff 
1957 September 12 Mary Edith DeBord front page Staff Member Dies 
1957 September 12 evening courses front page Evening Classes: Pro Education Courses Offered 
1957 September 12 annual faculty reception front page Annual Faculty Reception to Portray "A Pleasant Evening Among Friends" 
1957 September 12 Dr. C Raymond Ludwigson front page Faculty Hears Speakers At Workshop Conference 
1957 September 12 music front page Oratorio Chorus Begins Rehearsals 
1957 September 12 resolutions editorial Happy New Year! 
1957 September 12 student opinion editorial No Welcome to Frosh from Us 
1957 September 12 policies editorial Things Are Looking Up 
1957 September 12 Fred Pearson voices Focal Point 
1957 September 12 music news Old, New Band Members Attend Camp; Rehearse Homecoming Concert Music 
1957 September 12 Colonel Norman W. Hubler news Hubler Recieves Position As New ROTC Professor 
1957 September 12 Arthur F. Holmes, Paul M. Bechtel news Write Theses: Faculty Members Take Ph.D. Degrees 
1957 September 12 Wayne Hoffman sports Inside Out 
1957 September 12 soccer sports Soccermen Start Drive For Midwest Crown 
1957 September 12 football sports Crusaders Drill Hard for DeKalb Opener 
1957 September 12 cross country sports Big Rebuilding Job Faces Dodd's Men 
1957 September 12 Inter-lit news Literary Societies Present Program 
1957 September 12 fall retreat news 'Mad' Junior Class Retreats to Sycamore Park 
1957 September 19 Balyo Front Page Baylo Leads Services 
1957 September 19 Teachers Front Page New Club for Prospective Teachers Conducts Initial Meeting of Season 
1957 September 19 Council Dress-up Front Page Council Reinstates Friday Night Dress-Up 
1957 September 19 Radio Station Front Page Radio Station WETN Plans Expansion in Near Future 
1957 September 19 Chapel Choir Front page National Stationers Host Chapel Choir 
1957 September 19 Medical Club News Pre-Med Club Plans Semester 
1957 September 19 Centurion Productions News Eaton Tells Plans of Centurion Productions 
1957 September 19 Christian Ed News Christian Ed Club Stages Picnic at Herricks Lake 
1957 September 19 Debate News Debaters Launch Forensic Season; Discuss Activities at Opening Meeting 
1957 September 19 ROTC News ROTC Cadets Post High Camp Score 
1957 September 19 Moody News Moody Alumni Convene for Election of Officers 
1957 September 19 FMF News FMF Needs Christian Cooperation 
1957 September 19 Hospital News West Suburban Hospital Enrolls 80 
1957 September 19 Fred Pearson News Rancor at Little Rock 
1957 September 19 Del Hovda News Faith Changes Life View 
1957 September 19 Don Schnake News 3 Students Spend Summer in Russia 
1957 September 19 Prayer Meeting News Cronk Speaks to MF Students 
1957 September 19 Chicago Symphony News String Workship Comes to Campus: 4 Chicago Symphony Artists Teach 
1957 September 19 Larry Chase Inside Out Insult to Injury; Age of Reason; Clean Living 
1957 September 19 Dick Benware Sports Gridders Seek Revenge Against Huskies Saturday 
1957 September 19 Wilson J. C. Sports Bombers Prepared for Wilson J. C. 
1957 September 19 Bob Whitehead Sports Booters Face UIC: Drive, Stamina Key Crusaders seek Revenge at Northern ILL. 
1957 September 19 Intramurals Sports Intramurals Enlarged; Agabedis Heads Program 
1957 September 19 Joy Rice News East Moves West, Books Replace Bottles 
1957 September 26 Freshman Initiation Front page Sophomores Issue Initiation Warning to Freshmen 
1957 September 26 Rose Marie Peterson Front Page Freshmen Wear Only Stripes 
1957 September 26 Hospital Front Page West Suburban Hospital Graduates Senior Nurses 
1957 September 26 Night of Mystery Front page WETN Presents Mains in 'Night of Mystery' 
1957 September 26 Stan Voth News Rats, Men Manifest Need 
1957 September 26 Fred Pearson Focal Point Page one Funnies 
1957 September 26 Sociologist News Sociologists Hear Progress Reports 
1957 September 26 Christian Ministy News Bylo Urges Chrsitian Maturity: Wants Prayer Concern Increase 
1957 September 26 Merit Scholars News 6 Freshman at Wheaton Get National Scholarships 
1957 September 26 Homecoming News New Features Add Color, Novely to Homecoming Weekend Activities 
1957 September 26 Chicago Speaker  News Wheaton Grads Speak in Chicago 
1957 September 26 Testing News Testing Service Offers Seniors Grad Record Examinations 
1957 September 26 Football Sports Blue 'n Orange Romp, 25-7 CCI Opens, Elmhurst Foe 
1957 September 26 Soccer Sports Booters-UIC Deadlock; Crusaders Host Illini 
1957 September 26 Larry Chase News Inside Out 
1957 October 3 Piano Artist News Two- Piano Team Opens Artist Series 
1957 October 3 Asiatic Flu Front Page Asiatic Flue Epidemic Strikes Campus; Chapel Moves Outside, Activities Stall 
1957 October 3 International Cafe Front Page International Cafe Offers Hawaiian Setting, Cuisine 
1957 October 3 "WireTapper" Play Front page "Wiretapper" Portrays Jim Vaus Conversion 
1957 October 3 Here and There Front Page Problems . . Problems . . Prob 
1957 October 3 Homecoming Front Page For Homecoming Committee Plan 
1957 October 3 Decline of Literary Societies Editorial Lits vs the Age of Spectators 
1957 October 3 Dave Cox News Blazes Mark Right Trail 
1957 Octobre 3 Fred Pearson News Workers Paradise 
1957 October 3 Fred Pearson News Influenza Epidemic Attains Universal Proportions 
1957 October 3 Bennet Cerf News Cerf Contributes Talents to Widely Varied Fields 
1957 October 3 Celts and Belts News Celts Stay in Temporary Retirement; Belts Emphasize Active Participation 
1957 October 3 inside out sports Over-Emphasis 
1957 October 3 inside out sports Cagers Take Steps 
1957 October 3 inside out sports That Cry Again 
1957 October 3 soccer sports Soccer Team Edges Illinois 
1957 October 3 Ray Carlsen sports Crusaders Crush Jays 70-0; Host Augustana Saturday 
1957 October 3 track sports Harriers Lose 1st To Eastern Ill. 
1957 October 3 intramurals sports Tennis, Football Competition Begins 
1957 October 10 inter-lit front page Inter-Lit Program Shows Film 
1957 October 10 alumni front page Special Events Welcome Returning Alumni, Guests 
1957 October 10 faculty front page Faculty Firesides Extend to Organizations 
1957 October 10 performance front page Pianists Appleton, Field Perform At Artist Series 
1957 October 10 Dr. George Bates front page Bates Treats Atom In Science Lecture 
1957 October 10 student council front page Council Convenes For Brief Session 
1957 October 10 student education association front page SEA Joins Firesides 
1957 October 10 faculty front page Four Faculty Members Teach Courses at Adult Evening School 
1957 October 10 Kodon front page Kodon Publishes 1st Issue of Year 
1957 October 10 FMF front page FMF Members Go to Convention 
1957 October 10 ROTC front page ROTC Professor Receives Certificate of Achievement 
1957 October 10 focal point opinion October Revolutions 
1957 October 10 editorial opinion A CURE FOR BALDNESS 
1957 October 10 chimes opinion Life Requires Teamwork 
1957 October 10 letters opinion Sophs Warn Frosh 
1957 October 10 Robyn Roth news Frisbee Fad Traces History From Ive-League Schools 
1957 October 10 faculty news Faculty Women Meet at Luncheon 
1957 October 10 George Williams news Williams Shows Slides At German Club Meeting 
1957 October 10 P. E. Majors news Women P. E. Majors Spent 5 Days At Camp 
1957 October 10 craft  front page Craft Shop Opens 
1957 October 10 youth for Christ news Youth For Christ Schedules Dinner 
1957 October 10 camp news  Camp Addresses Prayer Meeting 
1957 October 10 Ray Carlson sports Crusaders Thump Augustana, Foresters Next! 
1957 October 10 track sports Harriers, Arndt Win 
1957 October 10 Women's Recreation association news  WRA Maps Plans 
1957 October 10 Paul Hiley sports Booters Roughed Up; Face Earlham Home 
1957 October 10 inside out sports Scarcity of Losses 
1957 October 10 inside out sports Revealing Figures 
1957 October 10 inside out sports Hoopsters Prepare 
1957 October 18 Jack Wyrtzen front page Jack Wyrtzen Brings Word of Life Rally to Alumni Gym Saturday 
1957 October 18 band front page Students, Alumni to Hear Program of Band Music 
1957 October 18 exhibit front page Photograph Exhibit Shows US Housing 
1957 October 18 pep rally front page Firday Evening Festivities Conclude With Pep Rally, Torchlight Pageant 
1957 October 18 Occupy New Quarters front page Infirmary Building Opens 
1957 October 18 alumni front page Program Honors Alumni Return Portrays Scenes of Wheaton Life 
1957 October 18 WETN news WETN Plans Addition of FM Facilities; Anticipates Expansion to Larger Studions 
1957 October 18 ROTC news ROTC Drill Team, Band Perform; Hubler Plans Open House, Film 
1957 October 18 freshmen class news Frosh Get Edition Of 'Who's New' 
1957 October 18 discussion news Archaeologists Convene for Lectures, Discussion 
1957 October 18 now and there opinion With a Bang, Beauty Contest It Began 
1957 October 18 WRA news WRA Sells Mum To Augment Funds 
1957 October 18 Mary Nocera, Mirian Fackler news Nocera, Fackler Obtain Positions 
1957 October 18 Dr. Fredrick Boebel news Boebel Does 'About Face' To Wheaton 
1957 October 18 Jo Van Boven news Aggressor Stalks Country As Sputnik Circles Earth 
1957 October 18 alumni news Alumnae Sample Foreign Food 
1957 October 18 Doug Johnson news Cerf Remains Optimistic; Discusses Humor, Books 
1957 October 18 finance news Students, College Receive Grants From Companies 
1957 October 18 student council news SC Elects Chariman Of '58 Homecoming 
1957 October 18 editorial opinion Wheaton Begins 102nd Year; Plans '50-'60 Centennial Celebration 
1957 October 18 chimes opinion Dime Lasts Like Widow's Cruse of Oil 
1957 October 18 focal point opinion Crown Colony 
1957 October 18 letters opinion Houser Declines Subscription; Renounces Record 
1957 October 18 FMF news FMF Joins Inter-Varsity at Urbana For National Missionary Convention 
1957 October 18 Sid Gilson news Gilson Visits Navajo Reservations; Sees Anthropology come to Life 
1957 October 18 Honor Ex-Members news Phils Welcome Alumnae 
1957 October 18 archaeology department news Archaeology Department Repeats Dothan Expedition 
1957 October 18 pre-meds news Pre-Meds Host 
1957 October 18 TCAC news TCAC Plans Party; Holds Open House 
1957 October 18 inside out sports No Secession Now 
1957 October 18 inside out sports Give Me a W 
1957 October 18 inside out  sports Bluejays Flying Low 
1957 October 18 football sports CCI Gridiron Slate 
1957 October 18 football sports Wheaton's Winning Streak Snapped; Unbeaten Lake Forest Victors, 20-12 
1957 October 18 homecoming sports Illinois Wesleyan Invades Crusader Homecoming 
1957 October 18 football sports Galemen Beaten 26-18; Await Alumni Challenge 
1957 October 18 soccer sports Earlham Ties Baptistamen Host Chicago; Home Finale 
1957 October 18 soccer sports All-American Bob Adolph Key Booter 
1957 October 18 soccer sports J. V.'s First Contest 
1957 October 18 time out sports Sportsmanship Code 
1957 October 18 time out sports Where Credit Is Due 
1957 October 18 time out sports Cagers Start Practice 
1957 October 18 Harry Agabedis sports Intramural Program Expanding; Agabedis Plans All Sports Class DAy 
1957 October 18 student council sports Council Sets Sprotsmanship Standards 
1957 October 18 pictures sports 'SPIRITS AFLAME' 
1957 October 18 Ken Walther alumni magazine "Operation Relocation" 
1957 October 18 Gracie Beers alumni magazine Alumni Honor Come To Wheaton Dean 
1957 October 18 Doug Johnson alumni magazine Out Reach Unlimited 
1957 October 18 Magaret Welsh alumni magazine Ive League Airs 
1957 October 18 Dave Brown alumni magazine Men's Trends 
1957 October 18 C B Weaver alumni magazine Weaver Keynotes Alumni Visit 
1957 October 18 Coach Coray alumni magazine Coray Welcomes Alumni 
1957 October 18 Yusuf A. Yoler alumni magazine "In a big company, a young man can get to tackle big jobs: 
1957 October 24 pre-med front page Pre-Med Club Vews Education 
1957 October 24 Banquet front page All-School Banquet Moves Off-Campus; Students Give Operetta 'Trial by Jury' 
1957 October 24 WETN front page "Mr. Magic" Stars In WETN Program 
1957 October 24 event front page Parents' Day Weekend Demonstrates College Life 
1957 October 24 freshmen class front page Freshmen Retreat to Naperville For Cook-out and Football Game 
1957 October 24 speech front page Speech Majors Present Recital 
1957 October 24 party front page College Schedules Party At Rollerena 
1957 October 24 party front page Dining Hall Plans Workers' Party  
1957 October 24 senior class front page Senior Class Clebrates Halloween With Carnival 
1957 October 24 football front page Crusaders Direct Prayer Meeting 
1957 October 24 editorial opinion Record Lauds Class That's har to Beat 
1957 October 24 editorial opinion Dining Hall Gripes Could Be Beneficial 
1957 October 24 editorial opinion WETN Provides Unused Dinner Music to Dining Hall 
1957 October 24 Chimes opinion Inside of the Mystics 
1957 October 24 letters opinion Englishman Holmes Defends Queen 
1957 October 24 letters opinion Black Answers Houser's Blast 
1957 October 24 Dr. Rober Browning opinion Browing Speaks At Philosophy Club 
1957 October 24 focal point opinion Kill to Conform 
1957 October 24 Catherine LeFever news  LeFever Discusses Teacher Qualification 
1957 October 24 lions club news Lions Club Visits 
1957 October 24 event news Club Plans Hike 
1957 October 24 discussion news West Sub Choir Cabinet Discusses Plans at Dinner 
1957 October 24 conference news Danish Teachers Join for Conference 
1957 October 24 Larry Chase sports INSIDE OUT 
1957 October 24 alumni beats, ties bomber team sports Booters Tied 0-0 
1957 October 24 alumni beats, ties bomber teams sports Barclay Stars 
1957 October 24 track sports Arndt Wins Again 
1957 October 24 Paul Hiley sports Soccermen Down U. of Chicago, 3-1 
1957 October 31 Wheaton College Symphony Orchestra Front Page Bass- Baritone Halvorsen Performs With Symphony Orchestra 
1957 October 31 Artist Series Front Page Artist Series Committee Sponsors Band Concert 
1957 October 31 Student Life Front Page Parents' Day Includes Many Attractions; Agenda Features Football, Smorgasbord  
1957 October 31 Student Life Front Page 12 Plus 3 Equals 15th or Never 
1957 October 31 Student Life Front Page  Colonial Atmosphere: Cafe Depicts New England 
1957 October 31 Languages Front Page Editorial Much Needed Language Could Be Taught 
1957 October 31 Award News Collegiate Press Classifies Tower Receives All American 
1957 October 31 Event News Parents Inspect Elliot, Saint Halls 
1957 October 31 Election News Alumni Association Elects Board Officers; Weaver Returns To Presidential Position 
1957 October 24 junior class front page Junior Class Sets Record; Wins Trophy Four Successive Times 
1957 October 31 Wheaton Band News Band Members Arrange Hayride For Halloween at Prince Crossing 
1957 October 31 Conference News Field Workers Look Ahead 
1957 October 31 Pete Black News Blanchard Descendent Revisits College 
1957 October 31 Student Life News Anthropology Majors Plan Social Event 
1957 October 31 Student Life News Student Teachers Practice Near-by 
1957 October 31 Surgeon Lecture News Cancer Surgeon Lectures 
1957 October 31 Organists News Organists Hold First Meeting 
1957 October 31 Freshman Candidates News Frosh List Candidates for Primaries 
1957 October 31 Insurance Plans News Forum Evaluates Insurance Plans in Light of Present Student Needs 
1957 October 31 Student Council Meetings News Student Council Convenes; Discusses Various Items at Regular Meeting 
1957 October 31 John Herzog News Dangerous Enemy Stays Close By 
1957 October 31 Dave Kives Letters to the Editor Kives Takes Issue with Pearson's Pen 
1957 October 31 George Cole, Jr. Letters to the Editor Alumnus Cole '41 Scathes Alumnus Houser '57's Note 
1957 October 31 Robert Ribbe Letters to the Editor Junior Ribbe Plugs 100th Class' 
1957 October 31 Fred Pearson Focal Point Halloween Party 
1957 October 31 Ron Chase Letters to the Editor Former Editor Chase, Reveals Latin American Inspiration 
1957 October 31 Betty Hu News History Dept. Presents Lecture 
1957 October 31 Here and There News Parents Visit Scholars 
1957 October 31 Cheering Section News Cheering Section Seeks to Promote New Spirit 
1957 October 31 Billy Graham Film News New Graham Film Sponsored by WETN 
1957 October 31 Ridderhoff News Ridderhoff Tells of Recording Work 
1957 October 31 Wayne Hoffmann Sports Inside Out 
1957 October 31 Football Sports Crusaders Squeek by Cardinals, 9-6 
1957 October 31 Football Sports Bombers Trounce Morton 
1957 October 31 Cross-country Sports Harriers Building Process Centers around Arndt 
1957 October 31 Wrestling Sports Grapplers Prepare; Big Season Ahead 
1957 October 31 Biology News Mack, Leedy Continue Tradition by Occupying Fathers' Shoes 
1957 November 7 International Students Front Page College Hosts Youth, Internationals 
1957 October 31 Football Sports Bombers Tied by Foresters 
1957 October 31 Womens Reception Association Sports WRA Plans Full Steam Ahead 
1957 November 7 Myrna Jay Front Page Houser Gathers Thesis Materials Persues Various Theological Issues 
1957 November 7 Operetta Front Page 'Trial by Jury' Annual Fall Banquet Featrue Operetta 
1957 November 7 Trees News Unwrap those Trees 
1957 November 7 Philip E. Howard News Divine Laws Govern Russian Sputnik 
1957 November 7 Fred Pearson Focal Point Self-Appointed Citizens 
1957 October 31 Soccer Sports Booters 0-0 Contest, Face Illini 
1957 November 7 Radio Club News Amateur Operators Start Radio Club 
1957 November 7 Workshop News Le Bars Head Workship 
1957 November 7 Crusader of the year News Committee Lists Choices for Crusader of the Year 
1957 November 7 Mission Posts News FMF Sends 12 Students to Visit Mission Posts 
1957 November 7 All-Sports Day News Frosh Win All-Sports Day 
1957 November 7 Football Sports Crusaders Smash Carroll, 19-0; Host Millikin in Game-of-the-week 
1957 November 7 soccer sports Boosters Blast Illinois 4-2 Adolph Pulls Hat-Trick in Finals 
1957 November 7 track and field sports Wayne U. Hosts Doddsmen Sat. 
1957 November 7 Lee Ballard sports Inside Out 
1957 November 7 football sports Bombers Lose, 13-7 
1957 November 14 Dr. Clyde M. Narramore front page National Education Week Features Narramore 
1957 November 14 Larry Poland front page Frosh Elect New Officiers; Poland Leads Class of '61 
1957 November 14 singing contest front page Compete for Trophy: CLasses Vie In Annual Tune Tangle 
1957 November 14 philosophy conference front page Philosophers View Christian Application 
1957 November 14 WETN front page WETN Records 13 Chapel Services To Distribute to Radio Stations 
1957 November 14 Junior party front page Junior Party Has Russian Theme 
1957 November 14 education front page Here and There: There is Free Education 
1957 November 14 conventions news C Meets Frosh Representatives; Iman Tells Plans of Conventions 
1957 November 14 Miss Ada Rury news Faculty, Staff Honor Rury at Farewell 
1957 November 14 roller party news Oysu Committee Holds Roller Party 
1957 November 14 Harvey C. Chrouser news Olympic Association Picks Chrouser To Serve On Basketball Committee 
1957 November 14 young life news Young Life Holds Retreat; Leaders Learn Methods 
1957 November 14 Gospel Heralds news Gospel Heralds Plan Full Program; Make Tours in Neighboring States 
1957 November 14 Kathy Nissen news Class of '60 Wears Red Suspenders 
1957 November 14 SEA news SEA Features Psychologist 
1957 November 14 Dispensationalism news Panel Discusses Dispensationalism 
1957 November 14 Record, Kodon staff news Staffs Hold Party 
1957 November 14 ROTC news Cadets Plan Banquet 
1957 November 14 spiritual retreat news Sophomores Plan Devotional Retreat 
1957 November 14 music news Schoepper Directs U.S. Marine Band 
1957 November 14 death  news Death Claims Kin Of 2 Wheatonites 
1957 November 14 Election editorial Needed: Election Reforms 
1957 November 14 James O Buswell, III letters to the editor Buswell Discusses Function of Library 
1957 November 14 Ada Rury letters to the editor Rury Writes Fairwell to Wheaton 
1957 November 14 Dave Mains voices Seniors Chide Immature Conduct 
1957 November 14 Paul Raetz letters to the editor maturity 
1957 November 14 Fred Pearson voices Dropping the Veil 
1957 November 14 (Pfc.) Ray H. Smith letters to the editor Smith Prefers ROTC Training to Private's Life 
1957 November 14 anthropology news Anthropology Club Sees Travel Film 
1957 November 14 Coach Baptista news Chimes: Beliefs Influence Behavior 
1957 November 14 Larry Chase voices Inside Out 
1957 November 14 NCAA championship sports Champs Work Out As Season Nears 
1957 November 14 intramurals sports Intramurals Announce Basketball and Riflery 
1957 November 14 football sports Wheaton Tops Millikin 47-6; MacKenzie Sparkles 
1957 November 14 education news Teacher-Training Explains Negro Sociological Problems 
1957 November 21 philosophy conference front page Delegates from Many Schools Come for Annual Philosophy Conference 
1957 November 21 Don Hustad front page Hustad Presents Lecture At Music Conference 
1957 November 21 "This Is Your Life"  front page TV Program Takes Graham by Surprise 
1957 November 21 communion front page Superintendents Plan Communion 
1957 November 21 pre-med club front page Pre-Meds See Operation At Cook County Hospital 
1957 November 21 sports front page Fall Sports Teams Hold Banquets 
1957 November 21 intellectual discernment editorial The Useful Critic Balances Between 2 Failures 
1957 November 21 Car Per Committee news Car Per Committee Clarifies Policy 
1957 November 21 Fred Pearson voices Focal Point: Rustic Chivalry 
1957 November 21 Bob Johnson letters to the editor Freshman Johnson Answers Seniors 
1957 November 21 ROTC news Army Issues Standard Uniforms To Advanced ROTC Cadet Officers 
1957 November 21 Kamal Monsour news Monsour Speaks On Native Israel 
1957 November 21 Raymond Joseph news Haitian Shows Slides; Tells of Countrymen 
1957 November 21 Dr. Arthur Volle news Volle Attends Meetings For Deans, Advisors 
1957 November 21 Stewart Nutter news Nutter Presents Senior Trombone Recital 
1957 November 21 literary societies news Literary Societies Join for Banquet 
1957 November 21 SEA news SEA Revamps Laboratory 
1957 November 21 Ira H. Lattimer news Lattimer Speaks To Debate Squad 
1957 November 21 Paul Johnson news Philosophers Hear Paper by Johnson 
1957 November 21 Don Dyck news Dyck Gives Piano REcital; Hough Assists at Organ 
1957 November 21 Wayne Hoffmann sports Inside Out 
1957 November 21 football sports Seniors Bow Out; Host Ill. Wesleyan 
1957 November 21 Dave Erb sports Arndt, Hanchett Place; Run CYO Meet Today 
1957 November 21 Tune Tangle news Tune Tangle Highlights Thanksgiving Day; New SU Trophy Awaits 1957 Winner 
1957 November 27 student council front page SC Elects Publications Heads, Frsehman Family 
1957 November 27 Campus Chest front page Campus Chest Launches Annual All-School Drive 
1957 November 27 Rolf Espeseth front page Espeseth Conducts Oratorio Chorus 
1957 November 27 Tune Tangle news 'A little Bit of Italy' Follows Tune Tangle 
1957 November 27 education news Here and There: Sputnik Unfolds Glory 
1957 November 27 faculty fireside news Chaplain Munson, Profs Conduct Faculty Firesides 
1957 November 27 music news Cording Presides Over 6th National Church Music Fellowship Program 
1957 November 27 President V. Raymond Edman news Prexy Broadcasts From Faith Chapel 
1957 November 27 Marilyn Rice, Howard Ralston news Students Rice, Ralston Perform Piano Duo-Arrangements Including Classical, Modern Selections in Joint Recital 
1957 November 27 anthropology news Anthropologists See Films 
1957 November 27 sophomores news Sophomores Lead Prayer Meeting 
1957 November 27 Forum news Forum Members Discuss Insurance 
1957 November 27 senior bench news Seniors Triumph in Bench Struggle 
1957 November 27 news editorial No Headlines This Week 
1957 November 27 lit banquet news Lit Banquet Features 'Disneyland' Theme 
1957 November 27 Fred Pearson voices Focal Point: For the Sake of Learning 
1957 November 27 Herr Schwartz  news Schwartz Stock Supplies, Sympathy; Helps Young Chemists See Bright Side 
1957 November 27 EMF news EMF Seeks Fresh Missionary Vision 
1957 November 27 Pre-Med club news Medics, Nurses Join in Party 
1957 November 27 Dr. Rebecca Price news Former Prof Takes Medical Treatment 
1957 November 27 Harry Agabedis sports Greece to Japan, Agabedis the Man 
1957 November 27 wrestling sports Grapplers Open Season 
1957 November 27 basketball sports Cage Champs Open Against DePaw 
1957 November 27 football sports Crusaders Cop 5th Straight Title, Win 66-7: Illinois Wesleyan Trounced by CCI Champs 
1957 November 27 Wayne Hoffman sports Inside Out 
1957 December 5 Anoe, Graves, Hamilton, Bone front page Soloists Join Orotorio Chorus in "Messiah" 
1957 December 5 Christmas Speech front page Annual Christmas Speech Recital Pictures Holiday Celebrations from Various Lands 
1957 December 5 Christmas Singspiration front page Christian Service Council Sponsors Singspiration 
1957 December 5 Sunnyridge farm front page Seniors Plan Party 
1957 December 5 WETN front page Provides Listening Enjoyment: Barrett States New WETN Purpose 
1957 December 5 Christian-Ed Grad club front page Christian Ed Grad Club Plans Dinner 
1957 December 5 SEA news SEA Members Plan Booth For Urbana Conference 
1957 December 5 International Student Missionary conference news Theme of Missionary Conference Is 'One Lord, One Church, One World' 
1957 December 5 West Suburban Hospital news West Sub Displays Booth At Missionary Convention 
1957 December 5 senior film news Organization Expands: Centurian Production Progresses On Filming of 'Annie Get Your Gun!' 
1957 December 5 Chicago Post news Chicago Post Office Offers Student Jobs 
1957 December 5 Young Life news Young Life Schedules Christmas Meeting 
1957 December 5 Dr. Alfred B. Garrett news Garrett Delivers Lectures 
1957 December 5 Douglas A. Block news Block Gives Lecture At Science Series 
1957 December 5 Pershing Rifles news Pershing Rifles Offers Opportunites 
1957 December 5 Mr. and Mrs. Carroll E. Seelye news Seelyes Accept Assignments with Staff 
1957 December 5 W. R. A. news WRA Members Sponsor Playday 
1957 December 5 French club news French Club Sees Native Christmas 
1957 December 5 sophomores news Sophomores Hold Christmas Party 
1957 December 5 Christmas carols news Students Sing Carols For Chapel Service 
1957 December 5 education editorial 600 Miles a Day 
1957 December 5 Kitty Lefever news Chimes: Spiritual Training Needed for Life 
1957 December 5 Fred Pearson voices Focal Point: Man-Eater 
1957 December 5 David W. Salstrom letters to the editor Grad Suggest Record Help to Fading Lits 
1957 December 5 Dave Holmsten letters to the editor Holmstein Asks for Subjective Tests 
1957 December 5 geology news AnrhroDepartment Gets Recognition 
1957 December 5 Spanish club news Spanish Club Slates Gala Christmas Party 
1957 December 5 Colleges voices Here and There: Colleges View Integration 
1957 December 5 basketball sports Crusaders Win Season Opener, 75-68 
1957 December 5 basketball sports Bombers Open with Win; Down Lewis Frosh, 68-63 
1957 December 5 basketball sports Elmhurt, Lake Forest Top CCI Competition 
1957 December 5 Wayne Hoffmann sports Inside Out 
1957 December 5 track  sports Harriers Wind-Up Season; Future Looks Bright 
1957 December 5 football sports Crusaders Dominate CCI Statistics 
1957 December 5 basketball sports Free Throw Major Rule Change 
1957 December 5 football sports '58 Captains Elected 
1957 December 12 ROTC front page ROTC Cadets Plan Military Banquet 
1957 December 12 University of Chicago Anthropology Club front page Anthropologists Conduct Meeting 
1957 December 12 Christmas vacation front page Students Exit, Anticipate Holiday Festivity 
1957 December 12 masquerade party fonrt page Juniors, Seniors Slate Masquerade 
1957 December 12 night service front page Midnight Service Heralds New Year 
1957 December 12 ventriloquist front page Ventriloquist Entertains At Joint Frosh-Soph Party 
1957 December 12 watchnight service front page MSC Schedules Open House 
1957 December 12 Ellen Thompson front page Chimes: In All Things the Pre-eminence 
1957 December 12 different campuses news front page Here and There: Fun, Frolic, Music and... 
1957 December 12 exams front page Seniors Take Comprehensive Exams 
1957 December 12 West Suburban Hospitals front page West Sub Nurses Present Program 
1957 December 12 basketball sports Crusaders Set Record With 25th Straight 
1957 December 12 soccer sports 4 Booters Win All-Conference Soccer Honors 
1957 December 12 wrestling sports Grapplers Warm-Up at UI; Face Chicago Illini Next 
1957 December 12 basketball sports Bombers post 2-1 Record Olsson High Scorer 
1957 December 12 Dick Camp sports Camp Makes Little All-American Squad 
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