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DateSubject (Personal Name or Topic)Column or SectionTopic or Title
1957 January 10 student council front page SC Encourages Friday 'Dress-Up'; Approves College Ring Contract 
1957 January 10 Keith Meyers front page Keith Meyers Ice Skates Way To National Titles 
1957 January 10 Dr. Frank Craighead front page Wild Life Expert Shows Film Story Of Outdoor Living 
1957 January 10 Edward Adams front page Adams Presents Exhibit; Displays Printing Design 
1957 January 10 school decisions editorial Record Backs Council In Vacation Choice 
1957 January 10 school fees voices Viewpoint 
1957 January 10 John E. Kephart letters to the editor Library Stays Open Late If Students Stay Quiet 
1957 January 10 Tom Jones, Paul Hess letters to the editor Excuse; Want Letter Students Chide Poor 
1957 January 10 President V. Raymond Edman news Latest Edman Book Released Today 
1957 January 10 President and Mrs. V. Raymond Edman news Edmans Visit Ecuador 
1957 January 10 Muriel Arney news Keen Senses Equip Muriel Arney For Classes, Identifying Friends 
1957 January 10 Abbie Mackenzie news Sawyer Relives Frontier Bride's Role 
1957 January 10 community choir news Community Choir Rehearses 'Elijah' 
1957 January 10 Frank Cicero news Cicero Plans WB 
1957 January 10 basketball sports Cagers Crush Foresters 
1957 January 10 Wrestling sports Matmen Win First Host Carroll, UIC 
1957 January 10 basketball sports Cagers 3-1 Over Vacation; Peterson Leads Scoring 
1957 January 10 voices sports Chase's chatter 
1957 January 17 Mark O. Hatfield  front page Hatfield Keynotes Program 
1957 January 17 Rev. H. Lawrence Love, Jr. front page Pastor- Evangelist Speaks to Students During Service 
1957 January 17 Dr. T. Berner Madsen front page Educator Madsen Brings Commencement Address 
1957 January 17 Paul Paray Front Page Paray Conducts Symphony for Artists Series Program 
1957 January 17 Parties News Parties Conclude Exams 
1957 January 17 Women's Club News Women Portray Italy 
1957 January 17 Wheaton Pep Band News Active Pep Band Spearheads Enthusiasm 
1957 January 17 Ronald Houser and Donald Swanson News Houser, Swanson Recital Gives Piano, Organ Talents 
1957 January 17 Trustee Dinner News College Personnel Dine 
1957 January 17 Film Exhibition News Council Brings Color Film 
1957 January 17 Dr. Gleason Ledyard News Anthropologist Speaks 
1957 January 17 Lt. Dorcas Stearns News WAC Recruiter Explains Officer Training Program 
1957 January 17 Antagonistic Editor Editorial And They Call Him the Editor 
1957 January 17 Sen. J.W. Fulbright News Fulbright Sponsors Bills to Tax Exempt Students 
1957 January 17 Car parking Voices Viewpoint 
1957 January 17 Trustees News Trustee Picture Completed 
1957 January 17 Basketball Sports Crusaders Tip Jays 101-72 
1957 January 17 Basketball Sports Cagers Lead Conference 
1957 January 17 Basketball Sports Cagers Take 2: Augie, Carroll Fall 
1957 January 17 Wrestling Sports Wrestlers Take 3 Straight 
1957 January 17 Track team Sports Doddsmen Begin Season; Face Strenuous Schedule 
1957 January 17 Basketball Sports Bombers Beat Jays; Push Record to 6-2 
1957 January 17 Basketball Sports Intramurals 
1957 January 17 Voices Sports Chase's Chatter 
1957 January 31 V. Raymond Edman Front Page Edman Presents Awards at Annual College Dinner 
1957 January 31 H. Lawrence Love Front Page Pastor Love Begins Series in Evangelistic Services 
1957 January 31 Wheaton Record Front Page Record Adds New Offices 
1957 January 31 Detroit Symphony Front Page Detroit Symphony Appears in Concert 
1957 January 31 Music Tours Front Page Vocal Organizations Return from Mid-Winter Tours 
1957 January 31 College Front Page If It Isn't Bombs...Finals 
1957 January 31 Welcome Front Page Hello, New Students 
1957 January 31 Jim Hartfield, Rose Marie Peterson, and Bill Keith News 3 New Columnists Contribute to Record 
1957 January 31 Jim Hartfield Editorial Here We Are... 
1957 January 31 Chemistry Award News Freshmen Strive for Chem Award 
1957 January 31 H. Stassen News Columnist Chats on TV with Politician Stassen 
1957 January 31 Dean M. Miller News Miller Presents Recital, Pictures Roman Setting 
1957 January 31 ROTC News Senior ROTC Cadets Accept Army Posts 
1957 January 31 Dr. V. Raymond Edman News Edman Receives Award 
1957 January 31 Stupe News Stupe Food Extravaganza Features Many Countries 
1957 January 31 Joe Ferris News Which Twin Has the Toni? 
1957 January 31 WRA News WRA Members Enjoy Winter Sports 
1957 January 31 Dr, Earle E. Cairns News Cairns Visits BIOLA 
1957 January 31 Dr. Marian Barnes News Science Lectures Features Barnes 
1957 January 31 Lee Ballard Sports Editorial The Home Stretch 
1957 January 31 Basketball Sports Cagers Cop 2, Face Augie 
1957 January 31 Wrestling Sports Matmen Pin Wisconsin State 
1957 January 31 Intramural Sports Intramurals Progress 
1957 January 31 Jim Hanchett Sports Hanchett Clocks 9:43 for Easy UC Medal 
1957 February 7 Pr. H. Lawrence Love Front Page Speaker Love Relates Platypus Career 
1957 February 7 Norma Caldwell front page 'Author of Liberty' Keynotes WB Theme 
1957 February 7 WETN front page WETN Marks 10th year 
1957 February 7 Wheaton debate team front page Debaters Achieve Tourney Distinction 
1957 February 7 FMF front page FMF Plans Program 
1957 February 7 Dr. Blanchard front page Evangelistic Services Influence Campus 
1957 February 7 Pat McGuiness and George Thomas front page Political Scienctists Attends D.C. Seminar 
1957 February 7 Tax Plan editorial Wheaton's Graduated Tax Plan Discriminates Against Big Loads 
1957 February 7 dining hall editorial Diners Seek Elbow Room 
1957 February 7 Sam Gray letters to the editor Pep Band Displeases Grad 
1957 February 7 Ron Houser letters to the editor Houser Dares Record 
1957 February 7 Dr. Kenneth S. Kantzer news Kantzer Leads Panel 
1957 February 7 Jim Hartfield voices Better Dividends -- Saud or Paray? 
1957 February 7 Gil Hamon and Cathy Webb news Hamon, Webb Give Dual Senior Recital 
1957 February 7 short news news Guest Offers Photo Hints 
1957 February 7 LIT news Lits Line Up Officers, Plans 
1957 February 7 WETN news WETN Organizes New Staff, Programs 
1957 February 7 basketball sports Milikin Unimpressed By Augustana Rout, Threatens Wheaton Lead in Alumni Saturday 
1957 February 7 Fred Brock sports Brock Takes Pro Offer 
1957 February 7 hockey spots Pucksters Open Here Saturday 
1957 February 7 Bill Keith sports Time Out 
1957 February 14 study hours front page SC Recommends Dining Hall Study Hours 
1957 February 14 reverse day front page Reverse Day Draws Nigh; Boys See 'How It's Done' 
1957 February 14 wrestling tournament front page 6 Champs Return: Crusaders Greet Colleges In Wrestling Tournament 
1957 February 14 oratorical contest front page 'Racial Segregation': 3 Enter Oratorical Contest 
1957 February 14 dating front page Here and There: Social Problem Solved With Fixed Dates 
1957 February 14 WETN front page WETN Attains 1st Decade of Service 
1957 February 14 basketball editorial Pfunds Sink Blue, Tighten Lead But...Fitness Tests Reveal Deficiencies 
1957 February 14 Frank E. Houser letters to the editor Houser Challenges 'Boredman' to Duel 
1957 February 14 Fred Pearson letters to the editor Student Rebuts Grad, Defends Pep Band 
1957 February 14 Jim Hartfield voices Baby Girl Creates Surgical Philosophy 
1957 February 14 short news news News Briefs... 
1957 February 14 Spanish Club news Spanish Club Views Mexican Life 
1957 February 14 Class of '58 news '58 Heads North For Annual Retreat 
1957 February 14 Shirley Burdett news Burdett Interprets Bach in Organ Recital 
1957 February 14 championship games news Teams Compete in WRA Play-offs 
1957 February 14 school choir news Academy Hosts School Choir Festival 
1957 February 14 sports news  sports Time Out 
1957 February 14 wrestling sports Grapplers Shred Carroll 
1957 February 14 ping pong sports Ping-Pong Underway; IM Cagers Play Off 
1957 February 14 cross country sports Doddsmen Edge NC, Tally in AAU Meet 
1957 February 14 basketball sports Pfunds Sink Big Blue, Tighten Lead; Bluejays, Beloit, Carroll Next Tests 
1957 February 14 basketball sports Bombers Top Nyack, Downed by Loyola 
1957 February 21 Dame Myra Hess front page Hess Piano Performance Ends Artists Series Season 
1957 February 21 Centurion productions front page Centurion Productions: Frosh Seek Final Approval To Form New Publication 
1957 February 21 basketball front page Reverse Day Slates East-West Tangle 
1957 February 21 homecoming front page Students Submit Themes In Homecoming Contest 
1957 February 21 James E. Burr front page Now and Then: Campus Corpse Related to Aaron Burr 
1957 February 21 Washington banquet front page WB Marks Start in Class Rivalry 
1957 February 21 home economics  news Home Ec Ideas Traded At Parley 
1957 February 21 Washington banquet corsages news Florists Offer Hints On WB Corsages 
1957 February 21 Greg Trifonovitch news Frosh Shows Versatility; Speaks Many Languages 
1957 February 21 Dick Jones news Jones Portrays Far East in Recital 
1957 February 21 Young Life  news Young Life Institute Stages Student Leadership Camp 
1957 February 21 National Student association news National Assn. Sponsors European Tours 
1957 February 21 Bible Lands tour news Dr. Harrison Leads Bible Lands Tourists 
1957 February 21 probie class news Probies Hold Party 
1957 February 21 "Be-a-worker" news 'BW' for Orphans: Lit Societies Plan Informal Programs 
1957 February 21 Dr. Henry W. Dinkmeyer news Elmhurst Prexy Dies Suddenly 
1957 February 21 President V. Raymond Edman; Dr. Evan Welsh; Edward Coray news Faculty Announces Speaking Itineraries 
1957 February 21 Dr J. J. Lamberts news Lamberts Outlines Origin of Language 
1957 February 21 Atomic Energy commission news 3 Alumni at Columbia Conduct Atomic Research 
1957 February 21 grade point system editorial Extra-Curricular Grade Points Are They a Consistent System? 
1957 February 21 Jim Hartfield voices Bull's-Eye: A Layman's Guide to WB Peas & Cues 
1957 February 21 Donald C. Boardman letters to the editor Hawser's Line Challenged 
1957 February 21 Joanne Lincoln; Alice Schlaf news Girls Follow in Mothers' Footsteps 
1957 February 21 Skid Row news Boys Testify on Skid Row 
1957 February 21 basketball sports Cagers Trounce Bucs 91-66; Clinch CCI 
1957 February 21 Mike Easterling sports Easterling Played Soccer 'For Kicks', Made All-American Goalie As Junior 
1957 February 21 Bill Keith sports Time Out 
1957 February 21 wrestling sports Wrestlers Take 2nd in Invitational; Southern Wins By 1; Nuss Keeps Title 
1957 February 21 physical education sports Phys Ed Ponders Change in Program; Test Proves Unfitness of Non-athlete 
1957 February 21 Ray Adams; John Dobbert sports Bomber Record 12-4; Adams Leads in Scoring 
1957 February 21 track and field sports Harriers Beat Northern - Foushee Puts Shot 46-8 1/2 
1957 February 28 physical education front page PE Department Plans Festival Acts 
1957 February 28 probies front page West Sub Caps Probies In Candelight Ceremony 
1957 February 28 Intercollegiate Forensic meet front page 9 Place in Meet 
1957 February 28 North Central front page NC, Juniors Throw Party 
1957 February 28 International cafe front page Mexican Theme Marks Final Cafe 
1957 February 28 Dame Myra Hess front page Famous Woman Pianist Performs in Artist Series 
1957 February 28 Pershing rifles front page 2 Riflers Receive Awards At Dinner Party for Unit 
1957 February 28 Dr. Russell Mixter front page Mixter Gives Talk On Familiar Birds 
1957 February 28 fireside chats front page Fireside Groups Meet in 3 Homes 
1957 February 28 basketball front page Here and There: Pains Seize Basketball 
1957 February 28 extra-curricular editorial Now What? 
1957 February 28 Jim Hartfield voices Bull's-Eye: Should We Seek World Peace Now? 
1957 February 28 student poll news Grade Point Poll: Student Plebiscite Refutes Editorial 
1957 February 28 Dan Heindrichs letters to the editor Heindrichs Wants Direct Sidewalks 
1957 February 28 Reverse day news Turn Haberdasher: Gals Pick 'Coolest Catch' 
1957 February 28 chapel speakers news Members List Objectives Of Spiritual Life Committee 
1957 February 28 chapel analogy news General Recital: Speakers Depict Airport 
1957 February 28 Mrs. Corinne R. Smith news International Girls Visit Dean's Home 
1957 February 28 Murray Melbin news Hitch-hiker Speaks For Anthro Society 
1957 February 28 League of Women Voters news Women Voters' Leagues Plan 'Focus on Future' 
1957 February 28 Dr. John Luchies news Club Hears Luchies 
1957 February 28 basketball sports Crusaders Head For NCAA: Calvin Slated Saturday; Eliminations Begin Week 
1957 February 28 basketball sports Bomber Week 2-1; Finish Year Tonight 
1957 February 28 Bill Keith sports Time Out 
1957 February 28 basketball sports Cagers Trample Last 3, Head CCI 2nd Straight Year 
1957 February 28 track and field sports Hanchett 5th at NY; 5 Place in Chi AAU 
1957 March 7 orchestra front page String Orchestra Presents 2nd Concert of Season 
1957 March 7 student council front page SC Hosts Representative From Christian Schools 
1957 March 7 Gerald Buker front page Buker Recives DuPont Award 
1957 March 7 East and West basketball front page Gals Drag Guys West 
1957 March 7 Dr. William Seath front page Personal Evangelism Series: Seath Offers Instruction 
1957 March 7 student council news Now and Then: Student Council Uses Power in Reversal 
1957 March 7 Mrs V. Raymond Edman front page President's Wife Addresses Sophs 
1957 March 7 Reverse day front page Phils Vote Jeans For Reverse Day 
1957 March 7 writing a textbook editorial Ever Write a Text hand? 
1957 March 7 Jim Hartfield voices Men! Let's Keep The Higher Percentage! 
1957 March 7 scholarships news Students Earn Character Scholarships 
1957 March 7 astronomy course news 'Lemon' Expects Renewed Activity With Reopened Astronomy Course 
1957 March 7 Esther Olin  news Olin Writes Selections For Composition Recital 
1957 March 7 FTA  news FTA Views Film 
1957 March 7 Thomas F. Conway news Chem Club Meets 
1957 March 7 Esther Olin News Olin Writes Selectiosn for Composition Recital 
1957 March 7 Dan Holt Sports Wrestlers Smother Irish, CCI 'All-Stars' 
1957 March 7 Bill Keith Sports Time Out 
1957 March 7 Larry Chase Sports Crusdaers Pass 1st Test; York Gym Hosts Bucs 
1957 March 7 Cross Country Sports Hanchett, 8-Lap Team to Run at Milwaukee 
1957 March 14 Dr. Clyde W. Taylor Front Page Taylor Brings World Evangelism Series 
1957 March 14 Moody Complaint Front Page Moody Student Complain 
1957 March 14 Forensic Tournament Front Page Barrett Wins Top Honors in Forensic Tournament 
1957 March 14 Wheaton College Admissions Front Page Admissions Office Revises Entrance Requirements 
1957 March 14 Women Voters News Women Voters Hear Final Talk of Series 
1957 March 14 Prayer Meeting News Prayer Meeting 
1957 March 14 Nature Lover News Bull's Eye 
1957 March 14 Liberal Education Editorial A Liberal Education Shooting the Bull 
1957 March 14 Mary Norman news  Norman Plays Sacred Music in Recital 
1957 March 14 Edward Cording news Conservatory Sponsors Hymn Writer's Contest 
1957 March 14 Spring Festival news Spring Festival Pictures Athletic Skills of America 
1957 March 14 Lucille Turner  news Turner Portrays Lincolns In Senior Speech Recital 
1957 March 14 basketball sports Bucs Walk Plank, 77-75; Andersen, Voss Spark Win 
1957 March 14 track sports Hanchett Runs Record Mile; Bradley Defeated 56.5-46.5 
1957 March 14 basketball sports Wheaton Rates 2 Among CCI's best 
1957 March 14 basketball sports Vultures Top 'A' Loop 
1957 March 14 case tech sports Groaners Show Well In Case Tech Meet 
1957 March 14 Bill Keith sports Time Out 
1957 March 18 basketball front page Crusaders Cop National Title 
1957 March 18 basketball sports Season Finale: 'We Are Thankful' 
1957 March 18 basketball sports Peterson Cited most Valuable; Whitehead Makes All-Tournament 
1957 March 18 basketball sports LA State Passed In Semifinals 
1957 March 21 student fee distribution front page Council Seeks Power to Allot Money 
1957 March 21 social workers front page Social Workers Convene; Discuss Pertinent Topics 
1957 March 21 spring festival front page Spring Festival Offers Student Acts 
1957 March 21 Stan Voth front page Voth Wins Contest With 'Spirit Aflame' 
1957 March 21 wheaton debate team front page Debaters Earn 1st Place 
1957 March 21 basketball front page Basketball Arrives Early 
1957 March 21 basketball editorial Teh Champions and Their Conference 
1957 March 21 Jim Hartfield editorial Dear Disgusted...Here's Your Answer 
1957 March 21 Bobby Brewster news Brewster Includes Chopin, Beethoven, Bach in Recital 
1957 March 21 Kenneth Kantzer news Philosophers Slate Panel Discussion 
1957 March 21 Dr. Edman news Edmans Tour West 
1957 March 21 William Seath news Seath Emphasizes Soul Winning Qualitites 
1957 March 21 Shirley Watson news Watson Sings Recital Of Old, Modern Scores 
1957 March 21 early tour news Concert Band Heads East 
1957 March 21 baseball sports Spring Athletes Not Waiting For Sunshine 
1957 March 21 baseball sports Smals Joins Pirates In Florida Tuesday 
1957 March 21 track sports Thinclads Find NC Relays Tough 
1957 March 21 Jim Hartfield sports Time Out 
1957 March 28 Dudley Crafts Watson front page Watson Brings Lecture On Old, Modern Paintings 
1957 March 28 20 dollars front page Trustees Announce New Tuition Raise 
1957 March 28 Eugenia Price front page Price Addresses Social Workers 
1957 March 28 wrestling front page Wrestlers Present Annual Spring 'WB' 
1957 March 28 art department front page Art Department Occupies New West-End Quarters 
1957 March 28 Eugene Nida front page Linquist Nida Discusses Modern Communication 
1957 March 28 Ruth Slater front page Guest Soloists Join Choir To Sing 'Elijah' Oratorio 
1957 March 28 foreign study front page Foreign Opporunities Lure 
1957 March 28 car owners editorial U-AUTO-NO 
1957 March 28 Don Moore news Committee Expands Validation Program 
1957 March 28 General William K. Harrison news Harrison Delievers Chapel Message 
1957 March 28 conference hosting news  Ed Dep't Hosts Conference Of Supervising Teachers 
1957 March 28 psychology voices Psychology of Communication 
1957 March 28 Nancy Larson news West End Joins Black Hills in Roundup 
1957 March 28 Fred Shulze news Schulze Shows Training In Senior Organ Recital 
1957 March 28 spring vacation news Faculty Members Speak During Spring Vacation 
1957 March 28 visiting Grand Canyon news Student Geologists Visit Grand Canyon 
1957 March 25 Navigator Missionaries News Schneiders Witness in Germany 
1957 March 28 Baseball Sports Paly Ball! Dekalb Lifts Lid 
1957 March 28 Golf Sports Linksmen Tee Off 
1957 March 28 Intramural Sports Sports IM Head Lindsey Plans Spring Scope 
1957 March 28 Bill Keith Sports Time Out 
1957 March 28 Football Sports Gridders Work Out In Spring Practices 
1957 March 28 Fred Bostrom Sports AAU Closes Season; Trackmen Move Out 
1957 March 28 Tennis Sports Tennis Opens Away; McCall Heads Roster 
1957 April 4 Student Council Front Page SC Votes to Lower Membership 
1957 April 4 Basketball Front Page Team Celebrates At Victory Banquet 
1957 April 4 1860 Tuition Costs Front Page Students Pay $24 Tuition 
1957 April 4 Joseph Free Front Page Free Receives Award 
1957 April 4 all school communion front page  Christian Council Plans Communion 
1957 April 4 "Our Mr. Sun" front page Science Lecture Features Sun Film 
1957 April 4 band front page Band Gives 1st Spring Series Concert 
1957 April 4 Crusade for Freedom benefit front page Program Reveals Communist Ways 
1957 April 4 Boardman;Luckman;Steel front page Faculty Members Receive Promotions 
1957 April 4 tuition editorial Where It Hurts 
1957 April 4 D. Bruce Lokerbie letters to the editor Lockerbie Explains Athletic Status 
1957 April 4 George Rogers letters to the editor Grad Appreciates Prexy, Pep Band 
1957 April 4 wrestling news Pick Mat Captains 
1957 April 4 Jim Hartfield voices Bull's Eye: Joy-Covered Diors REveal 'CCI Stare' 
1957 April 4 news summary news News Briefs... 
1957 April 4 Barb Afman news Afman Presents Senior Speech Recital 
1957 April 4 Miriam Andrews; Sylvia Vonckx news Andrews, Vonckx Offer Joint Recital 
1957 April 4 Women's Glee news Women's Glee Plans Annual Spring Banquet 
1957 April 4 tennis sports Netters Blank NC: Jays Invade Here 
1957 April 4 basketball sports Spring Gridmen Set Scrimmage Tuesday 
1957 April 4 sports summary sports Time Out 
1957 April 4 baseball sports Diamondmen Rained Out; Launch Campaign at Augie 
1957 April 4 Dino Zamar news String Concert Features Guest Soloist 
1957 April 11 Crusade for Freedom front page Crusade for Freedom Slates Program 
1957 April 11 Bill Dixon front page Dixon Earns Fellowship For Advanced Chemistry 
1957 April 11 Stupe front page Free Food: Stupe Opens House, Offers Recreation 
1957 April 11 spring tour front page Glee Clubs, Chapel Choir Begin 12 Day Spring Tour 
1957 April 11 Suzanne Brooks; Allan Hubin front page Brooks, Hubin Win Chemistry Award 
1957 April 11 grants front page College Receives Grants For Operating Expenses 
1957 April 11 best dressed front page Here and There: Campus Tog Improvemnt Attempted 
1957 April 11 sixth annual election front page Falb, Kelly, Miller Seek Presidency 
1957 April 11 War in Europe editorial War Rages in Europe 
1957 April 11 Scholastic Honor society news Scholastic Honor Society Admits New Members 
1957 April 11 President V. Raymond Edman news Edman Publishes Devotional Booklet 
1957 April 11 Dave Eaton; Dave Lindblade news Pershing Rifles Receive Promotion 
1957 April 11 Roberts Editorial award news Writing Students Receive Cash Prizes 
1957 April 11 Student Education association news Ed Association Meets To Install New Officers 
1957 April 11 Ford Foundation news Ford Offers Fellowships 
1957 April 11 Corrine Sonneveldt news Sonneveldt Attends Annual Convention 
1957 April 11 Bruce Nehring news Vocalist Assists: Nehring Presents Rectial Of Church Organ Music 
1957 April 11 sophomores news Sophs Plan Work For Clean-Up Day 
1957 April 11 Ellen Sawyer news Sawyer: Interprets 'Les Miserables' 
1957 April 11 Miss Ellen Thompson news Thompson Gives Recital 
1957 April 11 physical education news PE Camp Program Includes Christian Ed 
1957 April 11 Gordon Jaeck news Jaeck Visits Michigan, Directs Survey of Courts 
1957 April 11 Edwin A. Hollatz news Hollatz Judges Films 
1957 April 11 football news Footballers Fry Steaks 
1957 April 11 Bud Kroeker news Kroeker Gets Background for Future 
1957 April 11 Joan Egeland news Student Vocalists Assist Egeland in Piano Recital 
1957 April 11 Paul Bechtel; Arthur Holmes news Faculty Members Receive Doctorates 
1957 April 11 Lt. Col. Allen W. Rodeheffer news Rodeheffer, Fink Accept New Army Assignments 
1957 April 11 Marge Janzen news Senior Voice Recital: Janzen Sings Selections from 'Rigeletto' 
1957 April 11 Campus Chest news Charities Receive Campus Donations 
1957 April 11 cookout news Physics Students Schedule Cookout 
1957 April 11 Dr. Howard W. Ferrin news Ferrin Addresses Grads At Theological Conference 
1957 April 11 Dr. Earle E. Cairns news Japanese Company Prints Cairn's Book 
1957 April 11 Ladies Literary Society news Ladies See 'Carmen' 
1957 April 11 Jim Hartfield news Bull's-Eye: How to Overthrow the Student Council 
1957 April 11 student council  editorial Something toThink About 
1957 April 11 WETN news WETN Broadcasts for RFE 
1957 April 11 theology news Bible Professors Attend Theological Sessions 
1957 May 2 Dr. Paul Wright News Wright Lecturers 
1957 May 2 Health News West Sub Hospital Enlarges Facility 
1957 May 2 Home Economics News Home Ec Majors Show New Styles 
1957 May 2 Billy Graham News Graham Opens New York Crusade 
1957 May 2 Ken Walther News Kissing Causes Mono? It Ain't Necessarily So 
1957 May 2 Summer Tours News College Sponsors Tours to Europe, Bible Lands 
1957 May 2 Baseball Sports Diamondmen 4-2 in Dixie; Thornton Posts .075 ERA 
1957 May 2 Athletics Sports Trackmen Start Outside; Prepare for Beloit Relays 
1957 May 2 Baseball Sports Kamm, Thorton Face Titans Here Saturday, 1 pm 
1957 May 2 Baseball Sports Wildcats Beat Pfunds, 4-0; 3 Homers Clip Wertman 
1957 May 2 Intramurals Sports Spring IM's Begin Feature Softball, Bowling, Wrestling 
1957 May 2 Baseball Sports Bombers Cop First; Elgin Here Friday 
1957 May 2 Tennis Sports Netters Top Elmhurst, NI; Lose to Bradley, Normal 
1957 May 2 Golf Sports Linksmen Beat Concordia 
1957 May 9 Women's Glee Front Page Women's Glee Sings in Spring Concert 
1957 May 9  Student Council Front Page New Officers Participate in Leadership Conference 
1957 May 9 Jerry Stromberg, Jim McDermott Front Page Stromberg, McDermott Vie in Presidential Race 
1957 May 9 Class Rivalry Pranks Front Page Rivalry Runs High in Class Activities 
1957 May 9 Classes Leadership Front Page Classes Elect Candidates 
1957 May 9 Pink Parade Front Page Lit Sponsors Parade for Engaged Girls 
1957 May 9  Music Editorial Spring Is The Time When... 
1957 May 9 Elisabeth Elliot News Library, Bookstore Offer Book by Betty Elliot 
1957 May 9 Nurse Banquet News West Sub Nurses Plan Banquet 
1957 May 9 WETN News WETN Goes Skating 
1957 May 9 Stupe News Stupe Plans Menu for Smorgasbord 
1957 May 9 Student Council Election News Convention Injects Life in SC Elections 
1957 May 9 Gospel Team News Gospel Team Tours Coast 
1957 May 9 Gospel Team News Gospel Team Tours Coast 
1957 May 9 Student Council News Students Choose Cut in SC Representation 
1957 May 9 Crusader Gospel Team News Gospel Team Slates Tour 
1957 May 9 Grad Banquet news Operetta 'H.M.S. Pinafore' Sets Theme of Banquet 
1957 May 9 Archeology News Archeology Department Holds 1 Day Conference 
1957 May 9 Jim Hanchett News Senior Offers Paper to Chemical Society 
1957 May 9 Senior Program News Seniors Choose 'Fantasy' As Theme for Program 
1957 May 9 Baseball Sports Diamondmen Split Twinbill; Face Bluejays, Cardinals 
1957 May 9 Baseball Sports Flash! 
1957 May 9 Baseball Sports J.V. Splits Bombers Lose; Win 
1957 May 9 Intramurals Sports Spring Intramurals 
1957 May 9 Athletics Sports Thinclads Down Bradley; Prepare for CCI Meet 
1957 May 9 Tennis Sports Netmen Blast Carroll, UIC 
1957 May 16 Student Council Front Page Stromberg Wins SC Presidential Election 
1957 May 16 ROTC Front Page ROTC Gives Review 
1957 May 16 Senior Celebration Front Page Senior Class Evacuates 
1957 May 16 Classes Elections Front Page Hert, Elwell, West Win in Final Election 
1957 May 16 Sam Campbell Front Page Campbell Gives Lecture 
1957 May 16 Alumni Grant Front Page 2 Receive Alumni Grant 
1957 May 16 Student Council Front Page SC Names Sponsors for New Freshmen 
1957 May 16 Elections Editorial Student Council Fouls Elections 
1957 May 16 Books Editorial How They Decide What Books to Buy 
1957 May 16 Leadership Qualities News Leaders Review Qualities 
1957 May 16 Student Union News SU Officers Elect Next Year's Board 
1957 May 16 Jim Hartfield News Bull's-Eye: It's About Time You Wrote Home! 
1957 May 9 Jim Hartfield News Bull's-Eye: Laughter -- The Best Medicine 
1957 May 16 Van Gale News Gale's Recital Features 'Student Prince' 
1957 May 16 Dr. George E. Wright News Wright Gives Lecture on Near-Eastern Situation 
1957 May 16 John Fadenrecht News Faculty Member Publishes Article 
1957 May 16 Camping Trip News PR Leave for Trip to Palisade Park 
1957 May 16 John Maltese News Maltese Plays Classics in Faculty Violin Recital 
1957 May 16 Christian Literature Conference News Lit Department Makes Conference Plans 
1957 May 16 Tennis Sports Wheaton Pair Cop Ladies' Net Medal 
1957 May 16 Baseball Sports Flash! 
1957 May 16 Intramurals Sports Rumrunners, Bandits Lead into Playoffs 
1957 May 16 Tennis Sports Netmen Goose-egg 2 
1957 May 16 Athletics Sports Thinclads Go for 11th Title; Carroll, NC Pose Threats 
1957 May 16 Golf Sports Divotmen Picked for 4th 
1957 May 2 Bill Keith Sports Time Out 
1957 May 9 Bill Keith Sports Time Out 
1957 May 16 Bill Keith Sports Time Out 
1957 May 16 Athletics Sports CCI Sports Convene at Lake Forest 
1957 May 23 Art Front Page Senior Art Review Displays Compositions 
1957 May 23 Dr. Donald C. Boardman Front Page Geology Association Elects Boardman Next President 
1957 May 23 Wheaton's Position in The CCI  Front Page Here and There: Wheaton Wipes Feet on Elmhurst 
1957 May 23 Student Council Front Page New Student Council Holds First Meeting 
1957 May 23 Scholastic Honor Awards Front Page Yerkes, Miller Receive Scholastic Honor Awards 
1957 May 23 Wheaton Academy Front Page Wheaton Academy Gives Vocal Concert 
1957 May 23 Paul Allen Front Page Allen Leads Chapel Choir Performance 
1957 May 16 Naming Wheaton Front Page Now and Then: Wheaton...Wheaton...Wheaton 
1957 May 9 Students Categories Front Page Here and There: Cramming Collegians Categorized 
1957 May 23 class rivalry editorial Cops and Robbers, College Style 
1957 May 23 campus housing voices Bull's-Eye: Blanchardburg, U.S.A. Population 1700 
1957 May 23 Dave Westley letters to the editor Westley Criticizes Class Demonstration 
1957 May 23 golfers news Golfers Trail CCI Wait Till Next Year 
1957 May 23 Jean-Louis Amand news Amand Recalls life in Wartime France 
1957 May 23 Mary Freleigh news Freleigh Performs Recital 
1957 May 23 tower staff news Tower Sets Banquet Date 
1957 May 23 anthropology news Anthro Department Plans Steak Fry 
1957 May 23 Women's Recreational association news WRA Members Hold 'Stag' Banquet 
1957 May 23 Dr. A. W. Tozer news FMF Brings Tozer 
1957 May 23 grad students news Grads Socialize 
1957 May 23 Jim Hanchett; Audrey Thayer news Seniors Choose Hanchett, Thayer to Obtain Awards 
1957 May 23 Men's glee club news Baker Hotel Hosts Men's Glee Club 
1957 May 23 business forum news Business Forum Holds Last Picnic 
1957 May 23 Elliot and Saint halls news Men Plan Dorm Picnic 
1957 May 23 track sports Conference Track Laurels Annexed in Rugged Test 
1957 May 23 tennis sports Illingers Take CCI Down Via Depth; Coach McCall Upset 
1957 May 23 sports news sports Time Out 
1957 May 23 baseball sports Diamondmen in Stretch Drive with Pennant Hopes 
1957 May 30 Richard Seume front page Seume Speaks at Graduation Exercises 
1957 May 30 President V. R. Edman front page 'To Do is to Know' Seniors Hear Edman 
1957 May 30 Dr. Harold L. Ficket front page Fickett Addresses Academy Seniors 
1957 May 30 finals front page Here and There: Exasperating Examinations Exit 
1957 May 30 world relief clothing drive front page Relief Begins Drive 
1957 May 30 WETN front page New Opportunities Challenge WETN 
1957 May 30 Record news Record Watches Itself Grind Out Another Issue 
1957 May 30 Record staff news Record Announces Staff 
1957 May 30 Greta Johnson; Stan Orr news Johnson, Orr Plan for New Freshmen 
1957 May 30 Young Life news Young Life Offers Leadership Seminar 
1957 May 30 ROTC news ROTC Cadets Receive Awards in Review 
1957 May 30 Mr. Louis Rasera news Association Elects Rasera 
1957 May 30 Chapel Choir news Choir Holds Picnic 
1957 May 30 summer editorial The Necessity of Forgetting 
1957 May 30 Ross Kinsler Letters to the editor Kinsler Explains Work Of Service Council 
1957 May 30 Jim Hartfield voices Bull's-Eye: The Kind of Guy I'd like to be 
1957 May 30 musical organization news Musical Organizations Present Concerts 
1957 May 30 ROTC news Cadets Attend ROTC Camp For Advanced Training 
1957 May 30 Dr. S. Richey Kamm news Staff Dedicates New Tower to Kamm 
1957 May 30 conference news Christian Writers Attend Conference 
1957 May 30 Reginald R. Gerig news Gerig Performs Piano Selections 
1957 May 30 Christian Service council news Christian Service Offers Activities 
1957 May 30 Jan Bryant news Bryant Heads Kodon Staff 
1957 May 30 alumni day news Grads Return for Alumni Day Reunions 
1957 May 30 Wheaton organizations news ClubsElectOfficers 
1957 May 30 Mrs. Rana McDonald news Placement Bureau Aids Seniors, Alumni 
1957 May 30 Dr. Earle E. Cairns news Cairns Contributes Material to Book 
1957 May 30 Lt. Col. Allen Rodeheffer news ROTC Professor Receives New Army Assignment 
1957 May 30 class rivalry news Senior Sneak...Concentrated Effort At Having Fun 
1957 May 30 psychology news Psychology Students Test Class Reaction 
1957 May 30 Senior graduates news Seniors Plan for Future; Some Definite, Some Not 
1957 May 30 seniors news Graduation Time...Seniors Sport 'Left-Over' Expressions 
1957 May 30 honorary degrees news College Grants 4 Honorary Degrees 
1957 May 30 Mr. Barrett news Hundreds Visit Subterranean Office of 'Grin & Barrett' 
1957 May 30 Gracie Beers news Summer Work: Beers Takes Feature Job With Hometown Paper 
1957 May 30 Dr. Lois LeBar News LeBar Joins Staff of Graduate School 
1957 May 30 Intramurals Sports Intramural Sports End with Softball Tournament 
1957 May 30 Murriel Arney News Arney Gains Sight in Evangelistic Service 
1957 May 30 Maxine Coder News Memorial Day Brings Word from Courageous Patriot 
1957 May 30 Dick Kamm Sports 'Venture for Victory' Calls Kamm on Orient Tour 
1957 May 30 Basketball Sports Athletes, Scribes Rate Voss' Steal as Best Performance of the Year, Pete Outstanding 
1957 May 30 Athletics Sports Rain Washes Out Penant Chances; Titans Edge Crusaders by Percentage 
1957 May 30 Soccer Sports Booters Suck Air, But Top Suburban Soccer Club, 3-1 
1957 May 30 Jim Hanchett Sports Hanchett Ends Crusader Track Carrer, Plans Future Competition: Roomie Tells All 
1957 May 30 Athletics Sports CCI Crown Gilts Season Dodds Sees '58 Challenge 
1957 May 30 Sports News Sports Time Out 
1957 May 30 Tennis Sports Racket Squad Ends 8-2 
1957 May 30 Annual Sports Review Sports Chase Reviews Golden Year for Sports 
1957 May 30 Sports' Predictions Sports New Scribe Forsees Title Repetitions 
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