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DateSubject (Personal Name or Topic)Column or SectionTopic or Title
1956 September 14 Don Yohe front page Message for Freshmen From Student Body Prexy 
1956 September 14 New staff front page New Instructors Arrive On Campus To Augment 6 Departments' Staffs 
1956 September 14 new students  front page Many Areas Represented 
1956 September 14 science lecture series front page Open to Public: Science Division Initiates Popular Lecture Series 
1956 September 14 McCully field front page McCully Field Nears Completion 
1956 September 14 Read Editorials editorial Make It Your Habit to Stop Long Enough Each Week to Read Record Editorials! 
1956 September 14 Mrs. Valerie Brown news Music Professor Valerie Brown Dies 
1956 September 14 grant aid news Grants Aid Students 
1956 September 14 registration voices Viewpoint 
1956 September 14 Trustees voices Charter Grants Authority to 20 Trustees 
1956 September 14 faculty workshop news Faculty Holds Workshop; Discuss 'Dedicated Living' 
1956 September 14 Larry Chase sports Symposium 
1956 September 14 football sports 20 Football lettermen Lead Crusaders In Attempt for Fourth Straight Title 
1956 September 14 soccer sports Soccer Men Start Drive for Crown 
1956 September 14 cross country sports Harriers Begin Practice 
1956 September 14 ROTC news Senior ROTC Cadet Win Camp Awards 
1956 September 14 Ian Thomas front page Thomas Conducts Services 
1956 September 14 voting campaign front page Council Appoints Officers 
1956 September 14 freshmen front page Freshmen Shine for '59 
1956 September 14 enrollment front page 81 Enroll at West Sub; Probies Begin Activities 
1956 September 14 mortuary editorial Mortuary 
1956 September 14 viewpoint voices viewpoint 
1956 September 20 Herman Fischer News Herman Fischer- Cowman to Lawman; V.R. Edman - Doughboy to director 
1956 September 20 Pi Kappa Delta News Forensic Season Opens 
1956 September 20 Messiah News Choir Begins Work 
1956 September 20 Football etiquette News Coffee Hour offers Tips for Grid Fan 
1956 September 20 Moody News Noody Alumni Elect offiecrs, View film 
1956 September 20 Welsh Vs. Hollatz News Debate Lit Issue 
1956 September 20 Football Sports Crusader set for Dekalb 
1956 September 20 Soccer Sports Booter begin Sartuday 
1956 September  Football Sports  WETN Broadcasts Crusader Games 
1956 September 20 Larry Sports Hase's Hatters 
1956 September 27 Student Housing Front Wayside Inn Girls Evacuate Next Week 
1956 September 27 Artist Series Front Williamson Directs Choir; Extra Event Opens Series 
1956 September 27 ROTC Front Cadets Earn Promotion 
1956 September 27 Student Life Front Homecoming Contests Open To All 
1956 September 27 Tower Chimes Front Music Mixup 
1956 September 27 Pete Black News Viewpoint 
1956 September 27 Instruction News Sophs Humble Freshman with Practical Instruction 
1956 September 27 Chess Tourney News 6 Compete in Annual Chess Tournament 
1956 September 27 Pershing Rifles News Pershing Refles Sees Film, Hears Plans 
1956 September 27 Philosophers News Philsophers Meet to Discuss Plans 
1956 September 27 Football Sports Crusaders Stunned 7-6 
1956 September 27 Soccer Sports Booters Rock LF Academy 
1956 September 27 Football Sports Bombers Fight Back Edge Wilson 13-12 
1956 September 27 Larry Sports Chase's Chatter 
1956 October 4 Homecoming Preparations Front Parade Launches Activities 
1956 October 4 Literature Societies Front Lits Announce Programs 
1956 October 4 Committees' Leaders Front Faculty Appoints Committee Heads 
1956 October 4 Mock Election Front SC Slates Mock Election; Plans Political Campaigns 
1956 October 4 Scholarships Front West Sub Grants Graduate Scholarships 
1956 October 4 DeVern Fromke Front FMF Sponsors Meetings; Fromke Speaks for Series 
1956 October 4 International Cafe Front International Cafe Features Scotland 
1956 October 4 Dr. Paul Wright Front Wright Shows Liquid Air 
1956 October 4 Glad To See... Editorial Glad To See... 
1956 October 4 Frank Bellinger News Viewpoint 
1956 October 4 Home Economics' Retreat News Home Ec Club Retreats 
1956 October 4 Sophomore Fellowship News Sophomore Fellowship Resumes Activities 
1956 October 4 Literary Honor Society News Lamda Iota Tau Starts Literacy Acitvities 
1956 October 4 Pre-Med Club News Pre-Med Club Initiates New Members 
1956 October 4 Camp Seminar News Women PE Majors Camp for Weekend 
1956 October 4 Chase's Chatter Sports Chase's Chatter 
1956 October 4 Cross-country Sports Harriers Face Loyola in First Dual Meet 
1956 October 4 Football Sports Crusaders Rout Elmhurst Bluejays 73-0; Augustana Plays Host for Saturday's Tilt 
1956 October 4 Football Sports DeKalb B-Team Tips Bombers 14-6 
1956 October 4 Soccer Sports Soccermen Edged 2-1; Host Indiana U. Saturday 
1956 October 11 Adlai Stevenson Front Stevenson at Wheaton? 
1956 October 11 New Infirmary Front Infirmary Work Begins 
1956 October 11 Chemistry Convention Front Chemistry Profs Convene for Annual Convention 
1956 October 11 McCully, Elliot, and Saint Front Dorms, Stadium Dedicated to Martyred Graduates 
1956 October 11 Tower Front Tower Rated Best 
1956 October 11 Class Decorations Front New Rules Test Class Decorations 
1956 October 11 Bruce Lockerbie News Canadian Track Star Joins Faculty; Lockerbie Continues Athletic Career 
1956 October 11 ROTC News Rodeheffer Names 6 Top ROTC Seniors 
1956 October 11 Homecoming History News First Homecoming Game Lost by 1 Point 
1956 October 11 Student Council Election News Political Convention to Replace Primary In Student Council Presidential Election 
1956 October 11 Dr. Leonard J. Trinterud News Speaker Views Puritans During History Lecture 
1956 October 11 Charles B. Weaver News Alumni Select Weaver For Association President 
1956 October 11 Literature Societies News Lit Societies Feature Alumni, Traditions In Programs Tonight 
1956 October 11 It's Only a Dream...Isn't It? Editorial It's Only a Dream...Isn't It? 
1956 October 11 Viewpoint News Viewpoint 
1956 October 11 Bill Gothard News Radio Programs, Prize Photography, TV - Nothing Is 'Just Plain' About This Bill! 
1956 October 11 Homecoming Concert News Band Recalls 'Halls of Ivy' In Homecoming Concert 
1956 October 11 Homecoming Pep Rally News Torches Guide Paraders To Bonfire Pep Rally 
1956 October 11 Cyrill Garrett News Coffee Greets Ed Alumni 
1956 October 11 Miriam Wymore News Home Ec Alumni Served 
1956 October 11 Archeology News Dothan Work Revealed In Archaeology Film 
1956 October 11 Karl Steele News Breakfast Honors Artists In Director's Home 
1956 October 11 Helen Siml News Ranch-Style Breakfast Awaits English Majors 
1956 October 11 Richey Kamm News Social Scientists Reunite 
1956 October 11 Marge Stone News Underclassmen Serve For Phys Ed Breakfast 
1956 October 11 Tower News Tower Pizza Party Ends Pre-Game Rally 
1956 October 11 Stanley W. Olson Alumni Section Olson Receives 1956 Award For Distinguished Service 
1956 October 11 Wes Carlson Alumni Section Welcome From The President 
1956 October 11 Graduates Whereabouts Alumni Section Work, Study Scatters Recent Graduates 
1956 October 11 Robert Foster Alumni Section Grads Visit Chapel; Worship Together 
1956 October 11 Edward Coray Alumni Section Coray Retains Former Position By 'Coaching' Alumni Association 
1956 October 11 Valdo P. Oleari Alumni Section Oleari Reviews 'Frolicking' Pre-Med Plan 
1956 October 11 Trustees News Trustees Represent Varied Occupations 
1956 October 11 Football Sports Crusaders Drop Augie 33-12 
1956 October 11 Football Sports Crusaders Meet Foresters At Homecoming 
1956 October 11 Soccer Sports Booters Go Hard Toward Winning Season 
1956 October 11 Soccer Sports Soccermen Beat Hoosier Champs 3-0 See Revenge Over Chicago Illini Friday 
1956 October 11 Soccer Sports Booters Drop Moody 
1956 October 11 Football Sports Bombers Bow To Thorton Meet Alumni Saturday 
1956 October 11 Chase's Chatters Sports Chase's Chatters 
1956 October 11 Fred Brock Sports Brock, Couch Lead Gridiron Attack; Plan Coaching Careers 
1956 October 11 Intramurals Sports Intramurals Begin Smals in Charge 
1956 October 11 Wheaton Soccer History Sports ...Soccer Grows Up 
1956 October 11 Soccer Sports Bombers Meet Alumni 
1956 October 11 Football Sports Couch Light But Tough 
1956 October 11 Cross-country Sports Harriers Take Loyola Ramblers 21-34 
1956 October 18 J. Lawrence Kulp Front Kulp Addresses Visiting Chemistry Profs; Delegates Attend Annual Conference 
1956 October 18 Artist Series Front Initial Artist Series Event Brings First Piano Quartet 
1956 October 18 Walter Judd Front Judd Keynotes Rally Doctor-Missionary Campaigns For Ike 
1956 October 18 Student Council Front SC Elects Chairman of '57 Homecoming 
1956 October 18 Fall Banquet Front Annual Fall Banquet Features Award 
1956 October 18 Parent's Day Front Students, Parents Share Annual Event 
1956 October 18 Stalemate Editorial Stalemate 
1956 October 18 Politics News Campus Democrats Gain Campaign Zeal From Political Rally 
1956 October 18 Politics News Viewpoint 
1956 October 18 Benedictine Meedislowske News Roomate Unbearable? Try Scientific Approach 
1956 October 18 Politics News Mock Election Feels Political Pulse 
1956 October 11 Politics News Students Given 3 Days For Voting Registration 
1956 October 18 Sophomore News Sophs Meet Tonight 
1956 October 18 Homecoming Decorations News Seniors Win Class Trophy 
1956 October 18 Football Sports Crusaders Drop Foresters 
1956 October 18 Soccer Sports Booters Beaten by UIC 2-1; Host Purdue Saturday 
1956 October 18 Cross-country Sports Harriers Travel to Tri-Meet at DeKalb 
1956 October 18 Football Sports Bombers Win 12-0; Barclay Returns 
1956 October 18 Chase's Chatter Sports Chase's Chatter 
1956 October 25 Artist Series Front Piano Quartet Gives Artist Series Concert 
1956 October 25 Parents' Weekend Front Students Welcome Parents for Weekend 
1956 October 25 Herbert Philbrick Front Counterspy Philbrick Opens SU Lectures, Recalls Triple Life 
1956 October 25 Fall Banquet Front Fall Banquet Discloses Crusader of Year 
1956 October 25 Symphony Front Orchestra Features Pianist Thomas 
1956 October 25 Adults Only Editorial Adults Only 
1956 October 25 John H. Fadenrecht News Fadenrecht Notes Increase of Ph.D's 
1956 October 25 Politics News Viewpoint 
1956 October 25 Student Foreign Mission news Study Group List Topics 
1956 October 25 Marilyn Drisner News Drisner Interprets Bach, Beethoven in Junior Recital 
1956 October 25 Speech Recital News Speech Students Present Patriotic Recital 
1956 October 25 Christianity Today News New Magazine Presents Evangelical Viewpoint 
1956 October 25 Reformation Day News 'Martin Luther' Shown in Reformation Day 
1956 October 25 Soccer Sports Booters Tie Purdue Lose to Brockport on Eastern Swing 
1956 October 25 Chase's Chatter Sports Chase's Chatter 
1956 October 25 Football Sports Crusaders Hold Titans 14-6 in Tight Defensive Battle 
1956 October 25 Football Sports MJC Jolts B-Team Crippled by Injuries 
1956 November 1 Lecture Series; Herbert Philbrick Front Page Counterspy Describes Triple Life; Philbrick Introduces Lecture Series 
1956 November 1 freshmen primary elections front page Frosh Select Candidates In Primary Elections 
1956 November 1 chemistry scholarships front page Chemistry Majors Obtain Industrial Scholarships 
1956 November 1 Student Council front page SC Adopts Convention Working Papers 
1956 November 1 ROTC cadets front page Senior ROTC Cadets Earn Promotiosn in Rank 
1956 November 1 Breyer chemistry building front page Breyer Boasts Blowout 
1956 November 1 Dr. Robert L. Cooke memorial scholarship front page Garrett Announces Cooke Scholarship 
1956 November 1 Dr. S. Richey Kamm news Kamm Aids in Writing Of Cold War Article 
1956 November 1 Bible department news Bible Department Issuse Statement on Inspiration 
1956 November 1 education students news Education Clubs Join Into Single Organization 
1956 November 1 Evangelical Social Work conference news National Convention Brings Sociologists 
1956 November 1 Sunnyridge farm class party news Frosh Hunt Treasure 
1956 November 1 ministerial fellowship news New Ministerial Club Offers Practical Aid 
1956 November 1 Dr. A. Raz news Physicist Gives Views On Atom Test Issue 
1956 November 1 Fred Renich news Renichs Go To Mission Field of Families 
1956 November 1 hope editorial 'O Say Can You See...?' 
1956 November 1 politics news Viewpoint 
1956 November 1 Fuller, McCarrell, Howard, Emery news Christian Leaders Share Task of Trust 
1956 November 1 Dr. Clyde S. Kilby news Kilby Reviews New Book For New York Paper 
1956 November 1 James Buswell news Anthropologists See Film of Auca Killing 
1956 November 1 football sports Journey to Carroll in Key Battle 
1956 November 1 sports summaries sports Chase's Chatter 
1956 November 1 soccer sports Meet Michigan State: Booters Return With 1-1-1; Play Host to UIC Saturday 
1956 November 1 track sports Edge Chicago Track Club 
1956 November 1 cross country sports DeKalb Rated Best Team 
1956 November 1 Bruce Lockerbie sports NYU Star Lockerbie Comes to Wheaton 
1956 November 1 cross country sports Bombers Run Past NC Varsity 37-20 
1956 November 1 Swedish Chorus news National Swedish Chorus Presents Concert 
1956 November 1 Jim Hanchett news Hanchett Receives Award As 'Crusader of Year' 
1956 November 8 Billy Graham front page College, Community Hear Graham; Honors Convocation Confers Degree 
1956 November 8 Millikin university front page Millikin SC Pours For Football Fans 
1956 November 8 Dick Markwood front page Frosh Elect Markwood 
1956 November 8 roller skating party front page Skate Away! Let Studies Roll By 
1956 November 8 Herbert A. Philbrick front page First Lecture Series Features Philbrick, Triple Personality 
1956 November 8 campus editors front page Leave for Cleveland: Editors Attend Convention 
1956 November 8 Wheaton College Jokes Editorial I'm from Wheaton - - Don't laugh 
1956 November 8 Joe May Letters to the Editor May Questions Policy 
1956 November 8 Viewpoint Editorial Viewpoint 
1956 November 8 Eddie Thomas Student Activities Thomas Reveals Training In Senior Piano Recital 
1956 November 8 Glee Club News Quartet Compete For Glee Club Party 
1956 November 8 Bonny White News Part Time Work Attracts 75% of Students 
1956 November 8 Football Sports Crusaders Win; Harriers Take State Title 
1956 November 8 Football Sports Spoil Homecoming Edge Pioneers 21:14 Face Milkin Blue 
1956 November 8 Football Sports Valpo Stops B Team Ends Season 20:0 
1956 November 15 Billy Graham Front Page Billy, Ruth Graham Return To College for Meetings, Receive Honorary Degree 
1956 November 15 Sidney Harris Front Page Journalist Harris Advances Newspaper Reading Hints 
1956 November 15 Student Life Front Page Cafe Setting Depicts Neptune's Gaedens, Undersea Grandeur 
1956 November 15 Cooke Award Front Page Senior Ed Major Earns Cooke Award 
1956 November 15 Class Competitions Front Page Classes Compete For Vocals Honors 
1956 November 15 Student Union Front Page SU Features Return of Swedish Chorus 
1956 November 15 Student Life Front Page Fireside Illumine Collective Opinions 
1956 November 15 Student Council Front Page SC Elects Johnson, Orr Big Brother- Sister Heads 
1956 November 15 convictions editorial Rise Above It! 
1956 November 15 hymns voices Viewpoint 
1956 November 15 Audelia Aycock news Aycock Climaxes Training With Senior Piano Recital 
1956 November 15 crafsthop news Do It Yourself: Craftshop Invites Students 
1956 November 15 Lit banquets news Lits Hold Banquets 
1956 November 15 retreat news Escape Studies: Sophs, Juniors Retreat 
1956 November 15 football sports Crusaders Remain Champs 
1956 November 15 sport highlights sports Chase's Chatter 
1956 November 15 cross country sports Harriers Undefeated Romp Bradley 15-49 Run In Invitationals 
1956 November 15 soccer sports Spartans Win...Michigan Rips Booters 
1956 November 15 Norman Finke news Finke Enjoys Telephoto view of Football 
1956 November 15 Hebrew students news Koine Kindergarten: Grads Grace Greek Grind With Watchful Wives 
1956 November 15 fall sports athletes sports Fall Sports Teams Celebrate Season At Annual Banquets 
1956 November 21 Tune Tangle honors front page Sing 'Lavender Blue': Class Groups Compete for Trophy 
1956 November 21 Carolyn Patrick front page Sudden Tragedy Takes Nurse Carolyn Patrick 
1956 November 21 philosophy conference front page Philosophers View 'Faith, Reason' Topics 
1956 November 21 chorus front page 200 Join in Oratorio: Chorus Sings 'Messiah' 
1956 November 21 Sydney J. Harris front page Critic Harris, Author Of Strictly Personal, Brings SU Lecture 
1956 November 21 writing letters to the editor editorial Special For National Letterwriting Week 
1956 November 21 student information voices Viewpoint 
1956 November 21 Tam-O-Shanter Inn letters to the editor Tam-O-Shanter Questions Tangerine Bowl Refusal 
1956 November 21 Charlotte Fletcher letters to the editor Student Gum-Chewing Annoys Grad 
1956 November 21 Warren Jones news Unappreciated Cop Patrols Parking Areas For Equally Unappreciated Intruding Cars 
1956 November 21 ROTC Banquet news Cadets Dine at Elmhurst Country Club 
1956 November 21 Dr. Robert Culver news Culver Addresses Theological Society 
1956 November 21 Dr. V. Raymond Edman news Prexy Begins Series On Evangelist Finney 
1956 November 21 Traber, Ferguson, Dival, Smith news Trustees Hail from Every Walk of Life 
1956 November 21 Mrs. Marjorie R. Newman news Newman Estate Leaves $100,000 To Wheaton College 
1956 November 21 Rollarena rink news Food Servers Skate 
1956 November 21 football sports 7 Crusaders Make CCI All-Conference 
1956 November 21 sport highlights sports Chase's Chatter 
1956 November 21 cross country sports Harriers Near Season End 
1956 November 21 wrestling sports Returning Lettermen Anchor Grapplers 
1956 November 21 football sports Football Season Resume  
1956 November 21 basketball sports Cagers Prepare For Opener 
1956 November 21 John O'Neil sports O'Neil Leaves Wrestling; Heads Young Life Club 
1956 November 29 chorus front page Guest Soloists Join Chorus In Messiah Performance 
1956 November 29 student union conference front page SU Conference: Delegates Mull Problems 
1956 November 29 philosophy department front page Philosophy Sessions To Include Laymen 
1956 November 29 National Student association front page Council to Join NSA: Elects Primary Chairman 
1956 November 29 Dave Wagar, Chuck Hogren front page Wagar, Hogren To Head Record, WETN 
1956 November 29 Kodon editorial What's Wrong - Kodon or Readers? 
1956 November 29 grade point average voices Viewpoint 
1956 November 29 Joe May letters to the editor May Explains Letter 
1956 November 29 Brooks Handy letters to the editor Grad Cites Kodon Worth 
1956 November 29 Nada Sigmon, Rosemarie Hesselgrave news Sigmon, Hesselgrave Join Talents in Senior Recital 
1956 November 29 "Giving - A Service of Love" news Christmas Speech Recital Views 'Giving' 
1956 November 29 Bow's banquet news Bows Give Beaus Eve in 'Poohland' 
1956 November 29 ROTC news ROTC Corps Hears Judge at Banquet 
1956 November 29 student union staff Christmas party news SU Plans Yule Party 
1956 November 29 basketball sports Youngest Team...Cagers Open Against Taylor; Face Big Blue 
1956 November 29 cross country sports Harriers End 1956 Season: Dodds Rates Undefeated State Champs As Best Team in Recent Years 
1956 November 29 soccer sports Soccer Resume 
1956 November 29 intramurals news Intramurals Resume, Feature Basketball; 30 Teams Compete 
1956 November 29 sport highlights sports Chase's Chatter 
1956 December 6 Jan Peerce front page Peerce, Met Tenor, Sings 
1956 December 6 clothing drive front page Clothing Drive Begins For Aid to Hungarians 
1956 December 6 class rings front page Classes Ponder Ring Styles 
1956 December 6 Christian Service council front page Annual Carol Sing Echoes Yule Spirit 
1956 December 6 dining hall conditions editorial Lesson from U of Michigan 
1956 December 6 admissions voices Viewpoint 
1956 December 6 Charles Clark letters to the editor Clark Suggests Writers Pick Stars 
1956 December 6 Pete Leigh letters to the editor Student Criticizes Letters 
1956 December 6 Shirley Meyers news Meyers Sings Folk Songs, Italian Arias 
1956 December 6 young life fellowship news Young-Lifers Give Yuletide Reception 
1956 December 6 German club news German Club Climaxes Party with Carol Sing 
1956 December 6 Christmas coffee hour news Coffee Hour Faces Issue Of 'Christianity and Self' 
1956 December 6 Inter-Lit society news Lits Sponsor Box Feed 
1956 December 6 Dr. T. N. Tahmisian news View Science Film 
1956 December 6 "Las Pasadas" news Spanish Majors Give Nativity Scence for Club 
1956 December 6 International Dinner news Internationals Dine In Apline Setting 
1956 December 6 Dorothy Graham news Senior Pianist Gives Final Student Recital 
1956 December 6 basketball sports Crusaders Rout Taylor: Take Opener 105-88; Travel to Northern 
1956 December 6 intramurals sports Intramurals 
1956 December 6 wrestling sports Grapplers Host Wisconsin 
1956 December 6 basketball sports B Cagers Victorious, Defeat Wilson JC; Host to Crane JC 
1956 December 6 sport highlights sports Chase's Chatter 
1956 December 13 Christmas story front page 'Let Your Light So Shine...' 
1956 December 13 student council front page SC Votes for '58 New Year's on Campus 
1956 December 13 schools front page The Science of Going Home 
1956 December 13 Stan Chamberlain news Sophs Elect Manager 
1956 December 13 basketball sports Cagers Win Four Straight: Beat Ill. Wesleyan 71-60 
1956 December 13 basketball sports Cagers Win Four Straight: Take Young Dekalb Team For 3rd Win 
1956 December 13 President V. Raymond Edman news Prexy Writes Editorial 
1956 December 13 Dick Camp, Dick Latham sports AP picks Latham, Camp 
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