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DateSubject (Personal Name or Topic)Column or SectionTopic or Title
1955 September 22 Student Council New Program Front Page SC Passes West Sub Plan - Adopts New Policy Putting Outsiders on Committees 
1955 September 22 Dr. Paul S. Rees Front Page Rees Conducts Fall Evangelistic Services 
1955 September 22 Minnie, the Mouse Front Page Someone Please Come and Get Minnie, RECORD Staff Pleads 
1955 September 22 Dr. Evan Welsh News Welsh Becomes Chaplain 
1955 September 22 Literacy Programs News Lits Enliven Programs to Regain Interest 
1955 September 22 Student Union News SU Holds Coffee Hour 
1955 September 22 WETN News WETN Broadcasts Games 
1955 September 22 New Students News 582 Enter Wheaton 
1955 September 22 Rally News 'I Remember' Rally Theme 
1955 September 22 Clubs' Parties News Clubs Hold Parties As New Year Opens 
1955 September 22 Alaska Summer Adventure News Alaskan Life Gives Variety 
1955 September 22 Grad Wives News Grad Wives Fellowship 
1955 September 22 New Faculty News Faculty Welcomes Nine New Teachers 
1955 September 22 Lost and Found News Bookstore to Operate Lost and Found Service 
1955 September 22 Signed Letters to the Record Editorial Hey - Wake Up! 
1955 September 22 Dress Code Voices Pro - Con: What Do You Say About Girls Wearing Bermuda Shorts on Wheaton's Campus 
1955 September 22 Bob Matthews News Matthews Re-enters School After Encounter with Polio 
1955 September 22 Faculty Traveling Abroad News Vacation and Study Carry Faculty Around the Globe 
1955 September 22 Dr. Robert L. Cooke News Education Head Cooke Dies During July 
1955 September 22 Soccer Sports Five Lettermen Return for Wheaton's Soccer Squad 
1955 September 22 Football Sports Bomber Team Hosts Wilson Junior for Season's First Game 
1955 September 22 Dave Burnham Sports Senior Burnham Honored 
1955 September 22 Football Sports Crusader Footballers Host DeKalb Eleven in 1955 Season Opener on Grange Field 
1955 September 22 Sports News Sports Breezing Along with Bill Graham 
1955 September 22 Cross Country Sports Cross Country Team Being Built Around Last Year's Squadmen, Says Gil Dodds 
1955 September 22 Intramurals Sports Intramural Sports Play Opens Sept. 26 
1955 September 29 Classes Retreats Front Page Classes Abandon Campus, Studies for Weekend of Relaxing Outings 
1955 September 29 Nurse Graduation Front Page Nurses Graduate Tuesday; 80 Receive Diplomas, Pins 
1955 September 29 Campus Quiz Front Page New, Intriguing Campus Quiz Offers Fun, Prizes to Everyone 
1955 September 22 Freshmen Initiation Front Page Frustrated Freshmen To Tell Time In Garbled Garb 
1955 September 29 Dr. Paul Rees Front Page Dr. Rees Active as Familyman, Pastor 
1955 September 29 President Eisenhower's Heart Attack Editorial Ike's Illness Should Arouse Interest in National Politics 
1955 September 29 President Eisenhower's Run in '56 Voices Pro - Con: What Do You Say...Will Eisenhower Run in '56? 
1955 September 29 Students' Travels News Travelers Wrestle River; Learn Words Hard Way 
1955 September 29 Choir News Choir Rehearses to Sing Messiah 
1955 September 29 Dr. Stanley M. Parmerter News Parmerter Directs Project 
1955 September 29 Dr. S. Richey Kamm News Kamm Heads Radio Panel 
1955 September 29 Soccer Sports Booters Beat Morton 3-0 
1955 September 29 Football Sports Footballers Dump Northern Illinois 12-0 
1955 September 29 Football Sports Gale's Bombers Top Wilson; Win 21-13 
1955 October 6 Harold A. Chase Front Page Rodgers Out - Chase named B&G Head 
1955 October 6 Student Council Front Page SC Elects Wray, Defeats Recordings Plan 
1955 October 6 'Martin Luther' Film Front Page Martin Luther Film Available on Campus 
1955 October 6 Gym Front Page Gym Project Postponed 
1955 October 6 More Counsel for Freshmen Editorial For Frosh Only 
1955 September 29 Difficulties of Publishing a Newspaper Editorial Still Going Strong 
1955 October 6 Wheaton Participating at CCI Editorial History Gives Perspective (by V.R. Edman) 
1955 October 6 Wheaton Leaving CCI Voices Pro - Con: What Do You Say About Wheaton Leaving the College Conference of Illinois? 
1955 October 6 Campus Quiz News Campus Quiz Submits Another Brain Teaser 
1955 October 6 Debating Society News Honorary Debating Society Opens Season 
1955 October 6 Student Council News News Briefs: SC Invites West Sub Probies to Party 
1955 October 6 Lambda Iota Tau News News Brief: lambda Iota Tau Holds First Meeting of Year 
1955 October 6 German Club News News Brief: Travelers Show Slides 
1955 October 6 Student Union News News Brief: Jaeck Speaks on Dating at SU's 2nd Coffee Hour 
1955 October 6 Dr. Samuel Kantzer News News Brief: Welcome Back Kantzer 
1955 October 6 Science Film News News Brief: Preview Science Film 
1955 October 6 Chemistry Club News News Brief: Chemistry Club Begins Program in Breyer Lab 
1955 September 29 Sports News Sports Breezing Along with Bill Graham 
1955 October 6 Sports News Sports Breezing Along with Bill Graham 
1955 October 6 Soccer Sports Soccer Team Outlasts Illini Booters 3-2 
1955 October 6 Football Sports Crusaders Crush Blue Jays in 78-3 Rout 
1955 October 6 Cross Country Sports Doddsmen Meet Loyola 
1955 October 6 Football Sports Thornton Beats Bombers 
1955 October 6 Football Sports Augustana Invades Wheaton Saturday 
1955 October 13 Mischa Mischakoff Front Page First Artist Series Concert Brings Mischakoff 
1955 October 13 Prayer Meeting Front Page Prayer Meeting Schedule Revised 
1955 October 13 Homecoming Front Page Grads Back for Homecoming: Attend Lits, Band Concert; Play Bombers in Soccer 
1955 October 13 Fall Banquet Front Page Banqueters Visit London of Oliver Twist 
1955 October 13 Beth Barclay Front Page Heart Ailment Claims Beth Barclay 
1955 October 13 Speech Recital Front Page Speakers Present 'Impressions' in Recital 
1955 October 13 Homecoming Decorations Front Page Displays Show 'Victory Through Conflict' 
1955 October 13 Homecoming Cleaning Front Page Faculty Muscles Make Campus Shine 
1955 October 13 Student Council Assembly Editorial SC Assembly for Business - Or Just Monkey Business? 
1955 October 13 Lost and Found Editorial Lost and Found 
1955 October 13 British Control of Cyprus Voices Pro - Con: What Do You Say About Britain Keeping Control of Cyprus 
1955 October 13 Eddie Thomas News Thomas Opens Piano Recital Season 
1955 October 13 Chapel Speakers News Chapel Slate 
1955 October 13 Campus Quiz News Campus Quiz Stumps Campus Intellects 
1955 October 13 Ethel Patterson News Mother Pat Heads West 
1955 October 13 Chemistry Awards News Buttlar, Matisko, Others Receive Chem Awards 
1955 October 13 Geology Field Trip News Geologists Leave Dunes; Look for Rocks 
1955 October 13 Football Sports Crusaders Rout Augie; Meet Lake Forest - Defensive Play Outstanding; Brock Racks Up 13 Points 
1955 October 13 Cross Country Sports Harriers Win 25-30 
1955 October 13 Football Sports Bombers Go After LaGrange Eleven 
1955 October 13 Soccer Sports Booters Tie Chicago 1-1 
1955 October 13 Intramurals Sports Rain Holds Up Play in Tied Grid League 
1955 October 13 Sports News Sports Breezing Along with Bill Graham 
1955 October 20 Sport Ticket Sale Front Page SC Submits Ticket-Sale Plan: New Ticket Plan Protects Underclassmen, Ends Line 
1955 October 20 Homecoming Football Front Page Foresters Hold Crusaders to 0-0 Draw; Tie Drops Wheaton to 2nd Place in CCI 
1955 October 20 Breyer Chemistry Laboratory Front Page Alumni See Breyer Lab Dedication 
1955 October 20 Wheaton's Early Days Play Front Page Program Portrays Early School History 
1955 October 20 Pep Band Front Page Pep Band Plays at Bonfire 
1955 October 20 Dr. Robert M. Sutton Front Page Professor to Lecture on Illinois History 
1955 October 20 Alumni Registration Front Page Alumni to Register at MSC Tomorrow 
1955 October 20 Literacy Societies News Lits Welcome Returning Members 
1955 October 20 Concert Band News Platz Directs Pop Concert 
1955 October 20 Pizza Party News Tower Pizza Party Held After Bonfire 
1955 October 20 Campbell Co. Grant News Campbell Co. Grants $5,000 Fund to Aid Chem Department 
1955 October 20 Dave Holsinger News Holsinger Wins Senior Student Council Election 
1955 October 20 ROTC News Drill Team Prepares for Active Season 
1955 October 20 Nuclear Film News Show Nuclear Film 
1955 October 20 Jerry Hawthorne News Hairline Recedes But 'Jerry' Sticks 
1955 October 20 Dr. Neil Winegarden News Winegarden Joins Grad School Faculty Teaches Homeletics 
1955 October 20 Retirement Program News College Introduces Retirement Program 
1955 October 20 Changes Editorial Alumni Don't Favor Changes 
1955 October 20 Letters to the Editor Editorial Let Us Differentiate Between Biblical Truths, Traditions - Uphold Demonstrations - CCI Best for Wheaton 
1955 October 20 Campus Quiz News You Might Win: Try Your Luck on a New Campus Quiz 
1955 October 20 Dramatics Department Voices Dramatic Training Offers Opportunities for Witness 
1955 October 20 Dramatics Department Voices Form of Dramatics Inseparable from Content 
1955 October 20 Dramatics Department Voices Pro - Con: What Do You Say About Wheaton's having a Dramatics Department 
1955 October 20 Nurse Training News West Sub Becomes Affiliated with College Due to Vision of Leaders 
1955 October 20 ROTC News ROTC Open House Features Film, Displays 
1955 October 20 Nurses' Choir News Nurses' Choir Sings with Sincere Joy 
1955 October 20 Pre-Med Film News Pre-Med Sees Film 
1955 October 20 Homecoming Chapel News Prexy Conducts Traditional Worship 
1955 October 20 Too Cool Athletic Club News Too Cool Athletic Club Members Reunite for 2nd Homecoming Open-House Party 
1955 October 20 Pop Bushnell News Pop Ends Battle with Dirt, Remains Busy at Mission 
1955 October 20 Billie Marsh News Billie's Sleigh Bells Ring Out Sweet Tunes 
1955 October 20 Young Life News Young Life: They Reach...The High Schoolers 
1955 October 20 J. Wesley Carlson News Elect Carlson Alumni Head: Wheaton Resident Active in Church, Alumni Work 
1955 October 20 Raymond E. Hoisington Voices Thank You, Alumni for Loyal Support 
1955 October 20 Alumni Association News Alumni Hold Business Meeting, Program 
1955 October 20 Alumni News Alumni Revise Policy on Offices, Magazine 
1955 October 20 Dr. Edward R. Schell News Schell '22 Receives Alumni Award 
1955 October 20 Louise Stoddard News Alumna '89, Reminisces od Wheaton Days 
1955 October 20 Alumni Clubs News Alumni Association Grows to 61 Clubs 
1955 October 20 Dr. Wilma H. Jacobs News Oldest Graduate Celebrates 92nd Birthday 
1955 October 20 John C. Youle News Youle, NBC-TV Weatherman, Relates Escapades as Wheaton Student 
1955 October 20 Floyd Potts, Francis Breisch, Scott Vining News Former Wheatonites Began Colored SS 
1955 October 20 Class Reunions News 5 Classes Plan Reunions; 'Nifty '50' Holds Luncheon 
1955 October 20 Football Sports Wesleyan Tries to End Winning Tradition: No CCI Team Has Beaten Crusaders Twice in Row 
1955 October 20 Alumni Attendance News Expect 3,000 Alumni 
1955 October 20 Homecoming Voices Rain Quenches First Homecoming Fire 
1955 October 20 Class Memorials News Class Gifts: Class Memorials Tell College History 
1955 October 20 Alumni Chapel News Prexy Presides at Special Alumni Chapel; Carnell '41 Speaks, Alumni Present Music 
1955 October 20 Football Sports Lake Forest, Crusaders Tie: Injuries, Penalties Hamper Both Sides 
1955 October 20 Football Sports Titans Invade Wheaton for Crucial Homecoming Tilt 
1955 October 20 Soccer Sports Soccermen to Host Chicago University in Homecoming Conference Skirmish 
1955 October 20 Cross Country Sports Gil Dodd's Harriers Face Marquette U. at Chicago Golf Club 
1955 October 20 Women's Recreation Association Sports WRA Opens Season with Howdy Hike; Plans Party, Retreat 
1955 October 20 Cross Country, Willie Steinkraus Sports Willie Steinkraus First as Harriers Down DeKalb 
1955 October 20 Intramurals Sports Intramurals Initiate New Ref Program 
1955 October 20 Sports News Sports Breezing Along with Bill Graham 
1955 October 20 Soccer Sports Baptistamen Trounce Boilermakers; Not at Home in Indiana by 2 Goals 
1955 October 20 Football Sports Bomber Footballers Clash with Alumni in Homecoming Tilt 
1955 October 20 Homecoming Football Sports Ex-Greats Meet Bombers in Homecoming Skirmish 
1955 October 20 Soccer, Dave Arnold Sports 'Destroyer' Churns Through Opponents Makes All-Midwest at Right Wing 
1955 October 20 Dick Holt, Dave Burnham Sports Holt, Burnham Combine Married Life, Grades with Athletic Carrers 
1955 October 20 Football Sports Wheaton Leads CCI Defense, Individuals; Millikin Tops Attack 
1955 October 20 College Fashion News Color, Variety Reign in College Fashion 
1955 October 20 Marriages News Recent Graduates Tie Knot, Settle Down to Work, Domestic Lives 
1955 October 20 College Fashion News Men Think of Clothes, Too 
1955 October 20 College Fashion News 50 Years Ago 
1955 October 20 Harv Chrouser Sports Gridders Go Hard 
1955 October 27 Philosophy Conference Front Page Philosophy Department Conducts Conference: Plan, Banquet, Discussions for Visitors 
1955 October 27 Current Events Club Front Page Current Events Club to Begin Discussions 
1955 October 27 Bob Nehring Front Page Nehring Announces SS Teacher Training; Film Initiates Christian Council Program 
1955 October 27 Campus Quiz Front Page Last Campus Quiz: Try Again - You May Win This Week 
1955 October 27 Dramatics Editorial Stop This Blind Hyprocrisy - We Have Dramatics Now 
1955 October 27 Social Problem Voices Pro - Con: What Do You Say...Does Wheaton Have a Social Problem? 
1955 October 27 Mary Norman, Ruth Weidman News Norman, Weidman Combine Talents in Joint Junior Organ, Piano Recital 
1955 October 27 Halloween News West Sub Masks for Halloween Celebration 
1955 October 27 Joy Smith News Bonnie Lass Likes US Life 
1955 October 27 Dramatics Editorial Letters to the Editor: We Must Realize Drama Is Art - Not Contamination 
1955 October 27 Football Sports Chrousermen Whip Ill. Wesleyan 14-0; Church Scores 2 in Homecoming Battle 
1955 October 27 Cross Country Sports Gil Dodd's Harriers Fall to Marquette; Steinkraus Second 
1955 October 27 Soccer Sports Booters Top Chicago 3-1 
1955 October 27 Football Sports Bombers, Alumni Play to 13-13 Tie 
1955 October 27 Sports News Sports Breezing Along with Bill Graham 
1955 October 27 Bob Holmstrom Sports Holmstrom Takes 1st in 'Pick-'em' Contest 
1955 November 3 Student Council Front Page Student Council Picks Land; Passes Faculty-Student Bill 
1955 November 3 Athletics Front Page Faculty Athletic Committee Accepts Council Proposal For Ticket Sale 
1955 November 3 Student Life Front Page Current Events Club Discusses Dramatics 
1955 November 3 Dr. Fannie Boyce Front Page Dr. Boyce receives Award For Service 
1955 November 3 Equestrians Front Page College Horse Show Scheduled Saturday At Ledbetter Stable 
1955 November 3 Wheaton Record Editorial Charges of Bad Testimony, Misrepresentation Not True 
1955 November 3 President Edman News Chapel Slate 
1955 November 3 Homecoming Letters To The Editor Cook Offers Thanks 
1955 November 3 The Record Letters To The Editor Mains Lauds Paper 
1955 November 3 Bill Jordan Letters To The Editor Alumni Aid Changes 
1955 November 3 Campus Quiz News Winner Of Last Campus Quiz Cleans Up; Wins Concordance, Fall Banquet Tickers 
1955 November 3 Christian University Voices Pro-Con: What Do You Say...Should Wheaton become a University? 
1955 November 3 Hart Armstrong News Concert Features American Music 
1955 November 3 Dr. Kenneth S. Wuest News Wuest Gives Books For Greek Students 
1955 November 3 Dramatics Letters To The Editor Prexy Clarifies Dramatics Policy, Refutes Record's Hypocrisy Claim 
1955 November 3 football sports Gridders Top North Central; Take First 
1955 November 3 soccer sports Soccer Squad Gains 1-0 Forfeit Victory from Illinois Crew 
1955 November 3 sport shorts voices Breezing Along with Bill Graham 
1955 November 3 Women's phys ed team sports sports Girls' Phys Ed Team Defeats Academy 
1955 November 3 football sports Indiana University Whips Doddsmen 15-43 in Cold, Rain 
1955 November 3 intramural football sports Intramurals: Grads Win Intramural Football Play 
1955 November 3 Parents' day front page Campus Greets 600 Parents 
1955 November 3 elections front page Frosh hold Final Elections 
1955 November 3 Dr. Ralph E. Hone front page Dr. Hone Emcees Fall Banquet Program 
1955 November 3 athletic team championships front page Football, Soccer Titles Decided Saturday 
1955 November 3 liberal arts institution editorial A Milestone... 
1955 November 3 integration voices Pro Con: What do YOU say... 
1955 November 3 piano and organ recitals news Mahnke, Nehring Combine Junior Pinao, Organ Recitals 
1955 November 3 Julius Scott Letters to the Editor Scott Offers Solution to Social Problem 
1955 November 3 student union news News Briefs...SU Sponsors Skating Party at New Rink 
1955 November 3 orchestra news First Orchestra Concert Features Offenbach, Isaac 
1955 November 3 sport shorts sports Breezing Along  
1955 November 3 football sports Footballers Lose to Valpo; Vie With Millikin for Title 
1955 November 3 soccer sports Baptistamen Top Earlham; Meet Illini 
1955 November 3 track and field sports Runners Grab 3rd in State; Steinkraus Paces Crusaders 
1955 November 3 Jim Skinner sports Skinner Speaks at First Referee's Clinic 
1955 November 17 student union front page Faculty Firesides Program Begins Tomorrow Evenings 
1955 November 17 Campus Chest front page Begin Campus Chest Drive for 5 Groups 
1955 November 17 Tradiquette front page Tradiquette Revived: SC Revises Student Guide to Campus Life 
1955 November 17 Richard Belanger news Belanger's Senior Recital To Feature Bach, Chopin 
1955 November 17 WETN news WETN Plans More Programs, Coverage 
1955 November 17 Dr. James Holly Hanford news Dr. Hanford Speaks At Lambda Iota Tau 
1955 November 17 "Trail's End" movie news 'Trail's End' Shown Here for Premiere 
1955 November 17 William E. Geidt news Business Forum Features Steel Executive 
1955 November 17 Wheaton College Woman's Club news College Women's Club Honors Internationals 
1955 November 17 Kokab Farshi news Farshi Loses Sight After Childhood Illness; Plans to Teach in Iranian Mission School 
1955 November 17 Ron Pott news Frosh Elect Pott for Class President 
1955 November 17 Douglas Muir news Physics Club Meets 
1955 November 17 Phils news Phils Hold Banquet at Congress Hotel 
1955 November 17 "The Great Divorce" by C.S. Lewis news Black Warns Against New Lewis Book 
1955 November 17 Christian Ed club news Christian Ed Dinner Centers on Hawaii 
1955 November 17 giving editorial To Give or Not... 
1955 November 17 U.S. giving arms to Palestine voices Pro Con: What do YOU say... 
1955 November 17 Carroll College in Wisconsin news Carroll's "Fighting Pioneers' to Enter CCI 
1955 November 17 student assembly front page Question at Assembly Get Action 
1955 November 17 Fred Miller and Dave Eaton News Miller, Eaton to Direct '57 Tower Staff 
1955 November 17 Lloyd Burghart Letters To The Editor Burghart Asks For Clarification of Integration Points 
1955 November 17 John Brontsema Letters To The Editor Relates Auto Accident 
1955 November 17 Ronald Houser Letters To The Editor Houser Reconsiders; Enjoys Friday Dinner 
1955 November 17 Len Pearson Letters To The Editor Drama Seeks Reality 
1955 November 17 Basketball Sports Cage Season Opens With Lewis College 
1955 November 17 Cross Country Sports Doddsman 25-34 Victors Over Bradley 
1955 November 17 Football Sports Crusaders Crush Blue 32-13; Roll To Third Straight Title 
1955 November 17 CCI Conference Sports CCI Play Ends; Four Gain Honors 
1955 November 17 Football Sports Bombers Trounce Joliet 19-0 in Finale 
1955 November 17 WRA Activities Sports WRA Features Ping Pong, Badminton 
1955 November 17 Soccer Sports Booters Battle to 1-1 Draw; Tie With Pier For Second 
1965 November 17 Intramurals Sports Big Ten Refs Demonstrate Techniques 
1955 November 17 Bill Graham Voices Breezing Along 
1955 November 24 Glen Welty Front Page Welty Directs Northerners In Artist Series Program 
1955 November 24 Student Life Front Page Junior Class To Present 'Tumblin' Tumbleweeds' 
1955 November 24 Hanford Front Page Milton Scholar Hanford Compares Eliot, Milton in Language of Poets 
1955 November 24 Student Life Front Page 'Trail's End' Shown In Premiere At Gym 
1955 November 24 Faculty Fireside Front Page Faculty Firesides Discussion Participants Voice Favorable Impressions of Evening 
1955 November 24 home life editorial ....And Home of the Brave 
1955 November 24 Bernard A. Nelson letters to the editor Secular Jobs Open Doors 
1955 November 24 Wheaton testing program voices Pro Con: What Do YOU Say... 
1955 November 24 ACP All-American news Kodon 2nd Class: ACP All-American Ratings Awarded Tower, Record 
1955 November 24 Arthur F. Holmes news Holmes To Discuss Church Music Value at NCMF Convention 
1955 November 24 intramural basketball news West Sub Initiates Intramural Sports 
1955 November 24 Bill Leslie; Jim Appelton news Leslie, Appelton to Lead Student Prayer Meeting 
1955 November 24 Robert Hall Elmore news Elmore Plays Own Work in Organ Concert Tuesday 
1955 November 24 Drisner; Haumerson; Kraus news Johnson Foundation Gives Student Grants 
1955 November 24 Dixie club annual Thanksgiving party news Rebels Lick Chops for Southern Fried Chicken 
1955 November 24 sport shorts sports Breezing Along 
1955 November 24 track  sports Rough Indoor Track Year Lined Up for Doddsmen 
1955 November 24 football sports Six Crusaders Win Honors On All-CCI 
1955 November 24 Karl Johnson news Intramurals: Johnson Announces This Year As Best 
1955 November 24 wrestling sports Wrestlers Face Wisconsin; Schedule 15 Dual Meets 
1955 December 1 Wheaton College Chorus Front Page Chorus Presents 'Messiah': Also Sing Bach's Cantata; Allen Directs 225 Voices 
1955 December 1 Student Council Front Page Student Council Votes Discontinuation of a la Carte Line 
1955 December 1 Jim Hartfield, Bob Reifsnyder Front Page Hartfield, Reifsnyder Head '56 Record, WETN Staffs 
1955 December 1 Class Choruses Front Page Class Choruses to Vie in Tune Tangle 
1955 December 1 Basketball Tickets Front Page Half-Season Tickets Available for $1.25 
1955 December 1 Apology for Behavior Editorial An Apology... 
1955 December 1 Pr. Herbert Ehrenstein Letters to the Editor Pastor Ehrenstein Lauds Record Stand 
1955 December 1 Industry Annual Wage Voices Pro - Con: What Do You Say...Should Industry Guarantee Its Employees an Annual Wage? 
1955 December 1 debate news Student Debates Receive High Ratings In Speech Tourney 
1955 December 1 West Sub news News Briefs...West Sub Seniors Plan Masquerade 
1955 December 1 Audelia Aycock; Frederick Shulze news Aycock, Shulz Present Joint Recital 
1955 December 1 "Miss Cellaneous" news Culp, Unit 1 Men Banquet Saturday 
1955 December 1 Northerners news Varied Personalities of the Northerners Harmonize Together in Friendship, Song 
1955 December 1 Mrs. Ruth Leedy news Phys. Ed Director Receives Citation 
1955 December 1 Karl Hess news Standard Oil Honors Hess for Scholarship 
1955 December 1 Bill Graham Voices Breezing Along 
1955 December 1 Bill Keith Sports Basketballers Host Lewis Tonight in Opener 
1955 December 1 Don Holt Sports Matmen Face Wisconsin 
1955 December 1 Athletics Sports Harriers Take 2nd in AAU 
1955 December 1 Football Sports Brock, Couch Lead 1956 Football Crew 
1955 December 1 Basketball Sports Bomber Hoopsters Meet O'Hare AFB 
1955 December 8 Christmas Carols Front Page Christmas Speech Recital Portrays Variety of Scenes 
1955 December 8 Student Council Front Page SC Tackles 4 Questions in Assembly Time 
1955 December 8 Student Council Front Page SC Basketball Seating Plan Proves Itself 
1955 December 8 Student Union Front Page College Student Union Leaders Attend Mid western Conventions 
1955 December 8 Student Council Front Page Council Accepts Grand Point Revision 
1955 December 8 Ron Chase Editorial Student Publications Have Problems; Need Solutions 
1955 December 8 Pro Con: What Do You Say Voices Are Students To Blame For the Long Lines in the Dining Hall? 
1955 December 8 Social Events News Accelerated Social Whirl Greets Christmas Season 
1955 December 8 Contributions Campaign News Freshmen Win Trophy 
1955 December 8 James O. Buswell, III Letters to the Editor Buswell Applauds Soloists 
1955 December 8 Jim Hartfield Letters to the Editor Texan Suffers Slam 
1955 December 8 Rachel Harris News Harris Plays Bach "Italian Concerto' In Senior Piano Recital Wednesday 
1955 December 8 Christmas Performance News Upper Classes Enjoy Christmas Turkey, Continental Program 
1955 December 8 World Relief News World Relief Plans Used-Clothing Drive For Needy Koreans 
1955 December 8 Banquet News "Thousand and One Nights" Live For 74 at Annual Tau Delt Banquet 
1955 December 8 Young Life News Young Life Holds Annual Reception 
1955 December 8 Christian Service Council News Christian Council Holds Annual Christmas Sing 
1955 December 8 Basketball Sports Crusaders Split 1st Games; Meet DeKalb at High School 
1955 December 8 Intramurals Sports Chase, Ellis Cop Handball Tennis Titles 
1955 December 8 Wrestling Sports Grapplers Bow to Badgers 
1955 December 8 Ray Smith Voices Breezing Along 
1955 December 8 Sports News Sports Flash! 
1955 December 8 Bomber Cagers Sports 'B' Cagers Rout O'Hare 
1955 December 15 Maxime Coder Front Page The First Christmas Was Different 
1955 December 15 Chicago Post Office Front Page 200 Students Vacation in Chicago P.O. 
1955 December 15 Ford Foundation Grant Front Page Ford Gives Wheaton $382,200 Grant 
1955 December 15 French Basketball Team Front Page 1st European Cagers to Visit U.S. Oppose Crusaders in Gym 
1955 December 15 Basketball Sports Cagers Beat Millikin Blue; Top Northern 
1955 December 15 Wrestling Sports O'Neil, Hurlburt Win First at State 
1955 December 15 Basketball Sports Great Lakes Team Conquers Bombers 
1955 December 15 Intramurals Sports Hodges Captures Ping-Pong Victory 
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