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DateSubject (Personal Name or Topic)Column or SectionTopic or Title
1954 September 16 Student Council front page SC Plans Leadership Training Class 
1954 September 16 Record front page Record Staff to Take Class in Journalism 
1954 September 16 Faculty front page Thirteen New Members Enlarge Wheaton's Faculty 
1954 September 16 Alan Redpath, fall evangelistic services front page Redpath Holds Fall Services 
1954 September 16 V. Raymond Edman front page A Word from Prexy 
1954 September 16 Buildings and Grounds front page B&G Replaces Port; To Get New Building 
1954 September 16 Freshmen editorial From Dream to Reality 
1954 September 16 chapel news Chapel Slate 
1954 September 16 books editorial The Cole Bin 
1954 September 16 Freshmen voices Seniors Offer Solution for Frosh Problems 
1954 September 16 Social Sciences news College Adds Two New Social Science Courses 
1954 September 16 Artist Series news Artist Series Featuers Shaw Chorale 
1954 September 16 Dining Hall news Dining Hall Raises Prices 
1954 September 16 Kodon, Esther Schaffer news Schaffer Heads Kodon 
1954 September 16 Faculty, student reception news Faculty Holds New Student Reception 
1954 September 16 Virginia Dyrness, Donald F. Ulmer, Barbara McConnell news Two Alumni, Student Die During Vacation 
1954 September 16 Faculty retreat news 'Student Gain' Theme of Faculty Retreat 
1954 September 16 Ron Oswald sports Out of Bounds 
1954 September 16 Kikuo Moriya sports Cookie Wins NCAA Two Mile Crown 
1954 September 16 Dave Burnham sports Burnham Receives Two Preseason Grid Honors 
1954 September 16 football sports Crusader Gridmen Prepare for Rugged 8 Game Slate 
1954 September 16 soccer sports Booters Open Drills at Summer Camp 
1954 September 23 freshman initiation front page Sophs Humble Frosh with Tooth Brush Ceremony, Robe Attire 
1954 September 23 ROTC front page ROTC Staff Receives New Officers as Calloway Leaves 
1954 September 23 Car policies front page Car Policies Stiffened 
1954 September 23 Track front page Completion Date of Track Delayed 
1954 September 23 Library front page Stuent Council Modifies Library Monitor System 
1954 September 23 Homecoming front page Kraft Announces Theme for 1954 Homecoming 
1954 September 23 WETN front page WETN Installs New Control Board 
1954 September 23 faith editorial "Faith Without Works..." 
1954 September 23 Library editorial Library Conduct 
1954 September 23 Library letters to the editor Letters... 
1954 September 23 book sale news Used Book Sales Up 
1954 September 23 God editorial The Cole Bin 
1954 September 23 Chemistry Building news Chemistry Building Moving on Schedule; Contractor Seeks Completion by Fall '55 
1954 September 23 Cheerleaders news New Cheerleaders Chosen 
1954 September 23 Medical coverage news Med Plan Covers Year 
1954 September 23 enrollment news College Admits 523 New Students 
1954 September 23 debate team news Debate Society Meets 
1954 September 23 faculty news Faculty Tells Students about "The good Old Days" 
1954 September 23 football sports Chrousermen Host DeKalb in 1954 Gridiron Opener 
1954 September 23 WRA sports WRA Plans Announced at Annual Howdy Hike 
1954 September 23 football sports Wilson J.C. Meets Bombers Friday 
1954 September 23 sports sports Ozzie's Observatory 
1954 September 23 soccer sports Booters Host Morton JC 
1954 September 23 cross country sports Doddsmen Prepare for Tough Slate 
1954 September 30 student council  front page SC Instructs Class Officers In New Training Program 
1954 September 30 stupe front page Additions to Stupe Lend Atmosphere 
1954 September 30 Donald R. Moore front page Lt. Moore Receives Promotion to Captain 
1954 September 30 Mary Kay Kepler front page 'Thy Will Be Done' Proves Secret of Redpath's Victory 
1954 September 30 John E. Luchies front page Faculty Men Fill Pulpits, Engagements 
1954 September 30 Mary Kay Kepler front page Former Shoe Shine Boy Turns Evangelist 
1954 September 30 Paul M. Wright front page Three Companies Assist Chem Students 
1954 September 30 criticism editorial Criticisim or Gripe? 
1954 September 30 Marty Jackson letters to the editor Letters... 
1954 September 30 Alan Redpath  news Chapel Slate 
1954 September 30 Howie voices The Cole Bin 
1954 September 30 Jean Wright  news Alumni Added to Staff 
1954 September 30 Paul Allen  news Rehearsals For 'Messiah' Underway 
1954 September 30 retreats and parties news Classes Plan October Retreats, Parties 
1954 September 30 WMBI news Wheaton Profs Air Panel Discussion 
1954 September 30 West Suburban college news West Suburban Graduates 61 Nurses 
1954 September 30 Mary Seeley news Bible Lands Cruisers View Ancient Ruins 
1954 September 30 Ron sports Ozzie's Observatory 
1954 September 30 football sports Burnham, Brock Score In Second Period As Gridders Come From Behind To Win 
1954 September 30 football sports Bomber Footballers Shutout Wilson 13-0 
1954 September 30 soccer sports Booters Top Morton  
1954 September 30 intramurals sports Intramurals 
1954 October 7 John Woodburn front page President Edman Lays Cornerstone Highlighting 1954 Homecoming Activitiy 
1954 October 7 workers' awards front page Workers Receive Awards 
1954 October 7 student council front page Council Passes Chest Plan 
1954 October 7 school banquet front page Plan All School Banquet For October 30 
1954 October 7 Dave Kapple front page Kapple Calls Rally For Friday Night 
1954 October 7 parent's day front page Parent' Day Plans Presented by Mains 
1954 October 7 Edward John Carnell front page Fuller Appoints Wheton Grad as New Head 
1954 October 7 John Harris  front page Cadets Survive Rigors of Summer Camp 
1954 October 7 record policy editorial In Defense... 
1954 October 7 David Stam letter to the editor Letter... 
1954 October 7 Howie voices The Cole Bin 
1954 October 7 news briefs news College Purchases Honey Rock Camp 
1954 October 7 Jose Mandario news Chapel Slate 
1954 October 7 LIT news Lits to Feature Travel and Fashions 
1954 October 7 women physical education news PE Majors Attend Retreat 
1954 October 7 Robert S. Hicks news Hicks to Speak on Family Relations 
1954 October 7 Ron  sports Ozzie's Observatory 
1954 October 7 soccer sports Booters Tie Navy Pier 2-2 
1954 October 7 Bill Graham sports Crusaders Blast Augie 46-6, Take on Big Blue Saturday 
1954 October 7 football sports Wheaton Shoots For Second CCI Victory 
1954 October 7 soccer sports Bombers Footballers Trounce North Park 
1954 October 7 cross country sports Notre Dame Trips Crusader Harriers 
1954 October 14 rain damage front page 6.1 Inches of Rain Damage College Area 
1954 October 14 Robert S. Hicks front page Courtship Practices To Be Discussed By Educator In Open Lecture Tonight 
1954 October 14 Lillian Lynch front page 'Service' Aim Of Employment Office 
1954 October 14 enrollment front page Enrollment Numbers 1,749 Breaking Previous Records 
1954 October 14 Alumni Homecoming  front page Kodon Emphasizes Homecoming  
1954 October 14 football front page Football Highlights Fall Broadcasts 
1954 October 14 parties and outings front page Parties, Outings Planned For All Classes Saturday 
1954 October 14 Wheaton college editorial Why Wheaton? 
1954 October 14 Bob Falconer letters to the editor Letters... 
1954 October 14 Curtis B. Akenson news Chapel Slate 
1954 October 14 Howie voices The Cole Bin 
1954 October 14 Lit news Hayride Tops Lit Activities 
1954 October 14 V. Raymond Edman news  Dr. Edman Heads Town Committee 
1954 October 14 audio-visual department news Audio-Visual Offers Film Preview Service 
1954 October 14 Golden Days of College Life news 'College Life' Given By Speech Majors 
1954 October 14 James O. Buswell news 'Culture Vultures' To Change Name 
1954 October 14 John H. Fadenrecht news Faculty Fill Various Engagements 
1954 October 14 Carl Farley news Tower Issues Supplement 
1954 October 14 Ron sports Ozzie's Observatory 
1954 October 14 Paul McCann sports Gridmen Smash Millikin 
1954 October 14 cross country sports Cookie Takes First As Harriers Win 
1954 October 14 football sports Titans Host Crusaders 
1954 October 14 soccer sports Booters Nip Chicago In Final Minute 
1954 October 14 football sports Bomber Gridders Tie DeKalb 19-19 
1954 October 21 rivalry renewing front page Crusaders Meet Foresters In Homecoming Rivalry 
1954 October 21 viewing 'Living Cornerstones' front page Program to Depict 'Living Cornerstones' 
1954 October 21 placing conerstone  front page Cornerstone to Preserve Wheaton Lore 
1954 October 21 Judy Erickson front page Groups Vie in Campus Decorations 
1954 October 21 Joseph P. Free front page Free to Show Dothan Film 
1954 October 21 Jack Conley news Football 1914 Style Upset Faculty 
1954 October 21 ROTC news ROTC Band, Drill Team Will Perform at Game 
1954 October 21 Lit news Band Concert To Follow Lits Friday 
1954 October 21 Richard Derby news Exhibit Micrograph, Work of '35 Grad 
1954 October 21 V. Raymond Edman news Edman to Speak at Alumni Service 
1954 October 21 Tower pizza party news Plan Rally, Fire, Pizza Party for Friday 
1954 October 21 physics department  news Physics Gift Displayed By Department 
1954 October 21 alumni registration  news Alumni Registration to be Held in MSC 
1954 October 21 WRA news WRA To Offer Mums 
1954 October 21 banquet tickets sale news Banquet Tickets on Sale 
1954 October 21 survey of Student's opinions about courses and major field reqirements news Poll Reveals Student Opinion of Courses 
1954 October 21 Alumni Contributions news Alumni Make Mark in Various Fields 
1954 October 21 Lamda Iota Tau news New Lit, Language Society formed 
1954 October 21 Ruth Lewis, Art Kinsler and Dorothea Mefford news Three Receive Scholarships 
1954 October 21 new course news Income Tax Course Offered 
1954 October 21 Appreciation to Wheaton Tradition editorial To the Alumni, 'Thanks' 
1954 October 21 The Noisy Atmosphere at Chapel editorial The Noise Has Ceased! 
1954 October 21 Dr. Clyde S. Kilby letters to the editor Letters... 
1954 October 21 Chapel news Chapel Slate 
1954 October 21 Dr. Kenneth Kantzer news Students Divided Like All Gaul; Kantzer 
1954 October 21 nirvana editorial The Cole Bin 
1954 October 21 Ralph W. Rodgers news Campus Receives Extensive Face Lifting 
1954 October 21 Paul Knaplund news Historians to Tell Role of Missions 
1954 October 21 FMF news FMF, Bible Church Sponser Mission Rally 
1954 October 21 Jim Erickson news Wait, Don't Pay That Bill 
1954 October 21 Mary K. Kepler news SC, W Club Sponsor First Homecoming 
1954 October 21 football sports Titans Drop Wheaton 9-7 
1954 October 21 Ron sports Ozzie's Observatory 
1954 October 21 Larry Reiner sports Soccer Team Loses Three Tilts on Tour 
1954 October 21 Bill Keith  sports Wright JC Hands Bombers 21-6 Defeat 
1954 October 21 WRA sports Badminton, Ping Pong Head WRA Agenda 
1954 October 21 cross country sports Harriers Trim Chicago U.  
1954 October 21 Buildings and Grounds photos Wheaton Cornerstones... 
1954 October 28 Campus Chest front page Campus Chest Drive Sets Goals for 5 Organizations 
1954 October 28 All-School Banquet front page Banquet Transforms Gym to Circus Tent 
1954 October 28 Chapel front page Chapel Plan Works 
1954 October 28 Paul Knaplund front page History Lecture to Present Factor of British Missions 
1954 October 28 Campus Forum front page Campus Forum Initiates Film Series 
1954 October 28 Women's Gym front page Roof Burns 
1954 October 28 Faculty front page Faculty Members Receive Awards for Long Service 
1954 October 28 Record front page First Class Rating Awarded Record for Last Semester 
1954 October 28 non-Christians editorial A Call for Worldliness 
1954 October 28 Toy Watson, Marines voices I'm a Gooney Bird: Sore-Thumb Marine 
1954 October 28 homecoming, Edward A. Coray letters to the editor Letters... 
1954 October 28 Chapel news Chapel Slate 
1954 October 28 evangelism editorial The Cole Bin: Souls or People 
1954 October 28 sports sports Ozzie's Observatory 
1954 October 28 Cross country sports Indiana Drops Harriers; Moriya Wins 
1954 October 28 Soccer sports Soccer Team Rallies for 3-2 Victory Over Purdue 
1954 October 28 soccer sports Wheaton Booters Trip Alumni 3-0 
1954 October 28 Homecoming photos Wheaton's 'Lost Weekend' 
1954 October 28 football sports Crusaders Blast Foresters; Move into First Place Tie 
1954 October 28 football sports Cardinals Host Crusaders 
1954 October 28 football sports Bombers Nip Alumni 7-6 
1954 October 28 Gordon College news Gordon Annual Honors Hone 
1954 October 28 William W. Volkman news College Introduces Tax Lecture Course 
1954 October 28 Foreign Languages, conversation lab news Conversation Lab Doubles Facilities 
1954 October 28 Bonfire night news Burns Injure Frosh During Bonfire Vigil 
1954 October 28 Inter-Lit society news Inter-Lit Society Shows 'The Great Light' 
1954 October 28 Artist Series news Artist Series Tickets Ready 
1954 October 28 Alumni news Alumni Get Calendars 
1954 November 4 Parents' Day front page 500 Parents Arrive for Weekend Activity 
1954 November 4 G. Allan Fleece front page Fleece Addresses Missionary Meeting 
1954 November 4 Orley Herron front page Name Herron '55 Crusader 
1954 November 4 Parents' Day front page Parents' Day Schedule 
1954 November 4 pushball front page Frosh-Soph Pushball Tilt Livens Halftime Saturday 
1954 November 4 Cheerleaders front page Cheerleaders to Introduce New Cheers 
1954 November 4 tower front page Sophomores Nominate '56 Tower Staff 
1954 November 4 Christian missions, Paul Knaplund front page Missions are on the Defensive: Knaplund 
1954 November 4 Selective Service test front page Date Announced for Selective Service Test 
1954 November 4 Student Teachers front page Student Teachers Plan Conference 
1954 November 4 Parents' Day editorial The Spirit of Wheaton: Will Parents Find it this Weekend? 
1954 November 4 truth editorial The Cole Bin: Truth or Consequences 
1954 November 4 Victor Louis Jackson voices JAckson Survives Communists, 13 Schools 
1954 November 4 Chapel news Chapel Slate 
1954 November 4 Visual education news Vis-Ed Dept. Offers Film, Training Ads 
1954 November 4 Hub, Student Union news SU to Westernize Hub for Parties, Dining Room 
1954 November 4 Bible department, philosophy department news Hold Augustine Confab 
1954 November 4 Augusta C. Dodd news Mrs. Dodd, 104, Dies; Oldest Woman Grad 
1954 November 4 Faculty news Faculty Speaks Across Midwest, East 
1954 November 4 Student Council, World Relief, John Nothelfer news SC Elects Relief Head 
1954 November 4 seminary club news Panel Discusses World Council 
1954 November 4 sports sports Ozzie's Observatory 
1954 November 4 football sports Crusaders Edge North Central 2-0 
1954 November 4 football, Parents' Day sports Crusaders Host Valparaiso in Annual Parents' Day Tilt 
1954 November 4 soccer sports Soccer Team Falls to Navy Pier 3-1 
1954 November 4 Intramurals sports Intramurals 
1954 November 11 St. Augustine front page Theologians Convene Here For Philosophy Conference 
1954 November 11 Wheaton Bible Lands Cruise front page Cruise Date Set For March 
1954 November 11 Reeves Hitch and Leigh Beveridge front page Beveridge, Hitch Reach Frosh Finals 
1954 November 11 United States Steel front page United State Steel Grants College $1000 
1954 November 11 Joseph M. Swing  front page Soc Students See 3000 Naturalized 
1954 November 11 annual tune festival front page Classes to Sing in Annuual Tune Festival 
1954 November 11 Mary Kay Kepler front page Restless heart Drives Augustine to God 
1954 November 11 Howie voices The Cole Bin 
1954 November 11 gym editorial Grade Athletes, Students on Same Basis? 
1954 November 11 Warren Young  news Chapel Slate 
1954 November 11 V. Raymond Edman news Edman Writes New Book 
1954 November 11 Women's club news Women's clubs Attend Brunch at West Sub 
1954 November 11 ROTC news ROTC Loses Sgt. Bumann To Insurance 
1954 November 11 news briefs news School Leaders to Meet for Luncheon 
1954 November 11 FMF news FMF Displays Booth at IVCF Conference 
1954 November 11 Lit Ledger news Tau Delts to Hold West Sub Meeting 
1954 November 11 college reading course news College Reading Course Offers Speed, Efficiency 
1954 November 11 chemistry department news Hold Chem Discussion 
1954 November 11 graduate Christian education club news Grad Club Meets 
1954 November 11 sports sports Ozzie's Observatory 
1954 November 11 soccer  sports Wheaton Soccer Team Defeats Chicago 
1954 November 11 hockey sports WRA Hockey Team Trips Chicago U. 2-0 
1954 November 11 football sports Valparaiso Stuns Wheaton 
1954 November 11 football sports Crusaders Meet Elmhurst in Finale 
1954 November 11 football sports Joliet Trips Bombers 18-12 
1954 November 18 new building front page Beign New B&G Building 
1954 November 18 Edson R. Peck front page Physicist Peck Tells Nuclear Implications 
1954 November 18 class parties sports INformal Parties Planned for Weekend 
1954 November 18 Paul Allen front page Allen Names Guest Soloists For Messiah 
1954 November 18 student union tune tangle front page Classes Vie in Tune Classic 
1954 November 18 FMF front page F.M.F. Sponsors Films 
1954 November 18 student council  front page Council to Present Chapel Questionnaires 
1954 November 18 Marian Anderson and Robert Shaw front page Anderson, Shaw Tickets Available 
1954 November 18 horse show front page Classes to Present Annual Horse Show 
1954 November 18 Arne T. Howard front page Economists Discuss Christian Stewardship 
1954 November 18 elections editorial Elections Show Thinking 
1954 November 18 campus  editorial Campus Looks Great! 
1954 November 18 Dick Moore voices Students See Improvement in PE Program 
1954 November 18 Howie voices The Cole Bin 
1954 November 18 Milton G. Baker news Chapel Slate 
1954 November 18 debate team news Debate Squad Opens Season at Bradley 
1954 November 18 Reeves Hitch, Shirley Clinton news Hitch, Clinton Win by Close Margins 
1954 November 18 WETN news WETN Radio Schedule 
1954 November 18 Tower, Dave Lindberg, Bruce Johnson news Lindberg, Johnson Elected Tower Heads 
1954 November 18 Athletics news Athletes Hold Fall Banquets 
1954 November 18 conservatory news All-Brass Recital Planned for Tues. 
1954 November 18 football sports Crusaders Blast Jays 34-0 
1954 November 18 football sports Bombers Lose Finale 14-13 
1954 November 18 soccer sports Booters Drop Two Games; Finish Third 
1954 November 18 cross country sports Harriers Take Fifth in CCC Meet 
1954 November 18 Intramurals sports Intramurals 
1954 November 18 sports sports Ozzie's Observatory 
1954 November 25 Shaw Chorale, Marian Anderson front page Shaw Chorale, Anderson Present Concerts 
1954 November 25 Foreign Missions Fellowship, Thanksgiving front page FMF Films Open Thanksgiving Activities 
1954 November 25 Thanksgiving front page Let's Share Our Blessings 
1954 November 25 Campus Chest front page Students Give $2277 for Campus Chest 
1954 November 25 Dorm banquet front page Men Hold Dorm Banquet 
1954 November 25 debate team front page Debaters Receive Superior Rating 
1954 November 25 Hydrogen bomb, Edson R. Peck front page Peck Views H-Bomb threat 
1954 November 25 apathy editorial Poor Publicity Hurts Lecture 
1954 November 25 Basketball Tickets editorial Students to Get 500 Tickets 
1954 November 25 Glenn Johnson, football letters to the editor Letters... 
1954 November 25 Chapel news Chapel Slate 
1954 November 25 Christianity editorial The Cole Bin 
1954 November 25 Lits news Establish Lit Honor Society 
1954 November 25 Record news Nominate Record Editor 
1954 November 25 Tune Tangle news Sophomores Win Annual Tune Tangle 
1954 November 25 Music Majors news Music Majors Attend Convention 
1954 November 25 College well news Old Well Reopened for Chem Building 
1954 November 25 wrestling sports Seven Returning Lettermen Bolster Wrestling Squad 
1954 November 25 Intramurals sports Intramurals 
1954 November 25 CCI sports Flash! 5 Crusaders Gain All-CCI 
1954 November 25 WRA sports WRA Attends Splash Party 
1954 November 25 sports sports Ozzie's Observatory 
1954 December 2 Track front page Rodgers Forsees Completion of Track 
1954 December 2 Campus Chest front page Drive Winner Gets Trophy 
1954 December 2 Tower front page ACP Awards Tower All-American Rating 
1954 December 2 Messiah front page 250 Join in 27th Messiah 
1954 December 2 Orchestra front page Orchestra to Play in Season Opener 
1954 December 2 Cheerleaders front page Forty Freshmen to Cheer 
1954 December 2 Blanchard front page Committee Debates Future Use of Blanchard West End 
1954 December 2 Arnold Trygsland news Trygsland 1st Cadet to Break Sound Barrier 
1954 December 2 Planetarium news Planetarium Depicts Star of Bethlehem 
1954 December 2 Shakespeare news Shakespeare Hoax Question Reopened 
1954 December 2 Philosophy major news Add Philosophy Major Requirements 
1954 December 2 John G. Willis, F. Roger Bumann, ROTC news Willis Replaces Bumann 
1954 December 2 Post office news Chicago P.O. Employs 250 Wheatonites 
1954 December 2 Campus Forum news Campus Forum Sponsors 'The Big Idea' 
1954 December 2 Student Union news SU Sponsors Parties 
1954 December 2 Santa's workshop, charity news Workshop to Make Toys 
1954 December 2 Debate team news Debaters Travel 
1954 December 2 TB, X-rays news Students Receive X-Rays 
1954 December 2 Anthropology club news Anthropology Club Holds Debate 
1954 December 2 Arthur F. Holmes news Philosophy Prof Survives RAF, North Hall 
1954 December 2 motivation editorial Motivation Rules Choice 
1954 December 2 Ignorance editorial The Cole Bin 
1954 December 2 CCI letters to the editor Letters....Withdraw from CCI? Nooo! 
1954 December 2 Way twins, Hensley twins voices Two Ways and Two Hensleys are Double, Double Trouble 
1954 December 2 common man editorial Is Our Common Man Too Common? 
1954 December 2 Wheaton Academy news Academy Sponsors Youth Conference 
1954 December 2 Corinne R. Smith news Deans Honor Mrs. Smith 
1954 December 2 Record, Kodon news Journalists Hold Party 
1954 December 2 Lits news Bows Lit Society Models Fashions in Post-Lit Show 
1954 December 2 Craft shop news Personal Touch Sparks Shop Activities 
1954 December 2 basketball sports Basketballers Open Tonight 
1954 December 2 sports sports Ozzie's Obsevatory 
1954 December 2 Football sports Wheaton Footballers Elect Burnham, Holt Co-Captains 
1954 December 2 cross country sports Doddsmen Win AAU Take 2nd in CYO 
1954 December 2 Intramurals sports Intramurals 
1954 December 2 WRA sports WRA Schedule Lists basketball, Bowling 
1954 December 2 wrestling sports Grapplers Open Against Wisconsin U. Saturday 
1954 December 2 record photos Record Goes to a Surprise Party 
1954 December 9 Intervarsity front page Students Attend IVCF Missions Conference 
1954 December 9 Dick Belanger front page Belanger to Give First Piano Recital 
1954 December 9 Alumni gym front page Gym Expansion Receives Go-Ahead Signal 
1954 December 9 Karl Steele front page Steele to Draw at Sing 
1954 December 9 Ron Chase front page Flash! 
1954 December 9 Chapel Choir front page Chapel Choir Opens Christmas Festivities; Program Features Candlelight, Carols 
1954 December 9 Stupe front page Stupe Goes Scandinavian 
1954 December 9 Kodon front page Kodon Will Arrive Before Christmas 
1954 December 9 speech majors front page Speech Majors Present 'A Spkoken Christmas Card' 
1954 December 9 peace editorial The Cole Bin....The Formula for Peace 
1954 December 9 basketball, Ron Chase letters to the editor Letters...Basketball for ALL Students? 
1954 December 9 Christmas editorial Christmas Spirit 
1954 December 9 ROTC news Two Officers Added to Wheaton ROTC 
1954 December 9 John R. Rice news John R. Rice Forms New Baptist Church 
1954 December 9 Basketball front page Seniors Get Extra Basketball Tickets 
1954 December 9 Christmas news Groups Plan Yule Parties 
1954 December 9 Philosophy department news Correction 
1954 December 9 Edward A. Cording news Cording to Attend Music Convention 
1954 December 9 James O. Buswell IV news Eight-Year-Old Buswell Presents Concert 
1954 December 9 basketball sports Wheaton Cagers Lose to DeKalb, West Texas Slate 
1954 December 9 basketball sports Lake Forest Thumps Wheaton 93-82 
1954 December 9 wrestling sports Wisconsin Defeats Wrestlers 21-3 
1954 December 9 basketball sports Cagers Head East 
1954 December 9 sports sports Ozzie's Observatory 
1954 December 15 Christmas front page "Following Yonder Star" 
1954 December 15 Christmas front page 'And Heaven and Nature Sing' 
1954 December 15 Christmas front page 'O Tidings of Comfort and Joy' 
1954 December 15 Alexandra Veeta front page Veeta Gives Concert 
1954 December 15 Weather front page 'Dreaming of a White Christmas' 
1954 December 15 Harlem Globetrotters front page Globetrotters to Play Here Jan. 5 
1954 December 15 basketball sports Basketballers Trounce Nebraska 108-69; Seton Hall Pirates Defeat Crusaders 84-65 
1954 December 15 basketball sports Flash! 
1954 December 15 wrestling sports Wrestlers Get 3 Places in Tourney 
1954 December 15 library, basketball letters to the editor Letters... 
1954 December 15 basketball, Flying Tigers, China sports Crusaders to Meet 'Flying Tiges' 
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