Index to the Record, 1954 (May)-1954 (June)

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DateSubject (Personal Name or Topic)Column or SectionTopic or Title
1954 May 27 Dothan, Joseph P. Free news Goat Gambols into Trouble Centuries Ago 
1954 May 27 William D. Thompson news Thompson Named Music Club Officer 
1954 May 27 Banquets news Record, SC, Tower Schedule Banquets 
1954 May 27 V. Raymond Edman news Prexy Speaks in Jersey 
1954 May 27 Jim Hanchett news Hanchett Named Prexy 
1954 May 27 Cyril Garrett news Garrett Addresses Synthescope 
1954 May 27 L. Nelson Bell, Honor Society news Bell Addresses Honor Society 
1954 May 27 Wheaton Victory news Wheaton Victory Sails Under Dutch Flag 
1954 May 27 Bible Lands Cruise, Joseph P. Free news Bible Lands Cruise Leaves June 30 
1954 May 27 Psychology news Psychology Valid in Christian Work 
1954 May 27 Moody Press news Moody Offers $15 Prize 
1954 May 27 ROTC, Billy J. May news ROTC Captain Gets Germany Assignment 
1954 May 27 Church and State, Public Education editorial Religion in Public Education 
1954 May 27 Record editorial A Word in Defense 
1954 May 27 Crowd Culture, by Canon Bell book review Canon Bell Analyzes American Character 
1954 May 27 Magic, Science and Religion by Bronislaw Malinowsky book review Malinowsky Shows Need of Mythology 
1954 May 27 Progressive Education news Progressive Ed Emphasizes Individulaity 
1954 May 27 Hot dogs news Columbian-Hegel Controversy Returns 
1954 May 27 Chapel news Chapel Slate 
1954 May 27 Activities board news Name Board Members 
1954 May 27 Wheaton Vehicle Tax news Fight Fee: Students Appeal Local City Vehicle Tax 
1954 May 27 University students news Haifa Students Strike over Tuition Raise 
1954 May 27 Artist Series news Get Larger Budget: Artist Series Features Marian Anderson 
1954 May 27 Lits news Belts Schedule 'Sea Fever' Program 
1954 May 27 V. Raymond Edman news Edman Writes Book 
1954 May 27 Job opportunities news Survey Shows Good Job Opportunities 
1954 May 27 Paul Riemann news Riemann Presides over New Council 
1954 May 27 Comprehensive exams news Some Seniors Cool Comps 
1954 May 27 Campus Forum, Ed Frierson news Mason Brown Highlights Forum Series 
1954 May 27 Library news Library Open for Finals 
1954 May 27 Grad Banquet, Merrill C. Tenney news Grad Banquet Features Dean Tenney 
1954 May 27 senior sneak news Traditional Sneak Climaxes '54 Activities 
1954 May 27 Neurotics editorial The Advantages of Being Neurotic or Why Rome Wasn't Built in a Day 
1954 May 27 Chapel news Initiate New Chapel System 
1954 May 27 Graduate school news Graduate School Grants Degrees to 10 
1954 May 27 ROTC news ROTC Cadets Enter Summer Training 
1954 May 27 Baseball sports Crusaders End Slate Against Bradley 
1954 May 27 Baseball sports Baseballers "Nip" Jays 35-0 
1954 May 27 Tennis sports Elmhurst Takes Net Title; Crusaders 4th 
1954 May 27 sports sports Flash! 
1954 May 27 Ron Chase sports Out of Bounds 
1954 May 27 baseball sports Wesleyan Captures CCI Baseball Crown 
1954 May 27 Track sports Five Records Shattered as Millikin Ends Wheaton's Seven Year CCI Track Reign 
1954 May 27 Track sports WRA "Queens for a Day" Reign at CCI Track Meet in Elmhurst 
1954 May 27 golf sports Crusaders Place 2nd in Conference golf 
1954 May 27 golf sports Crusaders Drop Golf Meet to Lake Forest 
1954 May 27 WRA news WRA Steps Up Program During 1953-54 
1954 May 27 baseball sports Bombers Finish Season 6-2 
1954 May 27 intramurals sports Intramurals 
1954 May 27 Ray Smith sports Smith Directs Sports News 
1954 May 27 Ray Smith sports "Scribe" Predicts Banner Year for Crusaders 
1954 May 27 baseball sports Bombers Trim Elgin, LeGrange, Wright 
1954 May 27 soccer sports Booters Lose 3-2; Spring Loop Folds 
1954 May 27 tennis sports 1st Doubles Team Wins Girls Crown 
1954 May 27 Ray Smith sports Into the Future... 
1954 June 3 Summer School front page 503 Attend Summer School 
1954 June 3 Record front page Stam Names '54-'55 Editorial Staff 
1954 June 3 Tom Byron front page Juniors elect Byron Prexy 
1954 June 3 Black Hills front page Black Hills Offers Summer Program 
1954 June 3 ROTC front page Rated Excellent 
1954 June 3 Seniors front page Seniors Launch Post-Graduate Careers 
1954 June 3 Student Union front page SU Plans Chicago Tours During Summer 
1954 June 3 Concerts front page Musical Groups Plan Final Concerts 
1954 June 3 Mary LeBar front page LeBar Directs Workshop 
1954 June 3 censorship editorial The Free Enterprise of Ideas 
1954 June 3 chapel recordings letters to the editor Letters... 
1954 June 3 Dave Carder, Fundamentalism letters to the editor An Open Letter... 
1954 June 3 chapel news Chapel Slate 
1954 June 3 Jenette Gudgel, Paul Reimann news Reimann, Gudgel Win Oratorical Contest 
1954 June 3 Alumni Association news Alums Hold Dinner 
1954 June 3 Seniors news Seniors Hold Class Night 
1954 June 3 Buildings and grounds news B & G Works 
1954 June 3 Robert Anderson news Gets Naval Assignment 
1954 June 3 Speech recital news Seniors Give Speech Recital 
1954 June 3 Merrill C. Tenney news Tenney Interprets 'Alice in Wonderland' 
1954 June 3 Ron Chase sports Out of Bounds 
1954 June 3 baseball sports Crusaders Take on Northern in Finale 
1954 June 3 CCI sports Carroll Joins Conference; Starts CCI Play Next Spring 
1954 June 3 Cookie Moriya sports Cookie Seeks to Improve 2 Mile Time 
1954 June 3 Track sports Trackmen Name Wright, Walkwitz 
1954 June 3 tennis sports Women Netters Take Sixth Straight Triumph 
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