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DateSubject (Personal Name or Topic)Column or SectionTopic or Title
1954 January 7 Book collection front page Schedules Book Collection 
1954 January 7 Wheaton front page City Bans Parking 
1954 January 7 Washington Banquet front page Knowles Names WB Site 
1954 January 7 Gideons International, King James Version front page Gideons Appeal Ruling that Bible is Sectarian 
1954 January 7 Debate team front page Debaters Enter Normal Tournament 
1954 January 7 Faculty, Library front page Faculty Weighs Student Board, Monitors as Possible Curbs to Library Abuses 
1954 January 7 Ice Skating, Record, Jacqueline Helvie, Joseph P. Free front page News Briefs: Gale to Flood Field for Skating Area 
1954 January 7 Festival Chorus front page Festival Chorus Rehearses 
1954 January 7 Rose Bowl, Big Four, Korea, Indo-China editorial Cheese's Comments: Predicts Failure of Big Four Meetings 
1954 January 7 Kenneth Kantzer, Palestine news Kantzer Leads Summer Tour to Palestine 
1954 January 7 Chapel news Chapel Slate 
1954 January 7 Inter-Lits news Inter-Lit Council Shows 'Messenger of Peace' 
1954 January 7 Robert Holmes news Holmes to Teach History at Jaffna College, Ceylon 
1954 January 7 Exams news Barnett Tells Procedure 
1954 January 7 Whipple Studio news Extinguish Fire 
1954 January 7 basketball sports Crusaders Face Wesleyan, Augie; Win One, Drop Two Vacation Tilts 
1954 January 7 wrestling sports Mat Team Opens Against Western 
1954 January 7 Intramurals sports Intramurals 
1954 January 7 track sports Frosh Place in Chicago U Invitational 
1954 January 7 Dave Burnahm, football sports Burnham Earns Little All-American berth 
1954 January 7 John Berman sports The World of Sports 
1954 January 14 Artist SEries front page Mexican Boys' Choir Presents Concert 
1954 January 14 World Relief front page Juniors Top CARE Contest; 112 Relief Packages Sent 
1954 January 14 ROTC Rifle team front page Rifle Team Wins Two 
1954 January 14 Orchestra front page Orchestra Schedules After-Lit Concert 
1954 January 14 Library front page Faculty OK's Monitor System for Library 
1954 January 14 Student Council, Wheaton front page SC Attacks Franklin St. Parking Ban 
1954 January 14 Neo-Orthodox movement front page Profs View Neo-Orthodox Movement 
1954 January 14 food service front page McKellin to Allow Fruit for Sleepyheads 
1954 January 14 Chapel editorial Ten Thirty A.M. 
1954 January 14 labeling editorial Words of Muddled Thinking 
1954 January 14 Eisenhower, Suffrage, Taft-Hartley labor law editorial Cheese's Comments: President Suggests Budget, Tax Cuts 
1954 January 14 Edward Coray letters to the editor Coray Second Guesses Columnist 
1954 January 14 Chapel news Chapel Slate 
1954 January 14 Lits news Societies Announce New Officers 
1954 January 14 Chemistry Department news Chem Department Prints Directory 
1954 January 14 Blanchard hall news Relics Fill Blanchard Attic 
1954 January 14 physics department news Physics Department Builds Transmitter 
1954 January 14 Michael hemans, Robert Topel news Two Juniors Join to Give Recital 
1954 January 14 Hiatt hall news Hiatt Girls Experiment in 'Family Living' 
1954 January 14 student union, foods class, housing news News Briefs: Food Class Sponsors SU Coffee Hour 
1954 January 14 Jack Berman sports edition The World of Sports 
1954 January 14 basketball sports edition Wesleyan, Augie Top Crusaders in CCI Play 
1954 January 14 basketball sports edition Cagers Oppose Millikin, North Central 
1954 January 14 Tennis sports edition Tennis Courts Flooded 
1954 January 14 wrestling sports edition Wrestlers Top Western, Augustana 
1954 January 14 Intramurals sports edition Intramurals 
1954 January 14 basketball sports edition Bombers Lose to DePaul 
1954 January 14 WRA sports edition WRA Schedules Playday 
1954 January 21 Washington Banquet, John L. Kulp front page Kulp to Speak at Washington Banquet 
1954 January 21 Student Council, Big Brother Big Sister front page SC Elects Big Brother, Sister Chairman 
1954 January 21 Debate team, Roger Kvam, Paul Riemann front page Kvam, Riemann to Debate at Baylor 
1954 January 21 Glee Club, Chapel Choir front page Glee Clubs, Choir Tour Neighboring States 
1954 January 21 North Central, pool front page News Briefs: North Central Restricts Use of Pool 
1954 January 21 Record front page Editor Announces Staff 
1954 January 21 Evangelical Alliance Mission front page Mission Head Addresses Mid-Winter Convocation 
1954 January 21 Student Council, used book sale front page Council Plans Used Book Sale 
1954 January 21 Record editorial Finale... 
1954 January 21 Record editorial In Brief... 
1954 January 21 Philadelphia Phillies, plane crash editorial Cheese's Comments: Plane Crashes Mar Week's Headlines 
1954 January 21 class attendance, Korea, Brazil news ACP News Reports from Other Campuses 
1954 January 21 Chemistry Department news Chem Department Receives $2500 
1954 January 21 course catalog news Publish Catalogue 
1954 January 21 Lits news Societies Elect Officers 
1954 January 21 Conservatory news Students Present Recital 
1954 January 21 Chapel news Chapel Slate 
1954 January 21 student accounts news Finance Office Adopts New Procedure 
1954 January 21 Glenn L. Pringle, Stupe news Pringle Manages Stupe 
1954 January 21 George Sheffer, evangelistic services news Sheffer to Lead College in Evangelistic Services 
1954 January 21 basketball sports Pott Tallies 50 as Pfundmen Edge Millikin 
1954 January 21 basketball sports Cagers Face 3 non-Conference Foes 
1954 January 21 wrestling sports Flash! 
1954 January 21 wrestling sports Grapplers Meet Navy 
1954 January 21 John Berman sports The World of Sports 
1954 January 21 hockey sports Crusader Sextet Downs Chicago 8-6 
1954 January 21 basketball sports WRA Cagers Lose 
1954 February 4 Sociology, Dating front page Sociology Majors Find Individuals Follow Previous Dating Trends 
1954 February 4 Track front page College Plans New Track 
1954 February 4 student employment front page SC Discusses Wage Scales 
1954 February 4 Tuberculosis, X-Rays front page TB Mobile Unit Here 
1954 February 4 Library front page Monitors Govern Library 
1954 February 4 Malcolm Benson, Phyllis Benson front page Bensons Give First Faculty Pop Concert 
1954 February 4 Joseph P. Free front page Free Returns to Dothan Excavations 
1954 February 4 George Sheffer, Evangelistic Services front page Sheffer Emphasizes Christian Living 
1954 February 4 responsibility editorial Quo Vadis? 
1954 February 4 responsibility letters to the editor Letters... 
1954 February 4 Bricker amendment editorial Thru the Horn Rims 
1954 February 4 student riots news Students Spark International Riots 
1954 February 4 Tower news Tower Edits Telebook 
1954 February 4 Essay contest news 'Who's Who' Holds essay Contest 
1954 February 4 Lits news Open Lits Welcome New Students 
1954 February 4 Faculty news Faculty Members Fill Interim Pastorates 
1954 February 4 Foreign Missions Fellowship news FMF Shows 'This Gathering Storm' 
1954 February 4 Student Union news SU Buys Stamp Vendor 
1954 February 4 C. W. Aveling, Jonathan Blanchard news Founder's Heir Dies 
1954 February 4 basketball sports Cagers Cop 3 Non-CCI Tilts 
1954 February 4 wrestling sports Matmen Bow to Great Lakes 
1954 February 4 hockey sports Pucksters Edge Chicago 
1954 February 4 track sports Moriya Takes 5th in BAA Two Mile 
1954 February 4 Ron Chase sports Out of Bounds 
1954 February 4 basketball sports Sports-Shorts... 
1954 February 4 soccer sports Booters Receive National Recognition 
1954 February 11 Agnes Newer front page Newer Organ Recital Features Bristol 
1954 February 11 Student Council Book Sale front page SC Book Sale Nets $878 
1954 February 11 George Sheffer front page Undergrad Days Prove Hectic for Sheffer 
1954 February 11 William Dixon, Ed Rapinchuk front page Win Science Awards 
1954 February 11 Edward Coray front page Coray Takes Lecture Tour 
1954 February 11 J. Lawrence Kulp front page Kulp to Discuss Human Survival 
1954 February 11 Conservatory, music camp front page Conservatory Sponsors Music Camp 
1954 February 11 Grad Choir, Ed Hollatz front page Hollatz Directs First Grad Choir 
1954 February 11 Day of Prayer front page note 
1954 February 11 atomic war editorial Thru the Horn Rims 
1954 February 11 Robert Denney, MSC letters to the editor Letters... 
1954 February 11 Prayer Day editorial A Prayer for Today 
1954 February 11 Shirley Nice news Nice to Give 'Quo Vadis' in Senior Recital 
1954 February 11 Student Council book drive news SC to Sponsor Book Drive 
1954 February 11 WRA news WRA Plays Chicago Mission Students 
1954 February 11 Campus Forum news Campus Forum Shows Historical Film 
1954 February 11 Chapel news Chapel Slate 
1954 February 11 Track sports Tracksters Open Against Chicago, Wayne 
1954 February 11 Ron Chase sports Out of Bounds 
1954 February 11 wrestling sports Illini Drop Grapplers 19-8 
1954 February 11 basketball sports Crusaders Whip Norht Central, Elmhurst 
1954 February 11 basketball sports Pfundmen Oppose Wesleyan, Elmhurst 
1954 February 11 Intramurals sports Intramurals 
1954 February 18 WETN front page New Transformer Ups WETN Output 
1954 February 18 Library front page Library Conduct Improves 
1954 February 18 Washington Banquet front page Banqueters Ready for WB 
1954 February 18 Bill Doyle front page Doyle to Interpret Liszt in Senior Recital 
1954 February 18 Campus Forum, Harold C. Urey front page Campus Forum Presents Nobel Prize Winner Urey 
1954 February 18 Debate Team front page Varsity Debaters Capture Four Decisions 
1954 February 18 Drama front page Students Weigh Drama 
1954 February 18 Foreign Missions Fellowship front page FMF to See Pierce's "This Gathering Storm" 
1954 February 18 Russia news Seven American College Editors Note Conformist Attitude in Russians 
1954 February 18 class parties, student union news News Briefs: Classes Hold Parties; SU Shows Films 
1954 February 18 Wheaton Academy news Academy Mimics TV 
1954 February 18 Stupe, Washington Banquet news Stupe Open after WB 
1954 February 18 character scholarships news College Plans Character Scholarship 
1954 February 18 German club news German Club Plans Party 
1954 February 18 X-Rays news 1250 Take X-Rays 
1954 February 18 Debate team news JV Debate Squad Takes Three 
1954 February 18 Track news New Track Plans Proceed 
1954 February 18 Merrill C. Tenne, Arthur Volle news Erieside Hears Tenney, Volle Addresses Alumni 
1954 February 18 Stupe news Stupe Coffee Poses Riddle of the Century 
1954 February 18 Chapel news Chapel Slate 
1954 February 18 Kodon news Kodon Features Carbon 14 
1954 February 18 ROTC news ROTC Holds Banquet 
1954 February 18 Christian integration editorial Cloistered Complacency 
1954 February 18 Evangelistic Services editorial Seven Days Aren't Enough 
1954 February 18 textbooks letters to the editor Letters... 
1954 February 18 elections editorial Thru the Horn Rims 
1954 February 18 Wheaton College news Writer Deplores Campus Cultural Status 
1954 February 18 Chicago Opera Company Fine Arts Section Chicago Opera Company Performs 'Don Giovanni' 
1954 February 18 Modern Music news Justify Modern Music as Art Form 
1954 February 18 Modern Literature news Modern Lit Seeks Meaning in Life 
1954 February 18 basketball sports Crusaders Run Streak to 9 
1954 February 18 basketball sports Bombers Win 2; Stand 15-3 
1954 February 18 wrestling sports Matmen Trim Beloit but Lose to Sailors 
1954 February 18 basketball sports Flash! 
1954 February 18 track sports Santee Sets Record; Tops Dodds' Mark 
1954 February 18 WRA sports WRA Elects Leaders; Lists Activities 
1954 February 18 Track sports Tracksters Top Wayne, Then Bow to Chicago 
1954 February 18 Ron Chase sports Out of Bounds 
1954 February 18 W Club sports W Club Distributes New Jackets; Elect Officers 
1954 February 18 Basketball sports Cagers Tackle Millikin, LF 
1954 February 18 Intramurals sports Intramurals 
1954 February 18 Campus fun photo spread Campus Worthals 
1954 February 25 Nuclear Science front page Nuclear Science Will Preclude Survival 
1954 February 25 Allan D. Cruickshank front page Cruickshank Presents Wildlife Film 
1954 February 25 W Club, Track front page W Club Pushes Track 
1954 February 25 Edward Elson, Middle East front page Elson Lectures on Middle East Tensions 
1954 February 25 Student Council, student employment front page Council Approves By-Law Changes; Considers Wage Level Increase 
1954 February 25 James Orr, Robert Weeldreyer front page Orr, Weeldreyer Take Tribune Awards 
1954 February 25 Harold C. Urey front page note 
1954 February 25 Student Council book drive front page SC Book Collection Totals over 700 
1954 February 25 Red Cross front page Red Cross Opens Drive 
1954 February 25 class devotions editorial Muttered Impromptus 
1954 February 25 Wheaton students editorial In Brief 
1954 February 25 Patty Karnes, Paul Bloyd, dining hall letters to the editor Asks Cooperation 
1954 February 25 McCarthy editorial Thru the Horn Rims 
1954 February 25 Glenn Heck news Grad Donates Fire Screen 
1954 February 25 Gertrude Nutting news Financier Ends Service 
1954 February 25 Foreign Missions Fellowship news Drugs Shipped Overseas by Medics 
1954 February 25 activities news Sophs Plan 'Fling'; Arrows Perform Play 
1954 February 25 Baptist Student Union news Baptist Student Union Elects McCall President 
1954 February 25 Debate Squad news Debate Squad Active in DeKalb Tourney 
1954 February 25 Washington Banquet news WB Photos Ready 
1954 February 25 Chapel news Chapel Slate 
1954 February 25 basketball sports Millikin Belts Crusaders 
1954 February 25 basketball sports Flash! 
1954 February 25 wrestlers sports Crusader Wrestlers Split 
1954 February 25 basketball sports DePaul Edges Bombers 
1954 February 25 Intramurals sports Intramurals 
1954 February 25 basketball sports Cagers Meet Augustana in Final Tilt 
1954 February 25 wrestling sports Seven Mat Teams Compete in Tourney 
1954 February 25 Ron Chase sports Out of Bounds 
1954 March 4 women, student council, suffrage front page Kvam, Smith Present Conflicting Opinions in Council Amendment Fight 
1954 March 4 ROTC, Disney front page Disney films Highlight ROTC Dinner 
1954 March 4 Endowment fund front page Seniors Consider Endowment Fund 
1954 March 4 Comprehensive Exams front page Senior Crammers Challenge Faculty 
1954 March 4 Art Kinsler front page Elson Analyses Mid-Eastern Policy 
1954 March 4 amendment front page Students Pass Amendments 
1954 March 4 black hills front page Show Black Hills Film 
1954 March 4 Wheaton-Moody night front page Wheaton-Moody Night Features Sports 
1954 March 4 Christian progmatism editorial Christian Pragmatism in Action 
1954 March 4 prices too high  letters to the editor Letters... 
1954 March 4 Bud Kroeker news Language Lab Offers Recording Facilities 
1954 March 4 Russell Rudes news Chapel Slate 
1954 March 4 LIT news Inter Lit Council Presents 'Great Discovery' 
1954 March 4 Arthur Billings Hunt  news Hunt Presents Lenten Hymn Program 
1954 March 4 Ron Chase sports Out of Bounds 
1954 March 4 Dave Erlandson sports Thinclads Attempt To Hold NC Relays Title 
1954 March 4 wrestling sports O'Neil Cops Invitational Title 
1954 March 4 basketball sports Cagers Breeze Past Vikings 
1954 March 4 football sports Local Cagers Face All-Stars 
1954 March 11 student council front page Council Favors Wage Hike 
1954 March 11 Cantata performances front page Festival Chorus Sings Two Cantatas 
1954 March 11 comic opera performance front page Comic Opera Follows Lits 
1954 March 11 Betty Smith  front page Smith Gives Senior Recital Saturday 
1954 March 11 faculty fracas front page Crammers Ready for Faculty Fracas 
1954 March 11 Hilda Gueden front page Final Artist Series Features Gueden 
1954 March 11 Mutual Life Insurance company front page Senior Fund Progresses 
1954 March 11 Nacy Headley front page Headley Performs Schumann Concerto 
1954 March 11 woman suffrage editorial Touche! 
1954 March 11 sidewalk editorial In Brief 
1954 March 11 Ken Brown letters to the editor Letters... 
1954 March 11 Ken Christianseen voices Horn Rims 
1954 March 11 John Walvoord news Chapel Slate 
1954 March 11 Ian Cook news Watchman 'Pussyfoots' on Quiet Campus 
1954 March 11 news briefs news Hospital Caps 76; Grads Plan Tourney 
1954 March 11 Jim Hartfield news History Brings Assurance on Reserve Day 
1954 March 11 Roger Kvam and Paul Riemann news Debate Squad Wins 
1954 March 11 Brigade National Invitational Tournament  news Brigade Boys Play 
1954 March 11 Reginald R. Gerig news Gerig Gives Recital 
1954 March 11 Dave Erlandson sports Chicago Nips Wheaton in NC Relays 
1954 March 11 Ron Chase sports Out of Bounds 
1954 March 11 Wheaton-Moody Night sports Wheaton Downs Moody 
1954 March 11 wrestling sports Wrestlers Enter Case Tech Tourney 
1954 March 11 basketball sports Pott, Helm, Bell Win All-CCI Recognition 
1954 March 11 basketball sports Crusaders Select All-Opponet Team 
1954 March 11 brief news sports Intramurals 
1954 March 18 Virginia Hartwright front page Hartwright Performs Senior Recital 
1954 March 18 promotion front page Faculty Earn Academic Promotions 
1954 March 18 Rameschchandra P. Sirkar front page Indians Debate at Forum 
1954 March 18 parking problem front page Parking Problem Causes Car Restrictions 
1954 March 18 ROTC front page ROTC Cadets See Puppets 
1954 March 18 Jack Albinson front page Albinson Presents Dickens, Sandburg 
1954 March 18 registeration front page 1723 Register 
1954 March 18 Jim Hartfield front page Reverse Day Unnerves Wheaton Fellows 
1954 March 18 Guests Saturday front page Six Schools Attend Grad Invitational 
1954 March 18 MDG editorial Of Mice and Music 
1954 March 18 Mina G. Hill letters to the editor Letters... 
1954 March 18 Ken Christianssen voices Thru the Horn Rims 
1954 March 18 Robert Tyson news How to Squeeze Your Way Thru College 
1954 March 18 news briefs news Seniors Don Rags; Frosh Stage Fantasy 
1954 March 18 Phillp Marquardt news Belts Hear Marquadt on Perception 
1954 March 18 Phillp Marquardt news Belts Hear Marquadt on Perception 
1954 March 18 David Morken news Chapel Slate 
1954 March 18 wrestling sports O'Neil Wins Second In Cleveland Tourney 
1954 March 18 track sports Cookie Nabs 4th In Relays; Runners Face Two Meets 
1954 March 18 basketball sports Cagers Elect Helm 
1954 March 18 basketball sports Bombers Sweep to 16-5 Season Record 
1954 March 18 basketball sports Pott Earns NAIA Little All-America Honors 
1954 March 18 intramurals sports Intrmurals 
1954 March 18 track sports B Runners Blast Wilson 
1954 March 18 Ron Chase sports Out of Bounds 
1954 March 25 Mary Kay Kepler front page Townspeople Voice Critical Opinions on Conduct of Wheaton Students 
1954 March 25 council election front page Council Elects Activities Officers 
1954 March 25 senior art show front page Art Majors Show Work 
1954 March 25 Gordon S. Jaeck front page Sociologists Convene Here 
1954 March 25 Ian Cook front page Faculty Discuss "The Christian Scholar" 
1954 March 25 Wheaton Musical Groups front page Wheaton Musical Groups Perform in Nineteen States 
1954 March 25 Evonne Ebey news Council Initiate New Election Procedures 
1954 March 25 Tom Byron news Byron Announces Fund Drive For Track 
1954 March 25 Glenn Johnson news Faculty Top Students In Red Cross Drive 
1954 March 25 news briefs news B&G Builds Parking-lot on University 
1954 March 25 studnet union news SU Sponsors County Fair 
1954 March 25 Dowsley Clark news Students to Send Language Tapes Abroad 
1954 March 25 Leigh Beveridge  news Knights Present Readings 
1954 March 25 World Relief news World Relief Launches Drive Monday 
1954 March 25 a word of appreciation editorial Gradnstand Perspective 
1954 March 25 Dick Millham letters to the editor Letters... 
1954 March 25 Ken Christianssen voices Thru the Horn Rims 
1954 March 25 Dick McKinney news College Bulletins Reveal Historic Foundations of Liberal Arts Education 
1954 March 25 Helen Smith news  Smith to Show "New Siam" Slides 
1954 March 25 Arnold Peterson news Chapel Slate 
1954 March 25 baseball sports Outdoor Squads Open Drills 
1954 March 25 Baseball, Tennis, Track, Golf sports Spring Sports' Schedules 
1954 March 25 track sports Flash! 
1954 March 25 Tennis sports Bergland Leads Netmen in Defense of CCI Crown 
1954 March 25 Golf sports Golf Prospects Hinge on Seven Lettermen 
1954 March 25 Intramurals sports Intramurals 
1954 March 25 track sports Runners Host Millikin in Spring Opener 
1954 March 25 basketball sports Trinity Captures First in Grad Cage Tourney 
1954 March 25 Ron Chase sports Out of Bounds 
1954 March 25 track sports Be Rough 
1954 March 25 Track sports Hanchett Leads Trackmen to 3rd Spot in CAAU Meet 
1954 March 25 soccer sports Booters Join New Spring Soccer Loop 
1954 March 25 Football sports Chrouser Announces Football Drills 
1954 March 25 West Suburban news West Sub's Open House 
1954 April 1 Chapel news Chapel Slate 
1954 April 1 Roland H. Ebel, debate teams letters to the editor Letters... 
1954 April 1 James Sipson, jury system editorial Thru the Horn Rims 
1954 April 1 Music Grant front page College Receives Church Music Grant 
1954 April 1 S. Richey Kamm, Communism front page Profs Join in Roundtable Discussion 
1954 April 1 Alumni association front page Alumni Offer Prizes in Photo Contest 
1954 April 1 Home Economics front page Home Ec Members Attend Workshop 
1954 April 1 County fair front page County Fair Makes Debut Spotlighting Quartets, Skills 
1954 April 1 sociology club front page note 
1954 April 1 Merrill C. Tenney front page Tenney Publishes Books 
1954 April 1 Student activities front page New Board to Arrange Student Calendar 
1954 April 1 senior art exhibit front page Art Preview Opens Senior Exhibit 
1954 April 1 Honey Rock news Student counselors Work at Honeyrock 
1954 April 1 Reginald Foort news Foort, Duncan Give Concert 
1954 April 1 Film Festival, Governor Rust news Rust Attends Film Festival 
1954 April 1 Biology news Biologists Visit Florida 
1954 April 1 BIOLA news Biola Alumni Meet Here 
1954 April 1 Scholastic Honor Society news Mixter Addresses Seniors 
1954 April 1 Foreign Missions Fellowship news FMF Sponsors Dinner 
1954 April 1 Graduate school news Grads Perform Cantata 
1954 April 1 Duane Lehman, Cal Huber news Lehman, Huber Receive Books 
1954 April 1 tennis sports Women Strive to Retain Net Supremacy 
1954 April 1 wrestling sports Wrestlers Hold Banquet 
1954 April 1 Ron Chase sports Out of Bounds 
1954 April 1 track sports Cookie, Relay Team, Place in Stadium Meet 
1954 April 1 baseball sports CCI Nine Aim for Lake Forest's Crown 
1954 April 1 Intramurals sports Intramurals 
1954 April 1 baseball sports Crusader Baseballers Oppose Elmhurst 
1954 April 8 Housing front page Housing Assignments Begin 
1954 April 8 weather front page Flash! 
1954 April 8 World Relief front page Relief Committee Sends Clothes Abroad 
1954 April 8 speech recital front page Seniors Give Spring Speech Recital 
1954 April 8 Foreign Missions Fellowship, Dick Pace front page Pace Elected FMF Prexy 
1954 April 8 Sam Campbell front page Campbell Lectures on Hawaii 
1954 April 8 education department front page Expert Expounds on Easter Rabbit Affairs 
1954 April 8 Chris Nystrom front page Nystrom Performs Wilder Classic 
1954 April 8 Lit house front page Council Approves Lit House 
1954 April 8 debate team front page Debaters Active in Sectional Tourney 
1954 April 8 music editorial Morality in Music 
1954 April 8 student rally editorial In Brief 
1954 April 8 Lit Houses, Tom Jones, Len Pearson letters to the editor Letters... 
1954 April 8 H-Bomb, Lit Houses editorial Thru the Horn Rims 
1954 April 8 Henry C. Bowden, ROTC news Bowden Selected for Advanced Training 
1954 April 8 Teacher Assistants news Students Accept Assistantships 
1954 April 8 John Mason Brown news John Mason Brown Lecture Postponed 
1954 April 8 Merrill C. Tenney news Tenney Plans Week of Services 
1954 April 8 Geology news 24 Take Geology Trip 
1954 April 8 Library news Library Changes Fine System 
1954 April 8 Ron Chase sports  Out of Bounds 
1954 April 8 wrestling sports Matmen Elect Yuan, Gallier; End First Losing Season 4-5 
1954 April 8 baseball sports Crusaders Slaughter Aurora 18-3; Wehling, Kraft Pace 15 Hit Attack 
1954 April 8 Intramurals sports Intramurals 
1954 April 8 baseball sports Bombers Face Twelve Game Schedule 
1954 April 8 WRA sports WRA Members Receive Awards 
1954 April 22 Track front page College Initiates Programs for Expansion 
1954 April 22 Alumni Gym front page Trustees Announce $50,000 Gym Enlargement Program 
1954 April 22 Record front page Record Receives First Class Honors 
1954 April 22 Concert band front page Band Gives Annual Concert 
1954 April 22 debate team front page Riemann Gains Superior Debate Rating 
1954 April 22 Grad conference front page Wheaton Holds Annual Grad Conference 
1954 April 22 Stupe front page Stupe Raises Prices 
1954 April 22 Jack Wyrtzen front page Wyrtzen Brings New Film to Wheaton 
1954 April 22 death editorial Death Stalks... 
1954 April 22 bikes, Arne T. Howard letters to the editor Letters... 
1954 April 22 Chapel news Chapel 
1954 April 22 Comprehensive Exams news Seniors Celebrate End of Comps 
1954 April 22 Jeanne Wallace news Wallace Features "Voices of Spring" 
1954 April 22 Buildings and Grounds news B&G Receives 2 Busses 
1954 April 22 Gilbert G. Scruton news Sophomore Killed in Traffic Accident 
1954 April 22 Frances Kramer news College Alumna Presents American Ballad Program 
1954 April 22 Tuition, Dining Hall news College Raises Tuition, Dining Hall Rates 
1954 April 22 Donna Morgan news Morgan Wins Baby Contest 
1954 April 22 Student Union news SU Displays Navajo Exhibit 
1954 April 22 Ron Chase sports Out of Bounds 
1954 April 22 Track sports Outdoor Track Opens at Drake Relays 
1954 April 22 golf sports Linksmen Host Navy Pier in Opener 
1954 April 22 Baseball sports Baseballers Meet Augie in Home Tilt 
1954 April 22 baseball sports Crusaders Win Two, Lose Five in South 
1954 April 22 tennis sports Netmen Invade Elmhurst, North Central 
1954 April 22 soccer sports New Soccer League Starts Play May 4 
1954 April 29 Walter V. Kaulfers front page Kaulfers Speaks on Language Importance 
1954 April 29 Alumni gym front page Businessmen Push Gym Expansion 
1954 April 29 Frances Whitlock Kramer front page note 
1954 April 29 Grace Lindberg front page Lindberg Performs Bronte's Jane Eyre 
1954 April 29 Character scholarships front page College Sponsors Character Scholarships 
1954 April 29 Glee club front page Men's Glee Stages "Make Believe" 
1954 April 29 Student Council front page Three Vie for SC President 
1954 April 29 WRA front page WRA Hosts Playday 
1954 April 29 athletics front page Synthescope Discusses Pro Athletics 
1954 April 29 chapel editorial A Foolish Controversy 
1954 April 29 chapel letters to the editor Letters... 
1954 April 29 chapel news Chapel Slate 
1954 April 29 Eugene M. Harrison news Harrison Publishes Book 
1954 April 29 Seminary Club news Seminary Club Holds Panel on Inspiration 
1954 April 29 skating news Students Skate in Maywood 
1954 April 29 Marian Fesmire news Fesmire Gives Piano Recital 
1954 April 29 Lits news Knights Present Mutiny Film 
1954 April 29 World Relief news Juniors Top Relief Drive 
1954 April 29 Oratory contest news Announce Oratory Contest 
1954 April 29 summer scholarships news Bachtel, Siml Receive Scholarships 
1954 April 29 Ron Chase sports Out of Bounds 
1954 April 29 sports sports Sports-shorts 
1954 April 29 baseball sports Crusaders Drop Twinball to Augustana 
1954 April 29 Golf sports Golfers Trim Aurora; Bow to Pier, 'Kalb 
1954 April 29 Track sports Millikin Upsets Tracksters 
1954 April 29 Tennis sports Wheaton Netmen Absorb Two Losses 
1954 April 29 tennis sports Women Netters Trounce Chicago 
1954 May 6 Dick Ploth and Paul Riemann front page Ploth, Riemann State Platforms for 1954-55 Student Council Prexy 
1954 May 6 David H. Adeney front page Missionary Emphasis Week Begins Monday 
1954 May 6 Ruth Diller front page Ruth Diller Performs Senior Recital 
1954 May 6 Qualifications for Selective Service front page Draft Deferment Qualifications Outlined 
1954 May 6 WETN front page MacDonald Heads WETN 
1954 May 6 Women's Glee front page Women's Glee Sings "Portraits In Song" 
1954 May 6 John H. Fadenrecht front page Facult Changes and Additions Announced by Fadenrecht 
1954 May 6 Myra Koppin news Koppin Relates Experiences in Biblelands 
1954 May 6 new car regulation news College Revamps Car Per 
1954 May 6 news briefs news Tower Editor Announce Staff Selections 
1954 May 6 Jim Orr letters to the editor Letters 
1954 May 6 Gospel Heralds news Gospel Heralds To Tour West Coast 
1954 May 6 Dick McKinney news Old Ads Depict Wheaton of Flapper Days 
1954 May 6 Michael Hemans news  Hemans Plays Vierne's Carillon 
1954 May 6 academic freedom editorial Academic Freedom 
1954 May 6 R. E. Nicholas letter to the editor Letters... 
1954 May 6 Dave Edman news Barzun Analyzes the American Teacher 
1954 May 6 Paul McCann news Discovery' Sets Pace in Literary Scene 
1954 May 6 Ian Cook  news Kaulfers Discusses Linquistic Necessity 
1954 May 6 George Calloway news Morris Replaces Calloway 
1954 May 6 Ron Chase sports Out of Bounds 
1954 May 6 Dave Erlandson sports Tracksters Score at Beloit 
1954 May 6 tennis sports Women Net Team Edges North Central 
1954 May 6 tennis sports Net Squad Tromps DeKalb 
1954 May 6 baseball sports Baseballers Oppose Pier, Two CCI Foes 
1954 May 6 intramurals sports Intramurals 
1954 May 6 golf sports Golfers Blast Lake Forest; Lose To Tech 
1954 May 6 baseball sports Bombers Nudge Elgin 4-5; Slaughter O'Hare AFB 23-3 
1954 May 6 soccer sports Spring Boosters Down Oak Park Shamrocks 
1954 May 6 track sports Bomber Track Team Rolls Over Concordia 
1954 May 6 WRA sports WRA Hosts Four Schools in Play Day 
1954 May 6 Billy Graham sports Bene, Meyer Spark Baseballers Rally for Split in Wesleyan Twinbill 
1954 May 6 pink parade news Record Previews "Honeymoon in Hawaii" 
1954 May 13 Paul Riemann front page Riemann Wins SC Election 
1954 May 13 Annemarie Gerts front page Gerts Sings Schuman in Recital 
1954 May 13 David Adeney front page Adeney Emphasizes Pioneer Experience 
1954 May 13 Junior-Senior Party front page Junior-Senior Party Begins Activities 
1954 May 13 Choir Concert front page Allen Directs Annual Choir Concert 
1954 May 13 Eleanor Emmans, Carl Picklo front page Emmans, Picklo Present Joint Recital 
1954 May 13 Harold R. Price front page Cadet Captian Price Earns DAR Award 
1954 May 13 Tiffany Lectures front page Tiffany Lectures Receive Grant 
1954 May 13 rumors editorial With Malicious Intent 
1954 May 13 Stupe letters to the editor Letters... 
1954 May 13 chapel news Chapel Slate 
1954 May 13 Communism editorial Words from Publius 
1954 May 13 Examinations news Examination Schedule 
1954 May 13 Gym news Community Pledges Gifts for Gym Expansion 
1954 May 13 Orchestra news Orchestra Gives Tschaikovsky Concerto 
1954 May 13 Grad school news Grads Plan Banquet 
1954 May 13 Foreign Missions Fellowship news FMF holds Coke Hour 
1954 May 13 Home Economics news Hold Fashion Show 
1954 May 13 West Suburban news Nurses Dine in Hinsdale 
1954 May 13 Food service news Food Service Workers Skate 
1954 May 13 V. Raymond Edman news Prexy Heads Subcommittee 
1954 May 13 Wheaton Academy news Academy Choir Honored 
1954 May 13 baseball sports Davies Hurls 1-0 No-hitter Over Cardinals 
1954 May 13 track sports Hanchett, Moriya Win Firsts in Relays 
1954 May 13 Tennis sports Women Netters Blank Chicago Teachers 6-0 
1954 May 13 baseball sports Baseballers Meet Millikin; Pier Illini 
1954 May 13 Ron Chase sports Out of Bounds 
1954 May 13 golf sports Golfers Beat Jays; Lose to Glenview 
1954 May 13 Tennis sports Netmen Blast Lake Forest; Bow to Pier 
1954 May 20 Ted Seelye front page Seelye Narrates "Darkness at Noon" 
1954 May 20 Concert Band front page Concert Band Spends "Evening in Hawaii" 
1954 May 20 Carl Armerding front page Armerding Elected Mission President 
1954 May 20 sophomore class president front page Cox, Hanchett, Voss Seek Top Soph Office 
1954 May 20 Mary Gae Huizenga, Owen Munk front page Juniors Give Joint Recital 
1954 May 20 Freshman retreat front page Frosh Follow Henry VI's Pudsey Retreat 
1954 May 20 Edwin Hollatz front page Hollatz Heads Grad S.C. 
1954 May 20 Music faculty front page Music Faculty Gives Exchange Concert 
1954 May 20 communism editorial Practical Preparedness 
1954 May 20 Wheaton editorial Cross-Section 
1954 May 20 Chapel news Chapel Slate 
1954 May 20 Bill McCall, Tom Byron news Byron, McCall Seek Senior Presidency 
1954 May 20 Cold War, Duncan Lowe editorial Ratiocination 
1954 May 20 Donald Boardman news Advising Duties Reveal Boardman Genious 
1954 May 20 Tower news Tower Due June 3 
1954 May 20 Faculty picnic news Faculty Plans Picnic 
1954 May 20 Ron Oswald sports Out of Bounds 
1954 May 20 CCI sports Wheaton Hosts CCI Meets 
1954 May 20 Intramurals sports Intramurals 
1954 May 20 baseball sports Crusaders Meet Elmhurst Today 
1954 May 20 Tennis sports Netmen Divide Pair 
1954 May 20 track sports Bomber Thinclads Win Invitation 
1954 May 20 baseball sports Pfundmen Win 2; Lose 2 
1954 May 20 baseball sports B-Baseballers Lose Twice 
1954 May 20 track sports Doddsmen Top Chanute AB 
1954 May 27 Bob Ecklund front page Former Wheatonite Tells Experiences as First Year Medical Student 
1954 May 27 ROTC, Stephen A. Woodruff, Richard L. Holt front page Woodruff, Holt Recieve ROTC Awards 
1954 May 27 Track front page Students Fail to Reach Track Goal by $2500 
1954 May 27 Chemistry building front page Set Bid Date for New Chemistry Building 
1954 May 27 Harold J. Ockenga front page Ockenga Addresses Seniors 
1954 May 27 WETN front page WETN Station Manager Names Staff 
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