Index to the Record, 1953 (September)-1953 (December)

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DateSubject (Personal Name or Topic)Column or SectionTopic or Title
1953 September 17 new faculty members front page Wheaton Gains Eight New Faculty Members 
1953 September 17 Wheaton's social program and its problems front page SC Discusses Social Program at Retreat; Names 3 to faculty-Council Committee 
1953 September 17 Rev. Robert Orner front page Soph Dies In Accident 
1953 September 17 "Contrary Winds" front page Inter-lit Shows Film 
1953 September 17 New Students front page Wheaton Admits 608 New Students 
1953 September 17 Reception for New Students front page Profs Greet Newcomers 
1953 September 17 Campus Forum Speakers front page Stevenson May Speak Here 
1953 September 17 freshman initiation front page Frosh Bend Knees to '56 
1953 September 17 Peter Veltman front page Record Sponsors Journalism Class 
1953 September 17 James Smith editorial Victim of "The Rut" 
1953 September 17 The Improvement in Registration Process editorial Congratulations 
1953 September 17 Current National and Foreign Affairs news Have You Heard... Ike Must Make Two Key Appointment 
1953 September 17 Roger Coon '52 letters to the editor Letters... No Housing for Two Frosh 
1953 September 17 Frosh-Soph Activities news Sophs Prove Slippery Customers 
1953 September 17 Storage Permits news Deans' Office Issues Storage permits 
1953 September 17 the Removal of Maranatha news B & G Retires Maranatha 
1953 September 17 Faculty Retreat news Faculty Holds Annual Fall Retreat 
1953 September 17 Recording Chapel Messages by Dave Kay news New Group Prints Chapel Messages 
1953 September 17 Book Sale news Book Sale Continues 
1953 September 17 Women's Recreational Association news WRA plans Howdy Hike 
1953 September 17 Football sports Crusader Backs Strong; Open Afainst Kazoo here 
1953 September 17 crosscountry team sports Four Lettermen Spark Dodds Harriers 
1953 September 17 Jack Berman sports The Word 
1953 September 17 soccer team sports Booters Face Tough Schedule In Midwest Conference Fight 
1953 September 17 pep squad sports Pep Squad Needs 6 
1953 September 24 Student Council front page Council Sends Suggestions to Food Service Director 
1953 September 24 James Franzen front page Junior Wins $500 Chem Scholarship 
1953 September 24 West Suburban front page Aurora & Elgin Cuts Service; Faces Pending Court Appeal 
1953 September 24 West Suburban front page West Sub Caps 14 
1953 September 24 Richard Seume front page Seume Leads Fall Services 
1953 September 24 New Lawson Field front page New Lawson Receives Electric Scoreboard 
1953 September 24 Christian Council, Sunday schools front page Tour Six Sunday Schools 
1953 September 24 WETN front page INS Teletype Brings News to WETN 
1953 September 24 Parent's Day front page Invite Parents Oct. 17 
1953 September 24 publications editorial We Rest Our Case 
1953 September 24 Democrats, United Nations, Vijaya Lakshmi Pandit, Korea editorial Cheese's Comments: Stevenson Still Heads Democratic Party 
1953 September 24 dining hall news Begin Candles, Music Tomorrow 
1953 September 24 WAA, WRA news WRA Lowers Bars for Members 
1953 September 24 '54 Retreats news Class of '54 Retreats 
1953 September 24 Debate team news Debaters to Argue "Free Trade" 
1953 September 24 Chapel news Chapel Slate 
1953 September 24 Student Council book sale news Sale Grosses $1002 
1953 September 24 Christian Education news Christian Ed. Fellowship meets 
1953 September 24 lits news Knights Try Chicken Thief 
1953 September 24 Student Union news Union Plans 1st Coffee Hour 
1953 September 24 sophomores, freshmen news Sophs Judge '57 Tonight 
1953 September 24 V. Raymond Edman news Edman Speaks at Conference 
1953 September 24 Jack Berman sports The Word 
1953 September 24 cheerleaders sports Cheerleaders Plan Pre-Kazoo Rally 
1953 September 24 football sports Crusaders Open Here against Kalamazoo Hornets Revert to Single-Wing Format 
1953 September 24 intramurals sports Plan Intramurals for Cross-Country, Golf 
1953 October 1 Class Picnics front page Three Classes Hold Picnics Saturday 
1953 October 1 WETN front page WETN Airs Tech Game 
1953 October 1 Tower front page Tower Plans Recording 
1953 October 1 Moody Science Films front page College Shows New Science Movie 
1953 October 1 Dining Hall front page "No More Economy Lines" Food Service Promises 
1953 October 1 Richard Seume front page Seume Recalls College Days at Wheaton 
1953 October 1 ICC front page Commuter's Group Fights ICC Order 
1953 October 1 Student Union front page SU Chooses Pott to MC at Banquet 
1953 October 1 college directories front page College Prints Directories 
1953 October 1 Mabel Dodds news '76 Grad Becomes Oldest Alumna in U.S. 
1953 October 1 Language Lab news Modern Language Lab Opens in W417 
1953 October 1 Homecoming news Homecoming Plans Under Way 
1953 October 1 Kodon news Kodon Features Frosh 
1953 October 1 Wheaton Academy Centennial news Academy Celebrates Centennial Year 
1953 October 1 Parent's Day news Parent's Day Features Campus Life 
1953 October 1 Medical bills news $5.25 Pays Medical Bills 
1953 October 1 Messiah news Allen Leads Messiah 
1953 October 1 Freshmen news Frosh Reminisce on Coming to Wheaton 
1953 October 1 housing, deans news Cancellations Complicate Housing Arrangements of Assistant Deans 
1953 October 1 Chapel news Chapel Slate 
1953 October 1 Hub news College Converts "Hub" to Party Room 
1953 October 1 Student Council news Student Council Presents Questionnaire 
1953 October 1 grade point averages editorial 2.95 is Not Enough 
1953 October 1 Wheaton news Your Fourth Dimension 
1953 October 1 Korean War, Chicago editorial Cheese's Comments: Two Reds Flee Iron Curtain for Liberty 
1953 October 1 V. Raymond Edman news Prexy Tours Holy Land, Southern Europe; Views Probable Site of Christ's Tomb 
1953 October 1 ROTC news 385 Students Enroll in RTOC Courses 
1953 October 1 staff news 14 Join College Staff 
1953 October 1 Chemistry, Bernard A. Nelson news Chem Society Names Nelson to Post 
1953 October 1 Coca Cola news No Cokes for Pro Team 
1953 October 1 MSC letters to the editor Letters... 
1953 October 1 Chapel, Mimeographs news Group Promises to Mimeograph Chapel Messages Within 10 Days 
1953 October 1 artist series news Duo-Pianists Open Artist Series Oct. 17 
1953 October 1 Physical Education news Phys Ed Girls Plan Camp Out at Duncan 
1953 October 1 Library news Library Acquires Lincoln Anthology 
1953 October 1 Wheaton news City Plans Referendum 
1953 October 1 West Suburban news 57 Nurses Graduate 
1953 October 1 Physical Educatin news Gym Classes Add Activities 
1953 October 1 soccer sports Booters Face Earlham at Old Lawson 
1953 October 1 football sports Doddsmen Oppose Irish in Season's Opening Meet 
1953 October 1 intramurals sports IM Football Schedule Begins Monday 
1953 October 1 Physical Education sports Phys Ed Majors Hold First Meeting 
1953 October 1 soccer sports Booters Beat Morton 3-0 
1953 October 1 Jack Berman sports The Word 
1953 October 1 football sports Crusaders Take Kazoo 33-0 
1953 October 1 football sports Bombers Defeat Wilson, 12-0; McCall Leads Backfield Attack 
1953 October 1 sunday school news Suffer the Little Children... 
1953 October 8 Joe Cosgrove front page Cosgrove Leads Burial 
1953 October 8 Record front page ACP Rates Record First Class Paper 
1953 October 8 campus forum front page CF Shows DuPont Film, Tech Game 
1953 October 8 Community Day front page Council Abolishes Community Day 
1953 October 8 All-school banquet front page Medieval English Tournament Hall Sets Stage for Student Union Autumn Banquet 
1953 October 8 Homecoming front page Concert Opens Homecoming Slate 
1953 October 8 Science building front page Wright Reveals Plans for Science Building 
1953 October 8 Tower front page Election News: Five Sophs Seek '55 Tower Editorship 
1953 October 8 Hiatt Hall front page Firemen Extinguish Blaze 
1953 October 8 Barbara Scott front page Sophs Elect Scott to SC 
1953 October 8 Record editorial The 4-Page Broadcaster 
1953 October 8 Student assembly editorial In Brief 
1953 October 8 Baseball, Earl Warren, Joseph McCarthy editorial Cheese's Comments: Warren Gets Court Post; Yankees Win 
1953 October 8 Joseph Free, Holy Lands news Free Expedition Unearths Skeleton, Three Jugs from 2000 B.C. Dothan 
1953 October 8 Karl Steele news Steele to Illustrate Talk on Painting 
1953 October 8 Chapel news Chapel Slate 
1953 October 8 Geology news Geologists Take Field Trip 
1953 October 8 Parents' Day news Parents View Push-Ball 
1953 October 8 Foreign Missions Fellowship news Missions Fellowship Plans Social 
1953 October 8 Lits news Knights Camp-Out at State Park 
1953 October 8 Bible Department news Bible Majors Plan Party 
1953 October 8 football sports  Wheaton Blanks Tech 29-0 
1953 October 8 track sports Harriers Take Notre Dame 
1953 October 8 Jack Berman sports The Word 
1953 October 8 soccer sports Booters Edged In Conference Game 2-1 
1953 October 8 Women's Recreation Association  sports WRA Offers Field Hockey, Archery 
1953 October 15 Parents' Day front page College Traditions to Highlight Parents' Day 
1953 October 15 concert cancellation  front page Pianists Cancel Concert 
1953 October 15 Sen. Everett Dirksen front page Dirksen Opens Lecture Series Nov. 9 
1953 October 15 V. Raymond Edman front page Prexy Urges Neat Campus 
1953 October 15 students' vote front page Students Vote Yes for Self Bussing 
1953 October 15 beard and mustache growin contest front page Roth Announces Beard Contest 
1953 October 15 Austin Hale and Bob Wertz front page Hale, Wertz Move Into Tower Editor Finals 
1953 October 15 Wheaton college alumni's birth rate front page Wheaton Tops Greenville in Baby Contest, 2.29-2.25 
1953 October 15 movie "Robin Hood" front page SU Banquet Features Disney's "Robin Hood" 
1953 October 15 Romans 14 editorial Applying Romans 14 
1953 October 15 Dave Chesebrough voices Trieste Area Flares Into Tension Point 
1953 October 15 Frank H. Bellinger letters to the editor Letters... 
1953 October 15 Jane Hindman news 715 Take Linen Service 
1953 October 15 Lit news news Alumnus Presents Youth Missions Talk 
1953 October 15 Sydney Harris news Syd Harris Speaks in Wheaton 
1953 October 15 V. Raymond Edman news Veltman To Sponsor College Magazine 
1953 October 15 Bob Palmer news Ed Fellowship Elects Palmer President 
1953 October 15 Tom Askew news Tom Askew Improves 
1953 October 15 twelve Wheaton journalists news College Journalists Attend ACP Confab 
1953 October 15 Albert Nichols news  Draft Test Given Here Nov. 19 
1953 October 15 William Seath  news Seath Teaches Course For Personal Workers 
1953 October 15 Char Gregar news Student Union Intergrates Social Activities 
1953 October 15 U. S. Marine band news Marine Band Gives Two Concerts Here 
1953 October 15 Liaison Group  news Liaison Group Meets 
1953 October 15 Howard H. Classen news Classen Experiments At Atomic Energy Lab 
1953 October 15 Frank Neuberg news Chapel Slate 
1953 October 15 W Club  news W Club to Order new Style Jackets 
1953 October 15 ROTC news ROTC Forms Drill Platoon 
1953 October 15 Clarence L. Nystrom news Nystrom To Preside At Speech Conference 
1953 October 15 Jack Berman sports The Word 
1953 October 15 Wheaton Stymies Desperation Passing; Elmhurst Game Opens Quest for CCI Title sports Crusaders Edge Western 
1953 October 15 football sports Bombers Down Prison Team, 8-0 
1953 October 15 cross-country sports Dodds Team Faces Canadian Champs 
1953 October 15 PE news Phys Ed Majors Learn Camping Skills 
1953 October 15 Intramurals sports Intramurals 
1953 October 15 soccer sports Chicagoans, Soccer Crusaders Tie in Non-Conference Match Saturday 
1953 October 22 Library front page Student Council Approves Return to Monitor System in Library 
1953 October 22 Pep Rally front page Hold Pep Rally 
1953 October 22 Student Union front page Student Body Elects New SU Members 
1953 October 22 Student Union Banquet front page Banquet Program Includes Hohm, Film 
1953 October 22 dining hall front page Student Opinion Divided on Self-Bussing 
1953 October 22 Marine Band, William Santelmann front page Santelmann Directs Marine Band; Play Beethoven, Wagner, Rodgers 
1953 October 22 enrollment front page Enrollment Figure Tops 1700 Mark 
1953 October 22 Wheaton front page Town Population Rises to 15,986 
1953 October 22 student body responsibility editorial Student Responsibility 
1953 October 22 Record letters to the editor University Student Prefers Record 
1953 October 22 Democrats, Joseph McCarthy, Palestine editorial Cheese's Comments: Democrats Win Test in House Election 
1953 October 22 Austin Hale, Carlton Farley, Tower news Hale, Farley Head '56 Tower Staff 
1953 October 22 Honors Convocation front page Class of '56 Wins Trophy 
1953 October 22 WETN, grad school news Grads Plan Radio Series 
1953 October 22 Lits news Phils Schedule Surprise Program 
1953 October 22 Seniors, personality testing news Seniors Take Test 
1953 October 22 Stalin, Russia news "Russian Government Weak" - Gilmore 
1953 October 22 Speech, Homecoming news Speech Recital to Open Homecoming 
1953 October 22 Reading Clinic news Chicago School Offers Reading Clinic 
1953 October 22 chapel news Chapel Slate 
1953 October 22 football sports Crusaders Win; Meet Foresters Saturday 
1953 October 22 John Berman sports The World of Sports 
1953 October 22 cross country sports Harriers Take Buffalo State, Ontario 
1953 October 22 football sports Wright Tops Bombers 
1953 October 22 soccer sports Wheaton Whips Roosevelt Booters 
1953 October 22 football sports Burnham Ready for Key Clash 
1953 October 29 Homecoming front page "Tower Bell" Schedule 
1953 October 29 homecoming front page Program Depicts Past of Tower Bell 
1953 October 29 homecoming front page Campus Dresses Up for Homecoming 
1953 October 29 Dining hall front page SC Polls Students on Self-Bussing 
1953 October 29 Business forum front page Businessmen Convene for Seminars 
1953 October 29 football front page Wheaton, North Central Vie for "Little Brass Bell" 
1953 October 29 dining hall front page College Abandons Economy Tickets 
1953 October 29 Chemistry Building front page College Breaks Ground for Chem Building 
1953 October 29 alumni news Alumni Perform in Band Concert 
1953 October 29 V. Raymond Edman news Edman Addresses Alumni Chapel 
1953 October 29 Homecoming news Homecoming Celebrates Thirtieth Birthday 
1953 October 29 Lits news Lits Feature Alumni 
1953 October 29 Cheerleading news Cheerleaders Stage Rally for Key Tilt 
1953 October 29 physics news Cook to Show Short Wave Radio 
1953 October 29 Foreign Missions Fellowship, Library news FMF Plans Library Display 
1953 October 29 Kodon news Kodon Wins 1st Class 
1953 October 29 publications news Students Pay $45 Per Semester for Free Tower, Other Services 
1953 October 29 Wheaton College news College to Appear on TV Program 
1953 October 29 Navy news Recruiter Visits Campus 
1953 October 29 World Relief news World Relief Schedules Three Drives for Year 
1953 October 29 Choralaires news Benjamin Directs New Gospel Team 
1953 October 29 Gabe Bohley news Wanderlust Leads Bohley to Parkbench in Alaska 
1953 October 29 WRA news WRA Sells Mums 
1953 October 29 activities news News Briefs: Group Plans Party for Children of Grads 
1953 October 29 college editorial Time - A Fleeting Gem 
1953 October 29 Homecoming editorial Memories and Bonfires 
1953 October 29 homecoming, Korea, Communism, Taxes editorial Cheese's Comments: Anti-Red Prisoners Refuse Homecoming 
1953 October 29 homecoming news Preachers Relate Antics During Undergraduate Days 
1953 October 29 Homecoming news Three Classes Meet 
1953 October 29 Dothan, Joseph P. Free news Free Shows Dothan Film 
1953 October 29 Pakistan, United Nations news Pakistan's UN Delegate to Speak at Wheaton 
1953 October 29 Field representatives news Field Reps. Meet 
1953 October 29 Chapel, Eugene A. Nida news Nida Brings Chapel Series 
1953 October 29 teacher-training program news College Entertains Educators 
1953 October 29 babysitting news Committee Offers Babysitting Service 
1953 October 29 football sports Snyder, Davies Lead '53 Crusader Team 
1953 October 29 cross country sports Doddsmen Lose First Meet 
1953 October 29 football sports Feuding Brothers Start Rivalry for Century-Old Brass Bell 
1953 October 29 Charles Schoenherr sports Ex-Crusader Returns to Coach Backfield 
1953 October 29 Homecoming sports issue Gridmen Trip Lake Forest 
1953 October 29 Jack Berman sports issue The World of Sports 
1953 October 29 homecoming sports issue Sportsmanship Par Excellence 
1953 October 29 football sports issue LeSalle Swamps B Team 
1953 October 29 soccer sports issue Booters Triumph in Conference Test 
1953 October 29 homecoming photo spread Wheaton Homecoming... 
1953 November 5 Artist series front page Duo-Pianists Open Artist Series 
1953 November 5 Student council activities board front page Council Passes Legislation to Establish Activities, Elections, Honor Committees 
1953 November 5 Wheaton front page Wheaton Residents Favor Rezoning 
1953 November 5 Harold S. Bender, History front page Plan History Lecture 
1953 November 5 Sophomore class front page Sophomore Display Wins Decorations Competition 
1953 November 5 Enoch C. Dyrness, Mignon B. MacKenzie front page Dryness, MacKenzie Win Alumni Awards 
1953 November 5 West Suburban front page Flash! 
1953 November 5 Campus Forum, Evereett Dirksen front page Forum Presents Dirksen 
1953 November 5 Tower front page ACP Awards Tower All-American Rating 
1953 November 5 Tower front page Tower to Continue Socials 
1953 November 5 Breyer Chemistry building front page Prexy Digs In! 
1953 November 5 West Suburban front page To Hear Commuter's Appeal 
1953 November 5 United fund editorial A Campus Chest 
1953 November 5 Democrats, GOP, Dirksen editorial Cheese's Comments: Off-Year Electiosn Show Trend to Dems 
1953 November 5 Chapel, Nida letters to the editor Commends Dr. Nida 
1953 November 5 alumni, Franklin Olson news Alumni Install New National Director 
1953 November 5 Merrill C. Tenney news Tenney to Give Reading 
1953 November 5 ROTC news ROTC Drill Team Performs 
1953 November 5 Chapel news Chapel Slate 
1953 November 5 Inter-Lits news Inter-Lit to Show "Second Chance" 
1953 November 5 Korea news Truce Ends Blood Need 
1953 November 5 Belts news Belts Hold 3000th Session 
1953 November 5 Kenneth Kantzer news Kantzer Lectures at U of Michigan 
1953 November 5 Russell Mixter, evolution news Mixter Speaks on "Evolution" 
1953 November 5 Jack Berman sports The World of Sports 
1953 November 5 Cross country sports Loyola Harriers Edge Doddsmen, 9-12 
1953 November 5 Intramurals sports Intramurals 
1953 November 5 Alumni sports Alumni Win 15-7 
1953 November 5 football sports Crusaders Swamp North Central, 53-20; Add Sixth Straight to Wheaton Record 
1953 November 5 soccer sports Booters Meet Chicago U 
1953 November 12 Library front page Library Problem Heads Student Assembly Agenda 
1953 November 12 Student union activities front page Weekend Activities Point to Chicago 
1953 November 12 Don Yohe front page Yohe Wins Election 
1953 November 12 Harold S. Bender front page Bender Speaks on Ana-Baptist Movement 
1953 November 12 Tune Tangle front page '54 Seeks Third Tune Tangle Crown 
1953 November 12 V. Raymond Edman front page Prexy Improves 
1953 November 12 Senator Dirksen front page Dirksen Claims Freedom Keeps U.S. in "King Row" 
1953 November 12 Pep Rally front page Pep Rally Tomorrow 
1953 November 12 Basketball front page College to Open Sale of Basketball Tickets 
1953 November 12 Craft Shop front page Craft Shop Prepares for Christmas Rush 
1953 November 12 Eugene Nida editorial Cloistered Students 
1953 November 12 Dirksen, Christianity, culture editorial Cheese's Comments: Vacant Seats Greet Senatorial Lecturer 
1953 November 12 Chapel news Chapel Slate 
1953 November 12 Artist Series news Artist Series Presents Violinist 
1953 November 12 World Relief news World Relief to Open Annual CARE Drive 
1953 November 12 Clyde Kilby news Kilby Shows Travel Film 
1953 November 12 Lits news Phils, Bows Hold Banquets in Chicago 
1953 November 12 Elementary schools news Principals Meet 
1953 November 12 Inter-Varsity news Wheaton Plays Host to IVCF Conference 
1953 November 12 William C. Tenney news Tenney Participates in Wayne Conference 
1953 November 12 Sunday school front page Sunday Schools Assist in Youth Rallies 
1953 November 12 football sports Valpo Trips Wheaton; 32-0 
1953 November 12 intramurals sports Intramurals 
1953 November 12 football sports Gridders Face Big Blue 
1953 November 12 John Berman news The World of Sports 
1953 November 12 cross country sports Moriya Wins Invitational; Wheaton Places Second 
1953 November 12 soccer sports Booters Edge Chicago, 1-0 
1953 November 19 Nathan Milestein front page Artist Series Presentrs Nathan Milstein; Critic Hails Violinist As Master Vitruoso  
1953 November 19 Election of Record Editor front page Council Votes To Question Candidates 
1953 November 19 a Remedial Reading Course front page Wheaton Offers New Reading Course 
1953 November 19 Record Staff Party front page Recorders Plan Party 
1953 November 19 3rd annual Tune Tangle Contest front page Classes Tangle in Songfest 
1953 November 19 Annual History Department Lecture front page Historian Discusses Role of Ana-Baptists 
1953 November 19 Rev. George Sheffer front page College Names Sheffer Evangelistic Speaker 
1953 November 19 Record Dead Line editorial The Red Hands 
1953 November 19 DAve MacPherson letters to the editor Letters... 
1953 November 19 Republicans Pressing Hard on Truman editorial Cheese's Comments... 
1953 November 19 Collegian's Outlook on Draft Bringhtens news ACP NEws... 
1953 November 19 Atheletes' Annual Banquet news Atheletes Hold Fall Banquets 
1953 November 19 Tau Delts news Belts View Youth Film; Celts Hear Coach Coray 
1953 November 19 Forum Presents Government Film news News Vriefs 
1953 November 19 Zoology Class news Zoology Students Investigate Fruit Flies 
1953 November 19 Alumni Contribution news Alumni Contribute To Campus Activities 
1953 November 19 Don Yohe news Frosh prexy Yohe Takes Class Reins 
1953 November 19 Wheaton's ROTC Rifle Team news Rifle Squad Drops Match 
1953 November 19 Student Union Coffee Hour news SU Holds Coffee Hours 
1953 November 19 football sports Crusaders Cop CCI Title 
1953 November 19 John Berman sports The Word- Hail the Team 
1953 November 19 cross-country sports "INeligibility" Loses Meet 
1953 November 19 soccer sports Purdue Edges Booters 
1953 November 19 Wesleyan Bars Path to Second CCI Crown sports Vets Drill For Indoor Sports 
1953 November 19 Crusader Squad sports Seniors Start Last Tilt 
1953 November 19 football sports North Park Passing Sinks Bombers 
1953 November 19 basketball sports Intramurals 
1953 November 19 Wrestling sports Nine Grapplers Return face Rough Schedule 
1953 November 19 indoor track sports Freshmen Bolster Indoor Track Hopes 
1953 November 26 Thanksgiving Events front page FMF program Opens Thanksgiving Eventrs 
1953 November 19 List of Christmas Oratorio soloists' name front page Cording Names "Messiah" Soloists 
1953 November 26 We Thanks Thee Father front page On Thanksgiving Day 
1953 November 26 World Relief's fall CARE drive front page Relief CARE Package Drive Opens; Classes to Compete for Trophies 
1953 November 26 Crusader Basketball Ticket front page College Sells 1200 Season Tickets 
1953 November 26 Colored film on "Andient and Mdern Egypt" front page Prof Shows Egypt Films 
1953 November 26 Tune Tangle Winner front page Juniors' "Fanny Boy" Wins Tune Tangle 
1953 November 26 Muhamamed Zafrullah Khan, foreign minister of Pakistan front page Pakistan Delgate to UN Speaks Here 
1953 November 26 Dave Chesebrough voices Kidnappers Face Pre-Christmas Execution 
1953 November 26 John H. Fadenrecht letters to the editor Letters... 
1953 November 26 Thanksgiving baskets news Sophs Give 3 Baskets 
1953 November 26 Senior lit news 19 Apples for the Teacher 
1953 November 26 student union news SU Entertains Students On Thanksgiving Day 
1953 November 26 WETN  news WETN Airs Band Music 
1953 November 26 excavation news Excavation Begins For New Church 
1953 November 26 Roger Kvam and Paul Riemann news  Debaters Rate Superior in Tourney 
1953 November 26 Arthur F. Holmes news Chapel Slate 
1953 November 26 news briefs news Conservatory Schedules Duo - Piano Recital 
1953 November 26 Alexander Barmine news New-Book Shelf Features Non-Fiction 
1953 November 26 John Berman  sports The World of Sprots 
1953 November 26 basketball sports Moriya Take 5th Place in NCAA Meet; Harrier Win State Championship Again 
1953 November 26 Lee Pfund sports Cagers Host Beloit 
1953 November 26 Rog Meiners sports Crusaders Trample Navy Pier, 53-0 
1953 November 26 CCI coaches sports All-Conference Teams Include 8 Crusaders 
1953 November 26 basketball sports Intramurals 
1953 December 3 high school and college band front page Bands Unite for Concert 
1953 December 3 Paul Allen  front page Chorus to Sing Hadel's 'Messiah;' Paul Allen Makes Debut as Director 
1953 December 3 Sir Mohammed Zafrullah Khan front page Forum Presents Diplomat 
1953 December 3 IVCF conference front page Announce Schedule For IVCF Conference 
1953 December 3 Bill Jordan front page '54 Ends Tradition; Reveals Sneak Site 
1953 December 3 Dr. Merrill C. Tenney front page Tenney Shows Slides In Fourth Travelogue 
1953 December 3 WMBI news WMBI Soloists Sing At Christmas Songfest 
1953 December 3 Mary Nell Knight news Lectureship Draws Prof Around the Globe 
1953 December 3 Dr. Joseph P. Free news Dothan, USA, Seeks Excavation Relics 
1953 December 3 studnet council editorial Council Reclaims S U Election Power 
1953 December 3 Edmund Fox news Friends of Wheaton Die 
1953 December 3 having a party  news Yuletide Events Open With Class Parties 
1953 December 3 Jim Ney and Dave Stam news Ney, Stam To Contest For Record Editor 
1953 December 3 student union  news SU Plans Skating Party 
1953 December 3 ROTC rifle team news Rifle Team Triumphs 
1953 December 3 Santa's worshop news PE Majors Help Santa 
1953 December 3 Dave Chesebrough  voices Problem of Methods Faces Government 
1953 December 3 two proposals editorial What Are Your Chances? 
1953 December 3 Lowell Sykes news Music Profs Evaluate Jazz Idiom 
1953 December 3 Len Pearson news Inter-Lit Prexy Claims Lits Are Increasing 
1953 December 3 ROTC news ROTC Units Compete 
1953 December 3 Allace and Mrs. Woods news Wheatonites to Direct Indian Chilren's Home 
1953 December 3 Sword Of The Lord news Sword Of The Lord Plans Office Move 
1953 December 3 Donald S. Boardman news Boardman Lectures at Greenville 
1953 December 3 S. S. Vulcania news  40 Sign to Take Bible Lands Tour 
1953 December 3 Dr. John E. Luchies news Chapel Slate 
1953 December 3 Rog Meiners sports Pfundmen Drop Opener - Beloit Rally Tops Early Wheaton Lead; Pott Tallies 25 to Head Crusader Scorers 
1953 December 3 cross country  sports Steinkraus Breaks CYO Harrier Record 
1953 December 3 cross country  sports  Harriers Elect Wright Philips '54 Co-captain 
1953 December 3 Dick Helm and Tom Byron  sports Helm, Byron to Captain Crusaders 
1953 December 3 basketball sports Intramurlas 
1953 December 3 Bill Graham  sports Bombers Finish 2-5 Slate 
1953 December 3 John Berman  sports The World of Sports 
1953 December 3 Ron Chase sports 'Aga' Repairs Spent Athletes 
1953 December 3 WRA sports WRA Sponsors Basketball, Bowling 
1953 December 10 Ian Cook front page Khan Stresses Unity and Neutrality of Islam 
1953 December 10 Jim Ney front page CARE Drive Progresses Toward Dec. 15 Deadline 
1953 December 10 Eleanor Paulson front page Tableaus, Readings Tell Christmas Story 
1953 December 10 Chapel choir and Men's Glee club front page Choral Groups Present Chapel Programs 
1953 December 10 William Stratton front page Fovernor Eyes Commuter's Plight 
1953 December 10 Bill Jordan front page Record Publishes 'Extra' 
1953 December 10 Christmas editorial Dear Santa,  
1953 December 10 Dave Chesebrough voices In the World's Dark Hour, Is There Joy? 
1953 December 10 Christmas Seals news Christmas Seals Net $95 
1953 December 10 news briefs news 23 Write January Comps 
1953 December 10 Leland Forrest news Accrediting Association Sends Coordinator 
1953 December 10 Suzanne Brooks news Tropical Plants, Trees Fill Greenhouse 
1953 December 10 Paul Allen news 'Messiah' Presentation Draws Capacity Crowd 
1953 December 10 student council news SC Requests Earlier Summer Vacation 
1953 December 10 Ron Chase sports Crusaders Squeeze by Great Lakes, De Kalb 
1953 December 10 Larry Reiner sports Booters Produce 6 Wins; Name Clark '54 Captain 
1953 December 10 John Berman  sports The World of Sports 
1953 December 10 brief news sports Intramurals 
1953 December 10 Christmas front page 'Tis the Season to be Jolly 
1953 December 10 Christmas front page Each Land Has its Tradition But Everywhere its Christmas 
1953 December 10 Bill Jordan front page So This is Life... 
1953 December 10 Weather Bureau Promises Snow front page Jesus Christ Is Born 
1953 December 10 Richard Crashaw front page A Hymn of the Nativity 
1953 December 10 Cryptograms front page Letter Out 
1953 December 10 Inter-Varsity news Missionaries Address IVCF Sessions 
1953 December 10 David Stam, Record news News Briefs: Council Elects Stam Record Editor 
1953 December 10 Frank Neuberg, Merrill C. Tenney, Evangelical Theological Society news Theologians to Convene for 5th Annual Session 
1953 December 10 Letter out news Answers to Letter Out 
1953 December 10 basketball sports Crusaders Bow to Valparaiso in Overtime 
1953 December 10 sports sports Flash! 
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