Index to the Record, 1953 (January)-1953 (June)

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DateSubject (Personal Name or Topic)Column or SectionTopic or Title
1953 January 8 artist series front page String Ensemble Presents Fourth Artist Series Concert 
1953 January 8 Exams front page Examination Schedule 
1953 January 8 World Relief front page Students Give $2691 
1953 January 8 Dining hall front page This Place Has Atmosphere!: Students Welcome New Dining Hall Even Though Lines, Food are Same 
1953 January 8 Library front page Ruling Opens Library Room for Study During Meeting 
1953 January 8 ROTC front page ROTC Moves into North Hall Basement 
1953 January 8 WETN editorial Deplore Scarcity of Music 
1953 January 8 library editorial Can We Accept Freedom? 
1953 January 8 Bookstore voices Students Claim Bookstore Lacks Liberal Offering of Secular Works 
1953 January 8 Churchill, Europe, Eisenhower news Kvammentary 
1953 January 8 Kvammentary letters to the Editor Letters... 
1953 January 8 courses news College Introduces Three New Courses Next Semester 
1953 January 8 Lits news Bows to Sponsor "Fun Night" Party, Celts Feature Steele 
1953 January 8 S. Richey Kamm news Grant Biographer Confers with Prof 
1953 January 8 Chapel, John Rice news Chapel Slate 
1953 January 8 basketball sports Clobber Beloit, Ball State 
1953 January 8 basketball sports Flash! Cagers Take Elmhurst 97-65 
1953 January 8 Hockey sports Hockey Team Floods Rink 
1953 January 8 Dave Patterson sports Time Out! 
1953 January 8 wrestling sports Grapplers Face Auggies in Traditional Duel 
1953 January 15 outreach front page Skid Row Work Reaches Doctor, Drunkards, Would-be Theologians 
1953 January 15 Record front page Recorders to Hear Chicago Newsman 
1953 January 15 Symphony orchestra front page Symphony Plays after Lit 
1953 January 15 Library front page Students Discuss Library Conduct; Adopt Personal Responsibility Code 
1953 January 15 buildings and grounds front page Students Fail Fence Pledge 
1953 January 15 Harold Faulkner front page Faulkner Assumes Managerial Duties 
1953 January 15 NSA front page NSA Plans Freedom Walk 
1953 January 15 Grade Points front page Increase Bids Halt Grade Point Action 
1953 January 15 Grad school front page 25% of Grads in Advanced Study 
1953 January 15 Pep rally front page Joe Wants All Hands for Pep Rally 
1953 January 15 Campus Forum front page British Film, Desert Victory, Depicts Destruction of Rommel's Afrika Corps 
1953 January 15 Harold J. Ockenga, Evangelistic services news Ockenga Requests Student Prayer for Winter Services 
1953 January 15 Oratorio news Nordin to Conduct Oratorio "Elijah" 
1953 January 15 Christmas vacation news Officials Veto Thursday Off 
1953 January 15 Chicago news "A Great Place," Says Windy City Lover 
1953 January 15 Frank Green, Egypt news Dr Green Views Egyptian Education 
1953 January 15 ROTC news ROTC Forms Band 
1953 January 15 Cyril D. Garret news Trustees Appoint Garrett Principal 
1953 January 15 Chapel news Chapel Slate 
1953 January 15 Lits news Lits Hold Semester's Last Meeting; Celts See Cartoons 
1953 January 15 Exam week editorial Verbose Inflation Invades Campus 
1953 January 15 Bible Lands Cruise, Joseph P. Free news 48 Go to Palastine 
1953 January 15 Debate team news Debating Quartet Win 4, Lose One 
1953 January 15 Study Abroad news Want to Study Abroad? 
1953 January 15 education editorial Ideas are Exciting 
1953 January 15 Chicago Sun-Times, Wheaton College editorial The Sun-Times and us 
1953 January 15 WETN, Grant Hoatsen letters to the editor WETN Staffer Sees Possible Bright Future 
1953 January 15 GOP, Eisenhower editorial Kvammentary 
1953 January 15 WETN letters to the editor Letters... 
1953 January 15 student leisure news Spare Time and How Students Waste It 
1953 January 15 Lits news Lits Strive to Stay Unique 
1953 January 15 C. Nolan Huizenga news Judges Rate Pianist Huizenga First Place 
1953 January 15 wrestling sports Wrestling Line-Up Shuffled for Navy 
1953 January 15 intramurals sports Ping-Pong tourney Enters 2nd Place 
1953 January 15 basketball sports Loyola Frosh Hit Bombers, Win 68-63 
1953 January 15 Dave Patterson sports Time Out! 
1953 January 15 basketball sports Crusaders Sink Wesleyan, Wisconsin; Extend Winning Streak to Five Straight 
1953 January 15 Track sports Tracksters Train for Chicago Meet 
1953 January 15 Dick Gross sports 'Hooker' Gross Desires Coaching Job after Army Duty 
1953 February 5 Evangelistic Services, prayer day front page Boston Pastor Leads Mid-Winter Revival; College Changes Prayer Day to Thursday 
1953 February 5 Tower front page Yearbook Enlarges 
1953 February 5 Student attitude front page Students Attitude Improves 
1953 February 5 debate team front page Varsity Debaters Tour Southlands 
1953 February 5 Washington Banquet front page Stage WB in World's Largest Hotel 
1953 February 5 V. Raymond Edman, Liberia front page Prexy Recounts Flight over Sahara; Praises Delicious Native Cooking 
1953 January 15 V. Raymond Edman, Liberia letters to the editor From Liberia, Prexy's Word 
1953 February 5 Kodon front page College Gives No Decision on 'Tame' 
1953 February 5 Record editorial Ideas Need Words 
1953 February 5 nature editorial Astronomy or Poetry 
1953 February 5 courses letters to the editor Students Make Dry Courses 
1953 February 5 Eisenhower editorial Ike Gives the "Go Ahead" 
1953 February 5 Young Life news Young Life Reaches Unchurched Youth, Rayburn Tells How to Win Teen-agers 
1953 February 5 Draft news Students Face 1-A 
1953 February 5 Lits news All Lits Open 
1953 February 5 Visual Education news Visual Ed Moves to Eighth Location 
1953 February 5 Seventh Day Adventist, library news Wheaton Recieves Adventist Volumes 
1953 February 5 basketball sports Crusaders Extend Victory Streak to 10 Straight 
1953 February 5 Jack Berman sports The Word 
1953 February 5 sports sports 2nd Place Augies Shoot for CCI Lead 
1953 February 5 basketball sports Wheaton Tops CCI 
1953 February 5 basketball sports Crusaders Measure Calvin, Kazoo as Helm and Gross Defy Opposition 
1953 February 5 wrestling sports Grapplers Tie with DeKalb 
1953 February 12 Washington Banquet front page Council Subsidizes WB 
1953 February 12 Kenneth B. Landon front page Landon Talks on Far East 
1953 February 12 Campus Forum front page Forum Schedules Chalmers Lecture 
1953 February 12 Kodon front page Students to Receive Debated Kodon Issue; Controversy Settled by Publications Board 
1953 February 12 Ockenga front page Plan Question-Time 
1953 February 12 World Relief front page Dodds Leads Relief Drive 
1953 February 12 Ockenga front page A Groping Student Finds Christ: Ockenga Stresses Missionary Zeal 
1953 February 12 March of Dimes front page Students Give $150 
1953 February 12 Student council book sale front page Council Sells 630 Books in Used Sale 
1953 February 12 Ockenga editorial A Prayer for Today 
1953 February 12 Korea editorial World Spotlight 
1953 February 12 Registration letters to the editor "Revamp Registration!" 
1953 February 12 graduate school news Graduate School Plans Enlargement; Students Face Stiffened Requirements 
1953 February 12 Chapel news Chapel Slate 
1953 February 12 The Huddle news Smith Edits Huddle 
1953 February 12 Paul M. Wright news Wright to Attend Chemistry Confab 
1953 February 12 AEC Scholarships news AEC Offers Scholarships to Graduates 
1953 February 12 basketball sports Crusaders to Face Millikin in Season's Crucial clash 
1953 February 12 track sports Cookie Breaks 2 Records as Trackmen Tie Chicago 
1953 February 12 wrestling sports Normal Slaps Groaners for 3rd Loss, 17-13 
1953 February 12 Jack Berman sports The Word 
1953 February 30 Record-Faculty basketball front page An Open Letter 
1953 February 19 Washington Banquet front page Ticket Sales for WB Total 212 
1953 February 19 Don Gilchrist front page Gilchrist Gives Senior Voice Recital; Features Selections from Schumann 
1953 February 19 Exam Schedule, Ockenga front page Council Discusses Exam Schedule; Unable to Print Ockenga Message 
1953 February 19 Record, Sherwood Ebey front page Ebey Appoints Staffers 
1953 February 19 Telephones front page Phone Co. Presents Exhibit 
1953 February 19 Washington Banquet front page No More Lincoln Banquets: WB Changes Through 44 Years 
1953 February 19 Tiffany Memorial Lectures front page Landon Opens Tiffany Series 
1953 February 19 student union news Union Plans Talent Census, News Sheet, Typing Service 
1953 February 19 Grad Chapel news TV Program Director Speaks at Grad Chapel 
1953 February 19 ROTC news ROTC Band Forms 
1953 February 19 WAA news WAA - Cries for Attention 
1953 February 19 Ruth Diller news Pianist Diller Gives Recital 
1953 February 19 Ockenga news Ockenga Answers Questions 
1953 February 19 Washington Banquet, Coray news Coray to Present History of WB 
1953 February 19 outreach news Students Encounter Deafness, Senility in Personal Work with Old Folks 
1953 February 19 black hills news Quick Trip to Hills Makes Geologist; 'Doc' Wright Teaches There Each Year 
1953 February 19 V. Raymond Edman news Prexy Visits Peru 
1953 February 19 Washington Banquet editorial She Said Yes 
1953 February 19 Buildings and Grounds editorial In Brief... 
1953 February 19 Ockenga letters to the editor Blessing Should Continue 
1953 February 19 dining hall letters to the editor '55 Demands Justice 
1953 February 19 Bipartisanship editorial Douglas Asks for Bipartisanship 
1953 February 19 Selective Service test news Deadline for Test Applications Nears 
1953 February 19 NSA news Leftist Policy Denied by NSA Prexy 
1953 February 19 Lits news Present "Decision"; Belts Hear Records 
1953 February 19 Conservatory news Six Perform in Concert 
1953 February 19 Chamber music conert news Piltz Plans 4th Concert 
1953 February 19 'No-Doz' Pill news ACP News: No Go for No Doz on College Campuses 
1953 February 19 Dr. Raymond Ludwigson news Former Prof Speaks 
1953 February 19 Intramural Basketball sports Intramurals Fight for League Lead 
1953 February 19 Wheaton Bombers sports Bombers Win 79-60; Boost Record to18-5 
1953 February 19 Wrestling sports Matmen Defeat Beloit 20-6 
1953 February 19 Indoor Track sports Cookie Faces Kelly At Loyola Meet 
1953 February 19 Basketball sports Stretch Drive Sees Cagers At CCI Top 
1953 February 19 basketball sports Wheaton Defeats Big Blue: Pott Paces 96-85 Win Over Millikin; Crusaders to Meet Forester Squad 
1953 February 19 track sports Thinclads Enter "Big-Time" Trakers Join New Conference 
1953 February 19 basketball sports The Word: Gross Receives All-Star Bid 
1953 February 19 Wheaton Sports sports The Word: Whiter Wheaton Sports? 
1953 February 19 campus photos photos Wheatonites Off Guard 
1953 February 26 Barbara Eastment front page Eastment Gives Senior Recital; Features Bach, Recent Composers 
1953 February 26 Chicago Urban League front page Sociologists Visit Urban League Workshops 
1953 February 26 Faculty Accepts Challenge front page Faculty Accepts Challenge 
1953 February 26 Food service hours front page Food Service Lists Hours For meals 
1953 February 26 politics front page Letters Acclaim "If I Were Ike" 
1953 February 26 re-roofing of the Lemon front page A Sequel... 
1953 February 26 Debate front page Debate Squad Sweeps Tour; Views Sessions of Congress 
1953 February 26 Buildings and Grounds front page B&G Places Posts in Williston Drive 
1953 February 26 Junior-Senior Activities editorial Abolish "Activities" Unless 
1953 February 26 politics editorial World Spotlight 
1953 February 26 Student Council letters to the editor Letters... 
1953 February 26 Dorm Rules news Deans Tighten Dorm Rules 
1953 February 26 Dr. Kenneth Kantzer news Kantzer to Speak IVCF Dinner forum 
1953 February 26 banquet news Six Perform at West Sub 
1953 February 26 Dr. Carl Armerding news Amerding Speaks in Latin America 
1953 February 26 Dr. C.B. Eavey news Eavey Writes new Text On Education 
1953 February 26 Concert news Piltz plans Concert 
1953 February 26 Roller Skating Party news Union Plans Skating Party, Movies 
1953 February 26 Dr. Charles Ferguson news Chapel Slate 
1953 February 26 song leading class news Teach Song Leading 
1953 February 26 Recital news Headley Gives Recital 
1953 February 26 basketball sports Crusaders Down Foresters; Clinch Tie For CCI Crown 
1953 February 26 Wrestling sports Wrestler Top. 500 Mark 
1953 February 26 intramural sports Minors Lead A League 
1953 February 26 Wheaton Invitational sports The Word 
1953 February 26 track sports Loyola Takes Doddmen at Chicago 
1953 March 5 Slective Service front page Selective Service Threatens Fewer College Deferments 
1953 March 5 Moody Bible Institute Students front page MBI Students Come for Sport Night 
1953 March 5 Arthur Glasser front page Glasser Talks On Missions 
1953 March 5 Kodon front page Kodon Sells 133 Extras 
1953 March 5 ROTC front page 29 Register For Senior ROTC Plan 
1953 March 5 the week of sharing program front page Fah Asks for Books 
1953 March 5 student council front page SC Hears Proposal to drop Administrative Functions 
1953 March 5 Trial Dining Hall Hours front page Trial Hours Fail; Lines Open at 5:20 
1953 March 5 Johnann Yang front page Strings Play Yang's Work 
1953 March 5 Student Council editorial Abolish "Activities" Nooo! 
1953 March 5 Cold War, Stalin editorial World Spotlight 
1953 March 5 student assembly letters to the editor Letters... 
1953 March 5 Inter-Lit Society news Inter-Lit Society Shows Two Films 
1953 March 5 General Association of Regular Baptists news GARB Plan Meeting 
1953 March 5 South-East Asia, Tiffany Lectures news South-East Asia a Crossroads - Landon 
1953 March 5 Washington Banquet news Wheatonites Invade Hilton; Enjoy Dreamy Atmosphere 
1953 March 5 S. Richey Kamm news Kamm Talks to Alumni in the East 
1953 March 5 Barbara Kott news Kott Portrays "Mary of Scotland" 
1953 March 5 wrestling sports DeKalb Captures Wheaton Invitational 
1953 March 5 ROTC rifle team sports RIfle Squad Loses 
1953 March 5 track sports Track Team Defends Meet Title against Strong Loyolans, Iowa State 
1953 March 5 basketball sports Bombers End Season 
1953 March 5 basketball sports Titans Bump Wheaton 95-71, Crack Crusaders' Defense 
1953 March 5 CCI sports Wheaton Wins CCI Title; Takes North Central 88-69 
1953 March 5 Jack Berman sports The Word 
1953 March 12 Record-Faculty basketball front page Recks Start Girls' Team Against Feeble Pedagogues 
1953 March 12 Comprehensive Exams front page Seniors Dislike Comp Date 
1953 March 12 Artist Series, Vienna Boys Choir front page Organized in 1498: Vienne Boys to Close Artists Series 
1953 March 12 Missions Conference schedule front page Missions Conference 
1953 March 12 World Relief front page World Relief Opens Drive for $1500 
1953 March 12 Senior class party front page Seniors Plan Party 
1953 March 12 Reading clinic front page Students Read 850 Words Per Minute 
1953 March 12 Oratorio fine arts Choir Presents Oratorio 
1953 March 12 Modern art columnist Sense to Modern Art? Yes 
1953 March 12 Margaret Schumacher news Schumacher Presents Piano Recital 
1953 March 12 conservatory news Play Music by Adler 
1953 March 12 Virginia Hartwright news Recital Features Bach 
1953 March 12 race relations editorial No Valentine for Susan 
1953 March 12 Lits news "Cyrano" Visits Phils 
1953 March 12 Chapel Choir news Chapel Choir Attends Music Festival 
1953 March 12 book donations news Donated Books Go to Foreign Schools 
1953 March 12 Craft Shop news Craft Enthusiasts Construct Handbags, Baskets, Flies 
1953 March 12 English department news Teachers Confer 
1953 March 12 Mark Twain editorial Mark Twain and You 
1953 March 12 Stalin editorial Opportunist Dies 
1953 March 12 ROTC news "Iooies" in the Meeting; Record Views ROTC Life 
1953 March 12 student activities, student assembly, Washington banquet letters to the editor Ex-Bench-Burier Speaks 
1953 March 12 Philip Foxwell news Foxwell to Show Magic 
1953 March 12 Hawley Taylor news Taylor Writes Article 
1953 March 12 Ella Graham news Graham to Return to Northern Siam 
1953 March 12 Black Hills news Plan Open House 
1953 March 12 Corrine Smith news Chapel Slate 
1953 March 12 Red Cross news Red Cross Opens Wheaton Blood Drive 
1953 March 12 Track sports Tracksters Enter Central AAU Meet; Seek 8th Team Victory without Loss 
1953 March 12 Intramurals sports Intramural Action Enters Home Stretch 
1953 March 12 basketball sports Gross, Pott Earn Conference Berths 
1953 March 12 Jack Berman sports The Word 
1953 March 12 Wheaton-Moody rivalry sports Wheaton Swamps Moody 75-10 
1953 March 12 track sports Doddsmen Triumph in Midwest Invitational 
1953 March 12 baseball sports Baseball Squad Opens Training Program Faces Service Teams During Vacation 
1953 March 12 Brigade National Invitational sports Brigade Boys Play 
1953 March 19 adoption, social work conference front page Social Conference Discusses Adoption 
1953 March 19 Foxwell front page Magician Foxwell Features Floating Lady, Guillotine Act 
1953 March 19 Student Council front page Council Voices Complaint 
1953 March 19 Alice Marie Siebert front page Siebert Presents Senior Piano Recital 
1953 March 19 Campus Forum front page Forum Lecturer Proposes New Thinking in Education 
1953 March 19 comprehensive exams front page Faculty KO's Change for Comps 
1953 March 19 enrollment front page Enrollment Total 1697 
1953 March 19 Mendelssohn's "Elijah" front page "Elijah" Features 5 Soloists 
1953 March 19 Roger Kvam and Gil Bowen front page Debate Team Tackles Lake Forest 
1953 March 19 relations between town and gown  editorial  Town and Gown 
1953 March 19 Bob Bartel  voices T-V Viewers See Bomb Blast Dummy Town 
1953 March 19 Gertude Nystrom letters to the editor Letters... 
1953 March 19 Dr. Clyde S. Kilby news Odyssey Prints Kilby Text 
1953 March 19 Dr. Merrill C. Tenney news Tenney Addresses Prophecy Confab 
1953 March 19 Buzz and Pat news Black Hills Life Features Sackin', Boopin' 
1953 March 19 Dr. Cornelius Van Til news Van Til Talks 
1953 March 19 Foreign Missions Fellowship news Panelists Discuss Translation Work 
1953 March 19 Men's Glee Club news Choir, Men's Glee Club Head East; Concert Band Returns From Trip 
1953 March 19 LIT news Ladies Host West Sub Lit 
1953 March 19 World Relief news World Relief Aids Greek Students 
1953 March 19 foreign service officer  news Announce Openings In Foreign Service 
1953 March 19 Pres. V. Raymond Edman  news Chapel Slate 
1953 March 19 Jack Berman  sports The Word 
1953 March 19 basketball sports Job's Boils Take B League Crown 
1953 March 19 graduate school invitational news Plan Invitational 
1953 March 19 track sports Bradley Edges Tracksters 
1953 March 26 Dick Mckinney front page Pre-Med Students Witness Gastrectomy 
1953 March 26 Christian Social Work Conference front page Conference Members Plan To Organize 
1953 March 26 Dr. Enrico Fermi front page Atomic Scientist to Address Forum 
1953 March 26 research about local merchants front page College Benefits Local Merchants 
1953 March 26 Ada Rury front page Flu-Bug Bites Students 
1953 March 26 Roger Kvam and Gil Bowen front page Team Wins Debates 
1953 March 26 Wheaton College Concery Band  front page Band Gives Home Concert 
1953 March 26 Chuck Johnson front page Council Panel Attends Faculty Session 
1953 March 26 intersociety council news Inter-Lit Presents Swedish Movie 
1953 March 26 V. Raymond Edman news Edman Visits South America 
1953 March 26 Easter music concert news Concert Features Easter Music 
1953 March 26 Intervarsity Christian Fellowship news IVCF Schedules Dinner 
1953 March 26 Arrows, Belts, Knights, and Bows news Lits Meet 
1953 March 26 David Bronstein Jr.  news Chapel Slate 
1953 March 26 Lorraine Hoey news Record Reviewers...Mentor Publishes 'Avant Guarde' Books 
1953 March 26 ACP news news Velde Promises "No Witch Hunts" 
1953 March 26 ACP news news West Suburban Caps 81 
1953 March 26 Bob Ecklund and Marilyn Degraff news Record Photog Reviews Fashions 
1953 March 26 journal editorial Spring Fever Hits Editor 
1953 March 26 Bob Bartel voices Japanese Prepare For General Election 
1953 March 26 Marsman voices Challene Juniors to Revive Spirit 
1953 March 26 learning editorial Taste Not But Drink Deep... 
1953 March 26 Hawkinson, Kott, and Shenk letters to the editor Letters... Praise Record Coverage 
1953 March 26 tennis sports 23 Report for Tennis Squad 
1953 March 26 Dave Patterson sports Cookie - a Runner for Dodds 
1953 March 26 Jack Berman sports The Word 
1953 March 26 track sports Tracksters Cop K.C. Relay 
1953 March 26 basketball sports Pott to Captain '54 Crusader Squad 
1953 March 26 rifle sports Rifle Team Wins 
1953 March 26 basketball sports Moody Girls Edge Wheaton 
1953 April 2 ROTC front page ROTC Unit Schedules First Formal Banquet Following Traditional Review of Battalion 
1953 April 2 Good Friday service front page Pastors Join In Union Service 
1953 April 2 Roger Kvam and Gil Bowen  front page Debaters Take State Title 
1953 April 2 summer gospel team front page Summer Gospel Teams Visits Quito 
1953 April 2 Esther Shaeffer front page Donate 166 Pints to Armed Forces 
1953 April 2 Rex Roth  front page Roth Directs Homecoming 
1953 April 2 Sam Campbell front page Campbell to Show Film 
1953 April 2 record front page Record Receives Second-Class ACP Rating 
1953 April 2 encouragement  editorial "Be Strong" 
1953 April 2 power of thought editorial We Also Need Facts 
1953 April 2 Bob Bartel voices Labor Seeks Stability As Economy Shifts 
1953 April 2 Dave Stam news "Turn from Rationalism" 
1953 April 2 Pres. V. Raymond Edman news Prexy Broadcasts on NBC 
1953 April 2 Missionary Kids discussion news Student Panel Discusses MK Education 
1953 April 2 Dr. Edward J. Carnell news Carnell To Teach At Inter-Session 
1953 April 2 Dr. Howard Claasen  news Claasen Takes Job At Argonne Labs 
1953 April 2 Joe Wheatonites news Recorder Solves Campus Problem 
1953 April 2 Gen. Lewis B. Hershey news Student Deferments Become Scarce 
1953 April 2 Nina K. Griffin news Display Still Life 
1953 April 2 reading event news Students to Give Readings 
1953 April 2 Corrine Sonneveldt news Attends Convention 
1953 April 2 track sports "Cookie" Runs 9:16 Two-mile in Relays 
1953 April 2 wrestling sports Wrestlers Elect Captains; Deming Receives Trophy 
1953 April 2 football sports Football Drills Begin 
1953 April 2 tennis  sports Tennis Squad Wins Practice Match 
1953 April 2 Jack Berman  sports The Word 
1953 April 23 yearbook front page "Different" Tower Nears Completion 
1953 April 23 John Nuveen Jr., president of the chicago Sunday Evening club front page YMCA Executive to Speak 
1953 April 23 Dr. Edman front page Prexy Preports Conditions in Peru 
1953 April 23 World Relief drive for the Macedonia Bible Institute front page Students Give $1200 
1953 April 23 New Dorm Policy front page Personnel Office Changes Dorm Policies 
1953 April 23 a joint-student committee front page Council, Faculty Approve Plans for Joint Committee 
1953 April 23 Primary Elections of the Student Council fornt page SC Schedules Primaries For May 5 
1953 April 23 3rd Annual Theological Conference fornt page Kuhn To Address theology Students 
1953 April 23 a joint-student council committee editorial Let's Cooperate 
1953 April 23 Women's Glee Club letters to the editor Letters... 
1953 April 23 Premier Georgi Malenkov of Russia editorial Workd Spotlight 
1953 April 23 Schuman and Johann Yang news Yangs Present Joint Senior Recital 
1953 April 23 student government news Seven Councils Confer 
1953 April 23 Campus Forum news Forum Shows Films 
1953 April 23 Lits news Lits Feature Profs 
1953 April 23 Chapel news Chapel Slate 
1953 April 23 Foreign Missions Fellowship, Cal Rensch news FMF Names Rensch Prexy 
1953 April 23 Christian youth work news Home Missions Featured at Christian Ed Workshop 
1953 April 23 Hans-Karl Piltz, Orchestra news Piltz Directs Orchestra 
1953 April 23 baseball sports Crusaders Beat Elmhurst 
1953 April 23 golf sports Golfers Lose to Pier 
1953 April 23 track sports Doddsmen to Meet Millikin, Luttrell 
1953 April 23 Tennis sports Tennismen Lose, 5-4 
1953 April 23 Jack Berman news The Word 
1953 April 30 May Festival front page Biennial Festival Presents 'Port of Call' Activities 
1953 April 30 Kodon front page Kodon Publishes Larger Issue 
1953 April 30 ROTC front page Federal Inspectors Review ROTC 
1953 April 30 Drama quartet front page Wheaton Drama Quartet Read "Cyrano" 
1953 April 30 publications staff front page Strickland Appoints Staff 
1953 April 30 Student council, Roger Kvam, Art Riewald, Jim Larson front page Qualifications of Prexy Candidates 
1953 April 30 Glee Club front page Glee Club Gives Concert 
1953 April 30 Community Day front page Community Day Features Open House; Mayor Gamon to Open Wesleyan Tilt 
1953 April 30 Student council front page 14 Enter Primary in Council Election 
1953 April 30 Spence Sawyer news Sawyer to Present Recital 
1953 April 30 Cecilia Cody, chamber music news Cecilia Cody to Sing at Chamber Recital 
1953 April 30 Chapel news Chapel Slate 
1953 April 30 Lits news Lits Plan Picnic 
1953 April 30 tennis editorial To Serve or Not to Serve 
1953 April 30 Selective Service news Selective Service Alters Procedure 
1953 April 30 Coffee hour news Plan Coffee Hour 
1953 April 30 education department news College Plans Visual Aids Workshop 
1953 April 30 the Lemon news Lemon Gets Paint 
1953 April 30 air force news Force Team Interviews Students 
1953 April 30 John Lao news John Lao - Wheatonite, Sailor, Pre-Med 
1953 April 30 Reginald R. Gerig news Gerig Gives Faculty Piano Recital 
1953 April 30 Inter-Varsity news Inter-Varsity Plans Dinner-Forums 
1953 April 30 Wheaton pledge editorial Law Above Freedom 
1953 April 30 handicapped people editorial Handicaps - An Attitude 
1953 April 30 letters to the editor editorial In Brief 
1953 April 30 Junior-senior activities news Committee Announces Activities Rules 
1953 April 30 the bench letters to the editor Produce the Bench 
1953 April 30 Cold War, Laos editorial World Spotlight 
1953 April 30 student government news ACP News: Student Governments Encounter Apathy 
1953 April 30 North Hall news North Hall II Plans "Dip" 
1953 April 30 Campus Forum news Forum Shows Miracle Dollar Film 
1953 April 30 track sports Tracksters Drub Big Blue 
1953 April 30 tennis sports Cardinals Take Netters 6-3 
1953 April 30 baseball sports Crusaders Trim Valpo, 4-3 
1953 April 30 football sports Chrouser Introduces New Offense 
1953 April 30 Intramurals sports Increase in Student Interest Causes Intramural Success 
1953 April 30 tennis sports Girl Netters Tie NC Squad 
1953 April 30 golf sports Linksmen Take Elmhurst, 10-8 
1953 April 30 track sports Flash! Doddsmen Win from Huskies 
1953 April 30 Jack Berman sports The Word 
1953 April 30 May Festival photo spread May Festival 
1953 May 7 Lits, Pink Parade front page Pinks to Parade 
1953 May 7 Chapel Choir front page Chapel Choir Gives Annual Concert 
1953 May 7 Doris Howell front page Howell to Present Recital 
1953 May 7 Record front page Sleepy Scribe Foils Alarm-Clock Plot 
1953 May 7 selective service front page Selective Service Offers Second Test 
1953 May 7 junior jackets front page Juniors Prefer Blue-Gray Flannel Suits 
1953 May 7 student council, Art Riewald, Jim Larson front page Riewald, Larson Win Primary Election; Vote up 41 Per Cent over Previous Year 
1953 May 7 Jim Larson, Art Riewald front page Candidates Give Platforms 
1953 May 7 NSA, student council editorial Candidates Make NSA an Issue 
1953 May 7 Cold War, Eisenhower editorial World Spotlight 
1953 May 7 Examinations news Examination Schedule 
1953 May 7 art department news Artists Paint Barn at Bear Willow 
1953 May 7 West Suburban news Nurses Schedule Banquet at Nielsons 
1953 May 7 baseball sports Davies Whiffs 8 as Millikin Loses 4-0; Foresters Down Wheaton for 2nd Time 
1953 May 7 tennis sports Netters Top Elmhurst, North Central 
1953 May 7 track sports "Cookie" Cops Beloit Mile 
1953 May 7 ROTC riflemen sports ROTC Riflemen Lose 
1953 May 14 ROTC front page ROTC Unit Holds First Federal Inspection; To Give Military Banquet in Alumni Gym 
1953 May 14 Clare Gartrell front page Gartrell to Read Dickens 
1953 May 14 junior-senior activities front page Activities to Follow Comps 
1953 May 14 meal ticket front page Raise Meal Ticket to $170 
1953 May 14 Glee Club front page Nordin Conducts Glee Club in "Songs of the Open Road" 
1953 May 14 Art Riewald front page Riewald Wins SC Election 
1953 May 14 Student Union front page Hold Union Election 
1953 May 14 Home economics front page Girls Present Model Show 
1953 May 14 dating editorial What's My Name? 
1953 May 14 Student Council editorial In Brief 
1953 May 14 Lits News Lits Schedule Banquets 
1953 May 14 Chapel news Chapel Slate 
1953 May 14 Middle east news Dulles, Stassen Launch Middle East Tour 
1953 May 14 films news Committee Defines Film Policy 
1953 May 14 conservatory news Pianists Play Duets 
1953 May 14 West Suburban news Nurses Install Officers 
1953 May 14 Cheerleaders news Cheerleaders Meet 
1953 May 14 V. Raymond Edman, class of '55 news Dinner Honors '55 
1953 May 14 Coca-Cola news Coca-Cola Replaces Present Machines 
1953 May 14 Jack Berman news The Word 
1953 May 14 tennis sports Girl Netters Win State Tennis Meet 
1953 May 14 track sports Riddled Doddsmen Face Conference Foes 
1953 May 14 golf sports Golfers Cop Match 
1953 May 14 CCI sports Foresters drop Wheaton, 9 to 3, to Blast Crusader Title Hopes 
1953 May 14 tennis sports 4 Tennismen Play in CCI Tourney 
1953 May 21 Class of '56 front page '56 Plans Saturday Picnic 
1953 May 21 Grade point system front page Council Ratifies Grade Point System 
1953 May 21 ROTC front page Cadets Receive ROTC Medals 
1953 May 21 Wheaton front page City Requires Tax Stickers 
1953 May 21 C. Nolan Huizenga front page Pianist Huizenga Gives Grad Recital 
1953 May 21 Inter-Lits, Billy Graham front page Inter-Lit Sponsors Graham Film 
1953 May 21 Doug Mains front page Frosh Elect Mains Prexy 
1953 May 21 Publication staff front page Publication Staffs Hear Tom Duggan 
1953 May 21 frosh-soph activities editorial We've Got Your Flag 
1953 May 21 Europe, Cold War, Eisenhower editorial World Spotlight 
1953 May 21 Gilbert Plains editorial Track Star Changes to Ping-Pong 
1953 May 21 school year editorial Registration to Finals - Joe Writes Home 
1953 May 21 chapel news Chapel Slate 
1953 May 21 Ron Chase sports The Word 
1953 May 21 WAA sports Frosh Girls Contribute to Success of WAA 
1953 May 21 Tennis sports Netters Tie Lake Forest in CCI Duel 
1953 May 21 baseball sports Crusaders Drop DeKalb Tilt; Bombers Blank LaGrange 
1953 May 21 sports sports Flash! 
1953 May 21 Track sports Trackmen Cop CCI Crown 
1953 May 21 golf sports Golfers Finish 6th 
1953 May 28 Meal tickets front page Faulkner Explains Increase to Prices o fMeal Tickets 
1953 May 28 Commencement front page Olson to Address Commencement 
1953 May 28 Art department front page Senior Artists Show Preview of Paintings 
1953 May 28 Cars front page College Tightens Car Rules 
1953 May 28 Tower front page Students Receive Towers Thursday 
1953 May 28 Physical Education front page Phys. Ed. Gives Credit 
1953 May 28 V. Raymond Edman front page Edman to Speak at Three Schools 
1953 May 28 Sylvia Sawyer news Recitalist Sings Operatic Selections 
1953 May 28 Jack C. Goode news Goode to Give Recital 
1953 May 28 William McCarrell news McCarrell Has Anniversary 
1953 May 28 Student Council news Campus Organizations to Hold Banquets 
1953 May 28 Jack Wyrtzen news Evangelist Wyrtzen Conducts Rally 
1953 May 28 seniors news Seniors Tell "High Point" Experiences 
1953 May 28 Student Union news Elect SU Members 
1953 May 28 ROTC news ROTC Cadets Receive Tribune Award 
1953 May 28 Dick Ploth news Ploth Triumphs in Sophomore Election 
1953 May 28 Student Council, Grade Points news SC Proposes New Grade Point Allotment 
1953 May 28 Paul Allen news Prof Joins Music Faculty 
1953 May 28 Honey Rock news Honey Rock to Give Credits 
1953 May 28 chamber music news Present Final Concert in Chamber Series 
1953 May 28 WETN news WETN Proposes Studios in MSC 
1953 May 28 Fred Gerstung news Gerstung Attends Conference 
1953 May 28 chapel news Chapel Slate 
1953 May 28 Wheaton College news Magazine Features Wheaton College 
1953 May 28 commencement editorial A Song of Alma Mater 
1953 May 28 publications editorial We are Independent 
1953 May 28 student union letters to the editor Student Questions SU Election 
1953 May 28 Korea editorial World Spotlight 
1953 May 28 a proposed honor system news SMU Students Support Honesty Pledges 
1953 May 28 Dr. Joseph Free news Free Finds Evidence Of Early Bronze City 
1953 May 28 Artists Series news Plan Four Artists Series Concert 
1953 May 28 track sports Grads Sweep Intramural Track Meet 
1953 May 28 track sports Cookie Moriya Runs AAU 5,000 Meter 
1953 May 28 baseball sports Crusaders Split with North Central Squad 
1953 May 28 tennis  sports Navy Pier Takes Netters, 5-4 
1953 May 28 golf sports Golfers Split Season 4-3 
1953 May 28 Jack Berman sports The Word 
1953 June 4 Alice Aust front page Aust Gives Senior Recital 
1953 June 4 ROTC front page Advanced ROTC Gives Four hours credit 
1953 June 4 graduation ceremony front page 334 Seniors to Graduate In 94th Commencement 
1953 June 4 student council front page Student Council Sends Observer to NSA 
1953 June 4 Rolf Hunter front page Junio Drowns in Quarry 
1953 June 4 Hap Holsinger front page Kodon to Feature Cover Girl Winner 
1953 June 4 Bill Jordan front page Record Editor Announces Staff for Fall 
1953 June 4 academic credit editorial This Is Academic Credit 
1953 June 4 Paul Riemann letters to the editor Letters... 
1953 June 4 Bob Bartel voices World Spotlight 
1953 June 4 commencement concerts news Schedule Commencement Concerts 
1953 June 4 Dr. Merrill C. Tenney news Chapel Slate 
1953 June 4 car collision news Collision Kills One 
1953 June 4 return of five professors news five professors return 
1953 June 4 Eleanor Paulson news Speech Department Presents Recital 
1953 June 4 Senior Gil Bowen news Literrary Societies Elect New Officers 
1953 June 4 Johnson Wax company news Johnson Was Grants Scholarship  
1953 June 4 Myrtle V. Jacobson news Jacobson Concludes Senior Recitals 
1953 June 4 Dr. Merrill C. Tenney news Tenny Gives Address 
1953 June 4 Rons Chase sports Crusaders End Slate, 8-10 
1953 June 4 track sports Doddsmen Capture CCI Title 
1953 June 4 Gil Dodds sports The Word 
1953 June 4 softball  sports Softball Actions Ends Today 
1953 June 4 track  sports IM Thinclads Take Moody, 56-48 
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