Index to the Record, 1952 (September)-1952 (December)

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DateSubject (Personal Name or Topic)Column or SectionTopic or Title
1952 September 18 ROTC front page Frosh, Sophs Must Take College ROTC Program; Calloway Commands Unit 
1952 September 18 Student Council, grade point system front page SC Junks Point System at Retreat: Unworkable 
1952 September 18 Registration front page Registration Blues 
1952 September 18 dining hall front page Students to Use Dining Hall Oct. 6 - Van Kampen 
1952 September 18 David Coke, Christian Deitz front page Car Accident Kills Wheaton Junior; Deitz Child Dead 
1952 September 18 Arthur Volle front page College Trustees Name Volle to Replace Brooks as Dean 
1952 September 18 Aiden W. Tozer front page Tozer to Speak 
1952 September 18 artist series front page Robert Shaw Chorale Returns to Wheaton 
1952 September 18 freshmen editorial A Word to Freshmen 
1952 September 18 Record editorial Why the 'Record' Changed 
1952 September 18 Stupe letters to the editor Wants Desk Moved 
1952 September 18 Europe, Eisenhower editorial Kvammentary 
1952 September 18 courses news Profs Inaugurate 12 New Courses This Semester 
1952 September 18 Student Council news SC Sponsors Sale 
1952 September 18 Buildings and Grounds, Blanchard, Williston news B and G Rennovates Chapel, Sidewalks During the Summer 
1952 September 18 Buildings and Grounds, bicycles news B&G Enforces Bicycle Rules 
1952 September 18 Joe Cosgrove, cheerleading news Cosgrove to Cheer 
1952 September 18 Class retreats news Classes Plan Fall Retreats 
1952 September 18 chapel news Wheatonites Speak 
1952 September 18 Homecoming news No Serpentine at Homecoming Reveals Ward 
1952 September 18 Record news Frosh Meet Editors 
1952 September 18 football sports Chrouser Drills Crusaders for Season's First Tilt 
1952 September 18 Intramurals sports Intramural Season Begins Next Week 
1952 September 18 cross country sports Harriers' Chance for CCI Strong 
1952 September 18 soccer sports Soccer Squad Faces Tough 7 
1952 September 18 Dave Patterson sports Time Out! 
1952 September 25 college phone system front page Bell Telephone to Complete New College Phone System 
1952 September 25 Homecoming front page Parade to Feature Lit Society Floats for Homecoming 
1952 September 25 Student Council front page Council Book Sale Nets Good Returns 
1952 September 25 orchestra front page Piltz to Start Chamber Music Concerts 
1952 September 25 Campus Forum front page Campus Forum Sponsors Town Meeting Broadcast 
1952 September 25 Cheerleading front page New Cheer Squad Stages Pep Rally 
1952 September 25 Aidwn W. Tozer front page Tozer Opens Fall Services; To Emphasize Great Hymns 
1952 September 25 Freshman initiation front page No Frosh Daze: '55 Decrees New System of Initiation 
1952 September 25 Student Council, Washington Banquet, Dick Gross front page SC Sends 10 to Conference; Gross New WB Chairman 
1952 September 25 dining hall editorial A Pledge is a Promise 
1952 September 25 voting editorial Absentee Ballots 
1952 September 25 dining hall letters to the editor Doesn't Like Lines 
1952 September 25 Nixon, Eisenhower editorial Kvammentary 
1952 September 25 Lits news Lits Sponsor Open Meetings for Prospective Members 
1952 September 25 debate team news Names FEPC Debate Topic 
1952 September 25 Student Union news NU Hangs Painting 
1952 September 25 Student Union news Student Union Begins Coffee Hours; To Introduce Teachers to Students 
1952 September 25 Lois LeBar, Mary LeBar news Drs. LeBar Go West 
1952 September 25 food service, Stupe news Food Service Needs Space for Office 
1952 September 25 WETN news WETN Broadcasts Kalamazoo Game 
1952 September 25 dining hall news Workers Need Cement 
1952 September 25 Alumni news Wheaton Ranks 33rd in Country with Alumni Contributing $55,000 
1952 September 25 Essay competition news Offer Prizes for Essays 
1952 September 25 Henry C. Bowden news Bowden Promoted 
1952 September 25 football sports 'Kazoo' Fields Tough 11 for Crusader Debut 
1952 September 25 football sports Bombers Face Wilson JC in Opener 
1952 September 25 Dave Patterson sports Time Out! 
1952 October 2 Homecoming front page Oct. 6 Deadline Falls Through; Partial Homecoming Opening Possible 
1952 October 2 Student Union front page Union Sponsors Banquet, Tune Tangle in November 
1952 October 2 F. L. Merriam front page Appoint Sgt. To ROTC 
1952 October 2 Chorus front page Chorus Practices For "Messiah" 
1952 October 2 Student Council front page SC Session Open 
1952 October 2 Dr. Aiden W. Tozer front page Toaer Asks For Original Christian Fiction; Believers In Christian Higher Education 
1952 October 2 Record front page Record Cubs Meet 
1952 October 2 Homecoming front page Homecoming Program to Highlight Political Sketch From "Abe to Ike" 
1952 October 2 Ray McAfee '42 news Carnegie hall Soloist Directing Music 
1952 October 2 Mrs. Button news Mrs. Button Works Hard; Buys Flowers for the Girls 
1952 October 2 Dr. Paul Martin news Uses Lemon For Lectures 
1952 October 2 International Fellowship of Evanelical Students in Germany news Erdman Tells IFES Work 
1952 October 2 Phys Ed major Camp news Phys Ed major Camp 
1952 October 2 Dr. Russell Mixter news Mixter Addresses Medical Students 
1952 October 2 Kodon news Kodon's First copy Written For Frosh 
1952 October 2 Rev. Joseph S. Carroll news Carroll to Address Students in Chapel 
1952 October 2 Dr. Paul Wright news Dr. Wright to Organize Flying Club 
1952 October 2 Urban ministry, Chicago editorial Wheatonites Carrry Story of Christ To children of Rickety Tenements 
1952 October 2 cars news Administration Modifies Car Per System 
1952 October 2 evangelistic services editorial Individuality and Freedom 
1952 October 2 buildings and grounds editorial New Light on the Hill 
1952 October 2 uniforms letters to the editor Locker Room Blues 
1952 October 2 Roger Kvam, Egypt, Japan editorial Kvammentary 
1952 October 2 Library news Library Purchases Adler's Syntopicon; Great Books Trace Search for Truth 
1952 October 2 Marching Band news Marching Band Prepares for Debut at Game Saturday 
1952 October 2 Norm Rohrer, evangelism news Hitch-Hiking Duo Tours Southern Europe on Twenty Dollars 
1952 October 2 Marines news To Introduce Platoon Plan 
1952 October 2 Steven Barabas news Prof. Reports Keswick Story 
1952 October 2 Dr. Edman, Socialism news Socialist Challenges Prexy's Views 
1952 October 2 soccer sports Booters Meet Tough Teams; Internationals Spark Squad 
1952 October 2 ROTC sports Riflemen to Meet Loyola ROTC Team 
1952 October 2 soccer sports Bombers Bow to Wilson 
1952 October 2 Intramurals sports Intramurals to Introduce Fall Schedule 
1952 October 2 Tennis sports W.A.A. Announces Tennis Tournament 
1952 October 2 football sports Crusaders Down Kalamazoo 21-19 in Opener 
1952 October 2 Dave Patterson sports Time Out! 
1952 October 2 football sports Loss of Ace Passer Blocks, Augie Scoring Punch for Tilt 
1952 October 2 cross county sports Dodds Rates Prospects as Harriers Face Irish 
1952 October 2 soccer sports Change Booter Tilt 
1952 October 2 track sports Hawkinson Stride to Buoy Orange-Blue Track Hopes 
1952 October 9 Student Council, Washington Banquet, Railroad front page SC Elects WB Head Again; Discusses Railroad Crossing 
1952 October 9 Campus Forum front page Forum Sponsors "Town Meeting" 
1952 October 9 Homecoming front page Announces Political Theme for Homecoming Rally 
1952 October 9 Japan, Buddhism front page Ohtanio Surveys Wheaton; Heads 20 Million Buddists 
1952 October 9 pep rally, football front page Send-Off Precedes Saturday Grid Tilt 
1952 October 9 dining hall front page Seating Plan Arouses 2-1 Opposition 
1952 October 9 artist series front page 1.25 a Ticket for Bob Shaw 
1952 October 9 enrollment front page Dyrness Announces Enrollment Figures 
1952 October 9 dining hall editorial Assigned Seating? 
1952 October 9 grade point system editorial Grade Point Revisions 
1952 October 9 evangelistic services letters to the editor Letters... 
1952 October 9 NSA news NSA Declines Red Invitations 
1952 October 9 Russia editorial Kvammentary 
1952 October 9 Revised Standard Version news Bible Faculty Give Opinions on New RSV 
1952 October 9 business conference news Hold Business Conference 
1952 October 9 Home Economics news Home Ec's Retreat Near Lake Geneva 
1952 October 9 football news Ticket Sales Slow; Game Guests Wait 
1952 October 9 botany, John Leedy news Class Trims Dead Trees 
1952 October 9 Conservatory news Conservatory Gives Chamber Concert 
1952 October 9 Educational Testing news Test Applications Available 
1952 October 9 dining hall news Sophs Leading in Dining Hall Pledges; First Floor Open for Alumni Banquet 
1952 October 9 Paul Freed news Freed Speaks 
1952 October 9 football sports Gridders Smash Augustana, Illinois College Next Hurdle 
1952 October 9 Dave Patterson sports Time Out! 
1952 October 9 cross country sports Crusaders Trip Notre Dame to Meet Arch Rival Loyola 
1952 October 9 soccer sports Booters Open Year with Morton Jr. 
1952 October 9 football sports Bombers Drop 2nd 
1952 October 16 Homecoming front page Wheaton History Portrayed in Homecoming Program 
1952 October 16 Stupe front page McKellin to Take Desk from Stupe 
1952 October 16 Roller Skating party front page SU Schedules Rollerskating Party for 200 Students 
1952 October 16 homecoming front page "Whistlestop" Underway 
1952 October 16 homecoming front page Whistlestop Timetable 
1952 October 16 Campus Forum, politics front page CF Plans Dem-GOP Rally 
1952 October 16 Record front page Record Takes First-Class ACP Rating 
1952 October 16 marching band front page Name Cupid Band Theme 
1952 October 16 ROTC front page ROTC Grade Points Count: Dyrness 
1952 October 16 ROTC news "Son....The Army Never Hurt Anyone" - At Least That's What the Sarge Says 
1952 October 16 Dining Hall news Dining Hall Date Postponed 
1952 October 16 WAA news Sell Mums 
1952 October 16 Homecoming news Parade of Floats to Precede Game, Campus Groups Provide Decoration 
1952 October 16 homecoming news Team Plays titans at High School Field 
1952 October 16 homecoming front page Forecast Toughest Foe Yet in Illinois Wesleyan Titans 
1952 October 16 Student Council news SC Meets Monday 
1952 October 16 V. Raymond Edman news Prexy Gives Talk 
1952 October 16 homecoming news Alumni to Present Research Papers 
1952 October 16 Eisenhower, GOP editorial Student Favors Eisenhower and GOP 
1952 October 16 Democratic Party editorial Student Defends Administration Record 
1952 October 16 homecoming, GOP news Campus Opinion Trends Toward GOP as Homecoming Emphasizes Politics 
1952 October 16 Democratic party news Dems Organize 
1952 October 16 Homecoming editorial A Plea for Uncharted Ways 
1952 October 16 Lits editorial The Future of Lits 
1952 October 16 Professors editorial How to Get Along with Your Teachers 
1952 October 16 unidentified jokester letters to the editor Letters... 
1952 October 16 politics KVAMMENTARY Ike Endorses Gis GOP Opponents 
1952 October 16 President Truman KVAMMENTARY Truman Steals Show From Adlai 
1952 October 16 United Nations KVAMMENTARY United Nations Go On Offensive 
1952 October 16 homecoming Pictures and comments Homemoning Limited Gets Rolling Friday 
1952 October 16 Stupe news Stupe Worker Views Center Night Life 
1952 October 16 Lit news Plan Special Homecoming Programs As Alumni Return to Lit societies 
1952 October 16 Bible Lands Cruise news Bible Lands Cruise To leave Feb. 18 
1952 October 16 interview for military officer training programs news Navy to Ask For Students 
1952 October 16 special homecoming worship service news Plan Service 
1952 October 16 Dr. Kenneth S. Katnzer news Wayne Univ. Panel Groups Hear Kantzer 
1952 October 16 Physics Student Demonstration news Student Physicists Plan Demonstration 
1952 October 16 a Buffet Supper news Alumni Plan Buffet Supper Saturday After Post-Game Business Gathering 
1952 October 16 Dr. Clarence Nystrom news Nystrom Presents Benet Selections 
1952 October 16 the graduating nurses news 60 Graduate from WSH 
1952 October 16 Dr. Clarence Nystrom news Debaters Discuss FEPC Legislation 
1952 October 16 Golf sports "Cookie" Comes Through As Harriers Win Again 
1952 October 16 tennis sports Troup Announces Tennis Tourneys 
1952 October 16 Booters sports Booters Vie With Alums 
1952 October 16 Booters sports Flash 
1952 October 16 football sports Crusaders Crush Illinois College 48-0; Davies Stars in Contest With Four TD's 
1952 October 16 Bombers sports Bombers Drop 3rd; To Face Alumni 
1952 October 16 Cross Country sports Titans at Full Strength 
1952 October 16 Chicago Daily News sports Daily news Pays Visit 
1952 October 16 the annual Alumni-Bomber game sports Good to See Alumni 
1952 October 23 fallen leaves front page Lazyman's Construction: Picker on the Job Again 
1952 October 23 Campus forum political Rally front page Merriam, Nuveen Debate At CF Pre-election Rally 
1952 October 23 WETN front page WETN Expands Coverage; Broadcasts Church Services 
1952 October 23 "We Like Ike" club front page GOP, Dems Meet 
1952 October 23 Lit front page Hold Rally After Lit 
1952 October 23 Training Program for foreign affairs management front page State Dept. Offers Training Program 
1952 October 23 Student Union all-school banquet front page Union Banquet Features Gypsy Theme; Name Frederick's of Chicago Caterer 
1952 October 23 Student Council front page Council Asks to Open Gym; Seeks meal Ticket Change 
1952 October 23 Dave Stem front page Stam Represents Record In New York At ACP Convention 
1952 October 16 football sports Crusaders Prepare for Illinois Wesleyan Fracas 
1952 October 16 football sports Crusaders Crush Illinois College 48-0; Davies Stars in Contest with Four TD's 
1952 October 16 football sports Bombers Drop 3rd; To Face Alumni 
1952 October 16 Dave Patterson sports Time Out! 
1952 October 23 Buildings and Grounds front page Lazyman's Contraption: Picker on the Job Again 
1952 October 23 Tower front page '52 Tower Given Highest Rating 
1952 October 23 Campus Forum front page Merriam, Nuveen Debate at CF Pre-Election Day 
1952 October 23 WETN front page WETN Expands Coverage; Broadcasts Church Services 
1952 October 23 Eisenhower front page GOP, Dems Meet 
1952 October 23 Lits front page Hold Rally after Lit 
1952 October 23 foreign affairs front page State Dept. Offers Training Program 
1952 October 23 Student Union front page Union Banquet Features Gypsy Theme; Name Frederick's of Chicago Caterer 
1952 October 23 Student Council front page Council Asks to Open Gym; Seeks Meal ticket Change 
1952 October 23 Dave Stam front page Stam Represents Record in New York at ACP Convention 
1952 October 23 Robert Shaw, Choir front page Shaw Leads Choir Clinic 
1952 October 23 Democrats at Wheaton editorial The Democrat at Wheaton 
1952 October 23 dining hall letters to the editor Students Protest Dining Hall Policies 
1952 October 23 congress, liberalism, Truman editorial Kvammentary 
1952 October 23 John's English Evangelical Lutheran Church news Lutheran Church Dedicates Building; Foot Fleche Dominates Exterior 
1952 October 23 World Relief news World Relief Begins Drive 
1952 October 23 Homecoming news Seniors, Culp Take Decoration Honors 
1952 October 23 John F. Walvoord news Elect Dallas Prexy 
1952 October 23 clubs news Three Girls' Dorms Hold Parties; Church Fellowship Plan Meetings 
1952 October 23 American Scientific Affiliation news Profs Speak to NSA Scientists 
1952 October 23 Bernard Nelson news Nelson Devises 2 New Sulfa Drugs 
1952 October 23 Stanley Olson, Alumni news Alumni Re-Elect Dr. Olson President 
1952 October 23 Intervarsity news IVCF Head Speaks 
1952 October 23 football sports Wheaton to Encounter Lake Forest Experience 
1952 October 23 soccer sports Loescher Paces Booters to 6-0 Win; Indiana Match Winds Up Eastern Tour 
1952 October 23 football sports Bombers Travel to LaSalle-Peru 
1952 October 23 track sports DeKalb Next for Thinclads 
1952 October 23 Dave Patterson sports Time Out! 
1952 October 23 soccer sports Flash! 
1952 October 30 election, Campus Forum front page Bulletin 
1952 October 30 conservatory front page Piltz and Musicians Plan Chamber Music Sessions 
1952 October 30 History department front page History Dept. Hears Author 
1952 October 30 ACP Conference front page ACP Delegates Argue Editorial Policy; NY Journalists Address Conference 
1952 October 30 Robert Shaw Chorale front page Shaw Chorale Returns to Wheaton Saturday Night 
1952 October 30 Campus Forum front page Dismal Crowd Attends Rally 
1952 October 30 dining hall front page New Classrooms 
1952 October 30 record, memorial student center front page Recorders Suspect Attic Inhabitant 
1952 October 30 political rally, railroad, lits letters to the editor Letters... 
1952 October 30 Library editorial Applaud Library Opening 
1952 October 30 Wheaton Democrats news Bad Week for Politicoes 
1952 October 30 elections editorial Kvammentary 
1952 October 30 elections news CP Opinion Poll Shows Students Vote 57-33 for Ike 
1952 October 30 Eisenhower, Dan Hassink news Hassink Relates Experiences with Ike 
1952 October 30 race relations news Chaplain Lilly Speaks Here 
1952 October 30 Business Conference news Businessmen Convene Here 
1952 October 30 clubs news "Banderilla" Reports of Persecutions 
1952 October 30 meal tickets news Students Still Pay 
1952 October 30 Intersociety news Inter Society Council Presents Film "As We Forgive" in First of Series 
1952 October 30 Parent's Day news Committee Plans Smorgasbord for Parent's Day 
1952 October 30 Ernest Larson news Larson to Speak 
1952 October 30 football sports Crusaders to Battle CCI Cellar-Dwellers; Cardinal Backfield has Speed, Experience 
1952 October 30 soccer sports Booters Meet Chicago 
1952 October 30 Dave Patterson Sports Time Out! 
1952 October 30 intramurals sports Begin Ping-Pong, Hand Ball Contest 
1952 November 6 Student Council, Ken Nissen, Community Day front page  SC Names Nissen Community Day Chairman; Bell to Assist Poole 
1952 November 6 Parent's Day Banquet front page Longenecker Expects 600 for Banquet 
1952 November 6 business conference front page Rep. Armstrong to Talk on 'Christian in Politics' at Business Conference 
1952 November 6 Library front page Students Want Library Kept Open 
1952 November 6 Student Union front page "Bambi," Giles Spark Night at Informal Union Banquet 
1952 November 6 dining hall front page  '55 Victorious as Fund Drive Ends; Student Contributions Total $23,343 
1952 November 6 meal tickets front page Students Forgetting Tickets Must Pay 10-Cent Fine 
1952 November 6 faith, university news Problem of God, Reason Prominent in University 
1952 November 6 Eisenhower editorial Kvammentary 
1952 November 6 Harrell concert news Met Baritone Harrell To Present Concert 
1952 November 6 Orville A. Hitchcock news Dr. Hitchcock To Moderate Broadcast 
1952 November 6 geology class field trip news Classes Visit Pits 
1952 November 6 Ed Frierson news Shaw Choralist Tells Impressions Of Director, Hard Work on Tours 
1952 November 6 ROTC news ROTC Inaugrates Cadet Competition 
1952 November 6 Paul G. Armstrong news Selective Service Director to Speak 
1952 November 6 Peter Veltman news Reviews Literature 
1952 November 6 campus blood donor drive news Bolld Bonor Drive Sets 500-Pint Goal 
1952 November 6 cross-country sports Harriers Cop Loyola Crown In Upset Win 
1952 November 6 soccer sports Wheaton Booters Defeat Chicago 3-0 
1952 November 6 Dave Petterson sports Time Out! 
1952 November 6 football sports Grunts Win Intramural Football Title 
1952 November 6 football sports Second-Half Spirit Downs Cardinals For 5th Victory 
1952 November 6 football sports Foresters Tie CCI 
1952 November 13 Wheaton String orchestra front page String Orchestra Brings First Concert of Season 
1952 November 13 class president election front page Anderson, Olsen Vie For '56 Prexy 
1952 November 13 Louis Gottschalk front page Historian Discusses Revolt 
1952 November 13 turkey feast front page Union Plans Turkey Feast For Banquet 
1952 November 13 Mack Harrell front page Harrell Program To Include Classical, Light Selections 
1952 November 13 America's Town meeting  front page Name "Korea" Town Meeting Topic; Speakers Represent National Opinion 
1952 November 13 Robert Van Kampen front page Contractors Finish Task; Dining Hall Opens Nov.2 
1952 November 13 blood donation front page 250 to Donate Blood Mon. 
1952 November 13 O. K. Armstrong news Armstrong Reveals 60 U. S. Congressmen Meet Weekly for Prayer, Bible Study 
1952 November 13 spanish club news Spanish Club Reviews Slides 
1952 November 13 Joe Cosgrove news Cosgrove To Form Basketball Pep Club 
1952 November 13 four varsity debaters news Varsity Debaters Go To Springfield To Participate In Student Legislature 
1952 November 13 WETN news New Programs Added To WETN Schedule 
1952 November 13 ladies literary society banquet news Hold Formal Lit Banquets Tomorrow 
1952 November 13 grade point allotments news Grade Point Appeal Deadline Tomorrow 
1952 November 13 tower editor news 3 Vie For Editor 
1952 November 13 Loyola university's ROTC rifle team  news Loyola Drops Rifle Squad 
1952 November 13 basketball season tickets sale news College Opens Reserve Ticket Sales 
1952 November 13 Vivian Barnett news Print Directories 
1952 November 13 Roger Kvam news S. C. Presents Plan 
1952 November 13 John Shenk news Mag Prints Shenk Photo 
1952 November 13 Priscilla Parce news Psychology Suggested As Requirement 
1952 November 13 Clarence L. Nystrom news Association Elects Nystrom president 
1952 November 13 class attendance editorial Why We Favor Unlimiteds 
1952 November 13 conversation between brothers editorial How To Be One of The Boys 
1952 November 13 F. Holmes and William L. Delaney letters to the editor Letters... 
1952 November 13 Roger voices Kvammentary 
1952 November 13 Dave Stam voices Life Sure Gets Monotonous; Only 36 Days 'till Vacation 
1952 November 13 Enock C. Dyrness news College Association appoints Dyrness 
1952 November 13 chemical conference news Teachers Attend Chemical Conference 
1952 November 13 A. J. Bowen news Chapel Slate 
1952 November 13 Dr. Ernest Larson news Russian History Professor Views Politics; Roars Disapproval of Dem Regime 
1952 November 13 Dr. William H. Nordin news Prof. Names Cody Soloist 
1952 November 13 basketball sports Pfund Grooms 12 Veteran, Frosh Hopefuls To Prepare For Difficult Cage Schedule 
1952 November 13 Bill Clark sports Chicago Boots Booters, 4-1 
1952 November 13 football sports Crusaders Crush Valpo, Face Navy Pier in Final Tilt 
1952 November 13 Football sports 10 Chrousermen Terminate Football Careers Saturday 
1952 November 13 track sports Thinclads Seek Invitational Title Saturday 
1952 November 13 Dave Patterson sports Time Out! 
1952 November 13 Parent's Day, Willie Bush news Where is My Boy? 
1952 November 20 Student Council front page SC Suggests "No Flowers," Takes Action on Congestion 
1952 November 20 chamber music front page Concert Includes Martinu, Handel Music 
1952 November 20 Student Union banquet, Fred Giles front page SU 'Fantasy' Draws 312; Giles to MC 
1952 November 20 Dining Hall front page Tribune Reporter Promises Return: Official Announcement from Prexy will Confirm Dining Hall Opening 
1952 November 20 Korean Wa front page Two Foreign Diplomats Come for Broadcast 
1952 November 20 Record front page Recorders Stage Party Tonight 
1952 November 20 Foreign Missions Fellowship front page FMF Plans Service 
1952 November 20 Margaret Wood front page Mrs. Wood Dies after Short Illness 
1952 November 20 November 13 Editorial letters to the editor Balk Talk from the Boys 
1952 November 20 H-Bomb, Alexander Papagos, Eisenhower, Truman editorial Kvammentary 
1952 November 20 Tune Tangle news Classes Tangle on "Trees" 
1952 November 20 speech tournament news Debate at Bradley 
1952 November 20 revolution, communism, dictatorship, Louis Gottschalk news Prof Tells Revolt-to-Dictator Cycle 
1952 November 20 Tower news Tower Progresses 
1952 November 20 Pre-Meds news Pre-Meds Hear U of I Prof 
1952 November 20 Frank J. Neuberg, RSV Bible news Neuberg Analyzes RSV Bible 
1952 November 20 football sports Crusaders Close Campaign with 41-6 Win Over Illini as ClausenLeads Offensive 
1952 November 20 Chapel news Chapel Slate 
1952 November 20 soccer sports Booters Win Closing Game 
1952 November 20 Dave Patterson sports Time Out! 
1952 November 20 cross country sports Harriers Get State Crown 
1952 November 26 campus events front page Scanning the Campus Scene 
1952 November 26 enrollment news In the Small College, a Slump 
1952 November 26 home editorial You Can't Go Home Again 
1952 November 26 holidays editorial Pre-Holiday Damper Falls 
1952 November 26 censorship, free press letters to the editor Plea for Free Press 
1952 November 26 individualism letters to the editor More Back Talk 
1952 November 26 Homecoming letters to the editor Hats Off to Homecoming 
1952 November 26 Korean War, foreign policy editorial Kvammentary 
1952 November 26 Student Union banquet news Fantasy Aftermath 
1952 November 26 scepticism news Sceptics Prevail 
1952 November 26 chamber music concert news 100 Chamber-goers 
1952 November 26 Town Meeting, Korean War news Town Meeting 
1952 November 26 Korea, World Relief news Word from Korea 
1952 November 26 class attendance news Profs Split on Attendance 
1952 November 26 chapel news Chapel Slate 
1952 November 26 Dave Patterson sports Time Out! 
1952 November 26 basketball sports "A Fight for Second Place" 
1952 November 26 wrestling news Tough Time for Grunters 
1952 November 26 Cross Country sports Tops Among Small College 
1952 November 26 soccer sports JV's Take 2nd 
1952 December 4 Robert McDowell, Artist Series front page Pianist McDowell Appears in Third Artist Series Concert 
1952 December 4 Student Council front page Bottleneck May Hit SC Plan When Policy Board Meets 
1952 December 4 X-Rays front page X-Ray Unit Makes Annual Stop Here 
1952 December 4 Edwin J. Pittman, Harold Faulkner front page Pittman Resigns; Faulkner Appointed 
1952 December 4 Bruce Strickland, Tower front page Editor Elected 
1952 December 4 Dunning Memorial Mental Hospital, Jim Ney front page Scenes from a Mental Hospital: Mary Loses Her Fears; Workers Bring Hope to Distressed 
1952 December 4 Messiah front page Orchestra, 250 Singers Conclude "Messiah" Rehearsals 
1952 December 4 dining hall editorial Evening at Grand Central 
1952 December 4 World Relief editorial Plea for Unselfishness 
1952 December 4 enrollment, communism, freedom of the Prss, Dyrness letters to the editor Prof Amends Record Story 
1952 December 4 Robert Taft, Eisenhower, Korea editorial Kvammentary 
1952 December 4 attendance news Assembly Relays Approval of Council Attendance Plan 
1952 December 4 Interlits, John Luft news Council Approves Celt John Luft for Interlit Prexy 
1952 December 4 chapel news Former Opera Star Sings in Chapel 
1952 December 4 Foreign Missions Fellowship, Russia news Russian Addresses FMF 
1952 December 4 Liberia, V. Raymond Edman news Prexy Helps Plan Liberian Missions in Proposed Tour 
1952 December 4 basketball sports Crusaders Take on DeKalb after Dropping Two Contests 
1952 December 4 Dave Patterson sports Time Out! 
1952 December 4 cross country sports Runners Cop State AAU Title 
1952 December 4 football sport Davies, Snyder Named Co-Captains; Howard, Storey '52 Goldbrickers 
1952 December 11 Politics front page Colleges Must Train for Politics or Else, Say Savants 
1952 December 11 Washington Banquet front page Engage Hilton for '53 WB 
1952 December 11 conservatory front page Yang Sings at Afternoon Recital; Soprano Griffin Gives Senior Concert 
1952 December 11 artist series front page Critics Extol Young Virtuoso McDowell 
1952 December 11 Christmas Recital front page Scrooge and "34th Street" Open Christmas Recital 
1952 December 11 World Relief front page As Holiday Nears, World Relief Drive $2400 Behind Goal 
1952 December 11 WETN front page WETN to Air Akron Game 
1952 December 11 Student Council front page Three Give Plan to Policy-Makers 
1952 December 11 United Nations, Human Rights Day, Illinois news Illinios Joins United Nations in Honoring Human Rights 
1952 December 11 Student Employment news 250 Leave Early for Employment 
1952 December 11 Record, Kodon, Publications Board news Publications Board Sends Nominees for Record, Kodon Editors to Council 
1952 December 11 Air Force news Airmen Plan Interviews 
1952 December 11 Christmas Vacation news Students Lose Vacation Days 
1952 December 11 Theological Society news Theological Society Meets Dec. 29 
1952 December 11 pep rally news Pepsters Rally 
1952 December 11 physics department news Firm Loans Phone Exhibit 
1952 December 11 Chapel news Chapel Slate 
1952 December 11 Communism, Whittaker Chambers, "Witness" book review "Witness" Discovers Faith 
1952 December 11 Merrill C. Tenney, New Testament news Tenney Completes N.T. Survey Test 
1952 December 11 Clyde S. Kilby news Kilby Publishes New Literature Book; "Poetry and Life" to be College Text 
1952 December 11 Arthur Holmes news Alertness Must Mark Philosophy Prof. as Students Seek FAllacies in His Position 
1952 December 11 Wheaton Students editorial Taking a Look at Ourselves 
1952 December 11 Christmas editorial Merry Urbanites Sing Modern Carols; Elbow Way through Friendly Shoppers 
1952 December 11 Eisenhower, South Africa, Daniel Malan editorial Kvammentary 
1952 December 11 Christmas photos The Fortnight before Christmas 
1952 December 11 hospital outreach news "Jesus Loves Me" Becomes Reality for Hospital Patients 
1952 December 11 Interlits news Inter-Lit Presents "Christmas Echoes" 
1952 December 11 conservatory news 2 Bands Join in Concert 
1952 December 11 WETN news Deke on Air 
1952 December 11 debate team news Debate at Pier 
1952 December 11 Joseph Free, Dothan news Free Granted Dothan Site for Digging 
1952 December 11 Christian Council news Plan Carol Sing 
1952 December 11 cross country sports Dodd's Harriers End Successful Season; Only Hawkinson, Cousins Lost to Team 
1952 December 11 Gil Dodds, cross country, track sports Dodds Calls Indoor Track 
1952 December 11 Intramurals sports Results Indicate Tight Race for Intramural Basketball 
1952 December 11 W Club news W Club Returns to Old Letters; See Disney Movie 
1952 December 11 basketball sports Crusaders Seek First Win in Chi. Teachers Contest 
1952 December 11 wrestling sports Matmen Face Wisconsin in First Meet of Season 
1952 December 11 basketball sports Fans Tell Reactions to Cager Losses; Most Confident Crusaders Will Rally 
1952 December 11 basketball sports B's Trounce over Trinity for 7 Wins 
1952 December 11 Dave Patterson sports Time Out! 
1952 December 18 Student Council, Faculty, attendance front page Faculty Rejects SC Plan 
1952 December 18 Library, Student Council front page Council Questions Reasons for Compromise Decision, Plans Student Library Code 
1952 December 18 Christmas holiday front page Leave Us Leave 
1952 December 18 Kodon, Record, WETN, Gil Bowen, Sherwood Ebey front page Council Elects Ebey, Miller as Record, Kodon Editors 
1952 December 18 attendance front page Students Voice Disapproval of Action 
1952 December 18 Weather front page Weather Report 
1952 December 18 Christmas editorial Beyond the Tinsel 
1952 December 18 Roger Kvam editorial Kvam Took off Early 
1952 December 18 Christmas letters to the editor We Didn't Know Your Address, Santa 
1952 December 18 Dining Hall front page At Last: Dining Hall Opens Jan. 4 
1952 December 18 Richard N. Bibler news How Worthal, Prof. Snarf Evolve 
1952 December 18 Censorship news Collegiate Press Fumes over Censorship 
1952 December 18 Ross Smith news College Gives Smith Post 
1952 December 18 Paul M. Bechtel news Bechtel Wins Set 
1952 December 18 World Relief news World Relief Only $644 from Goal 
1952 December 18 Earle Cairns news Prof. Finishes History Text 
1952 December 18 Chamber concert news Chamber Quartet Opens 1953 Events 
1952 December 18 Neal Conley news Conley Attends Convention 
1952 December 18 Dave Patterson sports Time Out! 
1952 December 18 basketball sports Bombers Face Industrials 
1952 December 18 wrestlers sports Wis. Squad Brings Defeat to Matmen 
1952 December 18 basketball sports Crusaders Split Pair; Face Illinois Tech Tonight 
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