Index to the Record, 1952 (May)-1952 (June)

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DateSubject (Personal Name or Topic)Column or SectionTopic or Title
DateSubject (Personal Name or Topic)Column or SectionTopic or Title
May 29 1952 letter writing campaign front page Frosh Edge Ahead in Dining Hall Drive As Student Contributions Earn Holiday 
May 29 1952 Paul H. Douglas front page Duglas Comes to Campus 
May 29 1952 Jim Johnson front page Freshman Class Edits 'Record', Revives Annual Frosh Activity 
May 29 1952 Howard Claassen and William D. Thompson front page Fadenrecht Discloses Faculty Appointments For Next Semester 
May 29 1952 intercom front page Install New Dial System To Replace Old Intercom 
May 29 1952 Mark Harmeling front page Editor Harmeling to Present Yearbook 
May 29 1952 Ethel Aust front page Gremlins Try to Stop Frosh As '55ers Take Over 'Record' 
May 29 1952 Sarah Leavens front page Big Sister Plan for Fall 
May 29 1952 Oscar Storey font page Accident Claims Life of School Custodian 
May 29 1952 Alice Aust and Edward Thompson front page Aust and Thompson Present Joint Voice Recital 
May 29 1952 record editorial Seeing is Believing 
May 29 1952 Junior Chamber of Commerce editorial Common Ground 
May 29 1952 friendship editorial Just Smile 
May 29 1952 Gene Dewey voices Taft Prepares For Party Struggle 
May 29 1952 Jim Morgan voices President-Elect Helm Enjoys Enviable Record of Success 
May 29 1952 retiring cabinet officers news Frosh Cabinet Reitres to Private Life 
May 29 1952 Chuck Huttar news Chuck Huttar Wins First Place In Revivalism Essay Contests 
May 29 1952 Lorraine Hoey news New Editor Names Staff 
May 29 1952 meeting appointments news See You There 
May 29 1952 Dick Moore news Reporter Reveals Difficulties of Profession 
May 29 1952 Frank O. Green  news Green Gets Award 
May 29 1952 senior sneak committee news Seniors Execute Daring Coup, Sneak to Jack and Jill Ranch 
May 29 1952 student assembly news S C to Hold Assembly 
May 29 1952 baseball sports Pfundmen Complete Conference Slate As Rain Brings Halt to Cardinal Tilt 
May 29 1952 Dick Schoon sports Time Out! 
May 29 1952 baseball sports Bombers Possess 4-3 Final Record; Nissen Leads Team 
May 29 1952 tennis sports Net Team Cancels Alumni, Med School Matches To Conclude Season with 7-1 Mark, CCI Title 
May 29 1952 track sports Frosh Cop Track Crown; Tweed Is Ping-pong Ace 
June 5 1952 Cam Townsley front page SU Adds Activities for Summer Sessions 
June 5 1952 Gospel Heralds front page Council Picks Team 
June 5 1952 Dr. J. Palmer Muntz front page School Awards 295 Seniors Sheepskins At 93rd Commencement; Muntz to Talk 
June 5 1952 Marguerite Gearhart front page SC Elects Gearhart 
June 5 1952 Ken Carter  front page Inter-lit Chooses Ken Carter President Of Co-ed Summer Lit, Makes Fall Plans 
June 5 1952 J. Maurice Dobbins front page Orchestra, Choir Combine To Present Final Concert With Dobbins as Director 
June 5 1952 extending cafereria  front page Plan to Extend NH Cafeteria 
June 5 1952 Russell H. Platz front page Platz to Direct Band 
June 5 1952 Lois Klasing front page Instructor Presents Own Piano Recital 
June 5 1952 Lorraine Hoey front page Sen. Douglas Attributes Corruption to Gift-giving, Campaingn Costs 
June 5 1952 record staff editorial Reminisce 
June 5 1952 Doug Robinson voices U. S. Welfare Should Arouse Christians' Interest in Politics 
June 5 1952 Hal Malehorn voices Professor Admits Dislike Of Early Morning Classes 
June 5 1952 Roger Kvam voices Court Restrains Truman, Defends Personal Rights 
June 5 1952 men's and women's glee clubs news Two Glee Clubs to Join Forces In Commencement Week Concert 
June 5 1952 west suburban organizations news Dockweiler, Brannon Win West Sub Prexy Posts 
June 5 1952 Dr. John E. Luchies news Churches Call Luchies, Cronk 
June 5 1952 Burr Hickman news Hickman Recital Features Chopin, Stravinsky Works 
June 5 1952 Frank Houser news Students Probe Criminal World 
June 5 1952 Sylvia Sawyer and Emma Lou Henning news 2 Divide Scholarship 
June 5 1952 Bill Webber and Barbara Kott news Speech Majors Win $25 in Cook Contest 
June 5 1952 V. Raymond Edman front page Edman Conducts Series 
June 5 1952 Stu Brown news 200 Sophs Get Fittings for New Jackets; Class Chose Beige Wool, Brown Tells 
June 5 1952 faculty member will speak at cities news Profs Speak in Four States 
June 5 1952 Dr. S. Richey Kamm news Kamm Gets Degree 
June 5 1952 baseball sports Baseball Squad Loses in Tourney, Ends Season wth 10-8 Mark 
June 5 1952 tennis sports Women Netters Cop 8-Match Schedule 
June 5 1952 Harvey C. Chrouser sports Wheatonites to Attend Aquatic, Craft Schools 
June 5 1952 Dave Patterson sports Time Out! 
June 5 1952 volleyball sports Soph-ballers Spill Boys 3-2 To Capture National Lead 
June 5 1952 baseball sports Flash! 
June 5 1952 track sports Patterson, Cousins To Head Trackmen 
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