Index to the Record, 1951 (January); 1952 (February)-1952 (May)

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DateSubject (Personal Name or Topic)Column or SectionTopic or Title
1951 January 10 Registration front page Council Report on Long Lines in Registration 
1951 January 10 missions front page 3550 Students Consider Place in World Evangelism 
1951 January 10 library front page Work Progresses on New Library 
1951 January 10 Wilbert H. Hohm front page Hohm Speech Recital Gives Patrick's 'The Hasty Heart' 
1951 January 10 Stupe front page Stupe Sells 'Times' 
1951 January 10 Dining Hall front page Trustees Apply for Permission to Start Dining Hall Construction 
1951 January 10 ROTC front page 'Keep Calm, Men!' Says Hershey 
1951 January 10 spring oratorio front page Chorus to Present Brahms' 'Requiem' 
1951 January 10 Courses front page Wheaton Modernizes Courses 
1951 January 10 Maxwell A. Kerr, Paul E. Martin front page Navy Calls Kerr, Martin Returns 
1951 January 10 New Year's Resolution editorial January Diet 
1951 January 10 Eisenhower editorial Ike Allows Name on 1952 Ballot 
1951 January 10 Worldliness editorial Worldliness- What is It? 
1951 January 10 polio news 'Give Dimes for Polio Victims,' Luft Urges Wheaton Students 
1951 January 10 ROTC news Corps Officer Talks to Student Leaders 
1951 January 10 Chapel news Chapel Lays Stress on Prayer, Hymns 
1951 January 10 Russell Mixter, Lits news Mixter Speaks to Belts on Evolution; Lits to Elect Officers, Give Parties 
1951 January 10 World Relief news World Relief to Ship Clothing 
1951 January 10 Robert R. Taylor, polio news Instructor Recovers 
1951 January 10 clubs news See You There 
1951 January 10 Benn Leavenworth, Barbara Eastment news 2 Musicians to Present Recitals 
1951 January 10 basketball sports Crusaders Down Hornets, Face Redmen, North Central 
1951 January 10 basketball sports Bombers Recover from Rockford Loss, Face Elgin Tonight 
1951 January 10 intramurals sports Trotters Defeat Seniors; Finals Start Monday 
1951 January 10 Dave Patterson sports Time Out! 
1951 January 10 wrestling sports Matmen Wrestle Notre Dame Saturday after Finishing Third in Navy Pier Meet 
1951 January 17 news front page News Briefs... 
1951 January 17 Allen Fleece, Evangelistic Services front page Dr. Allen Fleece Speaks at Evangelistic Services 
1951 January 17 library front page Faculty Formulates Plans for Use of Old Libraries 
1951 January 17 library front page Prexy Reveals Library Opening; Book Loans Begin Next Term 
1951 January 17 March of Dimes front page Chairman Luft Opens March of Dimes Drive 
1951 January 17 Women's Club front page Women's Club Awards New Memorial Grant for English Research 
1951 January 17 Student Council front page Wolfenden Reveals Student Council Agenda, Plans Open Discussion of Bylaws Monday 
1951 January 17 Foreign Missions Fellowship front page Missionary Tells FMF Of Christians in China 
1951 January 17 Burr Kickman front page Burr Kickman Plays Concerto, Chopin at Orchestra Concert 
1951 January 17 faculty-staff-trustee front page Trustees to Congregate For Banquet, Metting Following WSH Tour 
1951 January 17 Lorraine Hoey front page Incoming Editor Releases 'Record' Staff Positions 
1951 January 17 Joseph P. Free front page 51 to Accompany Free on Tour Of Israel, Near East next Month 
1951 January 17 Hal Malehorn front page Reporter Tells How a Library Outgrew a Building 
1951 January 17 revival editorial Revival And You 
1951 January 17 ADF voices Is God Just An Excuse? 
1951 January 17 Gil Bowen  voices Clark Refuses Truman's Offer As Representative to Vatican 
1951 January 17 L.H. voices Kime March is On 
1951 January 17 Helen Harris Luci Deck letters to the editor Letter Applauds Chapel, Asks for Follow-through 
1951 January 17 Chapel speaking news Grads Speak In Chapel 
1951 January 17 David Otis Fuller news College Trustee to Speak To New GARB Fellowhip 
1951 January 17 J. Maurice Dobbins news Campus Singers Leave For Midwestern Tour 
1951 January 17 Saradell news Lits Hold Final Meetings; Ladies Visit Town House 
1951 January 17 Spiritual Life news Council Conducts Study 
1951 January 17 Samuel J. Schultz, Merrill C. Tenney news Schultz, Tenney End Pastorships; Teachers Preach over Weekend 
1951 January 17 Roger Kvam and Gil Bowen news Bowen, Kvam Win Award At Bloomington Tourney 
1951 January 17 meeting notification news See You There 
1951 January 17 basketball sports After 2 CCI Wins in Week Crusaders Face Wesleyan 
1951 January 17 wrestling sports Grapplers Down Irish, Face Iowa Saturday 
1951 January 17 basketball sports College Intramural Tournament Enters Final Round Of Basketball as Operators Run String to 16 Wins 
1951 January 17 Dave Patterson sports Time Out! 
1951 January 17 Gil Dodds  sports Hallworth, Price Lead Crusaer Track Squad In Chicago Meet 
1951 January 17 basketball sports Bombers Win 3 Straight Games, Defeat Elgin, Cards, Elmhurst 
1951 January 24 library opening front page Library Opens Next Semester 
1951 January 24 council election front page Council Elects Union Board 
1951 January 24 Paul Robbings front page Change WB Date, Suggest Gym Site 
1951 January 24 registration front page Students Begin Registration Feb. 5; Fine Arts Week Sparks Semester 
1951 January 24 Fine Art Week front page '52 Preview 
1951 January 24 appointing new faculty front page Name 3 Profs 
1951 January 24 Ted Engstrom front page SC To Sell Books In Fischer Library 
1951 January 24 Frank Neuberg front page College to Confer 38 Degrees At Mid-winter Convocation 
1951 January 24 John Luft front page Polio March Gets $245; Luft Extends Campaign 
1951 January 24 Bill Jordan front page WETN Experiences a Growth without Fanfare 
1951 January 24 UNESCO front page Dyrness to Attend UNESCO Meeting 
1951 January 24 ethics editorial We Throw the Torch 
1951 January 24 Gil Bowen voices Congress Receives Highest Budget; Papers Expose Horse Meat Scandal 
1951 January 24 Revival editorial Consistent Life Reflects Revival 
1951 January 24 John Slater and Ken Carter letters to the editor Belts Seek Correction Of Library Origin Date 
1951 January 24 Kodon news Magazine Prints 'How To' Features 
1951 January 24 debate team news Debaters to Leave on Southern Trip 
1951 January 24 Steven Barabas news Prof Writes Keswick Book 
1951 January 24 Lit news Lits Hold Semester Elections; Knights Sponsor Annual Mixer 
1951 January 24 V. Ramond Edman news Prexy Shares Chapel With Briton, Chaplain 
1951 January 24 designed party news Employees to Hold Post Office Reunion 
1951 January 24 Rex Roth  news Sophs Elect Roth to Office 
1951 January 24 Dave Patterson sports Time Out! 
1951 January 24 track sports Doddsmen Face Maroons In Initial Indoor Start 
1951 January 24 intramural league sports 5 Teams Stay Undefeated In Final Round of Play 
1951 January 24 Women's Athletic Association sports WAA Elects Senior Prexy 
1951 January 24 wrestling sports Iowa Defeats Wrestlers 
1951 January 24 basketball sports Bombers Trounce Elgin JC 
1951 January 24 basketball sports Crusaders Battle Foresters After Weleyan Loss 
1952 February 7 evangelistic services front page Fleece Speaks in Mid-Year Services; To Place Emphasis on Bible Study 
1952 February 7 Washington Banquet front page Robbins Promises 'Different' WB 
1952 February 7 WETN front page WETN Tells World News in 2 Daily Broadcasts 
1952 February 7 Student Council front page Wheaton to Invite Mid-West Councils 
1952 February 7 West African Broadcasting front page Africa Radio Joins Forces with SIM to Broaden Watkins Liberian Venture 
1952 February 7 Inter-Society front page Inter-Society Council Presents After-Lit Movie 
1952 February 7 World Relief front page Students Donate $310; Drive Requests Clothing 
1952 February 7 basketball front page Cagers Free CCI Blueboys after Split on Hoosier Tour 
1952 February 7 buildings and grounds front page Cool Water 
1952 February 7 Tower front page Annual Completes Layout 
1952 February 7 Artist series front page Quartet to Play 
1952 February 7 UNESCO front page UNESCO Recognizes Spiritual Values, Dyrness Observes 
1952 February 7 wrestling sports Matmen Grapple Sailors after St. Ambrose Wins 
1952 February 7 V. Raymond Edman, Alumni club, Joseph Free, Intervarsity, Frank Neuberg news Prexy Speaks to Alumni Club; Free Addresses IVCF Chapter 
1952 February 7 Intramurals sports Leagues Tie 3 Ways in Intramural Play 
1952 February 7 West Suburban news West Sub Revises Plan 
1952 February 7 track sports Doddsmen Nose Chicago U, Prime for Michigan Races 
1952 February 7 Kodon news Motley Appoints Staff 
1952 February 14 Campus forum front page Forum to Revive Book Shelf Project; Programs Include Broader Emphasis 
1952 February 14 Lincoln Banquet front page 'Lincoln Banquet' Returns to Gym 
1952 February 14 Washington Banquet front page Committee to Hold WB in Gymnasium; Plan $6 Tickets, Radio Dramatist 
1952 February 14 Artist Series front page Leading String Quartet Plays in Concert Tuesday Night 
1952 February 14 Student Council front page Student Council Sells 270 Second-hand Books 
1952 February 14 personal growth editorial Four Sides 
1952 February 14 Chicago, George VI, Elisabeth II, Korean War editorial Slaying Uncovers Civic Crime; Morris Aids Attorney General 
1962 February 14 Norman D. Pott editorial 'Big Norm' Pott Relates Lively Past, Pet Peeve 
1962 February 14 Washington Banquet letters to the editor Banquet Site Evokes Student Discussion 
1962 February 14 evangelistic services news Missionary Zeal Guides Fleece as Pastor, Teacher 
1962 February 14 Evangelistic Services news School Sing to Climax Evangelistic Services 
1962 February 14 debate team news Women Debators Enter Team in NU Tournament 
1962 February 14 Selective Service news Selective Service Announces Plans to Offer Qualification Test April 24 
1962 February 14 Enrollment news Enrollment Stays High as School Admits 39 
1962 February 14 Margaret Kochka news Kochka Gives Senior Recital 'Victoria Regina' on March 1 
1962 February 14 CPO news Inside Mail Endangers Off-Campus Mail Slot 
1962 February 14 clubs news See You There 
1962 February 14 Bible Lands Cruise news Free to Sail on Feb. 20 
1962 February 14 WAA sports WAA Practices Nightly 
1962 February 14 basketball sports Five Score New Record, Oppose Cards Saturday 
1962 February 14 Intramurals sports Sophs Head 'A' Loop 
1962 February 14 Dave Patterson sports Time Out! 
1962 February 14 wrestling sports Olsonmen Win Two at Pier, Lose to Sailors, Redbirds 
1962 February 14 basketball sports Bombers Divide Pair, Score 100 Against CCO 
1962 February 21 Pep Band front page Lively Pep Band Plays On... 
1962 February 21 Artist Series front page Petrillo Ban Holds; Concert Cancelled 
1962 February 21 Campus Forum front page Campus Forum Sponsors Canon Bell in Lecture on American Education 
1962 February 21 Moody Bible front page College Holds 'Moody Night' 
1962 February 21 Hub front page NH Grils Reseve Hub 
1962 February 21 Annemarie Gerts, Malcolm Benson front page Faculty to Give Recital at Sunday Vesper Hour 
1962 February 21 Student Council front page Council President Announces Open Discussion at Assembly 
1962 February 21 Billy Graham front page Graham Team Broadcasts in Pierce Chapel Saturday 
1962 February 21 railway bus service front page ICC Extends CA&E Hearings to March 
1952 February 14 railway bus service front page 500 Wheatonites Protest Application for Bus Service on 'Roarin' Elgin' 
1962 February 21 Margaret Landon front page Novelist Landon Speaks at After-Lit Program 
1962 February 21 Washington Banquet front page Banquet Chairman Schedules Sale of Tickets for Monday 
1962 February 21 debate team front page New Orleans Gives Key to Varsity Debate Team 
1962 February 21 Washington Banquet editorial Hopscotch 
1962 February 21 Moody Bible editorial Hospitality 
1962 February 21 Schumann Plan editorial France, West Germany Agree on European 'Integrated Army' 
1962 February 21 Mary Stam editorial 'Little Sister' Continues Wheaton Stam Tradition 
1962 February 21 infirmary letters to the editor Kindness Demonstrates Christian Consistency 
1962 February 21 Navy news Navy to Interview Prospective Grads 
1962 February 21 MSC news MSC Gets New Picture 
1962 February 21 Sunday School news Chicago Sunday School Leader Speaks at Workshop for Student Teachers 
1962 February 21 evangelistic services news Tozer Talks in Chapel, Slated for '52 Chapels 
1962 February 21 clubs news See You There 
1962 February 21 C. V. Eavey news Ex-prof Eavey Writes New Personality Book 
1962 February 21 skating party news 60 to Skate at Happy Valley 
1962 February 21 Wheaton Evangelical Free Church news Free Church Begins Services 
1962 February 21 Inter-Lits news Inter-Lit Elects Officers Discusses Future Plans 
1962 February 21 buildings and grounds news Pittman Reports Plans to Make Campus Repairs 
1962 February 21 Gil Dodds, V. Raymond Edman, Philip Marquart, Paul M. Wright news 4 Profs Speak Off Campus 
1962 February 21 basketball sports Varsity Halts Cards, Oppose Jays, Augies 
1962 February 21 track sports Thinclads Place 3 at Michigan State 
1962 February 21 Dave Patterson sports Time Out! 
1962 February 21 wrestling sports Crusaders Host Annual Mat Tourney after Defeating Augie Wrestlers 15-11 
1962 February 21 intramurals sports Sophs, Juniors Battle for A League Lead; Grunts Top B Circuit 
1962 February 21 basketball sports 'B' Team Win Pair, to Travel to Beloit 
1952 February 7 basketball sports Bombers Beat Elmhurst; Robinson Leads Scoring 
1962 February 28 Washington Banquet front page WB to Emphasize Patriotic Theme; Alumnus St. Pierre to Act as Emcee 
1962 February 28 news front page News Briefs... 
1962 February 28 dining hall front page Pott Leads Drive for Building Funds 
1962 February 28 Ernie Sandeen front page Sandeen Triumphs in Class Election 
1962 February 28 Marge Kochka front page Marge Kochka to Give 'Victoria Regina' 
1962 February 28 Lee Kinney front page General Recital Includes Kinney in Modern Play 
1962 February 28 Billy Graham front page Billy Graham Exhorts Students to Hear Japan's Mission Call 
1962 February 28 Billy Graham, Neo-Orthodoxy editorial Head and Heart 
1962 February 28 Ian Harper Cook editorial Scotch Prepster Works as Carrier for Bank; Regrets Lack of Sports Participation in States 
1962 February 28 Chicago, NATO editorial Chicago Citizens Investigate Corruption; NATO Nations Organize Army Divisions 
1962 February 28 Library letters to the editor Student Asks Librarians for Pogo's Whereabouts 
1962 February 28 Tower news Shenk, Snider Name Fijan, Krause, Fox to '53 Tower Staff 
1962 February 28 Roger Kvam news Kvam Takes Honors 
1962 February 28 clubs news See You There 
1962 February 28 Artist Series news Student Artist Series to Present Halloran Chorus Tuesday Night 
1962 February 28 Larry Ward news Larry Ward Addresses Regular Baptist Meeting 
1962 February 28 Clyde S. Kilby news Kilby Announces Essay Contest 
1962 February 28 basketball sports Wheaton Trounces MBI 53-31, Retain 'Moody Night' Trophy 
1962 February 28 Lits news Aels to Hold Hub Party for Lit Non-Banqueters 
1962 February 28 chapel news Garret, Larson Initiate Church History Series 
1962 February 28 track sports Thinclads Enter Cardinal Meet 
1962 February 28 Dave Patterson sports Time Out! 
1962 February 28 wrestling sports Great Lakes Wins Tourney; Olsonmen Tie for Fifth 
1962 February 28 basketball sports Pfundmen Take 2 Tilts, Face Millikin in Final 
1962 February 28 basketball sports Bombers Set Record with 118-Point Win, Lose to Beloit Five 
1962 March 6 history department front page NU Historian Franklin Scott to Lecture Here on 'People, Principle and Policy' 
1962 March 6 Alumni, Faculty front page Alumni Help Raise Faculty Salaries 
1962 March 6 Washington Banquet front page 296 Attend Banquet 
1962 March 6 Student Council, Campus Forum front page Council Votes to Move Drink Machine, Approves Elections of Campus Forum 
1962 March 6 Selective Service exams front page Hershey Sets Deadline on Student Application for Qualification Exams 
1962 March 6 William Nordin front page Nordin Leads Choir in Brahms' Requiem 
1962 March 6 World Relief, Intervarsity front page Relief Drive to Sponsor IVCF Camp Scholarships 
1962 March 6 Schuman Yang, Johann Yang front page Yangs Present Joint Recital, to Present Own Compositions 
1962 March 6 dining hall front page 134 Committeemen Pledge $5000 to Dining Hall 
1962 March 6 Campus Forum front page Bell Addresses Campus Forum 
1962 March 6 record-faculty basketball front page Prithee Duel 
1962 March 6 fund raising editorial No More Lines 
1962 March 6 Harriette J. Kelstrup editorial Grad Tells Love for Local Winters, Hopes to Stump Tenney with Question 
1962 March 6 France, Republican presidential candidates editorial French Suffer in Currency Devaluation; Stassen Tests Strength in First Primary 
1962 March 6 vending machines letters to the editor Student Questions Candy Vendor Site 
1962 March 6 Bob Supplee news Baritone Supplee to Give Recital; Bowman to Assist on Cornet 
1962 March 6 Lits news Lits Hold Last Open Meeting, Plan Varied Informal Programs 
1962 March 6 chapel news chapel 
1962 March 6 debate team news Debate Team Wins DeKalb Championship 
1962 March 6 Faculty news Faculty Members Speak in Mid-Western Cities 
1962 March 6 basketball, Wheaton Academy sports Academy Cage Quintet Captures Initial Private League Trophy 
1962 March 6 clubs news See You There 
1962 March 6 biology news 21 Students Visit Florida 
1962 March 6 Foreign Missionary Fellowship news Kensinger, Carter Announce FMF Missionary Conference 
1962 March 6 basketball sports Crusaders Fall to Millikin in Final Game of Season 
1962 March 6 Intramurals sports Juniors Hold Lead 
1962 March 6 basketball sports Pott Makes All CCI 
1962 March 6 basketball sports Bombers Win 73-60 for 15 Victories 
1962 March 6 Dave Patterson sports Time Out! 
1962 March 6 track sports Doddsmen Take North Central Relays, Defend Title at Central AAU Meet 
1962 March 6 WAA sports WAA Begins Tournament 
1962 March 13 artist series front page Young Duo-Pianists Gold, Fizdale Play Modern Music in Concert 
1962 March 13 Student Council front page Student Council Sponsors 'Tune Tangle;' Classes, Faculty to Compete for Trophy 
1962 March 13 vending machine front page Candy Vendor Put in New Locatio 
1962 March 13 West Suburban front page Profs to Address West Sub Students at Special Meetings 
1962 March 13 Kodon front page Photocrime Tops List in Kodon Next Week 
1962 March 13 Missions Week front page Dr. Smith to Address Chapel for Annual Missiosn Week 
1962 March 13 Betty White Gilchrist, Raymond McAfee front page Gilchrist, McAfee to Take Solo Parts in 100-Voice Presentation of Requiem 
1962 March 13 Campus Forum front page CF Discusses Asian Nationalism 
1962 March 13 World Relief front page Relief Fund to Aid European Students 
1962 March 13 basketball front page Trotters Play in AG 
1962 March 13 Red Cross front page Drive Begins Next Friday for More Blood Donations 
1962 March 13 Korean War, blood drive editorial A Cross - White or Red 
1962 March 13 CPO editorial Inside Out 
1962 March 13 Republican Primaries, Eisenhower, Cuba editorial N.H. Voters Declare Presidential Desire; Dictator Assumes 'Protection' of Republic 
1962 March 13 Herbert Andrew Atkinson editorial Virtuoso Forsakes Violin, Devotes Talent to Football 
1962 March 13 dinner letters to the editor Worker Seeks Right to Cut Dinner Line 
1962 March 13 Don Bissett news Bissett to Enact Rostand's 'Cyrano' 
1962 March 13 Marine Corps news Corps Visits Campus 
1962 March 13 clubs news See You There 
1962 March 13 Young Life news Young Lifers Come for Training Class 
1962 March 13 housing news Sidelights Get Kitchen 
1962 March 13 debate team news 9 Debaters Go to LU Tourney 
1962 March 13 Frost Library news School Remodels Frost 
1962 March 13 Joy Beardshaw news Beardshaw Gives Senior Recital 
1962 March 13 home economics news Co-Eds Model Fashions 
1962 March 13 Lits news Lit Societies Feature Sound Film, Outside Speakers, Discussios 
1962 March 13 Speech contest news Hearst Paper Sponsors Speech Contest Tryouts 
1962 March 13 Track sports Trackmen Retain Crown at Central AAU Meet 
1962 March 13 wrestling sports Grapplers Send Brown, Aberle to Case Tech Meet 
1962 March 13 baseball sports Pfundmen Prepare for Southern Tour Sparked by Nine Returning Lettermen 
1962 March 13 Dave Patterson sports Time Out! 
1962 March 13 basketball sports '53ers Win 38-36 Hold League Lead 
1962 March 20 faculty-record basketball front page Prexy Answers Challengers 
1962 March 20 Student Council front page SC Opens General Session of Government Conference 
1962 March 20 Student Council front page Council Discusses Library, Assembly 
1962 March 20 Howard F. Smiley front page Smiley Resigns 
1962 March 20 faculty-record basketball front page 'Old-Timers' Bucket Team Works Out for Traditional Game with Journalists 
1962 March 20 Concert band front page Band to Tour East, Canada on Annual Pre-Easter Trip 
1962 March 20 Marilynn Carlson front page Expression Major Carlson to Interpret Freedman's 'Mrs. Mike' in Senior Recital 
1962 March 20 biology front page Allen, Maxwell Preserve Feline Specimens in Plastic Mounts 
1962 March 20 C. Nolan Huizenga front page Huizenga Gives Piano Recital 
1962 March 20 Student Council editorial Profit 
1962 March 20 faculty-record basketball editorial Up and At 'Em 
1962 March 20 buildings and grounds letters to the editor Celts Cry for Benches 
1962 March 20 Helen Elaine Severin editorial Shy elaine Annoys Mother in Restaurant, Works for Food Service at Wheaton 
1962 March 20 CIO United Steel, Roger Putnam, foreign policy editorial Steel Workers' Union Threatens to Strike; Security Aid Raises Congressional Debate 
1962 March 20 Rustam Zal news 'Rusty' Zal Tells of Change from Zoroastrianism 
1962 March 20 Student Council news SC Holds 'Tune Tangle' as Inter-Class Competition 
1962 March 20 chapel news Sheffer, MacRae Speak 
1962 March 20 clubs news See You There 
1962 March 20 Air Force news Air Force Seeks Seniors 
1962 March 20 Lits news Lits to Present Splash Party, Panels, Speakers at Meetings 
1962 March 20 Student Union house committee news Committee Displays Painting by Jayne 
1962 March 20 baseball sports Pfund Releases Schedule, Cuts Baseball Squad to 35 
1962 March 20 basketball sports Wheaton Girls Trip Strong Taylor Six 
1962 March 20 Dave Patterson sports Time Out! 
1962 March 20 basketball sports Wheaton Cagers Mark Up 15-8 Season, Place Fourth in CCI, Set 77.5 Average 
1962 March 20 track sports B Track Team Wins Places in 8 Events 
1962 March 20 WAA sports Banquet Highlights WAA 
1952 March 27 chapel choir, glee club front page 3 Musical Groups to Leave on Tours Throughout U.S., Western Canada 
1952 March 27 Sam Campbell front page Sam Campbell Shows Pictures of Quetico-Superior Country 
1952 March 27 Record-faculty basketball front page Recorkd Recks Battle Faculty Frails 
1952 March 27 student council front page Students Exchange Ideas 
1952 March 27 Dining hall front page Sophomores Lead Drive for Dining Hall Funds 
1952 March 27 Bob Ecklund front page Camera Gives Ecklund Electrick Shock 
1952 March 27 Margaret Landon front page Author Landon to Speak on Best Seller Aftermath, Problems of Book Writing 
1952 March 27 debate team front page Wheaton to Debate Harvard Team at CF 
1952 March 27 Student Union front page Student Union Plans Vacation Activities 
1952 March 27 Chicago editorial Cross Roads of the Nation 
1952 March 27 Walter Leonard Steinkraus editorial School-Skipping Arsonist Misses Fire, Spurs Doddsmen with Distance Running 
1952 March 27 Eisenhower, McCarthy, Wages editorial Eisenhower Bandwagon Gains Momentum; Wage Board Muddles Steel Settlement 
1952 March 27 criticism, Carson Fremont letters to the editor Student Seeks Cessation of Destructive Criticism 
1952 March 27 Radio Club news Ham Club Counts Assets, Finds Old Police Set Dead 
1952 March 27 Gil Bowen, Roger Kvam news Bowen-Kvam Streak Ends at 30 Consecutive Wins 
1952 March 27 Merrill C. Tenney, chapel news Tenney Opens Series 
1952 March 27 Tune Tangle news Sophomores Win Tune Tangle; Faculty Presents 'Clementine' 
1952 March 27 Donald Bissett news Company Honors Bissett as 'Year Guide' 
1952 March 27 Clyde S. Kilby news Kilby to Read Selections of Ancient Chinese Poetry 
1952 March 27 Lits news Knights to Sponsor Mixer for Last Pre-Vacation Lit 
1952 March 27 clubs news See You There 
1952 March 27 faculty news Professors to Talk 
1952 March 27 Intramurals sports '53ers, Beavers, Arrows Annex Titles as IM Basketball Tournaments Close 
1952 March 27 WAA sports WAA to Start Practice for Badminton Tourney 
1952 March 27 baseball sports Crusaders to Initiate '52 Diamond Card Against Elmhurst 
1952 March 27 basketball sports Minnesota Boys Win Brigade Tournament; Defeat Elmhurst Five 
1952 March 27 Dave Patterson sports Time Out! 
1952 March 27 football sports Grid Practice Begins for 8-Game Slate 
1952 April 3 Student Union front page Student Union to Provide Sports, Films, Parties During April Recess 
1952 April 3 Margaret H. Schumacher front page Schumacher to Give Junior Piano Recital 
1952 April 3 Comprehensive Exams front page Jittery Seniors to Cram Systematically for Comprehensives 
1952 April 3 V. Raymond Edman, dining hall front page Edman Breaks Sod 
1952 April 3 basketball front page Sophs, Frosh Reach Finals in Inter-Class Cage Meets 
1952 April 3 Wheaton College front page McCartney Visits Wheaton to Assist Integration Program 
1952 April 3 baseball front page Crusader Rally Spills Elmhurst in Southland Tour Preparation 
1952 April 3 Foreign Missions Fellowship, Ken Kensinger front page Kensinger Gets FMF Presidency 
1952 April 3 Sophomore class front page Sophs Select Wool Coats 
1952 April 3 Student Council front page SC to Start Campaigning for Prexy, Class Officers 
1952 April 3 geology front page Scientists Go West, South on Field Trips 
1952 April 3 tennis sports Netters Base CCI Title Quest on 'Now or Never' Vet Nucleus 
1952 April 3 faculty news Professors to Speak in Midwest, Texas 
1952 April 3 Honey Rock Camp news Students to Work at HRC 
1952 April 3 World relief news Szego Extends Drive for Funds 
1952 April 3 debate team news Debate Teams to Compete in Vacation Tournaments 
1952 April 3 criticism, Chapel letters to the editor Students Give Criticism Value, Seek Worship During Chapel 
1952 April 23 Judaism front page Rabbi Talks on Judaism 
1952 April 23 S. Richey Kamm front page Wheaton Voters Elect Dr. Kamm to WCHS Board of Education 
1952 April 23 Record front page 'Record' Rates High 
1952 April 23 Burr Hickman, Beryl Hickman front page Hickman Duo Give Recital 
1952 April 23 Student Council front page Candidates Petition for SC Elections 
1952 April 23 Campus Forum front page Forum Brings 'Wilson' Film to Campus; Documents War Years, League Failure 
1952 April 23 Betty Barndollar front page Barndollar to Interpret Barrett-Browning Story 
1952 April 23 grad school front page Grad School Holds Conference Friday 
1952 April 23 Glee club front page 'Pnafore' Selections Top Men's Glee club Program 
1952 April 23 Piano Recital front page Pianist faith Dugan Plays 'The Emperor,' Beethoven's Concerto, in Senior Recital 
1952 April 23 daylight-saving time front page Tepus Fugit 
1952 April 23 Chicago Tract society front page MacPherson Gets Award 
1952 April 23 extra curricular activities editorial Jobs Available 
1952 April 23 politics editorial Steel Action Brings Rebukes to Truman 
1952 April 23 Nancy Joan Smith news Swedish lass Inherits Family Talent for Music:, 'Dying' to Teach Chral work after Graduation 
1952 April 23 popular music and its place in a christian life letters to editor Popular Songs Arouse Ethical Questions 
1952 April 23 events announcement See You there 
1952 April 23 Lit news Inter-lit Visits 'The Hide Out' 
1952 April 23 annual service to cap nurses news West Suburban to Hold Annual Service To Cap Nurses in Oak Park Church 
1952 April 23 Annual Conference of Assocuation of College unions news SU Leaders Attend Annual Conference 
1952 April 23 Pi Kappa Delta news Debaters Choose officers 
1952 April 23 Introduction of pther campus newspapers news Rival Rags 
1952 April 23 chapel news Prof, Geusts Speak For Week's Chapel 
1952 April 23 WETN news WETN Men Visit Institute 
1952 April 23 Pi Kappa Delta news Debators Gain To rating At Illini-Wisconsin Meet 
1952 April 23 Elinor Nelson news Nelson to Journey To Sweden in June 
1952 April 23 Profs news Profs Schedule Services 
1952 April 23 Convocation news Senior Receive Honors In Spring Convocation 
1952 April 23 baseball sports Pfundmen Down Valpo, Elmhurst after 2-4 Tour 
1952 April 23 Wheaton Relays sports Time Out! 
1952 April 23 the Iowa state teachers relays sports Thinclads to host Relays After Pacing Iowa Meet 
1952 April 23 baseball sports Bomber Nine Wins Initial Herzel Tilts 
1952 April 23 tennis sports netters Blast Elmhurst, Valpo in Openers 
1952 May 1 Student Union front page SU board Integrates Campus Activities for Students 
1952 May 1 College Shifts Locations front page New Offices Fool Students 
1952 May 1 Inter-lit society front page Graham's 'Mr. Texas' Highlights last Inter-lit Society Program 
1952 May 1 Bill Webber front page Webber Gives Recital 
1952 May 1 presidential election front page Merits of presidenttial Aspirants Occupies CF Discussion Panel 
1952 May 1 Wheaton College Catalog front page College Distributes Revamped Catalogs 
1952 May 1 J. Maurice Dobbins front page Dobbins to Present Choir In Annual Home Concert 
1952 May 1 recital front page Pianist to Feature Beethoven Sonata 
1952 May 1 woodwind trio front page Howell, Parkhurst, Treat to Play At Music Week Luncheon Forum 
1952 May 1 Dr. John E. Luchies front page NAE members Chose Prof 
1952 May 1 Student Union editorial Well Done! 
1952 May 1 Seizure Act, Eisenhower editorial Judge Pine Revokes Truman's Seizure Act; Ike Gains on Taft after Colorado Victory 
1952 May 1 Gray Lambert editorial Happy-Go-Lucky Youth Finds Salvation after Father's Death, Other Tragedies 
1952 May 1 College Union news Conference Emphasizes Student Role in Activities 
1952 May 1 Carol Doty, PE Club news Illinois PE Club Elects Doty State Chairman 
1952 May 1 Eugene Dewey news Point Takes Dewey 
1952 May 1 faculty news Wheaton Faculty to Publish Volumes on Sunday School, Soul Winning Work 
1952 May 1 Burt Harding news Harding, Wyatt Talk 
1952 May 1 Modern mind news Smith Calls Modern Mind 'Self-Centered' 
sports WAA sports WAA Hold Elections for Next Semester 
1952 May 1 Sewing classes news Sewing Classes Display Costumes in Style Show 
1952 May 1 Annual Christian Social Work Conference news Social Work Conference to Hear Garrett, Hagstrom, Brown, Seath 
1952 May 1 banquets news Women to Hold Annual Dinner 
1952 May 1 Student Union news Union Hangs New Picture 
1952 May 1 Dave Patterson sports Time Out! 
1952 May 1 baseball sports Pfundmen Split Week's Games; Foresters Win, Teachers Lose 
1952 May 1 baseball sports New Line-Up Sparks B's 
1952 May 1 Tennis sports Coeds Down Chicago U. 
1952 May 1 track sports Wheaton trackmen Nudge Beloit 90-81 in First College Invitational Relays 
1952 May 1 golf sports Golf Team Breaks Even 
1952 May 1 tennis sports Wheatonites Falter on Forester Courts; Drop Net Meet 6-3 
1952 May 8 Dining Hall front page Ground-Breaking Ceremony Ends Week of Dining Hall Activities 
1952 May 8 Morris Faugerstrom front page Faugerstrom Plays Liszt, Bach Works 
1952 May 8 Burt Harding front page Harding Gets Post 
1952 May 8 Student Council, Washington Banquet front page Council Discusses WB, Clean-up Drive; Selects Frosh Head 
1952 May 8 Christian Social Work Conference front page Mission Superintendent Addresses Conference 
1952 May 8 Bud Gray, Chuck Johnson, Student Council front page Gray, Johnson to Enter Finals in Race for Next Year's Student Council Prexy 
1952 May 8 Bench front page Bench Burial Endangers Rivalries: Students Probe Activities 
1952 May 8 Student Council front page Classes Hold Primary Elections; Schedule Finals for Next Week 
1952 May 8 Student council front page Apathy 
1952 May 8 Bud Gray, Chuck Johnson front page Reveal Platforms 
1952 May 8 John Atherton front page Atherton to Feature Schubert, Verdi Works in Final Recital 
1952 May 8 Ethics and Government front page Douglas to Speak Here 
1952 May 8 Community Day editorial Set the Pace 
1952 May 8 Mary Ruth Howes, China editorial War Prison Camp Affords Fair Treatment, Bad Food 
1952 May 8 Congress editorial Budget Slashes Endanger U.S. Rearmament Drive 
1952 May 8 Tom Askew Column Life Purpose Necessary, Claims Student 
1952 May 8 student union column Union Aids Wheaton Life with New Developments, Complements Old Services 
1952 May 8 Community Day news College Celebrates Arts Week; Community Day Sparks Activities 
1952 May 8 chapel news Seath to Talk on Mission Work 
1952 May 8 William R. Shunk, Wendell P. Loveless news Local Churches Call Shunk and Loveless 
1952 May 8 Betty Duncan, Barbara Griffin news Duncan, Griffin Give Joint Junior Recital 
1952 May 8 clubs news See You There 
1952 May 8 Record news Recorders to Hear Sun-Times City Editor at Annual Banquet 
1952 May 8 Horsemanship class news Horsemanship Classes Vie for Trophies, Ribbons 
1952 May 8 West Suburban news West Suburban to Hold Fifth Nightingale Banquet 
1952 May 8 Lits news Societies Feature Speakers, Elections 
1952 May 8 Helen L. Smith news Smith to Lecture in Siam for 7-Month Leadership 
1952 May 8 track sports Doddsmen Collect Beloit Relays Title 
1952 May 8 tennis sports Crusaders Attempt Sixth Net Victory as Foresters Visit 
1952 May 8 golf sports Golfers Gain 3-1 Record 
1952 May 8 football sports Intra-Squad Game to Climax Grid Practice 
1952 May 8 baseball sports Bomber Nine Drops Pair 
1952 May 8 intramurals sports Intramurals Go Full Blast in Last Lap; 14 Teams Compete in Softball Tourney 
1952 May 8 tennis sports Women Spill CArdinals, Travel to Millikin Meet 
1952 May 8 baseball sports Nine Holds 2-2 CCI Tally, Faces 3 Conference Tilts 
1952 May 8 Dave Patterson sports Time Out! 
1952 May 15 community day front page Community Day Program to Emphasize Potential College-Town Interaction 
1952 May 15 Glee club front page Glee Club Presents Spanish 'Serenata' 
1952 May 15 Evelyn Peters front page Peters to Give Senior Recital 
1952 May 15 James E. Burr front page Abolitonist Still Lives: Old Grave Draws Students' Interests 
1952 May 15 Jim Anderson, Jack Ward front page Anderson, Ward Vie for Prexy in Tomorrow's Senior Election 
1952 May 15 C. C. Brooks front page Dean Brooks to Leave for Position at Westmont 
1952 May 15 class activities front page Faculty OK's Rules for Class Activities 
1952 May 15 Karl Steele front page Steele Talks on Art 
1952 May 15 Chuck Johnson front page Johnson Wins Council Elections 
1952 May 15 class attendance editorial Unlimiteds for All 
1952 May 15 labor, Korea editorial President's Seizure Halts Quick Strike Settlements 
1952 May 15 Eunice Conrad column College Must Introduce Various Enigmas, but Can't Solve All Problems, Says Senior 
1952 May 15 Paul Harold Schwarze editorial Former Marine Prepares for Return to Pacific with Gospel, not Grenades 
1952 May 15 Student Union column Union Plans All-School Banquet, Carnival; Promises to Encourage Social Informality 
1952 May 15 faculty news Dobbins Leaves Music Faculty; Gordon Continues Grad Studies 
1952 May 15 Doris Howell news Flutist to Present Recital 
1952 May 15 chapel news Britishers Give Chapel Talks 
1952 May 15 Campus Forum, Roger Kvam news Campus Forum Elects Kvam President; Three New Members Replace Seniors 
1952 May 15 Phils news Phils Present Fashions, Honor Engaged Seniors 
1952 May 15 Christian Social Work news Social Workers Form New Organization 
1952 May 15 Kodon news Kodon Editor Announces Semester's Final Issue 
1952 May 15 registration news 1116 Pre-register for Fall 
1952 May 15 Lits news Men's Lits Hold Banquets; Women Feature Fashions 
1952 May 15 baseball sports Pfundmen Spill Redmen in CCI Tilt; Wesleyan, Card Games Rescheduled 
1952 May 15 tennis sports Erwin-Neff Duo Capture Doubles Championship at Millikin Tennis Meet 
1952 May 15 golf sports Linksmen Enter Tournament after Splitting Week's Matches 
1952 May 15 baseball sports Bombers Claim 4-3 Game Mark with 2 to Go 
1952 May 15 tennis sports Crusaders Hand Foresters First Defeat in 5 Years Preparatory to CCI Tourney 
1952 May 15 intramurals sports Groups Prepare for IM Track Meet; Giants, Belters Lead Softball Leagues 
1952 May 15 track sports Runners Defend CCI Title after Elmhurst Conquest 
1952 May 22 Bob Louthan front page ACP Poll Reveals Wheaton Students Study Longer; Favor Taft For Presidency 
1952 May 22 Jim Anderson front page Anderson to Head Seniors; Roth Leads Rival Class of '54 
1952 May 22 winning in a writing contest front page Students Win Essay Awards 
1952 May 22 Paul H. Douglas front page Senator Douglas to Appear on Campus, To Speak on 'Ethics in Government' 
1952 May 22 student council front page Council Fills SU Vacancies; OK's New CF Members 
1952 May 22 dining hall funds front page Fund Quota Still Short 
1952 May 22 Dare Day front page Truce Brings End To Jr-Sr Activities 
1952 May 22 extra-curricular grade point system front page Committee Revises Distribution of Grade Points 
1952 May 22 Contralto Ellen Crabbe front page Pre-Med Student to Give Voice Recital 
1952 May 22 Lorraine Hoey front page Council Elects Hoey to Record Editorship 
1952 May 22 high school teachers editorial Impact 
1952 May 22 Hal Malehorn voices Hawaiian Perplexes Redskins, Plans to Teach in Pacific Area 
1952 May 22 Dick Campbell editorial School Equips For Life Job 
1952 May 22 Roger Kvam voices Clark Cracks Down 
1952 May 22 Dick Gross and Dic Robinson letters to the editor Conference Championships Rate More Recognition From College Faculty, Claims Gross; Robinson States Wheaton Must Instruct Students How to Reason 
1952 May 22 Gene Shadford news Prospective Michelangelos Plan To Sell Works at Sidewalk Fair 
1952 May 22 presidents of musical organizations news Choirs Choose New Officials 
1952 May 22 Lit  news Lit Members Hold Final Meeting; Elect Next Year's Officers 
1952 May 22 Darlyne Adams and Joy Beardshaw news Two Junior Pianists to Perform 
1952 May 22 meeting appointment news See You There 
1952 May 22 cook oratorical contest news Six Compete in Contest 
1952 May 22 Donald J. MacKay and C. Stacey Woods news MacKay, Woods Speak 
1952 May 22 track sports Thinclads Win 6th Crown As Price Captures 4 Firsts 
1952 May 22 softball sports Belters Top Nationals As Giants, Sophs Tie For American Lead 
1952 May 22 tennis sports Carter, Bergland, Leafstrand Lead Wheaton to First Net Championship 
1952 May 22 football sports Stampeders Spill Maulers 7-6 
1952 May 22 Dave Patterson  sports Time Out! 
1952 May 22 golf sports Golfers Rise to 6-3 Tally, Sixth in Conference Play 
1952 May 22 baseball sports Diamondmen Lose to Cards, Shut Out Final 2 
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