Index to the Record, 1951 (September)-1951 (December)

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DateSubject (Personal Name or Topic)Column or SectionTopic or Title
1951 September 20 Student council front page Council Picks 8 Committees for 'Action' 
1951 September 20 Artist series front page Cossacks to Open New Artist Series 
1951 September 20 WETN front page WETN to Broadcast Next Week 
1951 September 20 Youth for Christ front page 300 Sign Petition for Wheaton YFC 
1951 September 20 Campus forum front page 2 Films to Begin CF Fall Program 
1951 September 20 Mina G. Hill front page College Names Hill to Lead News Office 
1951 September 20 Enrollment front page School Enrollment Jumps to Record High of 1683 
1951 September 20 RECORD front page Paper Holds Contest, Offers Subscriptions 
1951 September 20 faculty retreat front page Profs Discuss Aims for Year 
1951 September 20 Chapel front page Wheatonites to Talk in Chapel Programs 
1951 September 20 Homecoming front page Elliott Announces Weekend Theme, 'Crusaders March' 
1951 September 20 Hyman J. Appelman front page Appelman to Direct Special Services 
1951 September 20 Lits front page Lits Give Parties for Newcomers 
1951 September 20 freshmen front page New Students Tour City of Wheaton 
1951 September 20 faculty front page Prexy Tells Changes in Faculty Positions 
1951 September 20 RECORD editorial Something to Live Up To 
1951 September 20 retreats editorial Bonaparte's Retreat 
1951 September 20 China, Korean War news China Offers to REsume Talks; Attlee Risks Power in Elections 
1951 September 20 football sports Crusaders Meet Kalamazoo in Season Grid Openers 
1951 September 20 cross country sports Frosh to Aid Vets in Harriers' Bid for 7th Crown 
1951 September 20 soccer sports Baptista Takes Over Depleted Soccer Team 
1951 September 20 debate team news Debaters Begin Study for Fall Tournament 
1951 September 20 Calvin Fellowship news Group Alters Name to Calvin Fellowship 
1951 September 20 dress code news Council to Enforce Dress-Up Traditions 
1951 September 20 West Suburban news Probies to Visit Campus 
1951 September 20 Grad Gallop news Classes to Leave Campus on Jaunt, Gallop, Stretch 
1951 September 20 Foreign Missions Fellowship news Brooks to Address FMF 
1951 September 20 Wheaton Churches news 3 Town Churches Move; Profs Accept Pastorates 
1951 September 20 Record news Paper Holds Class 
1951 September 27 evangelistic meetings front page Appelman, Reed, Fasig to Direct Autumn Evangelistic Meetings 
1951 September 27 library news What About Those Term Papers?: Book Transfer to Take 4 Weeks 
1951 September 27 WETN front page WETN Begins Fall Program, Plans to Air Millikin Game 
1951 September 27 Calvin Fellowship front page Fellowship to Meet 
1951 September 27 Pep Rally front page Pep Rally Features Band, 'Big Surprise' 
1951 September 27 Anna Rieger front page Rieger Leaves College 
1951 September 27 Sophomores front page Sophs Cancel Plans 
1951 September 27 Karl Nilsson front page Nilsson Succumbs after Long Illness 
1951 September 27 dinks front page Something to Dink About 
1951 September 27 food service front page Workers Recieve Bonus 
1951 September 27 parking lots front page Pittman Extends Parking Lot Hours 
1951 September 27 Alfredo Florez, Catholicism front page Grad Student Tells of Life as Roman Priest 
1951 September 27 Lits front page Lits to Present Typical Session in Open Program 
1951 September 27 Washington Banquet front page Council Designates Banquet Chairman 
1951 September 27 Record front page 'Recorders' Begin Training Course 
1951 September 27 Wheaton Pledge editorial The Pledge: We've Signed It 
1951 September 27 Journalism editorial This Age of Journalism 
1951 September 27 Student council editorial What's the Point? 
1951 September 27 dining hall lines letters to the editor Brave Son Finds Line Too Long 
1951 September 27 National Student Association voices Why NSA? Council Asks 
1951 September 27 Truman, Great Britain, Korean War voices Truman Orders Censorship; King Undergoes Lung Surgery 
1951 September 27 Dave Patterson sports Time Out! 
1951 September 27 WAA sports WAAers Begin Tourney Practice in Hockey, Tennis 
1951 September 27 cross country sports Harriers Intensify Workouts, Face Notre Dame Meet 
1951 September 27 football sports Gridders Face Big Blue after Initial 30-7 Victory 
1951 September 27 football sports B Eleven to Speak Second Triumph against Wilson 
1951 September 27 soccer sports Baptista Builds Soccer Squad Around 8 Vets 
1951 September 27 buildings and grounds news School Buys Portage Avenue, Razes Former Woods, Residence 
1951 September 27 V. Raymond Edman, Merrill C. Tenney news Professors Publish 2 New Volumes 
1951 September 27 Record news 6 Sharpies Win Free Subscriptions 
1951 September 27 class picnic news Lagoon Picnic to Halt Frosh-Soph Enmities 
1951 September 27 Bill Watkins news Watkins Hopes to Gain Land Grant for Station 
1951 September 27 Dave Fox news Fox Says Duties Force Resignation 
1951 September 27 Blanchard news Diggers Block Traffic, Repair Steam Line 
1951 September 27 Clyde E. Hurley news Hurley Injured in Crash 
1951 September 27 Arne T. Howard news Economics Teacher to Explore Debate Issue at Pi Kap Session 
1951 September 27 Kodon news Glass Discloses Date of First 'Kodon' Issue 
1951 October 4 buildings and grounds front page Workmen Put Heating Pipes in New Walk 
1951 October 4 Homecoming front page Musical Program to Take Place of Usual Homecoming Production 
1951 October 4 library front page Library to Lend Books over Closing Period 
1951 October 4 American Scientific Affiliation front page 3 Wheaton Professors Tell of Talks at ASA Convention 
1951 October 4 Clyde E. Hurley front page Auto Crash Kills Field Man Hurley 
1951 October 4 chapel front page 52 Ask Copies of Fremont Talk 
1951 October 4 Library front page Library to Provide Weekly News Map 
1951 October 4 Wheaton Academy front page 221 Prepsters Attend Services in New Chapel 
1951 October 4 Homer Jurgens front page Jurgens Relates Story of Capture by Reds 
1951 October 4 campus forum front page Group to Sponsor 2 Film Programs 
1951 October 4 WETN front page WETN Features Student Council 
1951 October 4 Hyman J. Appelman front page Appelman to End Series, Present 'Last Word' 
1951 October 4 Paul Robbins front page Robbins Discusses Football Strategy 
1951 October 4 book sale  front page SC Sells 400 in Book Sale 
1951 October 4 student council front page Wolfenden Tells Meeting Agenda 
1951 October 4 Record front page Huttar to Introduce New Style Book 
1951 October 4 Courage editorial It Seems That Way to Us 
1951 October 4 Student Council editorial The People Shall Know 
1951 October 4 Youth for Christ editorial But That's Not All 
1951 October 4 Truman, history editorial Give History a Chance 
1951 October 4 Great Britain, North Korea, Peron voices Ridgway Issues Ultimatum; Leftists Weaken Attlee Power 
1951 October 4 mail voices Aesthetics and Philatelics 
1951 October 4 Pledge letters to the editor Student Questions Pledge Practice 
1951 October 4 cross country sports Harriers Open at Notre Dame 
1951 October 4 Dave Patterson sports Time Out! 
1951 October 4 football sports Bombers Tie Wilson 
1951 October 4 soccer sports Baptista Stresses Offensive Tactics in Crown Defense 
1951 October 4 football sports Gridders Engage Illini after Millikin Upset 
1951 October 4 holy lands cruise, Joseph P. Free news College to Sponsor Fifth Cruise to Bible Lands, Free Announces 
1951 October 4 chapel news Visitors Talk in 2 Chapels 
1951 October 4 Foreign Missions Fellowship news Alumni Return to FMF 
1951 October 4 Record news 'Record' Radio Disappears 
1951 October 4 clubs news See You There 
1951 October 4 Geology news Geologists Travel to Indiana Dunes 
1951 October 4 college directories news Directories Appear by Thanksgiving 
1951 October 4 Philip B. Marquart news Prof to Talk on Counselling 
1951 October 4 Speech recitals news Seniors Give First Recital 
1951 October 4 Jay Gallagher news Wheatonite to Play on TV 
1951 October 11 football front page Full-Strength Crusaders Face Carthage 
1951 October 11 Skits front page Skit, Music Spark Evening Program 
1951 October 11 student council front page Seniors to Choose Council Delegates 
1951 October 11 Intersociety council front page Intersociety to Decorate Center 
1951 October 11 Campus Forum front page FC Presents Treaty Film 
1951 October 11 Homecoming front page Wheaton's Homecoming 
1951 October 11 evangelistic services front page Presbyterian to Lead Evangelisitc Services 
1951 October 11 WAA front page WAA to Assume Mum Sale Job 
1951 October 11 Library front page Workmen to Finish Library in 2 Weeks, Says Contractor 
1951 October 11 Messiah front page Singers to Start Messiah Practices 
1951 October 11 Pep rally front page Fire to Climax Pep Meeting, Serpentine 
1951 October 11 Homecoming front page Classes End at 2 for Homecoming 
1951 October 11 Korean War, Truman, Republicans, Iran voices Reds Suggest Site for New Parleys 
1951 October 11 ticket sales editorial Be an Early Bird 
1951 October 11 critical thought  voices Do Wheatonites Think? 
1951 October 11 Pledge letters to the editor Student Compares Pledge, Education 
1951 October 11 homecoming news 4 Classes Schedule Reunions on Weekend 
1951 October 11 Earle E. Cairnes, Stanley Starr, John Stam news Three Publish in Magazines 
1951 October 11 craft shop news Shop Transfers to Old Stupe 
1951 October 11 John Luchies, Kenneth Kantzer news Profs to Talk Off Campus 
1951 October 11 Calvin Fellowship news Houser to Address Calvin Fellowship 
1951 October 11 Parents' Day news Parents' Day Visitors to See 'Life at Wheaton' as Theme 
1951 October 11 World relief news Relief Drive Begins for Used Clothing 
1951 October 11 ushers news Carnell Announces New Usher Corps 
1951 October 11 debate team news Debaters Travel to Boston 
1951 October 11 Homecoming center spread Tradition Recalls Other Reunions, Draws Students Back to October Campus Again 
1951 October 11 football, marching band sports Band, Gridders Share Spotlight 
1951 October 11 football sports Alumni Challenge Victorious B Team 
1951 October 11 intramurals sports Grid Squads Join with Net Hopefuls to Open IM Play 
1951 October 11 football sports Swartz, McCully Threaten Opponents from Line Spots 
1951 October 11 soccer sports Soccer Squad Opens Season against Grads 
1951 October 11 cross country sports Irishmen Conquer Crusader Harriers in First Tilt 32-25 
1951 October 11 Dave Patterson sports Time Out! 
1951 October 11 football sports Gridders Spill Pier to Claim 2-1 Tally 
1951 October 11 Lits news Lits Look into History 
1951 October 11 Clubs news See You There 
1951 October 11 homecoming news Alumni to Gather at Sunday Service 
1951 October 11 Radio club news Radio 'Hams' Meet to Practice Code 
1951 October 11 West Suburban news 72 Frosh Start Work at West Suburban 
1951 October 11 Youth for Christ news Chairman Cancels Plans for Rallies of Wheaton YFC 
1951 October 11 Korean War, blood drive news 112 Volunteer to Donate Blood for Korean Forces 
1951 October 11 Memorial Student Center, homecoming news Grads Meet in MSC 
1951 October 11 Richard L. Williamson news Williamson to Speak 
1951 October 11 Press Meeting news Adviser, 3 Students Go to Pittsburgh for Annual Collegiate Press Meeting 
1951 October 11 Foreign Missions Fellowship news FMF to Show Films, Curios 
1951 October 18 John H. Breyer, Georgia Allen Breyer, science building front page Fischer Announces Gifts Toward Science Building 
1951 October 18 Parents' Day front page Parents Get Own Day 
1951 October 18 debate team front page Debaters Travel East 
1951 October 18 Homecoming front page 1500 Attend Homecoming 
1951 October 18 Robert Taylor, Ken Kensinger front page Prof, Student Get Medical Attention 
1951 October 18 Lee Johnson front page Seniors Elect Johnson to SC 
1951 October 18 Record front page 'Record' Receives First-Class Rating 
1951 October 18 Campus Forum front page Polish Refugee to Address Campus Forum 
1951 October 18 Robert J. Steinhofer front page Train Kills Freshman; Flagman Finds Body 
1951 October 18 Messiah front page Nordin Directs 132 in 'Messiah' Choir 
1951 October 18 World Relief front page World Relief Asks Postage Contribution 
1951 October 18 West Suburban front page Graduation to Cap Week of Activities 
1951 October 18 Earle E. Cairns editorial No Party Lines 
1951 October 18 evangelistic meetings voices Meetings Helped Some - But Was Coercion Right? 
1951 October 18 Pakistan, Egypt voices Killing, Revolt Jar Near East 
1951 October 18 homecoming, pledge, politics letters to the editor Writers Praise SChoo, Question Ethics 
1951 October 18 Dave Patterson sports Time Out! 
1951 October 18 soccer sports Booters Open Midwest Play after Claiming Initial Battles 
1951 October 18 cross country sports Runners Meet Normal in Try for First Win 
1951 October 18 intramurals sports Seniors Drop 2 IM Tilts 
1951 October 18 football sports Gridders Rout Carthage 66-0, Prime for Seasoned Foresters 
1951 October 18 class retreats news Sophs Picnic at Monastery; Frosh Retreat to Wisconsin 
1951 October 18 clubs news See You There 
1951 October 18 scholarships news Foundation Offers Grants for Study 
1951 October 18 Memorial Student Center news Student Center Shows 'Landscape' Painting 
1951 October 18 art department news Art Students Take Annual Field Trip 
1951 October 18 Lits news Lit Societies to Survey Political Scene, Portray 2 Books, Investigate Sports 
1951 October 18 Conservatory news Department Adds Library of Music 
1951 October 25 Pep Rally front page Pep Rally Tomorrow 
1951 October 25 Parents' Day front page Game, Program to Climax Parents' Day Festivities 
1951 October 25 West Suburban front page Prexy Addresses Nurses at WSH Graduation 
1951 October 25 student employment front page School Hikes Pay 
1951 October 25 blood drive front page 243 Students Pledge to Donate Blood 
1951 October 25 Student Council front page Student Council to Discuss Revisions in Open Assembly 
1951 October 25 Library front page Librarians Plan December Move 
1951 October 25 freshmen front page Freshmen to Vote 
1951 October 25 campus forum front page Polish Refugee to Describe 'How Communists Took Over' 
1951 October 25 Censorship front page ACP Delegates Probe Censorship at Steel City Meeting 
1951 October 25 poverty editorial 'Help the Poor' 
1951 October 25 Bob Steinhofer editorial To Die, Gain; To Live, --- 
1951 October 25 critical thought editorial Truth Vs. World 
1951 October 25 evangelistic meetings, dating, pledge letters to the editor Involve Spiritual, Social Problems 
1951 October 25 Korean War, Egypt, Great Britain, Truman voices Reds, UN Reopen Talk; War Looms in Egypt 
1951 October 25 Conservatory news Thirsty Music Majors Get Conservatory 'Coffee Hour' 
1951 October 25 Lits news Lits to Feature Parties, Talks 
1951 October 25 Wheaton Academy news Academy Sets Theme for '51 Homecoming 
1951 October 25 North Central College news NC Invites Wheatonites 
1951 October 25 Parents' Day news New Exhibits Highlight Weekend Physics Display 
1951 October 25 Foreign Missions Fellowship news FMF to View Flim on Work of HCJB 
1951 October 25 Robert Taylor news Anthropology Prof Improves; 2 Graduates Teach Classes 
1951 October 25 Maxwell A. Kerr news Kerr Reads Paper on Reproduction of Human Speech 
1951 October 25 chapel news Torrey, Neuberg Share Chapel with Conference 
1951 October 25 clubs news See You There 
1951 October 25 string ensemble news Dobbins Directs String Ensemble 
1951 October 25 artist series news Cossacks to Sing 
1951 October 25 Tower news Annual Gets Award 
1951 October 25 soccer sports Booters Face Indiana, Seek to Even Record 
1951 October 25 cross country sports Runners Whip Redbirds 21-40 
1951 October 25 Dave Patterson sports Time Out! 
1951 October 25 hockey sports Hockey Teams Play Off 
1951 October 25 intramurals sports Juniors, Grutns Vie for IM Grid Title 
1951 October 25 football sports B Eleven Invades NC after Loss to Sailors 
1951 October 25 football sports Chrousermen Play for Brass Bell in Parents' Day Cardinal Game 
1951 November 1 Business Conference front page Kamm Discloses Program For Business Convention 
1951 November 1 Don Cossack Chorus front page Platoff Don Cossack Chorus Presents Program of Russian-Greek Music 
1951 November 1 Business Department front page Business Depertment Trains Majors for Commercial World 
1951 November 1 Student Council  front page Students Approve Council Revision 
1951 November 1 'Record' Staff Sponsors Reception front page 'Record' Staff Sponsors Reception for Faculty 
1951 November 1 Lee Kinney front page Lee Kinney portrays 'Pygmalion' 
1951 November 1 Parents' Day front page 325 VIsit Wheaton On Parents' Day 
1951 November 1 Lits front page Lits to Emphasize Economics, Film 
1951 November 1 special debate front page Oratirs Defeat Boston University In Special Debate 
1951 November 1 campus job editorial More Wages 
1951 November 1 Record Advertisement editorial They Pay Off 
1951 November 1 Reformation and Martin Luther editorial A Heritage 
1951 November 1 Christian Business editorial The Christian in Business 
1951 November 1 Politics editorial Conservatives Win Election; Reds Disrupt Truce Talks 
1951 November 1 Wendell Searer letters to the editor Give Frosh Girls Advice, Suggest reading of 'Time' 
1951 November 1 editorial on Journalism letters to the editor Encouragement 
1951 November 1 clubs news See You There 
1951 November 1 Campus Forum news German Youth Leader Observes Christianity 
1951 November 1 Freshman class news '55 Postpones Class Voting 
1951 November 1 West Suburban, Lits news Nurses Establish New Lit Society 
1951 November 1 WETN news WETN Tests Reception 
1951 November 1 North Central news NC Holds Recital Sunday 
1951 November 1 Korean War, blood donation news Jackson Promises Mosquito Bites 
1951 November 1 Palastine, Campus Forum news Film, Lecture Mark Tonight's Calendar 
1951 November 1 honors news 225 to Get Honors 
1951 November 1 basketball, Lee Pfund sports Pfund Makes Cage Debut with 23-Game Schedule 
1951 November 1 soccer sports Booters Stumble Before Chicago as Conference Crown Totters 
1951 November 1 cross country sports Harriers Defend Title at Loyola 
1951 November 1 intramurals sports Juniors Claim IM Grid Title 
1951 November 1 WAA sports WAA Travels to DeKalb for Playday Saturday 
1951 November 1 Dave Patterson sports Time Out! 
1951 November 1 football sports Crusaders Keep Brass Bell, Meet Tech in Home Finale 
1951 November 8 WETN front page WETN Begins Early-Morning Disk Jockey 
1951 November 8 Wheaton Bible Church front page Guest Pastors Fill Macaulay Vacancy 
1951 November 8 grade average front page Class of '52 Captures Trophy with Grade Average of 1.622 
1951 November 8 Speech front page Speech Majors Slave for Roses 
1951 November 8 Blood donations, Korean War front page 281 Donors Give Blood on 'D-Day' 
1951 November 8 Christian education front page Faculty Groups Study Problems Involving 'Totality' of Christianity 
1951 November 8 S. Richey Kamm front page Kamm Reports Student Interest 
1951 November 8 News front page News Flashes... 
1951 November 8 Record front page Record Offers Program in 2 Shifts at Reception 
1951 November 8 Intersociety, Campus Citizenship front page Council Discusses Intersociety Films, Dissolves Campus Citizenship Board 
1951 November 8 World Relief, Korean War front page Szego Launches Relief Drive 
1951 November 8 Debate team front page Debaters Compete in Intramural Meet 
1951 November 8 faculty editorial What are You Here For? 
1951 November 8 Record editorial Planks to Stand On 
1951 November 8 Eisenhower, Republicans, Korean War editorial Outside Line: Ike's Return Causes '52 Speculation; 'Mr. Republican' Speaks at Rally 
1951 November 8 Memorial Student Center, dating letters to the editor Seniors Gripe about MSC; Student Questions Courtesy 
1951 November 8 clubs news See You There 
1951 November 8 Calvin Fellowship, Saradell Ard, arts news Ard Talks to Calvinists on 'Christian in Art' 
1951 November 8 V. Raymond Edman, William Shunk news Edman, Shunk to Share Chapels with 2 Laymen 
1951 November 8 scholarships news NYU Announces Exams for Law Scholarships 
1951 November 8 audio-visual education news 27 Students to View Audio-Visual Exhibits 
1951 November 8 Lits news Lit Council Shows Series of Movies 
1951 November 8 Craft Shop, Christmas news Craft Shop to Lengthen Hours for Christmas Rush 
1951 November 8 Library news Library Opens in January 
1951 November 8 football sports Crusaders Beat Tech 18-0, Meet Tough Valpo Squad 
1951 November 8 cross country sports Harriers Take Second Behind Notre Dame, Challenge Loyola 
1951 November 8 Dave Patterson sports Time Out! 
1951 November 8 football sports Patterson, Evans Guide Teams to Wins over MBI Champs 
1951 November 8 soccer sports Booters Relinquis Crown in 'Snow-Bowl' Scrimmage 
1951 November 15 Paul Riemann, student council front page Freshmen Elect Riemann; Juniors Nominate for SC 
1951 November 15 Holy Land, Joseph P. Free, archaeology front page Free to Dig Dothan Site 
1951 November 15 Thanksgiving front page Seniors Offer Chalk Artist, Sing at All-School Holiday Program 
1951 November 15 Tom Bade front page Bade to Present "The Rivals" 
1951 November 15 student council front page Monday Council Meeting to Include Discussion of Constitution Bylaws 
1951 November 15 Junior retreat front page Juniors Continue Spiritual Emphasis 
1951 November 15 basketball tickets front page Students Buy Year Passes 
1951 November 15 Memorial Student Center front page Center Offers Smorgasbord 
1951 November 15 Rana B. McDonald, Corrine Sonneveldt front page 2 Staff Members Accept New Posts with Alumni, Union 
1951 November 15 Thanksgiving editorial Thanksgiving Thoughts 
1951 November 15 snobs editorial A Wheaton Variety 
1951 November 15 Record editorial More About Henry KLPFB 
1951 November 15 Korean War, Churchill, race relations editorial Negotiators Disagree over Truce Demands 
1951 November 15 blood drive, cafeteria letters to the editor Jackson Thanks Students; Senior Makes Suggestion 
1951 November 15 abbrevieations, Charles Gilger editorial Apreviations K.O. 'Little Brother' With Misc. Mess 
1951 November 15 debate team news 4 of 5 Top Debaters Enter Weekend Meet at Bradley 
1951 November 15 Campus Forum, Germany news Schneider Tells Germany's History to Campus Forum 
1951 November 15 V. Raymond Edman news Edman Addresses Groups in Victory Center, EAst 
1951 November 15 Community Day news Riewald to Plan C-Day Activities 
1951 November 15 clubs news See You There 
1951 November 15 Lits news Lits Plan Banquets, Present Speakers 
1951 November 15 chapel news Evangelist Shares Chapel with Prexy 
1951 November 15 Robert B. Taylor, polio news Instructor Expects Release Following Polio Recovery 
1951 November 15 Enock C. Dyrness, ROTC news Marien, Dyrness Confer 
1951 November 15 Kodon news 'Kodon' Gets New Offices 
1951 November 15 football sports Crusaders Close '51 Season with 6-2 Record, Valpo Loss 
1951 November 15 WAA sports Playday Features Volleyball, Hockey 
1951 November 15 Dave Patterson sports Time Out! 
1951 November 15 soccer sports Soccer Team Tips Purdue 4-1 to Snap 3-Game Losing String 
1951 November 15 basketball sports Pfund Primes Cagers for Teachers Opener 
1951 November 15 cross country sports Harriers Defend Crown after Defeat of Loyola in Illinois Invitational 
1951 November 28 Kodon front page 'Kodon' Captures First All-American Rating 
1951 November 28 Bill Watkins front page Watkins Sets Up Station by April 
1951 November 28 Campus Forum front page Walsh Speaks in CF Meeting 
1951 November 28 artist series front page Metropolitan Star Jennie Tourel Sings in Artist Series after European Tour 
1951 November 28 WETN front page WETN Contracts 'Life' Magazine Trial Advertising 
1951 November 28 library front page Movers Plan Library Evacuation Next Week if Weather Permits 
1951 November 28 debate team front page Men Take 7 Debates 
1951 November 28 Student Council, Alice Motley front page Juniors Elect Representative; Motley Raises Board Query 
1951 November 28 Christian Council, Dick Reed front page Council Even Finds Reed a Wife 
1951 November 28 V. Raymond Edman front page 'Herald' Features New Edman Book 
1951 November 28 Washington Banquet front page Robbins Tells WB Plans 
1951 November 28 Kodon editorial Orchids 
1951 November 28 Christian music editorial And Sweet Violets 
1951 November 28 grade points editorial Grade Points 
1951 November 28 Korean War editorial Hanley Reveals POW Atrocities; Reds Dicker over Truce Proposal 
1951 November 28 snobs, directory letters to the editor Students Write about High Snobs, Tardy Directory 
1951 November 28 Inter-varsity, Student Volunteer Movement, Christmas vacation news 2 Student Conventions Meet During Christmas Vacation 
1951 November 28 Lorraine Hoey news Hoey Lands Place on College Board 
1951 November 28 West suburban news WSH Senior Elected Chicago Nurse Prexy 
1951 November 28 V. Raymond Edman, Samuel J. Schultz news Edman, Schultz to Talk 
1951 November 28 clubs news See You There 
1951 November 28 wheaton college band news Bands Combine Musical Talents in Special Concert 
1951 November 28 Saradell Ard, arts, Calvin ellowship news 'Great Art Elevates,' Ard Tells Calvinists 
1951 November 28 Phil banquet news Diners See 'Mr. Texas' 
1951 November 28 Glen Ellyn Baptist Church news Church Holds Conference 
1951 November 28 Joseph Macaulay news Macaulay Speaks 
1951 November 28 Interlit Council news Interlit Council to Sponsor Dual Film Showing Tonight 
1951 November 28 cross country sports Doddsmen TAke CYO, State Meets 
1951 November 28 basketball sports Cagers Begin Play Monday, Face Teachers 
1951 November 28 intramurals sports Basketball Opens with 30 IM Teams 
1951 November 28 Dave Patterson sports Time Out! 
1951 November 28 wrestling sports Olson, Howard Train Crusader Grapplers, Face Season with Only 1 Letterman Gone 
1951 November 28 basketball sports Bombers to Face Aurora Semi-Pros 
1951 November 28 soccer sports Booters Close Season 4-3-1 with Indiana, Purdue Tour 
1951 November 29 Tower front page Board Approves Tower Nominations 
1951 November 29 Kodon, Record front page Council to Choose 2 New Scribes; Juniors Elect Popp Representative 
1951 November 29 telephone switchboards front page Life Between Headphones: Switchboard Girls Try Hard to Keep 'Voice with a Smile' 
1951 November 29 Edward A. Cording front page Cording Presents Messiah Soloists 
1951 November 29 Chad Walsh, Campus Forum front page Chad Walsh Lectures to Wheaton Clubs 
1951 November 29 CARE, World Relief front page CARE Gets 100 Pledges 
1951 November 29 Russell Platz front page Directors Share Concert Podium 
1951 November 29 library front page Library Moves to New Stacks 
1951 November 29 artist series front page Met Opera Star to Sing in Series Concert 
1951 November 29 poetry front page Wheaton Poets Appear in College Anthology 
1951 November 29 clubs news See You There 
1951 November 29 Lits news Societies Plan Varied Themes 
1951 November 29 Christmas news College Profs to Initiate Messages on Christmas 
1951 November 29 Betty Stanley, Choir news Stanley Conducts Choir in Concert 
1951 November 29 Kodon news Wheels of Justice Delay Magazine's Production 
1951 November 29 college directory news School Issues Directory 
1951 November 29 debate team news Debaters Participate in 2 Meets 
1951 November 29 V. Raymond Edman, Gil Dodds, Chapel Choir news Edman, Dodds Travel; Chorus Makes Debut 
1951 November 29 newspapers editorial Why All This Fuss? 
1951 November 29 Korean War editorial Pencil Line Brings Hope for Peace; Eisenhower Mixes Pep with Gloom 
1951 November 29 MSC Cafeteria editorial Needed: New Name for Center Cafeteria 
1951 November 29 Student Council news Early Council's Progress Brings Heritage of Student Government 
1951 November 29 Dave Patterson sports Time Out! 
1951 November 29 basketball sports Victorious Cagers Eye Loyola 
1951 November 29 football sports Storey, Mitchell to Head '52 Grid Squad 
1951 November 29 Ken Carter, Laurel Halleen sports Carter, Halleen Capture Ping-Pong Championships 
1951 November 29 basketball sports Bombers Drop Opener 
1951 November 29 cross country sports Harriers Wind Up Successful Season 
1951 December 6 library front page 'I Moved a Book' 
1951 December 6 Messiah front page Soloists, Chrous, Orchestra Give 'Messiah 
1951 December 6 cafeteria front page New Dining Hall Proposed 
1951 December 6 Student Council front page Student Council Elects Bossieux, Motley as Publication Editors 
1951 December 6 Messiah front page Nordin Conducts Oratorio 
1951 December 6 Messiah, Kunze front page 'Messiah' Veteran Sings Again 
1951 December 6 World Relief, CARE front page Szego Announces Lag in CARE Campaign 
1951 December 6 cafeteria front page Vote Names Cafeteria 
1951 December 6 library editorial Voluntary Service 
1951 December 6 Washington Daily editorial A Grain of Salt 
1951 December 6 Messiah, chapel, Korean War letters to the editor Student Suggest Decorum; Heisey Questiosn Letter 
1951 December 6 Korean War, Egypt, United Nations editorial 'Fighting Did Not Cease' - Truman; Reds Accept Neutral Arms Inspection 
1951 December 6 Bethany House news McKellins Remodel Bethany House for Private Catering Establishment 
1951 December 6 Christian education news Grads to Discuss Christian Ed 
1951 December 6 debate team news Debaters Win Meet, Face Greenvilleans 
1951 December 6 clubs news See You There 
1951 December 6 Student Union news Board Attends Conference 
1951 December 6 Christianity, arts news Poet Desires Alliance of Christianity, Arts 
1951 December 6 faculty editorial Teachers Describe Escapades of Wheaton Undergrad Days 
1951 December 6 Visual Education news Vis Ed Receives TV Set for Education Purposes 
1951 December 6 Christmas news Faculty continue Talks 
1951 December 6 board costs news Pittman Announces Increase in Spring Semester Board 
1951 December 6 Christmas news Council Sponsors Yule Singspiration 
1951 December 6 Christmas recital news Majors Present Christmas Recital in Pierce Chapel 
1951 December 6 Lits news Lit Installs Offiers 
1951 December 6 wrestling sports Matmen Grapple Wisconsin Team after NU Practice 
1951 December 6 basketball sports B Team Faces MBI after Splitting Pair 
1951 December 6 basketball sports Pfundmen Meet Wesleyan 
1951 December 6 Dave Patterson sports Time Out! 
1951 December 6 intramurals sports 7 Squads Maintain Unbeaten Record in Intramural Race 
1951 December 12 WETN, Tower front page Yearbook, WETN Get New Top Executives 
1951 December 12 art department, Wheaton front page City Asks College for Park Display 
1951 December 12 Stupe front page Contest Finals Change College Club to Stupe 
1951 December 12 Alumni Association front page Alumni Set $58,000 Budget to Aid Athletics, Studies 
1951 December 12 buildings and grounds front page Board to Discuss Building Changes 
1951 December 12 caroling front page Students Sing Carols in West Chicago 
1951 December 12 First Presbyterian Church front page Anderson to Speak 
1951 December 12 Helen Siml, English Department front page Instructor Wins Pedigree Beagle Pup as Contest Fever Grips Department 
1951 December 12 basketball front page Cagers Face 3 Holiday tilts 
1951 December 12 World Relief, Tuberculosis front page CARE Gets $1656; TB Receives $190 
1951 December 12 debate team front page Debators Sweep Midwest Tourney 
1951 December 12 wrestling sports Wrestlers Bow 27-3, Enter Illini Tourney 
1951 December 12 basketball sports B Team Splits for 2-3 Record 
1951 December 12 intramurals sports IM to Complete Qualifying Round 
1951 December 12 Dave Patterson sports Time Out! 
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